A Change of Hands: Reconnection

By Mesi published September 11, 2018
David and Brendan finish their workout, Zach makes his case

Fashaad watched the now diminutive David swung around, positioning his ass over Brendan’s towering dick. He had to admit, he was enjoying that little twist. Whatever his Master wished to change about his body, he enacted it through his genetics. And that meant his father, Brendan, would change just as dramatically. Fashaad had already dismissed his clothing and was fondling himself at the display before him. He was a being of pleasure, mainly his own, after all. He had left his Master to explore his newest wishes while he hoped to find an opportunity to grant more wishes. Master Jake was still frustratingly tight lipped and unimaginative, even with David’s wish the previous night causing him open up more.

“That’s it David. Keep breathing. You’re doing fine.” David had already worked the head of Brendan’s into his hole and was thoroughly enjoying himself, if his face was any indication. David let out a whimper as he slid down the dick, making it roughly half way before stopping to catch his breath. Despite the skimpy singlet, it was clear his dick was loving it. The growing wet spot was a testament to that. Fashaad stroked his meat roughly, teasing himself as he waited for an opportunity.

Brendan grabbed David’s hips, guiding him down. With the warm up from the dildo, David’s ass was well stretched but Brendan’s dick was thick. He distantly remembered having issues in his younger days getting partners to do much more than handjobs and it was frankly a miracle the few times he consumated his marriage resulted in a child. But the errant thought of his wife was quickly lost in a smokescreen of pink mist as David bottomed out, his meaty ass connected with his groin and a lustful moan sent a thrill through Brendan. His cock throbbed and in turn David moaned again, quickly feeding an erotic feedback loop.

Soon, David rose up, pulling himself up before fully impaling himself again. And again. His rhythm increased steadily till he was pounding down on Brendan’s dick like a jackhammer. Brendan was close to ecstasy if not for one issue. While Brendan found David’s well built young body immensely arousing, his hard meaty ass was actually mildly painful when ever he pistoned down on his crotch. And at David’s pace the pain was more prevalent than the pleasure. Brendan increased the grip of David’s hips, pulling up to signal for the young man to stop. Gasping, David turned his head muttering under his breath “58” before looking at Brendan questioningly. “Is something wrong? Was I not doing proper squats?”

Brendan chuckled, patting David’s ass as he guided him down so he was resting fully stuffed. “Oh no, you were doing wonderful. I just wish your ass was a little softer. Some cushion for the pushin’. Or that’s what an old fart like me would say.” Brendan and David sniffled as they got a whiff of cedar. They brushed it off as Brendan urged David to continue, palming his ass to keep the pace. “What a fucking ass!” Brendan gasped, as he kneaded the fleshy, squishy ass as it bobbed up and down on his cock. Soon, David was back at his breakneck pace, his newly cushioned, bulbous ass making all the difference for Brendan. Soon, both were groaning as David’s pace hit its highest. Brendan groaned as he unloaded deep in David’s ass and David spasmed as the sensation of fullness threw him over the edge, splattering a few ropes of cum even through his jock and singlet.

Slowly, David extracted himself from Brendan’s slowly deflating cock. Fashaad smiled at the two in their post-orgasmic confusion as he played with his cock. He hadn’t hit orgasm like the mortals, but that was ok. He liked to stretch and tease it out of himself. He was immortal, he could be patient.

David looked at the mostly naked Brendan, his senses slowly returning to him. “Did… we just do what I think we did?” David asked, questioning so many things he didn’t know where to start. “Of course bud! It was great, wasn’t it?” David didn’t want to admit it out loud, but it was the single most erotic experience he had in his relatively short life. Even better when he convinced his last girlfriend to have a threesome with her roommate. Brendan clapped him on the shoulder and shoved something into his open hands. “Now, I think I distracted you long enough. Take that home with ya and keep practicing. Your form is excellent but you can’t let it get sloppy ok?”

David stared at the black dildo. His confusion melted and a mild bit of disappointment. “Brendan, Sir… do you perhaps have something… bigger?” David’s cheeks colored crimson at the embarrassing question. The situation was beyond surreal. He was in the bedroom of his tutor’s father, asking said father for a larger dildo after he just rode his dick till he cummed his singlet. “Of course Bud. One sec.” Brendan bent over, revealing his hairy asshole to David. His cock twitched, threatening to return to full arousal before Brendan turned back around holding a hot pink dildo that rivaled his own prodigious dick. “This should do ya, right?” David nodded dumbly, trading the black for the pink.

With a pat on the girthy rear, Brendan sent David on his way. David stumbled down the hall, legs feeling like jelly after the rigorous fucking/workout he just endured. He stopped briefly at the entry to the kitchen, staring at Jake. He had shucked his pants at some point and his thick dick was sitting half hard, dribbling cum on the floor. His furry stomach was matted with slowly drying cum and he looked zoned out in pleasure. “Uh… Jake I’m going to go home early. I, uh, got to practice.” Jake waved a hand lazily, not turning to look at his tutee. “Sure David. Same time next week then.”

David nodded and turned to leave. Jake’s head rolled down just as David’s exquisite ass, peaking through the torn singlet disappeared out the front door. Jake’s cock burped out a bit more cum as the thought of those wonderful checks clapping as he plowed into Jake’s own ass. His erotic vision was broken by Brendan walking into the kitchen bottomless, still slick cock on display. Jake blushed and turned away. “Hey Brendan. I thought you were going to wear pants while David was here?”

