Odd Hours

By Willie Cici
published October 13, 2018

Tyler and Miguel have to sneak around to get to their part-time job …

Miguel grabbed his gear, donned his hoodie and walked out of the Soccer practice facility. The winter chill invaded the Carolina autumn. Miguel hated this weather. He longed for his island climate, sunny and warm. His only scholarship opportunity landed him in North Carolina, to play soccer for the university and hopefully gain an education to end the chain of working man poverty in his family. As he made his way back to the dorm, many of the coeds on campus followed Miguel and flirted with him. The sexy soccer stud fielded many coeds. After entertaining the usual gaggle of hotties, Miguel walked into Parker Residence, climbed the two sets of stairs and reached his room. As Miguel entered his room, he plopped his gym bag and gear on the floor and walked towards his bedroom. Miguel and his roomie enjoyed a two-bedroom suite, each having a private room, a common bath and living room.

About twenty minutes later, Miguel heard his roommate enter the dorm room. Miguel walked into the living room and found Tyler, heading for his bedroom, his jacket still on, his backpack still strapped to his body. He dropped the backpack and shed his jacket and clothes, opting to find comfort in a pair of shorts.

“I hate Wednesdays. Practice at 7am, classes all day, then more practice and then collapse.”, Tyler complained. “And, tonight, I still have to go to work.”

Miguel stared at his roomie. As he returned to his bedroom, to strip and ready to shower, Miguel shouted out, “Why are we both working tonight?”

Tyler shouted back to his roomie. “You working too? That’s odd.”

Miguel heard a ping from his cell phone. “Asshole sent another email.” Miguel opened the email from his cellphone. As he did, the email opened an attachment. “What the fuck is this?”, Miguel said. “Some fucking … waste … of …”, Miguel said, but stopped midsentence. He continued to stare at his phone, keeping his eyes on the quick flashing images. (To see the spiral, click here).

About thirty minutes later, Miguel’s cell phone rang. Miguel answered the phone and answered. “Yeah. We’re on the way.”, Miguel said. He stripped his clothes and hurried to find some underwear. “Tyler, you almost ready?”, Miguel shouted. Miguel grabbed his favorite fluorescent green jockstrap, admiring his form. (To see Miguel, click here). When he finished dressing, Miguel walked into the common area and found Tyler aimlessly at his cell phone. “Tyler, let’s go.” Tyler, stared at Miguel. He appeared dazed and confused. “Tyler, we’re late.”, Miguel insisted. Tyler scurried to his bedroom to change. He found a black silk jock strap and dressed quickly. (To see Tyler, click here ). As Tyler finished dressing, he walked out of his bedroom. Miguel stood there was waiting for his roomie. “Let’s go. You know Boss hates it when we’re late.”, Miguel said.

“He keeps sending these stupid emails about being on time.”, Tyler replied.

“Yeah. Me, too.” Miguel added. “I had to cancel a date with Shana tonight.”

The two friends hurried out of the rear entrance of the dorm, where Tyler parked his vehicle. Technically, Tyler and Miguel would violate team curfew when they returned from their part-time jobs well past midnight. Using the rear entrance cut down the risk of being caught.

When Miguel and Tyler arrived at the nightclub, they entered the employee locker room and quickly changed into their uniform. While they were changing, a voice called out. “Must be desperate. They called you guys to work.”

Miguel and Tyler turned to face the door. One of their co-workers, Chris, stood in the threshold of the employee locker room, wearing only a black jockstrap. As he stretched his arms about the threshold of the doorway, Chris’ muscles popped. (To see Chris, click here).

“Boss must be desperate. He called you.”, Tyler responded, with sarcasm warranted.

Chris shook his head and entered the locker room to change into his work uniform. Miguel and Tyler hurried to change. The three exited the locker room and found their friends, Kevin and Will, already dressed for that evening’s shift. (To see Kevin and Will, click here).

“You’re here, too?”, Tyler asked.

“Yeah. We got called in.”, Kevin said. “Must be some big party.”

