Dullahan part two

By Loucaman
published July 31, 2020
3419 words

James and Matt enjoy their new powers as headless men.

James and Matt sat naked on James’ bed with Matt’s laptop open in front of them. Matt’s old head, who James learned was named Liam, lay on a pillow on the floor.

“See, this is the forum where dullahans post. You can get your own account but you gotta send the moderator a pic of you without your head.” Matt explained. “He is pretty strict about it being FDBD.”

“What’s that?” James asked, worried he didn’t know the new lingo and he assumed FDBD was some new slang.

“For Dullahans By Dullahans.” Matt explained, he looked serious. James wondered if Matt knew it was a rip off of FUBU.

“What do they post about?” James asked, already reading the forum headings. Haha, headings, he thought to himself.

“The busiest threads are people posting about trying to find their original heads and people posting heads they have for trade.” Matt said pointing out the threads as he talked about them. “There are also threads about “how to survive as a dullahan.” And “how to use your dullahan powers”.

“Wouldn’t the dullahan who took your head be the one with your original head? And wouldn’t there be as many heads as there are Dullahans? Where do the traded heads come from?” James said, acting as the logical skeptic. Matt glared at him sideways.

Newb, Matt thought to himself.

“Dullahans tend to move around and trade heads a lot. So the guy who took my head left me another head and I used that one to trade for Liam. The guy who had my original head got it from a guy who had a dozen extra heads he didn’t want anymore. That guy got all those heads from Dullahans that didn’t make it.” Matt explained.

“Didn’t make it?” James asked worried that he was in danger of being one of them.

“Basically a dullahan can live without a head for about a week. And they can only use a new head for about a year. So a new dullahan has to either find their original head or find a network of Dullahans and keep trading. Eventually a dullahan uses all the heads in his network. So he either steals a new head from a normal person or find another network or die. “ Matt said. In fact he was reading the Dullahan survival guide. “Heads however live forever, so there are way more heads than Dullahans. Liam is like fifty years old.”

“He doesn’t look fifty.” James said looking at Liam’s youthful face.

“Heads only age when in use. Liam was on someone’s shelf for ages.” Matt looked at James and sighed. “Anymore dullahan 411?”

“Yeah.” James said. He pulled off his head so he could get a better look at his shoulders. “When I was wearing Liam, my shoulders got lighter and had freckles. But now they are back to normal.” James’s head said from his lap.

“Oh, a Dullahan’s body adapts to the head. So you get younger if you wear a younger head, bulkier if you wear a bodybuilders head, and so on. But the change is slight. Just enough so that the head doesn’t look out of place and it takes like three days to be permanent. So if you wore Liam for three days you would always have some freckles left over.” Matt explained. “That was a good question actually.”

“One more.” Said James detached head. “Why doesn’t everyone know about Dullahans? It’s pretty cool.”

“Normal people don’t seem to notice and forget if we tell them. But it doesn’t stop them from thinking you’re crazy if you tell them you have no head.” Matt said. “Basically the tutorial said to keep it a secret and I never thought to ask more about it. “

“Let’s experiment.” Said James head. James got up, leaving his head on the bed and put on the closest pair of shorts. Blindly reaching for the door handle, James eventually opened the door. His head called out from the bed. “Hey Ben.” James waited for a moment. Then turned around and grabbed his head from the bed. “I can’t tell if he is looking from here” he told Matt. James went back to the door with his head under his armpit like a basketball. He stepped out into the hall that spand the whole apartment. He saw Ben poke his head out of his bedroom.

“What?!” Ben barked.

“See anything different?” James’ detached head said from under his arm.

“From the moaning I see you got your cherry popped.” Ben said.

“Nothing else?” James said gesturing to his neck stump and bodiless head.

“Your cock is still hard. That’s pretty impressive.” Ben said looking at the rent in James’ shorts. “You guys have been fucking for like an hour. I had to make a call and you guys are loud.” Ben said, more annoyed for being bothered. He went back into his room and slammed his door.

