Two shorts

By Stroppy Author
published October 14, 2018

2 stories:A sex spirit visits a fraternity and Rumors bar finds your mate in the most unlikely people

I cant seem to go anywhere with these. Do they have the makings of a good story or should I let it die? If anyone has an idea how to make it a story please feel free to cut, paste and change them. I’m not looking for criticism, but I am anxious to see what someone would do with them. There are some incredibly creative authors on here.. Make them great!

** Fraternal order of Baaaa**

If you were asked to describe me based on just a glance I’m sure you would think “Chess Club Champion”. I lack aesthetic appeal. I know it: it’s intentional. I delight in conquering Alpha Males and watching them submit to me and offer me the very things that define them to themselves. It’s not cruelty: I teach them humility and make them better people along the way.

I really don’t know my origins. I’ve lived so long I don’t even remember my old names. One of my fondest names, though, was in ‘Aulde Salem’ during the witch-hunts: they called me the “Most Unpure”. fuckin still cracks me up. God I love that name… “Oh Most unholy; unpurest.. make me a woman”.. By Odin’s Beard I love that!

I dont do these things for the betterment of mankind. I do them because it amuses me, though I do take vicarious pleasure from the pleasure of others. Its what fuels me. I need it to survive. My two favourite feeding times were at the "Roman Baths Gay bathhouse of the 1970’s.

But back to my current form: I’ve gone back to school! There’s nothing these poncey arrogant posturers could teach me. It’s all I can do to keep from correcting them during their lecture. I remember Napoleon Bonaparte as a tall viral lover. Absolutely no direction in his life. Had I not made him short with a complex he’d probably still be swooning in the fields chasing women, men, sheep… And my reputation as Rasputin. HAH! If they only knew!

Today I have my sights on a fraternity full of college jocks. Damn, am I in for a good time! No one pays attention to me in this form so I sit in class and observe. Bingo: Target numero Uno. a bull of a man. “Hank”: Both an adjective and a noun for this hunk. His features are impressive for a human. Almost 7 feet tall and a linebackers build, he dwarfs the others in class: like Schwarzenegger in “Kindergarten Cop”. The professor is asking what positive accomplishments Emperor Caligula contributed. Hank was blowing in the ear of the young lass sitting next to him and she was rubbing her hand on his crotch.

The professor turned to him and repeated the question. Hank looked flustered but stood. I helped him with the answer compelling him to stand and start bleating like a sheep The classroom burst into laughter and the professor flushed beet red. I stood his companion behind him and say “Dumbshit.. it was Neighhhhhh” (braying like a horse). The class lost it! They looked at each other dumbstruck but the plan was begun. They were asked to leave class and so they left.

I faded from view and followed them back to their house where they dropped their books on the floor of the entry and headed to the TV room. They popped a beer and contemplated what had just happened and what it would mean to their Football scholarship but then the humor crept in and they started chuckling. Beers to their mouths I voiced a low “Baaaaa” from Hank which caused Justin to crack up yet again snorting beer through his nose. Hank, relishing in the moment put his arms straight out and started an earnest bleating. This time I added a little something I call my “Kickapoo Joy Juice”.. Pheromones. But not ordinary pheromones. It’s laced with my essence and is an incredibly potent irresistible aphrodesiac. Both began smelling it and felt their heart rate increase. They were openly sweating so both peeled off their shirts and fell silent; uncomfortable with their new feelings. Easy to fix…

I made Hanks’ ass start self lubricating. He felt the wetness inside and leaking out, he felt his hard firm bum start sliding around. The smell was openly in the air and Justin looked at him in surprise. Hank was grinding his ass into the couch and openly moaning. Justin asked.. “You OK, Man”? Hank just looked at him with a seductive smile and said “Baaaaa”.

Justin’s turn. Hank, now having womanly needs, doesn’t need the meat between his legs. God hates waste so I took his length and added it to Justin. Hank now had a little pee pee which was ten times more sensitive and leaked a copious amount of pre which didn’t escape Justins eye.

Justin started to chub but it felt different, He was already well hung at 9.5" but with the combined mass of Hanks 11" dong he was truly monstrous. Oregon gets cold so I gave him a foreskin that bunched and puckered. I flattened the head, giving it a horse like appearance. It snaked down his leg and well past his shorts. His elephant trunk was squirting clear pre, just like a horse. He began to snort and chuffle just like a horse in heat as he smelled Hank getting hotter They looked at each other in need.

