The Temp and the Scally

By Bratboy
published July 31, 2015

A tribute to Blufman and Mal’s Solicitor and the Skinhead story..

The Temp and the Scally

Tom raced through the high street fearful he was going to be late with the papers for work. The 24 year old was tired and stressed, ever since he started work at the solicitor’s office he pushed himself harder than he had ever before to achieve the career progression he craved. He saw himself as an achiever and he saw the temp position at the solicitor’s as an opportunity to move on to greater things.

As he arrived at the office he greeted the receptionist with a brief forced smile as he headed upstairs to deliver the file. As he entered the office he bumped into George the papers slipped out of his hands and cascaded to the floor. Tom immedietly went red, of all people bump in to he crashed into George Anstey,sex god! Ever since he started temping at the firm and he set eyes on George he couldn’t get him out of his head, he was the man of his dreams, dark hair and blue eyes and smile to die for. There was something brooding and mysterious about the solicitor that Tom couldn’t quite understand but that mad him so much more appealing, and now Tom made a complete dick of himself as he picked up the papers. George rolled his eyes, ‘Christ, these files were due an hour ago Tom, where have you been?’ he uttered, ‘Sorry, there was a delay in preparing the files and I got caught up in the rush hour traffic’ Tom replied almost pleadingly.

‘Ok, ok.. I’m on call tonight so i’ll look at them.. No damage caused. Head on home, the senior partners want to see you tomorrow first thing..’ George concluded, ‘Ok, see you tomorrow’ Tom whispered as a flood of thoughts entered his head. ‘Fuck..’ he thought, as he left the building, oblivious to two thugs, one a skinhead and one a scally, who stood outside watching the bulding, watching him intently.

‘What do they want? I’ve worked so hard latley.. surely they’re not going to terminate my contract?’ he questioned, fearful he lost his job and the hope of securing a permanent contract with the firm.

As he entered his appartment he slammed the door behind him and flung his briefcase on the dining table. The stress took its toll as he threw himself on the sofa, the leather cushions forming around his tense body. He felt his pulse race and his heart sink, all of the hard work seemed to be for nothing. What was he going to do now? He stands to loose his appartment and his job and he had no where to turn. He left home at 16 determined to forge a carrer, a life away from his family. His parent were disinterested in him, ever since their divorce and finding new partners… new famiies, he became an annoyance to them. They didn’t speak much to him anymore, safe in the knowledge he was resourceful and fearlessly independent.

‘Fuck, I need something to take my mind of this’ he thought as he reached for his I Phone. He turned to his greatest stress reliever as he loaded the app Grindr on his phone. He didn’t have many friends anymore, he lost contact with them as he focussed on work and he didn’t have time to date any one so whenever he felt lonely he’d jump on to Grindr and meet guys and because of he babyface and toned body he had more than enough interest.

As he scrolled through the profiles a message shot up from someone who he’d been chatting to for months, gaz_artois. At first they made small talk as they chatted about life and their interests but over the months Tom opened up about his work and about George.

Tom would never even contemplate meeting up with a scally, he disliked what he saw as social degregation and a something the nothing society where people feel they are owed something but are unwilling to work for it, plus he didn’t like his men dirty and unkept, but as he let his feelings and views slip out gaz_artois didn’t resist them, didn’t fight back.. he just remained silent, almost as if he processed every word that Tom spoke.

For an hour they chatted, starting off with the usual niceties but then talk moved on to meeting, they’d spoken for some time about meeting and now more than ever Tom knew he needed a distration so he took the oportunity. There was no way he wanted a scally to be seen anywhere near his appartment so he agreed to meet at Adz’s flat. He took a quick shower and dressed, grabbed his phone, wallet and keys and headed out.

It took him half an hour to get to the flats, the rush hour had long since melted away but the scally lift on the other side of town on a rough housing estate, the estate itself was everything he had expected and more. As he walked up the stairs the stale smell of piss seeped into his nostrels and he almost felt himself wretch. When he reached the landing he saw a metal grate pad locked, securing a flat door behind it, what had he let himself in for he wondered.

