Dante's Paradise

By Willie Cici
published June 3, 2015

Justin learns the mystery behind his parents’ divorce. His life will never be the same —

Justin gazed upon the dazzling sun rising crossing the horizon. From the glass-encased balcony deck adjacent to his glass-walled bedroom, Justin could catch the glistening sun dance upon the rippling waves of the Pacific, the clear, azure waters tossing about the soft, sandy shores. The 32 year old sipped his morning coffee and reveled in the sight before him. He dreamed of this moment ever since he received notice of his father’s death. Justin’s father lived alone within the steel and glass walls of this sprawling beachfront Malibu estate. He severed contact with Justin after he separated and then divorced Justin’s mother. Justin initially blamed his mother for the separation, especially when they moved to the cold, blistery shores of Manhattan. When Justin was fifteen, he tried to make contact with his father. The father ignored his son’s repeated requests. In Justin’s heart, his father was already dead. When Justin received notice of his actual death, he shed no tears, he mustered no remorse. When his father’s attorney notified him of the inheritance, Justin rejoiced in his financial windfall. With his newly found wealth, Justin could now pursue the life of pleasure he always wanted. Justin’s mother expected her son to renounce his inheritance. When Justin refused to oblige his mother, she threatened to disown her son. Justin laughed and bid his mother a speedy goodbye; he was not going to refuse an estate in excess of $100,000,000. Justin could not wait to claim his inheritance and ditch his meddling, controlling, narcissistic mother. Relocating to Malibu marked the beginning of Justin’ life, the life of an already accomplished software developer, and now a wealthy California playboy.

Among the many papers and effects of his father’s estate, Justin came across a print out from a website that involved the beachfront estate. It appeared that Justin’s father hosted weekend-long parties at the estate every other month. To receive an invitation, applicants visited his website and completed an application. Seated in the library, as Justin sifted through his father’s papers, one of the servants entered the library offering Justin a late morning cocktail. As the servant was leaving, Justin said, “Domenico, do you know anything about these parties my father hosted?”

Domenico did not know how to respond. “Oh . . uh … well … Lots of people come and spend weekend. Enjoy beach and ocean.”

Justin understood that part of the party. He searched for some other answer. “But, why?”

“Your father very lonely man. He want company, but not all the time.” Justin considered that answer and dismissed it as illogical. Domenico continued to exit the library, leaving Justin to his father’s papers.

That evening, Justin decided to explore the local nightlife near his home. Justin felt a little anxious entering “The Cove at Malibu.” He did not grow up among this collection of beautiful people and their California casual demeanor. His uptight East Coast experience left Justin feeling as a foreigner. That feeling, however, disappeared within minutes as a stunning redhead made her way directly to Justin. Justin surveyed the prospect before him. If she did not work as a model, she should. Justin found no flaw in her physical appearance. As she drew closer, Justin marveled at her elegance, her catwalk-like stroll towards Justin.

“Hi, I’m Desire.” (Of course!, Justin thought). I haven’t seen you here before.”

Justin thought to himself, “That’s original.” He said, “I’m new here in town. On business. My company rented a nearby villa for my stay.”

“I didn’t catch your name.”

As a language buff, Justin opted for Danish. “My name is Fornojelse. My friend’s call me Jesse.”

“Jesse, that’s hot.” It was the best Justin could fake. If this temptress used ‘Desire’ as her pseudonym, then Justin decided to call himself ‘Pleasure’. Justin offered Desire a cocktail. As they sipped their drinks at one of the banquettes on the outside deck overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Desire began her seduction routine by stroking Justin’s leg. The astute student of Manhattan sex practices, ‘Jesse’ decided to speed up the process. He whispered in her ear. “Finish your drink and follow me to my home.” Without hesitation, Desire gulped her cocktail and followed Justin out of the restaurant. In their respective cars, the couple drove to Justin’s home. There, Domenico greeted the couple.

“Domenico, bring a bottle of champagne to my bedroom in about an hour.” Domenico smiled at Justin, the smile of one brother to another. Once Justin led Desire to his bedroom, he wasted no time. Justin provided the pleasure Desire sought. As they lay spent upon Justin’s California King Size bed, Domenico entered the bedroom with the champagne and a bowl of strawberries and kiwis.

