A daddy in training

By Hypnoverse
published November 2, 2018

Hugh is hiding out in the bushes waiting for Ed’s dad to return home. A little upset that Ed didn’t give him a house key or a rough estimate of long his dad would be out. Hugh has to keep himself entertained other ways.

Jamie sounded quite content over the phone.

“Just so we’re clear, I have full control of your dad.”

I had to keep my voice to a whisper as I hid in the bush.

“Yes, that’s right.”

“And I can have him do anything I want?”

I was quite agitated by the question. It’s like he didn’t care at all about the science or time it went into making my Mental Intel Neural Disrupter. MIND for short. I meant to ask the question simply, but since Ed’s dad, Grant was still not home I was quite annoyed now.

“Jamie, didn’t you hear my explanation earlier?”

I waited for his no, but he seemed to take the receiver away from his mouth and mumble something I couldn’t make out. He spoke into the phone again.

“Yes. Kinda. Ok no I didn’t, I was too busy sucking on daddy.”

I should have guessed he be doing sexual things with his new slave. I guess I could still refer to him as father, but to achieve my goal I had to make sacrifices. My father was but a small price to get my hands-on Grant Wedge. I sighed Jamie was being quite difficult.

“Since you apparently understand how to program him. I will keep it simple for you. He will obey all commends you or I give him. If you want him to obey more people you must command him to do so. He is for all intent purposes he’s a living breathing sex doll. He will not move or act without your direct instruction. Otherwise he will stand still until told otherwise. Questions?”

“How… How do I, get him back to how he was before?”

I paused for moment. Did he really want to try to set my Father free? If he did it would be a futile gesture. I asked him.

“Before I enslaved him? Why?”

“No, no I meant when he you know.”

If he wasn’t referring to the enslavement it must have been after when I told my slave to have strong feelings for him. I said.

“Oh, you mean when he wanted to be with you. Correct?”

“Yes, I know it sounds sad, but I want to be with your dad. I want him to be my big sexy daddy. I think I love him Hugh.”

I heard the moan on the other side of the phone. It clearly had to be my old father turned to slave being played with. I looked around the driveway, still no sign of him. I kept detailing instructions.

"That’s simple all you need to do is exit rest mode. When programming the deceives I felt it prudent to have a normal feature installed for situations where you need them to not behave in a unusually way. Once you say this phase out loud he will ask for inputs- “

“Hugh what you mean by input?”

I cleared my throat.

“If you would wait a second Jaime, I was about to explain …”

I felt a sudden jerk pull me forcefully out the bushes. I started muttering to my attacker.

“Unhand me!”

I reached into my pocket heart pounding. Before I could pull out my MIND the attacker shoved me in the ground. A high male voice spoke.

“Oh, it’s just one of Ed’s little faggy friends.”

I groaned and got onto my knees MIND in hand. That voice belonged to Ed’s half brother Greg. The man was in his early 30’s, fat, and hairy. He was also what most civilized societies would call a asshat.

“The hell you want fag? My little fag half-brother isn’t here.”

He squinted at me his small brain trying to remember me. Even if he didn’t remember me I certainly remembered him.

Aside. For everyone reading this and wondering why Ed has a step brother who’s in his 30s, it’s very simple. His father Grant was married but due to marital issues most likely due to the fact they were 18 when they Greg. After the length court battle Grant got to see Greg the 3rd weekend of every month. Each time he was over especially after Ed was born he raised hell and Grant bent over backwards to pelase him. Speaking of bending people over let’s get back to the story.

Greg’s eyes flashed with realization.

“Hey, you’re that troublemaker Hugh. I take it you missed my little faggot brothers cock right.”

He moved in possible to push me down. Moving quickly, I rolled to the side and brought the MIND up to eye level. He didn’t skip a beat however and doubled back quickly enough to push me on my side and take the MIND out of my hands. With a hint of triumph, he said.

“That’s right fag a little pepper spray won’t stop me.”

He flicked me off and flipped the MIND on it side revering the device. I crawled back slowly.

“Hope you brought slat cause I got the pepper.”