For a brief moment he reconsidered the meet but before he had chance to make his exit he heard the door opposite clunk open as thick metal bolts were released, the door opened and the scally appeared. ‘Alright mate, Tom isn’t it…?’ he greeted.. ‘Yeah, it’s Tom.. Nice to finally meet you Adz..’ he responded. ’Come on in then mate, its freezing out ‘ere’ Adz offered the scared temp.

As he entered the flat he felt a feint blast of warmth from a small electrical heater, only two of the three bars were working. The flat itself looked dirty and unloved with a mismatch of 80’s furniture, fast food wrappers and beer cans strewn around and only the lamp worked. In the dim light he got a better look at the scally, he looked a little older than the picture on the profile as years of smoking and drinking took its toll. He had a small beer gut that poked out of his tracksuit top and when he smiled small wrinkles appeared, betraying his youth but still those glarring blue eyes shone through.

‘By the way, names Gaz fella.. Wasn’t gonna put my real name on the net..’ he laughed almost mockingly.. He continued, ‘Wanna a drink mate..?’, as he offered Tom a newly opened can of lager. ‘No thanks, I don’t normally drink.. also, i’ve got work tomorrow..’ he replied, ‘Go on fella, you don’t wanna throw my hospitality bacvk in my face do ya..?’ he uttered with a slight menace offset by the twinkle of his blue eyes. ‘Alright then.. thank you’ Tom responded as he took the can and swigged the contents. He didn’t register the slight sweet taste as he drank the ice cold beverage, savouring the ice cold refreshement.

‘Make yourself at home mate.. your home is my home..’ Gaz continued, as he kicked of his Nike Shox trainers and sky blue bodywarmer. Tom felt more relaxed now, he hadn’t eaten much today and the lager must have gone straight to his head he deduced. ‘Are you gonna take that coat off fella..?’ the scally asked as he moved towards Tom, the temp not putting up any resistence at all. ‘Let me help you then..’ Gaz concluded as he faced Tom, reaching for his arms. He traced his digits down Tom’s arms and and then snaked his own arms around his waist as he pulled him in.

As their bodies embraced they reached in to kiss, it felt almost electric as their lips met and thier bulging crotches’s rubeed against each other, throbbing in ectasy. They ripped each others clothes off as they fell on to the sofa. Gaz rose over Tom as they kissed, he felt his pounding cock pulsating in anticipation and then he forced Tom on all fours. Tom could feel the scally’s stuble rub against the bare naked flesh on his back, and as he registered the scally’s warm breath on his skin his cock pounded hard than it had ever before.

’You ready lad..? Gaz asked, regardless of the answer. ‘Yes.. yes.. no condom though.. I want you in me for real’ Tom breathlessly replied. ‘Your wish is my command…’ Gaz promissed as he entered Tom with his pounding hard on. Tom yelled in pleasure as he felt the scally’s meaty cock pound his arse, and as they fucked their body’s pulsed in unison and pleasure. ‘Fuck.. Fuck..’ Gaz yelled as his body tensed and then climax, he emptied his scally seed into Tom.

For a moment they collapsed in exhaustion and nivana, Tom had just expereinced the best sex of his life and somehow, unconciously he felt something had changed inside. Gaz left the room to clean up, and moments later came back with two more cans. ‘They’re you go mate, another tinny…’ he offered Tom, ‘I can’t Gaz, i’m at work tomorrow…’ he replied. ‘One won’t hurt ma….’ before gaz could finish they heard a loud bang outside, ‘What was that..?’ the temp questioned. ‘Don’t worry, no ones shooting any one.. The gangs don’t normally come out on a weeknight..’ he laughed, continuing..‘no, thats next door. Probably got more of his skinhead mates around..’. Tom took a moment to process things, he couldn’t be seen in these flats.. in this part of town. ‘Ok, i’ll take the can.. cheers mate’ he responded, as he once again drank the ice cold beverage with a feint sweet taste.

They laid in bed, but as they maid small talk Tom found he couldn’t take his attention of the pile of Gaz’s clothes on the floor. There was something about Gaz that Tom started to find irresistable, was it his manly musk or his blue eyes.. he couldn’t quite pinpoint it but he felt more attracted to him than he had to anyone before. ‘You cold mate?’ Gaz asked Tom.. ‘No, why..?’. ’You seem to be eyeing up my trackies over there.. Put ‘em on if you want..’ he said with a grin, ‘I am quite cold, ok then Gaz..’ he replied as he felt his pulse start to race once agains and his cock spring to life.