James, disappointed and impressed at the same time, went back into his room. He pulled off his shorts and then put his head on the dresser, with his head facing the bed. “Ok, he didn’t notice. Now I wanna watch me fuck you.” Said the head on the dresser.

“I’m still stretched from last time.” Said Matt excitedly. He closed his laptop and put it in his bag. Then Matt grabbed his head and pulled it off.

Matt jumped on the bed and spun around bending over to expose his asshole to James. “Mount me headless man.”

James hopped onto the bed and positioned himself behind by feeling for Matt’s ass and moving himself accordingly. James had positioned his head well, he was able to see and guide his body up to the point where his hard cock went into Matt’s eager hole. James felt Matt’s ass until his fingers touched the hole and James put his thumb over it. Then it was easy to move his cock with the other hand until his cockhead found his thumb. Then James pushed with his hips.

Matt moaned with pleasure but it was muffled because he had begun sucking his own cock with his detached head. Every time James thrust his hips into Matt’s ass, not only did James’ cock go deeper into Matt, Matt’s cock went deeper into Matt’s throat. It was like they were in a threesome. Matt grabbed his head by the ginger brown curls and forced his face against his crotch. Matt was practiced and didn’t gag on his own cock. James was impressed as his attention went from watching Matt’s head give head and James’ body ride Matt’s ass. James watched as his ass clenched and balls swung when he pushed into Matt. James directed his body to reposition his legs so that his cock was angled downward. Then instead of thrusts, James gyrated his hips.

“Oh fuck that feels amazing!” Matt tried to say but his mouth was full.

“What?” James asked.

Matt gave James a thumbs up and James understood.

James keep getting distracted by watching himself having sex and kept losing rhythm. James gave up control of his head so he could concentrate on what his body was doing. Suddenly all the sensations in his body became clearer and more intense. His body grunted and he fell on top of Matt and his cock shot cum into Matt’s ass. James’ orgasm filled all his senses and he was unable to feel anything except the electricity that shocked his whole headless body.

Matt shifted James onto the bed so he could free his head from the pile of headless men. Lying on his side, Matt positioned his head on the bed next to his cock and rubbed the head of his cock until he was ready to cum. He opened his mouth and shoved his cock inside just as he started to cum. Matt swallowed the first two shots as fast as he could then sucked the rest out while pushing it out with his hands rubbing the bottom of the shaft of his cock.

“That was fucking awesome,” James said. Then he realized his head was dormant and he didn’t have a mouth to speak. “Better put my head back on so Matt can hear me.” “I can hear you.” Matt’s head from the bed as his body stood up and stretched.

“What? You can?” Said James’ headless body.

“Yeah. I guess dullahans have telepathy or something.” Matt said.

“And it’s weird. I can hear you fine, but all the other sounds are muffled.” James pointed out. James picked up his head and put it on. He wiped the sweat from his brow and smiled at Matt. “You could’ve used my head to get yourself off.”

“Next time.” Matt said as he put on his own head. “What do you want to do now?”

“Get dressed and go to the gym. Or we can post Liam for a trade. Or we can get high and play video games.” James said, not sure what he wanted to do himself.

“I am kinda attached to Liam. But he is basically useless to me now. If you don’t want him then we can trade him.” Matt began.” But I kinda want to get a work out. Let’s go to the gym.”

James nodded and they got together a couple gym bags with a change of clothes and towels and then got dressed in gym attire. “Shall I ask if Ben wants to come?”

“Yeah. I think he was waiting this whole time for a ride.” Matt said, knowing that Ben always wanted a ride to the gym on the weekends when he stayed over.

James removed his head and went to knock on Ben’s bedroom. Ben opened the door and looked at James with blurry eyes. James noticed that Ben was looking at his head, even though James’ head was not on his neck.

“Yeah man?”

“Gym?” Asked James.

“Yeah man!” Ben replied. “Let me get my bag. We showering there?”

“Of course. We wanna show off your god given gifts.” James replied.

Ben smiled since he loved when anyone talked about his penis. Ben grabbed his gym bag and called out, “Gym time boys!”