“Gracias’ Domenico.”

“De nada, Seńor.” As Domenico exited the bedroom, Justin poured the champagne, fed Desire the tasty morsels and proceeded to shag the young wench again. Near 3AM, when Desire figured out that she was wasting her time on this millionaire fake, she gathered her clothes, offered an excuse and left the house. Justin was relieved. He satisfied his lustful pleasures and rid himself of the redheaded gold digger. Sleep came upon him quickly as the moon shined brightly upon the California coastline.

Many days later, Arthur Jaffe, Justin’s father’s lawyer, visited Justin at his home. As Mr. Jaffe entered the home, he noticed that Justin had removed the seven-foot portrait of his client from the foyer of the beachfront estate and replaced it with a Pollock reproduction. Domenico led Mr. Jaffe to the library.

As Mr. Jaffe entered the library, Justin rose and greeted him.“Mr. Jaffe, welcome to Bon Plaisir.”

“You’ve changed the name of your father’s home.”, Mr. Jaffe commented with some annoyance.

“No, I’ve given my home a new name.” A silence fell upon the room. “What can I help you with?”

“I have some papers that I need you to review and sign.” Mr. Jaffe retrieved the documents from his briefcase and lay them upon Justin’s glass-top table. “If you have the time, we can review them now.”

“That sounds good. I have the time. Let’s get this done.”, Justin replied.

Approximately an hour later, Mr. Jaffe announced, “All done. It took a little longer than I suspected but we are finished. I’ll file these documents with the appropriate authorities. I was able to make the initial disbursement of $5,000,000 without too many hurdles. Now, I can make a second disbursement to you, about $20,000,000. Next, we have to resolve the Federal and California, but that is for another day.” As Mr. Jaffe exited the library, he handed a DVD case to Justin. “Your father was a good friend. He wanted me to give you this DVD. He recorded a message for you.”

“Keep it. I could care less.”, replied Justin.

“Justin, take the DVD. There’s a lot that you don’t know.” As Justin took the DVD from Mr. Jaffe, with his eyes he seemed to ask what the DVD has to say. “I don’t know what’s on the DVD. He produced it without my knowledge or authorization. I hope he didn’t do anything to screw up his estate.” Justin placed the DVD on his desk and walked Mr. Jaffe out of the library and his home.

Justin enjoyed a quiet, sumptuous dinner at his home. Domenico poured Justin an after-dinner aperitif. Justin walked towards the wrap-around balcony of his home, admiring the burnt sienna and violet tint of the sky as the sun made its march across the western skies. As he paced the balcony, he entered the library and sat at his desk. He stared at the DVD that Mr. Jaffe gave him. Justin thought to himself, “Should I? Shouldn’t I?” His emotions lay raw. He hated his father for so long, but for what good he could not answer. He opened the DVD carousel and placed the disk in the DVD played in the library’s entertainment system. The 72” screen at the wall opposite his desk began to flicker with lights. Justin rose from his desk and sat at the leather couch in front of the TV screen.

Suddenly, a man in his mid-50s appeared on the screen. Justin assumed this man was his father. Justin resembled the man in many ways.

“Justin, this is your father. About a year ago, doctors diagnosed me with leukemia. I’ve undergone treatments, to no avail. I’ve decided to forego any further treatment and live as peacefully and enjoyably as possible.” The man on the screen began to cry. “I reached out to your mother for permission to contact you. That vicious bitch, knowing that I’m dying, still would not consent. Even though you are an adult, the terms of our divorce contained a proviso that continued beyond your childhood. I regret that decision.” Justin’s father paused for a moment to wipe his tears and collect himself. “I had an affair. He was a friend. Your mother found out. She could not accept that her husband preferred men. She tore you away from me, escaped clear across the country, and forced me to forego any contact with you. Given my government employment and the security issues involved, I acquiesced. When you were fifteen and wrote to me, I wanted to respond but I knew that I would forfeit my entire estate to her if I did. My goal was to pass my estate to you. I couldn’t let your mother get her hands on my estate. You would see none of it. You know your mother.”

