The Headliner

By Willie Cici
published June 29, 2016
3100 words

Trent’s little sister gets dumped by Jason. That was his first mistake …

My baby sister ran into the house, crying and upset. She rushed towards her room and slammed the door. I could hear her sobbing from my bedroom across the hall. As insensitive as it sounds, I decided to stay in my room, until she wanted to talk. Eventually, she would find her way to me, for the supportive wisdom that her older brother always provided. Desire’ was 21. I was 25. We both attend University locally. Desire’ was studying chemistry and biology. I was finishing my third year as Masters/Ph.D. candidate in Psychology.

About an hour later, I heard a knock on my bedroom door. “Can I come in?”, Desire’ said. She walked into my bedroom, and sat on my bed. “Jason broke up with me. He said he didn’t want to be tied down.” Desire’ began to cry. “I told him that I didn’t expect him to be exclusive, and neither would I. He said it wouldn’t be fair.” She paused. “It was okay for him to fuck around, but I’m supposed to stay home.” She collapsed into my arms, weeping. “What is wrong with me?”, she said.

I had heard enough. “Des, nothing is wrong with you. Jason is an asshole. It’s pure and simple. He wants to you as a booty call so he can fuck around. That’s selfish. He’s always been selfish. I told you that at Christmas time.”

“Why do I fall for these assholes?”, Desire whined.

I did not have the heart to answer her truthfully. My sister, my beautiful wonderful sister, is no different from every other shallow twenty year old. Desire wants a stud. She searches for the hunkiest man, and then, cannot understand why the stud only wants to sire. To see Jason, you would understand. If my sister only knew my secret, she would know that I lusted for that boy from the first moment I lay eyes on him. Damn!! He is sexy beast. He came to the house last December after working out at the gym, wearing nothing but lycra-tight compression gear and a hoodie. That night, I rubbed one out just thinking of him.

“Des, let him go. He’s not worth it.”, I said.

“Trent, I … you don’t … he was …”, Desire stuttered.

“He was what?”, I insisted.

“My first.”, Desire’ blurted out.

My heart sank. This was bad. Desire’ felt betrayed by the man who sweet-talked his way into her panties. This was more than rejection. This was treachery. “Okay.”, I said, trying to be reassuring and wise. “That’s a life lesson. Next time, you’ll learn to be more … discerning. You’re 21, Des. You’re going to make mistakes.”

“I hope his dick falls off.”, Des cried. I smirked, but quickly shed any semblance of laughter. I had shouted the same curse towards lovers who turned out to be Mr. Wrong.

“Tell you what. Mom and Dad are out tonight. Let’s go to Patrick’s for a burger and a beer. My treat.” Desire’ gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek and walked out of my bedroom. I powered down my laptop and put on some clothes to take Desire’ out to our favorite hangout.

When we walked into Patrick’s, the waitress seated us in the rear of the bar. After we placed our order, Desire’ excused herself and went to the ladies’ room. From the next booth, I heard a familiar voice.

“Yeah. I told her that I didn’t want to be exclusive. She begged me. Must have been the best cock she’s ever sucked.” I rose in my seat to get a bird’s eye view of the people in the booth. As I suspected, the familiar voice belonged to Jason. “I should have just strung her along. She could have been the steady piece of ass this summer. But, she’s so clingy. I’d end up with that bitch ‘round my neck like a ball and chain. I should have banged one more time.” Jason’s Neanderthal friends laughed like the true bovines they were. Moments later, Jason and his bros rose from their seats and left the bar. By the time they exited Patrick’s, Desire’ returned to her seat.

Sensing something was wrong, Desire’ asked, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah. I’m fine.”, I answered. When Desire’ pressed the issue, I said, “You missed Jason.”

“Did he talk to you? What did he say?”, Desire’ exclaimed, hoping to hear good news.

“He was bragging about his new found freedom.”, I replied.

“I hope his dick falls off.”, Desire’ said again, this time with the vengeance of a woman scorned. As the server brought our beers, I considered how I might grant Desire’s wish.

The Masters/Ph.D. program at Pepperdine University has offered me many opportunities. I landed a research assistant position with one of the leading research clinical psychologists in the country, Dr. Theodore Armistead. Doc Teddy, his preferred moniker, had developed a serum designed to assist psychologists treating their patients with hypnotherapy. The serum created a chemical reaction that made the mind more reception to induction, allowing the psychologist to place the patient in a trance-like state. From there, the psychologist, under appropriate controls, could treat their patients and effectively change behavior. Unbeknownst to Doc Teddy, I grabbed some serum from the research lab before the end of the semester. I wanted to change my boyfriend’s behavior. He was too alpha for me. I needed a cock hungry bottom to satisfy my urges. Riley was too much for me to handle. Before I could use the serum, I found Riley in my bed fucking some other man – some older man. I should have fed him the syrup and ruined him. Instead, I let him go, my rage clouding my thinking.

