Genie Troubles 2

By You Wish!
published October 20, 2018
3274 words

Bill wakes up to find his wish did not go as planned at all, while still stuck as a teenager

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I wake up with a start, and immediately feel and grab at my face. Still pimples, no stubble.


“Billy!” Came the angry yell of a mid-aged woman. My ‘Mom’ must have been in the hallway. “You better be hurt if you’re yelling curse words in my house!”

“Uh, yeah!” I yelled back. “I dropped the, um, alarm clock on my foot. Don’t come in, I’m not decent.” I’m not sure why she’s laughing so hard when I said that just now.

Grimacing as I get up and out of bed to look for some clothes, I notice the floor is very different. The walls too, in fact. Things seem… Bigger. My room is a lot bigger than yesterday. The posters on the wall are the same, but I have a bigger closet and even a new personal bathroom that I hadn’t had before, and the furniture looks nicer, too. I even seem to have more stuff than I did too; more posters, comic books, even my own TV with some video games.

I pull on my shirt and shorts as quickly as I could and ran out into the hallway. I trip and stagger as I almost suddenly fell down the stairs in front of my room. We have stairs now! The house has grown a second story overnight! What did a bigger house have anything to do with making Randy want me?!

I wandered about the new mansion I apparently live in now until I found the kitchen. Randy and my ‘parents’ are sitting at a huge table drinking orange juice.

Then I looked at ‘Dad.’ He’s the same guy as before, but I just barely recognize him! He looks taller, and a hell of a lot more muscular. The hair on his head is thicker and dark brown instead of thinning and grey like yesterday. He even has light stubble that makes him look like one of those studs in the shaving cream commercials. He’s hot. Damn hot. Like if he cracked a smile and go down on my lap, I could-

I look down and see my crotch is already pushing forward from my lap. I then look at Randy, and almost immediately wished I didn’t.

While ‘Dad’ is reading the newspaper, Randy slowly bites his lower lip as he checks him out. His arms are positioned in a sort of pose that almost seemed like he was flexing. Fuck, Randy looks just about ready to start flirting with ‘Dad’.

Then ‘Dad’ looks up from his paper and flashes Randy a smile and nod. Randy just looked away and coughed, clearly embarrassed as he chuckles awkwardly.

“You want anything to eat?” My ‘Mom’ asked me. I quickly stepped over before anyone can see my southern ‘stick-up’ forming on my crotch.

“Uh, yeah.” I responded. She’s actually asking to make me breakfast? She hasn’t done that in a long time. Just what world am I in NOW? “How about pancakes?”

“You had to pick something hard, didn’t you?” At least she has the decency to complain a little so I know for sure I haven’t completely entered the Twilight Zone, Thank God. Regardless, she turns around and starts making the pancakes.

“Sit down, Billy, join us.” My ‘Dad’ said to me, “I got Dr. Peterson to cover my hospital shifts for the rest of the week, so we need to plan all the fun we’re going to have on my time off.”

Ugh, what a twat. He’s such a tool, he belongs in the garage instead of the kitchen. Although he is freaking hot in an older man sort of way. I can see him in the garage in a one-piece mechanic’s jumpsuit, patches of him covered in grease or dirt so he has to work with the top half of his suit unbuttoned. Like, roll out from under the car he’s working on and licking his lips with a hot grin on his face while his thumbs tease and roll his thick nipples around perched on a very hairy chest, and then reach down to his crotch and-

I look down and see that my cock is standing on its own AGAIN! FUCK, it’s like my freaking penis has a mind of its own! It’s like that time where I went to a gay bar for the first time and I took a Viagra pill because I thought I was going to be fucking all night, but I kept striking out and I was walking around with a boner all night!

“Maybe we could go clothes shopping,” ‘Mom’ says, breaking from my very horned up train of thought. “Randy needs some nice clothes. Those baggy sweats he wears are too trashy for college next semester.”

