The Bull - Part Three

By screamingmoist
published June 10, 2016

The final chapter.

Brad woke up to the sound of animal grunting. He wasn’t in his bedroom; he was sprawled out on the couch downstairs by the patio. His body ached all over. The events of the previous night were still fresh in his mind. He didn’t want to believe that what he’d seen was actually possible, but the noises he heard told him otherwise. He sat up and looked towards his exercise room, where the thin new Levi was plowing into Jack’s now bodybuilder ass. Levi’s soft new cheeks and thighs jiggled with each thrust while Jack’s rock-solid new body tensed and bulged on the bench. Levi had always been so insufferable about his body and maintaining his model caliber looks that Brad couldn’t help but feel a small sense of satisfaction at what he saw. They gave Brad a pair of dim smiles when they saw him looking and kept at it.

Upstairs, Brad found Ernie in the kitchen. The former senior citizen’s transformation had been the most dramatic. His buff new body and androgynous face were lightyears away from the sagging old man he’d been the previous day.

“Heeeey!” He waved when Brad entered. His feminine new speech and mannerisms were almost more jarring than his altered appearance. All he had on was a pair of bright pink briefs stretched across his tight new bubble.

“Uh, hi,” Brad stammered, hating that the first thing he did was look at the smallish outline between Ernie’s legs.

“Some night, huh?”

“Certainly was.” Brad searched Ernie’s eyes for some spark of recognition. “How much do you remember from last night?”

Ernie paused, counting off the activities on his fingers. “I remember giving that furry ass of yours a workout!” His expression faltered only for a second. “Then we hung out on the patio for the rest of the night, aaaaaaand you passed out on the couch early,” he said, sounding proud of himself for remembering.

“And how do you feel this morning?”

“Great!” Ernie chirped.

“After what I did to you on the patio last night you should,” Bryce said, entering the room. His hulking, hairy body was clad only in a towel that barely clung to his broad waist, leaving one tree-trunk leg exposed. He had a goofy grin on his boyish face that looked nothing like the pudgy, middle-aged man he should have been. Ernie swished over to him and gave him a pec on the cheek while he ran his fingers through the damp hairs on Bryce’s solid chest.

Brad left them in the kitchen when Bryce’s meaty hand slipped into the back of Ernie’s briefs. His head was spinning from suddenly finding his home turned into an over-sexed frat house. Though frat house may not have been appropriate. That implied college, which from what he’d seen didn’t fit the now-young men. His gut told him “brothel” was probably a better match.

He found Justin in his bedroom getting ready for work. “I wondered when you were going to wake up. Hurry up and get yourself together….we have to meet with the lawyers this afternoon.”

Brad had no choice but to comply. “How…how did you do that last night? Are you really going to leave them like that?”

Justin followed Brad into the bathroom while the older man showered. “Of course I am. It’s a one-way trip. Even if I wanted to, once the door is opened there’s no closing it.” He shrugged. “As for how…you were the catalyst. All that raw material you’ve been absorbing? This kind of thing doesn’t come out of nowhere. But look on the bright side - now you’re not alone in this giant house. I think everyone will have fun here.”

“So what happens next?”

“One more day of loading you up should be all it takes to wrap things up.”

Brad’s stomach dropped. He didn’t think he could take another day like the one he’d had yesterday. “Please…Justin…take whatever you want. Keep the house. I’ll leave. Just don’t keep doing this.”

“Sorry Bull, doesn’t work that way. But don’t worry - this’ll all be over soon.”

“If you can do…whatever it is you do…why do you need to meet with lawyers? Can’t you just make whatever you want happen?” Brad stepped out of the shower and toweled himself off, hating the thrill he felt while Justin watched him.

“Unfortunately it’s not that easy. I can grease the wheels, so to speak, but for it to stick I need them to be in the same room as you. And since you’re signing the company over to me, I need it to stick.”

“Like hell I am!” he bellowed, his anger managing to break through the shell-shock he was experiencing. “There’s no way in hell I’m…I’m…” Justin locked eyes with him and he felt his protests become hollow. All the way down to the core of his being he knew he had no choice. Everything he’d worked for, his business, his house, his reputation; gone, just like that. He wanted to cry. The things that had been done to his body were one thing. They were terrifying and humiliating. But this? This felt like defeat. He was on autopilot as he went to get dressed, but Justin stopped him.

