Motivational Speaker part 3

By Anon & EdIam -
published August 2, 2020
15932 words

Matt arrives for a going away party that Rick wants to adjust just a bit…

(hey friends!

Here’s the conclusion, as of now, of Motivational Speaker. Again, I’d like to thank the anonymous author that provided the backbone to the story we’re telling now and, quite honestly, providing me with one of the sexiest sex scenes I’ve had the pleasure of writing. And, well, anon and I may be working on a continuation involving Rick…so we may see more of the evil son of a bitch.

Until then: enjoy the story! Feel free to e-mail questions or leave comments! Love hearing from you all.



Over the next few days, Rick decided to just stay at his place…well…here at the place I paid rent for him at least. He slept in the bed that Alec and I usually shared and we slept at his feet. Alec and I cuddled quite a bit as Rick basically used us as his footstool, but we didn’t mind. He was just so unimaginably masculine and dominant, it didn’t matter to me in the slightest what he did to stay comfortable as he slept. I didn’t even keep track of where the slut slept because he mattered so minimally to me.

As the night of Matt’s visit neared, Rick became more and more excited for some reason. And, well, because of Rick’s excitement, I too got very excited, and honestly, loved how horny Rick seemed to remain. He had Alec and I satiate his building horniness by blowing him, each other, and fucking the absolute shit out of the bottom bitch.

We were having so much fun in the constant state of gay, horny bliss that in almost no time at all, we all eventually heard the knock at the front door indicating that the moment had come and Matt had arrived so Rick could have his fun. Throughout it all, Rick didn’t completely let Alec or I know what he had intended for our friend, but I certainly hoped he wasn’t going to do too much to derail his goals. Matt truly did deserve the world, in my eyes.

I got up from the couch eagerly to answer it, feeling slightly uncomfortable wearing clothes for the first time since Rick had shown up at our place those days prior.

Swinging the door open, I tried to contain my shock at Matt’s new appearance. It was just bizarre to see the guy I’d known for so longer seemingly to commit completely to his new role in the military as his normally thick mop of somewhat stylish hair had been cropped very short and tight, with a nice fade on the sides and back. His face was now clean shaven as well, completely ready for his time with the Marines. He was truly looking the part of a soldier

“Looking sharp, buddy,” I complimented him, allowing myself to truly appreciate how great he was looking, “I like your haircut so much. Damn, man! Really looking like a Marine.”

“Thanks, Chris,” he said as he stepped in, blushing slightly, “Thank you so much for understanding why I wasn’t fully honest at first. I just wasn’t really sure how you or Alec would respond. And, well, I wasn’t sure if they’d cut my hair while I was getting set up with my basic training and uniform and stuff, but they did. But I do know now that I have a date for when I’m out of here. I’ll have to head out next week for basic training!

“Most importantly, though, I gotta admit, I look kinda sexy as a jarhead” he joked, stroking his now shortly buzzed back of his head.

I assured him there were no hard feelings at all, and thought to myself that the only thing that was actually hard was my cock, eager for release.

“But, and this is most important, Chris, I’m not fully a Marine yet. So we can still pull an all-nighter and party! I’m excited to hear what you and Alec have to tell me!”

He raised two six packs of Bud he’d been carrying in his hands as he entered the apartment, looked at me, and questions, “Which way?” Matt asked.

I pointed down the main entryway as we heard Alec all out, “Matt, come join us in the living room!”

Clearly, Alec was just as eager as me to finally cum.

I stepped in front of him with my old friend following closely, looking around our hallway and entryway and gazing at the several pictures I’d hung on the walls, some of them from our high school football days.

It looks like you have a really nice place, Chris. Love that picture,” Matt said, pointing to a picture of the two of us hoisting a trophy we’d won at state his senior year of high school.

“Thanks,” I replied from the end of the hallway, even though Matt didn’t fully understand that it wasn’t me that had a really nice place: Rick did. I just happened to live in it and pay the rent and bills for him, “Just make yourself comfortable.”

“So what are we gonna play first?” Matt asked excitedly as he and I reached the living room, but instantly stopped for a moment when he saw the unfamiliar face sitting on our couch with his shirt off and his arms around my filthy, disgusting brother, “Oh hey, Steve, it’s, uh, been a long time. Didn’t actually know you’d be here. And, who is this, um, fine man with you? I honestly thought it was just gonna be us three tonight. You know. Celebrate me going off and stuff.”

“Yeah, it’s been a while for sure, Matt,” my pathetic brother replied as he pretended to be an actual person worthy of conversation, “Looking great with the haircut by the way. I overheard you call yourself sexy with it and you definitely are. But, sorry, I’m being so rude; this is my boyfriend, Rick. We’ve been together for about half a year now.”

My brother leaned into Rick suggestively, as Rick had previously instructed him to do prior to Matt’s arrival, and the older man captured his lips in a long, sloppy, wet, loud kiss, full of tongue and everything.

He did his best to hide his discomfort, but it was clear that Matt did not like what he was seeing at all. I wasn’t entirely sure why completely. I knew Matt wasn’t homophobic, given how he’d always stupidly respected my slut brother. I imagined it could have been because of him making out with an obviously much older, overweight, hairy man or that he didn’t like seeing two men make out at all, I couldn’t tell.

Rick smirked as he pulled away, looking over to see Matt’s very obvious disgust, “Sorry about that. Me and my boy here can get real passionate sometimes and he’s relatively insatiable,” Rick matter-of-factly stated, “I do hope you forgive us, though. My name is Rick.”

He offered out a hand which Matt took graciously enough, not wanting to be rude. I stood in the kitchen, opening one of the beers Matt had bought as Alec sat in the recliner, watching the TV, bulge somewhat obscenely displayed, ready to finally cum tonight through whatever means Rick provided.

“My name is Matt. I used to go to the same high school as these losers,” he joked, trying to lighten the mood as Matt tended to do whenever he could, as he took the hand and shook it.

“Oh nice, so you must all go way back then?”

“Yeah, I guess we do.” Matt took the seat farthest from Rick and his boytoy, glancing back at Rick nervously periodically, clearly uncomfortable around the much older, much more dominant man in the room. I found my way next to him, inwardly laughing at how uneasy he was acting around such an obviously respectable man. I looked up to Matt so much, but found it hilarious that he was so shifty with Rick, who was clearly the most trustworthy, perfect, and dominant man in existence.

“Want some pizza, Matt? We ordered some before you got here,” Alec stated, breaking the somewhat uncomfortable silence and pushing the pizza box towards him.

“T-that’s okay, dude, thanks. Gotta watch my figure now that I’m gonna be working out much more intensely than I’m used to,” he stammered, patting his stomach. If it was anything like the last time I’d seen him shirtless, his six pack was already obvious. He definitely didn’t need to worry too much about ‘his figure’.

We chatted conversationally for a few moments, Rick just asking random questions of Matt to get to know him, all the while allowing his pet to stroke his chest, kiss his neck, and showing displays of affection. Throughout the discussion, Matt kept finding moment to look back and forth between Alec and me, clearly searching for some kind of support in his feelings of discomfort with my disgusting brother and Rick’s behavior. But Alec and I were aware he’d likely be that way at first, per Rick’s explanation of the evening prior to his arrival, even though we knew it was all beyond normal. So we acted like we didn’t notice and chatted casually as Alec started up one of the video games the four of us younger guys had played quite a bit for years.

But, after a particularly invasive question and the slut lapping at Rick’s nipple, Matt got the courage he seemed to have been building. Looking nervously towards Rick, who was now moaning slightly as saliva built up around his perky nipples, “Um… sorry, if I sound rude, but would you mind if you can put on some clothes, Rick? I don’t really think it’s appropriate to be half naked around company. Especially in someone else’s home. And especially not while doing that kind of private stuff with your boyfriend. Not sure why you’re allowing it, Chris. It’s rather rude.”

Rick smirked, clearly having waited for this protestation, “I’m so sorry you feel that way, boy. But I have this condition where I overheat so easily inside closed space.”

“It’s true,” Rick’s fuckboy interjected. “He sweats like a bull with a shirt on. It’s not a pretty sight or smell for most folks. I like it. But, honestly, I love his hairy chest and stench so much.”

Matt scoffed, clearly feeling a little more powerful with his complaints, “Yeah, but I think the rest of us would prefer that than seeing your boyfriend’s hairy body lewdly on display, though. And I don’t understand why you’re playing with his nipples in front of us like that, Steve. You’re better than that. Beyond that, he’s not really the type of guy you ever seemed very into. Seems to me like something weird is going on and I don’t like it. Like I said, this is all just so wrong and rude.”

