Submissive, Part 1

By Quark
published September 14, 2015
20083 words

A very long story about a man who fantasizes about being dominated by his boyfriend getting his wish. Features male shrinking, humiliation and BDSM.

“Are you ready to do this?” Darren looked slightly down into my eyes. I felt my face burn as I glanced away, avoiding his searching gaze.

“I don’t know. Yeah. I guess. No.”

He sighed almost silently. “This was your idea.”

"Do YOU want to do it? We don’t have to. You don’t have to humor me."

His exasperation was becoming a bit more palpable. “I’m not humoring you. I keep telling you, I’m into it.”

“I just don’t want you to look at me any differently tomorrow, you know? I just don’t want to ruin what we have. I love you so much.” He WAS humoring me, that was the trouble. I could tell. And I loved him all the more for it and was all the more scared he would reevaluate our relationship based on what was about to happen.

His reply was to pull me into a hug. The top of my head found its spot against his neck. Usually I was the protective one but however strong I tried to be emotionally my head never reached any higher on my six-foot-three boyfriend. Our arms tightened around each other in a brief clasp.

“Should we go in?” he asked after a moment.

“Yeah, OK.”

We went in.

I don’t know how it happened but I had this thing about dominance and submission. Or not quite submission, but … I don’t know. I went my whole life without thinking about it and then I did. A string of Internet flings pulled me into that scene, casting me as the dominant of their fantasies. I got into it. A lot. Probably too much for a while.

And then, twang!, I snapped back. I still don’t know how. The next man I met online fucked with my mind. I had told him about my growing experience as a dom and he did some textual jujitsu, and wham. He was suddenly dominating me. And I resisted. At first.

We talked every day. Just online thank goodness; we never met in person. Every day he further established his control over me. He made me call him Master and tell him that he owned me and send him naked photos. All of which I did with the reluctance of someone who knew better than to fall in this trap, a trap I had laid for others. Here I was an adult man, almost middle aged, with a job and responsibilities. I wore a tie to work, a professional job where I met with clients and suppliers, and people looked at me with respect. And at night I threw aside my dignity as easily as I threw aside my underwear for this terrifying and tantalizing man. The guilt and shame I felt over losing control in this way took the edge off any pleasure I was getting out of it. By the time I met Dare, also online, I had had enough of submission. Dare and I clicked at once on every level. We met in person. We fell in love. We moved in together. And I put the idea of masters—having one or being one—behind me.

Of course I had told Dare all about that time in my life, first an embarrassing admission and then as I gained confidence in our relationship, something I could laugh off. We had the kind of partnership, completely open with each other, that I had always dreamed about. But having no experience with that kind of interaction, my openness was sporadic. It took a few weeks of increasingly recurring daydreams and a dozen nearly uncontrollable masturbation sessions before I could admit to him one morning that “those feelings” were coming back.

“Which feelings?” We were lying in bed in our usual position, with my arm around his torso, my leg wrapped over his firm thigh.

“That stuff I told you about? Before we met?”

There was a pause and I could sense him trying to process this. Even though I was trying to make light of the situation he could tell it was something that was eating at me. “Uhh, I’m sorry, I know I’m missing something. Which ones exactly?”

My face was burning. I rested my forehead against his dark hair. “You know… with the… master?”

“Oh!” Another pause. “Ohhh.”

“It’s no big deal, I guess,” I said quickly. “I just wanted to tell you.”

“It’s OK,” he said. I waited for something more and then started to wonder if he had fallen back asleep. He had not said much when I originally told him about this stuff either, which I had written off to his calm and practical nature or to the difference in our ages, as his generation seemed to have taken the various kinks and fetishes of the world more in stride. It had not stopped us from getting closer.

Finally, I asked, “Are you sure?”

“Sure, of course.” He rolled over to face me, slipping out of my arms. He kissed me on the nose and smiled at me. “Are you OK with it?”

"I—don’t know."

“Do you need to do something about it?”

I paused. "I really don’t know, Dare."

He smiled and pulled me closer and then he really did fall back to sleep, his soft snoring a purr in the morning light.

Another couple of weeks. That’s how long it took to figure out that I did need to do something about it. Dare didn’t bring it up again nor did I sense any change in his feelings about me given my admission. That was what I had feared the most. But the fantasies were colonizing my mind, and I wanted to get them out before they tinged every aspect of our relationship. I figured I had gone forty years without feeling dominant or submissive, and if I could release all of that pent-up steam now, I could go the rest of my life in similar ignorance of those bizarre power plays.

“So what do you want to do?” Dare asked when I forced myself to bring it up again. It was a warm night in the city and we were walking down the street to the movies. I was still dressed for work in a shirt and paisley tie, aware of the soothing click of my nice shoes on the pavement. Dare was wearing his daily uniform of jeans and a hoodie.

I sighed in answer to his question. “I don’t know. I thought I might… look him up again. That guy.” I told him my theory of getting it all out of my system. “It would only be online I promise,” I finished lamely.

He thought about it. I could see him wrestling with something. “You said he owned you.”

I blushed. “Yeah I guess. I mean that’s what he said. We both said. It was a game of course. You can’t own a person.”

He looked down at me. “I don’t want someone else to own you. Even if it is a game. You’re mine.”

I felt a glow in my chest that knocked aside any other considerations. “Yeah,” I said. “OK.” He reached for me and we walked the rest of the way in silence, our clasped hands swinging between us.

A few days later I got a spam email I almost erased immediately without reading it, probably a remnant of my former Internet searches. “Unique D/s Evening! New and Experienced Gay Men Welcome! Free Admission!” The address was in our city. I showed it to Dare shyly after dinner. “Do you think we could do something like this one day? The two of us?”

He peered at it intently. “This is a group gathering,” he pointed out. “Don’t you want it to be just the two of us?” Just the two of us had so far only made vague allusions to what we could toward satisfying my feelings and I didn’t want the momentum to get lost. It was hard enough for me to keep bringing this up as it was.

“I just thought… I don’t know, that if we’re going to do this, it would help to get outside of familiar territory. They can just sort of walk us through it. If we don’t like it, we can leave.”

He didn’t say anything for a long while but what he finally did say was, "OK. I love you. If this is important to you I will do it.

The “Unique D/s Evening!” was held in what looked to be a large, possibly abandoned commercial building on a side street, not a far walk from the subway. The windows were soaped over although we could see light behind some of them. A litter of plastic food wrappings clung to the weeds outside.

"Should we go in?"

“Yeah, OK.”

Nearly trembling I pulled open the door and stepped into a small foyer. It wasn’t a proper room at all, really, just a portion of a larger space that was blocked off by heavy dark blankets hanging from the ceiling. A rough bear of a man stood on the far side, harshly illuminated by the bare bulb above. He wore a leather cap pulled low over his eyes and a leather armband over his right bicep, and his gut spilled over his tight, faded jeans. No shirt. It was like a porno come to life and I was momentarily stunned by the image,and by the idea that I had never given a moment’s consideration to what might be considered proper attire for this excursion. I was not interested in leather or chains or collars or anything like that, just the exquisite feeling of power or the lack of it.

“You guys here for some fun?” asked the bear. We nodded and I could see him sizing us up. I wondered if he could figure out the dynamic between us. Dare was bigger than me but noticeably younger. I was older, better dressed, but seemingly more nervous. We did not interact in a way that made it obvious which of us was supposed to be the D and which was the s. At least I didn’t think so but his gaze finally settled on Dare and he spoke directly to him. “Sir, you can go through this way,” he said, indicating an opening in the hanging blanket. The others are gathered around the bar. “You,” he said, eying me, “go back here.” The second opening was darker and oriented deeper within the building.

I looked to Dare. I had not expected us to be separated. I had not known what to expect at all, certainly not this squalid setting. He looked equally doubtful. But before we could say anything, another couple stepped in from the outside. They were both older than me, both bigger, and one was leading the other on a leash connected to a thick leather collar.

The bear with the big belly glared at me. “Go on boy,” he said more harshly this time. Yet another couple came in, all of them amassing behind us. My chest was as tight as a vise but I breathed in as deeply as I could, nodded and pushed through the hanging blanket leaving a bewildered Dare behind me to fend for himself. In for a penny, in for pound.

I found myself in a narrow corridor that went straight back into the building, lit only by a few dim bulbs in rusting cages. A nice CFL would brighten this place up, I thought, although I wasn’t sure I wanted to see any more than I could of the trash I was kicking out of the way. I heard footsteps behind me and knew that a couple of the later arrivals were on their way back as well. I was not sure I was headed in the right direction although there had been no other way to go. The two doors I passed seemed to have been nailed shut.

Finally the hall made a left turn and I saw an open door leading into a brighter room. Another bear, this one in a leather harness and jeans, was evaluating a line of four naked men of various ages and sizes who stood at nervous attention. I guessed those were my fellow submissives. “Clothes off boy,” said the new bear. He was about ten years younger than me and had a shaved head with a well-trimmed red beard.

“Uh OK.”

The line of naked men watched me disrobe with seeming disinterest although one or two of them had the beginnings of erections. As I shrugged out of my shirt another man entered the room behind me. “Clothes off, boy,” said the bear with the red beard.

When I got down to my tight underwear I wrapped up my pants in a way that I hoped would keep my wallet safe in the pocket and looked for a place to safely put my clothes. “Underwear too boy,” snapped the bear.

“I—I’m just—”

“Underwear, too!”

Intimidated, I quickly pulled down my underwear as a new sub entered the room. “Clothes off, boy.” The bear grabbed my bundle and tossed it unceremoniously behind the lone chair in the room, where my clothes got mixed in the pile that was already there.

“But—” I looked toward them longingly.

“Get in line boy.” A pause as I gaped at him. "I said get in line!"

My eyes stinging a bit, I complied. It had been warm outside but the room was chilly and I felt goosebumps raise along my arms. The man next to me, a short guy with no body hair anywhere, leaned into me slightly, which I found both soothing and offputting at the same time. We watched the newer arrivals finish disrobing, their clothes similarly tossed into the pile, and then there were eight of us in the line. The bear walked back and forth, in front of us and behind. Continuing to inspect those of us who were, I now thought, dumb enough to go through with this. Good lord the people running this event could be anybody. Criminals. Murderers. I hoped Dare was OK. In the silence I kept willing myself to speak up, to say I had changed my mind, but I was intimidated by everyone else’s compliance. Several minutes passed. Maybe a half hour? My back was getting sore from the standing but when I tried to stretch my spine and shift my weight from foot to foot the bear snapped at me to stand still.

