The Bus Load

By major -
published July 30, 2020
3497 words

Hell is once again open for business. This part introduces a bus load of lucky victims. Will any escape from this kinky world?


a chorus of laughter

Billy rolled his eyes, and returned to staring out the window. Fuck the guys on his team were gross, but they were varsity boys, what was he expecting?

The rugby team had all piled into a shabby yellow bus after an embarrassing defeat at the hands of their rivals. They had been absolutely smothered by their opponents, and their coach had angrily kicked them right off the field and onto the bus without giving them time to change. He said “you can smell like the shit you are, for all I care,” figuring they could chip away at the long drive early. Billy wished his coach had a better temper. Over 20 college boys, sweating n a hot bus for hours could produce an odour that could be used in chemical warfare. Fuck they all reeked. What’s worse, they hadn’t been able to get a single window on the rickety bus to go down and when they brought it up to the old man driving the bus he just cackled and flicked on a tiny fan at the front of the bus. The fuck was that going to do?

Billy dazed off while staring at the opposing traffic. He loved rugby. He’d been playing since he was a kid. But rugby could draw a certain crowd. The frat jock stereotype is one of the oldest and truest there is. He could name at least five guys on the team who had definitely done some questionable things to sleep with girls. Some, downright illegal. Bruce and Chuck for example, would pick a girl and compete to see who could fuck her first. To win they’d send a photo out, balls deep in whatever victim they landed on. More than once, Billy had received a photo of a chick who was definitely out cold. The whole team dynamic made him sick. He didn’t want to give up the sport he loved he just wished it could attract a more mature group of men.

That being said, there were a couple decent guys on the team. Ethan, for example, seemed like a genuinely nice guy, he didn’t drink but somehow still hung out with the cooler members of the team. Maybe it was because he was objectively stunning, and good looking people just get treated differently. Dustin, the massive brute who had provided the earlier belch, was nice enough too, besides his particular skill with producing gases, he was a decent guy just trying to make people laugh. A nice character considering his truly massive size. Towering close to Seven feet and wide like a fucking tree trunk. And I guess there was Gavin too. Similar to Billy, Gavin was definitely against the frat jock image, he was actually quite nerdy, despite his natural athleticism, and had joined the team in hopes to diversify his medical school application.

Now this isn’t game of thrones, this is smut, and the several names thrown your way are not to be memorized. Just brief introductions to some of the many teammates that joined Billy on the bus that evening. A hot, stinking bus that was supposed to be heading towards their home school, but ended up taking a very different detour.


Billy looked up over the seat in front of him towards the front of the bus where his coach was smacking on his window. Billy was all the way at the back of the bus but the sound was enough to silence even the rowdy members of his team.

“What the fuck is wrong with these windows?!” The coach yelled, sweat dripping down his face. “And what the fuck is wrong with you fags!?” The coach shouted, now directing his anger at the team. “If you pathetic shit stains could win a fucking game or two, we could afford our own coach. Not this rusty piece of shit!” He said, punching the metal roof. He sat back down and the assistant coach got up from his seat across the aisle way.

He was a very different man. He had been assigned to the team after there had been several official HR complaints against the head coach. He was trained in diversity, conflict management, and was a total fucking rube. He cleared his throat but the team had already returned to talking amongst themselves.

“Hey folks, good effort today. let’s try to keep it down for the rest of the bus ride. Tensions are high enough. And remember you shouldn’t be eating on here but if you are, hold on to your garbage. Let’s be respectful! Okay, yup, that’s it from me,” The assistant coach finished, checking his notebook before returning to his seat.

Billy cracked his back and slumped against his window, if he was lucky he could drift off and cut out a chunk of this drive.

The older bus driver anxiously looked into the wide mirror that reflected back into the bus. He smiled, hungrily at the rowdy hunky studs that were stinking up his bus. With one hand on the wheel he groped his small but hard dick feeling the gooey precum pool into his nasty brown jock strap. Fuck these boys were hot, and rank. Making sure no one was watching him he took a deep inhale of his own hairy pit, good, but nothing like the musk these fuckers could produce.