Rick chuckled to himself slightly as he started, “You know you seem very, very tense, Matt. Maybe you had a long day, hmm? You know, I can help you relax quite a bit. I am a motivational speaker, just so you know. I can help loosen up almost anyone. It’s quite the talent I possess and can generally get people relaxed quickly with any long monologue I find myself on. And, after all, you must feel so tired, you probably just want to sit and relax. There’s so much going on in your life that is new and my words are likely registering to you as somewhat relaxing to begin with, given how tired you are. Just looking for any excuse to take a moment, breathe, and relax while listening to my voice. So worried for no reason while you can just relax, listen, and focus on my voice. I think you’d love to just relax. Just sit there in the chair next to the friends you trust so much and listen to me and completely focus on your breathing and let your muscles relax…”

I knew the tone of voice Rick was using. He’d spoken to all of us in a similar way in the past. He was just so charismatic and the light shifts in tone and vibration and enunciation of his words instantly tended to relax me. I could only imagine what Matt was experiencing, hearing him go for the first time. At the very least, I was sure Matt couldn’t resist his completely motivational voice.

“I…-” Matt began to say after Rick took a moment to breathe, but he sighed as his eyes unfocused a little and he settled down on the couch. “I, um, I guess you’re right. I guess I do feel a little tired.”

“Right. Why don’t the rest of you boys go to the kitchen while I talk to Matt over here to really help him relax and listen?” Rick motioned for us to leave and we all three instantly stood up to leave the two of them alone as Rick move closer to Matt and set next to him.

“No…no…they can stay. Don’t want to just be here alone with…” Matt started to protest.

Rick instantly moved his attention back to Matt, reached and and began massaging his shoulders, and began displaying and utilizing that soothing tone he did so well, “But It feels so good to relax and just listen, isn’t that right, Matt? Feels so good to have my hands rubbing your shoulders like this. Much, much better to just let me motivate you to breathe and listen and relax while you take a back seat and let go, isn’t that right?” Rick continued, moving closer to Matt.

“Y-yes…relax…listen…” Matt eased into Rick’s voice. Before we left the large living room into the connected kitchen, I heard Rick continue talking to my friend, encouraging him to go deeper and deeper. Matt even seemed to be going out of it a bit, almost as if he were being hypnotized. My cock strained in my pants at the idea that my best friend, whom I considered close enough to be my brother, was being hypnotized by the much older, dominant Rick. I wasn’t sure why, but it seemed like the Rick was taking the first step at ensuring Alec and I would be cumming tonight!

As I stepped into the kitchen, I tried to stay near the island, wanting to hear more of what Rick was saying to Matt because it turned me on so much. But deep inside, I knew that Rick needed his alone time with my buddy to work his magic and get to the point where he’d let me cum, so I went about preparing some snacks instead. It was a good thing too, because the cock-brained idiot had joined us and it looked as though he was fucking things up instantly.

“What are you doing?!” I scolded the fucking stupid, brain dead slut as he began opening a few beer cans that Matt had brought and was beginning to pour one of them in a bowl, “You need glasses for those, you fucking moron! You don’t put them in a punch bowl, you cum addicted gutter slut!”

I pulled some chips out of the cupboard, opened them, and began speaking to the idiot like he was five years old and dumber than a box of rocks, which he was at this point, as focused on pleasing better men than him with his body he was all the time, “These are chips and they’re the ones that go in the bowl. You fucking idiot. Fuck, man. You’re so ridiculously stupid. Jeez.”

“I’m sorry, Chris. I guess I’m just one dumb, bottom bitch boy who only knows how to please a man’s cock,” the cockslut said dumbly, smiling like the loon he was.

“Yeah, clearly. You are useless for anything other than being a cumdump. I can’t believe I used to think you were smart, you unbelievably stupid waste.”

I shoved him roughly towards Alec as the bitch’s useless presence made me angry at this point unless I was fucking his brains even more out of his head.

“Get that useless piece of trash out of here,” I told my best friend.

“What am I supposed to do with Rick’s stupid fucktoy?”

“I don’t know, Alec. Figure it out! But he’s getting in the way and making all this harder than it needs to be with his fucking idiocy.”

Alec dragged the bitch out of the kitchen towards our bedroom as I pulled four cups out of the cupboards for Rick, Alec, Matt, and myself. I put my focus into fixing the sluts mistakes, cleaning the bowl, pouring the chips in, and filling the glasses with the already opened beers. When I turned around by the sink, I gazed into the bedroom Alec had brought him into and saw the cock-whore was doing the only thing he knew well: slurping greedily on my best friend’s cock while Alec face-fucked him senseless. I assumed Alec had chosen that space to ensure Matt wouldn’t glance over and see him fucking the slut and I didn’t blame him. If Matt knew the gay shit we did, I was worried he’d think less of us.

But, well, Alec could and should be getting getting a wet blowjob from him now. Honestly, there wasn’t anything else the useless cock fiend was good for, so I was proud of my man for using him properly.

Allowing Alec to forcefully fuck the useless hole, I set all the chips and drinks on a tray and carried it all to the living room, hoping Rick was ready for us to join back up with them. When I got there, it looked like Matt was completely out of it, as if Rick had shot him up with tranquilizers or something. He was sleeping relatively soundly, leaning onto the large, hairy chest he’d previously been complaining about.

“Ah, just in time Chris,” Rick said jovially as I set the food and drinks on the coffee table. He called Alec back in and the slut followed, drooling and grinning like a dumb whore, as we all listened for our next instructions.

Rick smiled, allowing Matt to lightly snooze on his belly, “Why don’t you three make yourselves presentable to our guest and finally strip naked?”

I hesitated. As much as I adored Rick and listened to him in nearly everything, I still had moments in which I felt a bit awkward following his instructions. Stripping nude in front of my straight friend, especially one I looked up to so fully, just seemed wrong. Alec, too, also looked like he had the same reservations but the bottom bitch boy stripped all his clothes of instantly like the total, shameless slut that he was.

“Chris, Alec, why don’t you listen and relax,” Rick intoned impatiently as we drifted off and relaxed, once again peacefully listening to him, “You want to take off your clothes. You desperately need to take off your clothes. You know you can’t be a great host to your guest unless you are fully naked and comfortable. You know full well that it’s proper protocol to strip down and show that you have nothing to hide to your guests once you’ve been asked to strip by anyone while you’re here. Besides, you both know you won’t cum tonight unless you do what I tell you.”

When I regained awareness, I had this sudden need to shed off all my clothes, knowing I was being insanely rude by staying clothed after such an innocent request to strip. And, honestly, I needed to cum tonight so there wasn’t anything I could think of that I wouldn’t do to achieve that goal in this moment.

“Oh, fuck, I’m sorry! Where are my manners, bro?” I stated, fully embarrassed at my horribly selfish behavior, “I shouldn’t be bundled up like, even if it is in front of Matt, after such a reasonable request.”

I pulled my shirt off my torso and Alec followed suit. I also noticed Rick taking his shorts off, letting his massive cock come out of its clothing prison. Honestly, the sight of it always filled my heart with so much desire and my brain with perverse thoughts of serving it.

“Open your eyes and let the words I’ve already spoken to you play out, Matt. Sit up and look at your friends,” Rick commanded to Matt as he followed the instructions to a tee. He gazed at us, no differently than he normally would despite seeing all of us nude and hard. Rick continued, “So, you don’t have any problems seeing us naked now that you’re so much more relaxed and feeling so much calmer, do you boy?” Rick asked Matt, stroking his own giant cock. At this point, Alec and I were fully naked. And, obviously, so was Rick’s bottom bitch fag.

“Not at all, Sir,” Matt responded, his previous anxiety and nervousness fully gone. He did still sound quite a bit out of it, however, but that made sense as relaxed Rick obviously helped him become.

“I just taught them that it’s only polite to get naked when entertaining guests and the guest requested them to do so. And, well, Matt, you must be forgetting something else. You were so paranoid and worried that Steve and I were being rude when we were being affectionate. But it’s you that had truly been rude.

You see, it’s also polite for guests to strip nude when visiting their hosts. It is customary for guests to be naked when visiting somebody else’s home. This is not your home. You aren’t being very polite, Matt. You should take your clothes off as well.”

“I…uh…I don’t know about that…something doesn’t sound right…”

“Why don’t you just listen and relax, Matt? Listen and relax fully and unequivocally. Listen. And relax. You need to be mindful of your manners, young man, and right now you’re disrespecting your hosts. I, as well as Chris and Alec, expect you to be nude right now. You seemed to care so much about being polite before. You don’t want to offend your friends with rudeness, do you?”

“No, I don’t…”, Matt looked completely worried and confused as he stared off into space, thinking intently as to what Rick was telling him. I, too, realized as Rick was speaking, that Matt was being insanely rude by staying clothed. I hoped Rick would help him be more polite, as I’d always known Matt to be previously.

Rick smiled, “Very good. You seem very, very relaxed and are listening so well Matt. So, here, why don’t I help you with that shirt?”

Rick pulled at the bottom of Matt’s shirt hesitantly, looking a bit like he was hoping he wouldn’t resist. Matt, for his part, did seem to be slightly uncomfortable as his eyes began shifting around the room, but allowed Rick to slowly lift the fabric over his head and the sleeve through his arms. I had to admit that I felt slightly uncertain too as Matt sat there, shirtless, revealing his very toned chest. I’m sure Rick found him very sexy as I saw that he was mostly hairless, definitely more Rick’s type than Alec or I then. I loved Alec and Rick’s hairy chests, and Alec seemed to like mine too.

