Genie Troubles 5

By You Wish!
published October 28, 2018

Billy is treated to the best show of his life.

(Original Genie Troubles (ncmc wiki 2007-03-13):



It’s morning, and I bolt into a sitting position so fast it, it probably would have wrenched my back in my old body. I’m starting to panic a little as I start to remember my wish last night. I asked to see Randy naked and naughty, but that wasn’t specific. I’ve had in mind a DVD of his dancing that I could watch all the time and anytime, but what if the genie misunderstood again? ‘Dad’ already had at me, but at least he didn’t tell me I can’t look at Randy again, so that’s a plus.

I get up out of bed, noting that I’m still nude with a lot of dried up cum all over me. After cleaning up in my bathroom and pulling on some underwear, I look around the room, but I’m not seeing any disk or a video tape anywhere. The fact that the room looks exactly like it did yesterday is actually a big relief, to be honest. At least it hadn’t changed drastically today.

Then I notice something unusual about my right-hand wall. I take a closer look and knelt down to it. There’s a small hole in it.

Hey wait, this is the wall between my room and Randy’s. I nearly smack my head against the wall as I dive right for the hole.

There he stands. Gorgeous! My cock shoots right up and tents my underpants almost instantly from the sight: He has a little pink tank top on already, but nothing from his belly button down.

“Haao-mmph!” I covered my mouth before I could moan as I see his seventeen-year-old dick.

Before I could get a long-enough look at his soft member, he turns around and almost presented me with his glorious butt. Oh my God, one second his buns are supple and round, and the next they flex as show their toned dimples! His godly football-built body curves so nicely, going from his v-shaped waist to his very well suited cheeks. He puts on some white undies, but they still show off that great ass.

I frown and stifle a groan of frustration when he pulled on a pair of jeans. They’re really great, really tight, they very much show off the muscles of his thighs and calves. Normally I’d love to see it on him, but my cock feels like busting out all over again and I don’t want the show to end!

This wish has gone SO much better than the rest!

Someone knocks on the door and Randy walks out of view of my peep-hole for a second. Then he and Tim walk back into view and plop down on the bed.

“I really don’t want to go back to school tomorrow,” said Tim.

Sweet! I can even hear what they’re saying so damn well! The sound is muffled a bit, but I can understand them just fine.

“Any particular reason?” asked Randy, “or just school blues in general?”

Tim tapped his fingers against his own chest, and tugged at the edge of his t-shirt. “It’s just… I’ve got several classes with Jessica.”

Randy poked him in the shoulder playfully “And?”

“And… I have a date with him tomorrow night, so I’m nervous.”

Randy smiled and laid back on the bed. “What’s to be nervous about? You’re hot as hell, you’re captain of the swim team, and you’re pretty well hung down there.” Randy says as he pats at Tim’s crotch.

“I uh… I’ve never kissed a anyone before.” he looks back at Randy wistfully as my ‘brother’ raises a surprised eyebrow. “I really don’t want to suck at it. I mean, maybe I do want to? I don’t know, are you supposed to suck, or use your tongue, or anything like that?”

Randy leaned forward again and put a hand on Tim’s leg. Oh please start stroking that leg – that’s how a handjob got started in one of my fantasies last night! “It’s not so hard. You’ll figure it. I mean, I practiced by slicing into an orange and made out with that.” He said with a smile, “Was like, real juicy, so it’s about the same.”

“Heh, well, ok, but uh…” Tim scoots a little closer and put his hand on Randy’s leg. “But, if I had some practice first, maybe I’d have a better chance at uh… You know, maybe uh…” Gotta love a jock who gets so dumb and tongue-tied they barely know how to talk, “Maybe if you could you know, help me practice it?”

Randy smiles an adorable grin “Sure.” My mouth dropped as Randy adjusts in his seat. I can’t believe my luck as Randy leans in and gives the tan, brown-haired water stud a little peck on the lips – that alone makes my dick squirt a glob of precum in my undershorts. Tim stammers a little as he puckers and moves his lips to return a sloppy attempt at a kiss. Randy snickers as he kisses Tim again and slurped on his bottom lip before Randy puts a hand onto either side of Tim’s head, “Here, like this…” Randy then puts his mouth against the other. His very light layer of blonde stubble brushes against Tim’s smooth shin as they rubbed their tongues together.

