Enchanted - The Webcam Tease

By mw-scot
published June 1, 2015

A straight web cam tease receives a special gift from a viewer

Enchanted – The Webcam Tease

Stupid Fags, I thought as I flexed my arm in front of the cam, and gave them one of my sweet pearly white smiles before logging out for the morning.

Show them a bit skin, especially that of somebody like me who could pass as a Abercrombie & Fitch model, and the tips come rolling in. Knock one out of my 8" pussy rammer, and all they go on about is how hot I am, and tip me even more.

I’d quite happily see the dirty perverts flogged, but hey, it’s the 21st century so I just milk them for their cash via this webcam tipping site. Getting a couple hundred cash per show is a good motivator, and some of the gifts I receive via the sites “mail a model” program have been pretty good. There must be some lonely idiots to think sending expensive gifts to some dude they’ve seen on the internet is somehow going to improve their chances, but I’m not going to turn down anything free.

Off course, there are far more idiots who keep sending me faggy clothing.

I mean, do they really think a straight guy like me will wear anything that makes me look like a fag? I mean what kind of straight guy would wear bright coloured underwear that screams fuck my butt?

Oh, there’s today’s post, as I hear the letterbox rattle shut.

Speaking of gullible fools, I wonder what’s in the parcel from the cam company, tearing it open to reveal yet more faggy shit. A fucking dildo? Do these fags never take no for an answer?

And what’s this, another jock strap? This one actually looks pretty cool, and somebody has actually listened, as this ones black with “Str8Boy” and “Love’s the Ladies” written in white around it. I might actually wear it for my next show, as I’m sure the fags will go wild to actually see me in a jock. Oh, there’s a matching tank top as well. Could be a winning combo on the tips front, if I do wear them.

May as well go grab a shower, and do another show. I’ve got nothing else planned for today, so lets see how many more fools I can milk money out of today, throwing the dildo in the bin before grabbing the jock and tank, and heading for a shower.

Standing soaking under the hot shower, my mind wanders to the thought of what bit pussy I might pick up tonight, my cock plumping up at the thought. I’d been doing well lately, nailing a hottie most nights I’d gone out lately. In case you’re wondering, I’m one horny guy, who can quite easily get off several times a day. I’m more than capable of doing a couple cam shows during the day, then fucking some pussy senseless later.

Switching the shower off, I grab a towel and dry myself off before grabbing the jock strap and slipping it on. Having never considered trying a jock before, it actually feels pretty good, although I’m not sure about having my ass hanging out, but at least the logo will let those fags know I’m straight. I pick up the tank and pull it on, but it’s definitely a bit on the faggy tight size. I do like wearing the occasional tight t-shirt, as it shows of my slim build nicely, but this tank is a bit too tight. Despite the black colour, my six pack is blatantly obvious. If it wasn’t for the Str8Boy Love The Ladies logos, people would think I was a fag, but provided the tips come rolling in, I’ll tolerate wearing it for a show or two.

Just as I finish checking myself in the mirror, I notice it’s almost like the tank top’s got some very subtly coloured writing under the logos, but I can’t quite make out what it’s saying. I’ll take a closer look later, but I better go find something to cover this jock, so I can tease viewers and hopefully milk more money out them.

Rummaging through my clothes, a pair of tight jeans I wouldn’t normally wear catch my eye. Pulling them up, I notice the waistband on the jock has a similar subtle writing to the tank, but it’s that subtle I can’t make out what it says. Shrugging my shoulders, I button up the jeans, and notice the feeling of the denim on my bare ass cheeks is actually pretty nice.

Checking to see how I’ll look on cam, I bend over a bit and notice the jeans slip low enough to expose a bit skin below the jock waistband. This will surely be a tip winning combination.

“Show time” I say, sitting on my bed, logging in for another show.

As soon as the first viewers join, they start going wild about how hot I look in my tank, and the tips start quite literally rolling in.

“Hot man”, “Sexy”, “Shame you’re str8” are just some of the comments.

I’m thinking why did I not try this sooner, given I’ve already made more in tips than I made in my entire earlier show. Just goes to show these fags really do have more money than sense. I wonder what they’ll do once they discover I’ve also got a jock on?

I lay back and tease them by rubbing my hand over the tank which highlights my six pack nicely for the cam, before rolling over to show my ass. I lay rubbing my ass cheeks, while reading some comments.