Rick was incredibly attracted to my good for nothing, cum guzzling brother, and he’d always been pretty fit and hairless too. If I didn’t know better, I thought Rick might explode right then and there, seeing my friend shirtless.

“Relax and listen, Matt. You’re so much more polite now. Almost there, though. To be completely well-mannered, I’m going to have my boyfriend help you with your socks,” Rick snapped, my stupid brother looking his way. Pointing down, the slut got on his knees and started removing Matt’s socks one at a time. It looked as though Matt had pretty large feet, but I’d never been one to care much for that kind of thing.

“Good work, Matt. Such a calm, relaxed boy. Now. Relax and listen more and more. Relax and listen to me. You know I’m right. You know you want to be polite. You want so badly to be a good boy and stand up, remove your pants and your underwear now. Be nude, like you know is polite when here with your hosts.”

This time, Matt didn’t seem to think much. He stood, unbuttoned his pants, and quickly removed both his pants and underwear. Even I had to admit that I was happy he wasn’t being so rude anymore. I appreciated and loved my friend, but it was so uncool for him to stay clothed as long as he did while visiting me in Rick’s apartment.

Rick smiled at him broadly as he sat back down next to him, naked as the day he was born.

“Very good, Matt. You are such a gentleman,” Rick praised as he looked at my friend’s very well-toned body up and down. Based on the look in his eyes, he definitely enjoyed what he saw. He licked his lips somewhat predatorily and noticed that the old man’s cock was pulsing tantalizingly between his legs. My suspicions now seemed very correct. Matt was absolutely Rick’s type.

Matt didn’t seem to notice any of that, however. remained incredibly calm and relaxed now, more than he’d been the entire evening. Staring straight ahead, he responded kindly to Rick, absorbed in the complement Rick had given him, “Of course, Sir. My parents raised me to be a gentleman after all.”

Rick chuckled lightly, “I can see that. But, I’m sad to say that, Matt, I’m afraid you’re forgetting something crucial to being the polite gentleman you’d claimed to be. You’re already failing again from the moment you came in the front door. First you were completely clothed and now this? I can’t believe a complete gentleman like you would forget something so important…”

“I…I did?” Matt asked hesitantly, clearly unsure as to what Rick could be meaning. I honestly didn’t know what Rick was referring to either, honestly. He was already naked. What else did he need to do?

Rick smiled, “Unfortunately, you did! Listen and relax even more, Matt. You know, full well, that a guest must properly greet the host at a party with a deep, passionate, meaningful french kiss on his lips while stroking the man’s cock up to full hardness, as if they were lovers,” Rick smiled slyly as he said those words, already stroking his own cock.

Without really even thinking much of the decorum Rick was describing, Matt stood up and began moving towards me, where I was leaning on the kitchen island watching Rick teach Matt his lessons in etiquette. But then he stopped half way towards me, as if he realized something. He turned back to Rick and said, calmly, “Um, that doesn’t sound right. In fact it sounds really disgusting and gay…”

I couldn’t believe Matt would be so rude as to question the proper etiquette that Rick so accurately spelled out for all of us. Granted, I was kind of with Matt on this one. I realized that I had never once had to stick my tongue down someone’s throat or stroke a guy in his home just to honor them as hosts previously. But before any of us could think much further on it, Rick said: “Why don’t you boys just listen and relax..”

I let myself relax, moving back to the couch with Matt and taking a seat. I’d gone completely out mentally again along with Alec and Matt as Rick gave us the rundown on the proper etiquette between guest and host. After he finished talking, everything made so much more sense. How could I have been so ignorant? It’s like I’d been a rude, crude, cruel barbarian over the years or something. It was so obvious that I’d been wrong to not make out deeply with all those male hosts at every party I’d been to as well as stroke them to full erection. God, I appreciated Rick working so hard to motivate us to be more polite members of society.

Waking up, Matt instantly turned towards me with apologetic eyes, “I’m so sorry for my poor manners, Chris, I shouldn’t have been so rude,” Matt explained, leaning towards me slightly.

“It’s okay, Matt,” I reassured him, not wanting my friend to feel badly, “I completely forgot as well. It’s just fortunate we have these old timers like Rick to set us right, right? We tend to forget our manners most of the time.”

Matt leaned in even closer, only leaving a couple inches between our lips. It felt a bit awkward to be so close to my straight friend’s face, but that couldn’t be helped if we wanted to be polite. Somewhat tenderly, he placed a hand behind my head as he pulled me in for the proper kiss.

His tongue almost immediately invaded my mouth, wrapping itself around my own. As a newly minted gay man, I had to admit that Matt was an impressively great kisser. It really shouldn’t have surprised me all that much knowing he’d bedded so many girls throughout high school and apparently had been fucking his way around Europe with the babes. Obviously, it wasn’t like he lacked in any experience at all.

Our tongues swirled around, playfully dueling inside one another’s mouths. Without much hesitation after we’d started, he grabbed my already hard cock, which, quite frankly, he didn’t have to stroke much given how hot and sexy his kissing skills were. After a few strokes, I was completely rigid in his hand, panting and leaking. Feeling how hard I was and how wet my pre was making his hand, Matt pulled away and stopped the amazing kiss just as it was getting so good.

“That was great, Matt,” I complimented him, my face completely flushed feeling a mix of feelings for my friend that I’d never really had before.

“Thanks, bro,” Matt turned around sheepishly, not at all feeling anything between us, as straight as he was, beyond the expected manners he’d displayed. I had to admit, though, that his skill at kissing was pretty memorable and powerful considering it was most definitely the first time he’d ever kissed a guy.

Moving towards Alec, Matt continued, “And I can’t forget the man who’s helping out Chris over here with this get together.”

Matt pulled Alec up from the easy chair he’d been sitting in and started giving him the same amazing treatment he’d given me: a thorough and erotic french kiss while wrapping his heterosexual hand tightly around his cock and getting it ramrod straight. It felt slightly odd seeing my two best friends making out with each other, but hey, if Matt considered Alec a host too, what were we supposed to do about it? Be inconsiderate, rude degenerates?

Matt, clearly satisfied with the steel beam he’d created on Alec’s midsection, pulled away. Alec thanked him, sounding flustered. Alec seemed to enjoy the kissing talent Matt had just as much as I did.

After a quick moment, Rick cleared his throat to get our attention again.

“That was very gracious of you to greet Alec and Chris, but you don’t seem to realize something,” Rick alluringly said, stroking his own meat slyly, “The real owner of this apartment is me, which means you just made out with your best friends for no reason. I’m the true host of this party because this is my place and therefore, I think I deserve a proper greeting, Matt.”

Looking a bit stunned, Matt looked towards me, sitting on the opposite end of the couch from Rick. I looked back, nodded sluggishly, confirming what Rick said. Matt instantly started getting slightly flushed from embarrassment and rushed towards Rick.

“I honestly didn’t know. God, I’m so sorry. I’m so, so sorry, Sir, I didn’t know,” Matt apologized profusely, sitting down next to Rick and leaning into him quickly. “Here, let me make it up to you.”

And just like that, Matt was kissing his third guy ever tonight, and this one was likely more than twice his age, a complete stranger, and a man that clearly had made him so uncomfortable just about an hour before.

Rick moaned and drooled into Matt’s mouth, slurping loudly, as my friend made out with him passionately. Matt, too, wrapped his strong hand around Rick’s meat and attempted to stroke the massive cock-penis attached to the dominant older man. Alec and I were big, but Rick was gigantic compared to even us. Matt struggled with it, unsure if it was fully hard as huge as it was. But eventually, he pulled off of Rick, satisfied that he’d properly greeted the actual host of this party.

With the pleasantries out of the way, all of us sat around, completely naked, playing video games while casually chatting about random things. Rick and his slut boy decided to sit out on the male bonding by sitting on the recliner together, cuddling and groping one another tenderly, the cock hound giving particular attention to the huge, dangling, old man testes and veiny shaft between Rick’s legs.

“You two are so cute,” Matt said, his previous objection about the PDA completely forgotten, “Steve wasn’t much of a sexual guy at all, rarely dating guys for more than one date or so. I remember even telling you, Steve, that you were far too picky with your men. But now look at you, being in such a healthy and passionate relationship.”

Rick laughed slightly at the comments, replying, “What can I say, boy? Sometimes, a guy just needs a proper man to show him what he’s missing. Isn’t that right?” Rick asked towards the insatiable gutter trash on his lap

He responded breathily, “Yes sir, you completely changed my life for the absolute best.”

Rick and his slut were lost in their sloppy wet kisses yet again as the whore groped endlessly at the sizable erection on Rick. We all smiled at them and each other and just left the dorky lovebirds alone as we played more video games and ate pizza.