He fiddled with an envelope in his lap. Inside there was a single piece of gum, a strange small bag filled with all sorts of weird dried plants with flowers and capsules of seed, and a small note of instructions he had read a hundred times over before tonight. He had been receiving letters for some time now. All with no return address, but oddly enough after he would read a letter another would arrive within a week with a reply to exactly what he had been thinking while reading it. Letters from a demon, apparently. A demon who had been observing the driver’s perverse tastes for some time. A demon who supported and embraced every disgusting desire the old man had and promised to fulfill each one if he followed a few key instructions. Within a month of correspondence the old man was completely convinced and desperate to serve his new master. Desperate to have his fantasies come to life.

He knew he only had one shot at this and if he succeeded the rewards would be unbelievable. He took a deep breath excitedly, popped the awful, flavourless gum in his mouth and crushed the contents of the bag into his hand. Immediately, a musky aroma comparable to the stink of the varsity team behind him escaped from the bag. The potency was beyond anything he had ever imagined and even with the nullifying gum in his mouth he drooled helplessly and nearly swerved off the road. The shock stirred him from his minor trance and he completed his task. He hung the bag on the small fan above him and giggled in anticipation as the new musk spread throughout the bus. He had to focus on his drive, He had very specific directions he had to follow, but he couldn’t help watching the men succumb to the stink. One by one, as the stink wafted towards the back of the bus, the driver could see each man getting a fix. Their eyes glazing over slightly as new perverse thoughts began twisting their way into their open minds. Completely unbeknownst to the men, the gas meticulously invaded their defenses, some only subtly, barely in range of the scent, while others who were sat close to the strange bag, experienced the full force of the powerful musk. Those unlucky men at the front of the bus were completely oblivious to the tendrils of gas, pruning their entire identities from within. snip, snip, snip the twisting musk invaded their minds and warped their realities as the men sank deeper into the trance that the gas provided.

A series of large road bumps shook Billy from his sleep. He had drifted off deeper than he thought, and his body seemed to be slowly catching up to his wakefulness. He felt heavy, his eyelids lazed open, and his mind was spinning ever so slightly. Not bad for a nap on the bus. He looked out the window and was shocked to see nothing but black. What time is it? He wondered. Still in his rugby uniform he didn’t have his phone on him to check, but it didn’t feel that late. And if it was, shouldn’t they be back. A flash of light illuminated the outside briefly. It didn’t look familiar at all. The houses were gone, the buildings were gone in fact all signs of life were gone. It looked like they were driving through a fucking canyon. A wide, barren canyon with red rock formations on either side of them. Cloudy dark skies were thick overhead and off into the horizon drowning out all sources of light. “What the fuck? Am I still dreaming, and what the fuck is that smell?” he thought.

“Please, fuck, please sir, no deeper, I can’t take anymore!” He heard the distressed voice of the assistant coach. He rubbed his eyes and lazily shifted himself up to see what the commotion was. What he saw was truly a nightmare.

The head coach, Sweaty, hairy, and stripped down to his jock was nearly elbow deep in the assistant coach’s virgin ass. The assistant’s hips were dangling helplessly into the aisle with his feet rocking back and forth in the air with each gut punch. The coach was sporting a beastly expression, concentrating all of his rage into demolishing the helpless assistant’s hole. It had long since stopped recoiling shut when the coach removed his fist, instead the assistant’s hairy pussy lips flapped open revealing the dark punching bag that eagerly sucked in the coach’s arm. The coach was on one knee in the aisle his hairy asshole slightly visible between his two huge ass cheeks, wafting back towards his team. A smaller player was lying on the aisle floor on his back, his face buried under the coaches crotch, sniffing and sucking at his jock covered ballsack. Savouring the sweaty flavour.

“Shut the fuck up faggot,” The coach said mercilessly hammering deeper.