Justin paused the DVD. He sat there in disgust. He thought to himself, “How did these two miscreants create me? Why did they create me?”

Justin continued to watch the DVD. “When your mother refused my request to contact you, even though I was dying, I vowed to do everything possible so that you could understand your father.” Without warning, flashes of light in rapid continuous succession emitted from the TV screen. Each flash of light increased its intensity. Each flash of light was also accompanied by a deafening sound wave. Justin reclined in the couch, staring at the screen, frozen, immobile, dumbfounded. The video continued for the three hours. Justin sat there, mesmerized by the images and sounds – the commands and orders.

As the sun peaked above the horizon, the harsh rays blinded the sleeping Justin. As he woke, he massaged his neck, the muscles tense from sleeping on the couch. As he strode out of the library and entered his bedroom, Domenico followed Justin and asked, “Senor Dante, you fall asleep in the library. The staff no want to disturb you.”

“That’s okay, Nico.” As Justin spoke the word ‘Nico’, Domenico began speaking differently to Justin, with no Spanish accent.

“Sir, let me work on those sore muscles.” Nico took Justin by the hand and led him to the master bathroom, which further led to the sauna. In the sauna, Nico disrobed Justin and bid him to lay upon the towels strewn about the wooden benches. As Nico massaged Justin’s lower back, Nico began to fondle Justin’s buttocks. Justin turned around and reclined on his back. Nico quickly swallowed Justin’s now-throbbing 8” cock. Justin loved the touch of Nico’s hands and tongue. He knew that his father likewise enjoyed Nico’s expert cock sucking. His father would be proud that Justin too enjoyed his father’s most loyal employee. After many minutes of lick and suck, Justin blew his load down Nico’s welcoming throat. As they exited the sauna, Nico led Justin to the shower where he lathered and bathed his master. After the shower, Nico towel-dried Justin and led him to the bedroom.

“Master Justin, please get dressed. The staff would like to speak to you.”

“Very good. I can speak to them during breakfast.”

“As you wish.” Nico exited the bedroom and left Justin to dress. As he stared out upon the Malibu coastline, the sun beaming and dancing upon the ocean waves, Justin decided that he would go for a swim. He found a pair of white tie-in-the-front speedos, a light cotton shirt and a pair of sandals. He dressed and walked towards the breakfast nook in the kitchen. There, Nico assembled the staff.

“Gentlemen, you need to speak to me.”

“Mister Justin, we don’t know how to say dis, but, we no get pay for a month.”, said Fernando.

Justin was horrified. Mr. Jaffe informed him that the accountant for his father’s business concerns had continued to meet the employee obligations. Apparently, he had not. “Wait here.” Justin hurried to the library, unlocked his private compartment, and procured his checking account. He returned to the breakfast nook and said, “Now, tell me your name and I will write out a check.”

“Fernando Gomez.”

As Justin wrote the check and handed it, he said, “Nando.” Suddenly, Nando’s facial expression changed. His eyes were glazed, his mien, dumbfounded. “And, you are …”

“Leonardo Gonzalez”

As with Nando, Justin said, “Leo”. Like Nando, he too fell into a trance-like state. “And you must be … “

“Sergio Suarez”

Justin completed his check and handed Sergio’s check saying, “Yuri.” Yuri too fell under trance.

“From this day on, I am your master. You will serve me and obey each command I give you. Do you understand?”

The men answered, “Yes, Master Justin.”

“Now, when I count to three, you will awake. You will obey me and only me. 1-2-3.” As the boys left their trance, Justin continued, “Boys, we deserve a day of fun. Today we are all going to the beach and spending the day doing nothing. It is my way of apologizing for this error.”

Nando said, “Master Justin, you are too good.” The rest of the staff replied in same, their former Spanish accents, like Nico, a thing of the past. For the first time, Justin noticed that none of the staff bore any physical characteristics of Central or South American immigrant. In fact, these studs bore more resemblance to the surfer dudes that graced the Malibu beaches.

