Fogged Muscles

By Belti
published October 20, 2018

Paul thought that he would have a normal afternoon at the gym, but the owner of the gym had other plans.

Paul, a tall black haired muscle man of brown eyes and a short beard left the changing room, ready for his daily training after work. He was wearing a blue top and black shorts, his long hair was tied in a ponytail. It was already afternoon, the sun was going down, so at this hour of the day, Matt’s Gym would be more or less empty. Paul started frequenting the gym three months ago, getting along really well with Matt Fogg, the owner of the gym, a man that could be described as a walking wardrobe, with a thick bear, bald and really well built. Matt treated all his customers as close friends and he allowed them to stay till midnight if they want.

As usual, Paul was greeted by Matt, who greeted him with a warm smile. Hey there, Paul! Good to see you again buddy! said the large owner of the gym. The black haired man smiled back at him.

Good afternoon, I think I’ll stay a little longer than usual, sorry about thatapologized Paul. Whenever he stayed late at the gym, he liked to warn Matt, who usually stayed till the last customer left the gym, so he could close the doors.

Nah, it’s okay buddy. Don’t bother about that. Besides you are not the only one herereplied Matt with a wave of his head and a big grin on his face. If you need anything let me know, I’ll be in my office for awhilesaid the gym owner. Paul replied with a nod and observed how Matt left towards his office. Paul wasn’t sure why, but the burly man seemed to be in a hurry. He shrugged it off and decided to lift some weights and see who else was there.

He was surprised to find the place practically empty. Usually there five or six more people at this hour of the day. Well at least he didn’t seem to be alone. At the other side of the training room he saw Connor lifting some weights on a bench. Connor was a huge mountain of a man, Paul heard he was a professional bodybuilder, and the man was a lot of muscles. He had blond short hair and a long goatee. His fierce blue eyes looked at Paul briefly and the man gave a simple nod before focusing on the weights again.

Paul nodded back awkwardly and looked at the bulge of Connor’s muscle with interest. He was gay, and although he and Connor didn’t talked a lot, Paul developed some attraction towards the blond. He was the kind of man that he liked, but he didn’t dare to ask him out. First he wasn’t sure if he was gay too, and if he was, he was worried that he would reject him. It would make things awkward between them at the gym, and Paul came there to train and relax from the daily stress, maybe it wasn’t wise to bring stress here. Oh well, he could content himself with his fantasies, thought the black haired man as he started to do the warm up exercises.

Meanwhile Matt got inside his office and locked the door with a smile on his face. He took a seat on his chair and looked at the screens and saw that the two hunks were already there and none of them suspected nothing. Excellentthought the gym owner. He then picked his phone and dialed a number. Hi bro, it’s me. Yeah, everything is ready, I’ll contact you later to tell you when you can enter, see ya later said the man through the phone.

After Matt hung up, he pressed a button and the first gas canisters that were inside the ventilation of the main training room opened, releasing a thick white gas that started to slowly fill the room where the two burly men trained not suspecting what was going to happen.

Paul almost finished his warm up exercises and took a deep breath when suddenly a very sweet smell hit his nose. He looked briefly puzzled and realized that a thick fog appeared from nowhere quickly engulfing him. He gasped in shock and took a large breath of the smoke. Paul started to cough heavily as his hands went towards his chest. Inhaling more and more of the sweet thick smoke, he felt himself relaxing and getting tired, his movements went slower as the training room was soon filled by a thick fog. Everything around him was starting to get blurry.

He could hear Connor’s cough near him. The blond was on his seat, the weights on the floor engulfed by the heavy smoke. He was using his hands to try and wave away the smoke without too much success. Connor… muttered between coughs Paul as he tried to approach the bigger man. It took him a lot of effort taking steps and his head was waving back and forward.

After some seconds he fell to his knees still coughing and rested his body on the floor. Oooohhhh… groaned softly as his eyes closed and he fell asleep. Connor meanwhile ended resting his back against the bench as he succumbed to the gas with a groan.