What’s the holdup? I wanted to shout. Of course I didn’t say anything. No one else seemed upset. Maybe I was the only newbie. I was on the verge of breaking formation and getting back into my clothes, maybe another five minutes later, when the bear with the red beard looked at his watch. “All right boys, we’ll get started.” I sighed in relief and the others seemed anxious to get moving as well.

“None of you were at our last event so I will tell you what you need to know. First the rules.” He paced up and down the line, squinting seriously into each of our eyes as he went. "I don’t know why you’re here, whether it was your own idea or your master’s. Maybe you live by different rules at home. But tonight you’re on our house rules. Any deviation will bring immediate punishment. Your masters have already been informed of this."

I groaned inwardly thinking I had made a terrible mistake. I had never referred to Dare as my “master.” Is this what he was being told in the other room? That I was his slave or boy or whatever they were calling us? Good god, “submissive” was bad enough. Whatever remaining anticipation I had felt about this evening turned to a cold rock of dread in my belly.

“Rule one,” the bear went on. “If anyone is wearing clothing tonight that means he is superior to you. You will address him as ‘sir.’ Understood?”

The other subs said, “Yes, sir!” and I said, “Yes…”

“Anyone you address as ‘sir’ is superior to you. You will do whatever he says at all times. Only your master can countermand orders you are given. Understood?”

“Yes, sir!” “Yes…”

“Anyone who is superior to you may do whatever he likes with your body at any time. Understood?”

“Yes, sir!” “Yes…” I still could not bring myself to say “sir.”

“Whatever he likes,” said the bear, stepping closer to us. I saw him grab the small cock of the man standing next to me then reach around and grab his ass. “Yes, sir!” said the man, gasping with either pleasure or shame. Most likely pleasure given his instant erection. Then the bear worked his way down the row, grabbing asses and cocks, feeling chests and biceps. Away from me (to my relief) then back in my direction, once again fondling the first man he touched and then coming to me. He grabbed my ass, which made me jump. No one but Dare had touched me in months. He was the same height as I was and leaned in close seeing my discomfort. “How’s that boy?”

“Uh good.”

I yelped as his hand pulled back and then smacked my butt, leaning close into my face. “Good,what?”

“Good sir,” I muttered. His other hand grabbed my penis. When had it gotten hard?

“What was that boy?” I felt all eyes on me.

“Good, sir!”

He made his way down the rest of the row and back, taking more time with me, no doubt enjoying my discomfort more than the others’ eagerness.

He went on, to all of us: “Those of you who do not comply with instructions will be punished severely. Your master has been made aware of these rules. Since you are all still here that means he has agreed to them and signed all of the necessary paperwork for you to participate this evening.”

Paperwork? Punishment? And Dare agreed to all this? He can’t be into this. Is this what he thought I would want? I wondered how I would face him again, even as I was dying to see him, a familiar, handsome face in the midst of this circus.

The bear with the red beard kept talking. “These rules may sound basic but the threat of punishment is for your superiors’ fun and for your safety. We take both of those things very seriously.”

Great. I craned my head to see if I could spot my clothes in the pile across the room.

“The evening will progress in two Acts.” He was pacing back and forth in front of us again, looking us over. “Act One is mingling. You will go out to meet your masters and our other guests and take care of their needs. Act Two”—a heavy pause for emphasis—“is a surprise for now, but let’s just say that it is what makes our events as unique as they are.”

I took a deep breath. I thought I had spotted my shirt under a discarded pair of boxer briefs. What would it take for me to break formation and put it on? Surely my pants were right underneath of it. I could be dressed again in a minute, out of the building in two. I had come here to get submissiveness out of my system and it didn’t prove to be that difficult after all. Except why was I still hard?

“Follow me boys,” said the red-bearded bear. He walked to a door in the far wall. My fellow subs looked at each other and followed. Disgusted with myself, I followed, too.

We had to watch our footing entering the next room, which had a single step down onto a tiled floor. Our bare feet slapped across the cold surface. When we were all in the room I noticed that the walls were tiled too. Various pipes and vents protruded from all sides but were capped off and I imagined we were in some sort of old industrial kitchen with the equipment removed. In one corner was a coiled garden hose, poison green like a snake, connected to a faucet in the wall. The bear picked up the nozzle and a rough bar of soap that had been sitting next to it. “First we wash,” he intoned. Without warning, water blasted out of the nozzle, spraying us all. Even the most submissive of us jumped out of our skins with surprise. The water was actually not very cold but the room became chilly when it was not aimed directly at us and we sputtered and shivered in the spray.

“Clean each other up boys.” The bear passed the soap to the shorter man who had leaned into me before, who shrugged, said “Yes sir!” and turned toward me.

“Wait I—”

The soap scraped across my chest, creating a rich lather which he then worked into my armpits across my stomach, and finally, onto my erection. It tingled against my skin as if it were medicated, probably antibacterial.

“Keep it moving,” grunted the bear. The short sub handed the soap to me and I found myself lathering a tall, bulky man, a bit older than me, who looked like a football player. It was the man who had been led in on a leash earlier. He allowed me to rub his chest and back before taking the soap and using it on the next man. We were all covered in suds, rubbing every inch of each other’s bodies simultaneously. Hands felt my balls and ass. Someone was down on his knees doing my feet. Disoriented by the situation and the occasional sprays of cool water I stood pretty much still and rubbed whatever I could reach around me. I noticed that the bear did not remove his harness or jeans and stayed well clear of the sodden mass of sudsy flesh in the center of the room. After a little while he ordered us to drop what remained of the bar of soap onto the floor and stand in a line for a final rinse, which he delivered with a powerful stream of water from across the room, making us turn and bend over to be thorough. I watched the last of the lather swirl down the drain in the center of the room as we were ordered to follow him once again.

We were led single file down another dark hall and I tried not to think about what I might be stepping on with my bare feet but unlike the entrance corridor the floor here was smooth and swept clean. My fellow subs walked tentatively and were so quiet that we could hear the faint sound of a party getting louder as we approached: music, talking, the occasional bellow of laughter. There were less than a dozen of us subs but it sounded as if there were many more men at the gathering of the doms. As we got closer I felt my legs becoming wobbly and my chest grew so tight I could barely breathe. The man behind me—my fellow slave?—kept bumping into me in the dimness as I slowed and there were grunts as this caused collisions further back. Finally we were led into a room with a swinging door on the far wall, next to what looked like a pass-through countertop with a steel door rolled down to keep our area private. If we were in an abandoned restaurant of some sort this may have been where the food had been prepped for service and passed out to the waiters. It was clear that the party we were hearing was directly on the other side of the door, which did not baffle the sound in the slightest. Though we were for the moment still unseen, I felt as if I were naked in the midst of a jocular crowd and my balls crawled up with terror at this familiar nightmare. I couldn’t do this. I could NOT do this.

“Boys,” began the bear with the red beard. “Get ready to—”

“Uh sir?” I surprised even myself by cutting him off.

“You’re speaking without permission boy!”

“Um sorry, it’s just—I—I changed my mind. This isn’t right for me. I mean no judgement on you guys but I just want to go—”

The bear stomped over to me, leaning so far into my space that he could have kissed me, but his eyes were blazing with fury just inches from my own. I started to lean away from him but then realized I should hold my ground, pretend I wasn’t as terrified as I was. I was an adult after all. They had no right to hold me here against my will. I summoned all of the confidence I had once wielded as an internet dom and faced him as squarely as I could but a jolt of pain that suddenly shot up from my groin made me yelp and I realized he had grabbed my balls in one meaty fist and was twisting them.

“Aach cut it—”

“Boy you are to do exactly as you’re told and speak only when spoken to. Is that clear?” He punctuated this last with a further twist of my scrotum.

“You can’t— I just want—”

“Is. That. Clear.”

More pain. Excruciating. I put my hands on his arms, attempted to push him away but I couldn’t find the strength. My fellow naked submissives leaned away from me clearly indicating an unwillingness to help in any way.

“Now you are going to be the first one out of this room boy, do you understand? You are—all of you are—going to find your master and kneel down before him and ask how you can of service to him. Your master’s comfort is your primary concern tonight and always. Is that clear?” He addressed the whole group but looked directly, contemptuously, into my eyes.

“Yes sir!” my fellow submissives said.

I gasped in agony. My knees buckled. I wanted to step backwards away from the bear’s viselike grip or to double over to protect myself but any movement resulted in even more pain. The bear’s red beard and hazel eyes, narrowed in anger, swam in front of my face. I tried to resist, to endure, but I knew I was no match for either his strength or his confidence. There was no mercy in his eyes, no recognition of my rights or humanity, just pure authority. Finally I nodded.

The stabbing pain of the circulation returning to my testicles was even worse than the assault. When the bear, my superior, stepped back, I fell to my knees on the cold floor, trying to catch my breath while discomfort abated. When I could finally move I looked up at him only to see the round bulge of his denim-clad crotch inches from my face, his stern face looming above. To either side of me the penises of my fellow subs, ranging from soft to full erection, were at eye level. “Get up now boy and lead the others through that door.”

I was beaten. For the moment. “Y-yes sir,” I grunted. No one helped me to my feet. No one met my eye as I staggered forward. I was not given time to take a restorative breath before the others amassed behind me. I pushed through the door and walked, naked, into a roomful of my superiors.

All of the faces turned in my direction as the door slapped open. I didn’t want to see any of them and I didn’t want any of them to see me … but I realized I couldn’t keep my head down. I needed to identify Dare as soon as possible. Not to “serve” him, whatever that meant for us now, but to get him to lend whatever authority he had to my exit from this horrible place.

There were about 20 people in the room, all of them male, all of them fully dressed. Some wore leathers but most were in normal street clothes that ranged from casual to office attire. The room was dimly lit with colored bulbs which cast a disorienting glow and made it difficult for me to pick Dare’s maroon hoodie out in the crowd.

The red-bearded bear stepped into the room behind us and barked loudly enough to be heard over the music and wolf whistles: “Boys find your masters!” Some of my fellow submissives darted around me as they spotted their companions. I saw the big football-player guy rush over to the man I had seen him enter with and fall down on his knees before him.

