Cursed Cocks - Part 8

By Cock TF Boi
published August 1, 2020
3730 words

Marcus figures out a few things, then takes the final step in his changes and makes a bargain for a bit of normality.

Friday Morning

I wake up feeling oddly refreshed, none of the grogginess or disorientation that I’d been feeling for the past few days. I take stock of myself; I’m still dressed in the tight shorts and crop top from last night, the waistband of my jock peeking out from the shorts. My slim chest gives way to my flat stomach, covered in a dusting of hair leading down to the front of my shorts. It takes me a minute to realize it, but all the muscles I had from yesterday are gone. Has this been happening every morning? It’s hard to remember clearly, but I think it has been. It seems like every morning is like a reset button, returning my body back to normal.

Well at least mostly. I reach down to rub my 1-inch nub through my jock and shorts. I give a little shudder of pleasure at my touch; my nub seems to be even more sensitive now. I hear a soft moan from across the room and look over, seeing Erik laying on his bed rubbing his muscular chest and tweaking his nipples with both hands. I can see his hips bucking gently under his sheets like he’s thrusting into something. My horniness and my hunger grow a bit, a musky flavor rising in the back of my throat. Oddly though, I can’t smell Erik’s musk. With a guy getting off this close, I should at least smell his precum.

My curiosity gets the better of me, and I stand up walking over to Erik’s bed. He looks at me, a bit of surprise in his eyes, but looking very vulnerable as he lays there. I reach for the top of his sheets and begin to pull them down. He has a flash of worry cross his face before his eyes flutter closed and he arches his back, letting out a deep moan. I slide his sheets down, exposing his hairless muscular abs before I get to my prize. I stop when his crotch is exposed though, staring in shock for a moment. Where just the other night he had a big, albeit strange-looking cock, now there was just nothing. No cock, no balls, not even a mark to show where they once were.

“What happened to it?” I ask, as I run my fingers across the blank expanse of skin.

“It’s … uh … complicated.”

“Did it shrink away to nothing?”

“N-no, nothing like that. It just kind of came off.”

“Wait, it came off? Where is it then?”

“A guy took it,” he said tersely. “Listen, can we do this another time? This might be my only chance to cum today, and I’d rather not waste it.”

“Sure, I guess.” Honestly though, without a cock, he didn’t hold much appeal to me anymore. He certainly wasn’t going to be able to satisfy my hunger, and it was already breakfast time. I turned and grabbed my shower gear and headed out of the room. As I pull the door shut I hear Erik give a frustrated groan.

I quickly head down the hall to the bathroom but find it strangely empty. I get myself cleaned up a bit, but I don’t have time to shower if I’m going to find my breakfast. I’m tempted to hang out in the bathroom for a few minutes, to hope that a guy will walk in, but I don’t want to sit around passively waiting. My hunger demands that I get out there and find myself something to eat. I make my way back to my room to finish dressing. Erik is there, stuffing some rolled up socks into the front of his briefs, trying to make a convincing bulge. He shoots me a sharp look, so I think better than to push him about it.

He finishes getting dressed, his hair disheveled and dark bags showing under his eyes. I move around him, practically walking on eggshells as I grab my clothes and start to pull them on. I contemplate stuffing my own thong but decide against it. I pull on the hooded tank top I picked up yesterday. While it’s loose, its cut so that it ends up exposing half of my chest and the openings on the side go all the way down below my waist showing off my slim frame. I pull on a pair of tight jersey shorts that go just a couple inches below my small bulge, and slide on a pair of sneakers. I grab my bag and head out the door to look for someone to feed off of.

At the same time as I open the door, the door across the hall opens and I come face to face with Josh. He blushes furiously and averts his eyes obviously embarrassed about something. Despite his proximity, I can’t smell any musk coming off him. It dawns on me, that only guys who have what I need, namely cum, give off those musky smells, and it seems Josh doesn’t have what I need. Before he closes the door though, I glimpse Brandon laying on a bed in the room, his nude form highlighted by the soft light coming through the window. Josh pulls the door closed before I have a chance to see much more. Something about that glimpse however stuck in my mind. Something seemed a bit off about it, but I couldn’t place what it was.

