The Competition Chapter 6

By Ctformation
published July 31, 2020
1102 words

Another party for Chad and Josh to explore sexy cock transformations.

When we arrived for the next party Arthur told us one of the organizers of the parties had a special request for what was going to happen this month. We actually told him not to tell us what would be happening because we though it would be a better show if we were surprised and naturally turned on when the changes occurred. Arthur was pleased with this choice and told us who should use which oils as we went on with the show. This month we were given speedos that were some sort of black rubber or plastic. I couldn’t tell. All I know is they were black and shiny and held our packages tight.

We arrived at the stage to the happiness of the crowd. We used the normal oil to begin with and got each other all slicked up while tracing our fingers over each other’s muscles. The gym was really paying off for us since we started working out together and our new found intimacy helped us get the crowd really hot and bothered. We would kiss and caress each other slowly all the while the pouches of the suits bulging more with each move we made. It felt good to use my oiled hand to rub the pouch covering Josh’s cock and balls. We laughed a little when we ground our rubber covered bulges together and they squeaked and creaked as we mashed them together. We had teased the men long enough it was time for the main event.

Once again I was in charge of applying the oils. I pulled Josh’s cock up over the waistband of the speedo. Due to how tight the material was his cock was held straight up toward his abs. I rubbed the oil on his dick. Grabbing it in my oily hands and running them down into his suit to coat the whole length and rub it into his balls. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen so at first I thought his dick was shrinking again, but realized that wasn’t actually the case. His dick was getting shorter, but not smaller. His dick head was staying it’s normal size, but his shaft was getting shorter. When the head of his dick had retreated enough to reach the waist of the speedo I heard that squeaking sound like when we were rubbing together. This time I didn’t laugh, I was too focused on the transformation. Josh looked at me with a look of total bliss on his face. He reached down and peeled off his suit revealing an entirely empty crotch except for the normal sized head of his dick basically directly attached to his crotch. It looked like a little nub.

Then it was my turn. I did as Arthur instructed and removed my suit. I wiped my hands clean of Josh’s oil and grabbed my oil. I began to rub my cock with it. It got hard and seemed to fill out fully. Then it started to look slightly different. It was turning more pink and felt different, kind of rubbery. A few minutes later I was still running my hands over my dick only now it was actually a dildo attached to my crotch. I could still feel every touch, but it was totally made of rubber and bobbing around in front of me. We joined together again in the center of the stage and started kissing. Josh told me to lay down and he straddled my dildo cock. He sat down and used me like a toy designed for his pleasure. He rode the dildo attached to me like I was a sex doll. I could feel everything, but it was almost like my dick wasn’t mine. It was Josh’s to use. While he was bucking up and down on the dildo he was rubbing his fingers over his nub and pinching it a little. He would bend down to kiss me to include me in the act, but it was his show for sure. He used my rubber cock for at least 45 minutes before he shuddered and cum gushed out of his nub. I’m not even gonna try to understand how he came without visible balls, but then again none of what has happened since we started doing these parties makes too much sense anyway.

We left the garden stage and hit the showers. It felt so weird to have a big rubber dildo bouncing in front of me while I walked and then showered. Once we were cleaned up I started to get dressed and was trying to figure out how I was gonna fit this always hard rubber cock into my pants when Arthur walked in. He stopped me and said he had an additional offer for me. The man who had requested the current transformations wanted my dildo for the month. I didn’t understand what he meant so as a way of clarifying he told me to stand still. He asked if he could touch my dick and I said ok. He grabbed my dildo dick and pulled while he twisted. With a soft pop it pulled away from my crotch leaving it blank except for a little pee hole. I could still feel his hand holding my dick, but he was holding it in front of my face. When my brain got done melting for a moment I understood as well as I could what was happening. Arthur was holding my dildo dick and the one man who organized the parties wanted to keep it until next month. He said the offer was $20,000 for the month. Besides it wasn’t really going to fit in my pants anyway as I was finding out when Arthur walked in. I looked at Josh and he shrugged. I countered with a $30,000 offer since I share the money with Josh. Arthur walked to the phone on the wall still holding my dick and made a call. He said we have a deal and that they will reattach my dick good as new when we came back for next months event. He also warned me that I should be prepared, my dick was going to get used a lot so I should be aware of the possibility of feeling a mouth or an ass on my dislocated dick any time or anywhere. Josh shook his head and reached out to put the palm of his hand on my blank crotch. This month was going to be a trip

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