The doms hooted and hollered as we made our way into the room. I felt nauseated and my head swam. For the life of me I could not spot my boyfriend just leering faces shaded red, blue, or green in the lighting. I had been in the back rooms for so long … . Had Dare lost patience and left? Had his exposure to this underbelly of gay culture and my apparent obsession with it disgusted him? Was I alone? Tears came to my eyes as they darted around the room in panic trying to sort what I was seeing into categories that made sense, and they had almost spilled down my cheeks when I finally spotted his tall frame near the far corner of the room. I had missed him only because I had expected him to be alone, standoffish, but instead he stood with two other men, one in a business suit and the other shirtless with some sort of cap. His expression was unreadable as I limped toward him my aching balls slapping into my thighs. All of the other subs seemed to have already found their masters and were kneeling on the floor offering their service to smug-looking men. I was the only sub left standing and I felt as if I was in a spotlight as I made my way to Dare my flesh burning with shame.

I finally stood before him, breathless, torn between wanting to stare into his handsome face for comfort and reassurance, and never wanting to look into his eyes again for fear that I would see him judging me as much as I was myself. I took a breath which caught in my throat, and began, “Dare—”

“On your knees boy!”

I choked tasting bile as my nausea flared up. My boyfriend’s mouth had not moved but that hateful command froze me to the core.

“I said on your knees before your master!”

My mouth dropped open in confusion until I saw that one of the men Dare had been standing with was the bear who had greeted us at the door of the building, with the big belly and the leather armband and cap, clearly one of the organizers of this horrible event. Dare opened his mouth to say something—maybe to protest?—but the bear placed a hand gently in the middle of his chest, a familiar gesture as if to calm a lover. “He has to learn his place,” the bear grunted to him before turning back to me and pointing to the floor as if addressing a dog. “On. Your. Knees.”

I didn’t know what to do. I risked meeting Dare’s eyes and saw only confusion his mouth dropped open. “Dare I want to get out—”

I was cut off again when two strong hands clamped over my shoulders from behind and shoved me downward, my bare knees slamming painfully into the stained concrete floor. Squirming in the grasp I saw it was the bear with the red beard and harness from the back rooms. The two bears were making such a commotion I was sure every eye in the room would be on me, the resistant sub, but the only eyes I cared about now were Dare’s. I craned my neck up to see his face but the way I was being held could only see as high as the bulge in his jeans.

The bear from the entrance vestibule spoke again in the most contemptuous tone I had ever heard. “Now tell your master how much you want to serve him.”

“No I—”

“Tell him.”

Redbeard increased the severity of his grip at the same moment as he moved his boot on top of my bare foot crushing my toes.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” I struggled as hard as I could which was not particularly hard given how off balance I found myself. I was buying time for Dare to intervene, to save me, but he said nothing. Did he think this was part of my fantasy, that I was secretly enjoying myself? In the end I could only take so much before the words came tumbling out. “I want … to serve you … Dare—”

“You want to serve WHO?” Increased pain.

“M-master. I want to serve you … master.” I could barely choke out the words. I had not called anyone “master” in over a year since that guy on the Internet who claimed to own me had done such a number on my brain. For a while, despite my guilt and shame, that had felt so right. And in so many of my recent fantasies, increasingly obsessive, the idea of transferring that title to Dare had crept in. I had never ventured to think that it might ever be true but here I was saying it to his face—or to his crotch—in front of witnesses. So many witnesses. I felt an electric twitching in my cock and willed it away. Oh shit.

The hands holding me down and the foot crushing my toes were immediately removed. I stayed on my knees nearly hyperventilating as the men talked over my head.

“Some of them need a firm hand at first,” said Redbeard.

“The resistance doesn’t last long,” said Big Belly. “Even the most stubborn boys come around by the end of the evening. If they know what’s good for them.” Laughing the two bears left us and began to circulate around the room mingling with the other doms and subs. Following them with my eyes to make sure they were well away before I talked to Dare I saw that they were encouraging some of the men who were dressed—“my superiors,” I thought of them guiltily—to take out their cocks to be serviced by the kneeling subs. The sub closest to us seemed to revel in moving his mouth back and forth between two bobbing erections while the men lording over him moaned appreciatively.

I turned back to my boyfriend, looking up to his face, and saw him staring at the same scene his jaw set. “Dare?”

“Don’t you mean ‘master’?” came another familiar, deep voice from above. I almost fell over backward thinking for a moment that the bears were back to punish me. But then I remembered Dare’s other companion, the one wearing the business suit as if he had come straight from work.

From where he worked with me.

It was my coworker Phil.

It would be incorrect to say Phil was my rival at work because our jobs were not in the same department or on the same track. It wasn’t even that our personalities were so different. In fact, we filled the same niche on the office social spectrum: the witty guy who could cause a tense meeting to erupt with welcome laughter, the smart guy who could brainstorm the business strategy that saves the day. And we were both out of the closet in that no-nonsense way that did not allow for any discriminatory treatment. Nevertheless it was clear we rubbed each other the wrong way competing shamelessly for accolades from our bosses and affection from the other denizens of the cube farm. He was handsome, quite so—like a younger Stanley Tucci with his thinning hair shaved close to the skull and a mustache that descended to frame the sides of his chin—but the one time I had tried to visualize him while jerking off I had to take deep breaths to ward off the anxious heart palpitations. He was just all around unpleasant for me to be around. It was a visceral reaction.

Dare knew who he was from work functions when we would grunt awkward small talk with Phil and his own boyfriend before we all moved away as quickly as possible. And he knew how I felt about him from my almost nightly rants on the subject. Even when he was not at work, such as when he had taken an abrupt vacation the previous month, I found lingering outrages to complain about. That I would find Phil here was almost too horrifying to contemplate. That I would find him in friendly conversation with Dare while I was forced into this degrading position filled me with a galactic rage. He grimaced down at me his features arranged in a simulation of what he seemed to imagine was pity but his eyes danced as I slowly rose to my feet, conscious of my blushing nakedness, which I tried to hide behind a hand. “Excuse me,” I said icily to Phil as I turned to my boyfriend. “Can I speak to you alone for a minute?” I was afraid to follow this request with his name lest I be corrected into “master” again. Dare just nodded,apparently uncertain of what to make of me. We were here at my insistence and I seemed contractually obligated to be submissive,and yet I was suddenly acting so resistant. That threw doubt on the role he had psyched himself up for as well and both of us were more awkward than we had ever been together. He nodded and Phil sighed, made as if to move away and suddenly reached around and grabbed my ass, his palm making a meaty slap and his fingers digging into my flesh. I jumped, furious, and Dare stepped forward challengingly.

Phil was brawnier but my boyfriend towered over him by the same six inches he towered over me. “Back off.”

Phil shrugged brushing a knuckle against my hole as he slid his hand off of me and I jumped again. “Sorry to touch your property,” he said,sauntering into the crowd. “See you later … boy!” he called to me over his shoulder.

Gritting my teeth I stepped closer to Dare and angled myself so his body blocked the view of mine from most of the room. “What is he doing here?” I hissed. “How could you talk to him?”

He shrugged. “He was just here. At first I thought you must have told him about it but he said he got the email too and was curious. But whatever.” He looked down searchingly into my eyes. “What is going on with you?”

"Dare I just want to get out of here. It was a mistake. I’m so sorry. But I need your help. They won’t let me leave."

“They won’t let any of us leave,” he said.

“They … what?”

“It’s in the contract. We could only participate if I signed. The doors are locked. The windows are barred. We have to stay until the end.”

“What are you talking about? How could you sign that?”

He shrugged one shoulder in the way he did when he was irritated. “I thought you wanted this. I don’t know. They gave me a drink and said I had to sign it. I did it for you.”

“Well what else did it say?”

“That I own you,” he said simply his brow furrowed accusingly.

“You said you wanted to!” I moaned, tears coming to my eyes.

“I said that I didn’t want anyone else to. Oh God this is so stupid.”

I tried to take a deep breath but it caught and rattled in my throat. “I’m sorry. I really am. But when do they unlock the doors? When can we leave?”

Now it was his turn to look abashed. “I don’t know,” he said. “I didn’t read the whole thing.” Further discussion was cut off when I saw Redbeard and Big Belly lit by the multicolored lightbulbs making their way back toward us and I instinctively sank back to my knees and wrapped my arms around a startled Dare’s leg.

“How’s your boy Dare?” Big Belly sidled up to my boyfriend and put a familiar hand on his arm. It was odd hearing Darren’s nickname from his rough lips but they seemed to have gotten acquainted while I was in the back rooms.

“Uh fine,” Dare murmured.

“You haven’t tried him out yet.”

“Tried … ?” He trailed off as we all noticed the spectacle of Phil just a few feet away,feeding his erection to two eager subs whose owners hooted encouragingly. He had tossed his suit somewhere and I found myself staring at his cock, surprisingly thick, before I blinked my attention back to my present danger. “Uh not yet,” said Dare. “We uh do that at home.”

“I’m guessing that you don’t own him at home,” Big Belly rumbled. “It’s really quite different for pleasure to be provided by your own property. Exactly as you want it, as you deserve it, every time.”

“Look I’m … fine.”

Big Belly lowered his meaty hand and before my eyes cupped Dare’s crotch, kneading what was behind the jeans with self-assurance that startled me. Dare will push him away, I thought. But he didn’t. I could see his cock expanding, becoming more of a handful through the thick fabric. I vibrated with rage that this monster was invading my territory but was too ashamed to protest. “You’re not fine yet.” A pair of thick legs came up on the other side of me and I saw Redbeard kneading his own erection through his tight jeans. He pressed himself against Dare and myself and I was suddenly surrounded on three sides by denim-clad legs.

“Boy,” grunted Redbeard. “Get your master’s cock out.”

I had known where this was going but part of me was not prepared to hear the words. I darted a look up at Dare’s face and saw a combination of emotions not the least of which were worry, pleasure and a slight contempt.

“Tell him to do it man,” urged Big Belly.

All of us—the two bears and myself—watched him gulp uncomfortably, open his mouth,and say, “Do it.” A pause then he repeated more firmly, “Do it … boy.” And knowing I was beaten I did. But not before seeing Big Belly rise up on his toes and plant a luscious kiss on my boyfriend’s mouth.