Randy puts his arm around his friend’s waist, causing him to moan a little. Then, something stopped them, “Hey- what,” Randy looked down with a bit of discomfort on his face, and then looked slowly back at Tim with a semi-surprised look, “Tim, dude… Are you hard?”

“O-Ok, I can explain,” Tim says with his voice a little shaky, “I lied. I don’t have a date with Jessica. I never had a date with Francis, or with Danielle, or with Casey. I never went out with a girl. I just…” Tim shakes his head with a shaky moan, “I really like you. I’ve always wanted to… Do um, that,” He points to his and Randy’s mouths, “but I never had the nerve. I love watching you at football practice and I always try to catch up while in the showers at school. I-I never said anything because you deal with your brother all the time, and I didn’t want you to think I was like that like he is.” Tim looks very flustered, “B-But I woke up this morning, I don’t know what happened, I just-”

“Shut up already-” Randy says mid-sentence before he goes in on Tim’s mouth again. I almost came when Randy really glues his mouth on the other’s lips. Tim moans as he almost falls on the bed, squirming to keep himself up, whining in the kiss as Randy pretty much eats his face.

Randy parts the kiss with a wet pop and grins with a bedroom face at his stunned friend. “You holding out on me this long? You have any idea how long I wanted to do a lot more than this to you?”

“Hohhh God…” Tim gulped, his pants a rather pronounced tent. Oh God, this is making me so fucking horny.

“You know, I love cock too. And I’ve been kinda curious about yours.”

“We’ve been naked in the showers…” Tim said.

“Yeah. Soft.” Randy says as he sits on Tim’s lap, “I wanna see how hard the swim captain gets.

“Ohhh ffuck,” Tim opens his mouth just as Randy goes in for another deep kiss. He moans as Randy puts his hand on the wall and dug his tongue into his mouth while Tim pushed Randy’s shirt up to feel his abs.

God I just want to run into their room and jump between them, but God knows if Randy didn’t kick my ass, ‘Dad’ would.

Randy’s hand brushed against Tim’s groin, “Mnnhhyeah”

I pushed against the wall, trying to get a better view. Randy is grinning on the bed as he backs off so Tim could undo his own pants and push them off, showing that he is packing a serious bulge in his boxerbriefs. With his pants on the floor, Randy grins as he puts his hand on Tim’s package and grasps it.

“Oh God, that feels amazing.” Tim says as he splays his legs out and lets his best friend fondle him.

“You ever let, like.” Randy says as he strokes that thick lump in those undies. “You know.”

“No, no one.” Tim says as his underpants get even tighter.

“Awesome.” Randy grins devilishly as he takes Tim’s waistband.

My cock throbs harshly, begging me to grab it as Randy pulls his underwear down and lets Tim’s short but thick meat flop out – it’s almost the exact size and height of a soda can. Tim is hot, but he moans like a total slut. Randy takes a seat right next to Tim and he starts to kiss him.

I let my hand give my member some mercy rubs through my underwear as Randy and Tim start to lap and kiss each other while Randy strokes Tim’s drooling stout cock up and down.

This is EXACTLY like in one of my fantasies last night!

“That feels so fucking good.” Tim whines as he stops kissing him and stares at the hand slowly jerking him off.

“Want me to blow you?” Randy asked with a grin. I almost came right then and there!

“N-No, I just wanna…” Tim swallows and shudders, “Oh please don’t stop.” He begs while his muscular arms grasp onto Randy’s nightstand and the mattress.

“Mmmnn” Randy licks his lips and starts kissing Tim’s cheek.

“Ahhhh, ahhh” Tim moans out as he starts to push his pelvis up. He has a slender build, so his dick is about 4 inches long but rather thick. His length does stick out of his build, but that doesn’t not matter when I’m this fucking randy for Randy’s sluthood.

“I’m gonna cum.” Tim moans. Randy just bites his lip as he starts to stroke harder, “Ohhhh, aahhhh! Ohh fuh, oohhh” Tim moans and pants as he stares at his crotch with Randy gripping it firmly. Randy strokes up and pulls down.