“Perfection”, “Love the tight jeans”, “You have one hot ass”, “wish I could tap that”

They’re all about how hot my ass looks, and the fags are babbling on about how they’d love to fuck me. Provided that tip counter keeps on rolling up, I’m not going to shatter any dreams, as I know a computer screen is as close as any fag will ever get to my ass.

I slowly raise my ass and let my jeans slide down enough to reveal just a little bit flesh below the jock waistband. The comments coming in go into overdrive.

“Love the Jock!”, “Get the jeans off”, “I thought this str8 guy didn’t do jocks?”

I’m not going to complain, as the tip counter is rolling up. I’m not sure why, but I start getting aroused, and I’m not even thinking about pussy.

While checking to see how I look on the cam, I notice the waistband doesn’t look as black as it did earlier, but I shrug it of as how the cam is picking the colour up. I continue pulling the jeans down, revealing my naked ass, which feels bizarrely good now it’s exposed.

“Fuck yeah”, “Check out that cute butt”

Kicking the jeans fully off, I roll back over and look down to my growing bulge, before checking the screen. One comment from a viewer named “EnchantedJock” catches my attention, “Nice to see you received my gifts, looking forward to when you get to trying the third part ;)”.

“Third part?” I think out loud. The only other thing that came with the clothes was that dildo. Perhaps something else is still to come.

I start stroking my cock through the jock, but while looking down, I notice the top has definetly faded, along with the jock waistband. It’s as though the black is fading to a reddish colour, with the ‘Str8’ and the ‘Ladies’ parts of the logo are turning a pinkish colour, with some other writing becoming almost visible. It seems a bit strange, but given how quick the tips are rolling in, I’ll worry about it later.

I notice EnchantedJock has typed another strange comment, “He should notice shortly”, to which a few other viewers type seem to get excited, with comments like, “Can’t wait for it”, “I wonder how he’ll take it?”, and “Do you think he’ll be a pillow biter?”

What the fuck are these weirdos on about? I think, while rubbing my ever growing bulge through the jock, and running my other hand over the tank and giving my nipples a little tweak for the camera.

I figure it’s time to show a little bit more flesh, so I go to pull the tank up, but it’s like it’s glued on.

“What the fuck?” I panic. That can’t be right. I try grabbing the cloth again, but I can’t. It’s almost like I’m trying to pull of my actual skin, but it still feels like cloth. I look down. The top has faded even more. The waistband of the jock strap is the same, with the pouch also fading, but with a blue hue to it.

“What the fuck?” I try grabbing the jock to get it off, but I can’t.

I glance at the screen, “He’s noticed!”, “Check out the look of panic!!!”, “This is going to be hot!”, and many more messages along the same lines.

“What the fuck is happening?” I need to turn the cam off, but I can’t help but rub my hands over the fabric. I notice the more I rub, the more the colour seems to fade, and the more sensual it feels.

I grab my cock through the pouch.

“Mmmm” I involuntarily moan, becoming breathless at the erotic feeling surging from my cock.

In the haze of erotic feelings, I glance at the screen, “How long until he caves and grabs the dildo?”

“There’s no way I’m going anywhere near a dildo!” I say raggedly as I struggle to breath in between the waves of pleasure radiating not only from stroking my cock through the jock, but running my hand over my chest.

“Just give it a few minutes :-)”, “he’s fighting it!!!!!!”, “He’s going to make one hot bottom”, the comments roll past.

“Bottom?” I say, the term some how resonating in my mind, “What the fuck are these clothes doing to me?” I look down at them. The black is now more a pinky grey colour, with the jock strap pouch an almost see through blue grey colour stretched obscenely around my hard cock. I also notice the Str8 and Ladies are being replaced with different writing. I can’t quite make it out, but it’s like it S is covering a G. My mind focuses back on the pleasure, before looking back at the screen.

“I look hot”, looking at my own video on the monitor. Lying spread on my back, I move my legs apart and let my hand access between my legs.

EnchantedJock has commented again, “Not long now boys!”

What does he mean not long now? I wonder, as my fingers brush over my anus.

“FUCK!” I moan at the sudden surge of pleasure, feeling my toes curl and eyes lids clamp shut in response. “Oh God”, I pant, as my other hand grabs my breast. This feels so fucking good. But it shouldn’t. I try to stop, but the feelings from my anus are just so overwhelming.

In my state of eroticism, I’m oblivious to the comments rolling past on the screen, “Look at the ‘Str8Boy’ tease now!?!?!”, “Stick a finger in!”, “DILDO! DILDO! DILDO!”