“He just left didn’t he? Relax sport. It’s not like he never saw a dick before.” Jake rolled his eyes. “Well since he went home early, what should we do for our Sunday evening?”

Brendan thought for a moment. “How about a movie? We haven’t watched that new one by Phat Ass Bros yet.” Jake paused, confused. That was one of his favorite porn studios but why would he watch that with his father? But that was silly, they watched a lot of porn together. They masturbated together a lot like that right? They were practically naked at home with each other already, masturbating together wasn’t that much of a stretch. “Sure Brendan. Sounds like a plan”

Sgt. Davis was a wreck. After escaping the living nightmare that was his ‘date’ last night he couldn’t sleep. His body was tingling and alight with pleasure. But now matter how hard he pounded his meat, he couldn’t get close. More times than he’d like to admit, one hand strayed towards his ass but he caught it before it did anything he’d regret even in the privacy of his own bedroom. Eventually, he had collapsed in exhaustion. He was only awakened by his phone going off, the Chief on the other end chewing his ear off for being late for his patrol. He managed to eek out a meek apology and thankfully the Chief allowed him to sleep off his ‘rough night’ but he had to come in for a ‘meeting about his conduct.’

He had just pulled into the station, his uniform unclean and disheveled. He grunted a hello to the receptionist and made a beeline for the Chief’s office. He tried to ignore the jeers of his fellow officers at his state and tardiness but he couldn’t help feeling the burn of guilt in his cheeks. He shuffled into the office and met the Chief’s gaze.

Chief of Police Gregory Saint was an imposing man. Nearing 60, he was closing in on retirement. He had kept active, even after he was no longer on the beat but it was tough to avoid the spread of age. His body was wide with a strong gut but was well supported by an underlayer of strong muscle. A thick, mostly black moustache framed his face while swirls of cigar smoke ringed around his face. And he wore his trademarked “You are in deep shit Davis” grimace. The Chief took the stub of his cigar and buried into the nearby ash tray. He wasn’t, technically allowed to smoke in the building. Local ordinance was clear all public works building were strictly smoke-free environments. But who’d arrest the Chief of Police? Not any cop who’d want to stay employed.

“Sit, Davis.” Zach was about to issue a biting retort; not even the Chief spoke to him like that. But his tongue stayed still and his butt planted itself in the seat promptly. Chief Saint stared him down for a few minutes in tense silence, making Zach feel even more uncomfortable and exposed. And it wasn’t a feeling he felt often, which made it all the weirder he remained silent under Saint’s gaze. Without his eyes halting its unnerving scrutiny of Zach, he hit the button on his intercom. “Betty, can you send in Officer Hernandez please?”

Saint’s secretary chirped an affirmation and soon Zach’s rookie ‘partner’ slipped into the office. With a curt nod from the Chief, the young latino grabbed the pullstring on the blinds of the office and gave them a quick yank. “Thank you Officer Hernandez. Please, have a seat.” Zach bristled at Saint’s polite speech to the damn rookie, but again his angry retort only echoed in his head.

“Davis, Officer Hernandez here has told me some interesting stories about your conduct while on patrol.” Saint’s voice gravelled and rumbled, shaking Zach’s core. He hated to admit it, but it sent a shock to his dick and could already feel his starchy uniform rubbing against his erect nipples. “What sort of stories Sir?” Zach blanched. He never called anyone Sir. Not without being sarcastic. The most respectful he got was calling Saint ‘Chief.’

“That you extort sexual favors of criminals to look the other way. Numerous times you forced Officer Hernandez to service you sexually via threats of demerits and poor reports. Taking bribes, both monetary and sexual, to ignore criminal actions. Tell me Davis why I shouldn’t arrest you right now for gross misconduct, bribery and sexual assault?!” Saint’s voice rose steadily as he listed Zach’s many crimes, till his face was red and veins bulging.

Zach was scared. For the first time in a long time, he wasn’t the top dog in command of the situation and it scared him. His mouth opened several times, trying to find words that would deflect the blame, relieve him of the guilt and throw whatever smokescreen he’d needed to avoid repercussions, like he always did but nothing came to him. To make matter’s worse, his wrist were burning, like he was bound by burning-red cuffs. But all he saw was a glowing ring of pink runes tattooed on his skin. He couldn’t remember getting them but that was hardly the foremost thought on his mind.

“Well!?” Saint screamed. Hernandez couldn’t help but snicker, a triumphant smile on his face. Sweat rolled down Zach’s face as he struggled. Words erupted from his mouth, without his consent. “The same reason I let all those criminals go scott-free.” Hernandez’s snickering stopped and Chief Saint’s anger softened slightly in confusion. “I’m a good fuck.” Zach purred, as he seductively undid the top button of his uniform.

Saint’s anger returned in force, but before he could bellow his wrathful indictment a pink glow emanated from beneath his uniform encircling his nipples. He groaned in pleasure and his thick nubs pushed the shirt outward obscenely. He groaned, hands gravitating towards his meaty chest and gabbing his nipples through the shirt and twisting hard. Officer Hernandez gasped and was about to question the Chief’s actions till a similar glow wound its way around his lips, glowing through his goatee. Hernandez licked his lips seductively, groping himself as he watched Zach’s sensual strip tease.

Saint tore himself away from his nipples long enough to hit the intercom button. “Betty, hold all calls. Our meeting here won’t be done for a while.”

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