I evaporated their clothes and Hank lay with his legs straight out like a sheep on it’s back. His newly formed arse pussy was wet and pink and full… winking at Justin. Justin’s cock was swinging like a tail as he stood over Hank. Their eyes met: Hanks wide with need and Justins knit and furrowed as if he wanted to either hit or fuck or both. Their juices met and Justin slid right in. Hank began an earnest bleating as Justin made horse like snorts, biting Hanks neck and slamming into him.

Four of the other frat members hearing the noise came down to see what was happening but before the even entered the room they caught a whiff of my pheromones. “Dudes.. What’s that smell? It’s every.. HOLY FUK!” cried the Universities prize football player. “What the fuck you doing”? he asked but the effects of the pheromones were already starting to affect him. He began an earnest sweating. “Guys.. thi.. this is wrong (Moan), We shouldn’t.. I…I…” as he started to back out of the room. Both Hank and Justin pulled away from each other and the wetness dripped on to the floor.

The Quarterback saw Justins new meat and his heart raced. The smell really hit him now. “You think too much” Hank offered and I realised he was right. I took away some of the quarterbacks intelligence. As I sifted through his mind deciding what to delete I came across some vivid memories of what he had done to nearly a third of his High School and community college class including some men he once called his “Best Buds”.

If he couldn’t get a woman to bed him (and once the rumors of his rape like behaviour hit the high school they didn’t) then he turned to his buds in High school. Sometimes the science nerds; sometimes freshman Football players. On a dare he even did his own Golden Lab. He had no conscience. Oh this is too delicious!

I just “flushed the toilet” as it were. All of his years of learning Football plays, reading, writing and ‘rithmatic: gone. He had already been an animal for years. he just didnt know it so I made him more so. Now he stood a tall Geordie: 7’ tall, muscles on muscles covered in black fur. His face shortened and a thick brow ridge formed. His neck all but disappeared as his shoulders rose. A gorilla belly formed and his hands thickened. His feet spread apart by his now massive legs. His feet flattened and became longer and hairy. He Looked mostly human but the real masterpiece was his cock that drew up along his body into a sheath.

He, now “IT” groaned as the warm enclosure cuddled his now super sensitive cock. His red rocket poked it’s head out and squirted a watery substance that attracted anyone with whom it came into contact. Hank and Justin didn’t waste any time getting wet. They fought for who would drink form the fountain. Justin won just as two more brothers entered the room. Stefan and Jules (Who the hell names their kids Jules?! Even in my day he would be laughed out of the cave for his name alone, if we had language back then, that is).

They caught a whiff of my pheromones and stopped dead in their tracks. Their eyes closed and they both took in a deep breath inhaling the scent of their brothers and my essence. Their heads and bodies filled with their new need as the changes took place. For every perversion or act of aggression they had committed, their changes would increase. I kept myself from reading their thoughts hoping for a surprise but some thoughts are just too attractive to ignore.

Lust filled them both as Stefan replayed his fascination with chubby college girls. He loved grabbing them by their loose flesh and kneading it like dough. He would bury his face in their soft pendulous breasts and lose himself in the wetness of their seldom used vaginas. He never felt himself grow his own breasts and certainly never felt his belly and thighs expand out in doughy fullness.

His arse plumped up and began drooling his own lubrication. His cock retracted in as the length turned to girth. He looked like he had pink toilet paper roll with a mushroom head gasping for air under his belly and between his legs: It drooled pre as well as urine. His poor bladder couldn’t stand the pressure of weight on it.

Jules was undergoing his own transformation. Memories of his women conquests intimidating and humiliating them while taking them from behind yelling “Yee HaWww” and slapping them on the arse. He would grab their nipples from behind and pull the women onto his generous 13" cock. he was circumcised but no longer. Now he had a long puckered dark foreskin that cupped his pre. Once in a mouth, a load of precum as large as a load of cum would spurt out.

His cock widened a bit and added several inches to length. His hands calloused over and his grip strength increased. his muscles firmed and his baby fat disappeared. Years of sun and hard work toughened his skin as a permanent sweat formed on his skin. His cock would now only see arse and it had to be a puffy one. Thanks to my magic, every arse he enters; he’ll exit leaving a worn sloppy hole.