I glance down at the top, and realize it’s now more baby pink than grey. The Str8 and Ladies have nearly completely changed to the same pink colour, and being replace with other writing. I struggle to focus, but is that Gay and Cock? My mind must be playing tricks on me. How can clothes magically change colour and logo?

I happen to look at the screen, “It’s because they’ve had a spell cast on them, that transforms the wearer” EnchantedJock has commented. It’s as though he knew exactly what was going through my mind.

Another wave of pleasure from stroking my anus distracts me again. I’m not some fag, but it feels so good. I wonder what happens if, “FUCK ME!” I gasp as I slip a finger in. That feels so fucking good. I happen to notice precum seeping through the now almost blue pouch, which I scoop up with a finger and lick off before I even realise what I’d just done.

“Who’s the fag now!”, “Look at the Str8Boy fingering himself and gobbling up his precum!!!”, “That’s what you get for teasing us!”

Why the fuck, “aaghhh” have I, “oh god”, just stuck a, “mmmm” finger in. “Feels good!”

My eyelids float closed at the intense feelings flowing through me, and I grab a breast at the surge of sensual feelings flowing from the feeling of fingering myself. I’m also savouring the taste of my pre-cum, and realise I want more. I scoop up what I can from the damp spot of the jock, and lick it of my fingers without opening my eyes. Perhaps this is just a bad dream and I’ll wake up soon.

“Slip another finger in gayboi”, “Hot!”, “How long till the dildo?”

I slip another finger in, and am met with another wave of pleasure. Why am I doing this? It’s got to be a dream. I finally look over at the screen.

“It’s not a dream, but you’ll dream about it soon enough” EnchantedJock has commented, in amongst all the other weird comments. I’m not going to use a dildo. Why would a straight guy like me use a dildo?

“Because it’s the only way you’re going to get release now” is the reply.

This guy is seriously loopy. Get release? What release? I happen to look down at my cock. I’m sure it looks smaller. I grab it. It is smaller. My fingers used to struggle to wrap around it’s beer can width, but now my fingers and thumb now meet. Perhaps it’s just the jock squeezing it too much or something. My mind seems unable to process that realisation and wanders back to the pleasure coming from my ass. I slip a third finger in, and again my eyes shut at the wave of pleasure and my head rolls to the side.

“HaHa! Stupid Str8Boy!”, “He thinks he’s still str8”, “I so want a piece of that ass”

I feel the pre-cum oozing out again, and immediately scoop and lick it up. I’m sure my cock is shorter as well. It used to be a good eight inches long, but now it feels nearer seven. My eyes flick open at the thought my eight inch pussy rammer has shrunk. I look down and the bulge in the jock is definitely smaller. I also notice the pouch is a pale blue colour, and the waistband pink. The writing still isn’t that clear. It must be the colour making my cock look smaller, I try to reason before glancing at the screen.

EnchantedJock has commented again, “The longer it takes, the smaller it becomes”

What is he on about? Longer what takes?

“Until you get a real cock in your ass” is the reply.

“I’M NOT A FAG” I scream at the screen. But then I realise I’m still fingering myself, and the pleasure is good. I happen to look around and notice the dildo lying there. Where did that come from? I’m sure I threw that in the bin. But it now looks appealing. I pick it up out of curiousity, and slide it up and down my chest. It must be a good nine inch long and two across. It’s certainly bigger than my cock.

“He’s going for it!!!”, “Suck it!”, “Here we go, do you think he’ll deepthroat it?”

I lift it nearer my face to get a closer look. It’s got a GayBoy Love the Cock logo, with the ‘Boy Love the’ in a similar style to the jock strap and tank top. The penny drops. This is the third part of the set. What the fuck! It’s turning me into a fag. How do I stop this?

“You can’t. PS you lose about an inch an hour ;)” EnchantedJock comments right on queue.

Lose what? My head struggles to process the thought. But I’m back looking at the dildo. I wonder what it feels like in my mouth? The thought seems a bit strange, but my intrigue quickly overcomes that thought, and I start licking the tip. It actually feels like licking skin, which is strange considering it’s meant to be rubber. I gradually feed the head into my mouth. I’d like to say it feels bad, but I’m feeling turned on.

“Check out the cocksucker!”, “He’s transforming nicely”, “DEEPTHROAT IT!”

