Star Lord - Assimilation

By Hypnocigarboy published September 14, 2018
Peter Quill investigates a distress signal from space, facing off against a slimy alien species.

Finding his way into the abandoned mineshaft was easy, but navigating below against the possible safety hazards would be a bitch. Peter Quill strode his way down the tunnel, his mask providing not only oxygen from the harsh environment, but light to see his way forward.

Gamora and the others had left on a mission of their own, collecting a prized object for the empress of a fairly powerful race, and decided that bringing Peter, after his attempts at flirtation, and his knack for destruction, was a bad idea. Not that he minded, flying solo was fun, and it gave him some time to think as well, and by think, he of course meant jerking off.

It wasn’t too long into what most likely was his third session that a distress beacon rang out loud, ruining the pretty decent pace that he had. Zipping up and heading out, he located a long abandoned mineshaft, finding the beacon signal leading a mile down. Maybe some sort of alien exploration team had set off explosives and sealed themselves in?

Thankfully the mine was decently sturdy down below, the tunnels seemed to hold up well, aside from the overpowering stench that filled his nostrils. It was musky, like the smell of sweat and oil, mixed together for a very long time. Thankfully, the mask filtered the smell to barely affect him, but by how foggy the tunnel was becoming, it wouldn’t be working very much longer.

After travelling some time in the mist, he saw a bright light at the far end of a tunnel, running toward it, and finding what appeared to be an elevator, still in operation. Stepping into it, it wobbled, but held his weight. Pressing one of the buttons on a panel, the doors slid closed, saving him from the noxious smell.

Taking his time to scan the elevator, Peter found a small puddle of goo spilling from the ceiling of the elevator. “What the fuck?” He knelt down, investigating the jiggling puddle. It could have been blood, or it could have been oil, the source of the smell, but for some reason, he couldn’t help but have it fill his mind with a minor concern.

Soon, the door to the next level of the mine opened, greeting him with a more…sleek interior than he’d assumed. What were once massive wooden beams and boards were now sleek metal, shining with the light cast from his mask, and the rock texture of the walls was almost sanded down to a fine flat surface.

Not just this surprised him, but the black sludge now coating some of the wall, trailing down the tunnel towards a set of lights. Readying his weapon, Peter slowly stalked forward, as he picked up a faint sound.

Further down, he could hear a light moaning, as well as an almost sickening wet sound. Like a mop splattering onto a floor, spreading over it. Whatever was happening, they were in danger. The moan turned to a groan, a harsh groan almost as if in pain.

Rushing forward now, gun at the ready, the creature ahead picked up the sound, and seemed to slip away quickly, as the moan faded deeper down. Finally coming upon the lighted scene, he found a large puddle of what was left from the creature. Clothing discarded from what he could assume was it’s feeding session, and a trail leading toward a dimly lit, but large room.

As he approached, he spied the slime on the walls almost forming a flora, a growing nature of black plants and thick black slime coated vines, leading forward. The smell was back, apparently coming from the plants. “This is some seriously dank shit…” He spoke, sticking a gloved hand into it, finding it sucking on his finger, before removing it, as the vine reformed.

Finally, he arrived as a massive domed chamber, a large central pedestal housing a massive bud of a flower, shining from the dim light cast from above by installed lights. He could hear the distress beacon now, stepping close to the wall, finding a massive back lump, similar to the flower, and pressing his hand to it.

Against his better judgement, he ripped the lump open, a massive slosh as a thick form slipped from it. Kneeling down, he investigated it, prying and cutting the thick vines loose, releasing the form within. A man lay there, still entangled in thick vines, a distress beacon secure in his hand, despite being bound. Tendrils of vines still filled his ears and nose, his mouth agape, until Peter slid the tentacle out.

“You shouldn’t force a flower open before it has time to grow and bloom.” A voice spoke, as Peter could see the lights shine brighter now.