“FFFFfffff ohh!” Tim suddenly jerks his body. My hands plant onto the wall as Tim shoots several long white ropes out of his meat! He moans out as Randy still tugs and yanks at his member before he let go. Tim’s chest jumps up and down, breaking a sweat as his shirt is now striped with his spunk.

“How was that?” Randy asked with a smirk.

“Fuckin hot…” Tim then pushes his face against Randy’s mouth. My dick continues to saturate my boxers with precum as Tim forces Randy around so that he’s sitting on Randy’s lap while he kisses him, giving me a view of Tim’s ample bubble butt hidden in his underpants.

It’s official. This is the best day EVER!

Tim pulls up his pants now that it’s late in the afternoon. “My God, that was… Wow.” He says.

“Four times, dude? You’re fuckin amazing! I can only cum like, once in a day, twice tops.” Randy shakes his head in disbelief.

“You drive me nuts, man. I mean, yeah, I am Italian too,” Tim says with his own huff of disbelief. “I just, this was absolutely spectacular.”

“Well,” Randy grins as he puts his fingers into Tim’s waist of his pants, “Lemme know if you want more ‘practice’ some time.” He gives a wink.

“Oooh yessir” Tim grins seductively before they kiss a few more times and Tim leaves the room.

Once I get a few essential wishes taken care of, I think I’ll help Tim out and make Randy fuck him. And me too. No point in having them play together if I can’t join the game. Hell, I might even be a teenager again, but have them want me like all the time, and let David be the ‘Dad’ for a while.

After a while and taking a walk around the house and getting a snack to settle myself down a bit, I get right back to my peephole and check out what Randy’s up to.

Randy is shuffling through a couple of the legit shopping bags he had brought home the other day, pulling out a vest and some pants with very sheek designs on it.

I think I’m about to view the best fashion show ever.

Randy puts on a blue vest and pulls down his pants, showing he’s rocking a shiny gold speedo, right before he put on some assless chaps and a cowboy hat. My cock throbbed as he starts gyrating his hips in circles with one hand on his hat and the other hand holding an imaginary bull, with his pelvis thrusting up and bouncing his bulge. God I just want his whole package crammed in my mouth and ride my face like a bronco.

Next he puts on a fishnet tank top and black leather jacket along with skintight jeans with well placed rips and tears. He whips around and finger bangs like he’s a hot gangster getting ready to shot down some rubes.

Next he puts on a red hard hat with some red suspenders and some very short-shorts, right before he gets a blue scarf with a shiny silver tassel and started flossing his firm thighs with the fabric-stitched firehose.

I continued to watch with appreciation as he gets naked again, now securing his very junk into leopard-print briefs, a zebra-stripe vest, and some gold fang necklace. Fuck me, he’s going for a Tarzan look?! Sure enough, he chuckles as he grabs onto one of the tall poles of his four-poster bed and starts to dry hump it and swing around like the teenage jungle-boy he is. Fuck, I never even considered him as a hot and horny feral man who would get into mating season, that is VERY hot! Make him do all kinds of crazy stuff…

I am now treated him to twerking in some skin-tight blue boxer-briefs with an extra small white shirt, black bandana tied around his neck, a white sailor’s hat and some thick boots. Oh yes, I can even see through the fabric! I can only imagine what he’d look like soaking wet!

Oh Christ, he’s not putting on some overalls! I get a tissue for my nosebleed as he puts on a denim cap and turns it backwards, and nothing else. He struts about, looking like the hottest fucking redneck stud on the block! Then one of the buttons on the butt-flap behind him gets loose, almost putting me over the edge again from seeing the hidden jiggle of his butt.

He goes on as he starts to rub a black baton along his bulge, now being held in a black leather thong with metal spikes, while he’s now in a navy blue police hat and a thick and heavy harness with a brass badge, turning in some shoes with tall white socks, firmly stroking his mostly exposed ass with the baton before giving himself a hard smack with it. I flinch and jerk every time his toy impacts his jiggling bubble butt.