Taking deep breaths to control my resentment I unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants,revealing a triangle of underwear, tight boxer briefs that I had bought him, as I lowered his zipper. Both Big Belly’s and Redbeard’s hands were roaming Dare’s body and a risked glance upward confirmed that the three of them were trading deep kisses. One of Redbeard’s strong hands found the back of my head and pushed it toward Dare’s huge erection (definitely of a proportion with his height) before continuing to feel him up. I worked the cock out of his waistband, tugged the jeans down a bit to free his balls and then tentatively put my mouth on it.

There was something about Dare’s cock that had always excited me. Despite my latent submissive fantasies in our real life together we had always both been versatile alternating being on top as the mood struck us. Dare’s turn was always a challenge in the mechanics of it but its eventual removal left a deep empty feeling that could never feel satisfied without him in me. Of course I loved his ass too, and his entire body, animated as it was by a youthful energy I couldn’t quite remember possessing myself. Moving my mouth into the vicinity of his cock, even propelled by Redbeard’s hand, my actions went on automatic pulling it into my throat where I had always felt it belonged. I felt his moan of delight vibrate through his body down to where I was and I experienced the first tinge of comfort I had felt since passing through the doors of this hateful place. Along with his cock I stimulated his balls with one hand and tried to curve the other around to his ass although this was thwarted by Redbeard’s which was already there grabbing it as possessively as he had done mine. But the cock was enough for me at the moment and though it was clear this activity was for his pleasure, not mine, my own rose to its own full length and lodged between Dare’s sagging jeans and my own naked thighs.

A flurry of activity around me, which I barely noticed, left the bears’ pants also lowered, their own brutal erections hanging out. The tangy musk of three huge cocks level with my face,washed over me, almost hypnotizing me. When my head was pulled from my boyfriend’s I suffered only momentary confusion before I was guided to Redbeard’s, slightly smaller and surrounded with a shrubbery of fiery hair. I sank down onto it almost as gratefully as I had Dare’s. The evening had been such a flurry of confusion and fear and mortification but this was something where I was apparently on firmer ground, something about which there was no confusion in anyone’s mind. I was here for the pleasure of these men and we all knew it. With a slurp of broken suction I was pulled off Redbeard’s cock and back onto Dare’s. I couldn’t even see who was guiding this action and it didn’t matter. They were all my superiors. Off of Dare’s and onto Big Belly’s, the mound in question pushing down on my head as I attempted to get his monster into my mouth despite the downward pressure of his stomach. I don’t know how long any of this lasted only aware of the feeling of deep relief that I could finally stop resisting. I hated this without question. And I loved it without question. I would need weeks to sort it out in my mind, maybe years, and I didn’t know what was in store for me and Dare as a couple once we left these dingy walls but for the moment at least things were crystal clear. Perhaps this is what I had always wanted out of submission, some form of clarity regardless of my own conflicted feelings and tortured mind that there was an order in the universe and I would know where I fit in it.

And then I went from being surrounded on three sides to being surrounded on four. I felt the warmth of another body, the sudden steaminess of having sweaty male flesh on all sides. I was sucking contentedly on Dare’s penis when I felt his hands firmly grasp the sides of my head and pull my mouth off and guide me past Redbeard’s urgent hard-on. I opened my mouth for this instinctively but my teeth snapped shut as I went off balance. Dare was turning me all the way around so quickly that I had to shift position. Before I was ready I was pushed toward a penis as thick as a beer can,already slick with saliva. I gagged as I tried to fit my mouth around it but Dare’s hands were relentless. I finally had to prop my hands on the newcomer’s hard thighs to push back and get my bearings. I took a deep breath psyching myself up to approach it again, maybe starting with the substantial balls swinging underneath, but a glance upward stopped me in my tracks. Looming over me smirking down in triumph was my coworker, my enemy, Phil. My whole body seized up with fury. I tried to leap to my feet in shame and anger but my knees had stiffened on the hard cold floor and the one thing I reached out to for support happened to be the haunch of the man I despised. But I was beaten before I began. Three sets of big hands pushed me roughly from behind back to the ground. My knees slammed into the floor once again. Phil’s ghastly erection approached as he leaned forward and it bumped my chin as he began kissing my eager boyfriend over my head. There was no retreat. I was outnumbered, outflanked, outsmarted. Phil’s cock came at my mouth and the strong men in charge of me pushed me toward it. Once again I had no choice but to take it in and gag and choke down the venomous load that it had saved up just for me.

The two bears whose real names I still didn’t know left me kneeling, almost collapsed, at Dare’s feet as they moved on to other business buttoning up their jeans as they went. Their thick cum dripped unchecked down my face and neck. Dare’s coated the back of my head drying in my hair. He and Phil had ejaculated at the same moment while they were making out. They stood over me now making small talk finding any excuse to touch each other. At the level of my eyes Phil’s hand grasped my boyfriend’s waist possessively so I kept my gaze lowered and tried to close off my senses.

“—had some sort of online master before we met—”

But I heard Dare’s voice float down to me and Phil’s chuckle as my boyfriend (my master?) told him my secrets.

“—said he was owned—”

“—kept bringing up this whole submission thing—”

No longer comfortable, no longer accepting, I was once again vibrating with anger and violation and helplessness. Dare must have felt my tension as I leaned on his leg. His hand reached down and cupped the top of my head as if to calm me as if I were a dog upset at a thunderstorm. The dogs I had known had treated such events as apocalyptic and I felt no different now. For me everything had changed. I could not see any comfortable life for myself after this cataclysmic evening. With no refuge at home or at work I felt like my skin was peeled back, exposing my hidden shame to every eye, my every raw nerve to the electric air.

My evil coworker was saying something. I couldn’t hear what but he laughed when he was finished and even Dare chuckled a bit. I looked up and saw him looking at me contemplatively, though he would not meet my eye. “OK,” he said after a moment. “Do it.”

It took me a moment to realize he was talking to me. “D-do what?”

Dare opened his mouth to reply but Phil barked, “Do what SIR!”

I blinked, startled.

“You call your superiors SIR, boy.”


“Say ‘yes SIR!’ boy!” Phil smirked. And my boyfriend nodded slowly. “Do it … boy.”

“Y-yes sir. Sirs,” I muttered. The word was like sawdust in my mouth.

“Now,” said my boyfriend, “do what Phil said and kiss our feet.”

A protest rose up within me but it died in my throat. I took a deep breath. “Yes sir.”

I went for Dare’s feet first of course. I had never paid much attention to them other than noting that they were much bigger than mine. My focus had always been from the waist up and occasionally nuzzling his thick and sinewy thighs. He had kicked off his pants, shoes and even socks during the oral sex before so his feet were exposed now: slightly hairy and sticky with a drying pungent sweat. I laid a chaste kiss on the top,surprising myself by feeling my cock twitch again. Luckily I was able to shield this from the two big men above me.

“Like you love them boy,” ordered Phil.

I returned my lips to the top of the foot this time planting many soft kisses across the warm and dewy skin. It did not taste bad. A bit musky. Dare used his knee to nudge me over to his other one and Phil’s legs came in close again to keep me penned. I realized they were making out again far over my head. They did not pause when Dare shifted my attentions to Phil’s feet. They were smaller than my boyfriend’s but surprisingly smelled and tasted fresher perhaps because he had taken his shoes off sooner. I continued my attentions trying to divorce these appendages from the hateful man above and drown out my perception of the superior men rubbing and grinding against each other above me. They were both hard again. I was hard again. They only broke their kiss long enough for Phil to hiss down, “Tongue!” And later: “Between the toes.”

I complied both times without argument. Resistance was futile. Sweaty sock lint and grains of filth from the floor coated the tip of my tongue but I continued without stopping for what seemed like an eternity until the lights in the room flashed on and off a few times to interrupt the action and Big Belly the bear bellowed for attention. How much time had passed?

“Men and boys!” he called. I couldn’t see him through the sea of mostly naked legs and asses but I recognized his deep and powerful voice. “It’s time for the next phase of the evening! This is what will make this special event so memorable and worthwhile for all of us!”

Gee more memorable and worthwhile than what I’ve already gone through? I was still crouched on the uncomfortable floor and noticed that Dare and Phil were holding hands right above my head. I spit out some dirt and felt nauseated.

“Boys!” called Redbeard. “You will be returning to the back room now. All of you. Now.” I heard a few calls of “Yes sir!” as I climbed unsteadily to my feet. My knees cracked alarmingly.

“Men!” called Big Belly. “Please remain here and freshen up your drinks. And get ready for the next phase of your dominance!” A whoop arose from some of the superiors as the subs started making their way to the door where Redbeard waited.

While Phil seemed delighted Dare looked at me curiously as if wondering what else could be done to debase me even further. The question was prominent in my mind too although I couldn’t imagine anything worse. Maybe some sort of bondage? God, I thought with dismay, do they have a dungeon here? My experience with D/s was all online so I had never even been tied up and God knows that was the most basic of potential activities I had read about. CBT, FF, TT, WS … all of these abbreviations for very specific and undesirable activities, none of which appealed to me even at my most submissive unless it was an idea to make my imaginary master happy. I had been content enough to feel owned and controlled … although now feeling owned and controlled in truth was so vastly different from what I had imagined while masturbating in front of my large-screen computer that I blushed at how innocent I had been.

“Go on then,boy,” grunted Phil. He looked at me with obvious glee and anticipation as if he knew what was coming but how could he?

I turned to Dare for some sort of intervention or rescue, but he just said, “Have fun.” I could tell he was still upset at me although he seemed perfectly happy to clutching the hand of my enemy.

I took a last sad look at his defiant expression. “Yes sirs,” I said dully and once again faced Redbeard.

We submissives formed another single file line as we returned to the back rooms. Although some of the others were clearly ebullient at the degrading way they’d been treated there were not words for my state of mind. What was going on here that everyone was so invested in this artificial system of hierarchy? Even Dare whom I had essentially dragged here was now fully participating, accepting the word of the organizers that there was no other way to proceed. Were we not all adults? Could we not just stand up and renounce our assigned roles? Demand to be released? I had tried before but had so quickly backed down. Was it because of Redbeard’s superior strength and conviction or because I had secretly known that I was where I belonged? But such a ridiculous thought! If I had never opened that advertising email I would be happily at home right now with Dare an equal to him in every way. Maybe I would have some longings (I did not let myself think the word “obsessions”) to be submissive but they would not be real. I seemed to be the only one who was having such an existential crisis. Even my fellow subs who did not walk with a bounce in their step seemed to be taking everything in well enough in stride. Was I just overthinking this—as usual? Could Dare and I go back to normal when tonight was over as if this had not happened?