Shaking my head, I head down the stairs. Though I was hungry, I knew I wouldn’t have enough time to feed on the elevator before we made it down. When I get down to the 2nd floor landing, the door swings open just ahead of me and I see a muscular frat boy in a green shirt walk into the stairwell. I speed up a little, releasing a burst of musk as I approach him, hoping to overwhelm him quickly. I see him tense slightly as the musk hits him before he relaxes as the horniness begins to cloud his mind. I’m not strong enough to physically overpower him, so I’m relying on my musk to do the job. As I get close, I can smell the dank musk coming off of the frat boy.

I catch him by surprise and push him against the wall as I release another heavy burst of musk. He spins and pushes me off easily, but then his eyes lose focus for a moment as the musk hits him. He reaches down, palming the bulge of his jeans and makes a desperate grunt. He hurriedly unbuckles his belt and undoes his jeans. He shoves his jeans and underwear down in a quick, rough movement, a thick 7-inch cock springs out, smacking against his abs, leaving a wet spot on his shirt as his dick leaves a trail of precum.

I fall to my knees, gripping the base of the frat boy’s shaft, giving it a couple quick strokes. His pubes and balls are shaved completely smooth. I slide my lips over the large mushroom head and glide down the shaft until my nose is pressed into his body. My hands grip his hips, my thumbs resting in the grooves of his Atlas belt, as I begin to pump my face up and down his shaft. I work my tongue around his shaft, pressing against his frenulum before flicking it across the head. His hips jerk a bit as he gasps in pleasure. I can feel his orgasm building quickly. I let my fingers slide back across his ass cheeks, pulling them gently apart. He spreads his legs and pushes his hips out from the wall. I move my fingers down to his hole, and rub across hit causing him to release a deep groan that reverberates throughout the stairwell. The sensations of his cocks sliding across my tongue and lips is sending shivers of pleasure down my spine.

I can feel my little cocklet releasing precum into my thong and quickly soaking through into my shorts. The pleasure is building, and I can feel myself starting to get close to orgasm. I want to avoid shooting and losing the last of my cock, so I press against his hole with my fingers to hasten him along. I feel his balls pull up tight as his breathing becomes more ragged. I feel a tightness in my face as my lips fuse to his dick, holding it in my mouth as he begins to shoot his load into my mouth. I grunt a bit both because of the pleasure from drinking down his cum, but also in a bit of frustration at not cumming myself. His cock keeps pumping pulse after pulse of cum into my mouth as he groans, slumping against the wall, dragging me down as he ends up sitting on the floor.

Finally, his cock stops shooting, though it gives a few dry pulses at the end. My face begins to relax as my lips separate from his dick. I feel a pleasant warmth start in my gut and begin to spread outward. I feel a prickling sensation spreading across my skin and look down to see the hair on my chest and arms pull inward. The hairs absorb into my skin, leaving my body completely smooth and hairless. I can feel my musk fading away. I wipe my mouth with the back of my hand, clearing some of the excess saliva. I try to release another burst of musk to distract him while I get away, but nothing seems to be released.

I continue down the stairs, intent on getting out of there before he recovers from his orgasm, especially since I can’t hit him with my musk again. As I run out the doors at the bottom of the stairwell, I begin to think about what happened. My musk disappeared before when I sucked Erik off, and again with that frat boy. What did they have in common? It takes me a minute as I’m walking to class to realize; it’s their musk. Both their musk smelled the same. Why has it taken so long to realize it? All at once realizations seem to rush in like a fog has been lifted from my mind. Erik, his trick the other night, and the frat boy’s musk smelled the same. Josh, Mike, Kevin, and many of the others; their musk all smelled the same, yet distinct from Erik and the others. Derek’s was somewhere in between, not as sweet as Josh’s but not as dank as Erik’s.

