College Jock – Chapter 2

By here4hairymen published October 5, 2018
A college baseball player meets a very hairy next door neighbor who starts to have an effect on him

Matt hit snooze on his alarm clock for the third time. Odd, he was usually awake before it even went off. As he stood up, he became very aware that his body was sore all over, with a tender, pulsing feeling around his hole. His mind was moving slow, as if he had gone out for drinks last night. But didn’t he just go to bed early?

He stumbled toward to bathroom, flipped the light switch, looked in the mirror, and his mind instantly cleared. The hair on his chest. It wasn’t a dream. It was there, and it was longer, thicker, and darker. He didn’t have to look closely. The hair was clearly visible in the reflection. It was thick, black hair, roughly a half inch in length, with an even distribution from side to side and from his neckline down over all of his pecs.

He moved closer to the mirror for a better look. That’s when he realized the bizarre hair growth was no longer confined to his chest. His abs had hundreds and hundreds of little black whiskers, barely visible, from his chest down to his bush, from side to side. Just like how his chest looked yesterday.

“What is happening to me? How is this POSSIBLE? That’s it, I’m fixing this,” he said out loud.

He turned the shower on, grabbed a can of shaving cream and a razor, and jumped in. He wet his chest and stomach, covered himself with lather, picked up the razor, and held it to his chest. But something in his mind made him stop from taking the first drag across his skin.

“Maybe this isn’t a good idea, it will just grow back anyway,” he thought.

He put down the razor and let the shower rinse the lather from his body. As he turned around in the shower, he caught a glimpse of himself in the bathroom mirror. Now that the black hair on his chest was wet it was even more visible. He reached his left hand up, and slowly rubbed the hair on his chest. It felt good. Really good. It had grown in enough that it was no longer stubbly, but soft and thick.

His five-inch flaccid penis began to react. Within a few moments it went to six inches, then seven, then a very rigid, thick, eight inches. He grabbed his cock with his right hand and started to stroke it, while still rubbing his hairy chest with his left hand. The session did not last long. Within a few minutes he was breathing heavily, feeling his balls churning and the cum rising in him.

As he began to orgasm, squirting ropes and ropes of cum on the glass door of the shower, he closed his eyes and said ’Uhhhhh, UUHHH, I’m turning into a HAIRY JOCK BOY." He thought nothing of it as he cleaned up and got ready for class.

The day proceeded as usual with several back-to-back classes, and baseball practice in the afternoon. While changing in the locker room it didn’t even occur to him to hide his unexplained hair growth from his teammates. He glanced down at his chest and stomach, pleased to see further growth since the morning, but had to quickly think about something else to prevent himself for getting hard.

While Matt was focused on examining himself, he didn’t notice Noah, one of the three extremely hairy teammates, stealing curious glances at him from a few lockers down.

When Matt got home from practice that evening he had the house to himself. His roommates ended up all having different obligations after practice; out to dinner with friends, participating in a study group, and on a date.

Matt was relaxing, watching TV, when the doorbell rang. He opened the door to find Rogan standing there. He had on shorts and sandals, and a white short-sleeve button down that was fully unbuttoned. The black pelt of fur on his chest and stomach was completely exposed; two to three inch long dark, slightly-curled, thick hairs all pouring out of his shirt, with just a hint of his bush poking out over the waistband of his shorts.

“Hey boy, thought I heard a loud noise over here, and wanted to make sure you were okay.”

Matt stood in the door, mouth slightly open, eyes glazed over yet focused on Rogan’s hairy chest and stomach, only breaking the stare occasionally to glance at his hairy arms and legs.

“Did you hear me, boy?” Rogan asked.

Still no response from Matt.

“What’s the matter, boy? I think I know what it is. You like what you see, don’t you? A real hairy man in front of you. Nothing more masculine than a man covered in hair. Maybe you are checking me out, thinking about how you are turning into a HAIRY JOCK BOY.”

The mornings had now become a new routine. Trouble getting up, foggy head, physical exhaustion, and a pulsing, sore hole. But the exciting part was going to the bathroom and seeing what the latest physical developments had been.

Matt was no longer becoming hairy. He was fully covered in hair. Over the past two weeks since this had all began, he had grown thick, black, coarse hair on his chest, abs, arms, hands, and fingers, down his legs and his feet, and all over his butt. The hair was now so thick on his chest that it was hard to see his nipples. And while he used to have only a few stray hairs on his chin and upper lip, now not only did he now have a 5’o’clock shadow, but by noon each day it looked like he had forgotten to shave. The only area not covered in black fur was his back. He didn’t know it yet, but just yesterday the faint whiskers started appearing on his shoulders and back, a signal of what is to come.

