Becoming His Fantasy

By Manic Pixie Dream Twink published September 8, 2018
Evan, a gorgeous stud, finds his hubris getting him into life-altering trouble.

Evan couldn’t believe he was actually in this sleaze’s apartment. If you had told him a couple of hours ago that he would have gone home with Patrick Clark, he would have called you nuts.

Truthfully, Evan was too good for Patrick. Evan’s body was perfect.

Tonight, a blue muscle tee hugged his broad shoulders, meaty pecs, and defined abs in all the right places, and his skintight jeans accentuated his round butt, thick thighs, and hefty calves.

Evan was runway model tall, with a sharp and chiseled face fit for a magazine cover. He was hot, and not only did he know it, but he loved it.

But most of all, he loved to be worshipped by lesser men. They always put him on the pedestal that he deserved.

This was part of the reason he relented to Patrick’s flirtations at the end of the night.

You see, Patrick was ugly, to be perfectly honest. Where Evan was cut and hard, Patrick was rounded and flabby. Where Evan had a head full of hair, which was cropped in the latest edgy style, Patrick was noticeably balding.

Patrick would be lucky to be with a guy like Evan. Evan was doing him a favor. An act of charity, he mused. This was a phrase he frequently used to define his hook-ups with men like Patrick.

He was starting to get turned on just thinking about it. He loved when guys like Patrick sucked and bounced on his cock like it was a blessing, and sometimes they got so enthusiastic and behaved so well, Evan would bestow them with the ultimate gift and even take their measly cocks into his tight hole.

It made Evan so hot to realize he was what guys like Patrick only dreamed of hooking up with, and that in a beautiful, self-less way, he was fulfilling their fantasy.

But Evan wasn’t so sure he was the hottest guy Patrick had been with, which would have been surprising to realize a couple of hours ago.

Patrick had some obvious cash, as evidenced by his bar tab when they came across each other at the end of the night and the beautiful apartment Evan now found himself lounging in, as Patrick made him a drink. And where there was a rich gay guy, there were a million money hungry twinks and twunks thirsting in the wings.

Evan suspected Patrick could have had his fair share of men. He’d just have to make sure he coaxed it out of him before they got down and dirty.

But one thing Evan remembered, which gave him some smug reassurance, was that Patrick had been crushing on him hard for years. So even if Evan wasn’t the hottest Patrick had been with, this was still fulfilling a different kind of fantasy for Patrick.

Evan’s 8 inch, thick cock started pulsing at the thought, causing the already noticeable bulge in his jeans to plump up further.

Patrick came back with their drinks.

“Cheers,” he said, as Evan took his glass. They both took a deep sip. The scotch Patrick had raving about in the Uber over was smokier than expected, and it almost made Evan want to cough and choke. But he resisted, as that wasn’t the sexiest thing to do.

“You know, I’ve been wanting to spend time with you for a while,” Patrick said. His eyes were twinkling with lust, but for a split second, Evan thought he could see something else there, too.

“Really? That’s flattering,” Evan said, faking coy. “I’ve been wanting to spend time with you, too.”

Now, he was outright lying, but he had found long ago that he got the best performance from his prey when they were hopeful, excited, and equally flattered. This made them more willing to do his bidding later on when things warmed up.

“Huh, that’s interesting,” Patrick said, taking another drink. He closed his eyes and sighed. “This is delicious, right? Cheers to a fun night.”

Evan cheered him back and drank a little more. He found himself taking in more than anticipated, and this time he did cough. He was feeling a little light headed for a moment, though it was quickly turning into a nice buzz.

“Let’s play a little game,” Patrick said. “A game of truth or dare, to loosen us up. What do you think?”

Evan was intrigued, so he easily agreed.

“I’ll go first, since you are my guest,” Patrick said. “Truth.”

Evan called out Patrick for taking the easy route, but quickly got to his question. “How long have you had a crush on me?” His cock was rigid with the question.

“Since I first saw you two years ago,” Patrick answered. “At that pool party. You were less muscular than you are now. The perfect twunk.”

Evan pretended to be embarrassed outwardly, but inwardly he was a little miffed. Was he too muscular, and therefore less attractive to Patrick now?

He came out of this train of thought as Patrick said it was his turn.

“Dare,” Evan said, unwaveringly.

“How big is your cock?” Patrick asked.

Evan sprawled out on the couch, making his rod visible through his jeans, and answered, “Eight inches. Thick too.”

A look flashed across Patrick’s face. It almost looked like disappointment. Maybe I’m way bigger than him? Evan thought, until Patrick’s features turned back to a lusty smirk.

