College Jock – Chapter 4

By here4hairymen -
published October 27, 2018

A college baseball player meets a very hairy next door neighbor who starts to have an effect on him

The next few days were packed with preparations for midterm exams scheduled for the following week. Matt was spending long hours in the library, coming home late in the evening with no time for anything else. He just needed to push through a few more days and then he could return to his normal schedule. But what did not help his long hours studying was that he was still waking up tired almost every morning with a pulsing, sticky hole. But every time he tried to think more about it, his mind always seem to wander on to something else.

It was Friday evening at eleven pm, Matt’s fourth night in a row in the library, when he finally decided to pack up his belongings and head home. He pulled into the driveway of his house ten minutes later and got out of the car. As he turned to walk into the house, he saw Brandon crossing the yard wearing a v-neck t-shirt, joggers, and running sneakers.

“Hey Brandon,” Matt said.

There was an odd delay before Brandon slowly turned and replied “Uhh, hey… Matt?” It seemed like he had to think a moment to remember Matt’s name.

“What have you been up to?” Matt asked, suspecting his roommate may have gone out for a few drinks.

Another long pause.

“Just… helping our neighbor… move some furniture.”

Brandon was now standing a few feet in front of Matt. In the dim light coming from their house Matt glanced at the long, curly blond fur exploding out of the v-neck. A barely audible, involuntary moan slipped out of Matt’s mouth. He quickly looked up to Brandon’s eyes. He looked dazed. But there was something else. Brandon was very erect, his joggers prominently tenting out.

“Moving furniture at this hour on a Friday night?” Matt asked suspiciously.

Brandon just stared at Matt with a confused look, unable to find any words.

“Nothing wrong with that, is there boy?” Matt turned toward the source of the deep voice. There was Rogan. He was wearing a t-shirt with a deep v-neck, a pair of thin shorts, and flip-flops. The mat of black body hair covering his chest, arms, and legs was blowing ever so subtly in the breeze. His long eraser tip nipples were visibly erect under his t-shirt. Even in the dim lighting Matt could see a big wet stain off to the side of his shorts and the outline of his semi-erect cock. The air was charged with sexuality; it was almost as if Matt could smell and feel the testosterone emanating from Rogan. It was so familiar and overwhelming. It began to cloud his mind.

“No, I mean… It’s just that… it seems…” Matt fumbled to find his thoughts.

“I don’t think you need to worry about it, boy.” Rogan’s eyes were boring into Matt’s eyes.

“No. I suppose not,” Matt said slowly.

“That’s right, HAIRY JOCK BOY,” Rogan paused, waiting for the words to sink in and take effect, before continuing.

“After your practice is over tomorrow, clean up and come to my house. Tell your roommates, including this one over here,” Rogan gestured toward Brandon, “that your old high school friends are picking you up and you are going away for the rest of the weekend. You will back Monday morning.”

Matt nodded, his mouth slightly agape.

Rogan then went over to Brandon and Matt, patted them on their butts, and said: “Sleep well, boys.”

Matt dropped his bag in his bedroom after a long Saturday practice. He had taken a quick shower in the locker room, but now that he was home he felt like it was a good idea to take another shower. He stripped down, turned on the water and stepped in. Somehow this shower felt nicer. He lathered up, spending several minutes getting a lot of suds deep into the forest of hair that covered his body before rinsing off, stepping out, and drying off.

He went into his bedroom and opened his closet. He was feeling relaxed and wanted some comfortable clothes. He looked around, picking a pair of thin, silky gray running shorts. They just felt good on his skin. Next he selected a white v-neck t-shirt. Something about the way it fit felt right. And he liked having his hairy, muscled arms and chest exposed, the black hair contrasting with the white t-shirt. For footwear he chose a pair of thin flip-flops that just happened to be right at the front on his closet.

He left his bedroom and headed into the living room, when he started to feel light-headed. He went over to the coffee table, and started writing a note to his roommates, but then everything faded out.


Far in the recesses of his mind, Matt could hear a deep voice counting down to one. He opened his eyes, and felt a rush of concern as he tried to determine where he was, and what was happening.

He was lying on his back, possibly on a couch. He couldn’t move his body. He was in a dimly lit room that did not appear to have any windows. The little light there was came from candles situated around the room. There was a large bed along one of the walls. He was naked.

But then he had another realization.

He wasn’t alone.

He could feel a powerful presence in the room, right behind his head.

The wheels on a chair started squeaking across the floor, bringing Rogan into Matt’s view. He was wearing the same outfit as last night.

“Welcome boy,” Rogan said, staring into Matt’s eyes. “We have a lot to discuss.”

Matt tried to open his mouth to speak, but nothing happened.

“Wrong choice of words. I meant I have a lot to tell you. You can only reply with a yes or no. Once I finish, I will permit you to speak and move, but for now, that won’t be possible,” Rogan said, proud that his hypnotic powers had advanced to this level.

