The House Boy

By Willie Cici published October 5, 2018
Andrew interviews a new research assistant for his sabbatical . . . .

Andrew Wellington, the distinguished scholar and professor, closed the door of his office and walked passed his administrative assistant. “Carla, you will not see me for the next year while I am on sabbatical.”

“I shall miss you, Doctor Wellington.”, Carla said.

“No. You will not, but I appreciate the lie.”, Andrew said. The two colleagues chuckled as Andrew headed down the corridor of the Social Sciences Building.

As Andrew walked towards the faculty parking lot, a young man ran towards him and shouted, “Doctor Wellington. Hold up!” Andrew turned around to see the commotion. A young man, handsome and ruddy, ran towards him. “What can I do for you?”

“Is it too late to apply for the internship?”, the young man said.

“Technically, yes, but I have not made a decision. Why? Are you interested?”, Andrew asked.

“Yes, Sir. I only learned about the internship today. I’m not a Psychology major.”

“Then why the interest?”, Andrew asked.

“In the world of Business and Economics, I don’t think people appreciate the role of psychology. I want to bridge the gap.”, the young man said.

The young man’s moxie intrigued Andrew. “What’s your name?”

“Randall Hyde. My friends call me ‘Randy’.”, Randy answered.

“Randy, give me your email address. I will send you an email that will have an attachment for you to review. I’ll reach out to you for an interview.”, Andrew said.

“Sure.”, Randy said. He grabbed a pen from his backpack and tore a sheet of paper from a notepad. After he wrote his email address, he handed the sheet of paper to Andrew and said, “Thank you, Doctor Wellington.” Randy walked away from Andrew, who kept an eye on Randy’s pert buttocks. He opened the door of his car and drove off, certain that he would give Randy serious consideration.

The following Tuesday —

“Randy, do you have any questions?”, Andrew asked.

“Well, no. If I understand correctly, I live here with you, I don’t attend university for the year, and you pay me a salary to do research.”, Randy answered.

“That’s accurate, except for one missing item.”, Andrew said. “Randy, have you ever … been with a man?”

“I prefer men, Sir. I mean … I love cock.”, Randy admitted.

Andrew smiled. “Good. And you have no problem … sucking my cock, for example.”

“May I? Now? Please.”, Randy asked.

Andrew could not believe his ears. The email he sent Randy with the attachment worked perfectly. Only one other interviewee had succumbed to the subliminal messages of the attachment, but he did not meet Andrew’s specifications. The good professor wanted a himbo in the bedroom, a scholar in the library. Randy checked off both boxes.

“Take off your shirt.”, Andrew said. In a flash, Randy removed his t-shirt and stood waiting Andrew’s next command. (To see Randy, click here). “Excellent. You’ll do fine. You can start. Right now.”

Randy understood the good professor. He knelt before Andrew, lowered his bathing trunks, and suckled upon Andrew’s flaccid member. “Nice mouth, boy.”

“Thank you, Sir.”, Randy replied.

Andrew smiled. For the next year, Andrew would enjoy Randy’s mouth and ass, but utmost, he would enjoy his blind obedience. In other words, Randy would be the perfect house boy.

Three months have passed –

Randy ambled around the pool of Andrew’s estate. He wore his signature bathing attire, as Andrew preferred: a metallic G-string thong with a hammock pouch for his genitals. He rarely wore clothes around the house. His body acquired a deep golden-brown tan from hours of sunbathing and swimming. As Andrew did not permit Randy to leave the estate, Randy’s body lost its sculpted, defined muscle tone, leaving Randy with a lean, twinkish physique. (To see Randy, click here). Andrew demanded sex. Randy fulfilled Andrew’s constant demand. From time to time, Randy would perform the research that Andrew had originally hired him, but the internship was a rouse. Andrew wanted a house boy. A research intern served as the perfect cover for Andrew’s programmed human sex toy.

Later that evening, Andrew asked Randy to call the local Chinese restaurant for dinner delivery. “You know what I like.” “Yes, Sir.”, Randy replied. He called the restaurant, placed the order and waited for the delivery man to deliver the dinner. When the dinner finally arrived, Randy took the food into the kitchen. Despite the warm climate in Southern California, Andrew wanted soup. Randy opened the container of wonton soup and spiked the soup with crushed sedatives that he dissolved in water. He added some additional soy sauce to the soup to mask the bitterness of the sedatives. He also brewed some green tea and spiked the brewing tea with another heaping dose of crushed sedatives.

As Andrew ate his dinner, Randy watched Andrew enjoy his soup, his Chicken with Broccoli and green tea. He knelt at table, waiting to serve Andrew, as he demanded. “Please let this work.”, Randy thought to himself. As Andrew finished his meal, he rose from the table, but stumbled a bit.

