FAGPET 2: New Neighbor

By Behaven
published October 16, 2018

Collins starts to expand his horizons using the ring.

NOTE BY THE AUTHOR: Well, there were a few comments asking for me to continue this little story along with suggestions on how to write better, I tried to take them all and apply them. I have intended to continue this story since some time but I just didn´t had the time, you see there have been rough times where I live and I’ve had to deal with them.

Anyway here´s the second part of this series, I’m already working on the third one but if you want to share your ideas, request for something and so on you can always send me a mail to acharlie094@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to read suggestions, comments and all of that, I promise to answer as soon as I can.

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As a final note every character in this story is over 18 years old, now, enjoy.

A week has gone by since I found the mind controlling ring and enslaved Fagpet (Formerly known as Oliver Krass). Since the day I branded Fagpet as my property we had a lot of work to do, first of all was the arrangements of him moving to my place, this part was easy since he used the Institute dorms, it was all a matter of saying to the prying eyes he found a lovely flat and a good roommate to live with, nothing weird about it.

When my new pet moved home we started molding him a little bit more to my desires, first of all I reprogrammed his mind to crave for my physical abuse, he would love every second of it, second I made it uncomfortable for him wearing clothes, while at home Fagpet would immediately change to his “Uniform” that consisted on a pink dog collar and a tailplug, while on the street he’ll be dying a little bit inside due to the discomfort of having so many clothing on. I also made him to walk as a doggy when he wasn’t doing something that required him to stand on his legs, in other words he was in every aspect my slave pet.

As the days went by I fuck Fagpet senseless, by the fourth day I commanded him to search on his free time new ways to please me by carefully studying porn, a task Fagpet took to the heart (Evidenced by his browser history), by the time a week has passed I have grown accustomed to not doing any chores while my pet did them all.

That morning I woke up early to the scent of a good breakfast being cooked, as I approached the living room I could see Fagpet cooking in his uniform.

“Good morning master” he said enthusiastically.

“Morning bitch” I said as I sat on the table.

Quickly Fagpet finished doing the breakfast and served it to me, after that he went back to his doggy position and crawled under the table to, as I programmed him to do, start to blow me. By then Fagpet gag reflex was nonexistent so he blew me with everything he had and it took little time for me to unload my morning load.

“Oh thank you Master for that yummy breakfast” Fagpet added after licking clean his lips “I love your morning milk”

“He he, what a fag” I said “Turn around bitch”

Fagpet complied assuming the position under the table giving me access to his plugged ass and genitals, that day I felt I wanted a change so, instead of fucking him with his tail plug I grabbed him by his balls and started to squeeze them while I let my thoughts drift.

Fagpet loved every second of his torture, as I applied more and more pressure he leaked more and more and soft moans and panting could be heard every once in a while. This activity was actually a very good way to fidget while I thought of the happenings of that week; there was something that still bothered me, doctor Londstein disappeared without a trace, police didn´t seem able to find him and Fagpet mentioned the Russians as possible culprits, I had to be careful of not driving attention to me or Fagpet for some time, of that I was aware and that was what had stopped me from going haywire and slaving half the institute for the sake of it, after all the doctor had the ring too and (Now that I knew he was not as incompetent as I thought he was) they seemed to had got to him anyway so there was no guarantee that the ring could fully protect me from them, as for the CIA matter I was really lucky that Londstein entrusted his investigation to Fagpet without telling them about it, so in other words I had that front covered yet still a little bit of discretion wouldn’t hurt.

My thought were interrupted by a particularly girly moan from Fagpet, as I checked on him I could see that he wasn´t able to handle the pressure on his testicles and came all over the carpet floor, a curious thing about Fagpet is that he never seemed to run out of cum, he could cum from four to five times a day and still give generous loads.

“I think I squeezed the cum out of your nuts” I said between muffled laughs, the only answer I got was an unintelligible gibberish of pure bliss. A minute later I got up the table and started to get dressed, we both had to pretend to have a normal day at the institute, at least for some weeks till summer break.