“Leo, call one of the local restaurants and order lunch for delivery. Now, get out of those work clothes and put on some beach gear.” The staff happily complied. Within fifteen minutes, the boys gathered upon the wrap-around deck of the estate waiting for Master Justin. As Justin approached, he said, “Boys, life is too short. Pleasure be your guide.” With that, the boys and Justin walked down the steps towards the beach. As they strolled towards the water’s edge, Justin turned back to view his estate from the beach. For the first time, he noticed a cave at the cliff’s edge. Suddenly, his mind filled with memories of revelry and ecstasy in the cave. Today, Justin decided he would create new memories.

As the hours passed, the boys began to feel hungry. As if on cue, the wait staff from the restaurant walked down the steps and arranged a table for the boys to enjoy lunch. As the delivery persons completed their duties, Justin handed one of the deliver persons $200. “For your efforts.” After they exchange thanks, Justin called everyone to table for lunch.

After lunch, Nico said, “I’m going for a swim.”

Nando answered, “You can’t go in the water for an hour after a meal. Don’t you know anything?”

Leo shook his head and said, “That’s old-fashioned bull shit. We’re just going to sit here for an hour?”

Justin answered Leo, “No. We’re going in the cave for an hour. To keep cool from this midday sun.” As Justin walked towards the cave, the boys followed. At the entrance of the cave, there was a light switch. Justin turned on the lights to find a finished cave: tiled floors, sconce-style lighting, a wrap-around couch of sorts, the size of which could accommodate at least ten people. Justin did not have to say much once the boys entered the cave. Autonomically, they began to remove their beach gear and sprawl about the couches. Nando and Nico lied down on the couch ready to suck each other’s cocks. Justin sat down on the couch, as Yuri and Leo knelt before him and began to lick Justin’s balls and suck his cock. The partners of this orgy rotated for the next thirty minutes. Each servant suckled another servant, and all the servants pleasured their master. Justin rose from the couch and said, “Boys, kneel on the couch.” As the boys kneeled, Justin shoved his rock hard cock into the tight little boy boxes of each servant. By the time he reached the last servant, Justin was ready to cum. He lay on the couch and exploded, jizz flying all over the place. The boys stroked their cocks until they shot their loads upon their chests.

Justin exited the cave, naked as a jaybird. He rushed towards the water’s edge and dove into the cool, pleasing waters of the Pacific. The boys donned their beach gear first. Nico carried Justin’s speedo. When he approached Justin, Nico said, “Master Justin, no nude bathing.”

“Fuck that. It’s my property. I want to feel the ocean on my cock. Boys, I want you naked too. You’ll love it.” The boys complied as their Master ordered. “It’s almost 4pm. Beach rules cut out at 5. We’ll be in the water the whole time. No one will notice. There’s hardly anyone on the beach today anyway.” For the rest of the afternoon, Justin and his boys frolicked about the Pacific Ocean. They swam, they drifted, they lollygagged. The boys could not remember having such a glorious day, at the hands of their benevolent Master.

At the end of the day, the boys and Justin returned to the house. Once they reached the entrance, Justin announced, “Boys, tonight we party. Make sure to get dressed for nightclubbing. After dinner, it’s dancing and action.” Justin watched his boys and then said, “And, if you don’t have the wardrobe, you pick anything you want from mine. We’re practically the same size.” This was true. Anyone watching the boys and Justin at the beach today would have assumed that some photographer planned a photo shoot for these models. Simply put, Justin and the boys were studs: beautifully defined shoulders, arms and chests, unbelievable sculpted physiques, delectable eight pack abs, a defined torso, that delectable V-formation, unbelievable cocks, and defined legs. These men, Justin included, were sexy and desirable.

The following morning, Nico entered Justin’s bedroom to wake him for the coming day. As Nico prepared Justin’s clothes for the day, he asked Justin, “Sir, have you made any decisions for the soiree?”

“I have. In two weeks, we will host our first Paradise Party. I intend to keep the name my father advertised. Why mess with success?”

“The staff will be pleased. They usually bartend those weekend parties and … participate, as do I.”

“Nico, help me screen the applications.”

Nico was surprised at the request. “Sir, your father never asked for assistance.”