He pushed the button on the side and a white light flashed. He took his next step a little woozily. He seemed disoriented and confused. I realized I couldn’t out run him, so I out smarted him. Not to hard to be honest. I had the device flipped the entire time. I figured he would zap himself with it.

“Huh? What?”

He muttered as I grabbed him a hug keeping him steady. This was the first step in the enslaving process. I had to act quickly. I picked up my dropped phone and started moving towards the house. The middle-aged man was quite heavy. I yelled into the phone, hitting my side painfully against the door.

“Damn It all. Look Jaime when he asks for inputs tell him what you want him to think, to believe, to act, I don’t care, just know once you say it that will be his truth and he will act accordingly. For example, you exit rest mode and tell him he’s the family dog, he will be on all fours breaking. Now if you excuse me.”

I hung up and got us inside. I planted him on the nearest chair and caught my breath.

“Hey, Fag, whats, happening?”

I looked at him. Just like in previous tests the first flash slowly starts affecting how the subjects walks, talks and reacts. When I tested it on my 2 slaves they were like this for about 1 hour before I had to do it again. I walked over to him.

“Greg, I have thrown your frontal cortex out of sync. You are-“

I looked at the blank stare on his face and shook my head. I doubt he would even understand if he wasn’t in this drunk like state. I took the MIND out again pointed it away from myself and fried. The second flash got him to stop swaying. He sat there like a stack of potatoes. Without the usefulness of a potato unfortunately. I walked closer to him and did a quick check. Waved hand in front of eyes. No response. Lifted one arm up to have immediately fall back down. Finally, I kissed him on the mouth. I forcibly entered and had no resistance. Just like my roommate, and father.

“Greg enter rest mode.”

His body stiffened as he sat up straighter. I went to his ear to program him.

“Greg from here now until I say otherwise I own you mind, body, and soul understand?”


I felt my cock twinge as his monotone voice said the words. Well since his dad wasn’t home I would have to try to have some fun. It only made logical sense.

“Greg whenever you respond to me it will be yes master. Understand?”

“Yes Master.”

I started rubbing up against the zombified hunk. I can’t wait for Grant.

“Greg I will call you slave from now on, you will respond to that as your true name, and get sexually aroused every time i commend you. Understand slave?”

“Yes Master.”

I could see his cock sir in his shorts.

“Well that won’t do now will it. Slave remove all your clothing. From now until I tell you otherwise, you will remain naked. Clothing means nothing to you.”

“Yes Master.”

He stiffly stood up and wrestled to take his shirt off. The other 2 slaves had to get used to fine motor skills when it came to obeying their Master. Luckily this version of MIND took that variable into consideration. As my slave finally removed his shirt reveling his hairy chest and gut, he was able to smoothly move his arms down to his legs. In one swift motion he removed his shorts and underwear. Finally came the shoes and sock and he was completely naked before me. He stared at me longingly, lovingly short stub of a cock sticking up.

“Slave tell me why you’re here?”

“My wife Master, she said I fight and drink to much. She kicked me out until I learned to change my ways. She said I was a bad influence on our son. Without anywhere to go I turned to my dad for a place to stay. Even if my fag brother is still here.”

Makes sense his father would do anything to please his son. Just happy to spend time with him. Kinda sweet, to bad I’m going to have a lot of fun when dad gets home. In the meantime.

“Slave, from now you will treat everyone gay with the request of a king, for they are better then you and you could only wish to serve them.”

“Yes Master!”

His dick started bobbing up and down. Excellent, now that’s out the way. Time to find out what I want to know.

“Tell me when your father returns home slave.”

“I do not know Mater.”

I stared at him. At some point he developed a stupid looking grin. Fit him quite nicely.

“Why so happy?”

“I haven’t been this hard in months Master and I feel so good obeying you. Please command me more.”

Well that was quite interesting. Seems the subject has retained some from of awareness. If I remember correctly the other 2 were like this. Needing to rationalize their behavior before they were content doing whatever was commanded of them.

“Ok slave before we do that I wanted to ask you what you think the people, you call fags like to do?”

“Well Master all they want to do is suck cock and get fucked on cock all the time. They beg like dogs for it and almost always have something up their ass’s.”