“Are you okay?”, Randy asked.

“I’m lightheaded.”, Andrew replied.

“The sun was very strong today.”, Randy added.

Andrew intended to walk into his library, as he did most nights after dinner. When he reached the den, Andrew paused for a moment and sat on the couch. “I’m ready to pass out.”, Andrew said. Randy ran to his side to make sure that Andrew was okay. “Let me just sit here.”, he said, as reclined upon the couch in the den directly in front of the large screen television. His dizzy spell had not abated. He leaned his head against the couch. “Randy, be a dear and fetch me some water.”

Randy hurried to the kitchen and fetched a glass of water, with a slice of lemon, just as Andrew preferred. He handed the glass of water to Andrew who consumed the entire glass. His lightheadedness grew more intense, leaving Andrew dizzy and bewildered. As Andrew sat watching the evening news, he did not realize that the images had changed to a series of spirals whirling upon the television screen. He stared at the television intently unable to take his eyes away from the swirling lights and constant flow of subliminal images.

Standing in the background, guiding Andrew’s reprogramming, Randy stood and smiled. His plan to seduce and control the great professor was reaching a crucial moment. He had spiked Andrew’s food and beverages the entire evening, including the glass of water. Now, Randy forced Andrew to watch the spiral images that Andrew had sent to him in that first email. (To see the spiral, click here). Randy never reviewed the email. He faked his entire interview, all with the goal of seducing Andrew and then taking control of the professor’s wealth. Randy had lusted for the older man ever since he attended a lecture offered by Doctor Wellington. He then researched Doctor Wellington’s background and learned about his sizable fortune and lack of family. The rumors regarding Andrew’s sexuality abounded on campus. Randy hoped that his instincts were correct, and they were.

After two hours of continuous spirals and subliminal messages, Randy activated another series of flashing images and subliminals. Randy now wanted to mold the good doctor into his image. For the next two hours, Andrew would watch and digest a new set of commands, one that insured Randy’s control of the good professor.

Two months have passed –

Randy drove his Jaguar F-Type convertible down the driveway of Andrew’s estate. Andrew sat in the passenger seat of his former vehicle. The professor and his research assistant were returning from their now-daily 90-minute session at the gym. Randy had every intention of regaining his fit, sculpted physique, wasted away by three months of non-activity. As for Andrew, Randy decided that Andrew needed a makeover. Randy ordered Andrew to hire a trainer at the gym. Andrew and Randy trained with the professional every day, Monday through Friday.

As the professor and his research assistant returned home, Randy said to Andrew, “Let’s shower and do some work on the book today.”

“Yes, Sir.”, Andrew replied. Randy smiled. The programming, originally intended for him, worked wonders upon the great professor. As the two men entered the home, they walked towards their separate rooms. For now, Randy maintained the charade of separate bedrooms. Soon, he would take his place in Andrew’s bed. As Randy passed by Andrew’s room, he saw the now-studly professor undressing, wearing only his jockstrap and ball cap. (To see Andrew, click here). Randy had a weakness for the old man. He lusted for Andrew’s cock. Andrew sported a massive rod, one that routinely filled Randy’s bottom ass. Luckily, Randy the bottom enjoyed Andrew’s alpha cock, while remaining confident that he controlled the roost in all matters.

“Let’s shower together.”, Randy said.

“Yes, Sir.”, Andrew said. He removed his jockstrap and walked into the bathroom, to regulate the water and prepare for the shower. Randy undressed and followed Andrew into the bathroom. As he stepped into the oversized shower, Randy stood underneath the cascading waters of the shower. Andrew stood next to Randy and lathered his taut, muscled body. Randy guided Andrew’s hands to his groin, making sure that Andrew stroked his cock to climax. “Faster.”, Randy demanded. Soon, the young stud bust his nut, spraying cum down the shower drain. Randy returned the favor by lathering Andrew’s improving physique. He had regained the definition and lost significant weight. He looked younger as a result. That pleased Randy and made the eventual transition easier to accept.

The house boy and his master stepped out of the shower. Andrew toweled Randy dry. Randy walked out of the bathroom and returned to his bedroom. “And make sure you wear the G-string bathing suit. You know how I love how it looks on you.”

Andrew walked into his bedroom and donned the skimpy G-string bathing suit he had purchased for Randy to wear. His cock barely fit in the front pouch. When Andrew strut about the first floor of the house, Randy smiled. He knew Andrew looked ridiculous, but payback demanded that Andrew wear the uniform.

After all, Andrew was the house boy.

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