"Why don’t I start at the beginning. Well, at least the beginning for you. You weren’t hairy when you first came to college, were you?”


“No, you weren’t. But now,” Rogan reached over and lightly touched Matt’s forearm, sending waves of pleasure throughout his body, “now you are probably one of the hairiest men on campus.”


“Do you like that?” Rogan asked, lightly running his hand up Matt’s arm and over his chest, grazing his nipples.

“Uhhhh… YES.”

“Of course you do,” as he glanced at Matt’s hard penis. “But do you know how that happened?”


“I do,” Rogan said, as he ran a hand through his exposed chest hair. “You see Matt, all men have some natural amount of body hair. Just like you did when you moved in. But some men… Well, some men have a lot more.” As he finished his sentence, Rogan stood up and took his shirt off.

Matt was mesmerized.

Rogan stood in silence for several minutes while Matt stared at his hairy chest and stomach.

“So boy, how do some men become extremely hairy like this? I’ll give you a hint: it’s not genetics. It’s spread from one man to the next. Transmitted through the semen of a select few very hairy men. I’ll let you think about that for a moment,” Rogan paused, watching Matt process the information.

This all seemed so preposterous. Sure, Matt didn’t have any idea what caused him to be covered in fur. And then there were the other guys on the team who this happened to as well. But how could this be the explanation? And even if he accepted that it was possible to make someone hairy through the sperm of another man, the fact was the only man he had ever slept with was Ryan. And that was AFTER he had developed all of his fur. This didn’t make any sense at all.

Out of ideas, Matt turned his head to look at Rogan. He saw his lips curl up ever so slightly, into an almost evil grin. “I did this to you, boy. I was the man that made you this hairy.” As Rogan said this, he took his shorts off, leaving him in a pair of tight briefs. “My semen caused your hair growth.”

Matt stared at him, amazed at the view he was getting, but also in disbelief.

“Do you remember when you came to help me move couch the first few weeks of school? That was the day I started to change you. All it took to seduce and hypnotize you was a sedative in your beer, combined with an initial exposure to my semen that I had in the palm of my hand when you shook it. And a few drops of my sperm in your beer too, if I’m being honest.”

Rogan stood up again, taking his briefs off. His thick, black, hip-to-hip bush was fully exposed, along with his large, rigid penis sticking straight out at Matt. And of course his low-hanging, hairy bull tanks, full of sperm.

“Since that first hypnotic induction, I have been coming into your bedroom almost every night. At your invitation of course…” Rogan’s lips curled again into a bit of a smile, “to hypnotize you and strengthen my control over your mind,” Rogan paused, as a drop of precum leaked from his penis and formed a long string down to the floor, “and to open up your legs, penetrate you, and flood your hole with my sperm.”

Matt was looking at Rogan with wide eyes. He had a fleeting feeling of disbelief, anger… wanting to scream and fight…. But then he felt a little sleepy, and those ideas were quickly replaced with thoughts about having a hairy, older man on top of him…

“Good boy,” Rogan said, as if he knew that Matt had just mentally acquiesced.

“Each round of my semen induced more and more hair growth, until you maxed out at where you are today,” Rogan explained. “Of course there was no need to cease the nightly mountings.”

“Now, here comes the fun part. Let me start by asking, do you believe this explanation?”

Matt thought about it for a moment. Surely he would have known if this man were in his bedroom, fucking him every night for months now. And the whole premise of how he became hairy defied everything he knew about biology, genetics, and the human body.

“No,” Matt responded with confidence.

“Thought you might say that. So it’s time to prove it to you,” Rogan said.

“There is one place where you could grow more hair,” Rogan said, standing up. He walked closer to Matt, and began to stroke his cock. First slowly, then increasing his pace, while he touched Matt’s hairy body, seemingly admiring his work. Each time he ran his hand over Matt’s fur, a stream of precum would pour out of his cock.

Rogan’s continued to stroke as his balls began to tighten and his breathing became more rapid. He paused momentarily, picking up a hand mirror from the ground and holding it up so Matt could see his own clean-shaven face.

Rogan continued to stroke, pointing his cock at Matt’s face, “Time to complete your transition, boy, make you my HAIRY JOCK BOY….UUUUHHHHHH, UHHHHHHHH, UHHHHHH.”

Matt had never seen so much cum in his life. Shot after shot fired right onto his face. Suddenly he recognized the familiar smell of the sticky substance coating his hole every morning.

When Rogan’s bull balls had fully emptied onto Matt, he reached down and smeared the cum around Matt’s face into a perfect pattern. First over the upper lip and chin, then over Matt’s cheeks, high up to the cheekbones, and down the neck.

Matt felt a strange, but familiar tingling sensation.

After a few minutes, Rogan smiled and picked up the hand mirror.

Matt stared intently, looking at the thick, full black beard that now covered his face.

“There’s all the proof you need, boy,” Rogan said.

“But I didn’t reveal this to you in a conscious state without a reason. There are many other things you need to know.”

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