He scooped up the trackies and worn socks and left the room to collect the rest of the clothes. He picked up the sweaty jock as new fantasies raced through his mind, he took a quick wiff as he closed his eyes, the odour sending his body into overdrive. As he stepped into them and pulled them on he leant over and picked up the dirty adidas trackies, feeling the course cotton material slide over his flesh and making his hairs stand on end. Next he pulled on the socks and folded the bottom of the trackies into them. As he stepped into the battered grey Nike Shox he feet sank into the cushioned interior, soaked in warm sweat, now Tom’s cock pulsated harder than ever before.

He put the adidas trackie top on and bodywarmer and finally the snapback, so use to wearing uncomfortable shoes and suits he now almost felt liberated… free. ‘You look hot mate…’ Gaz said approvingly as Tom entered the room, ‘so you like being a scally then?’ he asked. ‘Yeah, Gaz I actually do..’ Tom blurted out, surprising himself even. ‘Ok then, let’s make it real..’ Gaz promissed as he reached into his bedside draw and produced a white powder, he made two lines on the table top and invited Tom to sniff a line. ‘I can’t, i’ve never done drugs before..’ he pleaded, ‘Your safe, your with me.. i’ll make sure your ok mate..’ Gaz responded reassuringly, his hypnotic like blue eyes now totally enthralling Tom.

Tom walked over to the scally and leant over, in one inhale he sniffed a full line of the powder and his mind raced like nothing before. ‘Fuck, thats good Gaz.. That’s fucking good…’ he laughed. As the full effects of the powder took hold Tom fell back on the bed and Gaz made his move, after he inhaled the second line they fucked for hours, their bodies locked in a flood of pleasure and excitement. Gaz offered Tom a ciggie and with absolutly no resistance he smoked his first fag.

He enjoyed his third can of lager, this time with no added extras. All along Gaz had a plan and he knew to break down Tom’s defences initially he needed some external help, he added a drug to the first two lagers that would make Tom more suggestive and receptive to Gaz but sfter tonight he knew Tom wouldn’t need much more persuading.

Lost to the throws of passion they fucked, smoked, snorted and drank lager all night. For the first time since he could remember Tom felt released, no stress and no worries just pure and unadultered ecstasy. As morning came they finally relented and fell asleep, totally exhausted.

Gaz woke first, he sleep broekn by a dull vibration on the floor. As he gathered his thoughts he hoisted himself up to investigat the alien sound. He located the vibration from Tom’s trousers that lay on the floor, he fumbled through his pockets and found the source, his Blackberry. He looked to the screen where ‘Work Calling….’ flashed up, looking down at the almost unconcious intern a grin eupted on his face, he saw the opportunity as he left the bedroom, phone in hand and walked out to the balcony where he had privacy and answered the phone. ‘Tom… Tom is that you? It’s 11:30 and you were due in work at 8am.. We need you here now, George also hasn’t turned up and we need to finish this case… Tom..?’ came an almost desperate greeting. Gaz took a moment to think and then he replied.. ‘Sorry mate, I don’t know who this Tom guy is but I think he’s the lad on my sofa. we had a house party last night and he’s outa his head.. Said something about work today but he was gonna phone in sick, he’s so outa it he must of forgot.. Sorry mate…’ Gaz replied. The voice continued ‘That’s good to know, please tell him I want him in now or he’ll loose his job’, ‘Will do fella..’ Gaz responded and the call ended.

Job well done, Gaz thought as he headed back to the bedroom, Tom was now waking up and saw the scally with his phone. ‘What you doing with my Blackberry..?’ he asked. ‘You had a call from work, they were concerned because you hadn’t turned up. I told them you’d come down with the flu and they said don’t worry because some guy called George will take over your workload for the rest of the week.. They’ve given you the week off..’ he lied. Tom struggled to come too, ‘That’s good.. I’m so tired, can we go back to bed?’ he asked.