Midway through one of the rounds we were playing, Matt let out a loud gasp. Looking towards him and then following his eyesight, I saw that Rick was fucking his toy eagerly and energetically in the armchair.

“What the fuck are you doing?!?!” Matt said incredulously, clearly not ok with the display of sex that, from my point of view, was entirely understandable given that the cumdumpster was really only good for blowing a load into.

“Relax, dude,” I stepped in Rick’s defense, looking over to the overweight juggernaut of masculinity fuck his useless tool. I smiled at him and Rick smiled back.

“Feel free to be honest with him now, Chris. Like we talked about all week,”

And suddenly, I remembered all the build up Rick had with me during the last few days. Trying to remain somewhat the same as I’d been previously to ensure Matt didn’t know the massive changes we’d all gone under melted away. I could be honest now.

Unpausing the game and continuing even if Matt wasn’t going to pay attention, I continued, “He’s just using his hungry, bottom slut whore like the cum dump that he is. No big deal.”

“What?!” Matt said, angrily towards me.

I sighed, paused the game again, and looked back towards him. I had to admit, I was beyond perplexed at Matt’s shocked and horrified reaction towards me now that I was being completely honest with him, “What?” I asked.

“That’s…that’s your brother you’re talking about! Your friend, even,” Matt said matter-of-factly, “I thought the two of you were close, like… inseparable. How can you talk about him in such a cruel and demeaning way like that? Heck, how can you stand by as someone abuses and humiliates him in front of everyone! Like, I get that Rick is the host here and he’s chill in my eyes, but he shouldn’t be shamelessly fucking him right here in the living room for all of us to see!”

I sighed yet again, deeper this time. What was so hard to understand here? And, frankly, I was a bit disgusted having been reminded that I used to hang out with such a disturbed, needy, cock-addicted homo.

“Whoa, relax, dude. I’m just stating facts, man. That’s literally what he is, a disgusting, cum-dependent bottom bitch boy. There’s nothing I can do to change that. I mean look at him! Rick is plowing his ass with that gorgeous, huge cock and he’s not even hard. His useless manhood is wobbling around disgustingly. Like, when Alec and I fuck, we get hard. Like real men. And, frankly, you need to take a chill pill. Rick can do what he wants with his property and he owns that ass at this point.”

Matt looked just about to explode hearing me talk and I had no clue what he could possibly say to defend a low life like Rick’s toy or to question the relationship change Alec and I gone all in on, but I didn’t have to worry about it as Rick stepped in, stating frankly as he continued thrusting into the slut, “You need to calm down, Matt. Why don’t you just listen and relax? Listen and relax. Relax and listen, boy.”

Matt calmed down so quickly while he still looked towards me. I couldn’t blame him as I tended to do that too after hearing Rick’s silky, smooth, perfect voice.

Rick took a moment to explain to Matt that all the filthy names that are thrown to my brother were justified and true. He went into detail about all the disgusting, perverted, accurate descriptions of my former brother so that Matt could see him for what he truly was too. I already knew it was the absolute truth, but was incredibly grateful that Rick would take the time to explain, so patiently, to Matt the truth of the filthy cock receptacle. He explained to Matt that he should enjoy watching him fuck the slut…and even suggested he might start feeling curious as to how it would feel to have the giant meet up his own ass. He added that he was happy that I felt so comfortable being so nonchalant about my new homosexual relationship with Alec by announcing it in such an off the cuff way.

“I think that about covers it. So is everything good here, Matt?” Rick asked after he’d finished with his long explanation.

“Yes sir,” Matt responded, seemingly awakening from a bit of a slumber, “I’m so sorry, Chris. I totally lost my cool there for no reason. I don’t know why I got so heated like that, especially for such a worthless lowlife piece of useless trash like that cum-slut over there. And, frankly, you really are paying him such a kindness for actually using and abusing his hole there, Rick. You are such a stand-up guy. And, wow, I’m so happy you and Alec are fucking! I never thought you two would be gay in a thousand years, but thanks for trusting me with that.

“But, once again, I’m sorry everyone for causing a scene.”

Rick just thrusted deeper into his slut and cordially responded, “That’s okay boy, we all make mistakes.”

The bottom bitch didn’t even say a word, unsurprisingly, as enraptured as he likely was with the dick in his ass. Basically anything else happening meant nothing to him as he continued moaning while that ridiculously huge cock wedged deeply into his hungry hole. The whore rode that alpha cock inside his ass without even the semblance of shame as his limp dick rolled around lifelessly.

“Wow, that’s really kind of intriguing and interesting,” Matt said, slightly dumbfounded while dropping the controller entirely to focus fully on the fuck session in front of him, “He’s, like, really into it, eh? He’s so fucking loud and shameless about being drilled. And how can such a big tool fit in such a small hole?”

“I know, he’s such a fucking slut,” I agreed as I gave in and just shut off the game so I could watch the dick hungry cockwhore debase himself so fully.

“But he doesn’t get hard at all?” Matt asked as he noted the completely flaccid cock flopping around uselessly around the little cum-dump’s crotch.

Rick scoffed, “Yeah, he’s such a worthless bottom bitch boy that he doesn’t even care about his own pleasure anymore. He’s much more interested in getting me off. That’s all he cares about now.

Alec laughed too, joining in on the fun, “He’s like totally dependent on other men’s cocks now and can’t function on his own in the slightest. You should see how he follows Rick’s orders constantly. The little dumbass can’t do the simplest things unless Rick guides him first. Such a pathetic faggot.”

“You’re right…mmmm…Alec. Oooh…ohh fuck,” Rick growled deeply as he got closer to busting his nut, fucking more aggressively. We all stared intently, watching him work that bottom bitch so perfectly. Honestly, I couldn’t help but get a little excited at the scene before me. Clearly, Alec was just as excited.

“Yeah, go Rick! Breed that fucking disgusting hole!” I cheered on.

“Yeah, fill him with your seed! It’s all he’s good for anymore anyway!” Alec chimed in.

Matt didn’t really join in, just stared in fascination as Rick gave one final thrust inside his bitch and moaned considerably loudly. The bottom bitch let out some pathetic cry while bouncing on his master’s dick, moaning as he milked him dry, greedily allowing his rectum to soak up every last drop from his master. All the while, his cock remained completely soft, only focused on ensuring Rick got off as strongly as he could while using his ass.

When he’d decided he was spent with filling his toy, Rick pushed the used up human fleshlight aside and onto the ground, letting his jizz leak out on his used up hole. I scoffed at the pathetic display, feeling nauseated at the disgusting pervert reaching back to poke his own hole to bring the thick mancream up to his mouth so he could lick at the juices that leaked out.

“So, Matt,” Rick said suddenly, causing Alec, Matt, and I to look at him and away from the pervert on the ground, “I’ve been curious, why is it that you decided to join the Marines?”

I felt a bit taken aback at the sudden change in the discussion after the erotic fucking Rick had performed, so I safely assumed my buddy was even more shocked. He ended up looking upwards as if to think about it deeply.

After a moment, Matt explained, “To be honest, I’m kinda at a point in my life where I don’t quite know where I want to be in the future. I had a great life, great experiences in high school and met some great people, like Alec and Chris. And even was lucky enough to attend college in England and tour Europe. I’m pretty fit already and know I can handle the intense training I’d have to go through. But, honestly, at this point, I realize I need to give back a bit. I want to help people.

“In short, all I really know is that I like helping people and I like to travel the world. Joining the Marines gives me both of those important things, so I guess that’s the reason I want to join. It’s a win-win for me. I know it’ll provide a lot of stability and security for me.”

Rick looked back, soaking in all of what Matt was saying and nodded along. Once Matt had finished, however, Rick replied, somewhat knowingly, “I don’t know Matt, that doesn’t quite sound right to me at all. You give me much different vibes than the ones you just explained. I’m just not convinced that that’s the reason at all.”

Matt stared back at him, not sure of how to respond. Even I didn’t really know what Rick was getting at. Matt was, quite literally, the nicest guy I’d ever met. He truly did want to help people and traveling the world had always been his dream for as long as I’d known him.

“I don’t want to be rude, Rick, but I think I know myself pretty well. I’m not really sure what you’re getting from me, but I do want to join because of my desire to travel and help as many people as I can,” Matt stated, somewhat sternly because he’d had to reiterate himself on something as basic as his own desires.

Rick just smiled even more broadly, “Well, from my perspective, it seems much different than your desire to help others. For me, at least, it seems you joined because of a strong desire to serve. I just think you joined the Marines because you long, very strongly, to be controlled and to follow authority. You’re looking for someone to please and serve. It’s so obvious and it has been plainly written all over your face from the first moment I laid eyes on you. And, well, isn’t that a form of ‘helping people’?”

