Diego and the cursed sneakers 1

By person333311
published October 30, 2018

Poor Diego has no idea what he is getting himself into.

Let me introduce you to diego and tell you a story about a certain pair of cursed sneakers.

Diego is an average straight guy, with blond hair and blue eyes. Not exactly skinny but not too fat either. An average height and a slightly too small cock, that’s how he describes himself.

A long time ago, a warlock had cursed a pair of boots to ruin the life of the next person who wore them, they were cursed to bind on to the wearer and forcefully humiliate and teach a lesson, they would change appearance throughout the ages to appeal to the one they were meant for. And it looks like after centuries of searching… They have found their Mark.

Diego kind of forgot what he was doing, he had just been walking to his friend Daniel’s house when he saw a pair of seemingly brand new and absolutely stunning sneakers in an old antique store window being sold for what looked like a huge deal. Something was telling him he NEEDED to have them, he quickly gave in, But poor Diego had no idea what he was signing up for.

He walked into the shop filled with aged and damaged knickknacks of all sorts, the blue and orange sneakers looked totally out of place against the faded and ancient shop surrounding. He picked up the sneakers and then everything went… fuzzy.

He barely remembered much that came after that. He barely remembered buying them, he barely remembered the warning about a supposed curse from the store clerk, he barely remembered leaving the store, he barely remembered throwing away his old shoes and putting the new sneakers on, he barely remembered texting daniel that he wouldn’t be able to make it. But after he hit send, the fuzz lifted, and without thinking twice, started walking back home.

As diego got home, he tried to take off the sneakers to get another look at them, only to realize that they were stuck. He tried to undo the laces but they simply wouldn’t unknot, he tried to slip them off but they felt too tight. He just kept tugging at them when he realized how sexy the sneakers looked, seemingly out of nowhere he got a huge boner and his skin felt so sensitive.

He tore his clothes off. His now ruined t-shirt, shorts and boxers thrown in a pile against the wall. But he still could not remove the sneakers. The contact against his feet was maddening. He could barely think of anything besides his feet and his newly dripping cock

He furiously gripped his cock with both hands, his cock was soaked in pre-cum even though he barely made any in the past, but he had no time for wonder about that, he just started wanking as fast as he could. He was completely filled with bliss pumping away at his cock, he was so lost in his bliss that he ended up falling back first onto the hardwood floor. but he didn’t miss a beat on his cock.

The pain from the fall seemed to fill every inch of him, corrupting his senses. turning his overwhelming bliss into unbearable sexual torment.

His cock felt as if it were on fire, begging for release, he started thrusting into his hands, he felt his cock stretch, growing as long as a soda can.

His balls began to ache and churn, swelling to the size of limes, causing him to groan and spittle in both pain and pleasure everytime they smacked against his hand and body.

His nipples and armpits felt like they were being tickled by a thousand feathers, causing him to laugh uncontrollably amongst his groans as tears streaked down his face.

His asshole erupted into an unbearable itch, he gripped harder on his cock trying to fight the urge to shove his fingers up his ass.

His muscles and skin stretched, the little bit of fat he had left burned away, his muscles changed, he grew taller, wider and more muscular. Here writhed in both pain and pleasure, sweat breaking across his entire body.

More and more pre-cum gushed out of his cock, he was completely soaked in his tears, drool, sweat and pre by this point, the floor under him disgustingly sticky and wet.

Diego was stuck lying there. Crying, moaning, laughing, itching, leaking, burning, drooling and writhing on the floor.

After a few minutes, diego couldn’t take it anymore, he plunged his pre-soaked fingers into his hole, it hurt so much but it felt so good. Diego started screaming in agony and ecstasy, he lost himself in his agony and lost track of time.

After god knows how long, diego finally reached orgasm, he pumped litteral gallons of seman out of his cock, it flew out of his cock with such force that it ended up completely covering him.

Diego just kept cumming, he begged for it to stop. He kept playing with his asshole, he begged for it to stop. His nipples and armpits kept making him laugh and cry, he begged for it to stop. He kept furiously wanking his still cumming cock, he begged for it to stop.

After 15 minutes of constantly pumping seman out of his constantly burning cock, his orgasm finally subsided, he passed out. He had a nightmare about sneakers.

Several hours later, diego awoke, hoping the whole experience was a dream. He struggled to open his eyes, something had weakly glued them shut. Diego then realised the smell, the room stunk of sex and cum. He tried to get up, but again he was weakly glued. He pried his eyes open and nearly yelled in shock. All of poor Diego was covered in dried cum.

Well… almost everything, the only thing not covered was a beautiful pair of blue and orange sneakers.

Diego pryed himself from the cum,tear,sweat,pre and drool stained floor.

He needed a shower… badly.

He once again tried to pull off the sneakers, but quickly gave up and opted to wear them in the shower.

As the hot water cascaded down his cum stained skin he wondered… what the hell was he going to do?

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