Now, I had two doses of serum. I plotted my sister’s revenge against Jason, and decided to have some fun with the stud I lusted. First, I had to figure out how I would feed the serum to Jason. Second, I needed the right environment for the induction. Luckily, my research assistant position at the University required thirty hours a week during the summer. That left me time to work at the gym where I first worked in high school and college. Jason belonged to the gym, along with his muscle head friends. Getting him juiced with serum would require coordination, but that feat I could accomplish.

About a month later, one late Friday afternoon, as I worked at the gym, Jason walked in with two of his buds. As he walked by the front desk, Jason said, “Hi!”

“How’s it going?”, I asked.

“Yeah. It’s okay. Heat’s been unbearable.” Jason replied.

“I would think a construction worker wouldn’t need extra time in the gym.”, I commented.

“Well, you’d be wrong, college boy.” Jason shook his head, almost in disgust. “Gym workout targets certain muscles with certain movements.”

“You would know muscle head.” Jason, angered by the comment, tried to grab my shirt collar. When I ducked his attempt, I said, “I’m sorry. I’m still pissed off you dumped my sister. She really liked you. As a token of my apology, when you’re done your workout, I’ll make you a protein shake. On the house.”

“Okay.”, Jason answered calmly, the anger dissipated. He and his bros strolled about the gym with a cockiness fueled by arrogance. The boys worked out, flexing for the girls who fell prey to their lures. Jason and his buds were not at the gym to workout. They were hunting for Friday night pussy. About two hours later, Jason and his bros returned to the front desk.“Protein shake offer still good?”

“Yeah. Give me a minute.” I walked over to the juice bar and prepared the protein shakes. As the boys were working out, I went to my knapsack and retrieved a vial of the serum. I spiked Jason’s shake with a half dose of the serum. As Jason consumed the shake, I could see the effect of the serum taking control of his mind. His speech practically halted and he stared into space. His friends left him at the juice bar as they pursued a trio of blondes.

I approached Jason and said, “Follow me.” I led Jason to one of the offices near the front desk. “Can you hear me?”


“Yes, Master.”

“Yes, Master.”, Jason replied.

“You call me ‘Master’ because I control your thoughts, isn’t that correct?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Say it: Master Trent controls my thoughts.”

“Master Trent controls my thoughts.”

“Your mind knows that you must obey me. Say it: I must obey Master Trent.”

“I must obey Master Trent.”, Jason replied.

“Good. Tonight, you’re going to go home and stay there. Get your laptop. Pull up your email. Use your ear buds and listen to the recording attached to the email I send you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

“You will do what I say because you must obey me, correct?”

“Yes, Master. Must obey you.”

“That’s right. Now, go home.”, I ordered. With that, Jason left the gym, leaving his friends in pursuit of the blondes. When Jason’s friends returned to the front desk, in search of their friend, they asked for his whereabouts. “He wasn’t feeling well. He said he’s going home. He said he’ll call you tomorrow.”

“Okay. Thanks for the shakes.”, the guys said.

As the boys left the gym, I returned to my laptop and sent Jason the email with the mp3 attachment. I had recorded an hour-long induction to continue my control of Jason. In about two hours, Jason will have finished the process. From there, I would finish my work.

At 11pm, when the gym closed for the night, I drove my car to Jason’s apartment. As I knocked on the door, Jason came to the door, naked and dazed.

“Good. Have you followed my instructions?”

“Yes, Master.”, Jason answered.

As I walked into the apartment, I said, “Close the door.” Jason closed the door and walked into his apartment. I sat on the couch in his apartment and said, “Good. Now dance.”

Jason took center stage in the center of his living room. He swayed his hips and moved about like an exotic erotic dancer performing for a room full of moneyed patrons. I smiled as I watched the big man perform like a stripper. Jason knelt on the floor and began to play with his swinging cock. He grew harder and harder with each and every stroke. As he ended his dance routine, Jason moaned and hollered. Jason orgasm, cum spraying about the floor of his apartment.

“Good. You like performing for your master, don’t you?”

“Yes, Master.”, Jason answered.

“Master wants you to perform for his friends. Would you like to perform for Master’s friends?”

“Yes, Master.”

“You want to perform because you want to show off that sexy, hard body of yours. You get hard showing off your sexy body. You like being naked, don’t you?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Yes. You’d rather perform for my friends then work construction. You want to dance and show of that sexy, hard body. Master can arrange that for you. You want that, don’t you, Jason?”

“Yes, Master.”

I smiled as Jason, kneeling, cum still dripping from his cock, obeyed every command I gave him.

“After you perform, Master’s friends will want to have sex with you. You want to have sex with my friends, because you’ll get to show off your sexy, hard body. You want that, don’t you, Jason?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Yes, you do, because it pleases Master. Show me what you will do when you have sex with my friends.”

Jason drew close to the couch, unzippered my pants, lowered them and my briefs, and sucked my cock. The effort was amateur, but he was a fast learner. “Suck my cock the way you want your cock sucked.” Jason licked and tickled my balls, stroked my cock and then deep throated my cock repeatedly. He became expert in no time. Within minutes, I bust a nut on his lips and chin. “Lick my cum.” Jason wasted no time, licking my cum from his lips and face, using his fingers to scrape my cum.