That day passed by really slowly, when you have a slave to have fun with but can only use it at home everything else seems really uninteresting, however as we got back home the game changed a little bit. As we parked the car on the parking lot of Higging´s Building (The place I live in) the sight of a moving truck came to view, Fagpet gave me a curious look which I replied with one of complete interest, because that could only mean one thing, that if we were lucky we might have our next victim.

It wasn´t long before locating the moving family, at second floor I found a family of five getting box after box on one of the vacant apartments, they were easily recognized since they all had brown skin and were clearly of Arab heritage, we got closer and greeted them.

“I see we have new neighbors” I said as my opening phrase. “Welcome to Higging’s, I´m Collins and this here…” I waved to my sandy haired pet boyfor him to present himself, I have instructed him to be discreet on public so I was intrigued in what he could came up with.

“I’m FP” he completed, I could not believe it, he was a quick and cynical thinker.

“Attaboy” I said casually to him and could feel how he imperceptibly fought the surge of pleasure I programmed in his ass to appear every time I complimented him as my pet.

“Well hello” said the brown skinned lady that had to be the mother of the family “I’m Vinna, nice to meet you” She was really nice, I kinda liked her but we weren´t here for ladies, nope we were here to collect potential new slaves, so my mind sprung to attention when she said “Boys, Calli, come here and say hi to the neighbors”.

Seconds later a girl and two boys came to view, followed by a middle aged man. “These here are my children, Ravi” She said gesturing towards a thin boy with curly black hair and a shy look in his face “Calli” gesturing to the beautiful teenager girl, Calli had enviable factions and cute green eyes “and Abu” she finished gesturing toward the oldest son and to the one I knew would soon come to be my newest acquisition.

Abu was tall, brown skinned and like his sister had piercing green eyes, his body even covered in a shirt and a jean was obviously that of a Greek (In this case Arab) Adonis and his smile was that of a playboy. Lastly but not less important was Rajiv the father of the trio and certainly in the future another one of my slaves, he was buff and large as a fridge, with a severe look on his face but nothing that the ring couldn´t handle, however It was best to enslave one person at a time. Through a little bit of chatting we learned something important of Abu, he was planning to attend the institute after summer, so I quickly suggested for him to pass later to our apartment to “Show him the ropes”, a suggestion that was received with glee from his mother, after that we both excused ourselves and went on our way to the flat.

I know what you are thinking, why don´t just simply turn the family right there and then right? Well don´t think that didn´t occur to me, there´s just simply something in corrupting them slowly that made it more compelling, otherwise it would become boring real quick.

So, a couple of hours later I was sitting playing videogames while FP cooked my dinner when the doorbell rang, “I’m coming” I said as I started to move towards the door, fidgeting the ring on my finger. As I expected, there on a simple white shirt and sweatpants was the young stud, his grin so bright when he said “Hi” that it made my crotch throb.

“Come on in, feel yourself at home” I said as I signaled him toward the living room “Remember FP right?” At this I signaled to FP that was in his slut uniform.

At this Abu´s eyes grew wider as he tried to say something; however he seemed like hecouldn´t think of anything good to say. Fagpet came out of the kitchen and got closer saying “Hi” as him being naked, collared and plugged was the most normal thing in the world.

“I think I… should get going, I remembered I have something else I forgot to do…” said Abu trying to hide his uncomforted look, however I was completely prepared for this.

“Oh come on Abu don’t be so hasty, there´s nothing bad or abnormal in FP being like that” Then I could feel the ring starting to vibrate as Abu stopped in his tracks. “You see I didn´t want to say anything to your mother since it would´ve been rude but FP here is actually my servant, so is completely natural for him to be like that right?” Abu turned around and I could see how his mind was beginning to process this new info “Besides it would be rude for you to leave just like that, you don´t wanna be rude do you?”

“I…you are right, how rude of myself” He went for FP hand and tried to shook it but I prevented him from it.

“Wait, that’s not how you greet a Slave you know?” Abu looked at me a little bit confused.