Stephan, now a pink hairless pig looked up in lust at the site next to him of a rough cowboy. His nose flattened and shortened into a snout like probiscus. His fat folds gave him a knit brow. Now easily 350 pounds of flab and tight pink skin, he truffled in Jules’ crotch trying to get a suck onhis rod. When the foreskin full of pre popped in his mouth, Stephans eyes shot open then slowly closed as the contagion worked its magic. His arse started to puff up and self lubricate. He felt the warmth fill his as his colon realigned to accept anything shoved up there.

Jules also felt the change and pushed piggy away from his cock as he pulled up to the rear. Shouting his familiar “Yee HaWwww” he rode and plunged piggy for all he was worth. His hands felt for and found the greatly engorged nipples. They slowly became visible to my other recruits. The Quarterback, Justin and Hank all sensed the new sex they could have and migrated over.

As much fun as this was I had places to be so two more changes: I formed a mist over them and watched as it collected it’s self and disbursed out of the window. Every person these animals had wronged would be found giving the victims a sense of relief that justice or Karma had found their attackers and the gods were sated. The second was that I made these new man whores contagious. I cant wait to come back and see the campus in a week. This should be fun!

I floated over the city seeing what else modern society has come up with. Oh lookie… A Christian University…


Really, the Rumors Bar was a non descript place. It used to be an old Ice house. Everyone assumed it was just the show and purchase room you saw when you entered the 5000 square foot business but few knew of the underground ice storage facility… well , few besides the soon to be occupants. The six people who worked at Rumours were a fetishists dream; Bryce, a Leather Dom who served as Management (They’re so good with control issues): A wrestler in singlet for security : Skinhead, Biker and Cowboy Bartenders. Twinks make excellent Servers and bar-backs.

On the screen above the bar, dance floor and all around the place were what looked like live video feeds of sexcapades. In one room someone who looked awfully like someone who was just at the bar paying for a drink with hundreds was suddenly on the screen peeling off his layers of clothing and walking up to a stockade holding a thug, Biker-Bear, or a Skinhead with atrocious symbols inked all over and entering what someone quiet obviously and recently just abandoned. Man after man used the boy-toys. At first impression the men in the stockades or restraints seemed to fight their entrapments but after five or six men dumping their loads in the gaping holes they seemed to get into it. After a vigorous fuck, the men in the video re-appeared in the bar looking a sweaty and satisfied.

Rumors was also somewhat of a match making service as well. Men who could come in complaining of one thing or another somehow found their loneliness issues addressed. What a twist of fate that most of the men who became their dream boats were once the kind of men who would have destroyed people like the lonely men. These Skinheads, Scallys, Bikers and Cowboys all found a softness in their hearts to become the ideal lover for these men. Or were they helped?

Bryce was serving drinks and lending a sympathetic ear to Joel who lamented his lot in life. Joel had been on his way to Chamber music. It promised to be an exhilarating evening; Modigliani Quartet w/Fabio Bidini on Piano! He parked in the venues parking lot when he was approached by a group of thugs. Goodness, his heart raced. He knew he couldn’t outrun them despite his years of Badminton They mocked him and tore his pockets. His wallet and watch were taken and worse yet, his season’s chamber music tickets were gone.

Suppressing the residual yawn from the description of the band, Bryce looked sympathetically at Joel. Alone, Effete, So sweet and his innocence tainted by this life event. Rumors wasn’t the kind of place you expected to see someone like Joel but truth is Joel wishes he were a little more like the men who worked here: Unphased by life and decorum; Free to live in abandon and blissful ignorance. Bryce placed his bear like paw on Joel’s hand and reminded him that the story is just beginning. Have faith that something good will come of this. He excused himself to bring more wine up, Bryce moved to the back room looking over his shoulder at the conspicuous man standing like Niles Crane in a bar full of fetishists.

Bryce wrote a quick note on a yellow sticky pad and posted it in place for such enquiries. The owner will take interest in this one. Bryce returned to the bar and opened a bottle of Tokay Aju, 1980 and poured Joel a sample. Joel was taken aback. “Bryce.. That bottle.. it’s worth $800 on a bad day.. and you can’t simply recap it”. Joel was frantic. Bryce smiled and said “You needed something sweet. Take the bottle home with you”. and they toasted each other.

Gaz and Spyder were in the squatter shack behind the church where those fancy poncey buggars listened to their poof music. Fuk he hated them. The one salvageable thing to come of it was the expensive calf skin wallet and a Tag Heuer watch.