We were led back into the tiled room where we had been hosed off at the beginning of the evening. Was than just an hour ago? Two? I had lost track of time in the fluctuation between consternation and sexual heat. When all of us naked men were in the room and standing in a row Redbeard turned to face us. Once again he walked up and down the length of the line caressing, tweaking and otherwise marking us as under his control. He said nothing for an uncomfortable period of time but I noticed that he could barely keep himself from smiling and his bulge had grown into a full erection. Finally he stopped pacing right in front of me, looked deep into my eyes and revealed a cruel smirk. “Boys, this is my favorite part of the evening,” he said. He brought a thick hand up to my cheek and rubbed it in a parody of affection. Then he leaned in, placed a light kiss on my forehead and stepped back to the far corner of the room where a small wooden box was on the floor. Picking it up the red-bearded bear walked around to the back of my line. My skin crawled when I realized I could not see what he was doing. I was worried if his ominous behavior was some sort of hint as to what was coming next. But what could it be? What was in that box? It had been too small to contain any bondage equipment such as handcuffs, or not more than one or two pairs for the group of us.

There were grunts and sharp inhales from my fellow subs as he made his way down the row spending a few moments behind each of them. I could sense his progress in my peripheral vision and knew when he was at my immediate neighbor who jumped a bit at his touch. And then his breath was on the back of my neck and I heard a soft chuckle as his hands caressed my ass cheeks. He was taking special glee in dealing with me whatever he was doing. His hands got closer to my crack and I felt a finger probing my hole where aside from a few passes of the tingling soap from earlier in the evening nobody had yet touched me in this excruciating episode. I gasped and jumped a bit as he pushed it inside and realized that he must have shoved something in there along with his digit. A warm smooth ember soon was heating my bowel persisting even when he removed his thick finger. He patted me on the shoulder and then moved on down the line presumably inserting the same small object in each of us. As I stood, shifting in place, I tried to figure out what it might be. Some sort of gel suppository? It didn’t feel any larger than an aspirin but it was squishier. I could feel it melting inside of me. Were we being drugged? My heart beat faster. I had the conviction that I should speak up demand answers as to what was being done but the impulse died in my throat. Was I feeling dizzy? Was it some kind of knockout drug? A hallucinogen? A hypnotic? Were they going to mess with our minds even more than they already had? I tried to contract my anus to poop it out but it had started melting almost immediately and seemed to be of a sticky consistency besides.

Finally our captor walked back in front of our group grinning widely. A quick glance down the line told me that even the formerly jolly slaves were discomfited by this turn of events.

“Boys,” said Redbeard. “You are all newcomers to our little group so I will explain very carefully what is about to happen. And it’s important to note that you are all newcomers because no one has ever participated twice as a slave in our Unique D/s Evenings.”

“Wh-why? Um sir?” asked one of the subs. He seemed to be shivering a bit. Now that I noticed it more than a few of us had moved to cross their arms as if from a chill. I felt goosebumps rise along my arms and thighs.

The bear offered a tight smile. “Don’t worry … some of our previous slaves actually enjoyed what happened to them, what is about to happen to you. But those were few and far between and let’s just say it’s a very expensive prospect to come back twice!”

Another sub spoke up also clearly uncomfortable. Maybe a line had been crossed and I would have some company in standing up for myself. “But it said free admission on the advertisement.”

Another grin from Redbeard, as bright as the sun. “Getting in’s free boy. Getting out the way you came in will cost you a hundred thousand bucks.”

It was as if a spell had been broken. All of these naked men, weekend submissives who had started the evening so eager to be controlled and manipulated and taken advantage of, reverted to their everyday personalities in a moment’s time. Murmurs of confusion progressed to shouts of anger as the red-bearded bear stood with his arms crossed smiling widely at the chaos. It occurred to me that this was my chance to get out of this lunacy and I turned the knob of the door that led back into the room where we had all originally disrobed. It was locked and I rattled the knob in frustration. Another of my companions, the man with the body of a football player, saw my attempt and moved to help me force it open his muscles brushing against me warmly in his efforts. Heat was blasting off of his body but he still shivered in between shoves on the door. I could see goosebumps on his arms as well. I felt both fever and chills myself. What had they done to us?

As the bigger sub worked on the door I looked back at the others. Two were trying to open the door we had just come from, in the direction of the party, but Redbeard must have locked it behind us as we entered. Several were surrounding the bigger bear inundating him with their questions and demands while he just gazed at them with amusement.

My fever, whatever it was, must have been advancing. The tiled room was sunken with a step down from each of the two entrances. Standing on one of these steps I realized that my head was swimming. Everyone else seemed distorted somehow as if they didn’t fit into the room the way they once had. Perhaps the stair I occupied was higher than I thought but they looked shorter. Wait not all of them, I realized. Redbeard seemed normal enough, bulky as ever. But the subs next to him were suddenly diminutive in comparison. The tallest reached just his neck and shoulders. My head was fuzzy and it took a while to occur to me that I was standing at the same height as the bear but that from my elevated position I should have been able to see over his head. Looking around at us he met my eyes over the heads of the others.

The bulky sub next to me gave up on the door. He stood next to me unsteady on his feet, sweating and shivering. Across the room they stepped away from the other door too. I noticed that the doorknob seemed to measure higher against them than it should have.

One by one we subs quieted down. Everyone looked woozy and ill and sapped of strength. Confused. I wanted to call everyone’s attention to what was happening or the illusion of what was happening but I felt too drained of energy and emotion. It was clear I was looking up at Redbeard now even though my feet were on a higher level. The others seemed no more than chest high to him, some as low as his belly. He loomed over us as if we were children, midgets, true inferiors. And then he grew blurry, split into two and lurched sideways and upward before fading into the blackness that claimed me.

I was aware of the pain before anything else. My body felt bruised and achy especially my head. Had I passed out? I had passed out, I decided, dimly recalling the last few moments and the hazy, impossible illusions that preceded them. I opened my eyes too fast and the light stabbed its way in like a sword almost knocking me unconscious again. Waiting for the courage to reopen my eyes I felt a hard cool surface underneath me. Soft grunts and moans clearly from several other men filled my ears. A muffled curse or two. Was it the other slaves? Were they feeling what I was feeling? What had happened to us? How long had we been unconscious? Was it even the same evening? Where was I? Where was Dare? Without moving, I tried to be aware of any more alarming sensations. Had I been raped? Violated in some way?

I lay there breathing deeply for some period of time trying to collect my strength and wits. It was clear that we had been drugged with some sort of quick acting suppository. When I tried to open my eyes again, this time into a squint, the pain was more manageable. I was still experimenting with this when the yelling began. Wordless, it started as a gasp of surprise and escalated into a an ongoing wail of pure terror. I felt a fist of anxiety grip my chest as I fought to open my eyes and sit up. All around me I heard other men doing the same. A hand flopped onto my arm and grabbed a hold of it as if I were an anchor in a hurricane. With effort I used my other hand to grab the stranger’s and together we pulled ourselves into a seated position. I blinked my eyes open and saw it was the bigger man who had tried to help me with the door. For several seconds we looked into each other’s face, trying to collect ourselves as the shouting continued. Then a second voice cried out in shock and still another yelled, “Oh my God!” 

Finally getting my eyes open, adjusting my focus, I saw I was surrounded by naked men some of them only just pushing themselves upright and some already on their feet staggering around. As I watched one of the men yelling—who was looking up with a stricken expression on his face backing up slowly—tripped over another man who was prone and fell backwards in a panicked tangle of limbs.

The object of his terror was behind me. One by one it drew the eyes of the companions within my sight and caused them to either scream or jump or in one instance to faint. Everyone was moving away as quickly as they could and I slipped right into the collective panic,stumbling after them on feet paralyzed by pins and needles without even stopping to see what I was running from. We did not get far. The room we occupied seemed huge—so much so that I at first wondered if we had been moved outside—but the hard wooden floor we had awakened on stopped abruptly not at a wall but in empty space. Eight of us, naked and sweating and trembling, congregated on the edge of that baffling abyss. I had time to see a huge dingy wall, a hundred feet high and at least that far away from the platform we occupied, before a deep rumble from behind overwhelmed my senses and reminded me that there were mysteries and dangers on all sides.

“No please!” one of the subs yelled. Another dived to the floor and tried to cover his head.

That is when I whipped around and saw him.

Redbeard. Shirtless. His leather harness creating a fierce X across his moderately hairy torso. Filling the sky. Smirking down. “Down” because his head loomed twenty feet over us. His bare, hairy abdomen transitioned into worn and faded jeans, which looked like the thick canvas of a tent and bulged obscenely at his crotch. His legs disappeared below the surface we cowered on. He leaned his weight forward on hands half our size which gripped the edges of the table.

It was a table. He was a giant. Huge. Massive. The rumble came again, washed over my body like the subsonic roar of a waterfall. He was chuckling. “Welcome to the Unique D/s Evening boys.”

I expected another eruption of protests but we all stood stock still and silent except for a few whimpers. A sharp ammoniac tang reached my nostrils and I realized someone had pissed himself. I felt a weakness in my knees and had to steady myself on the hairy shoulder of the man standing in front of me who—slack jawed and staring upward—did not seem to notice my touch.

The giant bear continued his voice deep and booming. “I love this part so I’m not going to let you ruin it with your squeaky little questions and demands. Here is the Eff Ay Cue: First I didn’t ‘get big.’ You guys shrank. You are now tiny little creatures not even boys anymore. More like toys!” He laughed at his own ominous joke.

“And yes I did this to you,” he went on. “You are now toys because I made you into toys. There was a drug in the soap that was rubbed into your skin during your shower. It was activated by a catalyst in the suppository I inserted in you a few minutes ago. This is a much faster delivery system than digestion which for some reason takes a week to start working and even then slowly. We needed you small tonight in time to go home with your owners.”

Owners. In just a few short hours Dare had gone from boyfriend to master to owner. From slightly taller companion to a towering building of a man like this one before me. I felt my heart freeze in horror.