“I am not my father. I want your input.” Justin drew closer to Nico and began to stroke his cock. “I need your input.” Justin kissed Nico, all the while continuing to stroke Nico’s now throbbing member. Justin took Nico by the hand and led him to the shower. There Justin and Nico undressed and entered the shower. They lathered each other and stroked each other’s engorging cocks. Justin turned and said, “I need your input.” Nico rammed his 9” rock hard cock into Justin’s inviting tight little hole. The bathroom echoed with the sounds of raw desire and pleasure. The soapy residue lubricated cock and ass for a pleasurable experience. Justin stroked his cock, keeping beat with Nico. Suddenly, Nico began to scream, jizz flowing from his cock all about the shower floor. Justin, too, blew his load on the shower floor. The two rinsed and exited the shower, toweled themselves dry and dressed for the new day.

In the library, Justin began to review the website. He logged on as administrator and began to read the email applications for the weekend party. The website dismissed the female applicants; none would attend his parties. The application process for the males required a photograph of the applicant in beach attire, the skimpier the better. As Justin began to review the applications, he found a name that he recognized, Charles Dawson. When Justin reviewed the application and the photograph, his suspicion was confirmed. Charles Dawson was his fraternity brother. At 32 years of age, Charles was now living on the West Coast, managing a hedge fund. Justin reviewed the application, especially the photograph. Charles had played lacrosse in college. At 32, he had maintained his college physique. The photograph displayed the sculpted body of an athlete. As Nico entered the library to offer Justin an early afternoon cocktail, he saw the photograph of Charles on the computer screen. “He’s hot.” Nico remarked.

“I went to college with him. Fraternity brother.” Justin answered. “He’s on the yes pile.”

“Good. Do you have any others for the yes pile?” Justin displayed the first of two photographs on the computer screen. “Oh, yes. He’s definitely invited.” When Justin displayed the second, Nico gasped. “I know him. Yeah, he’s definitely invited.”

“This time, let’s choose only three. That makes an even eight. Nice round number. Now leave me alone for the next couple of hours. I have to prepare the reply emails.” As Nico exited the library, Justin began work on the attachments to the reply emails for his unsuspecting guests.

On June 4, the first weekend after the full moon, Justin awaited his guests. Justin had informed them to arrive on Friday evening by 6:00pm. The guests arrived to the estate. The staff greeted the guests and escorted them to the guest bedrooms scattered in the house. At 6:30pm, the guests gathered on the balcony enjoying the late afternoon of a California June day. As Justin arrived, he greeted the group, “Welcome . I’m Justin Dante. This is my Malibu Paradise. You must be the first of our guests.” Justin approached each guest by nickname. “You must be Guy. It’s a pleasure to meet you. And you are Jay. Likewise a pleasure. And Chad, always good to see you.”

As Justin spoke each guest’s nickname, their demeanor changed. Their eyes became glassy, their expression, dazed and bewildered. The trigger embedded in their minds from the acceptance email worked perfectly. Justin’s guests were now entranced. “Boys, I want you to close your eyes and listen to my voice. You like the sound of my voice. You want to obey my voice. While you are here, you will obey every directive I give you. You are to obey your desire for pleasure. Obedience will give you pleasure. Do you understand?” The boys answered yes. “Who are you going to obey?”


“Good. Now, when you open your eyes, you will wake and act naturally. You will obey every command as if it were natural for you to do so. Now, open your eyes.” When the boys opened their eyes, Justin continued his instructions. “Now, California in June means sunshine until 9pm. Go change into the swim gear provided to you in your rooms and come back to the pool.” In no time, the boys went to their rooms and change into the tightest fluorescent lime green speedos imaginable. The staff likewise joined the guests on the balcony ready to enjoy the evening poolside bacchanal.