A massive screen lit up, as the form of an alien looked down at him, “Came to rescue someone in danger? Don’t worry, he was perfectly safe the way he was…” Peter shot back at the sound of the man recoiling, moaning, as the tentacle reattached itself, filling his mouth, as he moaned a soft happy sound.

The bound man was lifted up by the vines, returned to his cocoon, as it sealed shut. The entrance to the room shut loudly as well, as Peter scanned the hive. All over the room, hundreds of cocoons lay wriggling, some still, some hardened. He even saw the wet form of a blob of slime cocooning a man, the one from the tunnels.

“What the fuck is this, you freak!” Peter narrowed his eyes, aiming at the screen and firing. It did nothing, as the man only laughed. The tentacle covered walls came alive, shooting down at him, as he dodged and fired, destroying them one by one.

“You’ve come upon one of our bases. You see, we’ve started an assimilation plan for your gala-”

‘I dont give a shit! You let these people out now, or all these tentacles are getting shoved up your ass!” He attempted to threaten the man, though his prowess in fighting was impressive.

“…I see, too headstrong to listen. Though, with your physique, we could use a man like you on our side…” The alien pressed a button, as the light flickered above for a moment, the tentacles stopping.

“Allow me to offer you the chance to join our alliance. If you give in, you’ll be converted peacefully, if not…” the large flower shook, “You’ll have a much…rougher time, Mr. Quill. Decide for yourself now. Goodbye.” The screen went dark, making the room harder to see, as Peter watched the massive flower open.

Dozens of thick vines spilled out, creating a massive hovering armada of glistening, dripping tentacles. Peter took aim, “Seriously? This is all you had?” He laughed, keeping aim, “I’m not gonna let you do…whatever it is you’re gonna do, man. I might be solo, but i’m not just gonna give up.”

The massive storm of tentacles began to move towards him slowly, as he fired at it, the shots taking out a cluster at a time, as he navigated the room, the tentacles growing as fast as they were being destroyed.

Soon, they began to dive at him, nipping like snakes, striking the ground and gushing, as he made his way to the door. If he could get it to break the steel, he could escape. It continued the onslaught, bashing into the door as Peter watched it recoil and reshape, forming one massive tentacle and diving at him.

Dodging aside, he ran across the room, leaping over the now shifting tentacles on the wall and floor, and made his way finally to the broken hole that once was an entrance, dashing out. The tentacle followed him down the tunnel, far out towards the elevator, as he threw a small coin at the button, trying to open the elevator.

“Almost…There…!” He bolted fast, before a shot of energy sent him down. The tentacle hovered over him, as he sat up, staring at the figure with the gun.

Yondu stepped out from the elevator, lowering the gun. Peter could see him clearly, his blue skin made it obvious, but the rest of him…

Yondu’s former clothes were gone, replaced now by a thick rubber bodysuit, which seemed to go past his neck, covering his mouth and nose, as well as his ears in he glossy rubber. His eyes as well had changed. The former eyes of his mentor, his father figure, spiraled now, completely complicit with whatever the suit commanded.

Before he could react however, the tentacle swallowed Peter up, pulling him down the tunnel, as millions of minor tentacles tore at his mask, clothes and armor, ripping them off of him, leaving him nearly naked. The tentacle opened as he remained hovering, bound by the creature.

“Get off!” He fought the tight hold of the tendrils, only being met with a tight grip, weakening him. He was poised over the flower, as he watched several tentacles rise out of the slime within, pulling at his underwear.

They wriggled underneath, as Peter felt the warm slime gush around his cock, biting his lip. It was warm and wet, as the blob grew in size within his underwear, ripping it free.

Peter watched as Yondu entered the room, standing still as a soldier, at attention. His cock too was now hard and stood out, bound inside the tight rubber.

The blob around his cock slowly began to slip up and down his now growing erection, as he fought not to give in to it’s desire. This is what that guy wanted, but he wasn’t going to just give in, he had to fight!