“Second, yes it IS reversible! Some of you little toys will be big boys again if your owners come through for you. That is if they have the money and WANT to have you big enough to take their cocks again. You were maybe wondering where that hundred thousand dollars came in? I hope you have all been contributing to your 401(k)s!”

Little voices—normal, I guess, to me but hopelessly feeble when compared to the deep resonating bass of the giant—rose up in ineffectual protest. My brain, unfettered by fear, whizzed around noticing tiny details on the thick giant bear, admiring the bodies of some of my tiny companions even as they flailed around in terror and fury, envisioning the sorry state of our joint finances. Dare, just out of grad school, did not have a cent and I had sunk most of my money into our condo. Maybe my dad? God did he have to get drawn into this mess as well? He already disapproved of my being gay and treated my younger boyfriend like a pariah. If he knew what I had done to myself this time would he throw up his hands in disgust? His giant hands. Hands that had held me as a baby, that now could grasp me like a teddy bear now that I was smaller than I had ever been.

I shuddered and the others quieted down as our situation became horrifically clear. Redbeard’s grin got even wider as he reached under the table and pulled up a thick, white, rounded cage, plunking it onto the surface of the table with us. No not a cage, a plastic laundry basket! Without a pause he began snatching us up in his huge paws and tossing us in. I watched my companions go, two by two, and soon I was alone on the wooden table. He grabbed me more slowly. Though I had been given a moment to mentally prepare there was no preparation I could have done to accept that I was now in the sweaty red-furred hands of a giant man, a man who controlled my very existence and could end it on a whim. He grinned down at me not the evil look from before that was meant to keep me in line but a softer, more sly expression that revealed his certainty that my position now had been preordained since before I walked in the door of this old industrial building. That I was getting what I deserved and nothing I could have done, no protest I could have made, since the evening began would have prevented this inevitable outcome. This is where he had gotten his strength and power over me from the beginning, his awareness of this moment, his knowledge that I would soon be a squeaky little animal in his hands, powerless, a toy.

He blinked his eyes, grinned widely and tossed me in the sweaty pile of men scrambling around the smooth plastic floor of the laundry basket. Then he snatched it up and carried it roughly out of the room.

There was a breeze through the loose mesh of the basket as he whisked us down the hall. I could see the red teary faces of my companions, their naked bodies withdrawing into themselves, small and defeated. I could see the giant Redbeard’s armpit as it gaped over the basket propped below it, the hair tangling down like dark red vines, and I could see the side of his torso and the underside of his massive wide chin. I could see the cheap dirty, dark paneling of the walls and remembered how I tried not to brush against them when I walked down this hall as a human being earlier this evening.

And now I am carried back down as what?

Back in the prep room there was another scramble in the basket as the giant beefy hands came in and grabbed us and we hopped uncomfortably on the cold industrial steel of the counter where we are deposited. It was high, bar height, but the giant bear loomed higher. The sounds of the party boomed through the closed roller door, the tangle of giant voices and the beat of some kind of music. I felt sick and dazed. Cold. Earlier when I had led the subs out of this room I felt as if I had been punched in the stomach but I still had hope for escape back to my normal life with Dare. Now I felt utterly defeated. How much was in my Roth IRA account? My mind flipped past the uncomfortable image of my father. What about Dare’s dad? He was actually not very much older than I was, an ad man in a nearby city, a handsome and harried looking man the same height as his son. The son he had once accused me of corrupting. I could see myself pacing in front of him on a table making my case to be grown back to human size so I could continue fucking his oldest child. I could see him lowering his hand, snatching my naked body up in a fist, squeezing me as he holds me in front of his disapproving face. As Dare looked on. “Call me sir, little toy,” he would smirk. “Call my dad sir.” Tears leaked out of my eyes at this hallucination. I was startled when the surface vibrated. Redbeard reached down underneath plunking down some sort of wheeled carts in a row. They were like chariots to us. Then came the bonging of ice into glasses as the bear turned his back on us and started mixing drinks on another counter. Mixing drinks! As if he were at a festive event instead of presiding over the ruin of so many lives. I and a couple of the others, the ones who seemed more with it, looked for a way down but the only obvious one involved a bloody splat on the tile far below. I glared at the giant with every ounce of hatred I could muster. His wide, bare back tapered down to his bulging, round ass in tight jeans. A tuft of red hair crept out of the top of his ass crack and created a sparse lawn around his lumbar region. I could roll around on that, I thought, and then immediately wondered if my thought had actually been “could” or “would.”

As he completed the drinks he turned back toward us ignoring the cowering small men before him as he placed the glasses roughly in the chariots. Some of the others were splashed with the sloshing cold liquid and looked around futilely for something to wipe themselves off on. I noticed I was standing next to my fellow sub who had arrived on a leash, who looked like a football player or maybe now the doll of a football player. Anatomically correct. He met my eye in a gaze that conveyed the incredible complexity of our situation and the entire range of emotions he had in response.

But then Redbeard finished his preparations, grinned down at our cowering group and carefully instructed us as to what is going to happen next. What we were going to do. How we were going to behave. What would happen to us if we didn’t. “You are exactly one foot tall,” he finished. "You fit into places you would never have begun to imagine when you were people. Under boots. In garbage disposals. Down in sewers. Human orifices.

“Do what you’re told. Don’t fuck up.”

The rolling door over the bar went up looking to me like something that would allow a jumbo jet to emerge to from a hangar. Of course Redbeard had taken special glee positioning me in the front of the line. Of course he had arranged for Dare to be at the far end of the bar lined with men directly across from me so I had an unobstructed view of him from the abdomen up. I saw his eyes widen with confusion, then surprise, then alarm and finally horror as they locked on my small form and he comprehended what they were seeing. There was no mistaking me for some sort of simulacrum. My naked body even from fifteen feet away seemed too lifelike, my mannerisms too much my own. I had been ordered to move forward pulling the cart behind me as soon as the door opened but my knees had stubbornly locked. My arms lacked strength. My heart lacked the will to live. “Go on!” hissed the little football doll. He was right behind me in the queue. Finally I did. I don’t know where the inner reserves came from to lurch into motion. I heard the alcoholic beverage I was pulling sloshing around against the thick glass, the ice cubes rattling with my footsteps. The cart wheels must have been heavily lubricated because there was no resistance at all although there was no way I could have moved the drink on my own as it was the size and weight of a large trashcan filled with water.

The bar was lined with men, the masters, with the other doms interspersed behind them. The masters, the ones who brought subs to the Unique D/s Evening!, were goggling with shock and with secondary expressions of pleasure or displeasure at this turn of events as befitted their temperaments. They clearly had not been prepared for what was going to happen to their companions so there was no need for me to think that Dare had missed something by not reading the fine print of his contract. On the other hand some of the other giants, the ones who must have come alone, betrayed no surprise whatsoever. I saw Phil in particular look down at me with a predatory glee. I would have avoided him entirely were he not directly next to Dare. As it was I had no choice but to bumble forward. I kept my eyes on Dare’s face as I got closer to avoid the gazes of the other giants. I tried to pretend they didn’t exist even as I felt their hot panting breath wash down over me. They could have grabbed me if they wanted to or felt any part of me with their sausage-like fingers at their leisure. Burdened as I was there was no way I could avoid them. I was at the mercy of every man within reach. But perhaps that didn’t occur to them during this unprecedented situation.

Closer and closer to Dare. He had to lower his head to track my progress. I had to crane my neck upward to keep eye contact as I approached. Behind me I could hear the other toys approaching their new owners. “Your drink sir!” we were supposed to say and I did hear a few such squeaks from my small compatriots. But their little voices were getting lost in the rumble from the giants. I had the furthest to walk and by the time I reached the bar in front of Dare the rest of the room was in chaos. Luckily I looked down in time to see I was about to run into Phil’s hands splayed on the surface before him and I came to an abrupt stop the inertia of the cart causing it to hit me on the back of the thighs and almost send me toppling forward onto my giant coworker’s palms.

“Dare!” I called up to him. I was not sure he could hear me. I saw him mouth my name but it did not reach my own ears, either getting lost in the cacophony or more likely not emerging from my boyfriend’s throat with sufficient power to carry all the way down to me.

I had no trouble hearing Phil’s triumphant crow. “Your drink sir! You’re supposed to say it!” I just shook my head mutely. Phil turned to Dare. “You should drink your drink. Your new toy brought it all this way.” But Dare just stood dumbfounded until Big Belly bellowed for everyone’s attention.

I could hear Big Belly’s voice clearly although not see him over the massive mostly naked torsos that surrounded me. I did see Dare turn toward him in a daze and Phil’s arm-thick finger coming for me more quickly than I could disentangle myself from the cart and jump away. Not that there was anywhere to run. The giant fat arm of another master leaned across the narrow bar behind me. Dare–my master, my owner–took no notice of Phil’s liberties. His finger moved slowly up my inner leg and I could not beat it away even as it reached my thigh and collided with my dangling balls. I couldn’t look at his finger and his face at the same time. I didn’t want to look up at his face anyway. But I knew I would see his usual casual malice magnified six times above me. This was the same finger that swiped the pens off my desk, changed the office thermostat from the settings I had programmed and typed damnation with the faintest of praise in his 360 degree job reviews of my performance. Now with barely a transition he was sexually molesting me against my will.

“Men!” announced Big Belly, “our surprise twist of the evening has been revealed! Now drink your drinks and listen up because I’m going to tell you what’s going to happen next!”

A few of the giant owners reached for their drinks needing a shot of alcohol to fortify themselves for what was coming. Even Dare fumbled for the glass without even looking down at me. At what was happening to me at the hands of my enemy. Phil’s fingers on one hand began stroking my penis. One of his others came around to my ass as I tried to struggle away from him. “Dare!” I cried but he paid no attention: someone his own size was talking and I was now beneath his notice.

“Right now,” the giant bear went on, "it’s playtime. Get used to your new toys. Loan them out. Swap them. Mix and match. Make them perform. If you send them with their little carts back down the bar they will fetch your drinks for you. For some of you this will be the last time you get to hold these toys in the palm of your hands before they grow back.

“For others … this is the first night of your newly sized lives together.” The masters murmured in puzzlement a sound that changed in some to rage in some to laughter as Big Belly outlined the scheme to collect $100,000 to grow each of us back.

