Magic Time

By College21Guy published September 9, 2018
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Van sets the next part of his plan in motion

Professor Slate was mid sentence, discussing the importance of indentured servitude in early Colonial America, when one of the students seated by the windows jumped out of his seat and headed across the room for the door. If the Professor or the other students had taken a good look at the handsome frat boy’s face as he hurried from the room they might have seen a look of fear in his eyes.

One student seated in the middle of the classroom, a boy next door type with hazel eyes and brown hair, didn’t seem to pay any more attention to the departure of his classmate than anyone else in the room. As soon as the door had closed behind the frat boy, though, Van Branson reached down to his wrist and hit the button on the side of his watch. This seemingly innocuous action had a strange affect on Professor Slate, whose words ceased immediately, and on the rest of the people in the classroom. No sound, not even the slightest intake of breath, could be heard among the frozen students.

“Act two!” Van spoke aloud, breaking the complete silence before he headed for the door himself. His target, the sexy yet homophobic frat boy Jake, was frozen in mid stride out in the hall, headed for the stairs.

The door closest to the top of the staircase was a Men’s bathroom and it was for this room that Van headed, dragging the completely frozen Jake with him. Once inside, Van checked the stalls and was glad to find them all empty. He maneuvered Jake so that he was in front of the farthest stall from the door and then went to work, setting the frat boy’s bag down on the ground and then stripping him of all of his clothing, piece by piece, until Jake was completely naked.

Van took a second to admire that muscular torso again with its light dusting of hair leading down to a full treasure trail and a particularly thick bush around his cock. Best of all, though, was that incredible bubble butt. Van spread Jake’s cheeks, seeing for the second time the nest of dark fur between them that surrounded his virgin hole. Van had always been a bottom when it came to sex, but the idea of fucking Jake up the ass was completely irresistible. The thought of sliding his cock between those cheeks, of being the first man to ever press inside the tight heat that was waiting there, was an incredible turn on.

Of course, with time stopped and Jake at his mercy, Van could easily just fuck him right there in the men’s room with no further effort. Part of him was certainly tempted to do so as he recalled finger fucking him the week before in front of their frozen classmates. That wasn’t quite what Van was craving, though. He wanted Jake to be fully aware of what was happening for the entire experience and to agree to it in advance, however reluctantly. It wasn’t just the thought of fucking Jake that was turning him on, it was also the thought of Jake submitting completely to his power.

Van took Jake’s cell phone out of his pocket and, after using Jake’s finger to unlock it, snapped several photos of the naked frat boy with it, including some angled to show the urinals in the background and make it clear that he was completely naked in a public bathroom.

Gathering up Jake’s clothes and bag Van walked out of the men’s room. Looking around, he found an empty classroom just down the hall and left Jake’s stuff inside. He headed back to class and settled into his seat, still holding Jake’s phone. Scrolling through the contacts, he pick a guy’s name at random- Jared- and sent him a text with a couple of the nude shots. A wicked smile lit up Van’s face as he imagined one of Jake’s frat bros opening the text.

After putting the phone in his bag, Van started time. He only wished he could see Jake’s reaction as he suddenly found himself completely nude in a men’s bathroom, with no sign of his clothes and no phone to call one of his bros to help him. Grinning to himself, Van let Professor Slate talk for five minutes before he used the watch again. He took a minute to write out a note on a piece of paper from his pad and then, taking Jake’s phone with him, he walked back down the hall.

Once in the bathroom, Van leaned over and glanced under the stall doors. As he’d expected, he saw a pair of bare feet in the farthest one. Going into the stall next to it, Van climbed up on the toilet and looked down at Jake. The naked frat boy was sitting on the closed toilet seat, staring straight ahead at the locked door in front of him. The look on his face was a satisfying mixture of anger and fear.

Van folded Jake’s clothes, which he’d picked up on his way back down the hall, and left them all on the toilet seat with Jake’s bag and shoes. All, that is, except for the pair of gray boxer shorts which he stuck in his own pocket with a grin.