“You’re asking for trouble.” Matt said to James as they got into Matt’s SUV. While Ben sat happily in the back, James sat in the front passenger seat with his detached head on his lap. “Why?” James and Ben said at the same time.

“If I stop too fast, you will go flying.” Matt said looking at James’ head.

“Yeah man. Put on your seat belt.” Ben said punching James in the shoulder.

James sighed and put his head and then seatbelt on.

The trio got to the gym and worked out together for a while then Ben separated to do more free weights while Matt and James did a yoga class. The trio met up again in the sauna, naked except for flimsy towels wrapped around their waists.

“Good work out?” James asked Ben.

“Yeah man.” Ben said with his eyes closed. He loved the heat since it soothes his sore muscles. “You guys stretched out?” Ben asked, thinking he was clever by making yoga and anal sex sound like the same thing.

“Sure am. You should try it.” Matt said smiling at James. James smiled at Ben.

“Naw man. I am built for other forms of exercise.” Ben said.

James looked at Matt and winked, then detached his own head and put it, dormant, on his lap. “I wonder if Ben can hear me?” James asked Matt. Matt detached his own head and let it go dormant.

“Let see.” said Matt. His headless body turned slightly towards Ben. “Hey Ben. James wants your D real bad.” They both looked at Ben, but Ben did not react.

“Ben knows I want his D, he told me so.” James told Matt. “Hey Ben, I know you’re secretly into me.” Still no reaction from Ben.

“Why go headless here?” Matt asked James.

“I wanted to ask you a couple things. Should be make Ben a dullahan? It might be cool to have a headless roommate. And can we sense other dullahans? Or do we have to be caught headless?” James said, too quick for Matt to answer.

“I don’t know. For either question.” Matt replied. Just then someone opened the door and came into the sauna. It was a tall, well built mediteranean man. He looked at James and Matt and his eyes widened. He kept looking at the pair as he sat down across from them. The sauna was small, so their knees nearly touched. The man then reached up and detached his head and put the dazed looking head onto his lap.

“Hello fellows.” He said.

“Thats so weird.” James said.

“We were just talking about finding other dullahans.” Matt explained.

“Well, being headless in a public place is the way to do it.” said the man. “I am Phil.”

James noticed that the man sounded very formal, even though he was not actually talking. “I’m James and this is Matt.”

“Why are you looking for other dullahans? Need new heads?” Phil asked.

“These are our original heads.” Matt said proudly.

“I was just wondering if I could sense a dullahan when he is wearing a head.” James explained.

“Original Heads? Both of you? That is very lucky.” Phil said. He patted the head in his lap. “This must be my hundreth head. I was hoping to trade with one of you. You have very handsome heads.”

“Thank you,” said Matt.

“Hundred heads?” James exclaimed. Matt looked at James, trying to convey his disapproval. He didn’t realize that you needed a face to convey emotion.

“When you have been around as long as I have.” Phil started. “I have been looking for my original head for about fifty years now.”

“Did you post on the forums?” Matt asked. “I can help you look. I made a few contacts looking for mine.”

“Of course I posted. But I could only give a word description. I was beheaded before digital pictures and I am fairly sure it was a head stealer.” Phil explained.

“Whats a head stealer?” James asked.

“Its a dullahan that just makes more dullahans without trying to trade heads. It is really irresponsible and they tend not to be friendly with other dullahans.” Matt explained. “Sometimes thier heads never make it to the forums.”

“I never realized how lucky I was.” James said. “I got my head back right away.”

“I think that muscled headed man is trying to get your attention.” Phil said. He put his head back on. Matt and James followed him and put thier heads on too.

“Are you guys ok? You look sick.” Ben was saying. James had barely heard him until James had his head back on.

“Yeah, just spacing out.” Matt said.”Make sure I get your number beofre you leave.” Matt told Phil. Phil nodded.

“Damn, thats cold.” Ben said shaking his hand. “Right in front of James, man.” James was confused, then realized that Ben had not heard their conversation.

“Naw, it’s cool. Matt and I aren’t exclusive.” James said and he elbowed Matt.