“You will already have noticed that your cell phones don’t work in this building. We can’t have anyone calling the authorities now can we? Each of you who is interested will be taken to a back room where you can use our computer to access your finances. You will be given instructions on exactly how to transfer the funds to our account. If you are happy with your little toy the way he is now or if you can’t afford our fee we will provide you with a handsome carrying cage to transport him home. On the house!”

I could barely follow these details given Phil’s invasion of my body but in my appeals up to Dare’s face I could see his jaw set and his eyes narrow. I couldn’t imagine what he was thinking. I just knew that he was currently not thinking about keeping me safe and given my current predicament that was even more unnerving.

“Of course!” Big Belly called out to be heard over the commotion. “Of course we understand that you may not be able to transfer these funds immediately. We are very understanding people!” He chuckled. “Each of you will be given an untraceable email address which will work for a week. All you need to do is get in touch when your finances are ready. And I hope you don’t mind when you come through with the money that we keep you on our mailing list for future events. But don’t get any ideas … our security is much better than you can imagine and there are absolutely no refunds.”

When Big Belly stopped speaking a voice I recognized as Redbeard’s boomed out: “Gentlemen let playtime commence! Enjoy your new toys!” The giant activity started up again, some new owners still protesting the extortion scheme and some turning with fresh eyes to their cowering toys. Over this I could hear some voices on my own scale calling for their owners to help them. Secret financial information was desperately revealed with the result of more than one meaty fist slamming into the bar in rage at previous deceptions. Phil did not stop playing with me even when Dare’s gaze returned dully to my position.

“Dare! Help me! Make him stop!”

He was clearly in another world. I saw Phil look at him expectantly but Dare just shook his head and pushed back from the bar fading away into the darkened room beyond my field of vision.

“Dare come back!”

Phil snorted and redoubled his efforts on my little cock. Which was unfortunately responding exactly as he seemed to hope.

Another giant dom filled the vacancy, pushing in beside Phil. He was younger than we were, dressed nicely with a neat haircut that made him look like a sleazy broker. “Yours is sort of hot. Not as hot as that one over there. God I love these events.” Without asking he lowered his moist hand over Phil’s, the one that was rubbing my ass, and pulled it away. Then new fingers were there pinching and probing more insistently. “I like their asses. I have two of these pets at home but I keep coming back for more. You want to sell him?”

My mouth fell open. Phil’s head snapped toward the younger man’s his eyes searching. “Really?” Strange to say since I was grasped in his hand but this seemed to be the most vulnerable I had ever seen him.

“Sure.” The fingers on my ass pinched so hard I was sure I’d be permanently bruised but no amount of squirming would get me free from these two giants. “Why not? I’ll write you a check right now.”

Phil appeared to consider it. “Don’t even think about it you fucker!” I screamed but no one paid me the slightest bit of attention.

“Nah,” my giant enemy said slowly. He seemed to come to a very meaningful decision. “I have some plans of my own that I think are going to work out.” He flashed his teeth down at me as the other giant shrugged and moved down the line to pinch the next toy’s butt. “I think they’re going to work out very well.”

“Playtime” was a free-for-all. Despite my best efforts to resist I ejaculated several humiliating bursts of cum across Phil’s index finger. He didn’t seem to notice at first but when he did he held it out to another toy sized man to lick them off. This one was actually shorter than me so at least I wasn’t the smallest person in the world. Phil and the other toy’s owner pressed us together so tightly that we could barely expand our rib cages to inhale. They made us kiss and grab each other’s asses and dance a clumsy naked waltz while they blew on us with alcoholic gusts of breath and flicked our butts until they turned crimson. The whole time I was terrified Dare would return and see this as disloyalty but I was given no choice until Phil grew tired of this and snatched me up in one hand. He spent a minute studying my body from toes to head. I used this new vantage to scour the room for my boyfriend but I was so dizzy and the lighting was so difficult. And there were giants in the way.

I tried to reason with him. “Look Phil, can you loan us the money? I will pay you back with interest. I’ll … do anything.” In the middle of my sentence he turned me over in his palm supporting me under my crotch with my little ass pointed up to the sky. I blushed crimson at the intense scrutiny. Even if I grew back how could I live down this exposure?

“You’ll do anything,” he affirmed. And then I felt his tongue slurp across my buttocks, betwen my legs, across my thighs, up my spine. While he was licking he made several moaning noises in his throat like he was savoring a snack. He took a deep breath after pulling his tongue away and continued: “You know when you were person-sized I wouldn’t touch you with a ten foot pole. You were such an arrogant fucker when you were a person. Even though we both knew you were inferior to me you were so fucking arrogant! But now–” he paused to smirk cruelly “–I think our relationship has changed don’t you?”

I blinked. Too much was happening at once. But what he said: arrogant? Was I arrogant? Both of us knowing I was inferior? Was that how he had seen me all along? A warm ember of shame sparked in the midst of my anger, fear and confusion. Did we both know that? Did I know that?

But then I yelled wordlessly less as a response to his words than in response to a rapid movement of the hand I was in. He had brought me quickly back up to his face although he was still addressing my backside. “I said, don’t you?” He squeezed a bit.

I was unable to take a deep enough breath to answer but nodded my head vigorously just to appease him. I didn’t know if he could see it from where he was. He did flick my wet ass a few times which jolted me to my core. Then I was abruptly lowered once again. My stomach lurched and I was so physically traumatized in multiple places that I almost passed out. “Dare! Hey!” he boomed, suddenly solicitous like when one of our bosses would walk into the room at work. I twisted and tried to crane my neck to see my boyfriend but I was being held upside down and backward.

Dare’s response however was listless. “I need to take him home.”

“Aw come on! Dare! Buddy! It’s playtime man! Let’s have some fun with your new toy all right?”

“I don’t–” I heard Dare stammer softly. “I went– I went into the back room. With Leonard. To– to talk about finances…”

“Hey buddy it’s OK,” Phil soothed. The insincerity in his voice was obvious to my tiny ears but then again I was quite used to his slick ways. He had to have been lying about what he said to me. Arrogant. Inferior. “Take a breath. Have a drink. Don’t cry.”

Cry? Oh Dare…

“Everything will be OK buddy. I promise. I’ll help you out man.” Once again I found my body jerked in a direction it was not used to moving. Up, down, around. And then though still clasped in Phil’s fist I was in familiar territory. Dare’s back. The way I was being held I could see Phil pulling my boyfriend in for a close hug. I could see his other hand and arm squeezing my lover’s upper back while the fist that held me was rubbed lower dragged in a rough oval over his lumbar spine. This went on for some time and I could sense Dare’s tension loosening. I could feel him step closer into Phil’s tight embrace perhaps returning it. Moved lower. I could feel Dare’s smooth, proud, lightly furred ass jut out against my delicate skin. My feet brushed through his crack and I felt him shudder.

I wanted with a burning passion for it to be me soothing him instead of my body as a compliant instrument in the hands of my greatest enemy. I wanted to be my old size with my head tucked under his chin reassuring him that everything would be all right. But because of me nothing would be all right. It was my fault all of it. These criminals had lured me in and shrunken me, yes. They had stolen my life and my life together with Dare. But it was my weakness that had set this chain events in motion. The obsessions that I had given into.

Above me Phil was still soothing Dare, drying his tears. Hugging intimately. Hanging against Dare’s giant ass my own tears fell unheeded, beneath all notice.

One thing Phil could not talk my boyfriend into doing was staying at the event longer. Sniffling, his eyes inflamed and puffy, Dare pulled his clothes back on covering his gorgeous building of a body. I was placed on a bar stool so I was at the height of everyone’s crotch. Phil remained naked his beercan of a cock fluctuating in firmness just feet away from me while Dare stuffed his huge limp one into his jeans. I could hear them bickering far above my head, Dare answering my enemy’s wheedling in grunts and monotones.

Something in this drama must have attracted the attention of Big Belly who came sauntering over led by his prodigiously firm gut. He too was in jeans and even as I cowered before his presence I couldn’t help but marvel at how his massive body strained the thick fabric. His torso was bare and his leather cap pulled low over his eyes. “What seems to be the trouble boys?”

“Leonard Darren is leaving us!” Phil pouted.

“Taking your toy and going home eh sir?” Big Belly leered and winked at Dare.

Dare only shook his head. “Just leave me alone. I can’t believe this is happening.”

Big Belly moved to put a patronizing hand on Dare’s shoulder but he shook it off with such violence that I almost fell off the bar stool in terror. “You shake me down for a fortune and then pretend to care about us? You ruined our lives now fuck off!”

In the midst of my despair my heart fluttered a little to hear that Dare was still concerned about our lives together after all I had put us through.

Big Belly had moved in so close to us that I could not see his face over the bulging overhang of his stomach. I could just hear his deep bass voice saying, “Very well Darren. You have our special email address if you want to get in touch. It expires a week from midnight tonight. I’ll take your toy and get him fitted for his carrying cage.” Before Dare could protest Big Belly’s thick fist wrapped itself around me. His palms were much warmer and sweatier than anyone else’s who had grabbed me that evening and as I lurched up into the air I immediately felt as if I was in a steam room. The giant turned and strode away from my man. I could see Dare staring forlornly after me Phil touching him soothingly on the shoulder to soothe him. Just as I passed out of view I saw Dare move his hand up to clasp Phil’s. They met each other’s eyes.

Big Belly carried me through the crowd with little attention to my well being. If I wasn’t already going to be bruised from Phil’s handling of me I would definitely be black and blue from roughly colliding with five giants as he brushed by them. He actually used my body to tap Redbeard on the shoulder and gesture for his fellow colossal bear to follow him out of the room. I had learned a little bit about being carried in a coiled fist just in the hour or so since I had been shrunk and focused on keeping my stomach from lurching as I was carried casually at Big Belly’s side down a hallway,swinging back and forth past his wide thighs and bulging crotch. I had no sense of where I was in the strange darkened industrial building but that was nothing new as I had felt disoriented since we first set foot in the door. On top of everything else the thumps of the giant’s footsteps rattled my teeth seeing Redbeard looming behind us glaring down at me in his friend’s hand was ominous.

