FAGPET 3: Monkey Business

By Behaven published October 18, 2018

Collins control over his neighbor intensifies.

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Now, enjoy part 3.

We were there for a couple more seconds, Abu looking at me with devotion, Fagpet starting to recover from the stuffing Abu gave him and me basking in the glory of knowing that I had won, there was no return for Abu, now he was my compliant slave and I planned to mold him just as I did with Fagpet. However it was getting late and probably Abu’s mom was already asking what on earth was her son doing here, so with another command of the ring I instructed Abu to dress himself up and go back home, I also instructed discretion from him and to follow my story of what he was originally doing at my place, it was imperative for him to be discreet till the next day where I planned to add some kinky stuff on his mind-fucked brain to entertain myself a little more.

And so the weekend came, and early in the morning I had Abu knocking on my door. I took my time opening the door watching as Abu started to move anxiously, it was almost as if he was suffering from withdrawal, I was his drug after all. “How did you sleep Abu?” I asked with a smirk on my face.

“I didn´t get much sleep master” he said as I signaled him to enter to my place “I couldn´t stop thinking about you, I wanted to be here so I could please you, it was difficult but eventually I fell asleep and…” he abruptly stopped, his face started too blush.

“And then what bitch?” I said and I could see how a wave of pleasure erupted in Abu’s body due to the insult.

“I had dreams of being used by you master, so I got up early and told my mom I was going out to do some errands and actually came here”

That’s what I wanted to hear, the programming had stuck pretty neatly on Abu´s slave brain. I closed the door and signaled for him to stand in front of me, he complied directly taking all of his clothes, today Abu was wearing a tight tank top, jeans and a set of sandals that gave him a “carefree” look, his underwear a bright yellow brief, as always from him, super sexy. I sat on my couch admiring my new canvas, how I was gonna fuck him more? That was to be discovered soon. I called FP to my side, he quickly came on all fours, since Abu was another of my pets FP had no need for discretion anymore, so he went as a dog to my side, panting and sniffing my bare feet, his wiggling his tail plugged butt happily.

“Yeah bitch, give me a tongue massage while I mess up my new toy” he didn´t need any more instructions, he got at it with glee.

“As for you Abu, tell me more about you” His next words would soon set his fate.

“My name is Abu Rakhmavahli, I’m 20 years old, I just moved here with my family, my father got a job in a construction nearby with a better pay than his last job so we could afford a better place, I live with my Mom and Dad and my two younger siblings”

“Tell me more about your siblings Abu” I said while FP started to suck on my toes “About your younger brother actually”

“His name is Ravi, he is 17 but his birthday is next week”

“Nice, we will do him a surprise party” I said “and what party it’ll be…" I told to myself then added “Now let´s get back to you Abu, tell me what’s that you are most proud of yourself?”

“I graduated first in my class in high school, I am very proud of being really smart” As if to justify himself he added “I actually couldn´t go to college because we couldn´t afford it so I opted for work when I got out of high school to help my family”

“So you are really smart and you are proud of it, figures” I took my feet out of Fagpet mouth and stood right in front of my other pet “I think we should play a game, you know to bond better”

“What kind of game master?” Abu asked smiling as a kid that is about to get some fun.

“Since yesterday I could not properly brand you as mine we will pop your cherry today” Abu was trying to figure out how this was a game so I proceeded with my explanation “That’s not the game dumbass, that’ll come later, the game is something I like to call The Moaning Game” An expression of understanding crossed Abu’s face “However this game is pretty important for you, it is a game of resistance, the rules are simple: I do what I want with your body, touch it, squeeze it, fondle you, suck you and even fuck you if I want and I have 10 minutes to make you moan as much as I can”

Abu seemed to like the idea, the poor bastard wasn´t aware how nothing good could come for him from this game.

“There´s a catch however” I started with a smirk on my face “Every time you let out a moan your intelligence will decrease, in other words the more you moan the dumber you get” Abu’s face got a little bit pale at the realization of what was on the line, I could also feel the ring vibrating in my finger so the programming was being inscribed in Abu´s head as we chatted “How do you feel with our little game pet?”.