“Sorry, I’ve never had met someone who owns a slave, how should I greet him?”

“Well first of all, as I told you before you should feel here at home, and you should know at this house guest doesn´t wear shirts” He seemed reluctant at first but a second later he was taking his shirt off.

“If you say so, I don´t want to be rude after all” He peeled of the shirt to reveal a perfectly sculpted chest with good pectorals, he had a good bush of hair in his chest but that could be corrected in due time.

“My my, you are certainly a specimen, work out regularly?” I asked wanting to know more about where that body came from.

“I tend to help dad at his job, he works at a construction nearby”he said and surprisingly flexed a little bit giving me a great sight.

“You should be really popular with girls then”

“I get as much pussy as I like” Boy this kid was really honest “So, how do I greet him?” Abu completed signaling FP.

“Oh right! Well, he is a worthless slave and is mandatory for slaves like him to greet his master and houseguests licking and kissing their asshole” Abu looked at me a little freaked out “Hey its tradition! Look just put your hands on the table and let him do it, you won’t regret it” I said like justifying myself.

“Fine” He complied with an skeptic look and did as I suggested, I looked at FP giving him an affirmative nod and he kneeled in front of Abu´s butt cheeks.

FP Certainly took his time in his chore, he slowly started to stroke Abu’s back till he got to the sweatpants waistband, there his hands started to lower them exposing Abu´s ass wrapped in a bright red boxer, I couldn´t resist anymore.

“Abu remember that you feel yourself at home and in this home it is completely normal for me to touch any part of your body, there’s nothing wrong or weird about it” Then, as Fagpet nose started to sniff Abu, I got closer and grabbed with an iron grip one of Abu’s butt cheeks “Now this is what I call good meat eh?”

At my touch Abu’s body tensed a little bit but he just let me do what I wanted “Yeah, chicks love it” was his answer as Fagpet lowered his boxers revealing a set of lightly fuzzy cheeks. FP didn´t left our guest waiting, he delved directly in between Abu´s ass and started eating his ass out.

“Nggghhh” was Abu´s sudden answer, a soft repressed moan due to Fagpet´s wet tongue intrusion, certainly a new experience for the (till now) straight hunk.

“How does that feel buddy?” I could feel the grin starting to form at my face, I couldn´t help it, here I had this totally heterosexual stud at my bidding, I loved every second of it.

“It feels weird, no one ever had done this to me before”

“Ah, but I bet it feels good too doesn´t it?”

“It….ah…it does” Abu’s face was priceless, he looked as if he was doing an extreme effort no to scream in delight, I could relate, Fagpet’s last week had been devoted to perfecting the art of rimming too, so it was only natural when I checked Abu´s front to find a generously large bulge forming in his groin.

“And what exactly does FP do for you?” Said Abu´s between pants, I grabbed his chest and separated him from the table putting myself in front of him, my hand darting directly to the bulge to fondle it a little bit.

“Actually he do everything I command him to” Abu´s package throbbed in my hands as I said this so I decided to take it a little further then, a wrongmove and all of this could go awry “My food, he keeps the house clean, he takes care of my sexual needs” I completed casually.

“Sexual needs? But he is a dude, you mean like, are you a fag or something?” said the Arab stud with a clearly disgusted forming on his face.

“Yes indeed” Abu was clearly shocked by this “However you don´t have to worry about that, you are completely comfortable with me being gay, in fact I think you are starting to feel curious about my lifestyle” The ring vibrated once again, however Abu wasn´t totally convinced “After all, you are enjoying FP taking care of you” In that moment Fagpet’s tongue touched a pretty sensitive spot on the studs ass-ring ensuring the ring manipulation.

“Yeah man you are right, I’m starting to feel just a tiny bit curious about this whole faggy deal” I could see how Abu started to take a bit of a more active role on Fagpet rimming, grabbing his head and pushing it closer “Oh yeah, that feels awesome”.

