The Massage

By Willie Cici published October 10, 2018
Blake accepted an offer for a free massage, but at what price . . .

Blake dropped the 75-pound dumbbells upon the padded floor of the weight room of the gym. The clanging thud of the metal weights echoed in the sparsely occupied weight room. Blake’s gym, in the heart of the downtown business district, enjoyed a brisk business during the day. Blake’s late-night schedule at the office provided the perfect end-of-the-day respite. As he stood before the mirrors and flexed, Blake smiled at his sculpted frame. “Not bad for 38!”, he thought to himself. He was right. For 38, Blake sported an impressive physique, muscled, but not freakish, sculpted, ripped and manly. He looked at the clock on the wall. He had another twenty minutes of arms and chest.

As Blake continued to pump the irons, Dylan, the gym’s masseur, walked over towards Blake. Something about Dylan rubbed Blake the wrong way. Call it premonition, sixth sense, whatever. Before Blake could rise from the incline bench and avoid contact, Dylan hurried over and said, “Are you interested in a massage?”

“Not really.”, Blake answered.

“My last client bailed, but he’s going to get charged for the time. It’d be a freebie.”

“No. That’s okay.”, Blake replied.

“Dude. How can you turn down free?”, Dylan asked, a bit annoyed at Blake’s cold responses.

“I don’t have the time.”, Blake explained. “In fact, I was ready to leave.”

“Mr. Anderson …”, Dylan said.

“How do you know my name?”, Blake asked. He was jealous of his anonymity and preferred to keep it that way.

“I checked the logs before I approached you. I didn’t want to offer the massage to just anyone.”, Dylan said. “Go shower and meet me in the massage rooms.”

Blake shook his head. He hated being placed in this type of situation. “Okay. Give me ten.” Blake rose to his feet and headed for the locker room, where he removed his sweat-drenched apparel and headed for the showers. He enjoyed a brisk hot shower and toweled himself. From the shower stalls, Blake walked to the adjacent massage rooms. He approached the threshold of one of the massage rooms. The room was dark. He stood there unsure if anyone was in the massage room. (To see Blake at the threshold, click here).

“Come in.”, a voice said. As Blake entered the room, Dylan adjusted the lighting. Blake saw Dylan standing near the massage table. “Hop on.”, Dylan said. Blake lay upon the massage table, face down, his naked form still warm and moist from his shower. “Are there any parts that you would prefer me to focus upon, Mr. Anderson?”

“Shoulders, neck and back.”, Blake answered.

“Sure.”, Dylan said. He turned about and grabbed a bottle of massage oil and applied the substance liberally to Blake’s shoulders and neck. “I prefer oils than lotions. You can penetrate the skin and attack the muscle.”

Blake did not reply. For him, Dylan’s explanation sounded scripted. For all he knew, Dylan used oils because they were on sale. As Dylan plied his hands upon Blake’s body, Blake enjoyed Dylan’s skillful massage. “That feels good.”, Blake said.

“Good. If I’m too hard, let me know, Mr. Anderson.”, Dylan said.

“No. You’re good.”, Blake answered, his tone, subdued and calm.

“Just relax. You’re in good hands.”, Dylan whispered. He grabbed another bottle of massage oil and generously applied it to Blake’s back.

“What’s that smell?”, Blake asked.

“It’s the massage oil. It’s different from the first one. It’s essence of cinnamon and ginger.”, Dylan said.

“Smells fruity.”, Blake said.

Dylan smiled. “Don’t worry about the smell. Just close your eyes.”