Of course people noticed. How could they not? But while this rapid transition to becoming an extremely hirsute man was underway, if anyone commented or asked him what was happening, his reply would always be the same: “I’m just a HAIRY JOCK BOY.”

Another tough practice ended, and Matt had just finished showering and changing. He headed out to the parking lot and was about to get in his car to head home, when his teammate Noah appeared.

“Hey Matt. Want to grab a drink? I’d love to catch up with you off the field.”

Matt agreed, wanting to keep himself in the favor of his older teammate, and they headed to a local dive bar a few minutes away.

They walked in the front door and could barely see a thing it was so dimly lit. Noah told Matt to follow him, he knew a good place to sit, and led him towards a booth in the back.

Two people were already in the booth when they got there. Patrick and Ryan, the two other really hairy teammates.

Matt was surprised, but happy to see them. Noah asked if he and Matt could join them, sat down, ordered a round of beers, and talked about the team for a bit. Then the topic shifted.

“Matt, do you know what all four of us have in common?” Ryan said, with an intensity in his eyes, and an almost palpable energy in the air.

“I don’t know… I guess a lot of things,” Matt answered, not sure where this was headed.

“We are all extremely hairy, including Matt!” Noah offered, with a wink to Matt.

“Yes, but I’m talking about something else,” Ryan said. “Did you realize there is a senior, junior, sophomore, and a freshman at this table?” He paused for a moment. “Guess where each of us lived our freshman year?”

“The back bedroom of the freshman baseball house. The room you live in now,” Patrick answered the question for Matt.

“None of us understand how it is possible, but we all grew this thick covering of hair at the beginning of our freshman year, just like you did,” Ryan said, rolling up his sleeves to expose his hairy forearms for emphasis. “We used to think it was a coincidence, but it can’t be. The timing and the pace of the hair growth, and the fact that it is always the person in that one room. And it’s not just us at this table. We’ve had that baseball house for ten years now. There are six other men who have since graduated that had the exact same thing happen.”

“This year we decided we wouldn’t ask who was in that room, we would wait and see if we could figure it out,” said Noah. “It didn’t take long to guess who.”

“How could this be? How could living in a certain room of a house cause this?” Matt asked.

“We have been asking that for a long time, and there is no answer that we can find,” Ryan said.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Matt asked.

“Because Matt. What would you really think? You wouldn’t have believed us. It sounds crazy. And the truth is we like it, and we want more people like us. Watching you turn into a hairy man over the past few weeks was pretty exciting for the three of us. We were keeping track of your development. Now tell me, don’t you like being hairy like this?” Ryan asked, pulling down his t-shirt collar to expose part of his very hairy chest.

Matt paused. He did like it. No, he LOVED that he was hairy. It has been all he can think about for the past few weeks. Examining his development daily, hourly, every moment he could… And now he found himself checking out men all the time to see how hairy they are, including these three men right in front of him. But could he just admit to them that he likes it?

Noah reached down and squeezed Matt’s leg affectionately, nudging him to respond.

“I do like it. I love looking in the mirror and seeing what has happened to me. I think it’s hot,” Matt blushed at his admission.

The table was silent, letting Matt’s words hang in the air. Then Patrick picked up his beer and held it out. One by one, each man lifted their beer, until they were clinking their bottles together with wide grins on their faces.

“A few things you need to know,” Ryan said, staring at Matt with the intensity in his eyes again. “One. We do not speak about this to anyone outside of this group. This is for us to know only. Two. There appears to be another change that accompanies this hair growth.” Ryan paused again, ensuring Matt was listening carefully. “Regardless of anyone’s sexual orientation before moving into that last room in the freshman baseball house, after undergoing this change, they seek and derive pleasure from other hairy men.”

On the walk home from the bar, Matt’s mind was reeling with all the information. It was a lot to take in. But the guys had all been very comforting and had made him feel very welcome. “We are all members of a secret club,” Ryan said, before letting him know that he would be hanging out with all of them a lot more.

Matt was almost home, walking down the sidewalk past Rogan’s house. The lights were still on, and Matt had a passing thought, wondering why a man in his mid-to-late forties would still be up so late. He walked in the door of his house and headed back to his bedroom, first checking to make sure the back door was unlocked, just like he did every night.

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