The muscled jerk smiled at the woman like he thought it was the best idea in the world. “Yeah! How’s that sound, Randy?”

“No thanks” Randy answered bitterly as he leers at his mother, “What I have is fine.”

“Yeah, he’s still fine. Very fine.” I said, earning a filthy glare from Randy.

“Come on,” ‘Dad’ insisted, “You can’t tell me you don’t like new clothes? Oh, I get it.” The idiot gives a handsome chuckle, “You don’t want to go shopping with your parents, that it?” He pulls out his wallet and opens it up. “Here, take my credit card and have fun. You can even take Tim and he can get a few things. On me.”

Randy blushes sheepishly like he just got kissed for the first time as he shakes his head bashfully, not even looking at his stepdad in the eye. “I like my clothes. I…” He glances at me looking at him up and down again. “I like being covered up.”

“Alright, suit yourself.” ‘Dad’ says as he puts his wallet away just when ‘Mom’ gives me my pancakes.

A few minutes later Randy already forgot about me. He’s too wrapped up in Mr. Perfect to notice me looking at him today. He just keeps staring at him like a moron, but Randy jerks his head away every time ‘Dad’ looks at him. For jock who is on a high school sport team… Gah, I know he’s on the team, I just don’t know which one. Anyway, for a classically beefy teenage heartthrob, he’s sure acting like a schoolgirl. The only good part out of all of this is that the stupid beefcake sitting in my old seat at the table doesn’t even seem to get that this hot teenaged stud wants to jump him. He’s such an ignorant fucktard he doesn’t even know how to bend over a fine piece of ass when it’s served to him on a silver platter-

“Billy!” ‘Dad’ yelled as he slapped the table hard with his newspaper, “Stop staring at your brother!”

“Ah! W-What? Ah,” I startle out of my thought AGAIN – what is it with these people and interrupting my zoning out??

“H-Hey, it’s no big deal,” Randy said, showing that he too is also startled by ‘Dad’s outburst “He’s not really my-”

“I’m not having this behavior!” ‘Dad’ ignores him and points out to the kitchen door. “To your room for the rest of the day, Bill!” Then he stands up. His sudden height and the glare of his unfortunately handsome face is just keeping my dick hard. “NOW!”

“Oh my God, FINE!” I retorted as I get up whipped around fast so my ‘family’ doesn’t see my pants pointing at them. I stride out the door and stomp up the stairs to my room. I’m going to need the rest of the day to figure out what to do next.

It’s midnight, so it’s time to rub the lamp. I need some answers! A few rubs and I cloud up my room with the magic smoke before the Genie manifests.

“Wh-AAaat’s wrong with you?!” I hissed at him. “Why didn’t you grant my wish?! What the he-EE-ll, man?!” I coughed a bit as my voice just cracked like the pathetic teenager I am now! Fuck, I HATE being like this again, it’s driving me crazy!

“I deeply apologize, sir…” The Genie looks at me sympathetically… After him trying not to chuckle at my semi-squeaky voice. “I tried to tell you last night, part of your wish was against the rules.”

“Rules? What rules? You didn’t say anything about rules!”

“I did not get the chance to explain, I am sorry,” The big green Genie positioned himself so that he’s sitting in mid-air, “You cannot undo what you’ve already done with a previous wish, not immediately. So I could not grant the first part of your wish, where you asked to be the stepfather again.”

“RrrrrRRGGH” I bury my head in my hands before my fingers dig into my hair, trying so hard not to scream at the Genie. “So how does that turn into all…” I gesture to all the memorabilia around my room, “This other stuff? All the new and expensive stuff??”

“The second part of your wish was for Randy to be ‘crazy hot for his big, manly stepdad.’ So I looked inside his mind for all his strongest fantasies and desires and remade his new stepfather to fit. Part of that was a figure being incredibly successful, healthy, disciplined, and well adjusted. So naturally a few other things changed as well to match the change of fate and person.”