‘Fuck no mate, time to get up.. wait a minute’ he said as he went into his bedside table and got more powder out, he made two lines and asked him too snort them promissing him it would give him more energy and wake him up. Immediatly Tom felt the effects as he felt a surge of energy powering through his body, Gaz cranked up some Grime music and told Tom to get dressed. Instinctivley Tom reached for his own clothes but stopped dead in his tracks when Gaz yelled ‘What the fuck do you think your doing, when your in my flat you dress lie me cunt.. You understand?’, Tom stood to attention as his dick twitched at the dominant scally. Gaz took Tom’s clothes out of the room and flung them in the bin, an oblivious Tom looked around the room to find something to wear.

As the music pounded Tom felt his mind race to the beat, Gaz reentered the bedroom and ordered him to wear his dirty trackies and air max trainers. As Tom pulled them on he tucked the trackie bottoms into the crusty socks and he slipped on the blue body warmer and snapback. ‘Your missing something fella’ Gaz stated, reverting back to his charming self as he threw some black Adidas gloves and a variety of fake gold jewelery, ’Put ‘em on..’ he requested. Tom slipped the two thick signet rings and chunky watch and chains on, he tensed his hands as he slid on the black gloves, they fit snuggly on his hands.

They sat down to a bacon sandwich and a can of lager for breakfast, Tom felt more alive than he had ever before, almost in tune with everything around him but above all else he started to feel a connection with Gaz so strong it frightened him, he never let anyone in.. never trusted anyone after his poor up bringing but now for the first time, deep down he felt he had found acceptance.. someone who wanted him!

As they finished up breakfast he still felt a hunger, he longed for something he’d never had before. Gaz pulled out a full pack of ciggies, ‘There you go Ty, they’re yours.. smoke all 20 by the end of the day..’, Tom paused for a minute as he held on to every word the scally spoke. Did he just call me Ty? It’s probaby just some sort of affectionate name for me he deduced, as he automatically opened the pack and pulled out a ciggie. He lit it and inhaled the sweet aroma, his mind racing as he finished it.. his hunger fullfilled.

‘How you feelin mate’ Gaz asked, Tom replied with a hint of a grin, ‘Good… very good…’. Gaz produced two pills and ordered Tom to take them, he took a moment to think an then he downed them with a swig of lager. ‘Good one mate’ Gaz congratulated his new protege, almost impressed by how well Tom took his orders as he cranked up the music.

Tom’s mind floated as he fell back on the sofa, now in an utter sate of euphoria. All the sounds and colours blurred as all feelings of stress or urgency just melted away, totally oblivious to a banging on the flat door. Gaz answered it and greeted the visitor, a figure pushed through into the living room swaying like a gorilla in his suit.

‘Fuck Mal, what you wearin..’ Gaz greeted the skinhead. ‘wat the fuck does it look like cunt!’ came an almost threatening response.. He continued, ‘fuck me, thats wat I call an improvement. He looks horny as fuck in ure trackies..’. ‘Aye.. he’s mine.. You’ve got your fella, hows it goin?’. Mal could feel his cock harden as he looked at the unconcious intern on the sofa, breaking his thoughts he responded.. ‘he’s a fucking pussy, left him in mine, high as a kit and with my gear.. lets see what the horny fucker does..’.

They spent a few hours smokin spliffs and drinking lager on the balcony, at one point they sat back and watched a Mal’s ‘guest’ sat out on his balcony and smoked.. ‘This is conna be piss easy.. he’s gagging for it’ he smiled, Gaz agreed as he looked down at Tom’s Blackberry with five missed calls and a voice message. He listened to the voice message, one of the senior partner’s from the solicitor’s firm that Tom worked at spoke of his disapointment and confirmed he had terminated Tom’s contract, Gaz put the phone down and looked over at Tom with a menacing smile.. ‘It’s time for the next stage Mal..’. Mal chuckled as they lit another spliff, he loved it when a plan came together.

As they shared the spiff Mal hoisted his Doc Martined foot on to Gaz’s groin, the tatty red boot rubbing against his cock and making it stir. Mal stroked his throbbing hard on and grinned at the scally as Gav got more excited, his cock now pounding. ‘You want sum tosser?’ Mal threateningly offered, ‘yeah Mal’ came the response. They left the balcony and fell on the floor in front of Tom as they launched into a sexual frenzy. Mal undid his braces and unziped his bleachers as he pulled his spunk filled briefs down, Gaz pulled down his trackies and boxers as they deep throated. Mal took a quick glance over to Tom and chuckled, ‘Horny fucker..’ as Tom’s own cock started to swell, he was barely conscious but he enjoyed the floor show.