I’m still not sure what each group have in common, but the cum of each group seem to have a different effect on me. The sweet musk guys’ cum grows my muscles, the dank musk guys’ cum strips my body hair and musk away, and the ones in between seem to enhance my ability to influence and control men. I take my seat in chemistry class, still not sure what all of this means, but at least some things are starting to line up. I pull my notebook out and get ready to take notes. I pause for a moment. I can smell the subtle mélange of musk of the guys in the room, but the hunger isn’t growing in my mind like before. I can feel it, there in the back of my mind, but it isn’t nearly as pressing as it was before.

I make it through class and walk out heading to one of the nearby parking lots. Somewhere away from people, where I can relax and think some more. Before I make it more than a few hundred feet I feel my phone vibrate. Pulling it out there is a text from a blocked number. A single line of text and a picture. The picture is of a park bench nearby and just the words “cum here.” I shiver a bit as my little cocklet throbs in pleasure. I move quickly across the parking lot and across the street until I get to the park. Glancing around and back to my phone, I spot the bench. As I approach the bench from the side, I see there’s a guy in a hoodie sitting there, the hood pulled up over his head.

“H-hey” I stammer out.

“Hi there, Mark,” he says. His voice sounds familiar. He stands up, pulling his hood back. I step back, surprised.

“Brandon? You sent the text?”

“Yeah, sorry about being so secretive about it. I needed to wait until you were ready.”

“Ready? Ready for what?”

“Well, needed the changes to run their course. I’ve been keeping an eye on you for the past few days. And if I’m right, you should be down to your last little nub, right?”

Something about the way he said nub sent a little shock of pleasure through my cock. “H-how… Wait. Did you do this?”

“No. I’m not the cause of your curse. I just recognized the signs of one when I walked in on Josh jacking off the other day. He told me about what happened to him, and I remembered your little shouting match with Erik the other night. I put two and two together, and figured you were cursed.” We start walking along the sidewalks, talking as we go.

“Cursed? How could that even happen?”

“Probably someone trying some magic, not knowing what they’re doing. Whatever they tried didn’t work, so they figured it was all bullshit. Whatever spell they tried didn’t fully dissipate, and Erik’s wish the other night gave it shape and it hit you. Some mix of the original spell and Erik’s wish, and there’s your curse.”

“Wait, magic is real?”

“Seriously? After what’s been happening to you and all you’ve seen?”

“I guess you’re right, but it’s a lot to take in.”

“Yea, well you’re just going to have to accept it.”

“How do you know so much about this?” I ask, turning towards him.

“I do a bit of magic myself. Mostly clothes and the like. Like the outfit you’re wearing. A few other things from the shop.”

“Well is there anything you can do to reverse this curse?”

“No, not really. I can do a few things to alleviate some of the symptoms, so to speak, but not much can be done about the curse itself. So, I wanted to talk with you, make you a bit of an offer. I’ll give you a little charm that will take the edge off your curse. Give you control over your hunger and urges, keep you from dropping to your knees and sucking off the football team.”

“Yeah, and what do I have to give you?”

“Oh, just your last load.” I stop in my tracks. He walks a couple more steps before turning and stopping, looking at me. Something about the finality of how he said it just caused it to sink in. If the curse continued, I’d only shoot one more load, and then that’d be it. Forever.

“What do you need that for?”

He grins back at me, “your last load is likely to contain a heavy dose of magic. I can use that to work some of my own magic.”

“How do I know this charm will work?”

“Well it’s been working so far hasn’t it? At least since you went to chemistry that is. That one is just temporary; it’ll wear off in another hour or so. Just in time for lunch.”

I gulp a bit but realize he’s right. The cravings and everything were way down. I could live a somewhat normal life if he could do it permanently. “Okay, I’ll do it. If I can’t get back to normal, I’ll settle for some control.”

Brandon grins at me, “Excellent! You won’t regret it. Come, we’ll go to the shop. I have what I need there.”

We head down the street, and get to the shop, though it seems like it went far quicker than it should take. Walking in, the room looks vastly different. Instead of the racks and rows of clothes, the room is filled with books, pots, and jars. In the middle is a clear area with a chalk circle drawn on the floor. Brandon guides me over to it and stands me in the middle of the circle. He picks up a condom, and tears open the packaging. I start undressing, feeling the need to be free of my clothing, tossing them aside, though I notice they seem to drift on the air longer than they should until they land clear of the circle.