Blake took a deep breath and relaxed his entire body. He could feel Dylan’s strong hands course his shoulders, his neck and upper back. He then felt Dylan apply more oil to his lower back and buttocks. Although he thought it odd, Blake did not object. He was in Dylan’s expert hands. (To see Dylan massaging Blake, click here). Dylan massaged Blake’s lower back and then his gluteus maximus, caressing Blake’s beautifully shaped buttocks. The calm, relaxed client enjoyed Dylan applying more oil to his lower back, his buttocks, even his rosebud. He felt Dylan open his butt cheeks wide, letting the oil ooze upon his flesh. With his oiled fingers, Dylan slid his index finger into Blake’s hole. Blake said nothing. Dylan smiled. He then slid his index and middle fingers into Blake’s ass. Dylan smiled. He could see Blake’s body reacting to the pleasurable sensation, his once flaccid member getting hard. Dylan applied the massage oil to Blake’s cock and balls and spread the oily substance upon his genitals.

“Turn over, Mr. Anderson.”, Dylan ordered. Blake complied, despite having asked only for a massage on his shoulders, neck and back. As Blake reclined upon his back, his cock sprung like a flagpole. Dylan greased his hands with the massage oil and stroked Blake’s cock. “How does that feel?”

“Feels good.”, Blake replied.

“Feels good, sir.”, Dylan said.

“Feels good, sir.”, Blake repeated.

“That’s right, boy. Feels good. You like my hand on your cock?”

“Feels good, sir.”, Blake replied. Dylan continued to stroke Blake’s cock. Suddenly, Blake moaned. “Feels … good … sir.” Dylan released his grip of Blake’s cock and retrieved an acrylic dildo and lubed the dildo with massage oil. He slowly slid the acrylic dildo into Blake’s ass and pumped the dildo in an out of Blake’s hole. The foot-long dildo slid deep into Blake’s ass, massaging his prostate, filling his inside with Dylan’s special massage oil. He pressed the dildo into Blake’s ass as far as it could go. Dylan then removed his clothes and stood naked in the darkened massage room. He grabbed the dildo and pumped Blake’s ass. “Stroke your cock faster, boy.”, Dylan ordered. Blake sped up the pace of his hand, bobbing up and down on his shaft and cockhead. As Dylan pumped Blake’s ass, Blake felt the surge of orgasm rising. “I’m … . cuuuuuuummmminngg!!”, he shouted, as cum sprayed from his massive erection. For seconds, cum oozed from the tip of Blake’s cock, spilling down the length of his shaft. Dylan scooped the excess cum and fed it to his boy.

“Good boy. Now, time to take care of me.”, Dylan said. He took Blake by the hand, led him off the massage table, and forced him to his knees. Dylan shoved his semi-hard cock into Blake’s warm, wet mouth. “Suck it, boy. That’s your job from now on. Suck it.”, Dylan commanded. When Dylan found Blake’s enthusiasm wanting, Dylan grabbed the back of Blake’s head and forced his mouth to bob on Dylan’s erection. “Suck it, boy.”, Dylan insisted. (To see Blake sucking Dylan’s cock, click here).

Blake looked into Dylan’s eyes. Dylan smiled. His sugar daddy, an executive who also frequented the gym, was promoted and transferred out of town. Dylan could not leave the country. His criminal record precluded such travel. In the meantime, Dylan needed another well-heeled stud to foot the bills. Dylan had lusted for Blake in the past, but had assumed he was married. When Dylan researched his options, he found that Blake Anderson was divorced and single. As a vice-president for a Fortune500 company, Dylan assumed that Blake earned a substantial salary. Soon, Dylan felt his climax approaching. He forced his cock deep in Blake’s mouth and blast his wad down Blake’s throat. “Good boy.”

“Thank you, sir.”, Blake mumbled, clueless and deeply under Dylan’s control.

“Let’s shower and you can take me home. Understood, boy?”

“Yes, Sir.”, Blake said.

Dylan led Blake by the hand, back to the showers, where the two lovers bathed, toweled and dressed. In the locker room, Dylan handed Blake a pair of sweats and a hoodie, similar to his apparel. The two studs walked out of the ‘Downtown Gym’ and waited for the first cab to transport them to Blake’s East Side condominium. Unbeknownst to Blake, he and Dylan would start their new life together, as Dylan planned.

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