I rose from the couch, pulled up my pants and said, “Go to your bedroom and fall asleep. Tomorrow, I will come here and take you to see my friends. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.” Jason left the living room and walked towards his bedroom. As he left the area, I placed a call to my friend, Jack Livingston. We went to high school together. Jack was always shady. It paid off. He now manages a strip joint about 40 minutes away from where we live.

“Jack, I have a friend who needs work. Can I bring him by tomorrow morning?”

“Well … I’ve got …”

“Jack, he’s a stud. You can work him at both clubs. Women will love him. Men will pay good money for him. Trust me.”

“Okay. About 11am. Bring him and we’ll talk.” When the call ended, I grinned. Everything progressed as planned.

Three months later …

I drove my sister about forty minutes down Route 14, near Lancaster, to Jack’s strip joint. As we exited my vehicle, Desire’ said, “This is a strip bar.” I nodded yes. “A gay strip bar.”, she continued.

“Right again.”, I answered.

“And you brought me because?”, she asked. I opened the door of the ‘Pleasure Palace’. Desire entered and I followed. The ‘Pleasure Palace’ is a strip club featuring some of the area’s hottest male entertainers. As we entered the bar area, I tipped the host to seat us at a table away from the stage, on the balcony tier of the club. Once seated, a waiter approached us and took our beverage order.

“What are you going to show me? Here?”, Desire asked, somewhat annoyed that her brother would dare to bring her to such an establishment.

“I want to show you that karma exists.”, I answered.

Five minutes later, a young man wearing a pair of jeans, a pair of white, starched, tuxedo shirt cuffs, a white shirt collar with a black silk tie strutted on the stage. The music blared as the young man strut his stuff as the all male crowd hooted and hollered. (To see the young man on stage, go to click here. ) Slowly and in time with the music, the young man removed his shirt cuffs and flung them into the audience. As he removed his shoes, the young man slowly removed his jeans, revealing his delectable buttocks, framed in a silk white jock strap. The young man gyrated and grind his butt, shaking his backside to his hoots of the dollar-bill totting customers. The young man made his way about the circular runway that surrounded the stage. Men of all sizes and ages placed their tens and twenties into the young man’s jock strap. When the young man believed he had collected that dance’s fill, he turned about, returned to center stage, and slowly removed his jock strap, showing off why his name was ‘Rex Magnus’. Rex’s king-size cock flopped about entertaining the throngs of paying customers. As Rex exited the stage, he collected his jock strap filled with dollar bills and headed for the dressing room.

Desire’ was stunned and speechless. She turned to me and said, “This is where he ended up?”

“ Whores need cash. Jason had to find the best place to make his profit. He’s a headliner. With a cock like that, he’s raking in the dough.”

“But, he made good money in construction. He didn’t …”

“Desire’, whores need cash. Whores end up on stage, begging for dollar bills.” I took a breath and said, “See that man over there. He’s the manager.” I rose from my seat and got Jack’s attention.

As Jack approached us, he said, “Good. You made it. Everthing’s ready. Follow me.” I grabbed Desire’s hand and led her, as we follow Jack pass the bar and down a dimly lit corridor. Jack opened a door and led us into a room fit with a bed and other furniture. Jack then said, “Desire, you’re going to come with me into my office.” When Desire questioned the situation, Jack said, “It’s okay. You’ll be safe.”

“Go, Desire. I’ll explain in a minute.”, I said, as assuring as possible.

Desire followed Jack out of the room. I stayed in the make-believe bedroom, waiting for ‘Rex’. When he entered the room, he wore his silk white jock strap and his white shirt collar and bowtie. “You’re a friend of Jack’s. I like Jack’s friends.” Jason, now Rex, did not recognize me. Why would he? I removed all of his memory of me, Desire, his prior life. Jason remembered his unfulfilled life as a construction worker. He knew he wanted more. His narcissism and insatiable desire for sex led him to the stage. Jason drew closer to me and began to stroke my cock from the outside of my clothes.

I embraced Jason and whispered into his ear, “Master Trent wants you to suck his cock.” In an instant, Jason lowered my trousers and boxer briefs and exposed my hefty, throbbing cock. My cock had thickened the moment I saw Jason on stage. When he entered the faux bedroom, the blood rushed to my cock, leaving me horny and hard. As Jason sucked my cock, I could only imagine what Desire was thinking when she saw this scene on the security camera in Jack’s office.

I pulled my cock out of Jason mouth. I climbed upon the bed and lay on my back, my cock pointing to the stars. Jason climbed on my rock hard pole and slid my cock into this tight little hole. He bounced and bobbed on my cock with the enthusiasm of a child. When I finally located the security camera in the ceiling of the bedroom, I held up my hand and gave Jack a thumbs-up.

With that, Jack zoomed in my face and activated the microphone. “Des, I have a secret to tell you.”

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