“I’m glad you like it, now, let me show you what else we Fags can do for fun, you trust me completely on this matter, after all who’s better than a fag to show you about gay sex?” The ring vibrated once more, this time having no trouble to seep the reprogramming through the Arab hunk skull, as I finally introduced both my thumbs on either side of Abu’s boxer waistband and pulled down.

Abu’s dick was all I could imagine as it flopped in front of me in its full glory, it was about 7 inches, not that long but it was very thick and it was oozing a lot of precum, as with Abu’s chest the base of his dick was crowned by a thick bush of pubes that I would see be removed later. While I was a complete top I actually liked a lot giving head so I kneeled too and started to suck. Abu’s moans didn´t took long to fill the room, being attacked by both sides he was in seventh heaven, the three of us were at it for sometime till I decided to stop, I still needed to mold him some more to assure his complete obedience so I got up and grabbed FP hair to separate him from Abu’s now more than wet ass.

I threw FP to the ground making him yelp a little bit. “Ok, now that we had a bit of foreplay it’s time for the real deal” Fagpet instantly understood and positioned himself presenting his ass to Abu.

“I don´t know man, having a guy suck me is one thing, but to stick my dick in him…that’s where I draw the line” Abu said raising his hands in a negation gesture.

Of course, fucking a guy was gay but let him suck you wasn´t, sometimes straight guy logic was just too much for me, yet that wasn´t something to worry about, Abu has been screwed up since long before in this game.

“Abu, do you trust me? I have been a good host till now and you have had nothing but a good time since you got here have you not?” The Arab Adonis stood there for a second and then replied “Yes I have, I don’t know why but I feel very comfortable in your place and I do trust you” There we go, a little bit more and he’ll be done

“Then let me ask you something, do we look like good neighbors to you? Since we have been good host to you we should be good neighbors right?” He nodded in agreement “Good neighbors want nothing but the best for his other neighbors; they should be trusted completely right?” another nod “Then trust me when I tell you that fucking FP here is completely normal and natural, it doesn´t make you gay you are only curious and that´s all right, beside since he is a slave is only natural for you to assert your dominance on him, besides it would be rude not to fuck him when I as a host ask you to do it” that was it, Abu´s brain processed this really fast, it seemed that being horny made him yet more susceptible to my manipulation.

“Oh damn, sorry for being so rude Mr. Law, jeez where are my manners?” Said Abu as he proceeded to position himself to fuck FP, I also took note of the “Mr.” he added to my name, it seemed that he was naturally submissive to people older than him, probably from his family strict way of raising him.

In that moment I saw the clock on the wall and realized we had spent more time than expected in this little reprogramming session so I suggested for Abu to call his mom and tell her I was kind enough to invite him dinner so he’ll be staying a little while longer. After the call Abu unplugged Fagpet’s tailed butt and aligned his dick with the slave hole directly starting to push. I just let him do it that way because I wanted to see FP pleading look as he endured the non lubed intrusion, while my pet pain was my pleasure if Abu broke his hole too much it wouldn´t be useful for me anymore.

“Wow wow there cowboy hold your horses, first you have to prepare him” Abu put an expression as if he had missed something obvious and apologized to me, then proceeded to return FP favor in rimming his ass. As FP moaned I got closer to Abu’s ass and since my command of not being bothered by my touch was still active he didn´t even flinch, I started to finger his hole carefully, even though he was already too far gone there was always the possibility of him “Drawing the line again” so I was tender, something that (due to the pulsating motion of Abu´s anus) he seemed to enjoy.

After sometime preparing FP, Abu got up and went again for the killing, he positioned himself once more as I put myself in front of FP. Abu trusted in a simple and quick way burying his dick all the way to FP bottom, that caused him to try to moan really loudly but I was already there putting my dick in his mouth, FP started to suck like a baby on a pacifier, then the fucking began, I have to give it to Abu, his abilities fucking matched his thick tool trusting in and out of FP insides in a swift way, he almost seemed like a piston engine that went wild.