“I guess.”, Miguel replied. The five studs headed towards the manager’s office. The loud, grinding club music hummed through the cinderblock walls of the hallway that connected the locker room, the supply rooms and offices. When the boys reached the manager’s office, they found two other friends waiting, Mike and Nicky.

“Good. You’re all here. We have a special crowd. Don’t disappoint.”, the manager said. The boys nodded yes and filed out of the manager’s office.

When the boys entered the nightclub, they found the dimly lit nightclub awash in flashing disco lights, timed to the beat of the club music. The boys quickly jumped to moving about in time with the music, attracting the attention of the nightclub patrons, all men – all older men — licking their chops, eyeing the fresh meat that arrived.

The boys in their tight speedos uniform quickly found themselves feeling horny and randy. When they found a willing patron, the boys grabbed that patron and found a discreet place to seduce and sex up that patron. The olden men never refused the expert blow jobs of the ‘Sexy Boys’, the nightclub’s Wednesday night special. For the small fee of $50, the patrons enjoyed the warm, wet mouths of the sexy young men rumored to attend college at the nearby campus. For hours, Tyler, Miguel, Chris, Kevin, Will, Mike and Nicky suckled upon the gnarly cocks of the older men who patronized the nightclub.

Sometime around 3am, Miguel and Tyler slowly walked up the pathway that led to Parker Residence. “Miggy, is it me or … is your jaw sore?”

“Kinda. I … I didn’t really think about it. Did you count your tips?”, Miguel asked.

“Nah. When we get inside.”, Tyler said. Slowly, the two friends entered the dormitory residence, crept into the stairwell and made their way to their dorm room.

When they closed the door of their room, Miguel sighed. “This sneaking around is so stupid. If they would just give us a stipend, I wouldn’t have to work. Cheap fucking bastards. Just on the football and basketball TV money these assholes make, they could pay us.”

“That ain’t ever gonna happen.”, Tyler said, as he pulled out a wad of bills from his front pants pocket. He started to count his tips and finally said,

“Where you gonna make … $600 in one night?”

Miguel started counting his tips. He actually made $850 but would not admit that to Tyler. “Yeah. I made $550.”, Miguel said, lying to his friend. It was best.

Awake in his dormitory room, Ted Wellington watched Miguel and Tyler sneak into the Parker Residence. The resident hall advisor had the responsibility to document team curfew violators, but Ted knew to give Miguel, Tyler, Kevin, Will, Mike and Nicky a break. His father managed ‘The Phoenix’, an adult sex club near Durham. His father needed a constant supply of studs to service the club’s patrons, especially on theme nights. Ted supplied his father with a steady supply of studs, the athletes that lived in his dormitory, the athletes with superior bodies and insufficient cash to fund the college lifestyle of their wishes.

He had only one regret: he could not experience his studs in person. No one in the dorm knew Ted’s sexual preference. The cute twenty-year-old lusted for his dorm studs. In his mind, he conceived of a plot to infiltrate the ‘The Phoenix’, as a masked random patron, with money to spend on Miguel and Tyler … . and Kevin, Will, Mike and Nicky.

The next morning, Ted exited his dorm room and headed for the first-floor exit. As he checked his office on the first floor, Ted found Miguel and Tyler walking out of the residence with some of the other residents, Bobby and Jace.

“Hold up, guys!”, Ted said. As he approached the boys, he could not help but notice their yawning and overall listless demeanor. “What’s up guys?”

“Hey, Ted!”, Miguel said. “Bobby and Jace were complaining about … insufficient funds.”

“Really? You should get a part-time job.”, Ted said.

“No shit, stupid. When am I supposed to work? Between practice schedule and classes.”, Bobby said.

“I know what you mean. I’m just so tired. This …”, Miguel wanted to explain, but then realized he could not spill the beans about the part-time job. “I didn’t sleep well.”

“It happens.”, Ted said, holding back the laughter. “You boys, unfortunately keep odd hours.” As the boys walked down the lane towards their next class, Ted stared at Bobby and Jace. “They would look good in a speedo.”, he thought to himself, as he quickly snapped a pic of their backsides and sent the pic to his father with a text saying, “I think I found some new talent for the club.”

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