Billy’s mouth was gaping open, he was completely stunned. He looked around to see the reactions of his team mates. No one seemed phased at all. Most members, especially those near the back half of the bus were sleeping, but to further his shock the ones closest to the front seemed to be eagerly watching the coach fist his assistant. Billy couldn’t tell but the men had stripped their clothes off and were stroking their cocks while observing the fuckfest. Some of the men had taken to making out with their seat mates, Some even had pushed the head of their seat mate to their crotch and were skull fucking their brains out. The bus driver seemed completely unphased, he continued on the bumpy road as if nothing was going on behind him. In reality, he was also fully erect and was stroking his own tiny cock with his free hand, looking back at the orgy whenever he dared.

“What the fuck is going on?!” Billy wondered, almost crying at the sight in front of him. He couldn’t comprehend any of it.

The men near the front were getting more and more ravenous. The two players sitting directly behind the coach went from making out to one of them pushing his seat mate head first into the seat across the aisle. The pusher horked some spit into his hand and rubbed his hard cock before spearing the now exposed ass of his seat mate. The player who was getting fucked screamed in agony as his virgin hole was ripped open but was quickly silenced when the one player in the seat he had been pushed into grabbed him by the hair and shoved his cock down the screaming player’s throat. The Player choked and gagged on the throbbing penis, the sweaty musky cock filling his mouth with new, intoxicating flavours. The horniness seemed to be traveling like a wave from the front of the bus to the back. The first few rows were fully enthralled in the fuck fest at this point. The men in the next few rows who were just watching started exploring each others bodies. Some of them dared to kiss their seat mate. Some just wanted to rub their own cocks. The men seated further back who were deep in slumber were slowly waking, and slowly slipping into the depravity of it all. If they were scared like Billy, they quickly succumbed to the horniness instead. Even Billy’s cock was getting stiffer, the longer he stared, but the horror of the situation was easily overpowering any other emotion he may have been feeling.

Billy looked at the emergency exit beside him. Does he dare try to jump out of the moving bus? It’s fucking moving. Plus, where even was he? Does he hide on the floor of his seat, shut his eyes and plug his ears and pray that he wakes up soon? Fuck, at this point, what else could he do, he cowered away, desperately trying to make himself small. Gavin was asleep in the seat across the aisle way. His head was resting against the window and his legs drooped over into the aisle, slightly spread apart. Billy could see the soft bulge of Gavin’s junk in his ruugby shorts. It got him even harder. “What the fuck?! No, no, get this nightmare out of your head! Stay tough!” Billy begged, covering every sense he could and hiding.

“You fags getting horny?” The coach yelled at the players that were quickly getting into it. “someone get their fucking tongue up my ass before I stick my foot up all of yours!”

Another teammate crawled helpless over the body of the player who was already sucking on the coaches balls. He squirmed his nose into the coaches hairy ass and took a huge whiff of the reeking hole. Fuck did it stink. The shitty, sweaty musk of a real alpha man. The player eagerly stuck his tongue into the tight hole and feverishly sucked at the coaches ass.

“Mhhmm, finally, something you brown nosing fags are good at. Everyone of you is gonna taste my shithole,” The coach demanded, Pushing forcibly past his elbow into the assistant’s wrecked cunt.

“Fuck, coach, thank you. That feels so good. I’m finally full!” The assistant shouted. The coach laughed.

“Such a hungry fag. I knew you were an empty piece of shit,” The coach said, ripping his filthy arm from the assistant’s hole with a squelching sound, and punching the assistant’s rock hard cock and balls. The assistant cried out in ecstasy. “You don’t need these fucking balls, faggot,” The coach said squeezing them hard before the assistant, completely wasted unleashed a torrent of cum that was ruined by the coaches squeezing. It pathetically spurted out the tip of his cock painfully.

“Mhhhm, you’ll pay for that,” The coach whispered before pounding his fist back in. The assistant started convulsing uncontrollably, completely losing himself in the searing pain of being completely wrecked. The coach sat heavier onto the players underneath him, smothering them under his hairy thighs and ass, and strained his stinking pucker so the player tongue sunk deeper into the filth.

