The Pool Party

By Willie Cici published October 10, 2018
Tony, Mick, Jerry and Nate accept a private gig, a bachelorette party . . .

“Are you kidding me, Tony?”, the incredulous coworker said to his friend.

Tony turned to his friend. “Listen, Mick. We don’t work again until Monday night. We’re closed on Sunday. All we have to do is show up at 12noon, perform our ‘In the Navy’ routine, sex up the bachelorettes, and collect our fee.”

“And they are going to pay us …”, Mick asked.

“$500 a head, plus whatever tips we earn.”, Tony answered. Mick nodded ‘yes’.

“Sounds good to me. I’m in.”, Jerry announced. He saluted Tony and asked, “Do we meet here or …”

“No. Not here. Sam can’t find out what we’re doing. He’ll want a cut. I’m not giving him a fucking dime.”, Tony said. “No. We’ll meet at my apartment.” Tony turned to Nate, who appeared disinterested, and asked, “You in?”

Nate sat in front of his locker, in the dressing room of the strip club where the four friends danced. Tony, Mick, Jerry, Nate and eight others formed the dance troupe that wowed the Los Angeles nightlife. The recent box-office sensations renewed an interest in all-male revues that catered to a female-only clientele. The four friends prided themselves on their unique look and expert dance moves. “I … Angela wants …” Tony sat next to Nate at his locker in the dressing room. “She’s bustin’ your balls again, ain’t she?”

“She wants me to quit, but she wants …”, Nate said, rubbing his two fingers. “Where am I going to find work that makes over a $1000 in tips a week?” Before Tony could answer, “Plus, the bitch doesn’t want to work. She expects me to support her.”

Tony shook his head. “I’m going to say something to you that I’ve never said: you need to dump that bitch. Me, Mick and Jerry never want for pussy. You gotta dump …”

“… that bitch. You’re right.”, Nate said. “And we start by me going along on this gig.”, Nate added. He paused and then said, “In fact, tonight, what are we doing?”

Tony smiled. “Mick has arranged a gaggle of beauties from the audience, ready to party. They can’t wait to suck our cocks. For a fee of course.”

“Good. And I’ll end up at your apartment too drunk to drive home.”, Nate said.

“Good cover.”, Tony said, as he smiled and fist-bumped his long-time friend.

The four friends quickly gathered their belongings, packed away their ‘In the Navy’ costume in their duffle bags and back packs, and headed out the stage entrance of the strip joint. Waiting at the stage door were six patrons from that evening’s midnight show. “Mick.”, the brunette leader called out and waved. Nate and Tony smiled and high-fived each other, confident that the rest of the night would prove entertaining and profitable.

Tony, Mick, Jerry, and Nate met at Tony’s house in City Terrace, where they donned their costumes and packed into Mick’s SUV. The quartet drove towards Beverly Hills, and headed for La Cuestra Drive, about a forty-minute drive outside of Los Angeles proper. As they arrived at the address, Mick and the boys drove down a long driveway that led to an impressive home carved from the hilly terrain that marked the Southern California coastline. As the foursome climbed out of the vehicle, they approached the front entrance and knocked on the door.

When the door opened, the four friends were greeted by a tall, stunningly beautiful blonde, shapely, tanned and bikini-clad. “Hi, boys! I’m glad you could come.”, the buxom blonde vixen said, as she greeted her guests in a sultry, husky voice. “Come in!”, she said, as she turned around and led the boys into the home. “My guests are already in the pool enjoying themselves. They can’t wait to meet you.”

Tony, Mick, Jerry and Nate looked at each other. As they followed the blonde, Tony whispered to Nate, “Aren’t you glad you came?” Nate nodded ‘yes’.

The blonde vixen led the boys to the pool pavilion. They formed a line and struck a pose, a faux naval salute. (To see the boys in costume, click here).

The blonde vixen laughed at her would-be strippers. “Good boys! Time to perform.” The vixen waved her hands. Suddenly, the boys heard club music, a pulsating beat that prompted them to gyrate and grind their hips to the beat. Slowly, they tossed their caps and removed their clothes, as if they were performing on stage at the strip club. The blonde vixen smiled as she watched the boys mindlessly perform like puppets.

The blonde vixen walked towards the pool and approached her guests who were resting along the pool’s edge. (To see the boys in the pool, click here). “Boys, the strippers are here.”, the blonde vixen announced.

The boys turned around and started to hoot and holler at the sight of the sexy studs now practically naked and dancing. The boys hopped out of the pool. One of the boys approached the blonde vixen and said, “Thanks, Mom. How did you know?”

