Top Alpha Male .2: The making of a Kappa-slave.

By The Slaver -
published April 22, 2015

Alpha Master Thascales makes another Kappa-slave.

Top Alpha Male: The making of a Kappa-slave. By The Slaver. Alpha Master Thascales was not a happy man; he had hoped that all the fuss about the crash that ‘killed’ the scorer team would have died down by now: some 18 weeks later, but although most of the families had moved on with their lives, two family members of two of the team had not. It did not help matters that the truth was that there had been no ‘crash’. The first family member to question the ‘crash’ was Sheriff Lawrence he was an uncle of one the team, who he had looked after since his mum and dad had been killed in a fire not long after his birth. The second family member to question the crash was a U.S Marries General called Smith. Coach Thascales sat in Coach Gordon’s office, silently. While a U.S Marries general, General Smith stood in front of Gordon’s desk screaming and shouting at Gordon. Smith’s son Smith Jr had been ‘killed’ in a motor crash a few months ago. But the truth was that Smith Jr along with the rest of the first soccer team had been turned into mindless Theta-slave, living only to serve cock. Coach Gordon had also come under Thascales’s powers.thascales had arranged the story of the crash to cover the disappeared mind-controlled team; all had now been sold on EBay, but for Smith Jr who he had kept, Thascales had thought it was a waste to sell such a hot looking stud, who’s mouth and arse were still so tight and firm. Smith was at this moment ‘working’ at a bear’s whore house serving the male whore’s cocks; well Smith Jr did have to earn his keep. Smith had stopped shouting at Gordon. General Smith turned towards Thascales; “Or is there truth in the stories that have been going around that you’re some sort of slave trader, selling mindless gay sex-slaves on the net. I’ve seen the sights selling guys into bondage. Of cause they don’t say as much. Well what’s it to be are the stories true?” Boomed the general, if he was waiting for Thascales to confirm the truth, Smith was going to be disappointed. “And you think that these stories are true, that I operate a slave ring from this college?” Smith looked at Thascales hard and then said just one word. “Yes.” The Alpha Master Coach looked just as hard back at Smith. “Leave us, Slave!” He said, it was now Smith’s turn to be taken aback. “What the fuck you…” Smith started to say before noticing that Coach Gordon was standing up and left the office. “So it’s is true.” Said the general in shock and wonder. General Smith was taken completely by surprise as coach Thascales raised his hand in which he held small spry of his Cum drug and sprayed the fine liquid from it into the general’s face, who staggered backward and slumped into a chair away from the desk. “That’s right general just let the liquid soak into you, just breathe in the fumes. Soon nothing will matter anymore.” Thascales said. Drool started running out the corners of Smith’s mouth as the liquid soaked into his skin, the fumes filled his lungs. “Well you may be Top Dog at the base, but very soon you’re gonna learn who really is top dog.” Laughed Thascales. The fumes had a strange bitter-sweet, salty smell, and the liquid had a thick sticky feel too it: Smith barely noticed; he could felt his head getting lighter, the room seemed to sway and spin, he felt himself slipping away. “Now I want you to focus just on my voice, and nothing else. Focus just on my voice, my words, and listen. Your mind is opening up and you’re gonna learn to obey.” General Smith’s mind opened up: Everything seemed to freeze in his mind he could hear Thascales’s voice faintly. The last thing General Smith remembered as he lost consciousness, and everything seemed to go black, Thascales telling him what he had to did. General Smith seemed to jerk awake at the sound of Thascales snapped his fingers, loudly. “What the…what were you saying?” Smith said his head was spinning and felt like it was full of hay. He noticed that he was standing back in front of the desk again and it was now pitch black outside the small window of the office. Coach Thascales did not answer, instead he said to the dazed Smith. “Now let’s see what you have learned. What is the first duty of a Kappa-slave?” At Once the reply came back. “To obey every order, and command their Alpha Master gives them.” Smith gasped as he realized what he had just said, without thinking. “Very good, now here is what I want you to do.” Said Thascales, smiling at Smith. An hour later Smith left to carry out his Alpha Master’s orders. Thascales sat on the couch in the lounge of his apartment; his pants open, legs spread wide as Smith Jr who had returned from his job serving cock sucked and slurped on his throbbing cock. Smith Jr was now an expert at sucking cock, and took no time in bringing