Motivational Speaker part 2

By Anon & EdIam -
published July 27, 2020
14084 words

Chris and Alec adjust to their new life as bisexuals, but Rick seems upset with them while admiring a new possible prize.

(Hey friends! Never really intented to create a sequel to this story, but one of my fans took to this story so strongly, they sent me a rough draft of an idea they had and, well, I really took to his amazing work. He asked me to go through it, add a bit of my own evil to it, and post it. Per his request, he’d like to remain anonymous, but, let me assure you all, he’s insanely talented. This is part 2 of the series, but only part 1 of the amazing continuation he provided me…I’ll post part 2 next weekend.


My eyes fluttered as I slowly came out of my slumber, distinctly feeling something moist and wonderful working diligently on my balls under the sheets. Teetering back and forth between consciousness, I shifted slightly, as I attempted to go back to sleep, not willing to get up quite yet despite the amazing pleasure I was feeling now and, quite frankly, had been feeling for weeks.

The sensations that delighted me so much persisted: light, insistent caresses on my balls and a tongue completely saturating my taint with moisture. My cock was, unsurprisingly, at full mast from the attention, but I’d honestly been almost nonstop hard for nearly three months now. Finally, when something warm enveloped my man-meat and began to swirl and slurp around the cock-head, I had no choice. The pleasure was too intense to ignore at this point. My eyes shot wide open.

“A-Alec…?” I asked sleepily, looking down at my best friend, now my sort of lover, servicing me with complete gusto. “Ohhh…ohh fuck!”

Ever since Alec and I discovered our bisexuality, about six months ago or so, my best friend had been very fond of waking me up in such a way. My body trembled as he took all of me in his throat. My face contorted in pleasure, tossing my head back as jolts of electricity went up my spine. My best friend and new lover had definitely gotten better at giving head, applying the proper suction, no teeth scraping, and taking it all into the hilt. It wasn’t too surprising, however, given the amount of practice we’d been spending on one another’s gorgeous meat sticks.

“Mmmmm,” my best friend sensuously hummed around my cock, indicating how much sucking me off was turning him on as well; which only intensified my own pleasure.

“Ohh! Oh Alec!” I reached out a hand and stroked his sexy hair as he continued with his amazing work.

I relaxed into the bed even more while my best friend worshipped my cock, completely lost in the sexual bliss we both were experiencing when I was startled by someone suddenly leaning next to me and whispering in my ear. “Looks like someone’s already getting busy for the day.”

Alec and I both turned to our left and saw Kara lying on her side next to us. I, honestly, totally forgot for a moment that we were at her place rather than Rick’s place that I paid rent for. She wore nothing but her bra and panites. She had her legs stretched out suggestively: one of her attempts to be sultry that hadn’t really peaked my interest as much as it would have months ago, as she pressed her breasts forward toward me, barely contained in her black bra.

She was definitely a stunning woman, there was no denying that. But neither I, nor Alec, could have cared less about her in that moment. I was too preoccupied pumping myself greedily into my closest friend’s hungry mouth.

“H-hey…m-mor-morning…uhm..ah…Kara,” I tried to greet her in between gasping breaths, trying not to be rude. It was honestly hard to talk with Alec’s sweet mouth on my cock. “I-I-I…uh.. h-hope….I..ahh… didn’t…oh, ohhh fuck.. didn’t w-wake you…”

Alec pulled off my thick erection for a moment to respond as well. “Hey sweetie, so sorry if we woke you, honey…” He mumbled quickly and then dove back on and continued his cock worship.

“No worries, you didn’t disturb me, I needed to get up soon for work anyway,” Kara said, smiling slyly as she licked her lips. “Besides, I’m enjoying the morning show quite a lot.”

Moving a little closer, Kara snuggled closer to me and nibbled my ear softly. I didn’t care for much of it in the moment and, honestly, I probably would have loved the attention if she’d been my girlfriend before I’d met Rick. But now…well, actually, I just wanted her to go away. Sometimes, I’d started to wonder why we even kept her around anymore. After our last conversation with Rick about three months ago before he’d gone on vacation, I’d started focusing much more on my sexual chemistry with Alec rather than her.

Trying not to be obvious, as I’d done the last few months, I jerked myself off her, pretending that I was feeling just a bit overcomed by Alec’s amazing performance on my dick. Which wasn’t a complete lie.

I curled myself around Alec, putting my legs up on his shoulders and cradling his head between my thighs, pushing my cock further into his throat while I pressed his head further down to my pubes.

“You guys are so hot…” Kara moaned as she settled on fingering herself inside her panties. “C’mon Alec, finish him off! Make our sexy boyfriend cum buckets. I don’t think I’ve seen you guys cum for months now.”

Kara’s fingering synced up with my panting as her speed matched my ragged breaths. My chest heaved heavily as Alec brought me to the edge and Kara, trying to help, started to stroke my hairy chest and pinch my nipples tantalizingly. My sweat was shining on my forehead from the need to orgasm from the sustained pleasure and trickled down generously at my brow as the pleasure kept building in my loins and up my spine.

“Yeah, Alec. Keep going, he’s almost there!” Kara egged on as she masturbated herself more aggressively, apparently reaching nearing orgasm herself. Which, unbeknownst to her, kind of pissed me off a little bit.

What our girlfriend and the third part of our bisexual throuple didn’t know was that Alec and I didn’t have any control over our orgasms and ejaculation anymore whatsoever. Ever since our fateful, perfect, and life altering encounter with Rick, my degenerate, cum-sucking slut-whore of a brother’s awesome boyfriend, our entire world had completely changed.

Rick was such a powerful, respectable, masculine, domineering, and inspiring man that he helped motivate my buddy and me to see how much amazing guy on guy sex we’d been missing all our lives. He helped us realize that we are bisexuals for one, but he also gave us the distinct and immeasurable honor of enjoying his glorious penis for our own pleasure, which we have become eternally grateful for. As a bonus, we know it supplies him with pleasure too to use our formally heterosexual mouths and asses to get him off.

That fateful encounter happened about six months ago now, and both Alec and I had traveled to his large home staffed with his slaves several times since then. For me, much of it was spent humiliating and fucking my brother, a perverse fetish Rick also helped me realize I had. But Rick still met with Alec and I individually and together at times, often relaxing us and helping us feel motivated to continue understanding how much respect he deserved, how hot we found one another, and, since our last visit with him about three months ago, honestly preferring one another’s cocks over women in general…much to Kara’s disappointment at times.

Honestly, I missed Rick so much. About three months ago, he set off on a vacation with my useless fag brother. Evidently he wanted to ‘completely break him down’ or something I didn’t care much about. What bothered Alec and I the most, however, was that we hadn’t been able to shoot our loads since he left.

Sure, I wished I could shoot my incredibly pent up and huge load. But Rick was so perfect in my eyes. And in retrospect, giving up something like the right to shoot our own cum whenever we wanted for such an extremely superior man like him was an incredibly miniscule price to pay compared to the amount of enlightenment, pleasure, and clarity that he had provided us.

“Aww…oh, oh fuck!” I moaned, unable to take the constant pressure to cum from Kara anymore. “F-fuuuckk!!!”

My entire body stiffened as I imagined the orgasm I would’ve had if I had received permission from the amazing Rick to do so. I was sure it would fill Alec’s needy belly with an insane amount of cum considering I hadn’t cum in months now. It didn’t grant me the satisfaction I wanted, but a fake orgasm was better than none at all. Besides, we needed to get Kara off our backs somehow. I wasn’t completely upset with her, as she was unaware of our situation and she didn’t seem too keen to get up until I got ‘my release.’

I pretended to ride my orgasm high for a few more seconds, moaning and groaning here and there. Alec, being the lovable prick that he was, didn’t help me any as he continued to lick my shaft and full balls with the gusto and obsession we’d been showing for one another’s privates since our bisexuality became our truth. He truly showed no sign that he was willing to give me reprieve from the massive pleasure he knew he was providing me.

