Changing Zack

By JKong111
published July 30, 2020
1692 words

When Sean looses his virginity, his changes the one he loves.

Changing tops


Well, sex is complicated for me. Actually, no- it’s miserable. Sex hurts.

It’s not that it’s not pleasurable. Quite to the contrary it’s amazing. It’s how it affects those who I’m with.

I remember losing my virginity as clearly as if it happened yesterday. I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

It was with my boyfriend, Zack. He was a little shorter than me at about 5 foot 5 and skinny as a rail. He was really the epitome of a twink with a cute boyish face and awesome smile. I’m about 5 foot 7 and a little stockier.

Sexually, he was a little better endowed than me at 5 inches. I was pretty small at 4 inches.

But he was the sweetest man I’d ever met. When we finally decided to have sex, I was going to bottom and I was really nervous.

“You okay Sean?” He asked me as we sat together on my bed.

“Of course. I’m just a little nervous.”

“Don’t be babe. I’ll make sure everything goes okay. You a hot mother and this will be amazing.”

He leaned in for a gentle kiss. And we began. He was soft and passionate and loving and soon our clothes came off.

We made out and took turns blowing each other for a while until we both paused looking into each other’s eyes.

“Are you ready babe?” He whispered to me.

“For you, of course” I whispered back.

He got up off the bed and grabbed the condom and lube we had left on the bedside table.

I moved to the edge of the bed, so that he could fuck me and I could look into his eyes.

He finished putting on the condom and lube and came to me with a kiss.

“Relax babe, it’s gonna be great.”

He walked around to the end of the bed.

“You’re tight babe. Relax and it will feel better.”

He lubed one of his fingers and gently pressed into my hole. It took a second but I loosened up and let him in. Then, he did a second finger and a third.

As he worked, I felt myself loosen as gentle waves of pleasure emanated. I didn’t expect fingering alone to feel so good.

“I’m ready babe” I whispered to my lover.

He smiled. “Love you babe.”

That was the first and last time he ever told me he loved me.

He gently pressed his cock head against my hole and I shivered in pleasure as he pushed in.

“Fuck” I moan as he slowly entered in.

He started gently and checked on me constantly. We kept eye contact whenever one of us wasn’t moaning in pleasure.

As we fucked, the feelings got more and more intense for me. I felt a pulsing energy all over my body growing and flowing. As it grew, I felt it begin to move down to my hole.

As I felt the energy gather in my hole, I felt Zack push a little deeper than before. I thought he’d already bottomed out, so I was surprised but elated.

But then, he pushed in a little deeper again. And a little deeper. And my ass was getting tighter as if my hole was being stretched wider.

I couldn’t process exactly what was happening through the ecstasy, but I knew it was hot. I wanted his cock buried deep inside me.

As stated back into his eyes as he began to thrust a little harder and a little rougher. It surprised me, but I was a fan.

Then, I noticed that he seemed just a little more muscular and maybe a tiny bit taller. I told myself that people just appear bigger when they are fucking you. Part of me was distressed and part of me found it incredibly hot.

The pulsing energy throughout me grew more intense as he thrust harder and I felt the flow to my ass grow. His hard cock felt so good as my hole was stretched wider and wider.

His moans were incredibly hot and a little deeper than usual. I looked into his face, but his eyes were closed as he focused on his cock.

His looked different though. A little more square and little sharper. A little more masculine.

That was when I really knew something was happening. I should have stopped but the pleasure was so intense it was like I didn’t have control over myself.

He scooted further off the edge of the bed and readjusted himself to get at my hole better. He was taller… probably taller than me now. Maybe 5 foot 8.

And his body wasn’t as twinkish anymore. He was moderately muscles as if he casually worked out, and I noticed chest hair for the first time. As I watched his pecs slightly expanded and hair from around his nipples slowly spread.

Part of me was terrified, but that part wasn’t in control.

Despite myself, I moaned “harder”.