Thascales to an orgasm; his cum flowed down Smith’s throat filling his gut. Just then Thascales’s cell phone rung. He picked it up and read the text message from his newest Kappa-slave General Smith. Thascales let out a loud call as he had an orgasm, filling Smith Jr’s mouth with a load of his hot Alpha Master cum Smith Jr continued to milk Thascales’s cock with his mouth long after his Alpha Master had cum: Smith Jr miked every last drop of cum from his Alpha Master’s cock before he let it slide out of his mouth. Thascales smiled down at Smith Jr still between his legs, panting ready to start work on Thascales’s cock again. “It seems that you’re former DADDY General Smith has followed my orders to the letter. Soon he and his men will become KAPPA-SLAVES. I do hope he’ll learn to suck cock as good as you did,” said Thascales patting Smith Jr’s full ball-sacs. “Once I’ve finished with the General and his men I’ll have to see about getting them emptied.” Thascales said patting Smith Jr’s ball-sacs again. “Sometime at my ‘Dairy’ out of state will do the job? There’s nothing like a good long milking to enforce my control over a person?” “But all that will have to wait at lasted two weeks till I have finished with the military. So till then sleep,” said Thascales, Smith Jr fell to the floor. Over the next 13 days Thascales sent most of his time when not coaching or enslaving sporting jocks, at the military base of General Smith: Thascales was going to demonstrate his Orientation Process there as a means to completely take control of the base. Thascales had converted the process into a highly effective computer programme, which he hoped would do the job. Smith had followed his orders to the letter just as Thascales knew he would; now all that was needed was a ‘volunteer’ for the demonstration. And a part of General Smith’s orders were to get one. Sheriff Lawrence throw back his head and let out a loud cry as his orgasm hit him and he shot his load into the woman he had been fucking for the last hour or so. Without a word he rolled off the woman and lay on his back, as the woman without a word got off the bed picked up her clothes and left. Sheriff Lawrence smiled they were all the same he thought; stop a woman for speeding at the dead of night, say that you’re let them off if they let you fuck them. And bingo he gets free pussy, and two hours later they get a ticket and a short prison team. Several black clad figures watched as the women left the Sheriff’s house; silently the figures slipped into the house and crept up the stairs. Light shone under one of the bedroom doors. In a well-timed military way the figures poured into the room and quickly over powered the sheriff. Sheriff Lawrence was soon overpowered and held down on the bed, unable to move. No one took any notice of his screams to be let go, and what he would do to the guys that had attacked him. One of the figures clapped a gloved hand over Sheriff Lawrence’s mouth. The figure with his hand over Sheriff Lawrence’s mouth held up a spray can in his other hand: the label on the can read INSTANT RAGDOLL. Before Sheriff Lawrence could let out any more muffled cries, the figure sprayed a large cloud of the gas into his face. A cloud of blackness engulfed him; in second Sheriff Lawrence was unconscious. The figure that had knocked Sheriff Lawrence out produced two syringes filled with a white liquid at looked like cum but wasn’t. The figure injected one syringe into each of Sheriff Lawrence’s ball-sacs. Once the figures were sure that Sheriff Lawrence was completely unconscious they reached up and pulled off their black hoods. Several shaven headed soldiers looked down at Sheriff Lawrence laying on the bed: none of them knew why General Smith had ordered they to bring the ‘volunteer’ Sheriff Lawrence to the base, but they all knew that it was better for them not to ask any questions as to why? The unconscious Sheriff Lawrence was lifted up from the bed and carried from the house to a waiting van; he was placed inside the van and it drove away. So time later the van drove down a slope in the dessert into the under-ground parking lot of General Smith’s base. After the van stopped, Sheriff Lawrence was pulled out of the van and taken to a bare white room. He was quickly stripped naked and bound into a large metal chair, there was a hole in the seat were Sheriff Lawrence’s ass went, any one could get at his ass. The black clad soldiers left the room. For some time nothing happened then slowly Sheriff Lawrence started to regain consciousness. A stern looking guard entered the room and walked over to Sheriff Lawrence. The Orientation Programme Begins: HOUR 1: “SHERIFF LAWRENCE, YOU ARE GOING TO BEGIN YOUR ORIENTATION INTO A KAPPA-SLAVE.” Said a voice from a speaker in the ceiling. Sheriff Lawrence felt sure he had heard the voice before. The guard slid a rubber vacuum tube over Sheriff