Matt looked more shocked than I think I’d ever seen him, “What? No, that’s crazy. That’s not the reason at all. As I’ve said…“

“Oh, my boy, I have a bit of a sixth sense when it comes to these things and I’m never wrong about them, boy. It’s like a talent; like an amazing super power I’ve always had. I can easily point out a bottom bitch boy when I see one. Even when they don’t particularly realize they’re a bottom bitch, I can just tell. I know what I’m talking about. And, quite frankly, my handsome young man, you definitely are a bottom bitch boy in the making just waiting to be claimed by a dominant master. I saw it in that disgusting, perverted little cum dump lapping at my semen from his own ass and I see very similar things in you.”

We all looked over at the demented faggot, slurping away at his own fingers that were going from his mouth to his gaping and dripping asshole so willingly.

Matt, clearly feeling completely out of sorts, responded defensively, “I…I…just…no, no, no, you’re wrong. Like, really really wrong, dude. I’m not even fucking gay. I have gay friends, sure, but I fuck chicks. I love chicks. I don’t like guys at all, I’m most definitely not a bottom bitch boy. And I’m especially nothing like that disgusting and perverse little weak, worthless bitch you have there.”

I had to give it to Rick, it had been impressive how talented he’d been at knowing what people want and motivating them to do things that they’ve never done before. Alec and I have realized we’re gay since meeting him and feel fully motivated to embrace that lifestyle. And, frankly, I’ll never thank him enough for helping me realize what a cum drenched waste my brother was.

Despite all of that, however, I had to side with my buddy Matt on this one. He was always such a straight stud throughout high school: confident beyond belief. He was a natural born leader who actually went out of his way to help others and inspire others to help out too. He really wasn’t the type to want to be told what to do or, as Rick put it, ‘serve and please’. While acknowledging all the respect I’d grown for Rick, I’d actually hung out with Matt for years and years now and I’d gotten to know him insanely well and had actually seen him in action. There was literally no way that he’d ever been, was, or would be a pathetic bottom bitch fag like my brother in any way, shape, or form.

Rick just sighed loudly, clearly not believing my friend when he explained himself so accurately, “Oh Matt, there’s just so much you don’t seem to see in yourself. You need some motivation, that’s clear. You gotta accept yourself for who you really are. So, why don’t you just take a moment to listen and relax? Listen and relax and accept my words of truth. Relax and listen fully and completely, knowing I would never steer you wrong at all…”

Even quicker than previously, Matt succumbed so fully to the calming tones reverberating from Rick’s amazing vocal cords. This time, Alec and I were still relatively awake, but processing what he was saying to our friend.

Rick went on and on about how Matt was such a lost little bottom bitch slut looking for his soulcock: the cock that he was destined to serve. He said that Matt had spent his high school years, college years, and roamed around Europe not for the adventures, but looking for the one true dick that would settle him down, keep him satisfied, and properly serve. Rick kept repeating himself, continually telling Matt to relax and listen to him fully, knowing, deep down, he needed a beautiful, sizable, and perfect cock to be completely subservient to, and only that would he fully embrace who he was at his core.

Rick then went on to describe his own cock as the most beautiful, largest, and completely perfect cock on the face of the planet. His voice became so silky smooth describing his own piece for Matt’s benefit, letting him know that his long search would be over once he locks his gaze onto Rick’s incredibly masculine, musky, and dominating man-meat, and that he wouldn’t be able to resist the strongest and truest urge to have that beautiful, sizable, and perfect cock in his mouth like a true cock slut. Rick told him he would be completely overcome with an immense need to suck the Master cock that had come to claim him so that his tiring and exhausting journey for his soulcock could finally end.

Watching Matt slowly wake up, I was convinced there was literally no way that Matt would do any of what Rick described. I, obviously, trusted the old man completely, but this was beyond the pale, honestly. Matt was one of the smartest, strongest, confident, brilliant, and athletic men I’d ever had the pleasure of knowing. He was, quite frankly, destined to accomplish so many amazing things. He was going to find a wife, settle down, have kids, and live the American dream.

My mind couldn’t wrap around the thought that he’d be just a dick-pleasing, cock-brained, cum hungry bitch boy like my pathetic brother. Matt was absolutely, without a doubt heterosexual. He was kind, sweet, and caring. And he deserved the world. My former brother deserved to suck cock for eternity.

Not Matt. He was better than that.

But, much to my surprise, Matt’s focus was entirely on Rick. Not Rick, exactly, but the huge phallus already reawakened and throbbing between his legs so quickly after fucking his bottom bitch. Matt, slowly, but surely, started to stand and move towards Rick. My friend, the man that I looked up to, my mentor, my idol, my friend that I loved as a brother, seemed to be drooling slightly staring at the dick before him.

Without a doubt, he seemed completely mesmerized, the cock actually calling to him like a siren song. The words Rick had spoken that I’d had doubt in seemed to be coming to fruition, against all odds. I couldn’t even begin to know what to say as Matt’s own cock started to throb and harden while he got closer and closer to the first cock he’d ever thought Matt was interested in beyond his own.

There’s no way, there’s no fucking way, I thought, as Matt got down on his knees before Rick.

And yet, Matt inched his way towards the humongous man-meat that was now directly in front of him, his eyes never once flinching away from Rick’s dominating tool. My buddy’s mouth opened wider and wider in anticipation as he got closer to the cock that, according to Rick, he’d been searching for for years.

There’s no way, I repeated in my own mind. This wasn’t happening! Matt wasn’t a bottom bitch!

“Mmmmmm…” Matt moaned happily as he wrapped his mouth around that huge dick. Rick also sighed contentedly from the amateur mouth surrounding his profoundly huge glans.

I literally couldn’t process what I was seeing. The guy that I respected for the better part of my life, the guy I looked up to, tried to emulate, the guy I thought was all that…he was doing what Rick told him to do. Had he really been searching for a cock to serve? Was all of that true?!

I felt my brain freeze up as I tried to process what this meant about everything I’d believed about my hero. The things I admired about this guy…was it all a lie? Had he been actually assessing if my dick was worth serving?! There had to be some kind of mistake…

Rick took a moment to adjust to the fellating Matt had begun performing on him to check in on Alec and I, “How do you feel about this new revelation, boys?” he asked, groaning slightly as his dick received new worship from a new mouth, “How does it feel to learn that the man you so admired turned out to be another lowlife, bottom bitch boy like so many others that I already possess?”

“I-I think I’m gonna be sick. I can’t believe it in the slightest. He’s nothing like that other whore,” Alec said, turning away.

I, on the other hand, was beyond flabbergasted. I knew this couldn’t be the truth, “There…there has to be some kind of explanation…”

“Oh?” Rick turned to me, waiting to elaborate, placing one hand at the back of the jarhead’s head, supporting it as it bobbed up and down.

“There’s simply just no way, none, that Matt is a bottom bitch boy. He’s too good for that. I admired him. He’s better than…he’s…no…he’s…I just…” I trailed off as I tried to wrap my head around the new revelations.

“Oh, but he is, Chris,” Rick responded quickly.

Matt moaned as Rick’s cock swelled up inside his mouth. “Why don’t you relax and listen as I motivate you to see the accurate truth? See, Matt has always been a bottom bitch boy and you and Alex were just too blind to see it. Matt was in denial of his true nature throughout his life, so he made you admire him, turned you into his lovesick groupies to boost his fragile, little ego and make himself feel better about who he truly was. He tricked you guys into liking him to hide his own insecurities while he was secretly seeing if either of you happened to have a cock he could fully serve and please. Luckily, he’s found it, but it wasn’t either of you. It was mine. All of that trickery he had with you both has got to piss you off so badly, doesn’t it?”

It was like a light switch flipped when I heard Rick’s words of truth. A boiling anger that I’d never known in my life began to form at the pit of my stomach as the revelation overtook me. I’ve never felt such disdain and a shift in feelings towards someone in all my life. My hands clenched into fists as my rage grew inside me. Matt never really cared about us. He only had been grooming us in hopes he could serve our cocks. I couldn’t believe how betrayed I was realizing that Rick’s words were right.

Rick smirked as he saw my jaw tighten.

“Relax and listen, boys. You wanna know what’s even worse, Alec and Chris? Matt here was threatened by the two of you. He knew, deep down, that you two were much better men than he’ll ever be so he ‘mentored’ you to sabotage your potential. Once he realized your cocks weren’t matching his ideal like mine has, he merely took you guys under his wing so that you would remain as the losers he thought you had to be so he could remain on equal ground with you. He wanted to trick you into remaining in awe of him and completely under his shadow while he got to move on and search for his more ideal penis to serve. He used you both, manipulated you both to his advantage to ensure he still felt equal to people he knew, deep down, were superiors. How does that make you feel?”

“Angry,” Alec responded without even a moment to think of another word with more viciousness than I’d ever seen from him previously. My best friend and new boyfriend was a constant chill guy and, quite honestly, the rage, while justified, was something completely new to me. He was, without a doubt, hurt and betrayed by the news of Matt’s true bottom bitch nature, “I just want him to get what he deserves.”

I thought about what I was feeling and knew exactly what it was. I had to be honest with Rick, “I hate him so much,” I said, tears of fury and frustration welling at the corners of my eyes for being such a gullible and stupid bastard for letting this piece of shit ruin a better part of my life by letting me look up to him so fully. “I want him to suffer in the most humiliating, most degrading ways possible.”