The warm slime began to vibrate then, shaking bis cock gently as he threw his head back and sighed. He couldn’t take something like this for long. With in way free, he was at the plant’s mercy.

Two more tentacles rose, swirling slowly around his pecs, as he thrashed. It knew all of his buttons, didn’t it?

It wasn’t too long before a tendril rose up, sliding up his leg and over his thigh, positioning itself at his ass. Before Peter could protest, it entered into him, as he screamed in both pain and pleasure, as the slime softened and filled him, pressing against his prostate, encouraging him.

Peter nearly cried, fighting so hard to not cum. He felt it pull and tug at his cock, trying so hard to get him to give in, to allow it inside, to control. He couldn’t…he had his team…his friends…the galaxy…

A thick tentacle hovered in front of his face, staring into his eyes almost, as it hypnotically swayed back and forth, his eyes following deliriously. As he followed it, the tip quivered, shaping itself into a mask.

Peter shook his head, trying to avoid the mask, before it pressed itself securely to his face. He yelled in protest, but soon his mouth, nose, and ears were filled with tentacles, filling his head as it was laid back against a massive shining chest.

From the flower, a form had grown, a shining rubbery form of a man with no face, securely holding Peter’s mask on, as well as stroking his cock.

It’s own cock had formed from the tentacle within Peter, sliding in and out. The being continued at a brisk pace. This body would be his, and Peter Quill, the “Star Lord” would become his slave.

The massive man laughed, watching as Peter finally gave in. With a loud grunt, his body went long and rigid, shooting a massive load into the slime man, who gladly absorbed it.

Yondu stroked himself at the sight, the suit begging and toying for it’s meal as well. Soon, Peter was nothing but a dangling, barely breathing man.

The creature shook, shooting the massive slime load into him, as Peter felt the slime spreading into him, pumping out of the tentacles in his mask.

Lovingly, the creature wrapped it’s massive arms and legs around Peter’s body, as they covered over Peter’s own, covering and cocooning him within it, leaving only his head free.

The mask was removed, as Peter felt the dribbles of slime fall, looking down at his now glossy black cocoon of a body. “Now, Peter Quill, prepare to become my body. Let me fill you, let me control you…” the creature spoke, as Peter felt it’s lips.

They slid over his head, around it, reforming under his chin, as it swallowed his head. He could only open his mouth in a gape of surprise, as it closed, the faceless rubber slime man’s body trapping him, as his mind and consciousness covered Peter’s brain, flowing into him.

So strong willed, so heroic, but now, he’d be perfect as a vessel for one of the Alliances strongest slime soldiers. Villainly, converting, this was all Peter Quill would be. A slave to his new mental master.

Together, they gripped their rubber cock, stroking it together, as Peter tried to resist again, failing as the creature spoke into his mind continuously. “Cum…Give in…Release…” with it constantly filling his mind, Peter shook again, filing the suit with more of his cum, spurting the now almost black cum into the creature.

It hovered there, held up by a mass of tentacles, breathing heavily through the slime, as the form slid down into the flower, the gooey bottom climbing up i: legs.

Peter had tried, but now, all he wanted to do was cum. Just give in and release his sweet cum until he was ready to serve the Alliance. The flower began to close, as the blue eyes of Peter Quill, visible beneath the slime began to spiral slowly, as the creature crouched down, crossing its arms, and slept.

Yondu walked over to the mess of clothing and lifted it up, finding the communicator Quill carried, and fixed the frequency, as a harsh voice of Yondu’s crew mate answered.

“Whadda you want?” They spoke, “You got some balls calling us, ‘Star Lord’.” They laughed, as Yondu’s mouth was freed.

“Bring the ship to my location. I’ve got a mighty fine find here, need some help!” He smirked, closing the communicator with a snap. Soon, a whole group of pirates would spread these seeds to every single planet in this galaxy, and nobody would stand a chance…

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