The players closest to the coach seemed jealous of the lucky ones who got to taste him. One brave soul broke away from his seat mate and pulled the rimmer out of the coaches ass and down the aisle way. He then replaced the hungry tongue with his own, crawling under the hairy globes of his coach. The layer who had been pulled away felt empty, and crawled towards the new rimmer’s ass, pulling down the man’s sweaty rugby shorts and burying his face in his filthy, hairy crack. As he pushed his tongue into the player the new rimmer moaned into the ass of the coach.

“Fucking fags,” The coach muttered, slamming deeper into his assistant.

There was a sudden sensation of falling and the entire bus shifted forwards like it was going down a very steep hill. Then, so abruptly that the players all fell from their seats and the coaches separated, the bus came to a halt. Everyone was temporarily rocked from their trance, or woken from their slumber.

The players, all disoriented, crawled back into their seats. The coach slid right to the side of the bus driver from the shear force of the sudden stop, hitting his head hard on the front of the bus. He blinked, confused, still dazed, but trying to make sense of everything. The bus driver looked down at him with a devilish grin.

“The fuck was that? Can’t you drive?” The coach said, he kicked the players that had slid with him and were trapped between his legs away from him. They scampered back to their seats. He sniffed his filthy fist to calm himself.

“We have arrived,” the bus driver said.

The players were so confused. The ones nearer the back felt cloudy, but for the most part just shocked, trying to make sense of the sudden stop, the dark exterior and, most of all, the naked men collecting themselves in front of them.

“Coach, what the fuck is going on?” Billy heard a player call from near the back. “What’s on your arm?”

“Shut up, faggot,” The coach mumbled back, shifting upright.

Billy was also collecting himself, and looked over to Gavin who looked about as confused as he was when he had first woken up himself.

“Everybody take your seats, they’ll be here soon to collect you,” The bus driver laughed.

The men at the front sat peacefully, some had already started kissing again. The assistant coach was stuck, wedged helplessly between the seats from the sudden stop, and the coach was sniffing his fist, watching him struggle, jerking his cock while staring at the wreck mancunt he had made. The men halfway down the bus were scared, and looked confused, but also seemed to be stroking their cocks, even if they didn’t realize they were doing it. But the men nearest the back were just scared. Sure, they may have had semi erections, but they were confused and terrified and suddenly Ethan sprang from his seat and bolted out the emergency exit from the back of the bus. He quickly disappeared into the darkness. A few more players followed suit, including Gavin, and some other players from the back of the bus. Billy was terrified, but nothing could be worse than here. In a panic, he jumped out of his seat as well and followed after the fleeing men.

“Fuck! Wait!” The bus driver called getting up from his seat and running halfway down the aisle. This could be bad. He promised a bus load. not half a bus load. The other men seemed to be in no mood to run and were happily returning to their kissing, he just hoped the demon would forgive him. Besides, hell is a dangerous place for humans, and those boys had no idea what they were running into.

The old man slowly returned to his seat. He rubbed the hair of an obedient boy who was busy making out with his seat mate. The boys fresh young face was gorgeous. He pulled the boy away from the kiss and turned his head towards his crotch. Which reeked. His filthy jock strap wafted into the boys face as the old man pulled out his tiny dick from within. He stroked it slowly letting the precum dribble down in front of the boy’s face. The boy seemed confused, why wasn’t he fighting this, why wasn’t he disturbed by all of this. The smell of the man’s cock pulled him closer to the slick head. His jaw was slack, his mouth slightly open. The driver poked his cock into the boys mouth and he instinctively began sucking on it. Swallowing the sweet precum, closing his eyes, and rocking back and forth rhythmically. The driver moaned. He couldn’t remember the last time he had been touched by another man. In no time, with great force, he came into the boy’s mouth, filling his cheeks with milky old man cum. The boy swallowed the load and continued to suck while the driver panted and braced himself on the seat in front of him. This boy was perfect, he would serve his master greatly.

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