“Master you know I’ll do anything you want me to do, if you want to play this game I’ll do it so I can please you, you are my life and my reason to live, I won’t lie to you, there’s a part of me that’s horrified and mortified by this, I don’t really want to become dumb”

“Then try your best not to moan whore” I said in between laughs “Oh and before I forget, you are in disadvantage in this game since you are super sensitive to my touch” I know, I was cheating but you should know by now that a rigged game was part of the torture.

“Of course master, I think I’ll probably be really dumb in the near future but as long as I’m yours I know I’ll be happy” Boy he was such a devoted faggot.

“Ok, Fagpet set the timer on my phone and tell me when to start” Fagpet dashed towards my phone and stood as if he was going to direct the countdown for a race.

“Ready master, set, GO!”

And the contest began, I went for him caressing his shoulder first and marveling in how he just gasped trying his best not to let anything escape, I did after all told him to “Try his best” so it added to his predicament, it was really funny. Then I directed my hand towards his nipples, the response however was actually unexpected, every time I pinched his nipples his cock bounced as if they were connected, even once when I gave a particularly strong pinch his cock leaked a huge glob of pre, I took the chance to grab the glob with one of my fingers and ran it through the base of his cockhead, this did the trick.

“Aaahhhhng oh master” escaped Abu´s mouth and I swear in his face one could see how his brain slowly melted to stupidity. I took my hand off his cock and moved it to his butt, there I started to massage his ass ring slowly and after two more minutes I slid my pinky into his ass causing Abu to let other moan out.

“How are you feeling Abu?” I said still with my pinky inside him.

“I…I feel” He started but I moved the pinky a little bit more and he moaned again, just as I expected as he got dumber it was more difficult for him to avoid moaning “I feel… funny master” he said accompanied by a “Hehehe” that could only be described as the typical Dumb Jock laughter, it was working.

As I was about to answer him the alarm of my phone filled the room, damn those ten minutes sure passed by quickly. I looked at FP that had disappointment written all over his face, it seems he was growing fond of helping me in fucking up Abu’s mind, then remembering the night before and the made up “Slave Salute” I had a wonderful idea.

“Good, good my dear Abu… you endured round one pretty well” This last part I said it with drama all over it and the reaction of Abu was priceless, his face contorted into a surprise grimace.

“There was more than one round?!” His voice had changed a little bit; it was more guttural and primal.

“Of course pretty face, round one was simply “stay and endure”, but for round two you’ll have to take a more active role” Then I left the living room for a second and went for the studio to look for my whiteboard and a marker. Thirty seconds later I was back in the room only to find a humorous scene, FP was lying on his back panting happily while Abu was rubbing his belly, “hehehe… doggie” laughed Abu oblivious to FP raging hard on.

“Come one pets, time for round two” I grabbed the Whiteboard and put it hanging in one of the living room wall, Abu came closer and I gave him the marker “Ok, for round number two the rules are similar, if you moan you get dumber however I’m a scientist my dear pet and I want to see the change as it happens so what we are gonna do is that, while I’m here in the couch supervising the round, you are going to write something in the whiteboard for me several times”

“You mean like when you are in detention at school?” It seems Abu hasn´t moaned enough, but the comparison was good.

“Indeed” My answer was followed by a silent protest of my now dumb pet “While you are writing the phrase I’m going to give you, FP here will be eating your ass once again and fingering you, let’s see how much you can endure given that your asshole is super sensitive now” I felt the ring vibrate once more rewiring my pet’s thoughts, it was cool that since Abu was my slave now the ring just directed the order in his brain without any resistance left.

“Ok master, but what should I write?”

“That’s an excellent question, one whose answer comes with a little story: you know yesterday after you left? Well I was channel surfing while FP gave me a rimming, you’ll never figure out which movie we ended up watching” Abu laid there, expectant “We ended up watching Aladdin! And then I couldn´t help but realize you and Aladdin’s trained monkey have the same name!” A dumb and short laugh came from Abu who didn’t seem to be aware of that fact till today “So, what you are going to write in the Whiteboard is “I am my masters Collin’s dumb trained monkey” easy enough, right champ…or should I say chimp?”