Mal pulled Gaz around and flung him on the floor as he cock he thumping hard on out, bracing for entry Gaz’s pulce raced and then he felt a thrust in his arse as Mal’s cock pushed in his anus. Tom watched as Mal pounded the Scallie’s arse, thrusting with a force he hadn’t seen before. As Mal’s beefy cock battered his arse, Gaz could feel Mal tense, through his pain and then the skinhead climaxed as his skin seed poured into the scallie’s arse.. the moist, warm liquid inside him.

Tom slipped back asleep, he couldn’t recognise Mal but the image of the skinhead fucking Gaz now forever etched on his mind, the ultimate fantasy. Mal took his leave for he had work to do with his own protege, there was a plan they had to follow through on and he had to move on to the next stage.

Tom woke up fully the next afternoon having slept a full day.. laid on the sofa in the trakies, trainers, bodywarmer,snaapback, jewelery and gloves and the sweat that was locked into the clothes now mingled with his own, he couldn’t distinguish any foul smells anymore, not that it mattered.

‘Afternoon fella, you had a good sleep?’ Gaz asked Tom. ‘Yeah, I think’ came an uncertain reply. ‘I didn’t want to wake you fella but your phone’s been ringing, you’ve got a voice message..’. Tom took the phone and listened to the message, he demeanor changed as he started to well up.. ‘Fuck mate, whats happened’ Gaz asked, almost convincingly.. ‘I’ve lost my job.. They’ve let me go, not said why but I think they were gonna do it the other day.. I’ve got nowhere to go..’ he cried. ‘You didn’t need that fucking job anyway mate, they’re all ponces.. You can stay ere until you sort yourself out..’, Tom’s face lit up.. ‘Thanks Gaz, i’ll do anything you want..’ he offered, Gaz grinned as he thought, that was what he was counting on!

‘No probs Ty’ Gaz offered with a smile that lasted for only moments.. ‘Why do you keep calling me Ty?’ Tom asked out of curiosity. Gaz’s features twisted in an instant..‘Wat fucker??’ he threatened. ‘Why do you keep calling me Ty? I’m Tom?’ the temp replied in trepadation, Gaz lounched in a frenzy as he launched to the unsuspecting temp punching him square in the nose, Tom recoiled in pain and horror. ‘Fucking wanker, I do all I can to help you, I offer you a home.. andthats how you repay me cunt’ the scally fumed. Tom picked himself up, his nose now bleeding and broken, ‘Sorry Gaz, I didn’t mean to be disrespectful.. Please, i’m sorry’.

Gaz calmed down as he cleaned Tom up, the temp now trembling. Realising his predicament and the fact he had no where else to go he appologised once more to a now calm Gaz, ‘I’m really sorry, is there anything I can do to make it better?’ Gaz took a moment and then responded, ‘Yeah mate there is, we need money fast. We’ve got bills to pay here and you have no job, it’ll be weeks until we can get you on the dole so you need to make money fast. Have you got any ideas?’, Tom took a moment and then replied with an idea, ‘Well if i’m living here then there isn’t enough room for all my stuff, we can go to my flat and sell some of it’, Gaz smiled..‘Yeah boi, good idea. We’ll head out tonight’.

After they finished a spliff they looked for Tom’s keys but couldn’t find them, Tom could see gaz getting frustrated so he suggested they enter his appartment through a window he left open. They set out and headed for the appartment, when they got there Gaz stayed watch as Tom broke into his own appartment. While Tom looked around for anything they could sell Gaz took the opportunity and called the police, reporting a theft in progress at the appartment and then he walked to the other side of the street and watched as the police drove up and broke into the appartment.