Lawrence’s cock, and inserted a long thin electrode into Sheriff Lawrence’s ass. He was still very much disoriented; Sheriff Lawrence could not put up any fight, as for the first time in his life something entered his hole. A generous pleasant suction action started on his cock, from the rubber vacuum tube on it. The screen lit up, the military markings faded away the screen came into focus, and a series of distinct colures flashing in some sort of pattern came too live. The rings of blues, yellows, greens, and purples radiated outward from a central point, repeating endlessly in a vibrant tunnel of relaxing colors from the screen. Sheriff Lawrence had been told about interrogation techniques, and how to resist them…but he never heard of anything like this before! His eyes relax slightly as he continued to study the screen in front of him. The screen glowed with the alluring pattern of colored light. Considering the situation he was in, Sheriff Lawrence suddenly felt surprisingly relaxed as he tried to turn his attention away from the screen but found he couldn’t. “Wh…wha…happ?” Sheriff Lawrence tried to ask but he was becoming so sleepily. He tried again to drag his eyes away from the screen, but again he couldn’t. “JUST RELAX, AND WATCH THE LIGHTS. JUST RELAX” The voice boomed from the ceiling, as the light patens changed and the suction on his cock speeded up. The process slowly eroded Sheriff Lawrence’s resistance; soon all he could think about were the beautiful lights and the booming voice. The suction was bringing Sheriff Lawrence nearer, and nearer to orgasm but never over the edge. The now comatose Sheriff Lawrence didn’t seem to notice when the screen shut down, and went blank. After a few more minutes a door opened to one side of the screen. The guard returned to the room, he was now wearing just a pair of grey Army shorts, his Dog-tags hanging from his neck. The guard smiled at what he saw and bent over, he pulled the suction tube off Sheriff Lawrence’s cock. Sheriff Lawrence’s cock standing firm and shiny with precum that dripped from its head, the thick red patch of hair around his cock and balls, glistening from the precum of the young man who had been kept on edge for so long. The guard knelt between Sheriff Lawrence’s legs and lent forwards. He took the comatose guy’s cock into his mouth and sucked. Moment later, for the first time in his short adult life, Sheriff Lawrence come in another man’s mouth: Sheriff Lawrence just sat rigged in the metal chair still staring at the blank screen. A few minutes later the guard left, Sheriff Lawrence blinked a couple of time and began to wake up. “GOOD KAPPA-SLAVE. BUT FOR NOW…SLEEP!” Boomed the voice. Everything went black. In a large dim light room behind a two way mirror looking into the room holding Sheriff Lawrence, Thascales turned off the power and rubbed the bridge of his nose beneath the dark glasses he was wearing. Behind him stood a group of figures who were also staring out through the two way mirror. Adjusting the headphones on his head Thascales turned back to the controls, there was a lot still to do. HOUR 2: Sheriff Lawrence opened his eyes he was still in the white room with the screen in front of him. The tube was back on his cock, and the thin long electrode was still buried deep in his ass. This time the swirling lights began immediately, after a few seconds they faded from the screen. Visual images appeared on the screen in their place. The still heavily comatose Sheriff Lawrence was now watching his first ever gay porno video. During this next stage of his orientation into a Kappa-slave, Sheriff Lawrence would be constantly shown gay and heterosexual pornos. During the gay porno videos, member pleasure stimuli would be applied to Sheriff Lawrence. During the hetero porno videos, increasingly painful member stimuli would be applied. Image manipulation had been used on the gay pornos; images of a naked Sheriff Lawrence as the sub bottom appeared in the gay videos. A different approach was taken with the heterosexual videos: they were videos of Sheriff Lawrence fucking his Wife or Mistress, secretly filmed by Th. Sheriff Lawrence would soon LEARN that he has to maintain a high level of sexual arousal while watching the gay porno, but not cum. He had to maintain a very low level of sexual arousal, or have none at all while watching the hetero porno. Time and again, Sheriff Lawrence’s body shook, sweat dripped from his brow and he let out loud howls and cries as he kept getting sexual aroused watching the hetero porno, and the painful member and ass stimulation increased. But very slowly, Sheriff Lawrence chose the guy porno more and more, although he requested gay porno more and more, his ability to continue his sexual arousal while watching it was deemed inadequate. Power surged through Sheriff Lawrence’s ass and cock, but finally Sheriff Lawrence learned