Matt observed the helpless hunks as they were covered by the smoke and could hear their coughs. His eyes were filled with lust and he rubbed his hard dick under his pants. He had recorded everything for his personal amusement. The gym owner grabbed again his phone. It’s me again. They are down…they make a good show. Don’t worry, I have it recorded. You and your boys can enter now said Matt through the phone. He grabbed a gas mask from his desk and left the office as he put it on.

The mask protected him from the fumes as he admired how sexy the sleeping hunks looked. He chuckled as he heard Connor snoring loudly under all that thick fog of sleeping gas. He heard some steps and three men approached Matt. They wore gas masks too. The one of the center was more or less of the same height and weight than Matt. The other two men were very big and muscular and on their bags carried huge tanks of oxygen and gas.

Matt hugged the man of the center and he returned the hug. Jackson, brother is good to see you again said the gym owner.

Likewise, little brother said the man with a smile under his mask. The other two men went towards the office of Matt to leave the tanks there. Meanwhile Jackson approached Paul’s unconscious body and started to stroke his head and long hair. Looking good here said the brother of Matt with a nod of approval. He then approached the snoring Connor and groped his chest. You were right, they are perfect for the trialsaid to his brother.

As the other muscular men returned, Jackson turned towards them. Damian, Erik, move them to Matt’s office. We’ll prepare them for their education ordered his boss. The two men nodded and in few minutes brought the two sleeping hunks to Matt’s office. Once everybody was inside, the gym owner locked the door, and all of them removed their gas masks.

Like his brother, Jackson was bald and had a thick black beard. Damian was a black man with shaved head and piercing black eyes. Erik had curly short hair and a small goatee. In the office there were two couches and the men moved Paul to one of them and moved Connor to the other. Once they ere laid on them, the four men started to cuff the hands and legs of the sleeping hunks. Then they secured gas masks on their faces that were connected to the gas tanks. Do you want to do the honors, little brother? asked Jackson with a teasing smile.

Matt let out a small laugh and nodded. With pleasure replied as he turned the valves of the tanks, releasing a mix of oxygen and hypnotic gas. The gas soon traveled through the thin tubes that connected the masks with the tanks, forcing the sleeping men to breathe the hypnotic gas. Once they woke up, they would become submissive and obedient as the fog would alter their behavior to become more cooperative.

The four men waited patiently for a couple of hours as the treatment took effect on the helpless hunks. Paul then started to stir and opened his eyes slowly, finding himself with his hands and feet cuffed on a coach and with a gas mask securing on his face, forced to breath a sweet smoke. There was Matt with three strangers in the room. Mmm…mmm… started to moan the black haired man some confusion in his face as he struggled.

Don’t worry Paul, just relax and breathe, trust me it’s for your own good said Matt with a soothing voice. To his own surprise the black haired man found himself obeying Matt’s orders, because of the gas effects. So he took deep breaths of the sweet gas and found himself more calm and relaxed, wondering what was going on. Seconds later, he heard Connor’s moans as he was also waking up and Matt quickly calmed him down like he did with Paul before.

Soon both studs had relaxed expressions on their faces as the gas took away their wills. Well, I think that’s enough, they are ready said Jackson as he closed the valve of the tanks. Damian and Erik removed the gas masks and released the hunks from the cuffs, who looked at them with serene expressions.

Who are you? asked Connor as his blue eyes looked at the strangers.

My name is Jackson Fogg. I’m Matt’s older brother and these are my assistants Damian and Erik. I run a small wrestling business in the city, maybe you’ve heard about it explained the brother of the gym owner with calmness in his voice. But I think that this video will explain better the activities of my business. Please, pay attention to the tv ordered Jackson and soon Paul and Connor’s eyes were glued to the tv screen.

