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published June 26, 2016
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Matt was nervous.

He’s been nervous for weeks now. Setting up a new Grindr profile entailed posing for an endless barrage of self-inflicted reality. Getting the phrasing right on the profile, sounding cool, but not too self-conscious, alluding to the right cultural indicators, injecting an appropriate amount of humor without coming across as tiresome…it was all nerve-wracking. All of this even before the actual dates, which would invariably go wrong in exciting, unforeseen, and eldritch ways.

Until he met Liam —that’s when he ascended to an entirely new plateau of nervousness.

Liam was the kind of person who paid for french fries for the whole table and didn’t take a single bite. He was the kind of person who made allusions to contemporary literature, but it didn’t sound douchey. It just sounded like he really liked to read. He was the kind of person who probably called his mother every week just to check in. He probably didn’t even ask her for any money. He was the kind of person who somehow managed to maintain the body of an australian surf bro, but would sooner let you know his thoughts about the politics of prison reform than his current gym routine.

All of this made Matt nervous. They have gone on two dates and Matt had literally no idea whether it was going well or not. He felt, however, that he was fucking it up already. That he was on a different wavelength altogether.

Matt didn’t particularly like reading, nor was he eloquent about politics or literature, nor did he fashion himself particularly endearing or righteous or any of those other attributes that are so rarely found in the trolls of Grindr. He was tall, yes, and he had heavy, dark features to his face —an indicator of his southern European heritage. But he would never have Liam’s defined abs, wavy blonde hair, a bubble butt. If this were the mid-90s, Liam would have been at home in an Abercrombie and Fitch catalogue, with his tight little body posed jumping off a diving board or opening a pick-up truck or some other American boy-next store homoerotic fantasy. Matt’s body, though tall, was much too average for such a world. He had patchy body hair. He didn’t work out and his burgeoning love handles let you know it. At least he was hung, but leading off with your dick size was not the way to win over peerless Liam. Matt wondered whether wearing tight enough jeans would get Liam’s attention on his package, or if it would just make him look chubbier.

Matt walked down the path in uneven, pained steps as the jeans prevented him from his normal stride. He was meant to meet Liam at a bar on the other side of the park, which was quite lightless and noisy with the whirring of cicadas on this particular summer’s night. Matt was rehearsing topics of conversation for his date —should he talk about his Dr. Who addiction? Would that expose him as a commoner? Would it make him seem unique and interesting? What part of the park was this?

Wrapped up in his own head, Matt wasn’t sure at what point it was that he started down a dirt path through the brush, rather than continuing on down the concrete sidewalk along the road. Yet he vaguely felt as if he were heading in the right direction. The park, after all, wasn’t that big, he thought, and besides, he’s bound to hit the road again sooner or later. Should he get there before or after Liam? Is it cool to make someone wait? Why didn’t anyone teach Matt these rules?

Halfway down the ever-darkening dirt path is when Liam first saw them. It was impossible not to see their yellow, almost bioluminescent glow, staring out at him like a pack of wild creatures’ eyes in the bushes.

From a distance, Matt immediately recognized them as mushrooms of some glowy sort, which is odd, because mushrooms certainly do not glow. What you might not know about Matt, however, is that what he lacks in awareness of culture and sophistication, he more than makes up for in knowledge of psychedelic drugs. Coming of age in the early 90s, Matt was no stranger to raves, ecstasy parties, and the joys of dropping a handful of mushrooms with a few friends in nature. Matt and his friends are used to foraging and cultivating mushrooms —he has, after all, spent countless hours reading on sites like Erowid about the differences between the poisonous and pleasurable of the fungi kingdom.