his lesson, he watched six gay pornos of the image manipulated Sheriff Lawrence kneeling giving blowjobs. He was fully aroused, and did not cum. The pornos vanished from the screen and a black and white 1950’s style Army briefing video appeared on the screen about Army grooming and dress habits. Subliminal gay massages and images hidden in the briefing video programmed detailed explanations of what was expected of him in his live as a Kappa-slave deep into Sheriff Lawrence’s brain. By the time the video had played through twice Sheriff Lawrence was again completely comatose: his cock was again firm and shiny with precum that dripped from his cock head, inside the rubber tube. Once again the screen went blank, the door one side of the screen opened and the guard walked in. This time he was completely naked but for his Dog-tags, and a huge hard-on. He walked over to Sheriff Lawrence, pulled the tube from his cock and started sucking him. Even before Sheriff Lawrence had cum, the Voice boomed out: “YOU HAD LEARNED WELL KAPPA-SLAVE. BUT FOR NOW…SLEEP!” With his hard cock still in the guard’s mouth Sheriff Lawrence’s head fell onto his chest. Seconds later Sheriff Lawrence cum in another man’s mouth for a second time in a day. Behind the two way mirror Thascales smiled Sheriff Lawrence’s Orientation was going well, still the group of figures just stared out through the two way mirror. Thascales’s hands moved over the controls; just one more stage to go and Sheriff Lawrence’s conversion into a Kappa-slave would be complete. HOUR 3: Sheriff Lawrence opened his eyes he was still in the room with the large screen the rubber vacuum tube over Sheriff Lawrence’s cock, and the long thin electrode inserted into Sheriff Lawrence’s ass were now both gone, but he was still bound to the chair. The screen was blank Sheriff Lawrence tried to move out the chair, suddenly the voice boomed from the ceiling: “SLAVE LOOK AT THE SCREEN. YOU OLD LIFE IS ABOUT TO END FOR EVER. JUST LOOK AT THE SCREEN AND SOON IT WILL ALL BE OVER.” The screen came to life: on it an image of Coach Thascales wearing just a pair of brief, his firm Alpha body shone in the light, Sheriff Lawrence’s eyes looked on the image. “Submit NOW, Kappa-slave!” Said the image of Coach Thascales, as it reached into its briefs and pulled out its thick bulging Alpha cock. It was the thickest, the straightest, most beautiful cock Sheriff Lawrence had ever seen. “That’s right, Slave. This is your new source of focus.” The image of Thascales started swinging its cock from left to right. Slowly, Methodically, Rhythmically, Hypnotically. Sheriff Lawrence’s eyes locked onto the cock image, and meekly followed it as it swung from left to right. “That’s right, slave. Feel the cock take over your body and mind. Feel it become the source of your purpose in life. Focus on it, follow it, need it, crave it, worship It, long for it.” Thascales’s image said. Poor Sheriff Lawrence’s breathing becoming heavier, and heavier. An almost lustful look came to his face, as his cock escaped up from between his thighs and began throbbed in obedience pre-cum dripping from its piss-slit. “This cock is from now on your greatest desire. You have a need to worship it. A need to please it. A need to swallow all the man juice it provides, don’t you my Kappa-slave?” Sheriff Lawrence whimpered, it was hard for him to speak with the size of his arousal. “Yes, master. mmmmm.” He moaned, lost in desire. “Ho look how turned on you have becoming watching cock, slave. Feel that desire build up inside you” Sheriff Lawrence flexed his legs, followed by his abs, pecks, and biceps. A shudder and a loud moan coursed through his body “Soon you’re going to spill your man juice. And with it, you’re going to spill the last of your resistance and free will; and your desire for pussy. After you spill your man juice, the lust for cock will be all you have left, slave.” Said the Thascales image still swing its cock from left to right. . Sheriff Lawrence’s cock and whole body vibrated with inescapable urgent need. “Say good bye to your free will.” Chuckled the image. And with those words, Sheriff Lawrence’s hands glided underneath his tightening ball sacs. “That’s right, feel the need to explode become stronger and stronger,” The image cooed. “That’s right. Just as cock hypnotized your mind. Feel it hypnotize your balls into exploding all of its seed. Because your mind and balls can’t resist. Your mind and cock can’t resist an Alpha man, can they?” Sheriff Lawrence just moaned, shook, and whimpered, as he caressed, and massaged his own ball-sacs: his hard cock trembled as if in a seizure of some sort. “That’s right. You’re so close now, to exploding, to surrendering, to shedding the last of your body and soul.” Sheriff Lawrence shock uncontrollably, his breathing got heavier, and his moaning got even louder. And then Sheriff Lawrence tightened