Turn On - Turn Off

By Willie Cici published October 10, 2018
Brian wanted Eric. He needed the right opportunity to 'turn him on' . . .

“I’m home.”, cried out the tired voice. The college professor dropped his brief case and walked into the living room of his New Rochelle home that overlooked the East River.

“I just got home from the gym. I gotta date with Denise.”, shouted the college professor’s virile 29-year-old roommate. Brian walked into Eric’s bedroom and gazed upon his stud roommate. Eric’s body, pumped from his two-hour session at the gym, left Brian in awe. He was still wearing his lycra-tight athletic shirt, pulled up half way at the waist, revealing his tight, cobbled core. The sweat and musk that oozed from Eric’s body captivated Brian. A navy-blue jockstrap tried to cover the bulging beast, but it did nothing to hide that which could burst in a moment. Brian thought to himself, “No. You’re staying home.”

Brian took a deep breath and said, “Turn on.”

In an instant, Eric stood at military attention. “Turn on.”, he replied.

Brian smiled. “Call Denise. Tell her you can’t see her tonight, but you’ll make it up to her tomorrow night.”

Eric methodically walked to his dresser, located his cell phone and called Denise. “Hi, Denise. It’s Eric. I’m sorry, but I have to cancel our date, but I’ll make it up to you. Tomorrow night. I promise. See you then.” Eric ended his call and stared at Brian. Brian retrieved the cell phone from Eric’s hand and turned off the cell phone. He knew that Denise would call back demanding an explanation. The blank stare in Eric’s eyes and his total obedience to Brian surged his lust. Brian fondled Eric’s cock, already hard with lustful anticipation. He craved Eric’s prized possession and wanted it all night.

Three months before —

On a cold, wintery Tuesday night, Eric Montgomery slid the key into his new residence. His long-time college roommate had offered Eric the spare bedroom in his two-bedroom waterfront home. When Eric’s employer transferred him to Westchester County, he needed a place to stay. When he called Brian to give him the good news – that he was returning to the area – Brian offered his good friend the spare bedroom. “Pay me enough to cover half the tax and the utilities. That’s good enough for me.” Eric could not refuse Brian’s generous offer.

“I’m home.”, Eric bellowed. He removed his coat, hung it in the foyer closet and walked into the living room.

“You’re late. What happened?”, Brian asked.

“Work happened. This job is going to kill me.”, Eric complained, as he plopped in the comfortable couch in the living room. “Whatcha’ doin’?”

“Watching the Knicks.”, Brian said. “You want one?”, he asked, as he wiggled a beer bottle in his hand.

“Yeah.”, Eric said.

Brian rose from his seat, walked into the kitchen and retrieved two chilled bottles of Yuengling from the frig. As he returned into the living room, he handed the beer to Eric and said, “Enjoy!”

Eric chugged half of the bottle. “Hopefully I can sleep tonight.”

Brian faced his roomie. “You still having problems sleeping.”

“I can’t relax. Work is on my mind. I keep crunching numbers in my head until 3am. I can’t do this much longer. I tried going to the gym at the end of the day. Nothing works. I don’t know what to do.”, Eric moaned.

Brian looked at Eric and said, “Do you want to try those relaxation files I used last year? They helped.”

Eric finished the rest of his beer and pondered Brian’s offer. “How does it work?”

“You go to bed. You put the earbuds in your ears. You set the volume low and listen to the mp3 files on your iPod. I can download them for you.”, Brian explained.

“At this point, I’ll try anything.”, Eric said. “Can you get it ready for me?”

“Sure. Leave me your iPod. I’ll download the file and have it for you tomorrow.”, Brian assured his roomie.

“Good.” Eric said, with a deep sigh. “For tonight, let me try another beer. Maybe that’ll work.” Eric headed into the kitchen, grabbed another beer and joined his roomie in the living room to watch the end of Knicks game.

The next night, Eric walked into the condo, his briefcase on one shoulder, his gym bag slung across his chest. He wore a hoodie and a pair of sweats. As he walked into his bedroom, Eric found a note on his bed.

I’m on a date. Here’s the iPod. I loaded the file. It’s titled ‘Relax and Sleep’. Good luck.

Eric placed the note and the iPod on his nightstand. “Brian’s a good friend.”, he thought to himself. As he removed his hoodie, Eric could smell the sweaty musk of his workout. He stripped out of his sweats and strut towards the bathroom, naked. After his long, hot shower, Eric wrapped a towel about his waist and returned to his bedroom. He grabbed a pair of old sweats that he wore for bedtime, turned down the blanket of his bed, and settled in for a good night of sleep. He grabbed the iPod, inserted the earbuds into his ears, activated the mp3 file.

The mp3 file started with the calming sounds of waves easily crashing upon the beach, followed by graceful guitars and strings playing a calming melody. “It becomes easier to listen. It becomes easier to relax. It becomes easier to slip away. It feels so good to slip away, slide away into a wonderful place.” Eric listened to the pleasing voice of the sultry female. He closed his eyes and listened to the repeated mantra of the pleasing voice, bringing Eric closer and closer to sleep. Eric did not notice the pulsing binaural rhythm or the whispering voice in the background. After ten minutes, Eric fell asleep. After twenty minutes, the mp3 file changed. A deep, steady sound lulled Eric deeper and deeper into a calm, tranquil sleep. A whispering voice repeated these words: listen, learn, accept, comply. Soon the pleasing voice introduced new commands, new voices to listen, new lessons to learn, new ways to accept, and a new desire to comply.