The first minutes were different shots of Jackson’s local and the different rooms, they saw few seconds of some wrestling combats, recognizing Damian and Erik among the wrestlers. But there are other especial activities besides the fighting explained Jackson with a smirk. The next video depicted Damian and Erik in a locker room. Thick clouds of gas came from the lockers and soon engulfed the two hunks, who were quickly knocked out. Really hot to see big men succumbing to sleeping gas, right? teased Jackson with a chuckle. Paul found himself nodding as he stroked his dick. He had to agree it was kinda sexy.

Another shot depicted two burly men in an office room getting gassed and falling asleep in each other arms. We then prepare them for the bond activities explained Jackson and then the next video showed Damian, Erik and the other two hunk engaging in hot sex as thick smoke swirled around their muscular bodies. Paul and Connor started to stroke themselves by the sexy images in front of them.

I decided that I wanted to bring my customers this kind of bonds and activities explained Matt with a smile. And I decided that the two of you would be the first candidates for the trial said with a smirk.

Paul looked with some surprise, as a part of him was flattered that Matt thought of him for this. So after you answer some questions we can start said Matt with a chuckle. Paul and Connor nodded and soon started to answer a series of personal questions. Both were gay and single. It wasn’t a surprise for Matt when Paul confessed that he had a huge crush towards Connor, but he was surprised to find out that the blond was a huge bottom. Paul said he was a top, and Matt smiled. He really made a good match.

Matt ordered them to get naked and they quickly complied with obedience and submission in their faces. Once they were naked, Damian and Erik started to massage and grope the muscled shoulders of Paul and Connor, making them groan in appreciation. They enjoyed the worship and it was obvious that the other men loved touching them.

Meanwhile Matt and Jackson put on their gas masks and the older brother activated the valve of another tank. A light blue gas started to came out from the tank and filled the large office. The two muscled men were engulfed by the gas and took a deep breath. A wave of arousal filled their bodies and their dicks started to get hard. Connor started to moan as his hands started to rub his nipples. Damian and Erik put on their masks too and took some steps back from the gassed men. Paul felt how his temperature increased, his face red of arousal.

Feel free to have fun boys said Jackson with a laugh. Paul didn’t need to be told twice as he jumped towards the blond and started to make out with him. The couple started to kiss with passion and lust as their hands rubbed each other’s bodies, the black haired man soon dominated the kiss as the blond submitted and a hand started to playfully pulling and stroking Paul’s ponytail.

The smaller man pushed the bigger against the floor, starting to kiss and suck the nipples of Connor, which made the blue haired moan in pleasure. His head went lower and lower till he used his hands to lift Connor’s legs showing his ass. The black haired man buried his head between the ass cheeks of the bigger man, taking deep whiffs and using his tongue to lick and enter the hole of the other man.

Connor rolled his eyes and his hands kept stroking Paul’s hair as he moved his hips, encouraging him for more. The brothers saw everything with approval and stroking themselves as the smoke kept filling the room as a light blue fog surrounded them. Damian and Erik were groaning with arousal and started to rub themselves, the man of curly hair started to finger himself as he moaned with the gas mask on.

After some minutes, Paul stopped licking the hole of Connor and then aimed his dick towards the blond’s ass. He slowly introduced the tip, loving how tight the bigger man was. The blue eyed man whimpered and closed his eyes, his mouth open wide of pleasure, inhaling more of the gas. Soon Paul pushed his entire length inside the bigger man, which made him grunt of pleasure and his eyes open wide.

Connor’s big arms wrapped around Paul, and brought him closer as the smaller man started to fuck him. They moaned in heat as they fucked like animals, their moans and the sounds of their bodies hitting against each other filling the room. Paul was so excited that it didn’t take too much for him to cum inside Connor, filling his hungry hole with his hot seed. The blond cum seconds later.

Although they came, they soon found themselves getting hard and ready for another round, and they didn’t waste any time as Paul started to fuck Connor again with passion. The brothers smiled under their masks, and they could hear Damian moaning as he came under his pants, panting heavily under his gas mask.