Oh fuck, not longjohns. He’s completely naked, whipping out a one-piece suit. Not longjohns. If those have the same butt-flap as the overalls, I think I might just flood my shorts! In a minute, Randy is grinning at himself as he feels along the green and black plaid pajamas, the woolen johns looking as if they were woven around his body. He even turns around to show me the unhinged butt-flap, right before he buttons it up to cover his sweet, sweet ass.

Now Randy has on something shiny, purple, and yellow bunched up around his waist. Yep, that’s spandex! He pulls it up and covers his abs in it and tucks the straps over his shoulders. Oh Jesus, YES! He stomps his leg down and spreads his stance, like he’s about to tackle the shit out of his opponent. His bulge almost swings from the lack of a cup, but his ass is practically outlined in his singlet! Randy even grabs a pillow and starts to wrestle it. I grasp my knees as he starts to force it on the floor and slowly humps it, growling and talking smack to the pillow while shoving his business in it. Fuck me, I want to be that pillow. I want Randy to slam me to the floor and wrestle me in every position possible!

The next couple of hours has been like going to a gay club. I finally understand why shopping had taken him all day; he’s bought enough clothes to open his own store! He’s gone from a tuxedo thong with wrist cuffs and a bowtie, to a cupid red speedo with a white heart on the butt and even little angel wings, to a sexy yoga model, and now a fishnet shirt he’s pulling on after putting on a pair of leather pants with the ass cheeks cut out.

He doesn’t just have shirts and pants. The hour he spent on the wardrobe of underwear is making it very hard not to pull out my cock and jerk off again. I haven’t all day because I know that tonight’s wish will let me actually fuck him tomorrow, and I want to wait for the real thing.

Eventually Randy puts on a Spiderman shirt black t-shirt and dark blue jeans. A knock sounded on Randy’s door and in walks ‘Dad.’ They go to the foot of his bed and Randy just stares lovingly and stupidly at the big, muscly idiot as usual.

“So,” said Randy as he dips a thumb below the waist of his pants, subtly drawing them down discretely to show off his v-shape, “did you and Mom do anything fun today, David?”

“Heh, well… it should have been fun. We walked along the lake and had a picnic, just like we’d planned. But I couldn’t enjoy it because I kept thinking about something else.”

“Oooh – AHEM Oh?” Randy’s voice cracked a little. “Uh, what was that?”

David takes a deep breath and takes a step towards him, almost brushing up against him. “Something I never thought about before today, actually. Something that seems so obvious now.” He slowly puts his large arms around leans his head down to Randy and kissed his trembling lips. Randy almost trips on himself like a dork as the big jackass kisses him a little more aggressively. Randy moans again and just plain melts in his arms.

Randy barely pulls back. “Are you sure?”

David nods with all the confidence in existence, it’s painted all over his smug face. “I just can’t believe it took me this long to figure it out.” He looks at his watch, and then behind himself before going to close the door. “We have all night. Your Mom decided to stay at Mrs. Fenton’s.” Randy held back a snicker and almost jumps up for another kiss. David pushes him back just as suddenly, and then yanks his shirt open. Randy beams with his jaw dropping as the strong man exposes his thick hairy chest, and those abs. Goddammit, why does this doofus have to be fucking hot too?! He’s like one of those hairy studs that are perfect as ‘Daddy’ types. Randy grabs those fuzzy pecs and starts to kiss and gnaw on David’s neck, going down to trail his chest, then down those bushy abs.

I am unable to believe my eyes as Randy got down on his knees. Randy looks up with an almost goofy; right then and there I want to put my cock in his mouth so bad that I’m almost rooting for this asshole to do it for me. Sure, David has stolen my life, but I need someone to fuck this man right now. I don’t like that he’s getting Randy first, but it doesn’t matter. Soon I’d have the chance to pay him back.

Still on his knees, Randy pulls off his tight shirt. His chest somehow looks better then ever. His lungs are heavy in anticipation and his abs are rippling in the soft light. Adrenaline is fucking magic, I swear.

“Wow,” said David. “You… God, you look amazing.” I silently agreed.