Wrapping his note around the cell phone, Van slid it under the partition and into Jake’s stall. Walking back to class, he sat down in his seat and started time again, wishing he could see Jake’s face as he read the note Van had written:

“Jake, you have no idea who you’re up against. This is just the tiniest taste of what I can do to you. I could have left you spread eagle on Professor Slate’s desk with a dildo up your ass, for the whole class to see. Trust me, it’s going to be a lot easier to just give me what I want. I will call your phone in one hour and you’d better answer. Oh, you’re going to have some explaining to do to someone named Jared (check your phone). Next time, it could be the pics of you with a dick in your mouth and they could go to any or all of your contacts, including your Mom and Dad. I’ll talk to you soon. P.S. your clothes are in the next stall.”

Once his class was finished, Van headed to the library. After stopping in the lobby to check out the key card to one of the study rooms on the sixth floor Van got on the elevator and glanced at his watch. There were still fifteen minutes to kill before he placed his call to Jake. He dropped his stuff off in the study room and then headed towards the infamous sixth floor men’s, wondering what he’d find today. Stopping time before he opened the door, Van went inside.

The outer room with the sinks was empty, but when Van walked into the main bathroom he saw that the doors to all three stalls were closed. Looking through the crack of the door into the stall closest to the urinals, Van saw that it was occupied by an older man, probably in his 50’s and most likely a Professor. He wore glasses and was fairly plain looking, nothing like Professor Slate’s handsome face and athletic build. He didn’t appear to be up to anything in terms of cruising.

Moving to the middle stall, Van peeked inside and smiled when he saw Red, the anonymous red head from the previous week who’d co-starred, unwittingly of course, in the pictures with Jake. “I guess you’re a regular, buddy,” Van muttered. At the moment, Red had his dick in his hand. He’d been frozen as he leaned towards, or maybe away from, the peep hole into the large handicap stall, the one that Van had looked through last week to watch Jake.

“Who are you spying on Red?” Since the handicap stall was bigger, Van wasn’t able to see the occupant from the crack in the door. He hesitated, wondering if he really wanted to crawl under a stall again when it might just be some random guy inside taking a shit. Then again, whatever was going on seemed to have turned Red on.

Decision reached, Van decided to play it smarter this time around and stripped off his own clothes, leaving them folded neatly out on the counter at the sink. It felt oddly freeing to be completely naked in the library, Van realized, as he dropped to the floor to crawl under the stall door. He might have to walk around naked more often when he froze time.

Van crawled into the stall and gasped at the sight that was waiting for him. “No wonder Red is hard as a rock over there,” Van spoke aloud. “He’s getting quite a show.”

There were two guys in the stall, both with their pants down around their ankles. One, a blond twink, was bent forward, leaning against the wall next to the toilet. Standing behind him, with his dick buried in the twinks’ ass, was a guy who looked very familiar to Van. He was very good looking with dark hair worn a bit long. The intense look on his face as he fucked his twink friend was one of the hottest things Van had ever seen.

Van spent a few moments wracking his brain, wondering where on campus he’d seen this guy before. Unable to come up with an answer he squatted down behind him and, after running his hands appreciatively up and down his hairy legs and giving his ass a good squeeze, he tugged the guy’s wallet out of the pants that were bunched around his sneakers.

Van glanced at the student ID in the wallet. “Nick Teale. Doesn’t sound familiar. Where have I see you?” It was a mystery, but Van figured it would come to him sooner or later. Just out of curiosity, he checked the blond twinks’ wallet, too. At the moment his eyes were closed and his face was flushed with the pleasure and pain of being fucked, but his Student ID showed a cute face with bright blue eyes. “Chris Harding. Nice to meet you Chris.”

Van knew he should be focused on his plan for Jake, but he felt a strong urge to see Nick and Chris in action.They were both very intent on the task at hand and the peep hole Red would be looking through wouldn’t show him the front half of the stall unless he angled his head specifically to look that way. Why would he ever glance away from the living, breathing gay porn scene being acted out for him? It was a big stall, the guys probably wouldn’t notice for awhile if they had company watching from behind them.