Still panting, I had to push Alec off my crotch as the never ending stimulation drove me absolutely insane and my aching balls throbbed with the need to release. Kara seemed satisfied, though, judging by the wet spot on her panties. I was considerably jealous of her for being able to get satisfaction from all this while Alec and I both remained frustrated and unsatiated. At least I had fooled her with my acting job, as she seemed fully convinced of my ‘climax.’

“That was so hot..,” she rasped as Alec climbed back to the top of the bed to join us, panting and drooling like a maniac and positioned himself between us. She placed her hand affectionately on his abs and slowly snaked on the steel hard tool poking straight out from his crotch. “Looks like you need a little TLC as well, Alec. Want me to take care of it?”

Kara stroked his cock tenderly, but with purpose. Unsurprisingly, given his predicament that I was in as well, the stimulation was likely too much for him and he pulled his cock away from her touch immediately.

“Th-that’s real sweet babe,” Alec said carefully so as not to offend her, “But aren’t you going to be late for work?”

Turning her head swiftly at the clock by her night stand, Kara jumped up from the bed in a panic as she took a few kleenex from the stand to wipe her wet hand, saturated with Alec’s almost nonstop precum production.

“Shit, I do have to run. You sexy men keep me distracted with your antics and I’ll never be on time for anything again,” she said as she sprinted to her dresser and pulled out random clothes for the day. “Gotta catch the bus, or else I’ll be late again, but I’ll definitely have to make it somehow. And we’ll have to finish what we started this morning. Can’t have only two of us cumming,” she winked and smiled at us as we cuddled in bed watching her, Alec stroking his hand across my chest fur.

“Don’t worry about that, Kara,” I said, hiding my impatience as I wanted nothing more than to kick her out, even though it was her own place. “I’m sure I can handle Alec and we can lock up for you if you like.”

“That would be great, you guys. But I do want you to save some of Alec for me too” She jumped back to the bed to give us each a quick peck. I offered my cheek to her where she planted a wet kiss. When she went for Alec, she tried to reach for his lips, but he slyly turned his head away quickly and she had no choice but to kiss him on the cheek as well.

“Have a good day, Kara,” Alec said.

“See ya.”

And she was out and running to the bathroom, hopefully unaware of how much we both clearly wanted some more alone time.

Alec casually wrapped his arm around my shoulders and pulled me in closer until our bare chests were pressed together firmly. I’d grown to absolutely adore the feeling of his manly chest hair rubbing against my own. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen how sexy he was all those years we’d hung out and I was stupidly only pursuing women. Unlike the chaste kisses we allowed Kara, Alec and I passionately made out on the bed, expressing our immense attraction and devotion to each other by allowing our tongues to completely dominate the others mouths. My hand slowly roamed and meaningfully meandered down towards Alec’s almost constantly hard cock, which greeted me with a nearly completely saturated shaft drenched in his precum.

“Oh yeah dude…” Alec moaned as he pulled out of my mouth.

I smiled at him lovingly as I continued stroking his thick, wonderful dick. He dove back onto my mouth again, capturing my tongue with his for another sloppy yet wonderful kiss.

We continued making out for a while like a pair of horny teenagers, our tongues dueling inside our mouths as we swapped one another’s spit with utter abandon. I sped up on my handjob and in no time at all, I had my main man moaning into a frenzy.

“Ughh…” Alec groaned as he pulled away from my mouth, unable to contain his immense pleasure. Fidgeting wildly, he bemoaned, “Man, I wanna cum so badly.”

“Me too,” I said as I rolled the palm of my hand around his cockhead the way Alec had told me he loved, feeling how wonderful his wet cockhead felt to me. He groaned in response to the pleasure just like I wanted him to.

“Do you think we can at least try to send Rick a text again? Or call him again? Maybe he’ll finally respond,” he sighed out as I quickened my rotations.

“We could try, but he hasn’t replied to either of us for so long,” I reminded him. “Chances are, he’s not going to respond again. I mean, he’s likely got his hands full trying to train that useless slut.”

“Yeah…” Alec agreed dreamily. I felt his cock impressively harden even more in my hand at the thought mere of Rick. To be fair, mine hardened whenever I talked or thought about his masculine perfection too.

Alec eventually continued, “But it’s better to try than not trying at all right?”

“I guess so.” I finally stopped pleasuring the head of his cock, much to Alec’s dismay and relief. Even as nonstop horny we both were, he sure did love when I played with his glans so eroticially. “We could always swing by his place again today and try our luck again if you’re up to it?”

I quickly thought about dismissing that. It was a longshot that we had tried many times in the past few weeks: visiting Rick’s place. Unfortunately, whenever we got there, the only thing that greeted us were his pathetic slaves whose names we never really even tried to learn, as unimportant as they were.

We kept hearing the same thing every time: Rick was still off training with his newest and favorite thrall, my waste of space, cock-sucking, whore brother and no one seemed to have a clue as to when they were coming back. Evidently, according to the random hard, nude, young slaves of Rick’s, Rick tended to do that: disappear for days and weeks, this time months, at a time. They never really had any idea when the object of their obsession would return.

But it was a new day, and things had the possibility of turning out differently. Besides, it wasn’t like anything could get any worse. We already hadn’t cum in months from almost constant horniness and sexy.

“Alright, we better go change then,” Alec said as he tried to get up. Not quite ready, however, I pushed him back down on the mattress. He raised an eyebrow, clearly not sure why I was being so forceful with him, as I pinned him down.

“Not so fast, big guy,” I flirted with him, “I still need to pay you back for that blowjob.”

Without skipping a beat, I went down to his cock and inhaled it without hesitation, as much as I adored his thick, uncut, hard tool. I was completely determined to make him go just as crazy with the need to orgasm like he’d done with me.

God, I adored stuffing my best friend’s thick meat down my throat. I internally kicked myself again at not taking the opportunity to start sucking him off years and years ago when I so stupidly thought I was completely straight.

After eagerly sucking and sucking, getting enough precum in my own stomach to feel as though Alec had actually orgasmed, I relented, allowing us to dress and head over to Rick’s in the desperate hope that he’d finally be home and let us release our pent up spunk.

Unfortunately, the entire trip to Rick’s place ended up being a complete waste of time. As expected, he hadn’t arrived home from his trip with my completely useless faggot brother. Even when he wasn’t here, he found a way to annoy me endlessly. When we knocked on his front door, hard as fuck in our shorts, an unhelpful bottom bitch slave answered the door, this one a ginger, and he couldn’t even tell us when he’d be back, so we decided to head back out, hoping for something to distract us on our day off from work.

It was my turn to take the wheel this time around so I started the engine and drove towards the highway, hoping to see something that could distract us from our hard cocks.

As if things couldn’t get any worse for the two of us, we got stuck in traffic, with cars barely even moving. Evidently, a buttload of people had decided this Saturday was the Saturday to actually go out on their own adventures. But my lack of a buttload just made me incredibly angry and testy. My mood turned completely foul as my stomach rumbled, reminding me that we were both also missing the lunch hour.

Alec tried to be a good friend by placing a hand on my crotch, teasing my firmness slightly to ease my temper.

“I’m not in the mood, Alec,” I said shortly, trying very hard to take some of the sting out. Before Rick’s amazing motivation fixing my point of view, I’d have been angry about that lewd and gay action for a completely different reason during my straight boy days. But ever since we met Rick, such a thing was generally completely standard behavior between us. I just couldn’t bear how incredibly horny I was at this point.

“Sorry, dude. I was just trying to help,” Alec responded, slightly dejected and groping his own expanded privates.

We sat through the traffic in silence for around ten minutes or so. When the cars in front of us barely even moved during the entirety of our wait, I felt like I was about ready to explode, both emotionally and orgasmically. I looked over at Alec, still groping himself and looking hurt by my outburst. Fuck it, I thought, I needed a distraction even if it makes my balls explode from the pressure.