When the alarm clock sounded off at 7:00am, Eric opened his eyes. He felt refreshed and energized. “Damn! It worked.”, he said, as he removed the earbuds from his ears. He took the iPod, found the USB cord, and plugged it into the USB port of the electrical socket near the nightstand. “I’m going to need that tonight.”, he whispered to himself. Eric walked into the bathroom, showered, shaved and readied for his day at the office. As he walked into the kitchen, Eric found Brian making a pot of coffee. “Good morning.”

“How did you sleep?”, Brian asked.

“Great. It worked on the first night.”, Eric reported happily. “It was incredible.”

“You have to do it for about two weeks. After that, it’ll be second nature.”, Brian said.

“If I can sleep like that every night, I’ll do it every night.”, Eric said.

Brian smiled. “You going to the gym after work?” When Eric nodded ‘yes’, Brian, “I’ll see you there. You can train me. I need to get back in shape.”

“Sure. Anything you want.”, Eric said.

Brian smiled again. “Good.”

“See you at the gym.”, Eric said, as he grabbed his briefcase and gym bag and headed out of the condominium.

Brian stared at his friend. He nodded approvingly. It would take several nights for all the inductions and triggers to work. Then, he would try his luck and test his handiwork.

Back to the present –

“Take off your clothes and recline on your bed.”, Brian ordered. Eric listened and complied. Brian smiled as he watched his stud roommate removed his lycra-tight gym gear and the slip off the navy-blue jockstrap. Brian removed his clothes as well. He had grown less self-conscious of his body, ever since Eric and Brian worked out at the gym. In the last three months, Brian lost about thirty pounds, but gained definition and muscle, improving his overall appearance. Brian wanted to become as studly as Eric. In college, and even now, Brian was the wing man, cute enough to get laid, feeding off Eric’s leftovers.

Eric’s model looks and killer physique finished off his impressive mind and good heart. Brian had to have Eric. In Brian’s eyes, Eric was perfect. When Eric complained about his inability to sleep, Brian took advantage of this golden opportunity to mold Eric into his live-in sex toy, ready to pleasure his wanting hole at the command of his voice. Brian’s work in psychosomatic behavior modification, for a private government-sponsored contractor, provided him the tools and resources to develop his entrancing mp3 files. After two weeks, Eric slept soundly every night. After two weeks, Brian tested his new project. “Turn on.”, Brian said. Entranced and ready to submit, Eric stood at attention. When Eric had performed his duties, Brian said, “Turn off.”, and Eric would return to normal, no memory, no recollection.

For now, Brian removed his trunks, stroked his cock and shimmied towards the bed. “Damn! He is beautiful.”, Brian thought to himself. He studied Eric’s sculpted chest, the perfect succulent nipples, his 8-pack abs, his tapered waist, and Eric’s prized possession – a beautiful 10” thick, veined-lined, mushroom-headed cock. Brian did his best to swallow Eric’s cock. He deepthroated the beast at first, before the blood filled the monster. When Eric’s mastiff hardened like rock, Brian could not navigate the length and the girth. Using his mouth, his tongue and his hand, Brian pleasured his sex-toy roomie until Brian surmised that Eric would soon orgasm.

Brian knelt on his bed and ordered Eric to fuck his ass. The entranced roommate plunged his alpha cock deep into the gnarly recesses of Brian’s ass, massaging his prostate and stimulating his now rock-hard cock. Brian’s moans formed a chorus of painful pleasure. He cared not that he warped Eric’s mind to accept his commands with robot-like precision, programmed to perform without question. So long as Eric fucked his ass to ecstasy, Brian did not care. He leaned against the wall of his bedroom, while Eric plowed Brian’s boy box, rocking back and forth, feeling the power of Eric’s rock-hard massive erection. (To see Eric and Brian, click here). “Ahhhhh … . I’m … fuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!”, Eric shouted, as he blast his juicy wad into Brian’s ass. The cum leaked out of his hole. With Eric’s cock thick filling Brian’s hole, there was no room for Eric’s cum shot. As the white pearly semen spilled out of Brian’s ass and slid between the crack of his ass, Brian could feel Eric’s body spasm, shuddering and enjoying the adrenaline rush of his climax.

Brian slowly pulled Eric’s cock from his ass. He turned around to face his human sex-toy and kissed Eric. “Good boy.”, Brian said, as he reclined upon the bed, leaning against the pillows positioned along the wall. As Brian wiggled his 6” dormant member, he said, “Suck Daddy’s cock.”

Eric kneeled on the bed, placed his hands behind his head and bobbed mechanically upon Brian’s cock. The dazed stare in his eyes had not disappeared. Eric performed like the sex toy Brian created, his on-off switch flicked with the spoken trigger Brian subliminally planted in Eric’s subconscious. At the two-minute mark, Eric would speed up his motions, moving his mouth faster, taking Brian’s swollen member deeper and deeper. After five minutes, Eric’s mouth and tongue would jack-hammer Brian’s cock to orgasm. As Brian shouted, “I’m cumming.”, ounces of goo slid down the back of Eric’s throat.

Brian bid his stud to spoon with him on the bed, behind him, so that Eric could slide his cock into Brian’s ass. In minutes, the spent roomies enjoyed a short nap. Brian would enjoy Eric’s cock at least another two times.

Eric was ‘turned-on’. Brian was no in rush to ‘turn off’ his boy toy.

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