I looked out over at the window at our giant lawn and the huge garage with a car for everyone except me. Apparently I’m not old enough to drive yet. “Yeah, stuff changed, but not the right stuff.” I say with a frown at the loon, “Look, are there any other rules? I should know about??”

“No, just the two.” The Genie says with a smile “One wish per day for the person who rubs the lamp, and no undoing past wishes until some time has passed.”

“Okay, okay… Ffffuck…” I took a couple of deep breaths. I can think something useful, I just need to calm down. “Gimme a minute, will ya?”

“Of course. It’s your nickel.” The Genie says patiently.

What would be a good wish? Now that I think about it, Sally did mention something about putting Randy into cuter clothes. At least my ‘Mom’ got one thing right.

Randy has acted like a conservative prude for the new guy… Ugh, at this point I don’t even know what name to call my ‘Dad.’ Anyway, Randy could hardly stop looking at the guy, which is both adorable AND really lame. Now that fine piece of ass knows what it’s like to get a good look at a hunk when he sees one. I should remember to point that out next time, see how HE likes it being accused.

A smile hit me so hard, the corners of my mouth hurt. “Genie, I want you to make Randy start behaving like a huge flirt. I mean, he is already in that subtle, pretending-not-to-be-a-slut way. But I want him to start acting like a massively outgoing flirt, not just in what he does, but in how he dresses. I don’t want him putting on sweats and jackets at home. I want him to be wearing the bare minimum when he’s at home. Does that break any of the rules?”

“No, that is a perfectly fine wish!” The Genie says with an enthusiastic smile “That will actually require very little change to the him.”

“I knew it!” I snapped a finger toward the Genie. “He really IS a gay slut inside, isn’t he?!”

“Well,” The Genie hesitates and tilts his head a bit, “Not exactly. I mainly need to add some confidence and pride to his personality. He seems to have had those things beaten down in the last few years, but I can easily give him an abundance of them. Of course, I’ll have to work at making him completely gay,” He smiled reassuringly and disappeared in another cloud of smoke.

I put the lamp away and went to bed, but it’s going to take me a while to drift off. Fantasies about the new Randy is putting me in too good a mood to sleep.

‘Awwhhh! Ohhhh! Lick my pussyyy’ Moans a blonde schoolgirl on Randy’s laptop. Half naked from the waist-down and wearing an old wornout shirt, Randy strokes his half flaccid penis, trying to keep it hard. This is for God’s sake! He’s been into this lesbian website since forever! But tonight it’s been doing nothing for him. Somehow the image of lumberjack lady going to town on a city girl’s beaver is actually putting him off.

Randy tries in vain to keep his dick hard as he observes the redhead slurping and digging some blonde gash, but eventually, he decides to shut it off. “Hhhggghh…” He sighs in aggravation. Then his eyes go to a pop-up picture on the site where he sees the buttocks of a gentleman banging into a woman.

He’s never watched anything other than lesbian porn because teenage brosters hetero-logic dictates that getting hard on anything man-related is totally ‘gay’… But that window…

Seeing those masculine buns flex and wobble from his thrusts puts a bit of a perk into Randy’s member…

Randy adjusts as he clicks onto the pop-up and gets onto the scene where the man’s pants goes down. His attention is immediately drawn to the male imagery of body hair on his stomach, chest, and arms, not to mention the bulge on his crotch. Randy starts to fondle himself again as the man starts servicing the brunette.

“Yeah baby…” Says the man’s voice.

“Ohhh…” Randy gives a weak moan as his cock gets rock solid from just one stroke and hearing a nude man speak.

“You like a huge slice of meat?”

“Fffffuuuuuck yes…” Randy whimpers as his testicles tingle widely as he watches the porno.

The man in the video starts kissing and groping the lady, and frankly, the woman is getting in the way. Randy just wants to see the guy, maybe on his own? He scrolls down and sees something that almost makes him drool.