Once the guests and staff reached the pool, everyone dove in to cool off and enjoy the lukewarm waters of the cascading waterfall pool. Meanwhile, the guests and staff enjoyed cocktails spiked with a special chemical agent which enhances sexual performance and stamina. His guests and staff would need all their strength. As Guy, Jay and Chad exited the pool, Justin said to them, “Walk towards that oversized chaise lounge. Lie down in a triangle and position yourselves so that you can suck each other’s cock.” Guy, Jay and Chad followed Justin’s command. They positioned themselves so that each guest could suck another guest’s cock. In a suck-fest triangle, Guy, Jay and Chad licked, tickled and sucked. Justin walked over towards the chaise lounge and watched his guests enjoy themselves. These sexy beasts have never enjoyed the pleasure of another man, and yet, they practiced the art like seasoned practitioners. Justin intended his guests to savor the experience for the weekend only, but he was reconsidering his original intention. All of his guests were hot studs – physiques to die for, cute buts, nice cocks, jingly balls. Justin rubbed his cock as he leered upon his guests. Justin collected his composure and said, “Boys, lie on the lounge and stroked your cocks. When you’re ready, come. You’ll feel refreshed.” The boys lay on the oversized chaise lounge. They stroked and stoked until they each shot their creamy loads upon their chests, wiping their cum all over their naked bodies.

Justin snapped his fingers. As on cue, Nando, Leo and Yuri approached Chad, Guy and Jay, and offered the boys a beverage, a special concoction that Justin’s father invented. As the guests enjoyed their drinks, Nando, Leo and Yuri picked their partners for the evening.

Nando, cocoa-complexion, smoking hot body, took Chad by the hand and led him to the hot tub. Nando began to suckle upon Chad’s delectable nipples. Nando then forced Chad’s mouth upon his cock and face fucked his partner. Nando, the young stud, grew harder and harder with each mouth stroke. Nando then placed Chad near the wall of the hot tub and rammed his rock hard cock into Chad’s tight little hole, the bubbling, warm waters gliding Nando’s cock easily. Chad rocked back and forth as Nando pushed and shoved. Within minutes, Nando shot his load, jizz spilling from the crack of Chad’s buttocks.

Leo and Jay remained on the chaise lounge. Jay lusted for the surfer dude, long-blonde haired beauty of Leo. He stroked Leo’s cock as they lay on the lounge, and then swirled his tongue upon Leo’s growing, hardening cock. Leo could not wait for Jay’s warm mouth. He grabbed Jay’s chin and forced his cock into Jay’s mouth. The warm feel of Jay sucking on Leo’s cock hardened him further, the thick veins popping along the contour of his shaft. Leo removed his cock from Jay’s mouth, pushed him upon the lounge, and shoved his beer bottle cock into Jay’s virgin hole. Jay moaned with pleasure as Leo thrust and parry with the speed of a sprinter. In moments, Leo pulled his cock out of Jay’s ass and discharged his creamy goo all about Jay’s ass.

As for Guy, Yuri led Guy to a secluded garden on the east side of the home. There, Yuri pushed Guy to his knees and forced his cock into Guy’s mouth. Guy could not handle Yuri’s monster cock. He tried to maneuver Yuri’s 10” by stroking and licking, but Yuri would have none of it. “Suck my cock. Now breathe, with my cock in your throat.” Guy breathed through his nose and stopped gagging. Guy sucked Yuri until his cock was stiff and unbendable. Yuri then guided Guy to a marble bench. There, as Guy bent over the bench, Yuri plowed Guy’s ass with his hardened, bottle-like cock. Guy screamed in pleasure. He could not imagine that he would feel this good with Yuri’s monster tickling his rosebud. It took little time for Yuri to spray his cum about Guy’s lily white ass.

Justin’s boys led the guests to their rooms. There, they showered together and experienced a different level of intimacy. They dressed for dinner and reassembled in the dining room. Justin had arranged for a sumptuous five course meal for guests and staff alike. At the conclusion of the meal, Justin stood and raised his glass. “Friends, let pleasure be your guide. Good night.” The guests returned to their rooms, hand in hand with their partners.

Nico remained at table with Justin. “Good first night.” Nico rose from his seat, approached the standing Justin and kissed him passionately. Nico led Justin by the hand to the master bedroom. As Nico began to disrobe his Master, Justin said to him, “Tonight, we lie as equals. I want you.” Justin kissed Nico.

Justin Dante’s Paradise was not fiction. It was real.

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