Zack was more than happy to oblige as he thrust his large cock into my hole with surprising force. It had to be 7 inches by now.

“Yeah, you like that don’t you. You liked getting fucked hard” he taunted in a surprisingly deep voice.

“Yeah, I love it.”

“Yeah, you love my big cock”

“I love your big cock. Fuck me. Please”

I was shocked by what I said but the pleasure was incomparable. The energy in my body had continued to grow and suddenly grew significantly more intense. It was a constant flow form the edges of my body pulsing in powerful waves to my ass.

I felt Zacks cock, grow suddenly stretching my hole and reaching deep inside me as energy flowed into it.

I looked into his face to see a bit of a sneer on an incredibly handsome face. His jaw was sharp and masculine. And slight stubble was evident.

He was way taller now too. He’d eclipsed me and was at least 6 feet tall. His muscles had continued to grow to where he looked somewhere between a wrestler and a bodybuilder. Of course, the hair covering half his chest and the treasure trail weren’t particularly body builder like. He even had hair long sticking out from his pits.

“ You like that you little slut don’t you. You live for my cock.” He taunted in a deep and gruff voice.

Internally, I cringed and screamed, but externally, I moaned, “ Yes sir. Fuck me harder. Make me your bitch”

“You’re already my bitch, he spat.”

He grabbed me and flipped me on my stomach so that my ass was hanging off the bed and jutting out for doggy style.

He grabbed my ass and pulled it back onto his cock as he thrust forward. His crotch slapped violently against my ass as I moaned and shook.

I couldn’t see Zack, but I could feel his cock grow yet thicker and longer. I could feel his force increase and the angle change as he got taller.

“Fuck me Zack”

“Call me sir… or better yet god. I’m god and your bitch, slut or faggot.”

I recoiled in shock but said, “ please god, destroy me.”

“Good bitch”

I felt the energy in my body go crazy as my entire body flooded with energy. Zack thrust harder and grabbed my hair to yank me back. I could feel myself approaching orgasm as the energy built.

Finally, I came in the most intense ecstasy I’ve ever felt. All for the energy in my body rushes into Zacks cock, as I came over bed. As I finished, I heard Zacks deep moans as he apparently came.

Zack stopped and pulled out. I lay on my stomach gasping for breath listening to the sound of Zack throwing way the condom. His footsteps were shockingly heavy.

Finally, I turned to look at my lover.

He was totally different.

He was at least 6 foot 2 and muscles like an aesthetic body builder. Big but not bulgy. Hair covered his thick pecs and stomach.

His face was shape and masculine with a 5 o clock shadow.

His semi hard cock hung down his leg. Thick even in its semi state. He must have been 9 inches.

My mind was clear… and I was scared.

“Zack? Are you… okay?”

“That’s god, faggot. Don’t make me tell you again. With that tiny cock of yours, you need a giant cock like man to pleasure your slutty ass.”

“Zack, please, it’s over, let’s act normal.”

“It’s god, bitch!” He stepped forward to me and stared down.

“Please…” My voice cracked as I started to cry.

Zack sighed. “You’re such a little bitch. All you’re good for is your ass. I’ll have to pound you again.”

“No. Not again. Please Za… God.”

“For fucks sake, if you’re gonna be such a bitch about, I’ll go find another slut to fuck.”

I sat still in shock as Zack left the room still naked. I head him go in my Dads room and into the closet. I suppose he grabbed clothes that fit his new body a little better. I listened to his heavy footsteps march down the hall and then the door slam as he left the house.

With the slam of the door, I began to cry.

I never spoke to Zack again. I texted him once or twice and he blocked me when I didn’t call him God and let him fuck me.

When I saw Zack around school. He was different. The somewhat quiet kind boy with the heart of gold was gone. He was an arrogant narcissist who didn’t think about anyone but himself.

I haven’t had sex since then. I just. I can’t stand the idea of destroying someone like that again. I changed Zack. I could have stopped. I should have made myself stop.

I… was it my fault?

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