An hour passed and Paul and Connor fucked for a good while. Matt recorded everything with the cameras of his office for his personal entertainment. The gas tank was empty and now they could barely see the hunks having sex between the thick gas that swamped the room. Alright boys, that’s enough ordered the gym owner.

The two muscle studs pulled back with some reluctance and were able to find Matt through all the fog. Hope you enjoyed this said the gym owner as he was now close to them.

I…I really loved it… admitted Paul with a small blush and a husky voice. The hypno gas he breathed before made him being sincere. Connor nodded weakly.

It was wonderful admitted with a groan.

Excellent you clearly connected really well said with a chuckle and Paul blushed a little more and briefly glanced at Connor. Lay on the coach, you have earned a good rest ordered the gym owner. The two muscle hunks laid on the coach embracing each other.

If you want to repeat this experience, let me know, you have my number said with a wink under his mask as he pulled a canister. Matt shook the canister and green gas came out, engulfing the faces of Paul and Connor.

The blond coughed softly as his eyes closed and Paul laid his head on Connor’s chest as he fell asleep. He sprayed more sleep gas on the studs and after a minute he stopped and turned towards his brother and his assistants. Let’s go. The arousing gas will dissipate by the time they wake up. said the gym owner. Tomorrow the gym would be closed to give some intimacy to the couple.

We can have some fun at my place said as he slapped Erik’s ass which made him groan. The four men left the office closing the door, leaving the two studs sleep in a tight embrace.

It was already ten AM as Paul stirred and woke up with a soft groan. He looked around and started to remember everything that happened last night. He turned to Connor who started to wake up too and opened his eyes. They looked at each other and exchanged nervous laughs. Well about last night… started to say Paul with a nervous chuckle.

Yeah… said the blond. It was awesome…I have to confess I really liked it and…um…I was wondering if you would like to have a coffee with me later… started to say Connor.

Paul turned to him with surprise. Really? asked the black haired man.

Connor nodded. Yeah…I was honestly interested in asking you out before last night…and I think that after what happened between us we got more closer answered Connor.

I…I would like that… said with a nod and a smile and Connor smiled back. I have to say that the bond exercise worked really well in the end said with a laugh.

Yeah…it worked really well said with a laugh Connor. Maybe we can repeat it in the future proposed the blond.

Fuck yes! answered without thinking Paul. He had to admit that being gassed was the sexiest experience of his life. They laughed together. What about we call Matt for the next session? suggested Paul with a teasing smirk before leaning towards and kissing Connor. The blond kissed back and nodded.

Meanwhile in Jackson’s office, the room was filled with the sounds of moans as Matt was pounding Damian’s ass while Jackson was fucking Erik. The two hunks exchanged a hot french kiss as they were fucked. Then a phone ringed and Matt extended his hand to reach it. Yes? Oh, Paul!! I hope you had a good sleep said the gym owner with a smile. Yes…we can talk for a future appointment, I’ll call you back later, have fun guys said with a chuckle as he hung up.

He let a satisfied chuckle as he placed his hands on the black man’s wide shoulders. His brother nodded with a grin and grabbed two gas cans, handing one to his little brother. Then each Fogg brother aimed the can to the face of their boys and Damian and Erik looked with lust in their eyes, knowing what was about to come now. White smoke came out from the cans, then muscle men moaned and coughed and fell asleep as the brothers kept fucking them. And soon they filled their asses with their cum.

I think that you have got your first customers said Jackson with a chuckle as he took a deep breath. We can talk about it after the nap time said with a chuckle as he aimed his can to his brother’s face.

Matt laughed and aimed his can to the older man’s face. Sounds like a good idea. Nighty night big brother said with a wink. Soon both brothers started to cough heavily as they gassed each other and ended collapsing on the backs of the sleeping muscle men, closing their eyes and falling in a deep slumber.

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