We went into a room lined with aging wood veneer paneling, festooned with the torn corners of of a hundred posters and charts that looked to have been stapled there for generations. A small stack of cardboard boxes each looking to me about the size of a small bedroom was in one corner. An ancient metal desk was pushed into the corner and the whole room was lit with LED lanterns casting an unwavering radioactive glow over a setting that looked like a giant crime scene. The anomaly in the room were the two sophisticated laptop computers open on the desk. One had gone to a screen saver and the other seemed to be open to a website of a financial institution but I only had a glance at them as Big Belly heaved himself onto a rickety stool and sat me on his thigh. Then suddenly there was a more tranquil moment as the two giants peered down at me. They were breathing heavily. Big Belly’s muscles pulsed underneath my bare buttocks. I felt very tiny indeed under this masculine scrutiny.

“So you grabbed the troublemaker,” Redbeard observed.

Big Belly snorted. “Yeah I told his owner I needed to specially fit him for a carrying case.”

"But they’re all the same siz–oh! Ha ha ha."

“Yeah I thought you might want a special farewell with this one.”

Redbeard lowered his bulk onto the only other stool in the room and leaned down toward me. “There’s always one isn’t there?” he remarked as if commenting on a pesky insect. Then he outstretched an index finger. “How ya doin’ little fella? Like your new size?” I was so tired, beyond exhausted, after my ordeal. I felt like he expected me to maintain the pride I had suddenly discovered earlier in the evening, to stand up for myself or curse his name or beg to be grown back. But I just squeezed my eyes shut for a moment and looked away. The heat blasting off of Big Belly’s belly was like a blast furnace making me even more sleepy. Redbeard’s finger poked my abdomen moved down toward my small crotch. “What’s wrong? Don’t have anything to say? You were full of things to say earlier tonight.” He fiddled with my limp penis. “Let me go home! Let me go home!” he mocked in a tiny baby voice. “Oh man you’re so pathetic. You can’t even stand up for yourself right. We get guys who protest all the time. If it seems like they mean it we let them go. But you just rolled right over didn’t you?” He chuckled good naturedly. A genuine smile lit up his face behind his red facial hair and it struck me for the first time, seeing his face as tall as I am, just how good looking he was. He turned to Big Belly. “I take it that kid isn’t going to come up with the money?”

Now it was Big Belly’s turn to laugh again. “Naw. That little pussy just cried and begged. He’ll probably treat this one like a teddy bear instead of a pet but whatever floats his boat.”

“Who cares. We’ll be long gone. Enjoy your little life toy.” Redbeard slapped his thighs and stood up. He towered over me by thirty feet. His beefy thighs looked the closest and looked like pillars on the Parthenon. Then he turned and walked out. The last I saw of him was his wide back and muscle ass disappearing around the corner of the hallway and I heard the receding booms of his footsteps.

As soon as he was gone Big Belly’s hand returned to my body. I thought he was going to pick me up but instead without a word he pressed me down. Hard. My face and chest against his rough jeans, my head toward his knee, my arms and legs flailing against his grip. I was getting used to rough handling and thought it would pass quickly but after a few moments I did let out what must have sounded to him like a squeak of protest. If he heard it at all because at that exact moment he was using his other hand to wrench open a stuck drawer in the desk. Just that simple action displayed more power than I feared I would ever possess again and the rattling of whatever was in the drawer sounded like a bridge collapsing. From the giant’s body heat and my own growing concerns about his ominous actions I was sweating profusely. It was getting harder to breathe from the physical pressure and my mounting panic. I’m sure my face was beet red as it thrashed against his leg. I wondered if he was getting out the carrying case or whatever it was. What else could possibly happen?

I found out.

In the midst of all the heat I almost jumped out of my skin when something cool and slick suddenly poured down on my ass, pooling in my crack, running down over my cheeks and balls. It must have gotten on his pants, who knows. What the fuck, did he spit on me? I screamed in frustration that I was subject to this new indignity but I suddenly lost my breath when I realized that it wasn’t saliva at all. It was lube.

His finger hit my ass at the same second I figured this out. First it circled my glutes for a while while I tried to kick it away. But he was able to subdue my legs like they were nothing. And when I squeezed my cheeks together this was no barrier to the probing finger that pried them apart. Earlier when Phil and the other dom had been forcing me to interact sexually with that other toy my size I had had the brief thought that maybe they would make us fuck. That it might be the last opportunity in my entire life to have sex with a person on the same scale as me. That Dare’s cock would never fit in me again. But I hadn’t considered fingers. I had no choice but to consider them now as one of Big Belly’s digits zeroed in on my hole. He must have used a silicone based lube because it was not sticky at all. There was no friction. It allowed perfect access even while I struggled. It thwarted my attempts to clench my sphincter shut against the powerful invader. My rectum exploded in fiery pain as his finger started working its way in.

In the midst of this agony I kept thinking it had to end soon. There was no way he could fit more than the tip in. His fingers seemed so huge to me like arms all by themselves. I tried to picture some sort of reference to our difference in sizes. I had been told I was a foot tall and had no reason not to believe it. However I had not been that small for long enough to have an instinctive sense of how big the giants’ body parts were compared to my own. As pain whirled through my senses I desperately pictured some action doll of my nephew’s I had held once. Was that a foot tall? I had felt its plastic butt, of course I had. The little thing was built like a brick shithouse. Could I have fit one of my fingers between its butt cheeks? How far up its rectum if it had one? Argh! I couldn’t picture it. The pain! And the image of that stupid toy made me think of my nephew. A giant to me now even before he’s full grown. What would he think if he saw—

No, don’t think it!

 Argh! FUCK! This HURT!

I felt like I was splitting open. Being torn in two. But as I gasped for air a thought came into my mind. Dare’s cock hurt when it filled me for the first time too but I got used to it. It had felt a little like this so he had gone slow and gotten me acclimated over a few weeks. But was this finger so much thicker or was the pain simply from how fast this was going? Maybe if I could allow myself to relax the way I had trained myself to do for my boyfriend’s cock this would be easier.

I tried. And things did seem more tolerable after a while. Either that or the nerves around my asshole finally gave up the ghost. I don’t know how long it went on but I heard another booming approaching from the hall. Another Godzilla come to torment me. I imagined it was Redbeard returned to watch me get finger fucked but in fact it was one of the doms from the other room. It was testament to my efforts to relax my ass that I could actually pay attention to what was going on or at least what I could see of it. This was aided by Big Belly shifting when the other giant entered the room, moving me off of his leg and up to the surface of the desk. From my new position I could see the newcomer but it took me a few moments to recognize him. In the harsh light of the LED lanterns, in the commanding presence of Big Belly, he looked jowly and balding and timid whereas in the dim lighting elsewhere in the building he had looked like he was the leader of a biker gang. It was the dom who had led his partner in on a leash, his partner who was now the Football Doll. His narrow eyes focused uncomfortably on mine. How did he feel about watching me get raped by a giant bear?

“Yes?” Big Belly asked after a moment. His tone suggested he hadn’t been interrupted doing anything more significant than cleaning a pair of glasses or dusting a shelf. His finger inside of me slowed down but didn’t stop pumping.

“Leonard? I. Uh. Steven sent me back?”


“To. Uh. Pay? To grow Tommy back?”

Big Belly grunted. He moved me from the desk and used my body to gesture at the other stool. “Sit down.”

When he put me back on the desk I was resting on my back with my head and shoulders pressed against one of the laptops and I could see his pinky wedged between my legs. His other hand went to the keyboard. He typed proficiently one-handed I noticed, but then again so did I. I tried to wriggle off his finger but its thickness and the weight of his hand against my legs made my efforts futile. I didn’t realize that the other giant had brought his toy with him until he sat and placed the Football Doll on the surface next to me. Tommy I guess. He looked so powerful as I looked up at him, his bulky muscles covered by a layer of fat. I would have mistaken him for a dominant himself if his owner hadn’t loomed so large in the near distance.

“Uh,” he said looking at my predicament and I wouldn’t have thought I could get more mortified. The giants focused on the laptop and paid us no attention. “Does it hurt?”

“I—don’t recommend it.” The first words I had said and not screamed up at giants since I shrank. I didn’t sound like myself at all.

“I’m sorry.” He looked at me pityingly and squatted down near torso avoiding Big Belly’s splayed fingers on my lower half. “I guess I’m growing back.”

“Yeah. I’m—” My voice caught in my throat. “I don’t think I am.”

He shook his head. “I don’t think you are either. I heard your owner talking to that other giant before we came back here. He said you guys don’t have the money. The other one put my head in his mouth and licked my face,” he finished wrinkling his nose.

Is this how we talked now? Owners? Giants? Once language imposes an order on madness does it somehow make it more rational? Easier to accept? I could easily picture Phil sticking this man’s handsome head in his mouth in any case. I just shrugged as much as I could with my head against the edge of the computer. He reached out and took my hand. His was rough, calloused, warm and dry. It was a hand, a real person’s hand, not a toy’s, not a giant’s. “Good luck to you man,” he said. “We’re not going to try to help you. I don’t want to know what they’ll do to us if we go against them. I just want to be all right, you know?”

The finger up my ass shifted a bit as its owner typed and a fresh wave of pain caused more tears to leak from my eyes. Either that or the increased awareness that I really could be beyond all help, stuck this way, no contact with anyone I could simply interact with on my own level. And here I was wasting what could be that last chance for interaction. I just nodded and looked away. Directly above I could see Big Belly’s hairy pecs, the underside of his chin. I watched as they finished up their transaction and closed the browser window. The other dom looked both relieved and chagrined. His hand came up and wrapped itself once again around Tommy Football Doll.

“Let’s get you fixed up, back up to boy size,” Big Belly chuckled. “But first I got to take care of this toy.” He pushed his chair back and casually plucked me off his finger. The systemic shock and pain of this move was so great that I didn’t even realize I was placed back on the desk until I had been there a full minute, panting, lying on my back, feeling my insides rearrange themselves back to a semblance of normal. I was dully aware of the giant bear opening one of the cardboard boxes on the floor and taking something out. I was dully aware when he snatched me up again and casually tossed me on the floor of what seemed like a small bird cage slamming the door shut behind me. I was dully aware when he pulled a tarp out of somewhere lowered it over the bars of the cage, of my last view of his brutish face as it slid down between us.

And then I curled in a ball and covered my eyes with my arm and was aware of nothing.

To be continued……….

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