As usual, they drank themselves into a stupor. Gaz woke up… kind of. All he knew is he felt full, but not like after a huge meal. Like he had to take a massive shite and Fuck, he felt good. so full and content. His chest felt fantastic and heavy. his eyes opened and he saw himself in a sling.. He wasn’t in pain, but he felt off. He looked up and to the sides as if in a dream and he saw his legs lifted in a stirrup.

Ear buds were in place as he listened to unintelligible words. He looked up in the mirror above his body and his chest was covered in bandages. His mouth was dry and as he ran his tongue over his gums he didnt register there were no teeth. Someone in a surgical mask lifted Gaz’ eye lid and watched his eyes track. "Ahhhh.. good, still with us.. Lets add two bars to the tens units, up his estrogen and add .5 of versed to the cocktail. Gaz felt a cool flush in his arm and he was out again.

He woke again to a video feed of 7 Skinheads. Some he recognised from around the streets, others were new to him. There on a bench was a large woman. Fuck Yeah.. they were going to take her and she couldn’t get enough. The men were all milling around the platform bed. One slid his impossibly long cock into her, so slowly. Her eyes flew open even as a similar cock slid down her throat. She started to panic but hands held her down as the two poles lodged themselves in her. T

hey rested deep inside and slowly pulled back out. She tried clawing the skinhead in her snatch to go back in but he punch fucked her only a few inches at a time plunging in and back out like a piston. Her body shook wildly as he continued his assault. Meanwhile she craned her neck to reach the cock that had plugged her throat but he also only gave her the tip. The two timed it perfectly so when the one in her pussy suddenly plunged in to the balls, she inhaled sharply and the cock slid all the way down her throat.

Gaz was mesmerised. He never noticed the fuck machine inside him mirroring the movements he watched on the screen. He felt a rush of cold that turned to heat in his arm then his body began to flush as every nerve ending lit up.

One by one the other skinheads took their turn with the whore on the bed. degrading her and calling her Slut, Whore and all sorts of degrading names. They pinched her nipples and bit into her large boobs. The one with his cock in her mouth gobbed so it slid down the shaft into her open mouth and lubricated his cock for the assault. Once in a while the scene would focus on a pair of low swinging heavy balls so soft and perfectly outlined in the ball sack and when the camera returned to the whore she looked an awful lot like Gaz. “Oh Fuck.. Yeah… Please … let that be me!!”. He tasted the cigarette spit in his mouth. He felt the veins on the cock in his mouth and heard the words as they belittled him.

There was a mirror above the platform and all the walls were mirrored as well. He watched as one man knelt between his bent knees and began to give him head. Oh my GOD it was fantastic. he’d never had head this good before. It was… different! There was no sliding up and down his pole. It was like a licking but on three separate parts at the same time. he felt so wet and he heard the slurping.

There was a tongue tip flicking somewhere and his legs tried to rise higher. A cock appeared at his mouth but he was too focused on the sensation between his legs. A large calloused hand pulled his face around and a thumb opened his mouth. A cock slid in and he was being face fucked. It all felt so good. He felt another flush in his arm.. some cold that turned to heat then a total body rush. He was humping the face of the man between his legs. When he looked down he was shocked to see it was his brother Spyder.

Spyder grinned his gapped tooth smile at him and hanging his long pointed tongue out. Gas began panting and humping the air when he realised he was looking at Spyder. His hard cock should have been in the way. Gaz looked up and in the mirror he saw a flat plane and a mangina where his cock should have been. He began to panic. Where the fuck was his cock?!? What the fuck happened to his fuckin Cock. Gaz began to struggle when spyder stood up. His cock was so large and mesmerising. Gaz was growling with all of his might but the drugs in his system and the feelings coming from his pierced 0g nipple rings were… wait, What? He didn’t have nipple rings, let alone 0g!!!

Spyder spat on his cock and palm lubricating himself while Gaz tried to piece his world back together, then plunged into Gaz’s new mangina fully and to the hilt. Gaz’s head flew back as a gurgle drained from his mouth. Spyder pulled on the nipple rings and Gaz’s head returned to Spyders stare. He was so full… like before. He didn’t understand how his arse could be so full and how he could be fucked from the front at the same time.

Spyder felt the pulsing fuck machine through the rectal wall separating is from the new hole where Spyders cock entered. Gaz’s cock had been surgically split and inverted inside his pelvic cavity. He had a fully functioning love tunnel made of his own cock. fortunately he had been a generously thick 11 inches beer can cock. The nerve endings were fully functional and protected. No more external friction so they would always be sensitive. they seemed to even maintain the corpus so he would have mild engorgement making his hole always tight for the next user and would bring him unimaginable pleasure.