Brandon comes over and drops to his knees. He leans forward and gives my cock a lick, eliciting a moan from me as his tongue moves across the super-sensitive head. He takes the little knob into his mouth, easily covering my whole cock without any effort. I feel his tongue flicking across the tip of my cocklet, precum flowing freely. After far too short of a time, he pulls off. Taking the condom he grabbed, he rolls it over my tiny cock. He gives it a little tug, and I can see the condom has attached itself to my skin, completely encasing my cock. Brandon goes back to licking and sucking at my cock, though the condom is muting the pleasure, frustrating me already. He continues for a couple more minutes, but I feel no closer to cumming that before.

“Please can I suck your cock? I think it’s going to be the only way I’m going to get off with that thing on.”

He stands up grinning, “As you wish.” He pulls off his hoodie and shirt, tossing them aside. Then he undoes his jeans. As the zipper slides down his bulge seems to expand, showing a huge bulge. As he kicks his shorts aside, he pulls down the front of his thong. My eyes bulge out as a huge 3-foot long cock flops out. I feel myself drooling at the sight of the massive schlong, and crouch down to lift the hefty cock up, bringing the head to my face. The head of the cock is almost as big as my own head, yet I feel the urge to suck it.

I bring my lips forward to kiss the head of Brandon’s cock, moaning at the pleasurable tingles running along my lips. He pushes his hips forward slightly, and I feel my mouth distend over his cock. My mouth and jaw stretch impossibly, letting his huge cock slide into my mouth and down my throat. The pleasure is intense as the huge cock rubs against my lips and tongue. My cock is leaking precum like crazy, filling the condom like a water balloon. I can feel his cock deep inside me, past my chest and somewhere deeper in. I know it shouldn’t be possible, but it feels so hot, I can barely think.

On and on he pounds my face, his huge dick hitting places inside me that I didn’t know about, and all of it felt incredible. I could feel my orgasm fast approaching, and he must have sensed it too, as he picked up the pace of his strokes. I feel it coming, the pleasure mounting, and then it keeps mounting, building, and building far beyond the point where I should be cumming. Yet still the pleasure continues to grow. This continues for what seems like an eternity, but then the pleasure hits a point and suddenly I can feel myself cumming.

Everything seems to go blank.

I come to some time later, feeling dizzy and disoriented. I’m flat on the ground, looking at the ceiling of the shop. The rows of clothes are back in their normal places. I stand up, looking around. I’m naked saved for a strange necklace, but between my legs all sign of my cock and balls are gone. Instead is a smooth bulge of flesh. I give it a few experimental touches, it feels sensitive but on the same level as my nipples; nice, but not going to get me off. I find my discarded clothes in a pile nearby and pull them on.

I find Brandon up front at the register. “So, is it done then?” I ask unsure.

“Yea, I’ve got what I wanted. That charm should help stabilize things for you.”

I grinned at him and headed out the door. I’d missed a couple of classes, but I was feeling like lunch. Maybe I’ll go find some football players to milk some cum from.

3 Months Later

Since I got the charm from Brandon, I was able to get back to being a more normal college student. Sure, I sucked guys off instead of eating, but otherwise it was all pretty normal things. I did eventually learn I could eat regular food if I put enough cum on it, though that was often times tricky enough to manage as it was.

I fell into a regular routine of class and homework, with breaks to suck guys off regularly. Most guys in the dorm were happy to feed me a meal every now and then. It keeps them well satisfied, though I do have to rotate them out. Turns out it can take over a week for a guy to recover from me draining him dry.

Now it’s nearly time to head home for summer vacation. I’ll have to find a whole new set of guys to drain over the summer. Might have some difficulty, but I’m sure I’ll manage.

This is the end of Marcus’ tale, but don’t worry there will be more to be had for the other men cursed by Marcus as well as other transformative adventures to be had. If you like my writing and want to see more or to support my efforts, please visit my Patreon

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