Gaz could see Tom attempting to scramble out of the window and escape but just at it seemed he was succesful he was pulled back by the cops. He knew the police wouldn’t buy that it was Tom’s appartment, he changed his name legally and now he bacame Ty Dugan, also no one would recognise him with his broken nose, the clothes he wore and also the fact he was so high on drugs. Originally he had no record and this was his first offence so the scally knew he would be released the following day, so he made his way back to his flat and made a call to Mal’s skinhead mates, real rough fuckers. The plan was now set in motion and later than night they re-entered the appartment and took everything, totally clearing it out ready to sell it all. With all of Tom and George’s belongings they were set to make a tidy sum.

The following morning there came a knock on Gaz’s door, he opened it to see a dejected Tom allowing him back in the appartment. ‘What the fuck happened mate? I tried to warn you but I couldn’t get to you in time’ came a false greeting of feigned concern. ‘I don’t know, I ended up in a cell all night. I’ve got nothing Gaz, my appartment got wiped out’.. ‘Your fucking kidding me, where the fuck are we going to get money from now?’ Gaz responded, taking to manipulation almost naturally.

Tom didn’t respond, terrified if another punch, Gaz continued ‘Look, you’ve got no where to go but here. You live by my rules now Ty you understand?’, Tom replied as he nodded his head, ‘Yeah Gaz I understand.. anything’.

‘Alright then, first let’s get rid of that shit hair.. We’re gonna shave it off..’, Tom took a moment but seeing no other option he agreed, ‘Yeah fella’. Tom could feel the clippers massage his scalp as tufts his hair fell out, the last vestiges of his former identity now falling away. Gaz brushed away the excess hair and Tom put his snapback back on, the brim rubbing against his naked scalp. After Gaz shaved his head Tom took a hit of coke and lit a ciggie to ease his nerves as he looked at his reflection, his broken nose and almost feral features as well as his now bald head making him totally unrecognisable for now he looked liked a propa scally thug.

Gaz watched as he saw Tom’s cock swell as he looked at his reflection, there was still one more stage to go though. He explained they had to make money somehow and his mate was into delivery. He ordered Tom to drop off a small package to a ‘customer’ as soon as they received it, Tom agreed as the drugs took hold and his memory and will now faltering. An hour later a knock came at the door and Gaz’s friend entered, he introduced himself and told Tom he would be working for him from now on. He gave Tom the package and address for delivery and left them, Tom went on his erand without a thought.

Later that evening he returned, Gaz now impressed with his success rewarded his protege by fucking him senseless all night in an orgy of weed, coke and hot sweaty sex. The following day Gaz pulled out a tattoo gun and inked up Tom, almost completing his physical transformation but there was one more thing. Later Gaz’s friend visited, a former trained dentist turned thug he capped Tom’s broken front tooth from the punch a few nights earlier with a gold tooth.

Every time Tom smiled he would offer a threatening grin, now totally transformed from a career driven temp to a lowlife, thick scally thug. He hadn’t realised but as the days progressed so too did his dialect as he swore far more than he ever did before and he felt an anger build within him.

The following morning Gaz said he had to go away to see hs family, he told Ty that the flat was his until he returned and even said he signed it over to him, telling him everything in there was his. They had one last fuck and then Gaz left Ty all alone to his new existence.

As Ty went out for a fag he bumped into Mal, he couldn’t put his finger on it but he could sense that the skinhead was different yet there seemed to be something so familiar. After exchanging niceties they fucked each other for hours, filling each other with their warm seed.

For weeks they met and fucked harder each time, pounding each other’s arse. One day they ventured into town, bumping into the receptionist from the solicitors. Ty asked him for a fag but the receptionist responded with a sneer as he looked down on the scum, not recognising their former identies. Ty’s anger issues flared up as he punched the receptionist knocking him flying, ‘Nothing wrong with manners cunt’ he grunted as Mal chuckled, they walked off into the distance their arms swinging to their sides, swaying like gorillas as they headed back to the shithole that was now their home.

As time progressed Ty and Mal wore the clothes and lived the lives of the former thugs that transformed them, Ty even fucking a lass and having kids. The responsibility of fatherhood doing nothing to calm down his new feral nature as he found himself in and out of jail, his life now descending into the criminal underbelly of society.

The former thugs lived a different life, using the money they extorted from Tom and George to escape the shit hole and live new lives, because after all everyone loves it when a plan comes together!

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