“I’m sorry, bro. I’m just so fuckin’ horny, man. I know you are too. I just need to cum so fucking badly and it’s so pent up. I shouldn’t take it out on you. And, God, I love your cute smile and sexy fucking dick and balls so much. So unzip your fly,” I commanded my best friend, “It looks like we’re going to be here for a while, might as well make the best of it.” Alec was more than happy to comply, obviously forgiving me instantly if it meant he got to play with my cock again.

Eagerly, we both pulled our cocks out of our flies, allowing our hard dicks to point straight up and stroked one another a bit. Looking around, we ensured the people in the other cars couldn’t see what we were doing in our laps and nonchalantly groped one another as sneakily as we could. I particularly enjoyed rolling Alec’s hefty, hairy, masculine balls around in my hand. As it turned out, the handjob and tender cock affection Alec provided me did ease up my temper as the traffic began to clear while I allowed Alec to continue groping at my harder than steel pecker.

I was flushed red and panting by the time we got near the toll booth. Before we rolled up to pay, we slyly stuffed our achingly hard tools back into our pants and drove up to the toll guy. Luckily, he looked mostly bored as hell and didn’t notice anything was amiss or our massive bulges.

Once we left the exit, we decided to just order take out instead of going anywhere else. The handjobs in the car basically reminded us that there would never be any distraction from our horniness at all. So we would just order in and crash at my place. Well, it was Rick’s place now, technically, ever since meeting that impressive, wonderful, irreplaceable man who helped me realize the level at which he meant to me instantaneously and I willingly gave up my place in honor of him gracing me with the chance to cum so easily that night.

But Rick was kind enough to let me live in that place, so long as I pay the rent and bills and keep it clean. Rick was such a generous man. We truly didn’t deserve him in the slightest.

I was taken out of my pleasant daydream thinking about how purely brilliant Rick was and how much I wish he was around to let us cum again when I pulled over on my street and heard Alec gasp as he stared out of the passenger window.

“Hey Chris, is that who I think it is?” Alec gleefully shrieked.

Was it Rick? I held my breath, getting my hopes up for a moment, looking in the same direction. I never wished so badly to see the old man’s slightly overweight, hairy, and very indescribably dominant figure standing in front of the apartment.

My heart sank a bit when I realized it wasn’t Rick, but my mouth was left agape in shock all the same. The tall, muscular silhouette of the guy, as well as that very recognizable anchor goatee on his face gave it away after processing who it was. I stepped out of the car as quickly as I could to greet my sexy friend.

“Matt, is that you?” I asked incredulously. I rushed towards him and gave him a hug. “It’s good to see you buddy!”

Alec followed up behind me and gave him a huge bear hug as well.

Matt, Alec, and I went way back. We had all three been in high school together and had been stars on our football team. He was my team captain, and a very damn good one at that. Not only was he an exceptional player, but he had also always cared so much about his team, making sure to spend time building those important bonds with everybody to help them grow as players, even if it meant sacrificing his own spare time just to ensure we were basically a family. Even our coach never displayed half as much care towards us as Matt did. I’d always believed that he was the reason why I became such a great athlete and an incredibly loyal friend.

Matt wasn’t just an amazing teammate, however; he was also a party animal and just an absolutely fun guy to hang around with. Being two years older than us, Matt had actually brought us along on a lot of the college parties he’d gone on, and even though I’d been pretty serious with my ex-girlfriend, Rebecca, at the time, there had been some great flirtatious moments with college girls and hardcore parties with the older guys that Matt introduced us to. He’d even helped us a lot with the ladies as well, mostly Alec, who was always pretty insatiable, being the best wingman a dude could ever have.

I would go so far as to say that I owed most of my success to Matt. He was like the big brother that I never had, always pushing me to my limits and never stopped believing in me. He was actually an inspiration to me for how I used to treat my actual younger brother before Rick had helped me realize what an absolute worthless waste of faggot space he was. But Matt, well, Matt was just so inspiring. And I was happy that he was back in town! It had been quite a while since I’d seen him as he’d been globe trotting a bit after he graduated college last year. Honestly, it was like seeing my long lost brother. And now that my actual brother was nothing more than a worthless bottom bitch, it was nice to have an actual one again.

“Chris, it’s been so long!” Matt said as he looked me over. “And Alec too! It’s good to see that you two still hang out.”

“Hey, buddy. It’s good to see you man!” Alec stood beside me as he flashed Matt his gorgeous smile.

“So how’s it been, you guys?” Matt asked us. Chuckling and turning slightly to face Alec, he joked: “Still chasing anyone in a skirt or have you finally decided to settle down?”

Alec and I exchanged a quick knowing glance. We were absolutely proud of our bisexuality, but it probably wasn’t the best idea to tell my former team captain who I’d idolized and looked up to for the better part of high school and throughout my college years about my ongoing fuckmance with my male best friend. I mean, yeah, we were in a throuple with Kara, but both Alec and I likely suspected the throuple was highly probable to become a couple soon, considering we couldn’t get enough of one another’s hot, masculine jock bodies.

Granted, Matt had never shown himself to be homophobic in the slightest, in fact I would have been very shocked if he was considering how caring and open minded he always seemed to be. He’d known my cum guzzling piece of shit brother was a fag and he never seemed to mind that at all. But still, I didn’t want to risk him looking at me any differently quite yet. And I could tell Alec felt similarly.

“Eh, still trying to find the one I guess,” Alec responded as subtly as he could as Matt nodded, seemingly slightly confused by my best friend’s response.

“And Rebecca?” I stiffened as Matt turned his attention back to me. “How is she doing?”

To be honest, that question hit me harder than I thought it would. It was true that Matt had helped Alec with his bed hopping, but he’d also helped me quite a bit. He’d been a true bro, helping us sneak into bars before we’d turned 21 and had taken us to too many college parties to count in an effort to help both of us meet many different chicks.

But, well, he was also the one that hooked up Rebecca and me. After listening to me pining after her for months and months when I was just a sophomore in high school and proclaiming how much I loved her, Matt talked me up to her fellow cheerleader friends to gain some brownie points, as popular with the ladies as he’d been, and as a senior, he had a lot of sway in the minds of his fellow seniors and especially the undergrads, like Rebecca. Eventually, he nudged me and helped me to just muster the courage to finally ask her out.

So it made me feel slightly embarrassed to tell my good old friend that the romance that he’d helped cultivate, a relationship that pretty much everyone that had known Rebecca and I knew was destined for marriage, was now completely dead. And that the sexy dude standing next to me had taken her place in my heart and on my dick…well, that was just likely too much for me to bear the surprise and possible disgust.

“Rebecca and I actually broke up a while back,” I broke the news, trying to sound as nonplussed about it as I possibly could. “She and I had pretty different plans for the future so we thought it was best that we just break up.”

“I’m so sorry to hear that, man. I honestly thought you two were endgame, you know?” Matt said, with some sadness behind his eyes. I knew that he likely expected my heart to be broken too, as close as Rebecca and I had always been.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s legit ancient history, bro.” And it absolutely was, thanks to Rick. So many things have happened since that day with Rick and now, everything with Rebecca was like a dream. And kind of a boring dream to boot. She couldn’t sexually please my cock like Alec and she certainly didn’t give me the same kind of pleasure and emotional glee that my best bud could either. And, quite honestly, so many wonderful things have happened to my life since then. Like, I had come to terms with my sick, perverted incest fantasies of fucking my pansy of a brother. I knew my joy would continue, but seeing an old friend like Matt really brought back a lot of past feelings I’d thought I’d moved completely past. But my buddy Matt didn’t know any of that in the slightest so I decided to change the subject to avoid any more undue awkwardness.

“So how are things with you?” I asked as I knowingly changed the subject.