I smiled and went to my backpack and whipped out one of the many dildos. It was a very basic one long, thin and white. I wanted to keep the bigger ones clean for Grant. I walked over to my slave and saw how horny and excited he was. I smacked him on the ass. He moaned in pleasure.

“Open your mouth.”

He did so and I preceded to stick the dildo down his throat. He made a bit of a gaging sound.

“Slave, I want you to suck on this dildo and get it nice and wet.”

He mumbled what I could only guess was a yes master and went to town on it. While my salve was distracted I looked around for his phone. Took me a bit but I was finally able to get hold of it.

“Slave unlock your phone.”

I thrust it out towards him. He took it reverently from me unlocked it and got on his knees bowed his head and presented the phone to me. I guess he took treat everyone he thought was a fag like a king to heart. Which was good means he’s completely mine. I made sure to go into his settings and change his password. I made bottom bicth and once that was done I then started taking pictures. He stood there obediently sucking on his dildo as I clicked away.

“Ok slave stop sucking on the dildo and fuck yourself on it. You will feel super horny as you do so. In fact, once you cum from fucking yourself, you will exit rest mode, with the following changes. 1. You will become the fags that you were describing. 2. You will always be naked unless I tell you otherwise, and you not notice or care if others are around. Your natural state is to be naked. 3. You will still refer to me as Master and transfer all feelings you once had for your wife and child to me. As your master you will love and worship me as your personal god. 4. You will be aroused and hard whenever I give you a command. Finally, you do whatever your told with a slime for you are my Slave. You will only refer to yourself as Slave. That is your name and that’s what you will respond to. Understood?”

His cock seemed close to exploding from my words. The dildo fell from his mouth.

“Yes Master!”

His eyes almost rolled-up into his head as he positioned the dildo right before his asshole. I took this moment to record a video of him. (click here)

“Slave, as you fuck yourself make sure to tell your wife all the wonderful things you will be doing from now on. You also will be living with me.”

“Yes Master! Hello, Jody, Hi Jr. it’s me Greg about to be known as Slave. My Master is about to enslave me to him forever. I will be so happy begging for my Master’s cock all the time. AAWWW! He will fuck me so deep and hard. I can almost taste his cock in my mouth! AAAWWWW I want his cock. I want his cock. I want his cock.”

And for the next 5 minutes he kept droning on and on. I recorded every second of it cause It was so hot!

“I…I …. wa…n wan….t ….his…his….is….ugh!!!!!”

He exploded all over himself and collapsed. It was everywhere. When he said he its been a while he wasn’t kidding. He had globs of cum all over his hairy chest. My cock burned as I replayed what I just saw in my head. I quit recoding and sent the video. One to Jody with a farewell message. Also send it out to the others sure they would love to see this.


My slave grunted as he seemed to grain some form of consciousness. I want over to him and waited. He slowly opened his eyes and looked around. He seemed confused, but once he saw me his eyes focused.


He crawled towards me on all fours leaving a trail behind him. Once he got close enough he began to rub up against my leg like the horny dog he was.

“Master please Fuck me!”

He started to hump my leg trying in vain to suck my cock through my pants. It was hard not to be hard since he was covered in his own sticky mess, but I really wanted to cum all over Grant. The front door opened, and deep male voice shouted.

“Greg, Ed I’m home! Let’s go out to eat tonight.”

I smiled. 1st Grant is finally home so I can finally get my rocks off. 2nd My slave didn’t even hesitate from humping my leg or trying to suck my cock.

“Slave, respond to your dad. Tell him your staying home to eat.”

“Yes Master! Dad were staying home for dinner tonight!”

“What? I thought you wanted to go to The Cheese House.”

“No dad My Master wants us to stay here to eat!”

“What? Are you joking or something? I’m in the foyer hurry up.”

Slave looked at me needing guidance.

“Go to him and try to get his cock in your mouth. No matter how hard he tries to stop you you must suck his cock.”

“Yes Master!”

He let go of my legs and charged into the next room on all fours.

“Dad give me your cock!”

“Greg what the hell!?”

I heard the two men collide. Now I can finally have my fun.

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