“Not until I have my way with Ben.” Matt said, smiling at Ben.

“Ok.” said Ben. “I am getting too hot in here.” He got up and everyone noticed his substantial erection. James and Matt said goodbye to Phil and followed Ben to the showers.

James got Phil’s number while they were dressing, and the trio left the gym together.

Back in his room, James striped again and lay on his bed. Matt striped too and lay next to James. Then Matt realized the door was open and got up and went to close it.

James was tugging on his cock when Matt got back into bed.

“You are insatiable.” Matt said smiling. He was about to get up again to get the lube, but James stopped him.

“Naw, I was wondering if we could detach other parts of our bodies. Seeing Ben’s cock made me wonder.” James explained. He stopped tugging his cock and instead removed his head and handed it to Matt to cuddle with. Matt held James’ head close ot his chest and sweetly kissed him on the forehead. James went back to trying to detach his cock.

James grabbed his cock and balls and, like he did with his head, thought about the cock and balls detaching. Then they did. James mouth dropped open and eyes darted from his detached cock to Matt. Matt was also looking at James’ face and back to the detached manhood. Holding his cock in hand, James got up, intent on stealing and replacing Ben’s cock. But Matt grabbed his arm.

“Wait, how did you do it?” Matt asked James’ head.

“Same way you detach your head.” James told him. Matt grabbed his own cock and detached his cock and balls and handed them to James.

“Here, mine is smaller.” Matt said. James handed his cock and balls to Matt and took Matt’s.

“Oh wait.” James’ head said and then it went dormant. James’ headless body then grabbed Liam and put him on. “He won’t let James grab his cock, but he will let you.” James said with Liam’s voice. Matt nodded then switched his head with James’. Liam’s eyebrow raised.

“I wanna watch and there can’t be two Matts.” Matt said with James’ head. Liam’s head nodded and the two went into the hallway to see if they could find Ben.

Ben was standing, barefoot and shirtless, at the kitchen island. He was drinking a protein shake. He turned to look at the two naked men approaching him with sinister smiles and got very nervous.

“Yeah, guys.” Ben said nervously. “You are giving me the total creeps. “

“Sorry man,” said James with Liam’s voice. “But James and I have a bet. He says I can’t get my fingers around the base of your cock. He thinks you are too big.” James said, knowing that Ben thought James was Matt and Ben would never turn down a chance to prove his cock was huge. “Do you mind if I handle your piece?”

Ben looked doubtful. Then Matt decided to double down.

“If I’m wrong then Matt can fuck me.” Matt said with James’ head.

Ben looked at Matt and then back to James. “Ok, but I get to watch and make a video if James cries.”

“Deal.” James said. He walked over to Ben and waited for Ben to drop his pants. Ben rolled his eyes and looked at Matt, thinking he was looking at James.

“Eyes up here.” Ben said to James’ head.

James reaches down and grabbed Ben’s cock and balls. Thinking that he wanted them to detach, and they did.

Matt tried not to look surprised since Ben was looking at him. “What’s in the protein shake?” Matt asked hoping to distract Ben as James went to work.

James pressed the stump of Matt’s cock and balls against Ben’s bald crotch. James mentally ordered Matt’s cock to attach to Ben. James gave them a gentle tug and they stayed put. He then pressed Ben’s stolen cock and balls and attached them to his own crotch. Ben’s cock was now attached to James’ body.

“Couldn’t help but give the old boy a tug?” Ben asked James, thinking he was talking to Matt.

“Yeah. The legend is true.” James said looking at Matt. It was still odd for James seeing Matt wearing James’ head. “Looks like I am the top now.”

Matt looked at Ben’s enlarging cock on James’ body. “Aw fuck.” Matt said. He was genuinely concerned about having that monster inside him.

“Let’s get this over with.”

“Now?” Ben asked looking from Matt to James. They both nodded. “Let me get my phone.” He said.

“I might cry” Matt told James.

“We don’t have to, I don’t want to hurt you.” James said.

“I made this bed,” Matt said sighing. “I might as well let it fuck me.”

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