An ad featuring a couple of gay porn stars, both of them are wearing black leather thongs, chaps, and harnesses. God, both of them look so much like ‘Dad’ that it’s uncanny! They can so be his brothers! Particularly this stud named Caber, he’s so hot! And Billy Santoro, what a stud! He’s seasoned with pepper grey and black hair on his muscles, his shout beard is grizzled as his buzzed hair on his head, the way he smirks at the guy he’s fucking really pulling at Randy’s strings.

He clicks the link and starts to really get into the previews as he wanks with vigor. Randy’s cock spurts a glob of pre as he watches Caber eat someone’s ass, the way they’re talking in the video and the way Caber smacks his hard cock on the guy’s anus before pushing in.

“Ohhhh fuck…” Randy masturbates with renewed zeal as he watches the daddy themed previews, Caber either pounding some bubble butt or him spreading his legs to have some stud fuck his manly ass. Caber braces himself as his lips pucker to take on the harsh spread in his asshole, his hands behind his head as his thick build bounces back and forth from the hung male railing into him.

Randy’s hand is a blur on his meat, feeling even more horny than he has ever been before! Without even thinking about it, Randy sucks and licks his fingers to get the nice and wet.

“FuuUUUUck” Caber growls as he tilts his face back and gruffs with the humping into his ass, “Fuck, pound that ass, I’ve been fucking bad, NNHH!”

“Hnnhh, hlllmm…” Randy whimpers as he suckles his middle and ring fingers, as if he was sucking a dick as he sees another preview of Santoro snorting and slurping a dick like he was a very horny pig. The guy really loves cock! It’s like he’s trying to force the cum right into his mouth!

Then Randy sees Santoro in a different preview of him digging his fingers into his well-abused sphincter. Randy pulls his fingers from his pillowy lips and observes how coated with saliva they are…

Closely watching the porno like it was an instructional video, Randy moves his hand down and stands a leg up to sneak his fingers into his deeper most thighs. His body is practically quaking with anticipation before he starts to rub his taint.

“Mmnnhh!” He whines as he bites his lip and rubs his pucker around with his spit before shoving his fingers into his hole for the first time!

“Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh” Randy moans as he shoves two fingers into his ass while stroking his cock, “Fuck me, fuck meee…” He moans like all those sexy ladies on the previous websites. Is this how they feel? Getting pegged feels freaking amazing!

Randy gets up and sits down before leaning back on the wall with the porno in front of him. Randy spreads his legs and props his legs up before he continues to push his fingers back into his ass while stroking his dick.

“Ohhhh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, that’s it, yeeeees” Randy moans as his toes curl. His hole is so tight, but he wants to shove more up there. His butt is getting greedy as he really starts to shove his digits in their. His hand edges and strokes his rod as he watches the next preview play out on his laptop while he masturbates his new discovery.

At this time, Randy just wants to take ‘Dad’s’ offer on his credit card and buy a few huge dildos to shove up his anus right now – or better yet, just have ‘Dad’ fuck him right here!

“A-Aww! Ahhh!” Oh God, just the thought of ‘Dad’ standing over him nude and flopping his probably fat cock for Randy to feast on.

“A-AHH! OO-OHH! Oh fuck! Awwwhhhhfffffuck!” He moans as quietly as he can as he starts spurting cum all over himself, splattering his shirt with his seed and sliding his fingers out of his pucker.

He pants as he pulls off his shirt and pulls on some small boxers. Randy just lies flat on his bed, panting and basking in unbelievable bliss.

That. Felt. Great. He’s only jerked off a handful of times before, but tonight? Wow, this time just felt better than anything he experienced before – even the first time some chick from school sucked his dick.

Randy moans silently as he lays on his back on the bed, spreading his legs to get comfy, imagining how fantastic it would be to have ‘Dad’ hovering above him and jacking off on his ass…

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