“Not today, Bull. Let’s be honest; what’s the point? This is all you’re wearing today.”

“I’m not going into the office like that!” Even as he yelled, Brad was pulling the baby blue jock on. The only other thing Justin handed him was a bright orange tank top that his hairy, beefy torso bulged out of. The skin tight fabric was worse than the dress shirt on his enlarged, sensitive new nipples that threatened to burst through from underneath. Justin didn’t even let him put shoes on.

He caught sight of his reflection on the way out and marveled that he could still feel humiliation at all. His masculine body looked anything but in the bright, tight clothes. His shrunken package was still practically invisible even though the jock was at least a size too small, and while the tank top showed off his impressive build, it just made him look even older against the rough, grizzled skin of his face and his greying hair. Instead of four-figure tailored suits, he was dressed like a go-go dancer at a club. He would have given anything not to go any further, but all he could do was follow the other man downstairs and out to the car. They passed Ernie and Bryce in the kitchen trying to figure out the microwave. Bryce’s towel lay forgotten on the floor, leaving his broad, hairy backside exposed and huge looking next to Ernie’s sculpted new figure. Through the window, he could see Jack’s ripped body splashing in the pool while Levi’s supple form sprawled on a lounger, his huge cock draped over one leg. “What if they try and leave,” Brad asked when they’d pulled out and were on the road.

“They won’t,” Justin said confidently. “This is their new reality. They remember the old one, but it’s like a dream.” He shrugged. “And so what if they did? Did you see Bryce and Ernie? They couldn’t even figure out the microwave. I don’t think any of them can even still read. How far would they make it?”

Brad still couldn’t wrap his head around it. These were four successful businessmen. Whether he liked to admit it or not, they were on his level. They were smart, calculating, and cruel. To hear that, in addition to the changes to their bodies, they didn’t even have a child’s education anymore was horrifying. His satisfaction from earlier was fading. In his angriest moment he’d never have wished something like this on the others, to say nothing of what was in store for him.

When they reached the firm, Justin followed Brad to his office. To his horror, the young man pulled out the leash and gag from the night before. “No…not that again,” Brad begged.

“Sorry Bull,” Justin grinned, fastening the gag in place. Brad got a slight reprieve when the leash was fastened to a collar around his neck instead of his tiny dick, but this was then hooked to the leg of a conference table, preventing him from standing. He could sit, lay and kneel, but not make it fully upright. “This is the ‘bull pen’ after all,” Justin joked, plopping down in Brad’s chair.

It didn’t take long for his torment to begin. “Good morning guys,” Jeremy said, coming in to the office moments after they arrived. Brad looked up at him with pleading eyes, but his former assistant just smiled down and patted his head like he was petting a dog. “Morning, Bull.”

Already Brad was losing control. Jeremy’s crotch was inches from his face. He couldn’t stop himself. He reached up and pulled the other man’s fly down, fishing out the long rod inside. While Brad impaled his forced-open mouth on it, Jeremy ran through Justin’s itinerary like he used to with Brad. “Your morning is…clear…” he said, gasping occasionally. “I’m assuming you’d like me to seeeeend the…guys…through…again? The…lawyers will beeeeee….here…at 3:30 for your meeeee….!” He tensed and moaned, launching a stream down Brad’s throat. “Sorry,” he said, recovering himself. “The lawyers will be here at 3:30 for your meeting.”

“Sounds good,” Justin said cheerfully as Jeremy put himself away. “Tell the others that the door is open.”