Without another word from Matt, the subject was dropped. We spent quite a bit of time playing catch up on the front lawn of our place. Matt filled Alec and me in about his college experiences in London and the places he visited all over Europe. He explained all about the amazing people he met, the food and cuisine he tried, and, well, he didn’t skimp on the details about the several ladies he slept with, a thing he likely didn’t realize neither Alec nor I were quite as interested in as we were before.

In his defense, he had always been quite the adventurous and charming guy, never afraid to try new things and step out of his comfort zone, which was yet another quality that I’ve always admired about him deeply and tried, to quite a bit of success, if I did say so myself, to emulate. Even when he started getting very descriptive about the women he fucked around Europe, I leaned in, absolutely interested in everything he was telling me.

Eventually, he mentioned his somewhat surprising new desire to join the Marines. As he talked though, it really did start making sense, as compassionate, empathetic, and heroic he actually was even in the most normal of circumstances. Matt explained, with quite a bit of respectable passion, that he mainly wanted to help out the regular folk and be of service to our country in a more direct way. He admitted his travels through Europe had been a big part of why he’d started considering it. He truly loved experiencing the world and looked forward to traveling to other countries, even if it was as a member of the military.

To me, his reasons sounded somewhat corny and cheesy, but honestly, knowing Matt as well as I did and as much as I respected the amazing man he’d always been, it actually truly made a lot of sense to me. Matt was just naturally a really kind, warm-hearted, compassionate, and helpful guy. He’d want to fight to ensure he was protecting everyone else however he could.

“I wanted to do something more hands on, you know?” He explained, and added, somewhat hesitantly, “Honestly, I still haven’t figured it out myself. But I won’t find my purpose unless I put myself out there, right?”

“I think you would make a fine Marine,” I said genuinely to him, clapping my hand on his back supportively. “They’ll be lucky to have you, buddy.”

“You mean it, bro?” Matt asked with a hint of vulnerability that I had never actually seen in him during the many years I’d known him. It made me feel happy to be the one doing the motivating in our relationship for once. He stared at me, looking for a friends’ support. The love I had for him as a brother shone through as I reassured him.

“For sure, bro,” I calmly responded. “Just look at how much you took care of me and Alec here. Neither of us would be half the men we are without the amazing guidance you gave us throughout school. You’re already a hero in my eyes, man.”

Alec nodded and smiled in agreement. “You’ll do great, dude,” Alec chimed in.

“Thanks, you guys. That actually means a hell of a lot. More than you know.”

Smiling broadly, seemingly feeling the love all of us shared as adopted brothers, Matt took a quick glance at his watch. “So listen, this has been absolutely great. I didn’t even really realize how much I missed you bros until we started chatting again. I have to go meet my folks in a few minutes, but I’m going to be in town for the next few weeks. We definitely need to meet up again before I leave.”

I gave him the biggest smile I could muster. I knew my hero meant so much to me and I’d support him no matter what he decided to do to better his life.

“Yeah, that sounds awesome! I’m not letting you sign up with the Marines until we at least have one more drinking session, bro,” I said with a laugh.

Matt laughed, “Awesome! Just shoot me a message, okay guys? My liver is already dreading it!”

We all chuckled as Alec and I gave him a quick bro-hug. After our manly show of affection, Matt turned to walk away as Alec and I waved at him, already excited to see him again before he left us for the military.

“Honestly, so great seeing you both,” he hollered at us as he backed away, “Oh! And say hi to Steve for me!”

I gave him a quick look of confusion, “Huh? Who…?” I paused, giving him a bit of a look. I honestly wasn’t sure I knew a Steve.

Matt was clearly caught off guard slightly, he smiled, as if I was joking, “Oh…uh, ya know. Steve? That guy you’ve called your brother for, like, nearly 20 years? The dude you’ve been best friends with since birth?”

I laughed, realizing. I didn’t even think of that disgusting cum-dump, male DNA-guzzling bottom bitch of a faggot as ‘Steve’ anymore. Rick got me so motivated into calling him those accurate and degrading names for so long that I didn’t even really think of him as ‘Steve’. He was just the ass I loved fucking and belittling.

“Oh him… right,” I tried to play it off as smoothly as I could, knowing Matt likely had no idea what a perverted, cum-addicted, worthless waste of gay space he was now, “I must be way more tired than I thought. I’ll make sure to pass the message.”

Matt seemed to accept my excuse at forgetting my brother’s name for a quick moment and turned back around with a somewhat confused smile and a wink, “Be sure to get some rest before we hang again, buddy.”

I laughed at his response and waved again as Alec and I watched Matt walk down the street towards his parents place.

As we went inside the lobby, Alec and I couldn’t help but gush and admire all the cool things that Matt had been doing during his time in Europe. Honestly, we both enjoyed our time here in our hometown, even more now that we got to embrace our newfound attraction for one another. But Matt was seeing the world! And he’d start seeing even more when he joined the Marines!

“Can you believe that he actually got to meet the players in Liverpool?” Alec asked as we climbed the stairs.

“I know. I’ve wanted to watch a live match ever since I was a kid. I can’t imagine actually meeting the players in person.”

I fished out my keys and turned the lock to open my door, finding it was actually unlocked. More than likely, in our rush to go out to Kara’s, we forgot to fully lock it so we both kept gushing about how cool Matt was and how happy for him we were for figuring out his life as we fumbled in the dark entryway. Pulling our shoes off, we made our way to the living room, where we both had our second surprise guest for the day.

My heart skipped a beat; no, my heart skipped a hundred beats as I saw the familiar figure of the magnificent, perfect, wonderful, somewhat overweight, hairy, nude old man standing by the window overlooking our apartment complex’s front lawn.

“Hello boys,” Rick greeted us in his amazing, silky, charismatic voice. He looked so domineering and powerful in all his naked glory, his cock jutting out appetizingly between his legs, set so gloriously below his large, hairy belly. God, I knew I’d only started finding men attractive since I first met and chatted with Rick, but the feelings and lust I had for him were undeniably stronger than anything I’d ever experienced before.

“S-sir Rick! But how? I…oh, gosh…I wasn’t expecting, oh my Lord,” I momentarily lost my ability to speak, unable to express into words the amount of elation and gratitude I felt having Rick back before me. Alec, too, seemed flummoxed and completely at a loss at the sexy nude older man before him. My cock ballooned to it’s full size in mere moments encased within my shorts, pointing outwards towards the man it wanted so badly. “It’s so…so…so very great to have you back, Sir.”

Alec followed soon after and he, too, was gushing all over Rick, his handsome and tantalizing bulge also pointing in Rick’s direction within his shorts.

“We missed you so much, Sir!” he practically shouted.

We immediately dropped down on our knees. I mean, that’s where we belonged when in his presence beyond a doubt. That handsome, fat, erect cock-penis called out to us like a siren when Rick turned around to face us. I wanted nothing more than to take it in my mouth, and when I was close enough as I crawled towards him submissively, I did. Alec was quick to move down on those sweaty, pungent, manly, hefty balls beneath it.

Rick, for his part, didn’t seem to care much at all that we began worshipping him instantly. Part of me knew he expected it. But I was also relatively sure he didn’t seem to care that we missed him so incredibly much.

Breaking through the sound of our saliva sloshing around his genitals somewhat manicially, Rick finally asked, “Boys, who was that guy you were talking to a moment ago? The one I, unfortunately, seemed to miss because you failed to bring him up here.” Rick asked, clearly intrigued by our older friend.

“Oh, that was our old friend, Matt,” I withdrew from his perfect cock to respond quickly “We go way back in high school. Kinda like a surrogate brother to Alec and me.”

I dived back on, having answered his question.

“I see,” Rick said, sounding as though his brilliant, intelligent mind was plotting something, “He’s quite the handsome and sexy boy, isn’t he?”

“Um… yeah. Sure I guess? He’s, well, not really my type though. I respect him too much to even look at him like that.”