“A mother knows, Julian.”, the blonde vixen replied.

“The strippers are hot. Are they …”, Julian asked.

“No. But for money, they’ll suck a dick.”, the blonde vixen answered. Julian kissed his mother and joined his friends who had paired themselves with the four stripper friends.

Julian did not know all his mother’s secrets. He had no clue that she possessed a magic that could control the mind of anyone she targeted. With the wave of a hand and a quick incantation, Julia converted the four studs into four dancing whores ready to party with her son and his friends for entire day and night. She and her friends had taken in a show at the strip club. She knew they would be the perfect targets for her devilish brand of magic.

Tony, Mick, Jerry, and Nate did not understand what they were doing. Naked and dancing, they felt their cocks swelling and getting hard. With the blood flowing to their cocks, the boys lost all sense of consciousness and reality. Julian’s friends started dancing with Tony, Mick and Jerry, leaving Nate for Julian. Julian and his studly friends proved worthy partners for would-be himbos, Tony, Mick, Jerry and Nate. Eventually, the four couples reclined upon the lounge chairs near the pool. The four friends never suckled upon a man’s rod, but today, they proved expert as only Julia could guarantee. With their hands behind their back, they bobbed up and down on the thick, long cocks of Julian and his three friends. Like puppets, Tony, Mick, Jerry and Nate performed.

Julia stared and watched her son and his friends writhe in pleasure. She fondled her junk and pulled out her 10” cock from her bikini bottoms, stroking her dick faster and faster. “I should have ordered one for me.”, she thought to herself, but she cast the thought aside. It was Julian’s birthday after all, not hers. The more she stared, the more she lusted. She closed her eyes, uttered some words and waved her hands. Suddenly, she felt the warm, wet mouth of sexy young man sucking her cock. She produced a clone of Nate. The clone happily bobbed up and down on her thick cock. To her tastes, Nate was the cutest of the four studs. The decision to temporarily clone Nate was easy.

Julian and his twenty-one-year-old friends soon felt the surge of climax. As they bust their nuts down the throats of their stripper-puppets, the boys moaned and hollered. “That was fun. Do it again.”, Julian demanded. Tony, Mike, Jerry and Nate did not hesitate. They resumed sucking the cocks of their partners with the same vigor and gusto.

Julia pulled her cock out of clone-Nate’s mouth and led her sex toy into the house. “There are some things a son should not see his mother do”, Julia thought to herself. As she entered the house, Julia called out to her son. “You have the boys all night and until noon morning. I paid good money for these boys. Don’t waste time.”

Julian and his friends did not waste any time. Julian and his guests enjoyed Tony, Mike, Jerry and Nate well into the night, taking only brief breaks to take a dip in the pool to cool off and refract.

When the clock struck noon on the following Monday morning, Tony, Mick, Jerry and Nate donned their costumes and walked out the front door of the Beverly Hills mansion. “Thank you for coming. You were great. The girls had a great time.”, Julia said, handing the boys an envelope containing their appearance fee and a tip. “Did my guests take care of you?”

“Not really, ma’am.”, Mick said. “No one ever talked about money.”

Julia shook her head. “That’s okay. I’m sure you all had fun.” With that, Julia closed the door and bid the boys adieu.

As the four friends drove away in Mick’s SUV, Tony bitched. “We should have demanded …”

Before Tony could finish his thought, Nate said, “Look in the envelope.”

Tony opened his envelope and counted the hundred-dollar bills. “It’s gotta be …”

“$2500.”, Nate said.

Tony turned to stare at his friend. “Good seed money to get away from Angela.”

Nate smiled. “I was thinking the same thing. If I’m lucky, she’ll be at the gym when I get home. I’ll pack my shit and spend the night at the club, on the 3rd floor. I’m not paying another month’s rent for that bitch.”

Mick shouted from the driver’s seat. “And I’ll drive you to SoCal Gas and Electric to turn off the utilities.”

“We’re going to get you away from that nagging bitch once and for all. Today. From this day to the end of the world, we four shall be remembered – We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; For he that blows his wad with me shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile.”, Jerry preached from the front passenger seat.

Mick turned to face his passenger. “Where did that come from?”

A silence fell upon the foursome after listening to Jerry’s mock elegy. Suddenly, a burst of laughter erupted from the four friends. “Yes, Jerry. We band of brothers.”, Tony said.

The band of brothers drove away, returning to Tony’s home in Los Angeles, clueless, having no recollection that, for the last twenty-four hours, they performed like the stud whores they are.

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