I Am Not A Gay Sex Slave! Part One

By ND1 published October 5, 2018
A homage to 'I Am Not A Gay Porn Star'

This is a homage to ‘I Am Not A Gay Porn Star’ - my favourite story off this site. To Mr Anonymous who wrote it: thanks! It’s essentially the same idea, with new characters and setting. If it’s too much of a rip off, let me know and I’ll remove it.

James felt weird. He wished his friends hadn’t volunteered him for the hypnotist show in the bar they had just left. Him and his mates were out celebrating another successful rugby match. James hadn’t been drinking - he usually didn’t as he liked to keep himself in good condition for the game and didn’t want a beer belly to put off the girls. He was 33 now. Youth was against him, but he was still in great shape. Strong and toned, well built for rugby. He was the designated driver tonight and all his pissed up mates thought it would be hilarious to send him up on the stage. He’d gone up reluctantly, a little but unsure given the hypnotist seemed to be about 25 and just out of college. Saying that, when the hypnotist started talking to him, he didn’t remember all that much of his time on stage. He had a vague recollection of slow dancing with Eric, one of his mates who had been caught listening a little too carefully during the induction and had ended up on stage alongside him. When he had looked at his watch, he seemed to have lost 2 hours and his friends were that pissed he needed to take them home. He drove his mates back home. Alex was laughing hard and trying to tell both James and Eric about their antics on stage, but he was that pissed he wasn’t making much sense. James was glad both Alex and Kev were as pissed as they were: he doubted they’d remember much of what happened in the morning. James was feeling strangely anxious on the journey home. He needed to drop Alex and Kev off first. He didn’t know why: Eric lived closer, but given Eric wasn’t objecting and the others were too pissed to notice, he drove straight past Eric’s house and onto Alex’s. After dropping both Alex and Kev off, James turned the car around in order to drop Eric off on his way home. It was a little after 3am and the road was quiet. James enjoyed the silence. He kept his eyes on the road, Eric sat next to him on the passenger seat keeping quiet as well. There was a certain urgency in James’s driving. Even though the roads were quiet, he needed to get back quickly. He didn’t know why, but he was anxious to get home. Eric was silent as James drove past his house. James didn’t realise it until he parked the car back where he had started - down the road from the bar - that neither of them had spoken the entire journey. Why had that come back here? James tried to reason why, but couldn’t figure it out. He just had to get back to the bar. And quickly. James and Eric approached the side door of the bar. It was open. James noticed how strange it was, but that didn’t stop him from entering with Eric close behind. The place was empty. It had closed earlier and all the staff seemed to have left. They made their way back to the stage. James was surprised to see a couple of guys sat on the stage already. He kinda recognised them from the show. They had been on stage with him and Eric! They didn’t acknowledge James or Eric, so James sat down next to them. If that’s how things were going to be, he could be rude as well. He sat there, Eric next to him and stared out into the darkened, empty bar. He heard a noise to his left and another guy appeared and sat down next to Eric. There was five of them now. James tried to figure out who the new guy was, but that would involve moving his head. He was comfortable the way he was facing. In silence. With the others. “Hello Boys” said a voice from somewhere in the darkened bar. James recognised the voice. It was the young hypnotist from earlier! What was he doing here? “Let’s start, shall we Boys?” said the voice. James was confused, what did he mean? Suddenly the voice said something and James stopped wondering. He stopped thinking completely as his mind shut down and he collapsed onto the guy next to him. His last conscious thought was of Eric falling on top of him. Then nothing.

“James. Wake up Boy”

James awoke. He was stood up. He noticed the other four guys were all asleep just off to the side of the stage. He knew their names now, he didn’t know why. There was Eric, his old rugby mate of course. Mark was next to him, a fairly toned young 20-something. Next to him was Alan, a young hipster type with a beard and specs. Phil was the older guy who had arrived last. He was in his early forties, but kept in good shape. None of them were as built as James, but none of them were in bad shape. James heard a voice again.


James suddenly realised what he had to do. He was good looking. He needed to show the world how hot he was. He was confident. He was in charge. He needed to show everyone else what he had to offer.

He started to take his clothes off. Slowly. Provocatively. He needed to show people what he was selling. He could see a little red light in the darkness. He knew that was a camera. He knew that was his audience.

When he had peeled off all his clothes, James found himself turning to the camera, did a pose and said. “Hey guys, I’m James. And I’m all yours!”

“Good” said the voice and the red light went off. James shook his head as he realised what had just happened. He was naked! What the fu…

He heard a word from the darkness of the bar and the now familiar sensation started to envelop him. He needed to sleep. He needed to lie down…

His brain shut down as soon as he lay down.

To Be Continued…

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