Van went out and put his clothes back on before shutting himself in the stall. Practically holding his breath, Van hit the button on his watch. Nick’s ass immediately began thrusting back and forth, hammering the twink in front of him. Van had expected the two of them to be making an attempt to fuck quietly, but if that was the case they were failing. The pounding of Nick’s bare skin against Chris’s was loud in the otherwise quiet bathroom and the whimpers that Chris was making in time with each thrust would have made it clear to anyone what was going on.

Nick leaned forward and placed his mouth right against Chris’s ear as he began to thrust at an even quicker pace. Van could just make out the words that he was saying as he pounded the twink. “Yeah, take it. You’re a little slut, aren’t you? You’re a slut for my big dick, aren’t you?” Chris, apparently lost in the passion of the moment, didn’t modulate his voice at all, crying out “Yes!”

Nick took one hand off of the twinks’ hip and clamped it over his mouth. “Shh. Just take it like the slut you are, baby.” When Van heard him say the word ‘baby’, it all clicked into place. He’d seen Nick many times at Perks, the coffee shop just off of campus. Nick worked there and almost always had some girl or other hanging out with him during his shifts. Van and Carson went there at least twice a week, often with others from the dorm. How many times had Van heard Nick say something like ’Duty calls, baby" or “Gotta get back to work, baby” to his woman of the moment when customers came in?

“Do you want me to cum inside you?” Nick’s voice was filled with a quiet intensity that made Van’s dick ache inside his pants. Nick still had his hand clamped over Chris’s mouth, but Van saw the twink shake his head no. “Too bad, baby. Sluts take what I give them and here it comes.” Chris began to shake his head again and started to stand up as if he wanted to pull away from Nick. It was clear to Van that he did not want to take a load inside his ass. It was equally clear that Nick didn’t care, and that pissed Van off. Stopping time, Van moved forward and grabbed on to Nick’s hips, pulling him out of Chris’s ass.

“Idiot! If you don’t want a guy to cum inside you, make sure he wears a condom,” Van muttered to Chris when he saw that Nick’s rather impressive cock was bare. “And you, asshole, need to learn that no means no.”

Having pulled the two apart, Van glanced at his watch. He had less than ten minutes before he had to place the call to Jake. Van looked into Nicks’ face. “My next trip to the coffee shop is going to be interesting. See you around, baby.”

Van let himself out of the stall, not bothering to lock it behind him this time. The two would probably assume they hadn’t latched it all the way. Out of curiosity, Van glanced into Red’s stall and saw that his eye was glued to the peep hole, as expected. Van started to walk away and then stopped short, glancing back in again. The angle of Red’s body was all wrong and Van felt a shiver run down his spine as he realized that Red must have been staring right at him.

“Fuck!” It wasn’t that Red had seen him standing there, watching the two guys fuck. The problem was going to be when he started time back up and wasn’t standing there. It would appear to Red that he’d just vanished into thin air. Should he risk that? He couldn’t recall ever seeing Red around anywhere but this bathroom, and it was a big campus. Still, the thought of anyone seeing him ‘vanish’ made him very nervous.

Van quickly stripped again and squeezed under the door into Red’s stall. He maneuvered Red slightly so that he was no longer looking through the peep hole, but instead had his eye up against the partition wall. Out of curiosity, Van dug Red’s wallet out of his back pocket, wanting to put a name with the face and the dick. Van did a double take and then snorted in amusement. “Seriously? A red head named Archie? Your parents must have a sense of humor.”

Van put the wallet back and crawled under the stall door. After washing up at the sink and getting dressed, Van headed back to the privacy of his study room and started time back up again. He spent a few minutes going over in his mind what he intended to say and then pulled out the burner phone.

It only gave half a ring before he heard Jake’s voice snarling in his ear. “I’m going to fuck you up like you wouldn’t believe, faggot! Tell me who you are so I can kick your ass. You sent naked pictures of me to my brother!”

Van let out an elaborate sigh. “Oh, Jake, Jake, Jake. You just aren’t getting it yet. I know you’re mister alpha male frat boy, but you have no power in this situation. I’m sorry if your bro reacts badly to the pics, but you’ll just have to tell him you sent them to the wrong person. Of course, he might wonder who took them since they’re clearly not selfies.”