Without even thinking much on Matt being attractive, I continued licking at Rick’s giant glans. Even though Rick had irreversibly motivated Alec and I to open our eyes to our true bisexuality and love of all things manly and becoming lovers from that epiphany as a result, I never really viewed Matt in that light, even with my new sexual orientation. He was my brother. He was beyond sexual attraction. I just respected him too much like a family member to see him in a romantic or sexual light.

Which, I realized, made very little sense considering my biggest fantasy now was molesting, screwing with, and humiliating my insatiable, disgusting faggot of a brother sexually.

But, well, Matt was respectable and amazing. My biological brother was barely human and mainly a sex toy for my pleasure. There’s a difference there.

Rick, starting to moan at Alec’s and my attention, didn’t seem to care about my response at all, “I think you should invite him here to my place that you are so graciously occupying for me and let him join in on our fun. That would be exciting, wouldn’t it?”

Rick’s cock did seem to respond to his suggestion even if mine didn’t. But, honestly, Matt was as straight as they came. He wasn’t homophobic at all, for sure, but he definitely wouldn’t understand why his supposedly heterosexual best friends were suddenly sucking on an older mans’ cock.

“Uhh…I don’t think this is quite Matt’s scene at all…”

“Yeah, man,” Alec agreed, still sucking on those hefty balls, so greedy for them, “Matt’s like one hundred percent straight. I don’t see him doing gay stuff like that or this,” Alec said as he grinned miniacially and started slurping loudly on the hairy testes dangling before him.

Rick chuckled as he patted both of our heads somewhat lovingly yet dominantly, “You never know, boys. I can be a very persuasive man. Who knows what kinds of things I can motivate him to think and do. I mean, perhaps I can have him joining the two of you greedily sucking on my cock and balls without even asking me for permission first…”

I continued to slurp his long shlong and Alec did the same on his balls, knowing he was being somewhat passive aggressive towards us. But he wasn’t wrong. We were greedy for his balls and dick. And, well, it was also true that Rick was pretty good with words, but still… “Yeah, but…well…Matt is kind of…”

Before I could continue, the old man reached behind both Alec and my neck and started stroking them lightly, “Why don’t you both just relax and listen, boys? Relax and just listen to my voice.”

I melted into his touch as my face slackened, staring blankly at his cock. I could sense that Alec was getting zonked out next to me as well. Rick’s voice just had a way of soothing me completely. My ears were completely receptive to his silky smooth, dominant voice.

“You want nothing more than to have your friend Matt come to meet with me too. The idea of me motivating your friend to be much more like the two of you excites you like no other and you will make sure that it happens as soon as possible because you can’t wait for him to meet the most amazingly dominant, powerful man you’ve ever had the distinct sexual pleasure of laying your eyes on. You will do whatever it takes to get him here, even if you have to lie to him. You will set us up to meet, won’t you Chris?”

I shook my head awake as I registered the last question. “Of course, sir! You are such an awesome and magnificent person that Matt just has to meet you. I will get him here no matter what he says. Man, it’s kinda hot thinking you might convince him to suck you off too,” I gushed, allowing my cock to completely re-harden at the thought of Matt realizing he was bisexual too.

“Very good. Now, onto other matters and the actual reason I’ve dropped by,” Rick stated somewhat seriously. He withdrew himself from us, saddening me slightly not having access to his glorious cock as horny as I was right now, and he sat his naked body down to the couch across the room. His moist cock still pointed outwards temptingly between his legs. “I must say boys, I’m really disappointed in how you two acted during my time away. Very, very disappointed indeed.”

Puzzled, we turned around towards each other and then back to him, confused as I said meekly, “I don’t quite understand, sir. We just missed and needed you and…”

“You both caused quite the ruckus while I was away on vacation with you slut brother, Chris. You sent me voicemails almost every single day and who knows how many other texts after that, all of which were of you two whining and begging me to give you permission to cum! How was I supposed to be motivating your brother into being my perfect submissive cockslave if I’ve constantly needed to listen to voicemails and reading texts from you two needy, selfish boys asking permission for me to let you cum? Is your cumming more important than my need to fuck your brother senseless?”

I felt the extreme embarrassment wash down into the pit of my stomach as if I were a child being scolded by their parent. I felt guilt trickle in too, knowing I’d distracted Rick from dicking down my brother like he needed to be doing. My head fell down in shame. “I’m sorry, sir. We just needed to cum so bad and it’d been building for months and we’re so horny all the time and…” I threw the excuse in meekly.

“And you think I give a fuck about you needs?” Alec and I flinched as Rick’s deep, masculine voice roared at us.

“Do you have any idea how entitled and self-absorbed you two acted, bothering me with your stupid messages just to satisfy your own needs? Don’t you know how much more important I am than you? That my time with your slut brother is more important than your silly semen? Don’t you know how busy and important my time is? And I hear that you were also pestering all my slaves at my humble home as well! You should be ashamed of yourselves acting like such needy whores and not the masculine, bisexual men I’ve let you remain.”

Shame overtook me yet again as Rick helped open our eyes to how embarrassing our behavior was. He was right after all, as usual. He was infinitely more important than our need to cum. His time, his needs, his wants obviously came first. Alec and I couldn’t apologize to him enough but we’d certainly try.

We began pleading for forgiveness, offering him anything and everything we could to make it up to him. We both were on our hands and knees, proclaiming how sorry we were, how much we appreciated and adored him, how much we just loved that he controlled our orgasms even if we begged unnecessarily for release. It went on for a while with Rick listening so wonderfully to every plea we made.

Eventually, he raised his hand to silence us, “Oh very well, boys,” Rick finally conceded, “I will forgive you both, just this once. But I think some form of discipline is in order. You know, just to make sure that such a thing won’t happen again. It’s only fair isn’t it? You misbehaved and know you deserve to be disciplined by your superior, correct?”

It was. It was only fair: we acted like such horny, entitled boys so we would have to face the consequences of our shameful, selfish actions. We nodded our agreement.

“Whatever it takes, Rick. Please, just forgive us so we can continue idolizing and sexually pleasing you,” I lovingly agreed.

“I think a little spanking ought to whip you naughty young boys to shape,” Rick decided, slapping his thigh lightly. “Why don’t we start with you, Chris? Strip off all your clothes and come present your ass here on my lap.”

I meant it when I said I’d do anything, but I had to admit this felt far too…demeaning. Yes, here we were pleading for forgiveness from a man I respected more than anyone else. But he wanted to spank us? Like we were children? We were nearly to our mid 20s at this point. Far too old for this. It seemed so inappropriate and beyond the pale of embarrassing.

I stood up, started to strip as commanded because, honestly, that part of the request wasn’t even a minor dilemma for me. But then I started expressing my feelings that the discipline was a little too much for me to handle, “I’m sorry, Sir, I mean no disrespect at all when I say this. You know how much I adore you and respect you completely, but I think that getting spanked by you, a grown older man, is a little inappropriate and kind of embarrassing for me,” I voiced my concern, continuing, “And I think it’s even worse knowing Alec is watching you do it to me. We’re both adults too. It just seems…wrong somehow.”

“Yeah, Sir,” Alec agreed. “I also want to say I respect you fully but we’re not eight years old. We don’t need that kind of discipline. Anything, and I mean anything else you can think of that is more suitable for us? Like maybe let you fuck us really really hard?” Alec suggested, somewhat giddy at the thought and clearly not realizing this was meant to be a punishment and not a reward.

“I think you’re overreacting, boys,” Rick countered, amicably, allowing me to take a sigh of relief that I hadn’t offended him at the very least. “Why don’t you just listen and relax as I put your worries at ease? Just relax and listen..”

My mind completely cleared hearing him tell me to relax and listen like it tended to do these days. Alec, too, seemed out of it and suddenly quieted down.

“You both don’t care what I decide to do to you. You know it’s up to me to decide the best punishment for you after you both put me through such a frustrating and annoying time.

