Training the Sergeant - Part 7

By lthrjock
published May 17, 2015

A police sergeant is turned into a fetishist

Davis was gasping as he pounded up the pavement at the end of his 8 mile run. Going on a run was not unusual for Davis – the length of the run and what he was wearing was. He had on a pair of black Underarmour compression shorts, a black and orange pair of Adidas trainers and a sleeveless orange and black compression vest. He had on nothing else except his iPod which was docked in a holder on his right bicep. Today’s run had been a good one, so he’d done 8 rather than 5 miles. It felt like he was floating along, so he had cranked the music up and ran around oblivious to the stares of the public who got an extremely good view of the bulge barely hidden by his shorts.

As he approached his house he saw someone stepping away from his doorstep. He pulled out his ear-buds. “Hey there – can I help you with something?”

The man turned and Davis recognised him, though he wasn’t totally sure from where. It was a 6ft” tall young black man – maybe in his late 20’s. He was wearing a tight pair of leather jeans, boots and a white wife-beater vest under a leather jacket. His hair was neatly trimmed and he was clean-shaven.

“Sure, dude. Damn, you are looking hot in your running gear.” The man looked Davis up and down, his gaze resting on Davis’ crotch. Instead of moving uncomfortably, Davis smiled and adjusted his cock with one hand, making the man smile with appreciation.

“Well, thanks – I’m sorry, I can’t remember your name.”

“Didn’t even look at my card, huh? Guess you had a good night.” Before Davis could ask him what he meant, he stepped forward and held out his hand “You can call me Jess.”

Davis shook his hand, noting the way Jess held it slightly longer than normal for releasing it.

“It’s good to meet you again, Jess. How can I help you today?”

Jess folded his arms and grinned. “It’s more how I can help you, dude. The Captain wants to see you.”

“The Captain? You mean Captain Spalding?”

Jess chuckled. “No, I mean THE Captain. He’s expecting you.” Jess walked to his cab which was parked about 20 yards away and opened the rear door. “You coming?”

Davis shook his head. “Without wanting to be rude, I don’t know you and I have better things to do.” Jess grinned to himself and walked back to Davis. He leant in close to him and said “The Doctor wishes to see you. Come with me now.” Davis immediately nodded and followed Jess to the taxi.

Jess chuckled quietly to himself – it always amazed him that the Doc was able to control people so well. Humming lightly, he drove off.

Davis sat in the back of the car staring blankly forwards. After a few minutes, he absent-mindedly put his ear-buds back in. His muscles were aching after his run and the combination of that and the music in his ears soon made him drift off to sleep.

Davis woke up as the taxi stopped. Jess looked back from the front seat. “We’re here. Have a good time, dude.” Davis stepped out of the car and found himself in front of an army surplus store called “Captain’s Cabin”. He looked around as Jess drove away and then stepped inside the building. The interior of the store was cool and dark and littered with the normal array of equipment he would expect to see. There were a few people browsing and he saw a couple of assistants – they were dressed identically in green t-shirts, camo trousers and boots and all had short military haircuts. For each of them, the hair around the side and back of their heads was shaved off, leaving a crown on hair on top of their heads shaped to continue the line of the head. Davis had to admit it looked good. He headed further in and across to the service counter.

The man behind the counter looked up as he approached. He had a shaved head and was dressed like the other shop assistants, except that his had a Captain’s insignia on the shoulders.

“Good afternoon, Sergeant. Glad to see you’re on time.”

Davis stopped, confused. He had a vague memory of this man, but could not for the life of him remember where he had seen him before.

“Umm..sorry….have we met?”

The Captain grinned widely “Yes, we have. But we’ll talk about that later. Time to get you kitted out.” He lifted a flap in the counter. “Come on back”

Davis headed through the counter and into the staff area. The area behind the scenes was larger than he expected and the Captain led him past several office and through a warehouse until they ended up in what seemed to be another shop. This shop was redolent with the smells of leather and Davis peered into several rooms full of leather wear before he was led into what looked like a changing room with a barbers chair.