There was a lineup immediately. Brad picked up where he left off the day before, getting stuffed and filled from all angles by the men he used to boss around. They all acted as if this was normal office behavior, carrying on small talk while they pounded their former boss’s eager, hairy ass. Brad couldn’t yell with his mouth propped open, but if the guys took too long getting to it he heard himself grunting out a guttural command. While this was bad on it’s own, it was even more humiliating for Brad to have all this happen to him while he was dressed. The shirt constantly worked his chest and the jock left his ass open already, so there was no need to remove anything. Since he wasn’t cumming, no matter how much he wanted to, he stayed bone dry. The guys weren’t disrobing, either. At most they undid their flies, but all day Brad felt their expensive suits against his skin as they slammed into him. He hated that he wanted to see them undressed. He could feel their solid abs and toned legs underneath the costly fabric. He was desperate to tear the clothes from their tight bodies. But he couldn’t. All he could do was whimper and moan as the intensity built and built within him every time his body absorbed another load.

After a few hours Justin came over and removed the gag. Brad winced and rubbed his aching jaw. “Please…I can’t take more of this…” he begged.

“Easy now, it’ll all be over soon,” Justin said, gently stroking Brad’s flushed face. The older man just groaned and leaned against the table leg. Justin walked back to Brad’s desk and picked up the phone. “Jeremy, can you take the Bull for a walk? Maybe to the bathroom? I think he needs a break.”

Brad didn’t know what was worse: being chained to the table or walked through the office like an animal. Several of the guys gave his hairy cheeks a slap on the way, whistling for him to stop on his way back. He was grateful to find the bathroom empty. It felt odd for him to even be in it, considering that he had a private one attached to his office. What he didn’t care for was Jeremy standing behind him at the urinal, holding the leash. He wanted to tell the other man to get the hell out, but he was having a hard time even speaking.

One of his tenured guys, Sam, walked in as soon as he pulled the jock down. “Hey Jeremy. Hey Bull,” Sam said, positioning himself at the same urinal. Instead of putting the young man through the wall, Brad just shuffled over to make room and stared hungrily as he fished out a cock that looked huge next to his shriveled appendage. “They say it’s not the size, it’s how you use it, but I dunno, Bull,” Sam laughed, wagging his hose next to Brad when he was done.

Free of the gag, Brad picked up where he’d left off the day before. “I don’t pay you to look at my little dick,” he bellowed. “I pay you to fuck me with yours!” Brad reached over and grabbed Sam’s cock, stroking until the other man was throbbing in his thick paw. He gripped the urinal and bent over unceremoniously, giving Sam access. Brad had never felt so disgusting in his life. Every time he thought he hit bottom, there was something else. He practically had his face in a urinal while he begged a guy to fuck him for the twentieth time that day. He hoped this would at least be the one that gave him the release he was desperate for. The young man felt wonderful inside him as he squirmed and writhed on the solid organ. Brad was so desperate that he was thrusting himself back to the point where his hungry hole had swallowed all Sam had to offer. He would have done anything to get relief. Instead, his frustration only built when he absorbed Sam’s load like everyone else.

Jeremy walked him back to his office and chained him back up to the table just as the lawyers arrived. They took one look at Brad and their eyes went wide.

“What the hell’s going on here?!” The first man to enter reached for his phone.

“Christ! What is this?!” His partner stepped towards the conference table but hesitated.

“Right on time, gentlemen,” Justin said casually. Brad felt the brand on his ass burn again and both men stopped in their tracks. They looked back and forth between Justin and Brad until their expressions matched the men outside. “Why don’t we have a seat at the table?”

The lawyers took up chairs on either side of Brad. One of them stroked his bare, hairy shoulder and smiled down at him. “So Justin says you’re finally ready to hand over the company and retire?” Brad was able to keep himself from speaking, but not from nodding. “Great! We looked over the forms you sent and everything seems to be in order. We’ll just need to go over some specifics and get some signatures…” Brad didn’t hear the rest. He sat dumbfounded, helpless to stop what was happening. He was chained in his office, nearly naked, treated like something between a whore and a pet. The body that he was so proud of betrayed him at every turn. Instead of using his bulk to intimidate the other men, he’d spent the past two days using it to get them off. It was too much.

“Brad? Bull?” Hearing ‘Bull’ snapped him back to attention. One of the lawyers was holding a pen in front of him. He wanted to jam it in the man’s neck. He wanted to jam it in his own neck. Instead, he signed his name in several places and handed it back. He watched them leave, feeling his grip on sanity starting to slip.