Spyder fucked Gaz until Gaz was a mumbling moaning worn out hole. When he came, he lifted Ga’s back off the table with his thrusts. Gaz lay there panting as Spyder came around and fed him his cock to clean. Spyder panting from the exertion said.. “Sorry Mate.. the money was too good and besides; you make a much better bitch than you do a bruder”, then he gave a final thrust, choking Gaz and pulled out leaving him to the group of skinheads.

After two more Skinheads had cum inside Gaz they came around for him to clean the arse slime and cum off their cocks when someone new whom they called “Trog” stepped between his legs. Oh My GoD! He was huge! Easily 6’9" He was cave man like with boulders for shoulders. His Gorilla belly hung low and his chesticles were struggling to meet it. He was pure hairy muscle. His paws covered Gaz’s belly as he pushed down and the other paw wrapped around Gaz’s leg lifting it higher so Gaz was in a scissor like position.

His voice was clearly Netherland and deep. When he spoke it was low and resonated like a bass speaker. “MMmmm…pussy looks so good. So wet. Pussy want Trog to fuck it”? The man beast looked Gaz in the eyes. His ice blue/silver eyes shone. “Beg me pretty, pussy. Kiss my cock: it give you so much pleasure…Mmmm.. so soft..” Gaz was panting. He nodded his head furiously… he squeaked “Please.. Ohhhhh Please…. Fuck your whore.. Please….”

Trog pulled his bulging leather cod piece down and the most gorgeous cock imaginable flopped out. So thick it looked like a can of Red Bull and the head was a perfect spear head of a cock. The slick foreskin caressed the head as it pulled back and when Trog thrust forward the head disappeared behind the thinnest softest looking sheath. Trog pinched the skin ahead of the cock then slid it back agan revealing is perfect pink head, so slick and shining. He placed the baseball sized head at Gaz’s entrance and pushed in a little bit.

GaZ bent he head forward; his mouth was in a perfect “O”. Trog continued his non stop verbal.. pushing so slow. Gaz’s pussy lips stretching. He feared Trog would pull out. He was almost full of his God. Another cold rush in is arm followed by heat and Gaz was flying. Suddenly Trog was inside Gaz.

" Ho.. So tight. Oh….. Pussy feel so good. Mmmmm.. Pussy make me feel so good. You like"? Gaz just stared at the hairy beast. He felt Trog Lats and obliques. Everything was too large for Gaz to hold on to. Gaz was so full, Trog’s weight rested on Gaz forcing all of the air out of his lungs. Gaz never wanted this to end. Another cold wave in his arm, another flush and just when Gaz started to shake from pleasure and air starvation, one of the skinheads sprayed something onto a rag and covered Gaz’s face. Trog raised himself and Gaz empty lungs sucked hard to fill themselves with much needed air. Thats really when the drugs and vapours really kicked in. His arse lips quivered and his colon began rippling to massage Trog inside him. Trog threw his head back and began a serious pounding. All the other men in the room gathered to witness the battering.

Gaz’s body bounced off the platform. Lifted by the sucking in his arse and forced down by the massive body of the hairy beast inside him his body just responded reflexively; the outside just bounced like a loose toy in a dogs mouth. Trog Pulled all the way out and paused. Gaz’s arse gaped; it’s lips quivered and his abdominals rippled. Trog slammed back in and Gaz’s eyes glazed. More rag, more warm flush and more limp body as Trog molded his new sex toy. finally Trog came with a roar. The Skinheads were clearly frightened by the pounding and the ferocity of his climax.

When Trog stood up and his 14 inch cock slid out, Gaz’s arse remained open as a flood of seed poured out. There was slime and water and clumps of white. Gaz lay on his back; his eyes unseeing. In a millisecond he flashed on all the women he pounded similarly. Most were in their cars returning from shopping when Gaz jumped them then forced himself on them. He focused on his new sensations and how incredibly empty he felt.

His body was still flying from whatever they put in him when all of a sudden his body began a violent shaking. to an outsider it looked like a seizure. The pleasure started from deep inside his belly and ran down his destroyed hole. His arms began flopping as his arse hummed at 2000revolutions per second. Gaz experienced his first full anal orgasm. It just wouldn’t stop. he never wanted it to stop. As he bucked and shook, the skinheads were licking up the mess that had poured from his arse. There was still plenty inside for lube and they all planned on leaving him full of more .