Matt left the path and approached the strange community of spongey mushrooms, which seemed to be flourishing some distance from the base of a gargantuan, barren tree. From a distance, they seemed to emit a kind of goldenrod haze, like opening the door to a gas station late at night. Yet as he approached, the air seemingly cleared of the arcane light. Matt could not be more certain that he stood in front of a gift from Pan himself, a bounty of hallucinogenic mushrooms ripe for the picking. He also knew that people, such as potential boyfriends, often thought drugs were dangerous, interesting, or maybe even cool. He gathered all the mushrooms he could carry into his coat pockets and found his way back to the road.

Liam sat with his back to the door at the bar. Matt instantly recognized him, he is somewhat embarrassed to say from his backside. His muscular butt, wrapped tight in a pair of white denim jeans, gently pressed into the barstool and spilled over it, ever so slightly, the dough of it embracing the hard wood. Liam turned around and waved Matt over, snapping him out of his reverie.

Matt was less nervous now. He had an ace up his sleeve —drugs in his pockets. He was certain this would impress Liam. But he had to wait for the right moment to spring it on him. He didn’t want to sound eager or creepy. Just casual. Just, ‘hey look what i found wouldn’t it be cool if we did these but like who cares?’ It was after their second whiskey that Matt made his move.

“So I don’t like…so don’t feel like this is weird or anything…but I found some mushrooms in the woods. I mean, like, psychedelic ones.”

Liam smiled and Matt immediately felt relief. Liam wasn’t freaked out and he wasn’t weirdly puritanical, which was step one.

“That’s so cool!,” Liam replied. “But are you sure they’re the right kind? I heard they can be really dangerous if you don’t identify them right.”

“Oh they’re the real deal,” said Matt. “I’m actually kind of an expert in all things psilocybin.” Matt smirked. 
Liam smirked back. “Well I haven’t done mushrooms in years. I hope you’re going to ask me to take some with you.”

Matt tried very hard not to lose his cool. “Yea why not?,” he said casually —disinterested, even.

Matt and Liam decided to take the mushrooms right at the bar bathroom and then Uber back to Matt’s apartment. They take some time to work, anyway. The plan was to get to Matt’s and put on some stand-up or some ambient drone music —just play it by ear, really. All Matt really wanted to accomplish was to giggle and hang out with Liam, show him his real self, his non-nervous self. He liked spending time with Liam. He liked listening to his take on politics and art and he liked looking at him too.

Matt handed Liam his portion underneath the bar, and Liam sauntered off to the bathroom, his ass swaying with relentless confidence as he made his way across the room. A few minutes later, he clapped Matt on the back, exclaiming, “You’re up!” Matt smiled, but felt a rush of tension across his neck when he thought he witnessed a dull yellow glow escape Liam’s eyes. Matt blinked and it was gone. He’d also drank 3 whiskeys by this point, and they were, after all, basking in the neon glows of a poorly lit bar. He made his way into the bathroom and swallowed his mushrooms, which tasted, to Matt, like concentrated confidence. Like the best date he never planned.

Liam had already contacted an Uber while Matt was in the bathroom, and the pair made their way out.

Matt felt bloated in the back seat of the car. A common side effect of mushrooms, stomach discomfort. He was beginning to regret his decision to wear tight pants this evening. Bloated, not only physically, but also a bloating of the mind. He continued to half pay attention to Liam, but found it increasingly difficult to concentrate. He felt full, so full. And heavy. Not tired, but dulled. It felt as if he’d been awake for days and nights on end eating fried chicken and smoking marijuana.

Liam watched Matt in the back of the car, not particularly minding that he had stopped paying attention to him. Liam actually found something quite sexy about Matt, but he really couldn’t put his finger on any particular thing that made him stand out. He kind of liked his big nose, his big frame, the hint of a double chin. He seemed distinguished, even though he was a year or two older than Liam. It didn’t hurt that he dressed impeccably. Liam just wished it was all more. You see, he had a thing for daddies. Big daddies. Liam wanted to feel the heft of a much bigger man upon him, the weight of the solid mass of an experienced older man upon his lithe, athletic body. He acknowledged the Matt was tall and on the chubby side of average, but he was so lacking in confidence and gravitas. Liam was just not sure he really desired Matt.