In fact, you are looking forward to being spanked by such a dominant, older man like me. It seems so exciting to you to know that you’ll be on my lap allowing me to treat you like the disappointments you were. You will both get hard when I strike your ass or the other’s ass because, deep inside, you like being disciplined by a much older and dominant guy. You’re not going to think of it as sexual at all; it’s simply a disciplinary tactic and that your erection is just some involuntary reaction you can’t control.

“You will, most definitely, get embarrassed by this, but otherwise, you’ll think nothing else of it because to you, being spanked is a normal form of punishment to be delivered by a much more dominant man. And you both know I’m the most dominant and masculine man you’ve ever met.”

I came around from my stupor when Rick asked me to continue shedding my clothes. I’d lost myself a bit while we’d been talking, but I continued by bending down to pull off my socks, my shirt, pants, and underwear already having been taken off.

As I finished with my final sock, Rick hollered to Alec. “Alec, be a dear and grab that slipper by the hallway.”

Alec, wanting to satisfy Rick’s request, hustled to do what he was told and handed the old man the slipper quickly. Then, his attention moved back towards me, Rick barked commandingly, “On my lap now, boy.”

I walked towards Rick, fully naked and ready for my punishment. My cock had softened during our conversation for a bit, but, now, for some reason, my cock was quickly hardening the more I thought of the idea of getting spanked by Rick. I realized it just seemed right to be hard while he spanked me. I never thought of myself to be so submissive, but I had to admit I loved it when Rick so fully asserted his dominance over Alec and me. He was truly guiding me and showing me where my place was.

I bent over and placed my nude form onto his lap, my muscular and somewhat bulbous ass fully exposed to the masculine older gentleman while I allowed my now incredibly hard cock to squeeze nicely between his thighs.

Damn, I thought, I’m so fucking hard!

But I knew that was completely okay and normal. It was kind of beyond my control and just how my body reacted to being spanked by such a great man; truly something to be expected from a hot-blooded, virile, fit young man like me. No big deal and truly nothing perverted or sexual about it. I just hoped that Rick saw it that way too. It’s not like I’m some pathetic bottom bitch boy who gets turned on at every cock I lay my eyes on and have an incessant need to get my ass filled. I’m just a bisexual guy about to be spanked. Who wouldn’t get insanely hard if it was happening to them?

Rick stroked my cheeks in anticipation, somewhat tenderly. I closed my eyes as I prepared for the blows I knew were coming but still enjoying his large, manly hands feeling my ass up.

“I’m gonna spank your naughty ass the same number of times you sent me annoying text messages begging me to let you cum,” he explained to me. “I allowed my eager to serve slaves to keep track of them, and your grand total over the last three months, Chris, is 127. I’ll also add, my bad boy, that that’s almost twice the amount that Alec sent me, by the way.”

Damnit, Alec, I thought! We both knew damn well that the only reason I’d sent more text messages was because he’d been begging and pleading with me to reach out more frequently because he felt like my relationship with his worthless faggot cocksucker that was my brother may have given me more pull with Rick. I wasn’t going to argue that with Rick at all, though. We were already on his bad graces, and I didn’t wanna come across as more of a whiner than I’d already realized I was. Besides, my eager and now leaking cock gave me away: I was marginally looking forward to my punishment. And now I got to enjoy the pain twice as long as Alec.

“You’re going to keep your needy eyes open too,” he told me. “I want you open and eager to register every single one of the blows so that you can truly and completely learn your lesson.”

Not wanting to disobey at all, I widened my eyes as much as I could and stared straight ahead at the stool next to the kitchen island that connected to our living room as I waited, somewhat eagerly, for that slipper to land on my ass.

Continued to tenderly stroke my hairy man ass, Rick seemed to want to keep me in anticipation of what was coming. He even moved his leg around a bit, clearly teasing me for the hard on I’d sprouted thinking about his spanking me. Then, suddenly, I heard the whoosh in the air as Rick swung the rubber footwear down hard on my asscheek and next thing I knew, a loud SMACK echoed through the room.

“One.” Rick counted.

The impact on my ass burned like crazy, which reminded me, to a degree, of when my fellow teammates back in high school used to smack each other with towels. This, however, hurt about twenty times worse. The pain/pleasure of Rick punishing me was overwhelming and even though I tried with all of my strength to hold it in, I couldn’t stop the scream of pain that catapulted out of my throat.

“GGGAAAHHHHH!” I wailed as I jumped up, surprised and sore from the spanking. Despite those feelings, my cock throbbed even harder against Rick’s thigh. This was turning me on so much. It was so hot how he was humiliating and punishing me this way. Both my facial cheeks and asscheeks turned red, which wasn’t missed by the old man at all.

“Now, now, naughty boy. Stay in the same position, Chris,” Rick said as he positioned me back in place again, making sure my butt was pointed at his face and cock nestled comfortably between his thighs.

“And, boy, do try to be quiet. We have neighbors you know,” he calmly stated, readying his next blow and clearing his throat to regain composure. “Now, if you’re ready to be a good boy again, let’s continue, shall we?”

I nodded while keeping my eyes wide open per Rick’s command and glanced towards Alec’s direction to distract me from the next blow. I could clearly see his shorts bulging out obscenely. It was clear to me that he was looking forward to his own punishment as well. I understood it completely; it was only natural to get hard when getting spanked by such a domineeringly dominant man. But, man, did it hurt.



Fuck, he wasn’t holding back. I didn’t blame him. I deserved this; I knew. And before I could even begin to recover, the next strike was already on its way.



I stayed still, just like Rick told me to. My cock leaked, so excited at the swatting my rear was receiving.


It seemed to go on and on with me attempting, desperately, to not scream or squirm. I couldn’t even be mad at Rick. He was just doing his duty because I’d been so selfish requesting my orgasms far too frequently. It was up to him, not me if I came and I needed to learn that. I earned these spankings, I knew. But I couldn’t deny they fucking hurt.

At some point, around only the 15th swat or so, my ass burned so much that I pretty much lost feeling on both cheeks. My cock remained hard as steel, though, with me knowing this punishment was being fulfilled and earned. I even felt myself leaking all over Rick’s thigh, which made me feel so embarrassed, but, honestly, part of me was proud that my cock responded so naturally to this and Rick didn’t seem to mind all that much.

“AAAAAAHHH!” I yelled again as the last blow hit particularly hard. Rick paused for a moment.

“Eighteen. Honestly, this is just not gonna do at all. You’re being so naughty after I told you directly to avoid screaming.,” he said as he rubbed my sore ass with a tenderness, clearly loving my aching backside with his hand, “You are just too loud, Chris. We need to gag you somehow. Alec, being as I can see you’re hard awaiting your turn, why don’t you step out of your clothes and shove that meaty cock of yours in your best friend’s mouth to gag him?”

Alec, smiling when Rick first started talking to him, frowned a bit after he told him what to do. Alec just didn’t seem too thrilled about that idea at all, but I didn’t care at this point. My cock was hard as fuck and my ass was sore beyond belief.

“I dunno, Sir…I’m worried he might, well that he might accidentally bite my cock off while screaming or something. Maybe we can use rags or, like, maybe… “

Rick pulled his hand from my right cheek and hushed Alec with it, “It’s okay, Alec. Why don’t you both just listen and relax. Just relax and let those useless concerns of yours melt away and just let my words motivate you.”

Alec and I both zoned out and stared into space, absorbing Rick’s perfect instructions.

“You will listen to me, Alec. When I tell you to do something, you will do it without hesitation regardless of your concerns or disagreement. So, you will take off your clothes and you will shove that huge cock of yours inside Chris’s mouth to shut him up. You know, without a single doubt, that it’s the only way your best friend will keep quite and you are more than happy to do it because I told you to. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” Alec replied as he began to take off his clothes somewhat dreamily.