I panic as I realise I can’t help but keep sucking on the dildo like some fag. But I can’t stop. I feel compelled to keep going. I keep working it in and out, working a bit more in each time, until I felt the fake balls slam against my chin. I felt proud of that achievement, but I’m not a fag. I should not be doing this. I continued to slide the dildo in and out my mouth and throat, while still fingering my hole. It felt strangely nice sliding the dildo all the way in and out again.

“Like a pro!”, “Wish that was my cock”, “Wonder if he still thinks he’s str8?!?!”

I pulled the dildo out my mouth, feeling a bit deflated at now having nothing to suck. I glanced at my video on the screen, and realised how much of a fag I must of looked like. Fingering myself and deepthroating a fucking dildo! When will this end I thought?

“Once you get the real deal”, EnchantedJock commented.

Real deal? I’m not getting fucked by a real cock!

“Well remember, an inch an hour, and you’ve had them on for an hour”

What the fuck was he on about. I moved the dildo down and started to rub it against my cock through the jock. My cock was noticeably shorter, it was now down to about seven inch. I suddenly realised. He was on about my cock getting smaller! Fuck no! A wave of panic came over me.

“I think he’s just realised :)”, “How long do you think it’ll take him to get a real cock?”

This can’t be happening. I’ve got to make it stop, but I was distracted by the continuing pleasure coming from fingering my hole. A realisation that I was getting more pleasure from my hole than my cock came over me. This could not be happening. I was turning into a fag. But it felt so hot.

“Fuck yourself with the dildo!”, “Fuck that cute ass”, “Check out that boy pussy!”

I let the dildo move down between my legs, and slid it across my perineum. It felt strangely good feeling the dildo slide across that area. I removed my fingers from my hole, and repositioned the dildo so I could slide it across my hole and between my legs. It felt good. And my hole felt strangely empty now. A chill ran through me at that thought.

“Here we go!”, “Shove it in!!!!”, “Check the pussy quivering at the thought of getting his hole filled”

I angled the dildo so the tip just caught my hole as it slid. It felt good, and my hole felt empty. I angled the dildo a bit more and pushed. “MMMHHHH” I moaned at the feeling of my hole clamping around the head of the dildo.

“Oh yeah!”, “he looks like he’s enjoying that”, “bet he’ll enjoy the real deal more”

Only fags do this, I thought as I eased the dildo in further. It felt so good, I just wanted more. I couldn’t help but moan as I pushed the dildo in further. I gradually worked the dildo all the way in. Once I felt the fake balls rest against my ass cheeks, I felt a strange sense of fulfilment.

“You’d think he’d done that before!”, “Natural bottom boi in the making”, “Wish that was my cock!!!”

I started to ease the dildo out and back in. A wave of pleasure surged through me every time, and increased the more I increased the stroke. I felt so turned on. I wanted to cum. I started to stroke my cock through the now pink and baby blue jock, but no matter how much I tried I just couldn’t cum. I spun over on to my front with my ass pointing up so I could fuck myself deeper with the dildo, in the hope I could get some release. “Why the fuck can’t I cum?” I said in desperation.

On prompt, EnchantedJock had left another comment, “You’ll need a real cock for that”

A real cock? No fucking way am I going to let some guy fuck me! I continued stroking, but my cock was definitely smaller. It must be down to nearer six inches now I looked at the timer on the screen. Had I really been streaming for nearly two hours? This can’t be happening. I kept sliding the dildo in and out as I couldn’t let the waves of pleasure stop.

“I wonder how he’s going to find a real cock?”, “I wonder how small he’ll get before he gets one?”

I can’t let my cock get any smaller, I thought feeling tears well up. What did I ever do to deserve this? I hate fags. How am I supposed to find some guy to fuck me? I knew there were phone apps that fags used to hookup, but I didn’t know what they were! I grabbed my phone with one hand in desperation, and started searching, while still pushing the dildo in and out with the other. I stumbled across some gay hook up site, and registered as quickly as I could. I uploaded a couple photos showing me face down ass up stuffing myself with the dildo. They looked hot.

“what site do you think he’s found?”, “I’m sure we’ll soon find out as those pics he’s taking are going to be smoking hot!”

In desperation I throw all caution aside, and add my address along with the status “Door open, in bedroom on right, need fucked now”. I knew I shouldn’t, but I couldn’t risk my cock shrinking anymore. Speaking of which, it’s under six inches now.