Upon deliberating Matt’s daddy-potential, a blinding yellow tide poured into Liam’s vision, like looking directly into a liquid sun. It lasted only a moment, before his sight returned to normal — so quick that he wasn’t sure that anything had actually happened. Liam looked down at his hands and was sure it was simply the mushrooms kicking in. Nothing to worry about. Liam reminded himself that mushrooms are fun, and that Matt was essentially a harmless teddy bear. Liam smiled and looked out the window, feeling the heat of Matt’s thigh brushing up against his own. He was happy to be here on this date, hoping that his attraction to Matt would come later.

Yet, the heat of Matt’s leg against him intensified, turning less into a gentle meeting of two bodies into a more forceful squeezing of Liam into his side of the car. Liam turned to look at Matt. Was Matt intentionally pushing Liam? Liam couldn’t tell whether Matt actually needed all of this space or not. Was he always this wide? This tall? The back of the car was dark, and, from his side profile, Liam wasn’t confident he remembered what Matt actually looked like.

They arrived at Matt’s apartment. Liam exited the car, with Matt following behind. He watched as Liam’s butt strained at the back of his painted-on white jeans while he exited the vehicle. Matt blinked a strange, yellow blink before returning to the matter at hand. Did he really appreciated how well endowed Liam was in the rear before? His butt bulged out obscenely. They were two meaty buns which sprung forth from his small waist. The twin cheeks jiggled and wrestled with each other as he sprung onto the sidewalk, as if to jest, “I’m fat! I’m here to get fucked!” You rarely see an ass stretch out the fabric like that on a man. In fact, he almost looked like a woman from this angle. Matt wondered whether anyone had ever made that mistake before. Could Liam catch straight men gawking over his butt? The thought made him twitch.

Liam watched Matt struggle across the carseat to pluck his bulk out of the car. He was looking thick tonight, especially in the middle. Matt’s belly was starting to jut out directly in front of him, as if it were on its own path, on its own way, independent of Matt’s will. It was taught against his coat, pulling its buttons precariously against their little threads. He seemed taller too, and like he was blocking out the light no matter which direction it came from. His face looked older too. Bigger. The double chin of his is starting to stick. It looked good on him, though. It belonged. “So thick,” Liam thought.

Matt had a naughty idea. Maybe it was the mushrooms or the alcohol making him feel funny, or maybe he was just feeling more comfortable around Liam, more himself. But he couldn’t help it. He reached into his pocket, and grabbed his keys, and purposefully dropped them in the direction of Liam.

“Fuck! My keys! Help me out, would you?”

When Liam bent over, he could almost feel the blood rush out of his frontal lobe into his groin. Liam’s bountiful globes of flesh swayed at just the right height, providing Matt with an impressive view of their width. “That butt is on the verge of a prison break,” Matt laughed to himself. But his intent grew. “It wants to be free, wants to be worshipped and slapped and jiggled as I enter it,” he thought. Matt could almost see them heaving, cresting, mushrooming from his back. He was blossoming.

Liam exclaimed a yip equal parts embarrassment and shock as his jeans split down his backside, revealing a wide crack of pale flesh between the jagged denim. Liam shot back up and tried to use his hands to cover his exposed butt. Yet a pale of confusion came over his face when he heard the tear pulling apart even further. Liam attempted to turn himself around to see what was going on, but only Matt had a full view of the situation. Liam’s ass was getting bigger by the second, right outside on the sidewalk. Liam felt as if he should be panicking, but couldn’t really bring himself too. Instead, he felt mildly bemused as he pulled off the remains of his jeans. Matt giggled, taking off his coat and covered the overgrown pear, ushering Liam inside and to the elevators.