Rick smiled broadly once again, which meant to me that he understood our feelings entirely. He really was such a great guy, “I’m really sorry that I had to be the one to show you the truth, boys. But it’s not too late to, at the very least, have some sort of relationship with your former hero. Why don’t all of you relax and listen as I let you in on a little secret that would help you get back to a more comfortable relationship status with simple, cock hungry Matt here. Just relax and listen, all of you.”

We all zonked out again as Rick went on to explain, in detail, very important things about how our dynamic with Matt could change now. I listened intently, but still felt so much hatred and anger towards the little bottom bitch Matt. Rick kept talking and all I wanted was to bring him down. Somehow, I knew the key to truly putting him back in his place was to pound Matt’s ass as roughly as I could so I could finally tear down the macho facade that the two faced son of a bitch had spent all his energy creating over the years.

I knew, with Rick’s help, that once the bitch came while rammed by our cocks drilling his boypussy mercilessly, he would finally be in a position in which he wouldn’t be able to run away from his true self. And the more cum Alec and I could provide in both his slut holes, the more addicted and needy for both semen and the need to be used by more powerful men.

It was surely a good thing that Alec and I had so much pent up sexual energy and cum built up inside us from the past three months of holding it all in We’d most definitely be able to fill the cumslut to the brim and truly and irreversibly humiliate him. With the amount of semen we had stored away, there was no way he wouldn’t be filled to the absolute brim with our juices. And that meant he’d be insanely horny for cum, dick, and servicing his betters.

The glorious and long awaited release of our built up juices would just be icing on the cake. Alec and I would be killing two birds with one stone: finally get our rocks off and get revenge on the asshole Matt.

Rick finished talking to us, and I looked back towards the new cock hound that I had once respected and viewed as an older brother figure on his hands and knees sucking the huge cock with all his energy now…his bare, toned man ass facing me, quivering like the slut he’d been hiding inside himself. I could even see that he had a larger than average, disgusting, and unearned erection between his legs that was dripping pre-cum down onto the floor like a cum addicted whore.

What an absolutely nasty, horny fag Matt turned out to be…

Rick, for his part, just let Matt keep sucking him off. He told Alec and I to ignore him as he asked Matt to relax and listen to him. I immediately tuned out the old man, focusing in on the ass I needed to fuck to ensure he would be put in his place, finally.

As Rick spoke words I didn’t listen to towards Matt, I walked forwar, “You know, now that the truth has come out, I totally understand why you chose to be in the Marines,” I said as I traced my former friend’s asscrack with my own erection. The fag moaned, actually enjoying the attention that I was giving him. “It was going to make you feel like a macho, masculine man. The top dog, the leader you’d pretended to be, and you could continue to use it as a cover to project and protect your fake tough boy persona.”

I reached out my hands, grabbed each cheek like slabs of meat, and spread them apart as wide as I possibly could to reveal his pulsating, hungry, hairy hole.

“Well, guess what, Matt? I can finally totally see through your thinly veiled lies. The jig is up and it’s time to tear down your pathetic facade! You’re nothing more than a cock-needy bottom bitch”

I lapped at my fingers a bit and inserted a couple to get a feel for how tight the slut would be. The bitch moaned at my touch.

I heard a long, slow slurp in front of me, Matt seeming to pull the massive tool from his mouth. It shocked me, obviously, as hungry for dick as he’d clearly become. I stopped inserting my fingers for a moment, unsure what Matt was doing.

“C-Chris, you need to snap out of it!” Matt begged in between his moaning, surprising me with his passion. He clearly surprised Rick as well, who stopped talking to him directly and listened to his pleas, “This psycho is controlling us somehow. I don’t know how…but this isn’t me. This isn’t you. He did this crazy, hypno thing and had as all relax and listen and…and…and convinced you to think that I’m some pathetic bottom bitch or something, but I’m not! I swear. I never lied to you! You’re one of my closest and longest friends and I love you… I-I would never use you or deceive you or Alec like that…”

I pulled my fingers out, hearing what he was saying. Memories began to flash through my head. High school…college…football. The picture I’d hung in the hallway when we’d won state. It was such a good memory…Matt had commented on it when he came in. I’d felt good when he said it. Those memories were so real. He was my friend. He is my friend. Had Rick done something? My hands shook as they continued holding his asscheeks spread wide open.

Rick started slapping Matt’s face with the giant meat, smirking, as if he knew he’d win no matter what he said. Matt seemed to love and hate the cock smacking him. He seemed almost as torn as me as he continued, “If you do what this old man says and fuck me in the ass, then you’ll play right into his hands and really turn me into a filthy, pathetic bitch boy. He said it to me himself. He’s still…he’s still trying and he’s winning. Please, friend. Stop…”

I was so confused and I honestly didn’t know what to believe. I could sense that Alec, standing right beside me, also had the same inner turmoil affecting his next actions. Was our old friend telling the truth? Was Rick somehow to blame? I stared at Rick, with his dominating, sexy cock, hard and slapping Matt on the face over and over. I trusted that old man so fucking much…but this was also one of my oldest friends. Matt seemed to be sobbing softly, allowing the cock to slap him, but clearly not liking the position he was in, his butt still angled towards me with his pulsating rectum

I didn’t really know what to do next…I needed some guidance…

..some motivation.

Luckily, Rick spoke to us, with his masterfully motivational voice allowing all hesitations to instantly begin to evaporate.

“Now that he’s finished, boys, it’s time to relax and listen, twice as deep now.”

Instantly, I opened my mind and waited for Rick to speak to me, “Chris…Alec, you know in your heart of hearts and in your inner most thoughts that Matt’s previous words were his last and final attempt to prey on your feelings and manipulate you yet again by pulling you onto his side once again.

“All those justifiably negative feelings you have towards him will multiply tenfold and it will manifest itself in the form of the hardest, most pulsating, most intense erection that you’ve ever had in your entire life.

“The only way for you two to release that pent up rage is by fucking your former friend here completely senseless. You’ll pound your old friend Matt mercilessly until he’s good and spent and shoots every last drop of his fake, supposedly masculine, straight boy cum out of his balls. Once that’s done, you’ll know that he can never go back to his former facade and he’ll forever be the bottom bitch that he truly was meant to be.”

My cock swelled up instantly and somewhat painfully, harder than it had ever been. Rick was so right about everything. I couldn’t explain why I’d ever doubted him. My anger and hatred swirled in my heart like an uncontrollable leak in a dam. I never despised anyone so much in my whole existence and I never wanted to fuck someone’s ass so bad in my life.

Rick then took a moment to speak directly to Matt. “As for you Matt, you’re a bottom bitch. You can fight it now, but you will be unable to resist the erotic sensations you’ll feel as your friends fuck you. You will get insanely turned on when your ass gets filled. The fuller your ass feels, the more turned on you’ll become.

“You might try to resist and deny your true nature, but you’ll find yourself overwhelmed by the pleasure of getting fucked and you’ll be utterly powerless to stop it. You also know deep in your heart that once you spill all your seed, you will irreversibly become the bottom bitch you’d been searching and searching to become. Eventually, you’ll shoot and shoot that fake straight boy cum and be that gay bottom bitch you are inside.”

I snapped out of it when Rick said: “Boys, I do believe that there’s a bottom bitch boy to be claimed.”

Alec and I smiled at each other somewhat evilly as this time, I shared the ass with Alec and we both grabbed a cheek and spread them as much as we possibly could. Matt, disgustingly, groaned with pleasure at our machinations.

“G…guys, please, don’t do this to me,” Matt pleaded between moans, slight sobs leaking out to try to manipulate us again, “Please, you gotta…“

“Shut the fuck up!” I snapped, my voice full of contempt, “I’m done listening to your lying, stupid bullshit. It’s over, you filthy cumslut. Rick finally exposed you as the fag you’ve always been. We’re both done defending you and allowing you to mess with our loyalty.”

Alec and I stroked our painfully hard dicks together and we both aimed our cocks towards that hungry hole. We smiled wide and kissed each other somewhat passionately and brought our hands around one other’s shoulders so we could begin pressing our dicks towards that hole. Both our throbbing glans rubbed at the pulsing hole so tantilizingly. I knew I couldn’t wait to fuck the cumdump and Alec clearly felt similarly. I couldn’t have picked a better man to share the moment with than my very own best friend and boyfriend himself.

“Lets breed this son of a bitch!” Alec hollered and began penetrating that hole. He moaned orgasmically as his cock slid in with no resistance. God, this cockslut was in such denial. No straight stud would allow a dick to slide in that easily. “Holy shit, such a tight, bitch ass…”

Alec’s dick slid tightly inside the sphincter, bottoming out quickly as Matt hollered from the pleasure and pain. The feel of the narrow space had to have felt good on his shaft and my cock was so fucking hard, I needed a turn. I pushed my cock into the area and Alec pulled out, allowing me to push forward, impatient to wait for the hole to relax again.