“Who are you, you sick fuck? How did you do all of that stuff to me? Did you drug me or something?”

“Of course not. Let’s just say I have some special abilities, Jake. There’s no way you can stop me from doing whatever I want to you.”

“What, like you’re some kind of X-Men freaky mutant or something? You have magical powers, Harry Potter?” Jake was trying to act tough, but Van was pretty sure he heard fear behind his bravado.

“Jake, it will be much better for you if you just give me what I want. Then it will be over, I will leave you alone, and you’ll never act like a homophobic asshole again.”

“Fuck you, faggot! I’m not letting you or anyone else fuck me!”

“Jake, what you don’t realize is that I could do it to you whenever and wherever I wanted. But that’s not how I want to do this. I want you to know it’s happening. You might even enjoy it. You just have to say yes first.”

“Never, you freak. And what the hell did you do with my underwear, are you sniffing them right now or something? Fucking faggots, you’re all sick.”

“Jake, Jake, Jake! Need I remind you how willingly you stuck your dick under the stall last week for a blowjob? No one forced you to do that and I’m willing to bet it wasn’t your first time.”

“Shut up! I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Right. So, did Jared respond to those pics yet? Might get kind of awkward in the frat house for awhile, huh?”

“The frat house? You stupid twat, Jared isn’t my frat brother, he’s my actual fucking brother! You sent naked pictures of me to my little brother!”

Oh, shit. “How old is he?”

“Jared? He’s 16. How am I going to explain those to him?”

Well, that was a relief, Van thought. At least he wasn’t some middle school kid or something. “How much worse will it be when he, and your Mom, and your Dad, and all of your actual frat bros, get the pics of you with a dick in your mouth? How are you going to explain those?”

“Fuck you! I am going to end you!”

“You need some time to think, obviously. I was hoping we could do this today, my dick is rock hard thinking about it, but I guess I’ll just have to jerk off into your gray boxer shorts for now, thinking of that cute bubble butt of yours and that sweet little hole. It’s surprisingly hairy between your cheeks, Jake, I like that. You’ve also got really great arm pits, I loved licking them.”

“You’re fucking sick!”

“No, just a horny gay guy. I’m going to give you 24 hours. I want a yes from you by then, or I start sending pics. Every hour that I don’t get a yes after that, I send someone new a pic of your cock sucking skills. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll start with Dad, Mom, or baby bro Jared. I guess I’ll surprise you.”

Van hung up the phone, his heart pounding. He couldn’t quite believe he was doing this and he knew that he’d never really send pictures to Jake’s parents, that would be a line he’d never cross. The important thing was that Jake didn’t know that.

Glancing at his watch, Van decided it was time to head back to the dorm. He wondered if Carson had enjoyed his ‘study session’ with Allie and felt a brief twinge of regret for having been too busy with Jake to look in on them while time was frozen.

Van gathered up his stuff and headed for the elevator. As the doors were starting to slide closed, someone hurried between them. Van looked up from his phone and found himself sharing an elevator with Archie, the red head from the men’s room.

“Hi.” Van tried to be casual, which felt difficult given the intense way Archie was staring at him.

“How did you do it?” Van was surprised to hear that Archie had a southern twang to his voice.

“What?” Van felt that shiver down his spine again.

“Get in their stall? And then out again?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Van heard the nervousness in his own voice.

“Yeah you do. Those two guys fucking back there. I saw you in their stall, but no one ever went by my stall door and I know you weren’t there when they started fucking. Then I looked away for a second and you were gone. No one walked by my stall door that time either. How the hell did y’all do that?”

Van sighed. Oh, well. “You really want to know?”


“Magic.” As soon as the word was out of his mouth, Van hit the button on his watch. The elevator continued to the first floor and Van got off and walked through the lobby and away from the building. He waited until he was in a secluded spot around the corner before he started time back up again. He wondered what Archie’s reaction would be and felt a little sick to his stomach as he contemplated exposing his gift to another person for the first time, a person who might not know his name, but certainly knew what he looked like.

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