Rick turned his attention back towards me and continued stroking my sore ass with the love only an amazing, respectable, perfect Sir like him could, “Chris, listen and obey…”

My mind trailed off completely as the words Rick spoke completely enveloped my attention in a way I’d never experienced with anyone else. I didn’t even have to focus on the words or their meaning; they just went straight to my brain without any effort on my part.

The next thing I knew I was coming back into consciousness, focusing in on the wonderful view of Alec’s amazing cock moving closer and closer towards me. I clamped my mouth around that shaft, knowing that it will help me muffle my screams completely. Alec’s cock was basically a pacifier for me now, and I suckled on it, completely allowing the taste of his beautiful dick and precum distract me completely from the pain.

“There, there, now are we all better?” Rick asked. Before I could even respond, I felt the air move as he swatted the slipper strongly back onto the cheeks he’d been so tenderly stroking just a few seconds prior. But, to be honest, I knew that now I had Alec’s cock to stifle my screams and comfort me fully, I could get through my well-deserved punishment just fine.

“Mmppppphhhh!!!” I was still relatively loud, but I just couldn’t hold it completely, even with the wonderfully soothing sensation of my best buds dick clogging my throat so fully. But, well, at least Rick likely knew the entire building couldn’t hear me any more. And oddly enough, without really even thinking about it, I never once clenched my teeth in the slightest, so Alec’s fears weren’t warranted in the slightest. He could be such a worrywart.

Thirty, fifty, eight, one hundred…on and on Rick went, clearly loving both the feel of my ass jiggling with the slipper, my cock leaking copious amounts of pre into his lab, and my muffled moans of pain, stifled considerably by Alec’s wonderfully tasty and calming penis. The blows just felt as though they kept coming and coming while I made sure to strain my eyes wide open, just staring at Alec’s treasure trail. I knew Rick wanted me to completely register every single blow to ensure I wouldn’t hassle him with my own wretched neediness

But even now, being spanked by this masculine, perfect man, I had to admit that I wanted to cum so badly. My cock went crazy each time the slipper loudly cracked onto my cheeks as it nestled itself so tightly between Rick’s tight thighs. He moved his legs occasionally, clearly trying to rub my sensitive glans and spread my pre around his legs and my cock.

Despite how utterly hard and horny I was, I knew, without a doubt, that I shouldn’t read too much into what was happening. There was nothing at all sexual happening during my discipline. My cock just naturally responded to the swatting my ass deserved. Meanwhile, the cock my mouth was leaking a considerable amount inside of me. Alec, much like me, must really be enjoying the discipline as well. He was probably both dreading and eager to get his punishment over with too.

After what seemed like eons, Rick finally brought the slipper up, higher than he had for any other, and brought it down with more force than any of the previous 126.

“One hundred and twenty seven.”

I moaned as the last strike was done, both from the pleasure and pain Rick had given me. And for a few moments, I couldn’t even think of moving at all due to the intense pain and heat radiating from my meaty mounds. My cock, however, dribbled up a considerable amount of pre, as excited as it was to know I’d survived my punishment.

“Chris, you’re done. You need to get off my lap now so Alec can receive his discipline too.”

Moving up gingerly, I rubbed my behind, trying to soothe it slightly. Turning around, however, I was appalled to see the mess I made on Rick’s thigh. My cock was beet red and was furiously erect and saturated completely in my juices.

“Sir…I.” I mumbled shamefully.

“Why don’t you be a good boy and lick all this mess up?” Rick asked, somewhat nonchalantly.

“I…I could always just get a towel so you can start punishing Alec or…”

“Now, listen, Chris. Just listen and obey…”

My mind shut off again as Rick explained to me, very pointedly, that it was only fair that if it came from me, I should be the one to lick it up and put it back in me, and surely enough, his point of view made total sense to me. Rick just had a way with his words that just motivated me to see things from his perspective so fully. So I knelt down, wincing slightly as my ass burned like hell, and licked my pre-jizz off those perfect, hairy thighs.

“Your ass must be hurting so much, doesn’t it, Chris?” Rick asked, stating it blandly, as though pointing it out as a mere fact rather than showing much concern. Not that I thought I deserved concern at all. I’d actually gotten exactly what I deserved.

“I know it’s what I deserved, Sir. It’s fine, honestly,” I said, still wincing in pain when I positioned improperly as I continued with my task.

“You know, I could make my bottom bitch-toy that was your brother to help with the pain. I’m sure his slutty, whorish, fag tongue could help soothe those raw, sexy glutes of your ass, Chris.”

I grimaced a bit, knowing that the mere thought of that degenerate creature licking my ass honestly made me want to hurl. Sure, he was a great cum-dump, I loved ridiculing, humiliating, and demeaning him while fucking him and was great at inhaling my much more superior cock, but I wouldn’t want his faggy, disgusting, cum-addicted lips anywhere near my ass. “That’s okay, sir…I really don’t think… “

“Just listen and relax, Chris. Listen and relax completely. You know I’d never steer you wrong and so, as a result, you agree with me that it would be so hot to have your dirty, bottom bitch brother’s mouth all over your ass. Serving more worthy men is really the only thing he’s good at and even though you know I’m the most dominant, you and Alec and, at the very least, more superior than that waste of queer space. So, Chris, you don’t want to deprive him of his purpose just because he disgusts you so considerably.”

Suddenly, my opinion on the matter completely changed. I knew, without a shred of doubt, that Rick’s suggestion would actually be so incredibly hot. I mean, to have that lowlife slut’s mouth on my ass? It’s like I’d be asserting my dominance or something. Rick was also right that it truly was his only purpose after all and I’m not so cruel of a man to deny a person of their true calling. “On second thought, sir, I wouldn’t mind the filthy, bottom slut slobbering on my superior man ass at all. In fact, I think it’d be pretty hot.”

Rick laughed, “If you’re sure, boy. I’d love to loan him out to you for a bit,” Rick turned towards my bedroom and hollered, “Slave!”

Not even realizing he’d been here the entire time, I turned to see my bottom bitch slave of a brother strolling out of my bedroom, also naked with his useless, worthless limp cock, flopping disgustingly between his legs. Rick snapped his fingers and pointed at him and then to me, “Be a good bitch boy and lick your brother’s raw ass. It’s so sore and your slutty slobber will help soothe the discomfort.”

“It would be my pleasure, sir!” the slutty idiot replied, clearly displaying the lack of ability to deny any request from Rick at all. The last three months of extensive motivational training had clearly been effective.

Shocking me, however, for an incredibly small split second, I felt my eyes well upon seeing the filthy bottom bitch respond to such a filthy request by the old man as a weird feeling came across me, somewhat similar to how I felt about seeing Matt for the first time in ages. Granted, I hadn’t seen my bitch brother in almost three months…had I missed him?

“Chris, is something the matter?” Rick asked me, clearly noticing my small reaction that I couldn’t even explain myself, “Surely, you don’t feel anything towards my pathetic bitch toy over here? Listen and relax, Chris. You know he’s worthless, useless, disgusting, filthy, not worthy of any level of respect. You’re glad I came along and helped you see how absolutely ridiculous it was that you ever thought of him as more than a faggot who’s addicted to cum, cock, and getting fucked senselessly. Right?”

And just like that, the feeling I’d strangely felt evaporated completely and a new feeling washed over me. I honestly just felt unmistakably quite absurd for feeling something other than indifference and contempt towards the dirty bottom bitch boy. “No sir, of course not. That would be absurd. I don’t have any feelings other than revulsion for such a disgusting faggot.”

The bottom bitch wasted no time, however, and didn’t seem to notice Rick or me talking about him. Being worthless likely didn’t give him much cause to listen to the opinions of his betters, after all. His wet tongue began spreading all over my reddened and sore ass as quick as lightning: his greedy, slutty tongue going crazy on my angry red globes. I did have to admit, against my better judgement, that my good for nothing bottom bitch of a brother did a good job easing the pain on my tender flesh; the cool, moist tongue soothing the sore, raw skin, ravaging them with his queer mouth like a thirsty dog would to his dog dish on a particularly hot day.