“See? That wasn’t so hard, was it?” Justin’s look was of mock concern as he undid the collar and pulled Brad to his feet. “You did great. I think it’s time we celebrate.” Justin pulled Brad out into the meeting area in the middle of the work floor. The guys in the office crowded around as he called for everyone’s attention. “We have an announcement,” he said cheerfully. “Bull is finally stepping down and handing the reins over to me. Don’t worry, he’s not leaving us, just taking a new role.” Justin scanned the crowd. “There’s going to be some changes around here, but I think you’ll all be happy with them in the long run. But for now…” Justin turned his attention back to Brad. He slowly pulled the jock free and lifted the tanktop off, leaving the beefy man totally exposed. “Anything to say, Bull?”

Brad’s hairy chest heaved with anticipation. He turned around and bent over against the table. “Just that if someone doesn’t get over here and fuck me in the next five seconds you’re all fired!” The men laughed like he’d just made a normal retirement speech as Justin stepped up behind him.

“Say goodbye to the Bull,” Justin said, thrusting himself inside.

As soon as he entered, Brad knew this was it. He felt the pressure build to the breaking point as Justin thrust in and out. Just when he thought he couldn’t take any more, he felt something inside him pop. “OOOOOOHHHHHHH!” He screamed louder than he thought possible as the pent up energy rushed out. A shockwave seemed to shoot through the room as Brad felt his body tense and push out stream after stream. Any relief he felt was short lived. It soon became clear his muscles weren’t just tense from an orgasm. His skin felt like it was crawling. His whole body was rubber as the room swam before his eyes. It didn’t last long, and soon he was slumped against the table, dizzy and sore.

“Well?” Justin said as he pulled out. “Check out the new you.”

Brad was horrified, remembering the previous evening. Nothing could have prepared him for what he saw. He turned, but instead of looking down at Justin he stared at the middle of the other man’s torso. Worse, even the slight movement of righting himself and turning caused his body to jiggle in ways it shouldn’t. He looked down at himself, his mouth opening in a silent scream. His solid, mountainous body was gone, replaced by a soft, portly frame. His bulging pecs were now flabby tits, and his muscle gut was just a squishy, ample belly complete with sagging lovehandles. Brad’s formerly beefy arms were shapeless rolls with sausage fingers, and his fattened thighs shook like jello at even the hint of motion. The carpet of hair he’d had since adolescence had vanished, leaving him with ruddy pink skin that only accentuated his new girth. He looked around desperately until he caught his reflection in a computer monitor. Like the other men, he looked significantly younger. Younger than most of the guys in the room. But what he focused on were his two chins, full lips, round, pink cheeks, and bald scalp. “I…I…” the voice was soft and light, not his usual booming bass. He turned in a circle, looking up at the smiling, laughing faces. The men he used to dominate now towered over him.

“I told you the other night I wouldn’t leave you like that,” Justin said, his strong fingers pinching Brad’s softened sides. “But don’t worry…we can still use a little Piglet around here.”


Brad woke up sandwiched between Jack and Bryce on the bed. Mornings were the worst. That moment between sleep and the waking world was when his head was the clearest. Every morning when he opened his eyes and saw his fat, short new body he felt the same rush of horror. Being surrounded by walls of muscle like the ones he should have had didn’t help. Fortunately it didn’t last long. As soon as Jack’s strong hand squeezed his supple love handle he forgot all about how things “should” have been. He vaguely remembered how the others used to be. He had dreams about the night they all changed sometimes, but he couldn’t remember them long enough to say anything when they woke up. And once he was awake long enough he had a hard time believing his young roommates were anything like the people in his dreams. Ernie, with his ripped body and makeup covered face an old man? Skinny little Levi with muscles? It didn’t seem possible.

Brad hurried up and got dressed. He had to go into the office with Justin, and Justin didn’t like to be kept waiting. Brad slipped on one of the bright jockstraps he always wore. Every time he felt the tight elastic bite into his soft thighs and stomach he winced without knowing why. He was running late. He pulled on a tanktop that left the bottom of his stomach hanging out and tiny shorts that stretched over his pudgy legs like tights and raced down the hall as fast as his jiggling body would allow.

