Try, Try Again

By TickledPink published September 10, 2018
The man struck out in his search for a speedo, but if at first you don't succeed...

Devon laced up his sports shoes and prepared to head out to work. The sports store wasn’t really where he was hoping to still be working at 30, but that day was fast approaching and he certainly didn’t have any other opportunities lined up. He appraised himself in the mirror near the entrance. His hair was looking alright, even if the new haircut he’d got emphasised how much his hair had greyed over the past year. It was more silver than black now, though his face was still relatively unlined. Lots of sunscreen. he thought to himself, before heading off to work.

It was a fairly uneventful morning. A couple of guys were in the corner looking for board shorts for the summer, their girlfriends loudly discussing their latest PT sessions and how ready they were for summer. One older man was browsing their instructional DVD section, and the rest of the staff were milling about, facing stock forward on the shelves and running through some routine stocktake.

The door jingled and a man walked in. He was a little shorter than Devon, and Indian. Black hair cropped short on his head, and a stubbled face. Exercises fairly regularly, lifts a bit appraised Devon. He gave the man a couple of minutes to browse the store before approaching.

“Finding everything okay?” He asked brightly, “Anything I can help you with today?”

“Uhhh… yeah. Actually, yeah, there is something you can help me with.”

“Oh excellent, what do you need?” Said Devon, the cheeriness of a trained salesperson masking his boredom.

“Well, I’ve got a bit of a, uh, a cruise coming up. And I was wondering, if you had, any, you know, speedos?” The man asked. He showed no trace of embarrassment, despite his slightly halting speech.

“Well, yes, sure, we carry swim briefs.” Answered a slightly surprised Devon. Cruise he wants speedos for. Thought Devon. Three guesses what kind.

Devon led the man over to their swim briefs, and hovered nearby as the man browsed. They only had a small section so it didn’t take long.

“Anything you fancy?” asked Devon, though from the dejected look on the man’s face, he already knew the answer.

“No I was just…” the man said, fingering the navy material of one of the racing briefs, “I was kind of hoping for something a bit, uh, racier.”

Feigning ignorance Devon responded

“Oh but these are excellent for racing, and-”

“No I mean, uh, sexier.” Interrupted the man.

“Mmm. I’m afraid we don’t carry anything like that, sir. I don’t know where to suggest you go.” Said Devon, only slightly mockingly.

“Oh well.” Sighed the man. “I’ll just try again.”

Devon frowned, and thought. Try again? Try somewhere else may-

Devon laced up his sports shoes, pulling his striped socks up his shins as he prepared to head off to work. The swimwear store was doing really well lately and he was hoping he’d be scoring that managerial promotion this week, it’d make a nice 30th birthday present for himself. He checked himself out in the mirror near the entrance. His trimmed beard was coming in more grey than ever, matching his hair. But his skin was still smooth, so it just made him look distinguished rather than old. He winked at himself before heading off to work.

It was a fairly uneventful morning. A couple of guys were in the corner looking some bathers for the summer, one was holding up a pair of black square-cuts, while his friend was looking between a red-and-white horizontal striped swim brief, and a matching pair with vertical stripes. Their girlfriends were outside sipping drinks and staring into their phones. One older man was browsing their fitness DVD section, looking through their men’s aquarobics and water polo titles. The rest of the staff were milling about, facing stock forward on the shelves and adjusting the speedos on the mannequins.

The door jingled and an Indian man walked in. He was wearing some expensive looking sportswear. Bit more money than sense, but doesn’t just wear them, does some running at least assessed Devon. He gave the man a couple of minutes to browse the store before approaching.

“Oh that’s a good choice!” Opened Devon, gesturing to the speedo the man was holding. Black-and-white checkerboard design. “Was there anything I could help you out with today?”

“Yeah, I reckon there is.” The man said with a smile.

“Oh excellent, what do you need?” Asked Devon, pleased to be able to help.

“Well, I’ve got a cruise coming up you see,” He started, “And, well, you know how it is, I’m really looking for something that will wow them.”

Devon in fact, did not know how it was. He knew the kind of cruise the man was referring to, however, and knew how to help. Wouldn’t be in the black without them. Thought Devon to himself.

Devon led the man over towards the back of the store where they kept their, slightly racier suits.

“Perhaps these might suit.” Devon fished a pair of red speedos from the rack, and when the man looked slightly unimpressed, turned them around with a flourish, revealing their open back. They all like a bit of the dramatic. The man’s eyebrows raised comically high.

“Oh wow, that’s uh. Wow.” He stammered. “Would I… would I be able to try those on?”

“Of course.” Devon answered, gesturing towards the changerooms. “Though I will ask that you keep your underwear on when changing.”

“Uh, sure, sure” Said the man, heading over to the changerooms.