Abu nodded vigorously and prepared himself for the task, I signaled once again for Fagpet to position his mouth in Abu’s ass(probably by now FP could recognize Abu’s scent blindfolded,) and got ready.

“On your marks, set, go!”

FP started its task as so did Abu. At first the calligraphy of Abu was really good, he remembered pretty well his mantra, but after starting to write for the second time his designated line a moan escaped his mouth, then he started to slow down on his writing, by the end of the second line he let out another moan, when he started the third line he had to say out loud what he was writing making it all the more erotic and humiliating.

I am my masters Collin’s dumb trained monkey” He finished the third line.

I am my masters Collin’s dumb trained monkey” He finished the forth line, but in that point FP started to finger him and touched his oversensitive prostate, the moaning didn´t took long to appear.

I am my masters Collin’s….hehe” again he started to laugh like a dumb jock and this time his left hand started to wander towards his cock “…dumb trained monkey

I am my…” Another moan as FP touched his prostate again, by now Abu was jerking off in a regular pace, all the while his writing becoming more and more rubbish “masters Collin’s… dumb trained… monkey”and yet another moan, this time his moan was soft, as if his brain was slowly shutting down.

“Dumb… trained… monkey” he started to repeat and repeat regularly.

One more moan “Dumb…uh uhuh… trained… uh uhuh monkey” Abu repeated his mantra which was starting to become just monkey sounds; in some part of his now twisted mind his stupidity had started to morph him into believing he was actually a dumb monkey, this couldn´t have gone better, I started to laugh, as his back started to arch a little bit in a chimpanzee posture.

“Now that´s enough for round two FP” I said as I got up and got closer to Abu, as FP drew his finger from Abu’s anus a “Ngghhhhh” came from Abu as he started to ejaculate “Good chimp” I added and the appraisal intensified Abu’s orgasm “Now let’s see what we have learned today, Abu what are you?”.

“I am…my master…dumb trained monkey” he said recovering from his orgasm between pants and gasps in his newly developed primal tone, it was almost as having a caveman for myself.

“Excellent Abu, now that we have fucked you over a little more, as our little Fagpet here I think you deserve a renaming, and boy I have the perfect name for you” I chuckled as I gave Abu a slap on his butt just for fun “From now on you are Fagchimp, that way you and FP will have matching names since you’ll have basically matching tasks” Abu nodded in agreement, a little bit of drool coming from the corner of his mouth “Who are you?” I asked to see if the command was taken.

“I am Fagchimp”

“And what are you?”

“I am my master dumb trained monkey”


“I am Fagchimp and I am my master dumb trained monkey”

“I can´t hear you!”

“I am Fagchimp and I am my master dumb trained monkey!”

We repeated the mantra for a couple of minutes till I was sure he knew his place.

“Now that we have renamed you my pet I think this calls for a proper christening” I said feeling the evil grin starting to form on my face “Let’s go to my bedroom, I wanna take your cherry in my bed chimp”

Fagchimp nodded excited and hurried to the room followed by me and Fagpet, as we got closer to the room I took piece by piece of my clothing and by when we got there I was buck naked and with a raging hard on too. I leaned over the bed and gestured Fagchimp to come closer.

“Chimp wants a banana?” I said bobbing my dick a little, Fagchimp immediately placed his face at my cock level, slowly sniffing it at first and then touching it softly, while it wasn´t the first time he blew me last time he didn´t had the chance to touch my cock so this was totally new for him. He marveled in pulling up and down my foreskin giving me waves of pleasure, I grabbed him by his chin and put my cockhead on his lips, shyly Fagchimp tongue went out to explore my organ, licking the pre that was coming out of it and taking in the flavor.

“That’s it boy, Fagpet come here and give Fagchimp a helping hand” Fagpet quickly came by Fagchimp side and started to lick my balls, slowly rising to the shaft only to finish in my cockhead making out with the chimp in the process. While this seemed to grab my newest pet by surprise he quickly went at it too and they fused in a very passionate kiss with my glans midway, I was an amazing sensation.