“I’m just..I’m! I’m not sure how that happened,” Liam slurred. It was so challenging to think right now! But it felt OK, because he was with Matt now. Liam held Matt’s coat around his waist, and turned to look at Matt behind him. He must have forgotten how tall Matt was. Liam stood eye to eye with a pair of thick, conic breasts straining against Matt’s shirt. Matt’s nipples made themselves very known, like tiny sausages waiting to be sucked on. He thought for a moment what it would be like to suckle upon them, like he was a baby. Matt’s shirt held his chest like a bra, whereas his belly was almost entirely exposed to the air. It was covered in a thick pelt of brown and black hair. Liam giggled and poked his finger into Matt’s belly button. He could tell his love handles were going to be truly spectacular one day, albeit they were already bulging for attention. Matt’s stance seemed wider than before, his fattened stumpy legs doing their best to hold up a piano’s worth of weight. “I like this…,” Liam said, entranced. “Wider and thicker,” he giggled.

Matt felt big, important, like he had done a good thing by helping poor pants-less Liam into his apartment. “I helped.” Matt said, in a deep, serious baritone voice, which made Liam giggle even harder. “Come into my bedroom. Let’s see if we can find you new pants!,” Matt said. However, Liam was already laying face down on the couch, watching Matt and giggling to himself, softly. Liam’s fat pillowy ass was now clearly exposed to Matt. Matt approached, hypnotized by the billowing plump rolls of fat so out of place on such a small frame. He looked like he had two sets of butt implants. Like a former 400 lbs man who had lost weight everywhere except his ass. Like a heart shaped balloon being slowly inflated. “It must be …uh..hard to find a seat on the bus…with that thing?,” Matt finally said. Matt watched as Liam flipped over. He began to take his top off. Matt watched as Liam’s abs slowly began to disappear into a soft, slight, hairless, pink belly. “He looks good like this,” Matt thought. “He’s becoming such a chubby boy.”

Liam was confused about the hulking daddy that hovered over him. Confused in a good way, he supposed. Matt was growing as wide as he was tall —and he was very tall. His shoulders were broad, and his underlying musculature sturdy, like a man who used to do a lot of football before going to see. His bulbous gut was only one of a series of sweeping curves to Matt’s body —his tits, his horse thighs, his fat greedy chipmunk cheeks. He also could not help but notice the mammoth shadow growing across his left thigh, a growing tent post that threatened to split him in two. Liam got up and helped Matt undress. He stood before the bulky bear, who was starting to resemble something between a power lifter and a sumo wrestler. His face was perhaps the most changed part of him, with prominent chins, inflated cheeks, and bulbous, greedy lips. He was a brute.

Matt embraced Liam in a bear-hug. He placed his meaty paws upon Liam’s fat ass, and thought about stuffing the soft, cellulite-pocked cheeks into women’s underwear. That would make it really look decadent and obscene. Matt turned Liam around and began to go to work on Liam’s ass. It took a lot of effort for Matt —everything seemed to be so heavy, like every movement was through jello. Yet his effort was not unrewarded. Matt worked Liam’s ass over like it was his duty. He started off slow, with pudgy digits expanding the fattened hole, exploring and kneading the dough like he was going to turn it into perfectly baked bread.

Liam felt the heft of the heavy man enter him. He felt the weight of Matt’s gut on the small of his back. He felt it slowly advancing over his mammoth ass, jiggling and ebbing and flowing together. He felt Matt growing inside of him too, the pleasure expanding like the rest of him.

Matt reached around and wrapped his beefy palm around Liam’s cock. This took some maneuvering to get around all of the rippling beef between the two. Matt felt Liam get harder, but also shrink. Matt pounded Liam from behind and pulled at him from the front, forcing the boy into orgasm. Matt finally came inside the boy with the whale’s ass, whose cock had retreated to the size of one of Matt’s nipples. Liam lay, spent, feeling every contour of his new body without any mental power left.

“You wont be needing one of these anyway, son.” Matt said with a yellow glow in his eye. He pulled his endless dick out and gently tapped it across Liam’s mouth.

Matt was no longer nervous.

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