“Get on the chair. I’ve got your measurements already, so we just need to give you a trim.”

Davis sat on the chair and one of his shop assistants came in and tilted the chair back. There were no mirrors in the room, so Davis couldn’t see what he was doing. The man started to trim away at Davis’ hair. He went to speak, but the Captain moved into his field of vision and put his finger on his lips “Shh!” Davis hated this, unable to see what was being done, only feeling the scissors shorting and trimming his hair, and then the buzz of the razor as it went around his head. When he was finished with his head, the young man lathered up Davis’ face and started to trim down his beard.

As he finished, The Captain came in with a massive handful of black leather and dumped it down beside Davis. “Sergeant, ATTENTION!”

Davis bounded out of the chair and stood to attention

“AT EASE. Get dressed. 10 minutes. GO!”

Davis jumped towards the clothing and stripped naked without hesitation. As he started to pull the clothing on, the Captain stepped out of the room to get his own gear. The clothing was similar to the leather uniform he had worn previously – but this time it was jet black and the tie was bright red. The leather was new, and thicker than before. As he shrugged it on, he could feel it heavy and tight against his skin. The smell and the sound aroused Davis beyond belief and he struggled to feed his cock down the left leg of his trousers. As he pulled the trousers up, he could see that they had quilted areas on the thighs and a panel of red leather around the crotch. The jacket also had quilted stitching across the shoulders and had lacing down each side for a tighter fit. Davis snugged it as tight as he could. The boots were thick leather and secured at the instep with laces. After 8 minutes, Davis was covered in leather from neck to foot. He spent some time pulling at the jacket to get the fit right. At the 10 minute mark, the door opened. The Captain walked in dressed like Davis.

“Good. Follow me.”

The Captain led Davis down a corridor into a room with a mirror. Davis could finally see himself. Legs clad in black shiny boots up to the knee, the leather trousers outlining his muscles in thick black leather, the bulge of his crotch made more prominent by the panel of red leather over the crotch. The red tie stood out against the black leather shirt and the thick jacket that he had belted tightly in place. His face looked totally different. His beard was gone – he was clean-shaven for the first time in 10 years. His hair was now sporting a high and tight like the shop assistants, the sides of his head shaved clean and the hair on top neatly sculpted. The sight made his cock go rock hard. The Captain handed him thin leather gloves and a peaked leather cap. Davis slipped them on and completed the uniform with a pair of mirrored sunglasses. The man looking back was a stranger – an aroused stranger who leant into the Captains hand as he fondled Davis’ ass and murmured his approval.

“What now, Sir?” said Davis

“Now you sleep, Sergeant.”

Davis jerked awake, the heavy beat of the music in the nightclub pounding in his head. He couldn’t have been asleep for long because his cigar was still smouldering in the ashtray in front of him. He picked the cigar up and put it between his teeth, inhaling the smoke deep into his lungs. He looked out at the packed nightclub, full of men wearing leather and rubber and felt his cock swelling inside his skin-tight trousers. He leaned back in the seat with a grin, enjoying the view.

As he watched, he saw The Captain shouldering his way through the crowd, a cigar clamped between his lips and a drink in each hand. He placed one in front of Davis and sat down beside him. Draping his arm around Davis’ shoulder, he leaned in close to whisper “Are you enjoying yourself?”

Davis nodded and as he was about to speak, a third man joined them. The newcomer was dressed like them – head to toe in leather. But he was a younger man, trim and fit rather than bulked with muscle. As he sat down, Davis recognised PC Fletcher.

“Fletcher, what are you doing here?”

Fletcher grinned. “Claiming my prize, Sarge.” Fletcher held out a thick studded leather collar with the word “SARGE” on the front in metal letters. Davis didn’t resist as Fletcher wrapped the collar tightly around his neck and then secured the straps with a heavy padlock. He then clipped a chain leash to the collar and wrapped the other end around his gloved hand. “Finish your drink and come with me.”

Davis gulped the drink down and then allowed himself to be led out of the club.

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