They were at it for good five minutes when I decided that it was the time to take my newest toy cherry “Fagchimp lay on bed and grab your ankles, I want to see what’s left of your freewill go away from your brain as I fuck your ass out” Fagchimp nodded and did as I told him, it was such a sight to see him in that position, grabbing his ankles and anxiously waiting for his master to breed him, I was horny as hell.

I positioned my dick in his entrance and could feel the heat coming out of his anus accompanied by a good sphincter throbbing, his ass was hungry for cock and I was gonna give it to him. Since his ass was already wet and fingered the only thing I had to do was slowly push my cockhead quickly moving my way past his ass muscles, they gave in as softly as hot butter gives in to a knife. As I got inch by inch inside Fagchimp face started to contort once again as if he was in awe, his moans now were soft and a little bit girly, he had gave up completely to me, as I entered him completely I felt his ass muscle relax and tense as if he was trying to milk my dick, this one was a keeper, I couldn´t help but to wonder how would it be when I enslaved the other male members of his family, my imagination flew by with image of their submission as I fucked Fagchimp wildly.

I took my time to piston him in many ways, at first I fucked him while he made the effort of to grab his ankles but minutes later he just wasn´t able due to the pleasure so I let him rest his legs on my shoulders giving me something to grab and make more powerful trusts, as I rammed my rod inside him his eyes went blank in ecstasy, then I turned him around and fucked him doggy style. Another good five minutes went by and then I grabbed him by the hair in order to plow him more violently, there came a time where I wasn’t even grabbing him by the hair anymore but his back was arched in a way that I could grab him by the neck as he moaned taking my vicious fucking.

“Fagpet come here and give Chimp your banana” the mention of the word Banana activated another primal response in Fagchimp who, as Fagpet positioned his dick in front of his mouth, started to let out simian sounds “Uh uhuh” along with those lovely contractions in his butthole that threatened to milk my cock dry. He started to suck enthusiastically as I let Fagpet grab him by the ears and facefuck him, all of this with a cruel smile starting to form in his face.

“That’s it FP, you are starting to get the hang of it” FP only answer was a doggy howl as he continued giving himself to the blowjob.

As I felt myself getting closer I started to up the tempo to which I could see FP face twist indicating he was cumming in Fagchimp’s mouth unleashing a chain reaction, I could feel Fagchimp tense and as he was drinking FP nectar and then he start to cum all over my bed sheets, the contractions bringing me to my limit, I unloaded deep within him hugging Fagchimp from behind and whispering in his ear reinforcements words for his reprogramming, after that I laid there over my new chimp who suckled on FP flaccid cock gently as if it was a pacifier.

I drifted off for a little bit and by when I got up I gave Fagchimp new instructions.

“Now Fagchimp, you’ll return home, while you are at home you’ll regain some of your intelligence, enough so you won’t raise suspicions but still being a little dumb, as from now on when you are at home you’ll fantasize about me and about how can you help me in slaving the other members of your family” I stood there for a second thinking and added “From now on when you are at home you’ll also be an undies perv, whenever there’s no one watching you’ll sneak in your brother and father dirty laundry and sniff every part of their dirty underwear, this’ll give you great pleasure and you won’t be able to help but to masturbate till you cream yourself in your own underwear”

I could see how Fagchimp was taking note in his mind, trying his best to remember all the info that was being emblazed in his subconscious.

“This creamed underwear you’ll keep it on for the whole day, the feeling of cum on your skin reminds you of me, that’s why you do it, so next time I see you here you better be wearing a crusty undies or I will feel very disappointed” Chimp’s face became that of anguish and fear “also the next time I see you I want you to be clean shaved from under your neck, now give me your number so I can call you later with new instructions”

He gave me his number and just like that he went back home, of course he wasn´t going back empty handed, before he got dressed as I browsed through my fridge for a snack I was lucky enough to finda banana (Who would’ve thought!!), then it hit me, my poor little slave pet should be hungry after all that fucking but since he was in a rush he could not stay to eat the banana there. And that’s how Fagchimp waved goodbye turning to go back to his place with a broad smile on his face, his mind full of devotion to me and a banana inserted deeply in his asshole as a buttplug so he could eat it later when no one was watching.

One down, two to go…and the father was next.

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