Randy looks directly at David’s crotch as he gropes and grabs at the thick lump on the man’s lap. “I’ve been waiting so long for this.” he hastily jerks the older man’s pants down, ignoring the belt until David’s trousers are bunched at his ankles. With David grinning down with his grey and slightly sweaty boxerbriefs on, Randy slowly pulls the pair of boxers down until David’s cock bobs out. Randy looks as if he has just discovered a religious artifact. “Oh my God, it’s so huge!” Then he looked up at him and bashfully said, “May I please suck it?”

The arrogant asshole looks down at Randy and said, “Yes, you may.”

Randy opens his mouth wide open and dove onto the dick, burying it in his mouth. “Ohh! Whoa,” David almost fell over before he caught himself. Randy’s head moves back and forth quickly, eagerly trying to cover as much of the cock as possible with every stroke. Ffffuck, I can hear Randy snorting like a starving animal from here. I can tell Randy is really filling his mouth up almost like he’s literally trying to swallow that meat whole!

David bites his lip as he puts his hands behind his head to flex his arms and starts to smoothly thrust his pelvis, “Wow, you’ve done this before, haven’t you?”

Randy didn’t take the large cock completely out of his mouth, but he pulled it out enough so he could understand him. “Yeah, my last girlfriend practically taught. Is that ok?”

David smiled like a son of a bitch. “That’s great, stud. This feels incredible!”

Randy kept lightly stroking the cock with his tongue, taking as second to grab and stroke that monster before gulping it down and licking his balls, his own dick tenting his pants as he services that thick moron.

He rocked his head back as he bangs Randy’s face. “I can’t believe I never noticed how incredibly hot you are.” His balls begin to slap Randy’s chin “Whatever made me wake up sane this morning, I’m grateful.”

Moans from Randy interrupted him. That’s when I noticed his hand moving inside of his underpants. Randy jerks himself off as he plunged the huge rod deep into his mouth! The rhythm of his hand matched the motion of his head, pleasuring both of them at the same time. David shrugs off his shirt off, revealing his disgustingly perfect chest. He let Randy work on his cock for a few more minutes.

“Would you like a little help with that?”

Randy looked almost hurt as he stroked his cock with his other hand and looked up. “You don’t want me to finish?”

David reached down and pulled Randy to his feet easily. “Oh, I’ll get to the finish, I’m just going to take you with me.” Randy giggled as he shoved him a little and stepped out of his pants. He pushes Randy against the wall and starts to grind himself against the teen, his rock solid cock dwarfing Randy’s throbbing dick as the man pins Randy down on the wall and eats his mouth like a hungry beast.

“Fuck him,” I whisper to myself, “Come on, just fuck him already, he wants cock so bad!”

David then almost throws Randy into bed and climbed onto it with him to start gnawing on his neck. Randy moans and whines as his bare legs rub against the black socks on David’s shins. As he ran his tongue over Randy’s chest, Randy started whining and squirming.

Fuck it, I’m just going to masturbate now. This was way too good, I have to enjoy it myself. I pulled my cock out and begin to jerk off, my rod soaked with pre like I just poured lube all over it.

The big man pulled back a little and slowly pulled Randy’s underpants down off of his legs. After he tosses them aside, he leaned in close to Randy’s ass. “Randy? Is this your first time?”

“Yes,” said Randy, “but it’s OK, I’ve got a condom, and I turned 18 a month ago!”

Both of us looked confused at that last bit. “Really?” said David. “I thought your birthday wasn’t for a couple more weeks?”

“Ugh,” said Randy as he rolls his eyes. “You got that from Billy didn’t you? He can’t keep my birthday straight, no matter how many times I tell him. Don’t worry, you can do anything you want, I’m totally legal!”

David smiled a sickeningly sweet smile. “Are you sure you want to? We don’t have to rush this.”

Randy leaned forward and smiled, wrapping his arms around his thick neck. “If you don’t stick it in me right now, I’ll throw you to the floor and rape you. Understand?”

“Heh, alright, lil stud.” David pushed him back down and climbed on top. I stroked my dick faster as he entered poured on the lube on his cock and start to mount Randy, but then I forced myself to slow down so I could last through this.

“O-OOHH!” Randy yowled out, “Shhhhit!”

“I warned ya.” David smirks as he shoves his huge log right in Randy’s hole.

“FFFFFFFFFFuck you’re huge!” Randy almost shouts as David spreads that slut’s legs as far as they’ll go.