Gaz gasped as another impressive but nowhere near as large a cock entered him. Again and again, 8 times, he was fucked and filled until Trog was ready for round two. Gaz lay there rambling in nonsense words as Trog covered his small body with his own. Gazs face was buried between the arm pit and Trog massive pec sucking the sweat and inhaling the scent as Trog rested on his limp body… “Best purchase ever.. Pussy mine now, forever”. and Gaz passed out, smiling.

Spyder made his way home, a much wealthier man. He had that post fuck glow about him as he entered the squatter shack he had previously shared with Gaz. He was contemplating where he was going to hide the $50,000 in cash when he heard a noise in the back room. Spyder pulled his gun out and silently made his way inching along the wall when he felt a stab in his neck. He never fired his gun and barely registered the dart in his neck when the room began to spin and he sank to his knees.

Spyder came around restrained to a bed. Not that he needed restraint. His arms and legs were limp. He barley had the energy to move his gaze to look at the men standing around him in surgical scrubs. There were wires attached to his body but he felt nothing. He was numb. He caught words like “plethysmograph” and “reduction”. He didn’t care really.. he just floated. Several times he woke up and in the funhouse mirror above his bed he saw a comically emaciated form of himself. He was all skin and bones. You could see joints and his face was skeletal. He looked at the ridiculous image and laughed before he fell asleep again.

When he woke again his arms and legs were in a machine that just seemed to move in all ranges of motion. There were tubes running in to his nose, arse and penis. There were I.V’s a plenty as his body was manoepulated then sleep again. When he finally woke fully he was sitting in a hospital padded chair. 1kg weights were attached to his thin arms and feet. He was instructed to lift again and again. All day every day he lifted low weights, then graduated to sit ups and squats. Physical therapists helped stretch his body and move his limbs in unimaginable positions. His legs went over his head. he could actually reach his now vacated crotch only to be greeted by the cutest wittle button cock. He could do perfect splits on the floor and touch the floor behind him with his palms from between his legs while standing up

In all this time he still hadn’t seen his body but when they moved him to a mirrored and heavily padded dance studio he saw himself. He was a twink. His magnificent body had been reduced to a skinny lanky twink with incredible definition on his feminine body. Extra skin had been pulled and reduced giving him a well coiffed tight build. His teeth were so incredibly white yet his gap remained. Electrolysis had removed the need to ever shave or trim again.

His decades long accumulation of racist ink had been removed and his skin was so milky white. His lips, nipples and cockette were so pink they stood out form his skin. He ran his finger tips over his nipples and closed his eyes as his legs became weak from the pleasure but when he grabbed for his junk his hands hovered and refused to obey him. “Thats for your lovers pleasure.. not yours” said a man standing behind him. He hadn’t noticed the man before, so caught up in his new discovery. The man reached down and lightly ran his fingers over the little cock head which caused the new twink to shake and drop to his knees as a volly of cum erupted. “We need to increase duration.. cant have him cuming at a touch” the man said to no one apparent.

Music was being piped into the room and his body rose to begin a familiar dance routine. Moves he had seen in his sleep and verbal instructions prompted him to move. He cherished the freedom and escape he felt in the movements. One of the men observing him spoke to the other holding a clipboard: “Amazing all of this change in only two months. Pure Genius”.

It was another Friday night. Bryce was tending bar when Joel walked in carrying in tote a somewhat familiar man. “Bryce, you were so right..I was skeptical that anything good would have come after the assault several months ago but they have. I want you to meet Skya. He doesn’t speak much but we met at the Chamber music”. Bryce was impressed by the svelt young thing under Joels arm but even more impressed by the unexpectedly long thick erection in Joels pants. Had he known he might have learned to love the flute himself!

Skya gave a flirtatious yet bashful look to Bryce and smiled with the cutest gap in his white, white teeth. How fortunate for Joel. Bryce was so happy. Content. Doing what a good person does. A good person … a … good … person..". Bryce shook for a moment as he ran his hand along his skull feeling the small well healed almost invisible surgical scars and for a moment flashed on an image of himself in a straight jacket suspended face down; his legs in a harness supporting them spread open and sounds, voices and messages being fed to him. Bryce flushed and shuddered in pleasure at the memory which lasted only a few seconds but he felt calm knowing he was a good person who made other people feel good

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