Abu’s fucking lasted for some time as FP sucked me, making me see stars when his sucking magnified as Abu got to punch that special spot on FP prostate, then I took my Dick out of my slave mouth and positioned myself over him with my penis right in front of Abu’s face, he looked at me with curiosity on his eyes as I brushed the tip of my cock in his lips.

Abu was so messed up by the sensory assault of the fucking that he even made the effort to start sucking me, but thing weren´t gonna be that easy for him, not if he was to be my slave. I got back a little as his mouth missed my dickhead for just about an inch, he looked like a kid whose lollipop had just been stolen, utter betrayal, it was then that I moved aside an started to brush my cock in Abu´s left shoulder, circling him, passing through his upper back towards his other shoulder and leaving a trail of pre in the process.

“Tell me Abu, are you having fun?” I said in Abu’s right ear.

“As never before” He started to make more powerful trusts making FP yelp.

“Yes you are, and what about FP, do you think he is enjoying this?”

“He certainly seem so” Another trust came by as I signaled FP to turn himself so Abu could see his face as he fucked him “FP tell our guest how much are you enjoying this”.

“I’m having the time of my life master, I love being your slave, I love serving you, it gives my life purpose” he paused to moan a little bit “this is the best thing that has happened to me in my life”

“Hear that Abu? The best thing that has happened in his life, I bet now you are curious about it right? In fact I think you want to know what to be a slave feels like, bet you are dying to ask me to help you with it” I said shooting my final bullet.

“Yes, that seems like really fun, I would like to try being a slave” said Abu a little bit mesmerized “Hey I been thinking” he started without stopping his fucking “What one has to do to become a slave? There’s like some ritual or something? It seems like really something I would enjoy and something you can help me with”

“Do you wanna become a slave?” I said feigning surprise, he nodded “I guess I could let you become MY slave, but for that you´d have to compromise completely, I’ll be the center of your universe, you’ll have to do everything I tell you and when I tell you no matter how embarrassing that is, however that’ll give you the greatest pleasure, your mind and your body will belong to me and no one else, you think you can do that?”

Abu, stopped mid fucking to process my request, then he looked at me and said with a million dollar grin “Of course I can, we’ll have a lot of fun!” I smirked and positioned my dick just in front of Abu’s lips once again.

“Then the only thing you have to do is suck me till I cum, drink my seed and pledge your undying alliance to me” Abu didn´t even took the time to process what he had to do, he just simply started sucking me devotedly as he resumed fucking FP. The guy was straight, it showed on his blowjob skills, however those skills were more than enough to keep my motor running, after some minutes I couldn’t hold myself anymore and with a simple “Now FP, Abu, CUM!” I started to unload in Abu’s throat, I could feel as he greedily started to drink as his body shivered from his own ejaculation, all of this accompanied by FP ecstatic moans.

“From this moment onwards you are my slave Abu, you feel nothing but devotion and undying love for me, since this moment and forever you are my property and are completely obedient to me, you’ll do my biding and want only to make me happy, my wishes are your commands and to carry them brings you great pleasure” I don´t know how I managed to say that as my cum pumped directly to Abu’s stomach, however I could feel the ring vibrating with all its intensity transforming Abu´s brain instantly in slave mush, I lowered my eyes to meet his, he was kneeling now, with his mouth stuffed full of my cock and with a look of awe and fascination, he was looking as his undeniable master for the first time in his life, and just as FP that realization filled him with an indescribable sensation of pure joy, I pulled out of his mouth as I said “ Now, pledge your devotion to me”.

“Oh master” Abu started “I’m nothing but your lowly slave, I hereby declare my undeniable loyalty to you, I live to serve you, to make you happy, I want nothing more than to bring you joy my lord, I’m yours to use as you see fit” Then I took my now semi flaccid dick and put it on his forehead.

“Then I declare you my slave, consider yourself marked as mine, now you bear the essence of my cum on your head, your body and on your mind” I cleaned my dick on his forehead, knowing that he was done for, now Abu was my slave too, and boy what fun I had planned for him.

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