“Found it!”, “Anybody near?”, “Don’t think so”, “We’ll just have to wait and see who shows to fuck the ‘str8boy’”

I can’t help but contiune fucking myself with the dildo and stroking my cock through the jock in the hope it would somehow increase it in size, but I was sure I could feel it shrinking. If I didn’t get fucked soon, it would be useless for fucking anything. I could feel tears run down my cheeks at the thought of what my cock used to be, and the thought of it shrinking even further.

“What do you guys think, 5 inch?”, “maybe if he gets fucked soon”, “serves him right for teasing us for cash”

I glanced at the screen, and noticed how hot I looked face down ass up fucking myself with the dildo. I would so fuck that ass. Wait. Where did that thought come from? I noticed the timer was approaching three hours of streaming. Had I really been fucking myself on cam with dildo for over an hour? I so need to cum. I think I’d do anything to cum.

“Where’s the whore” I hear a voice shout from outside the room door.

Was that really what I was becoming? I thought as my bedroom door swung open, to reveal a reasonably well built middle aged guy.

“Looks like the pics were recent”, he grinned, and unzipped his trousers as he approached the bed.

I couldn’t believe this. It felt so surreal, but I was excited at the thought of what lay underneath those trousers. “Please fuck me” I whimpered.

“We’re on cam?” he said having noticed the computer screen with the cam feed showing.

“Fuck the str8 out the pussy!”, “Love seeing a cherry popped on cam”

“Yeah, I can’t turn it off”, I would of loved to, but I just couldn’t bring myself to.

“Now then, I’ve always wanted to fuck some slut on cam, but I can’t just go straight into fucking your pussy”, he said kicking of his shoes and stepping out of his trousers, “Got to put on a show and make you earn this cock”

“You don’t understand, I just need fucked” I pleaded.

“Look at the pussy begging for cock”, “Looks like the str8 boy is getting desperate for cock”

“You sound desperate for cock” as he peeled his shirt of to reveal a nice muscled body with a light coating of hair, and moved closer until he was stood right next to my bed.

I moved around so my face was level with his briefs. The musky aroma emanating from him smelt wonderful.

“I bet you always need something stuffed in that greedy hole of yours?” He said, taking the dildo out of my hand, and starting to gently slide it in and out.

“Please fuck me” was all I could whimper at the sensation, feeling the desire to be fucked increase.

“What you waiting on whore,” he said, “if you want fucked, you better get sucking”

I immediately yanked down his briefs, and felt his cock slap against my cheek as it sprung out. It must be a good seven inches and it doesn’t even look fully hard yet. I stroked it a couple times, before engulfing it with my mouth. It didn’t take long until I worked my way down, and felt his pubes against my nose and balls against my chin.

“Didn’t take him long!”, “Look at him deepthroat”, “This is the hottest show I’ve seen in ages”

He started ramming his cock in and out my mouth, while simultaneously ramming my pussy with the dildo. Wait, when did I start to think of my ass as a pussy? The thought was quickly replaced with one of, fuck it, it feels good, I don’t care what it’s called.

“Oh Yeah” the guy moaned, “Take it bitch”

All I could do was keep taking his cock, which must have been a good nine inches hard, all the way down my throat, as he placed a hand behind my head and started to face fuck me.

“Use the bitch”, “I want to ram my cock down that throat and fill his mouth with spunk!”

“You ready to be fucked?” he asked after what seemed like minutes, letting his cock slip out my mouth.

“Please” I pleaded looking up and feeling even more aroused at the sight of such a manly body stood towering above me.

“You are one desperate whore” he said, as he motioned for me to spin around and let him see my pussy.

“Just fuck me with your cock” I pleaded, as he continued to fuck my pussy with the dildo.

“In good time”, I felt him reach around and grab my cock through the jock, “no wonder you’re so desperate for a real man’s cock, that’s just a little fag boy cock you’ve got”

I felt humiliated. A few hours ago I was 100% straight, with an eight inch pussy rammer, but now here I was, ass up, desperate to be fucked by any cock, with a five inch cock that was still shrinking. Worse though, I was desperate to cum, and was getting even more turned on at the thought of being fucked.

“Check the slut desperate to be fucked”, “I wonder what’s going through his mind”, “I bet he can’t wait to get stuffed by as many cocks as possible”

I felt him finally pull the dildo out my pussy. It felt empty. I didn’t want my pussy empty. I should not want it filled, but it just felt so empty. I heard the front door open and close.