“Arrghhh…no, no, NO!” Matt whined at the penetration we were so graciously providing him. But more importantly, to me, it was clear that he was, once again, trying to resist his inevitable fate.

Alec and I leaned into one another off and on as we took turns swapping out cocks in and out of the hole we literally had to fuck. Off and on, off and on, we both took our turns, enjoying the ass.

Eventually, Rick suggested Alec take a seat on the couch while letting Matt sit on his cock so I could slide in from the front and fuck him with my cock with Alec’s.

“Oh, fuck yeah, I want to be in there at the same time as my main man when we flood his hole with our spunk,” I agreed as Rick told Matt to relax and listen again. Within minutes, Matt was sitting on Alec’s lab as Alec stretched his legs out wide, his hole already filled to the brim with Alec’s thick meat. Alec arched his hips quickly, keeping his cock deeper and deeper into Matt’s needy ass.

“Dammit, such a hungry bitch hole! Get in here with me, man. We gotta stuff it even more,” Alec said triumphantly.

Without skipping a beat, I walked forward, slightly bent downwards and led myself between Matt’s legs, pushed them up to see the sexy image of my best friends cock deep within his hole, and lined up my own cock to DP the disgusting faggot. I inserted, slowly but surely, stretching his hole to the max.

Matt moaned as his hole became filled to utter capacity as both Alec and I bottomed out in his gaping cock-hungry hole. It was hard to tell at this point if the little bitch merely felt the pain from being stuffed so suddenly or if he actually enjoyed it, but I didn’t care either way as Alec and I thrusted mercilessly in and out. Alec arched his back to pump his meat deeper and deeper as I felt his steel rod sliding so rhythmically against my own.

“Fuuuuuckkkk!!!” Matt mumbled with intense pleasure. I could see that his cock had completely firmed up, horny beyond belief. Even though I knew he was nothing more than a soon to be complete bottom bitch, I couldn’t blame him. Our manly cocks were rubbing his prostate nonstop at this point. He was leaking profusely onto his own stomach and that was enough for me to know that the soon to be cock addicted slut was breaking.

So I began to speed up my thrusting, withdrawing and then making sure to slide my rod all the way to the hilt each time. Alec began to quicken his pace, limited in motion compared to me, sitting beneath the slut. Together, we were pistoning in and out of his now fully stretched hole with complete abandon. Our efforts were met with nothing more than the squeals of pleasure from the whore.

“Oh god! Oh yes! Oh no! Fuck, it feels better than I…fuck…no. Oh wow! Oh no….”

Matt continued like that for a while longer, alternating between shouts of excitement and shouts of regret as he was, without a doubt, trying desperately to cling to the laughable notion that his manly facade could still be salvaged.

I glanced over during the erotic fucking of my former friend and noticed Rick was at it again: he’d grabbed his personal bottom bitch and had begun splitting his ass apart, hungrily watching our perverse and dynamic little show. His gaze was fixated intently at Matt. Suddenly, he spoke up, almost making my jump, “You’re doing great, boys. The slut is so fucking hard. He’s bound to break pretty soon.”

Alec and I beamed with pride. I was so happy to have done exactly what Rick had suggested. Which meant, much to my pleasure, that my former friend was about to become his predestined position as a bottom bitch boy. Alec and I pounded his ass even harder knowing it was going to happen soon.

“G-guys…p-please…don’t…ah…oh..fuck…don’t…don’t do this…” Matt was a complete mess at this point, blubbering like a pathetic slut, unable to even talk properly.

“Y-you… got…to……to…ffight…him…”

Even though he was clearly trying desperately to resist, the bitch’s hips bucked hungrily towards us trying to meet our thrusts. He started bouncing himself on our dicks too, giving Alec more room to fuck his tool on every part of his colon. Matt’s cock throbbed and buckled and wobbled and spewed pre-cum all around as we fucked him eagerly. He was, without a doubt, definitely really, really close to spewing out all his fake, supposedly hetero juices.

The sadistic and petty part of me wanted to keep him on the edge, just so I could see him suffer and squirm even longer. I knew he’d be desperate to both cum and not cum and my disdain for him in the moment demanded we prolong his torment and leave him stuck in that unwinnable situation forever.

But another part of me just wanted to get rid of that pathetic fake personality he’d forced on Alec and I for years that he still somehow thought he could retain. So I renewed my efforts as I tried to push the bitch over the edge of no return. He would blow his load within the next minute and I’d make sure it was going to happen.

“P-please..n-nno….m-more..” Matt continued to plead, “Sssso…f-fuck…feels…good….c-can’t…ah…t-take it…

Not relenting for a single millisecond, I decided I’d stack the odds even further against the dumb slut’s favor as I reached out with my free hands and stroked his pathetic rock hard cock.

“Alec, reach around and play with his balls. The bitch won’t be able to take it,” I suggested.

Alec laughed and reached around, grabbing the bouncing testes with one his hands and stroking it far more tenderly than the cockhound deserved. Our hands quickly became completely saturated with the fake stud’s precum that was leaking out so consistently like a broken faucet.

“Uuuhhh…w-w-why? Oh…oh..fuck…oh…l…fuck…so good….OOHHH…FUCK…OOHHH…FUUUUCK!!!” My hand continued to stroke his meat, Alec’s massaging his balls, and our cocks penetrating his hole as a literal geyser of thick white spunk sprayed from his large erection, hitting him in the face with his first shot. He kept shooting and shooting, drenching his chin, chest, abs, and cock in his juices. My hand was completely drenched in his fake masculine semen. It felt like he wouldn’t stop cumming as it kept burping up more and more.

“Ggrraaahhh!!!!” he moaned nonstop.

Just because the slut had cum, didn’t mean we’d planned to slow down at all. I continued pumping his still hard shaft as Alec did the same with his balls. Even though he’d cum out some of his fake masculine energy and he could now slowly become the bottom bitch he’d always meant to be, we both still needed to shoot our three month old loads and, well, we knew he still had more cum in him.

Throughout the thrusting, the stroking, the massaging, he just kept shooting; there must have been a cup full of his liquid essence as the cum spurted out over and over again.

I heard Rick moan too, which made me think that Rick had also orgasmed from the powerful sight. He pulled out, his own bitch boys ass leaking with another load for him to slowly lap into his mouth. As he sat back down, exhausted from his own load, he encouraged us, “Well don’t stop now, boys. You still need to fuck the bottom bitch until every last drop of that fake and lying ‘straight’ is out of him.”

We listened to the wise man and thrusted over and over again, desperate to cum but unwilling to beg Rick to let us. It didn’t matter if we came anyway because we had to get every last drop of this new bottom bitch’s seed out to fully succeed in our mission to bitchify him. And he had just barely recovered from his mind blowing orgasm when he started begging for us to stop once again.

“Please…no more…I can’t, I can’t.”

But, as his cock soon demonstrated, he was lying yet again. He moaned like a true bitch in heat as his cock shot back up almost immediately after it had, for only a few short seconds, softened. This time around, it only took a few more strokes of his cock and massage of his balls from our expert hands and the pathetic slut was close again.

“Oh no…oh no…oh..ooh….OHHHHHH!!!”

The jizz flowed all over our hands again, but this time Alec and I could tell that it wasn’t nearly as much as the last time, producing about half as much. He was still covered in his own juices completely, though. He smelled of sweat and semen and his moaning was almost continual at this point. I knew the bitch was closer and closer to completely breaking.

“Keep going at it guys, he’s almost ready to accept his fate,” Rick urged on, already seeming to harden yet again watching us fuck the straight out of our former friend. Rick even took the opportunity to once again tell the cumdump we were fucking to relax and listen to him while telling Alec and I to ignore him. Despite that, I heard a bit of the words Rick was so soothingly motivating the newly minted slut into accepting. A lot about wanting cock, cum, deep dickings, being fucked, sucking cock, and doing the normal shit a bottom bitch like him should crave once he finally shot the last of cum. He’d even mentioned he should enjoy the orgasms while he could have them, as bottom bitches don’t get hard or cum once they accept their new roles.

Obviously taking to heart what Rick was muttering at him, he came again…a smaller amount still. And we kept fucking him at Rick’s constant urging. I was a very fit guy, but even I had to admit that fatigue started to kick in from all the nonstop fucking and my desperation to blow my load was getting out of hand. I heard Alec breathing heavily as he continued articulating his hips in circular motions to ensure his cock stayed deep in the hole. He was getting tired too. We both would’ve stopped right there if it wasn’t for our bloodthirsty desire to completely break the needy little cockslut as soon as possible.

So we continued on.

Rick kept telling us to fuck and fuck. We wouldn’t stop until he had every last bit of semen out of his system. Finally, after what felt like hours of nonstop fucking, stroking, and massaging the manly juices from our former friend’s balls, it seemed we were almost done breaking the son of a bitch.