“Sorry,” he said, panting from even the short jog when he ran into Justin in the kitchen. He was always conflicted with Justin. Part of him was so turned on he couldn’t stand it, but another part of him was terrified. Brad had no idea why he should be terrified. Justin had never been anything but good to him. But he always felt like he was forgetting something whenever he was around him. “I was up late with Jack and Bryce,” Brad said as they went out and climbed into the car.

“I heard,” Justin grinned. “We’re having guests this evening, so hopefully they get their rest.” Brad knew what “having guests” meant. If someone paid enough, usually one of Justin’s clients, they had their pick of the guys. It didn’t bother any of them; they liked the attention.

Brad felt his heart start racing when they pulled into the office. He couldn’t wait to get inside. Every so often he felt nervous and embarrassed without knowing why. This morning wasn’t one of those times. “Morning Jeremy!” He waved happily when they walked in.

The lean young man got up from behind his desk and followed them into Justin’s large office. Brad loved the way he looked in his tight black tanktop and little matching black briefs. “Morning Piglet,” Jeremy said, giving Brad’s ass a squeeze.

“How many meetings today,” Justin asked.

“Only a few. You’ve got two potential clients this afternoon, but the rest are just sit-downs with the guys.”

Brad stripped out of his confining shorts and walked out onto the work floor. All around him, equally exposed, built young men towered over him. There were guys in little briefs and ties, small trunks, even a few jockstraps like his. Brad felt a mix of exhilaration and jealousy every time. The office looked like a mix between a financial advisement firm and an underwear catalog. He loved spending his time with so many gorgeous men, but again, something in his brain told him it wasn’t always like this. He had no way of knowing that when Justin had changed him, he’d altered the rest of them as well. They now had fewer, but more specific, clients. Those new clients paid astronomic amounts. Having a beautiful, naked man at your disposal who also knew how to manage your finances was a niche they were happy to fill. Brad didn’t understand any of that stuff. He mostly did menial tasks for the guys like getting coffee or stocking supplies.

“Piglet!” Brad turned to see Eric, his tall, ripped body on display save for a bright green tie nestled between his sculpted pecs and a pair of tiny, stuffed orange briefs. His handsome face was perfectly manicured with his gelled blonde hair and freshly-shaven cheeks. The only other things he had on were a pair of thin dress socks and expensive looking loafers. He still carried himself like he was wearing an expensive suit.

“Hi Eric,” Brad chirped, his eyes running and up and down the blonde man’s washboard stomach.

“My ten o’clock likes me to go for a while, so I need you to help me out here.”

“Sure thing!”

“Thanks bud, you’re a lifesaver,” Eric said, sitting back down in his chair and turning to his laptop. While he went back to work, Brad dropped to his knees and started his day. He fished the long cock out of the confining underwear and worked it with his tongue. His small mouth and puffy lips made him a hit amongst the guys in the office. He spent a good chunk of his days on his knees. This was his real job, not going on coffee runs. Every so often he’d have flashes of himself yelling at everyone. He was big and tall and ordering everyone around like he was in charge. This was one of those times. Eric didn’t see Brad’s eyes go wide, or feel the sudden fluttering in his chest. Brad remembered. He wanted to vomit at the sensation of his pudgy new body squirming on it’s knees with his face buried between Eric’s naked thighs. He wanted to run. He wanted to get help. But his brain didn’t work like it used to. He couldn’t think things through beyond a step or two without forgetting what he was thinking about in the first place. Already all he could focus on was how good Eric tasted. The long rod felt nice and warm in his mouth. Maybe if he was lucky Eric would fuck him later. “No,” Brad thought desperately. “That’s not right. That’s not what’s supposed to…” his mental train derailed when Eric shot a huge load in his mouth. He guzzled it down excitedly, feeling a rush of satisfaction at getting the other man off. He felt like he’d just been upset about something but he couldn’t remember what. Eric, still on the phone, just smiled down at him and waved him away when he finally pulled his mouth free.

“Piglet! Over here,” another one of the guys called. Brad stumbled to his feet and hurried over. It was going to be a busy day.

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