“I hear there’s a slut in here wanting fucked?” I heard another strange voice say.

“Oh yeah, he’s through here!” the first guy shouted out, as I felt him running his cock up and down my crack.

“Fill my pussy” I whimpered, moving my ass in the hope his cock would slip in, but he kept moving so it would just slide past.

“Is he any good?” the newly entered guy said as I heard him walk in.

“Sucks cock like a pro, and I’m about to find out if he takes it like a pro too”

“Threesome!”, “Check the new hotty!”, “I wouldn’t day no to any of them”

I looked around and felt myself go weak at the sight of the latest guy. He must have been late twenties, with an athletic build, and looked hot in his jeans and tight fitted t-shirt. When did I find guys hot? And why is my pussy still empty?

“You ready to be fucked?”

“YEAH!” I pleaded.

“But how about you take care of your new guest first,” He said as the second guy quickly unzipped his jeans, “and put on a good show for our viewers?”

“Always wanted to be a star on cam” the new guy said moving onto the bed and pulling out his quickly inflating cock. It wasn’t as big as the first guys, but it was still an impressive seven inches.

I quickly slipped it into my mouth, and felt myself getting aroused at the thought of sucking cock.

“Oh yeah, suck it slut” He said, as I worked my way up and down his cock, and I stared up at the hot hunk I was sucking.

“Two at once!”, “I bet the slut is loving all that cock”, “I wonder how many more will turn up to stuff his holes?”

“I think you should stuff his hole now” the hunk commented, just as I fully swallowed his cock down my throat.

“You’re probably right”, he said as I felt his cock sink into my pussy in one swift move, causing some pain, but my mouth was stuffed with cock and I couldn’t move anywhere so just had to bare it. On the plus side, my pussy no longer felt empty.

“definitely not str8 anymore!”, “I bet he’s hard at the thought of all that cock”

“Fuck his hole good” the hunk said, as I felt the cock in my pussy start to slide out, before being rammed back in. Each thrust sent a wave of pleasure through my body. I felt him reach around, slide his hand inside my jock, and give my cock a squeeze. Finally, I can get the clothes off I thought.

“Has your cock got smaller?” he commented, “it’s less than five inch and it’s rock hard”

“You don’t learn to suck cock, and take it up the arse like this slut, if you have a big cock.”

My humiliation increased, but at the same time I was so turned on. I was loving the feeling coming from having my pussy rammed, and I was loving sucking cock. In fact I was loving it so much, I could feel myself about to cum.

“cream him in both holes”, “HOT!”, “Fuck the bitch good”

“His hole feels amazing” as I felt him increase pace, “I can’t wait to fill him with cum”

I wasn’t even stroking my cock, but those comments were enough to send me over the edge, and fill my jock with cum. My body tensed with the orgasm, causing my pussy and throat to clamp onto their cocks, which was enough to push them over the edge. I felt a surge of warmth in my pussy, as the first guy unleashed a torrent of cum, followed by a feeling of cum flowing down my throat, as the hunk came.

“Suck it all out” the hunk said, as he withdrew his cock enough so I could taste the remainder of his cum as I sucked and licked it up. It actually tasted nice.

“what a show!!!!!”, “New slut open for use”, “Who’s the stupid fag now?!?!?”

“Cheers for the fuck” the first guy said as I felt his cock slide from my pussy, and he got dressed to leave.

I didn’t know what to say, he’d just used my like some piece of meet.

“That was one amazing BJ”, the hunk said tucking his cock back in and zipping up his jeans, “I’ll have to try that hole of yours next time”

I should feel humiliated, but for some reason I didn’t. I was actually getting turned on at the thought of what had just happened, and I could feel my now sub five inch cock getting hard in the sticky jockstrap again. I looked down at the tank, which was now baby pink and the logo clearly said “GayBoy Loves the Cock”. I checked the jock and it was now baby blue and pink, with the same logo around the waistband.

“definitely not str8 now”, “no more pussy ramming for him”

I wasn’t going to argue, my pussy was feeling empty. I stood the dildo up on the bed, before lowering my pussy onto it, and checking out the screen. There were lots of comments, but I’d made more in tips during this one show than I had in the past few months.

As I read through the comments, rocking on the dildo, I slipped my hand into the jock, and started stroking my four and a half inch cock, using my cum as lube, thinking about what had just happened.

“Any more visitors?” somebody asked.

“I hope so” as I heard the door open.

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