“Want me to stop?”

“Fuck no, split me in half!” Randy moans out. Fuck, he fucking wants it, I knew it. I can’t stop staring at David’s perfect ass as it flexes and clench each time he thrusts into Randy. His black socks make the perfect touch to his otherwise nude state, hitching one of his legs up and starts to really hammer into Randy’s taint.


“You like it rough, don’t you?”

“Fuck yes I do, harder! Hardeerrr!” Randy whines out as the bed starts punch the wall as David fucks him like a wild animal, “OH! OH! OH! OH!”

“Yeaaahh!” David then plunges his fat cock deep into Randy, his dimpled rump flexing as he stirs into Randy.

“Ennyyhhh!” Randy moans out like the slut he is before David grasps the bed and really starts to hump him fiercely again.

“FFFFFFFFF” David’s face turns red with exertion as he pummels into Randy’s hole, forcing the teen to bounce at his mattress, “You’re so fuckin tight.” David himself up with his arms so he could look down on him.

“Ffffuuuuuuuuck” Randy moans, “Do me, David, harder!”

I’m trouble keeping from blowing my load as he grabbed Randy’s hips and thrust harder. Randy’s moaning only gets louder, he can’t even form coherent words anymore. I can tell he’s faking it, no man has ever moaned that loud during sex.

“Oh fuck!” David clenches his teeth as he tries to stop.

“Cum in me!” Randy says as he starts squirming to force David to cum.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” David tenses and hisses, trying to pinch back his orgasm, but Randy is smirking at him as he really milks him thoroughly, “Ah, Ah, AhhhHHHH!” David moans out loud as he starts to unload inside of Randy, rolling his eyes up and howling openly, “Awww! OHH! Ahhh!”

“OhhhhHHHHHH” Randy moans out just as his own rod starts to spurt all over his smooth abs.

“Oh shit, of fuck, of fuck,” I masturbate harder and harder until I finally came. I came HARD. “Awwwoooooohhhhhh”

Unfortunately, they both stopped moaning just as I soaked my hand with spunk. I froze for several seconds just before they looked at the wall. I jerked back and scrambled away from the hole, but I can still hear them.


“What the…” said Randy “Wait, what’s that spot in the wallpaper. Is that…? Oh my God!”

I heard a rumbling like thunder and ran for my bedroom door. I locked it right before the handle shook.

“Billy!” screamed David. “I know what you’re doing in there!!!”

“Fuck…” I winced. I looked at my watch. There’s still a couple more minutes until midnight. I grab the lamp and rubbed furiously, trying to get the Genie to come out early. “Come on, please please!” I plead, accidentally smearing cum on the lamp.

“Damn it, Billy, I have a key to this door! You better not make me go get it!” A moment later the house shook with David’s giant steps down the stairs. A looked at my watch again. One more minute.

I sprint into my bathroom with the lamp and locked it behind me. I need to get away from the bedroom door so I can’t hear him if he actually orders me to open it. The rumbling went up the stairs as I continue to the lamp furiously and the Genie finally flows out.

“You set me up!” I shouted before the green weirdo even said a word.

The Genie just looked at me like a startled goldfish. “Pardon?”

“You messed up every wish on purpose! Just like in those movies, you say you’ll deliver, but you twist the wishes to get at me!”

The Genie actually looked sad. “I wouldn’t do that…” The door banged, and I panicked. At this point, I’ll just take his word for it!

“AHHH!" I yelped, "Ok, I’m sorry then! I take it back! It’s MY fault! ME! I screwed up!” His face seemed to brighten somewhat, “Will you help me please?! They’re gonna kill me!”

“I-I guess, I uh-” He fumbled. “What’s actually happening? I don’t underst-”

David yelled through the bathroom door. “Who are you talking to in there?! I’m going to knock this door down and I don’t care if it lands on top of you!”

“Quick! Before I’m dead!” I plead up at the Genie. “I wanna reverse my wish! Make me the sexy successful stepdad that Randy is so hot for and David be the perverted dweeb!” I said so fast as I hear the door behind me start to give.


“AH!” I yelp as I hear the door swing open. I clench my eyes tight!


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