every muscle in his body, and then flexed it. “CUM. NOW SLAVE !” The voice boomed from the ceiling. Sheriff Lawrence exploded into a great uncontrollable tremor. His moans turned to screams, as his body tightened, and lurched over and over again. Streams of hot white spunk escaped Sheriff Lawrence’s thrashing throbbing cock, it landed everyway, on his legs, and some flow onto the floor, a large amount hit the screen. Sheriff Lawrence’s shaking and moaning kept on for a few more minutes until every last drop of his man-juice had been, mercilessly extracting from him. Sheriff Lawrence’s cock keep flexing and unflexing and when every last drop was gone, the emasculated sheriff collapsed into a helpless heap on the floor. “YOU AND I ARE GOING TO HAVE LOTS OF FUN TOGETHER, MY LITTLE KAPPA-SLAVE COCK SLUT” Boomed the voice. “BUT FOR NOW…SLEEP!” The muscular Alpha figure of Thascales, clad in his white lab coat, stared at Sheriff Lawrence from behind a two-way mirror and grinned. Thascales stuck a hand down inside the front of his pants, and dragged his hand up and down his groin teasing his rock-hard erection. He had been working on Sheriff Lawrence for about three hours or so, and while Sheriff Lawrence had experienced an orgasm, Coach Thascales had not. “Excellent, don’t you all think,” Coach Thascales said, turning towards the silent figures behind him, all of whom were wildly pleasuring themselves with distant, blank empty expressions on their faces. Thascales pulled off the headphones and glasses. It had been easy to take control of the group of military personal, they had asked him to come to see the facility and he said he would demonstrate the Orientation Process. . He had thought it would by; it had been easy to take down the military personal. While the process was running special glasses and headphones must be worn: anyone not wearing these would instantly become slaves of the Orientation Process becoming total kappa-slaves. Of cause Thascales made sure that the military personal did not had glasses or headphones during the demonstration. Also Thascales had had the guard that had sucked Sheriff Lawrence put a double dose of the cum drug on the salad on the burgers the military personal had had for lunch. (Thascales had taken over the guard some weeks ago, when he came to Lukas Collage to see his baby brother.) A door opened the guard led Sheriff Lawrence into the room, who feel to his knees and eagerly gave one after another the military personal in order of seniority a blowjob. Sheriff Lawrence swallowed all of their cum not wasting a drop. Thascales told the guard to take Sheriff Lawrence away and place him in a straight-jacket, his ball-sacs were still fill and needed to be emptied, an extra dose of the cum video (the video with the image of Thascales and his swinging cock.) would do the job and enforce the Kappa-slave programming. Thascales turned to the men that had been wildly pleasuring themselves and been sucked off by Sheriff Lawrence; their cocks limp and hanging out the front of their pants. “Kappa-slaves drop your pants and shorts. Bend slightly forwards” Barked Thascales. While they were doing what Thascales had told them; Thascales walked over to some boxes piled up in the corner of the room, the guard had brought in some things that Thascales thought he might need. He picked up one of the boxes and walked over to the waiting men he placed the box on the ground and then looked inside and smiled. Thascales took out of the box a plug that had a ring hanging from it and put lube on it. The military men moaned as their virgin wholes were filled for the first time the plugs were pumped, hard, filling and stretching the men’s wholes. The military men’s cocks now hung between their legs, Thascales held each cock in turn, pulling it back through the ring, trapping his thick cock back between his legs so that it nestled in the ring below the ass stretching plug. When he had finished Thascales stood up and looked at the men. “I think that you’ve all found my technology to be rather….convincing, don’t you all think?” Said Thascales. The military all nodded enthusiastically. “Ha-ha, yes indeed you’ll all enjoy your new lives”, Thascales chuckled, unzipping his pants, and lowering his briefs. “Now”, he said, stroking his massive cock, a heavy sigh of relief escaped his lips. “Thank you for your, and your college’s cooperation general Smith.” Another heavy sigh of relief, “Now general, if you would be as so good as too get down on your knees, were you and your men NOW belong and serve my cock. I think that this demonstration is over.” Smith’s mouth engulfed Thascales’s throbbing cock and began to suck it hungrily. “I think you’ll all make very….Good Kappa-slaves,” gasped Thascales as he felt Smith’s mouth suck in the whole of his hard cock; into his warm wet willing mouth.

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