“Ahhh, such a hungry, pathetic, bottom bitch,” I sighed as Rick’s toy continued to do a good job. I, too, continued my duty for Rick, slurping away at my lingering pre-cum all over Rick’s lap.

“He totally is, isn’t he? He really took to his motivational therapy like a, well, cock hungry faggot to dick” Rick concurred as we both laughed cruelly, knowing what a pathetic slut my brother was.

Eventually, I lapped up every lingering part of my leftover precum and Rick, noticing as well, ruffled my hair slightly and smiled. Looking back up, he turned to my best friend, who’d been standing there stroking his meat watching me lap at Rick and my disgusting bro licking away at my ass, “Alec, come step forward. It’s your turn to receive your discipline.”

I saw my best friend’s cock jump up excitedly as he stepped forward to get in position. I eased my way to the side on my hands and knees. The bottom bitch, of course, followed like a filthy dog and continued lapping on my ass. Just like with me, Rick asked Alec to take my cock in his mouth to muffle his screams. He took a moment to calm us all down and I figured he was just talking Alec through it, just like he’d done with me. When I came back to my senses, I stood in front of Alec, inserted my almost constantly hard cock, and let him suckle on it to help him stay calm during the punishment. My stupid fucking brother followed along, continuing his soothing licks on my large, muscular cheeks.

“Okay, Alec. You did much better than naughty, naughty Chris and will be only getting 52 strikes which is the same amount of texts that you sent me.”

My best friend just mumbled around my cock in agreement. The little asshole knew most of my texts were actually him pressuring me to do them, but I wouldn’t tattle on him to Rick at all. He’d get his 52 and I got my 127. And, honestly, the mix of pleasure and pain the spankings provided meant I kind of got the better outcome in the end.

Without much hesitation at all, Rick began to spank my sexy best friend’s wonderful ass.

Alec whimpered and moaned with every blow he got, much like me, but I really couldn’t help but get harder and harder in his mouth because of his misery. Much like when I was getting the spankings, it wasn’t really because I was getting turned on by the spanking or anything. Mainly because I’m not some filthy cock whore obsessed with cock and ass like the actual cock whore currently licking my behind. It was really because of exactly what Rick said, it was purely about the discipline of it all and it was only natural to respond with a hard on.

I was very proud of Alec as Rick counted off every number he was giving him, just as he’d done with me. And in almost no time, he’d survived his punishment wonderfully. His buttcheeks were as red as tomatoes at the end of it all, probably not as much as mine had been because of the more than double amount I’d had to receive. But my best bud and boyfriend took it like a champ; a lot better than I had, honestly. When he stood up from Rick’s lap, I saw that Alec was hard as steel the entire ordeal, just like I had been and still was. Without much shock, I noticed that he had also left a nasty stain all over the old man’s thigh. I guess we both just loved getting disciplined from such a dominant man.

Like a good boy that he was, Alec cleaned up the mess eagerly with his tongue at Rick’s suggestion. While he did so, Rick turned to me and asked if I’d be willing to soothe Alec’s ass cheeks the same way my bottom bitch of a brother had been doing for me.

“Well, ummm…doesn’t that seem to be more of a job for…” I started.

After telling me to relax and listen, I realized with Rick’s words that I could still be superior to my absolutely debased and pathetic brother while also helping out my manly, sexy, and wonderful best friend by soothing his aching cheeks with my tongue. To connect my doing a very similar thing to Alec as to what the slutty whore had been doing to me was really kind of ridiculous. Obviously, it seemed very similar, but I was worth something, unlike him. So it made perfect sense that me licking Alec’s ass was in a completely different realm.

I got on my hands and knees again instantly to help Alec feel better. I started spreading my saliva around like an insatiably hungry werewolf and soothed his raw, red cheeks to the best of my ability. God, I thought, I love being so well behaved for Rick and helping out the man I was so into.

“Well” Rick started, allowing Alec to continue licking him as I liked Alec and the whore licked me, “I’m glad we got all of that challenging and difficult punishment stuff out of the way,” Rick said as he straightened himself on the couch.

“Now, I think it would be fine if you stopped licking up your spunk and started giving my cock more attention there, Alec. You boys really got me going from all of that discipline. It may not have seemed sexual to either of you at all, but spanking such attractive, young, masculine bisexual men like you, well, my cock really loved it.”

Alec followed without hesitation as he took that amazing man-meat in his mouth. Rick’s bottom bitch continued to tend to my raw ass and I did the same for Alec.

“Now, as Alec works on me, I think we have a few things to discuss, Chris. Why don’t you stop licking that ass and put that huge cock of yours to good use and shove it straight up your bottom bitch of a brother’s hole as we talk about how we’re going to lure your friend here to my place.”

I stook up instantly, forced myself behind the slut, and slid my way in without warning at all. At this point, he was loose as fuck, as a filthy cumdump should be. My dick went crazy as soon as it bottomed out inside that filthy cum-hole on my brother. My fetish for fucking him overwelming me, I went to town on his hole. As disgusted as I was in him as a person, I really couldn’t deny how utterly amazing his slutty hole was.

I did have to admit, however, that I felt incredibly distracted as Rick talked about how I was going to bring Matt over and I tried to listen. I wanted to cum so bad, deep in my brother the cum receptacle. And it was all I could really think about.

But I knew better than to beg again. I knew that I had to learn from the discipline Rick had been so kind in delving out. And, honestly, considering the amount of discipline I had just received for not being able to control my urges was enough. With that in mind, I did my best to control myself and listen to Rick’s plans as I fucked and fucked, adoring and hating the constant throb my cock and balls were experiencing.

After a while, however, it was as if Rick were listening to my thoughts as he lovingly uttered, “Rest assured, you guys. If you succeed in bringing Matt to me, I’m going to let you cum.”

I renewed my passion in fucking the hole, excited at the thought of finally spewing three months worth of spunk merely by brining my friend and hero here for Rick to motivate just like Alec and me. Honestly, any hesitation I’d had previously evaporated. I didn’t care how I felt for Matt…I needed to cum so desperately and dishing him up on a silver platter for Rick was absolutely worth it.

Eventually, Rick came into Alec’s willing throat and had us all calm down. Obviously, us three younger guys stayed nude while Rick redressed and sat comfortably on our couch as he randomly groped us. He was kind enough to offer up his bottom bitch to clean our place too, which we gladly allowed.

At one point, without much of a conversation, Rick helped Alec and I realize our bisexuality was just a phase and we were actually full blown homosexual and undeniably into one another. Without really thinking about it, Alec called Kara and dumped her. She seemed mad, but, well, we didn’t care. I just wanted my best buds cock now. He hung up on her, we made out in front of Rick, and then 69’ed a bit in the living room as Rick watched us, celebrating our new found homosexuality as friends.

Finally, however, Rick told me it was time to call Matt. So I called him and easily convinced him to come over because Alec and I had some important news to share with him. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t be able to for a couple days because, in his excitement, he confessed that he’d signed up for the Marines a few months prior.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you that this morning. I wasn’t really ready to just lay it out there and kind of wanted to get your impression of it before I told you the truth. I’m actually heading to the base to get my uniform ready for basic training tomorrow. But, well, I’ll be back and we can hang out in a few days.”

I told him it was perfectly fine, honestly. I supported him no matter what he chose to do and was so excited for him to actually go and follow his dreams. I couldn’t really tell him the only disappointment I had was that I wouldn’t be coming for at least a few more days.

After we got off the phone, I relayed the information to Rick and planned for what we’d do when Matt came over to party in a few days. Rick couldn’t contain his excitement, for whatever reason, but the rest of us didn’t really mind.

What Rick wanted, we gave him. And Rick evidently wanted Matt.

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