After the man changed, he opened the curtain gingerly. He seemed a bit uncertain. The red speedo looked fine from the font, at least in Devon’s opinion. It looked a bit silly from the back, with the man’s white briefs showing through, But this pair would look ridiculous regardless thought Devon.

“Uh. Well, I mean, I’m not really sure. I guess I’d need to see some others to really be sure.” He looked Devon in the eye. “What’s your favourite pair?”

“I, well…” Devon was slightly taken aback by the question. “I guess I don’t really have a favourite.” He finished lamely. I’ll have to come up with an answer to that I guess. He thought. Not good for business if I don’t have a pick of the products.

“Hmm.” Said the man. “Doesn’t matter. You will.”

I will? What does-

Devon pulled his shorts over his shoes as he prepared for work. He nearly forgot them again. While the red speedo and white shirt he wore was the store uniform, he did have to remember that getting there usually required pants. He smiled to himself, thinking about another day at work, one of his final days before his holiday. He had some time off coming up for his 30th. He looked himself up and down in the mirror near the entrance. Grey eyes under his dark eyebrows, a slightly severe look on his face. Don’t frown too much, you’ll get wrinkles He coaxed his expression into friendly and approachable before leaving the house.

It was a fairly uneventful morning. To guys had been trying on some speedos, and apparently overcome with one another had been making out in one of the changerooms for the past 10 minutes. Based on how heavy it was getting Devon made a note to make sure they’d be buying those pairs before they left. If you cum in it, you buy it. One older man was browsing their porn DVD section, looking through the Beach Bum-Buddies series, and the rest of the staff were dealing with a water spill. Billy had been cleaning one of the mannequins and slipped, spilling the water all over himself. He stood near the puddle, making sure no one slipped, shirt see-through and wet, clinging to his swimmer’s frame. One of the other team members was on all fours, toweling up the spill. Devon paused to admire how the red speedo clung to his arse.

The door jingled and a cute Indian guy walked in. Definitely a swimmer thought Devon. He gave the man a couple of minutes to browse the store before approaching. He passed the time by admiring how well the mans track pants fit from behind, with each cheek highlighted by the soft fabric.

“How are you going today?” He asked brightly, “Just to let you know we’ve got some great promotions on today, and each purchase comes with a free beachtowel” He gestured over to the counter, where towels bearing various naked or semi-naked men performing a variety of indecent acts were hanging proudly.

“Oh great!” He said, looking at the towels, “Um, yeah, I think there is something you can help me with.”

“Whatever you need, we’re here to serve.” Said Devon with a smile.

“So I’ve got a cruise coming up-” He began

“Cruise? Oh sorry, cut you off.” Devon said, admonishing himself, “It’s not the St. Bacchus cruise is it?”

“It is!” Beamed the man. “You know it?”

“Oh I’ll be on it come next week! My birthday’s coming up and I’m treating myself.” Answered Devon.

“Treating yourself? Handsome guy like you? Surely you’ve got a guy to do that for you.” The man said, in faux surprise.

“Heh, alas no. But maybe that’ll all change on the seas?” Answered Devon.

“I’m sure it will, sure it will.” The man replied, nodding. “Anyway, uh, so I was thinking of trying something open-backed this time.” He wiggled his eyebrows. “You know, easy access.”

“Sure thing, right this way.” Devon led the man over to their range. “Anything you want to try on, go right ahead, though…” he looked over at the change rooms. “You may just need to change out on the floor.” Through the open curtain he could see the two men from earlier had abandoned all pretense, with one three fingers deep in the other who was gasping and shifting balance from foot to foot.

“Fine by me” the man said, confidently, pulling his shirt off in one fluid motion.

Not bad thought Devon, eyes tracing the patterns of the man’s chest hair.

The waves lapped at the boat, a steady background soundtrack. Devon kept time with the rocking of the boat as he licked the hole of the man in front of him. Whenever he leaned back to look at it, it puckered, a pink star among the nut brown skin surrounding it. He’d run into the Indian man again, of all the people on the cruise, and he had to admit, the man looked good in the open speedo. Devon had considered one himself, but he preferred the simple black one he wore. No branding, just understated style. Besides, keeping his arse covered helped keep his toys in place.

He’d had to line up for a taste of the man’s arse, though. Actually line up, and wait. The brown skin, framed by the red nylon had drawn enough admirers to start a line, and once people had started lining up, everyone else lined up for a taste themselves. Those lucky few bottoms who had also made such a daring choice for swimwear were lounging on chairs nearby each with a sizeable queue of their own, but Devon had wanted a taste of this man first. He might try the blond next though. Maybe a few other flavours too. He felt an impatient tap from behind him on his toy. Joke was on them though, the tingle it sent through him only made him more interested in probing his tongue into the other man’s crack.

It was strange though. Even though he’d only been on this cruise a couple of days it felt like he’d been on it for weeks. No matter thought Devon, putting it out of his mind as he continued his assault of the man’s hole. Just deja vu.

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