“Damn, I should have known a stud like you would be a stud where it counts, too.” Evan smirked and finished off his glass, and Patrick went to refill him.

“Your turn,” Evan called to Patrick’s back. “Truth,” Patrick called back.

Evan again said he was taking the easy way out, but he had a question ready. “Are you a top or a bottom?”

Patrick came back with Evan’s drink, which was even fuller this time, and answered easily. “I’m a total top.”

Evan raised his eyebrows. Coming into this, he had expected to get sucked by Patrick and maybe even fuck him, but not the other way around.

“Dare,” Evan said, without Patrick having to prompt him.

“Quite the daredevil,” Patrick said. “I dare you to strip for me. To your underwear or fully nude. Whatever makes you more comfortable.”

“Well, damn,” Evan said. “You’re getting straight to the point tonight, huh?”

Evan smirked. His plan was in motion. As soon as Patrick saw him in his full glory, he would be putty in his hands.

Evan stood up, eyes locked on Patrick, and began rhythmically moving to imagined music, stripping off his tee shirt first, revealing his rippling torso and chest. He slid down his jeans, slowly letting his tight ass pop into view.

His cock was very visible in his tight boxer briefs, but he took his time pulling them down, slowing revealing his massive tool inch by inch, until it finally sprung free, half chubbed and flopping.

Evan stood there, taking in Patrick’s hungry face. He was giving Patrick the show of a lifetime.

He was making his fantasy come true.

Evan went to cross the distance between them, his cock swinging with his gait, but Patrick spoke up.

“Let’s finish the game first,” he said. “We still have to finish this last drink.” Evan sat down, kind of disappointed. His cock hung heavy and loose between his thick thighs, and Patrick took a good look at the sight.

“For the record, you’re insanely gorgeous,” Patrick said. “But I’m sure you already know that.”

Evan said thanks, and after a brief pause, Patrick said again, like he couldn’t help himself, “God, you’re so sexy. Not to be weird, but I’ve waited for this for a long time.”

Evan felt satisfied again and gulped a large portion of his drink.

“Anyway, truth,” Patrick said.

“How big is your cock?” Evan asked. It felt easy to ask after Patrick’s previous question, but he found himself really wanting to know. He was getting hungry for Patrick.

“Big enough,” Patrick said, winking. “You’ll see once the game is over.” Before Evan could complain, Patrick said it was his turn.

“Truth,” Evan said, changing it up. Patrick smirked, his eyes twinkling.

“Will you do anything to make my fantasy come true?” Patrick asked, his voice slick with desire. He was leaning forward slightly, like he was anxious to hear Evan’s answer.

Evan hesitated with triumph. This was his confirmation. He was Patrick’s fantasy, and he wouldn’t love anything more than to please him right now.

“Yes,” Evan answered, and he immediately knew something was wrong as the confirming word left his lips.

He felt the room spinning around him, his body got super cold and then super hot, and his thoughts got blurry and muddled. He tried to stand, but he couldn’t move, and he tried to ask what was going on, but the power of speech had left him.

He tried to scream, to move, to do anything, but his body wouldn’t listen to his mind. He was slumped back onto the couch, his glass on its side on a pillow, and his cock dangling freely.

He began to panic.

Patrick chuckled evilly and stood up slowly, clapping as he did. He was gazing at Evan.

“So arrogant. So foolish,” Patrick gloated. “I never got this far with anyone before. I give you permission to speak.”

Evan felt compelled to obey. He asked, timidly, “What did you do to me?”

“It’s an old draught,” Patrick said. “A little bit of magic. You are mine now, for me to do as I please. Your mind and body.”

Patrick looked at him lustily. “Stand up.”

Evan stood up, his body exposed in all its beautiful, masculine glory.

“Get hard,” Patrick commanded.

Evan’s proud pecker instantly sprang up and throbbed. He was as hard as he had ever been.

“You are quite the specimen,” Patrick said, as he walked over and felt Evan up. “I wasn’t expecting this,” he said, as he grabbed Evan’s huge cock. “But this can be easily changed.”

Evan really didn’t like what that suggested.

“I could change you right now, with a snap of my finger. But that’s no fun. I want you to be active in your transformation,” Patrick said, menacingly.

Evan realized he could speak again. “Transformation?”

“Yes,” Patrick said, as he began to take off his clothes. His body was softer and flabbier than Evan would have thought. When his hard cock came into view, Evan could see that it was painfully average. Probably a little less than 6 inches.

“But first, I need to know some things,” Patrick said. “Why did you come home with me tonight?”