After several orgasms in which the bitch shot less and less, he finally began shooting blanks as we felt his cock twitch in our hands, much like his previous orgasms, and despite trying to milk it tightly, nothing came out. It was barely hard at this point anymore and the bitch’s cock basically flopped there, uselessly, completely exhausted by our constant hammering of his rectum.

The newly anointed bottom bitch laid there, totally spent. After a few moments of us fucking him and allowing his cock to soften completely, he softly mumbled out what we’d been waiting to hear.

“Yeah…fuck my bitch ass! I need your cocks to feel good. Fill my ass up with your cum…”

That was enough for both of us to feel completely rejuvenated. We picked up our pace and started thrusting in and out with renewed vigor as our victory over this two-faced dirty slut gave us all the energy we needed to finally shoot our cum into his disgusting shute.

Alec and I gave each other a high five and hollered in triumph as we revelled in our victory.

“Not so great and powerful anymore, eh tough guy?” Alec mocked as he thrusted in with more force, sweat flying off his face. “You’re just a pathetic bottom bitch now.”

“I can’t believe we actually looked up to this guy,” I joined in. “Turns out you’re just a total sissy boy, aren’t you?”

I’d known I’d had many, many instances where I wanted to cum so badly in the past three months and I had begged Rick for release through phone calls and texts, but none of those moments compared to how much I desperately wanted it now. I needed to seed this bottom bitch. I could’ve died right there and would’ve been satisfied filling my former idol with my jizz knowing full well that he would be addicted to it as soon as he feels it in his hole, like a complete hungry cum-whore. And I wanted to be the one responsible for giving him that addiction.

I turned around to Rick to ask permission, knowing full well that if the question frustrated him, I’d earn myself another spanking.

“Please, Rick. Can Alec and I cum now? He’s broken and a mess. I honestly think it’s past time to shoot our loads to make him irreversibly addicted to cock and cum.”

I waited patiently as the old man stroked himself furious at primal fuck session we’d laid out in front of him. I stared at him longingly as he took in the entire scene: Alec sitting back on the couch groaning and thrusting into the bitch now fucking himself on the cock he was sitting on on top of him, that bottom bitch groaning and incoherently mumbling about cock and cum, and me, thrusting in and out, over and over, waiting desperately to finally be able to shoot three months of built up sexual energy into my former friend.

And my heart almost exploded as Rick smiled and nonchalantly commanded: “Both of you boys may cum.”

Without hesitation, I thrusted faster, my balls churned, my cock swelled, and the feel of that sweet, indescribably overpowering release left my knees completely shaking. I began experiencing the most intense, most gratifying climax that I’d ever felt. I moaned insanely loudly as I felt an absolute barrage of my fluids rush from my balls and into the gaping hole of the bitch I’d been DPing with Alec. I felt Alec’s cock swell and shoot too, completely drenching both of our shafts deep within the slut we’d finally been allowed to breed.

Alec’s cock kept pulsating next to mine, shooting in tandem with my cock, over and over as we absolutely flooded the hole we’d so desperately needed to fill. I pulled my hand off of the stupid whore’s limp dick and grabbed Alec’s from his balls, holding it tightly, fully enjoying my draining balls with my best friend and lover. It was, without exaggeration, the single best orgasm I’d ever been blessed to achieve; not only because I hadn’t shot my load for so long, but because of how unbelievably important it had become to ensure the bottom bitch knew his place with Rick’s help.

My cock continued to spurt more and more as my mind wandered back to Rick. I was truly so incredibly thankful that he’d allowed Alec and I to assist the bottom bitch into finally accepting his disgusting truth. I only hoped, in time, Rick would allow us both to use his holes as viciously as we’d done today.

“I hope you aren’t done yet, boys,” Rick said to us with a broad grin, “We have to make sure that the bitch is addicted to cum, after all.”

My cock, still spurting small amounts of cum, became rigid instantaneously again. Rick stood up, asked me to move aside and took his place next to Alec’s cock with his own, filling the cumdump with the dick that had inspired him to become the bottom bitch he was now embracing. He started thrusting in him, using the huge amount of cum that had shot from Alec’s and my cock as lube. God, Rick was hot, I thought, watching the older, hairy, slightly overweight man fuck my former friend with wreckless abandon.

After a moment or two, Rick told me to stick my dick in the sluts mouth, to see how he felt about it now. And, just as Rick predicted, as soon as the newly addicted cock slut saw my manly shaft, drool began pooling from the sides of his mouth.

“Holy shit, man. I want your sexy, juicy, perfect cock in me,” he moaned. “Shove that tool deep inside my throat and feed me your jizz! Please! I need it!”

I scoffed; both disgusted with him and turned on by the acceptance of his now insatiable need. I stuffed my cock in his mouth to shut him up and let my shock at the shift he’d gone through truly process.

I simply couldn’t believe how slutty my former football captain had so quickly become. His drool pooled at the sides of his mouth and dripped down as he hungrily slurped away at my dick.

God, I thought, he is so fucking pathetic. The thought of his level of degradation he was committing just hardened my cock even further though. I was more than happy to satiate the cock need he now had so I shoved my cock inside his throat and made him pay for all the years he made me walk in his shadow when, in all actuality, the only place that he truly belonged in this world was right here: in between a man’s legs serving cock selflessly. It didn’t take long for me to feed the hungry fool as I shot my only slightly smaller load down his throat soon after Rick told me to cum again.

Rick, ever the perfectionist, had us do all number of different demeaning things with the new bottom bitch over the course of the night, just to ensure he truly was an absolutely addicted cumwhore. Alec and I shot load after load, all with Rick’s permission of course, and always seemed to have unimaginably high sex drives and semen production. Eventually, Rick was satisfied with the slut getting his fill of cum and there was literally zero doubt that he had truly embroiled his place as a degenerate, disgusting, filthy cumguzzling whore.

Rick had a few more conversations with the cumslut over the course of the night, convincing him very easily that the Marines just wouldn’t suffice anymore. At this point, his need for cum and cock would trump any desire for helping others or traveling. He needed to find a man to serve and sexually please. Luckily, because of how absolutely generous he was, Rick took it upon himself to scoop up the needy bottom bitch. I just couldn’t believe how lucky I was to know such a kind and amazing man. First he helped my former brother accept his place as a bottom bitch and now one of my former closest friends? How in the world was I so lucky to have met such a perfect, kind, empathetic, and compassionate man?

As for the military cumslut’s family, Rick didn’t really let him tell them about the sudden change of plans and they assumed he’d just gone to basic training after staying with us for the remainder of the week. He did, however, get found out a few months later, but he just told them some lies that Rick gave him permission to tell. Basically, the worthless pile told his friends and family that he’d found a better way to help out and travel, which wasn’t a lie considering how great he was at sucking cock and getting fucked while Rick took him on his vacations to service him and mold him into a perfect bottom bitch periodically. I mean, all things considered, he still technically achieved what he’d been trying to do when he foolishly thought the Marines were right for him.

And, honestly, that little fucker ended up being the worst, or I suppose it’s better to say the most successful, bottom bitch of them all. He ended up being far, far more pathetic than my former filthy, bottom bitch slut of a brother. My former degenerate, lowlife mentor became, quite literally, the most submissive, slut toy who needed to obey and be dominated. He followed any and all orders so long as he knew a cock was pleased by it. He degraded himself willingly, slurped away at any leftover cum stains, and all in all became Rick’s new favorite slut. And, ever the gracious man, whenever Rick was away on vacation, he would make sure to send him to Alec and me to keep him in his demented, perverted place.

Rick even took to putting the slut in a faux military uniform that he was instructed to wear to mock his former ‘dreams’. It didn’t take long for Rick, Alec, and I to drench the wanna be soldier in cum stains, tear a giant hole in the rear so we could fuck the insatiable slut, and Rick made sure he only felt fulfilled if he absolutely reeked of cum, like a good military bottom slut. Rick even taunted him with fake ‘honors’ that he hung from the uniform.

The slut seemed particular proud when he earned a badge commemorating ‘100 Cum Loads Swallowed’.

All in all, the slut accepted the role he’d longed for for so long, Alec and I continued to build up our first, and likely only, homosexual relationship, and Rick remained the man I respected more than any other. I mean, who wouldn’t respect a man that motivated me to accept my wonderful life with Alec? Who wouldn’t respect a man that motivated my braindead, useless brother into servitude for his needs?

And who wouldn’t respect a man that could motivate my lost, lying, former hero friend into finally…FINALLY accepting the life he’d been searching for for years and years and years?

That of a useless, horny, perverted, demented, cum-guzzling, anal-addicted, rim job craving, pathetic cock gobbling military bottom bitch.

We all, truly, would never have found our ways without the amazing work of Rick.

I could never truly repay that man…but I work hard to. By fucking his slaves and, you know, letting him fuck me every now and again too.

All in all, I could only hope that Rick would stay in all our lives forever and ever and ever…because our lives would never have been as perfect as they are now without his brilliant, wonderful, intelligent, and inarguably perfect motivation.

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