Evan found himself compelled to answer, and the truth came tumbling out at once. “I knew you had a crush on me, so you’d be easy prey. I’d get to give you a charity fuck, you could worship me, and I’d fulfill your fantasy.”

Patrick laughed. “You aren’t my fantasy, boy. But you will be.” He sat back on the couch, while Evan stayed standing.

“I want you to come sit on my lap.” Patrick said.

Evan obeyed and straddled Patrick slowly. As he was facing Patrick, he felt Patrick’s cock pop up against his ass crack.

“I want your hole to be hungry for me. I want my cock to be the only cock in the world that you desire,” Patrick whispered, as he pulled lube from under the couch and slathered it on his cock.

Evan suddenly shuddered, and an intense warmth started at his cock and spread up into his groin, flashing to his hole. It was a pulsating feeling, and he suddenly realized he was very empty. For a moment he was horrified at the feeling, but he knew Patrick’s cock could stop it. He made to lift up, like he was going to plop down on Patrick’s cock, but Patrick stopped him.

“Not so fast,” Patrick said. “There’s a catch. For every pump of my cock, you’re going to change.”

“Change?” Evan asked, wide-eyed.

“You’re going to become my fantasy,” Patrick said, laughing. “Like you wanted.”

Evan thought this over for a moment. “What’s going to change?”

Patrick pawed at Evan’s cock. “This, for one. If you’re going to be my bottom boy, you need to have the cock to match.”

“So you want me bigger?” Evan asked hopefully.

“Sure,” Patrick laughed. He grabbed Evan’s ass. “This will get bigger, though, and the rest of you will get smaller. Much smaller.”

“My muscles?” Evan asked, horrified. Patrick nodded.

“But you won’t care,” Patrick continued, “Once you start riding my cock. You just have to take that first plunge.”

Evan hovered on Patrick’s lap, and he was reminded of Patrick stripping earlier. His cock was actually pretty nice, even on the bigger side.

It was so close to his waiting hole. All he had to do was lift a little higher, and wiggle down a bit…

But your muscles! Evan thought forlornly. You love being a stud.

“Are my muscles really going to go away?” Evan asked one more time, frowning but feeling so horny he could explode out of his skin.

“Not all the way,” Patrick said reassuringly and almost relenting. “I promise they won’t get much smaller.”

Evan felt satisfied, but he was so full of conflicted emotion, he didn’t notice Patrick’s emphasis on “they.”

Evan’s mind was suddenly made up. He grabbed Patrick’s lubed cock, lifted his ass up, and slowly started to work it in.

Patrick chuckled a bit and smirked. “That’s my boy.”

He was so horny, he felt Patrick’s cockhead slip easily past his rosebud, and inch by inch, Patrick filled him up with all six of his throbbing inches.

The feeling was so incredible and so complete, Evan could have come right then and there. But instead, he steadied his breathing and locked eyes with Patrick.

Patrick’s mouth was slack, and he was rubbing Evan’s developed chest and shoulders. He grabbed Evan’s big cock, and it was like something released inside Evan. He felt that familiar warmth again spread from his cock, to his groin, and finally to his hungry hole.

He found himself lifting up on Patrick’s cock and sliding back down.

Electricity shot through his body, as he felt every inch of Patrick’s cock. The pleasure was beyond anything Evan had ever experienced, and he started slowly picking up the pace.

Each pump had his entire body on vibrate, and he felt himself getting enthusiastic, and going faster and faster.

Patrick moaned like a pleased animal as Evan bounced on his cock. Evan started yelping like a twink, something he would have never normally done.

“Patrick, fuck,” Evan moaned breathlessly. “This is so good.”

He closed his eyes in ecstasy and kept riding Patrick as Patrick felt him up. Neck and shoulders, to his pecs and nipples, which felt much more sensitive than usual, and down his abs to his cock.

Patrick grabbed his tool, but something felt different. Evan opened his eyes, still riding Patrick, and looked down.

Earlier that night, Patrick’s hand could barely get a grip on Evan’s huge cock. Even when he had grabbed it hard earlier. But now, only a few inches poked past, and his fat and flared cockhead wasn’t as big.

If Evan had to guess, his cock was close to the same size as Patrick’s.

No, my huge cock Evan thought forlornly, and for a moment, the daze he was in cleared a bit. Evan made like he was going to lift off Patrick’s lap, but Patrick slapped down on Evan’s ass and kept him impaled on his dick.

“Bad boy,” Patrick grunted, guiding Evan up and down his cock with renewed vigor.

“Why? You said my cock would get bigger?” Evan whined between gasps. It was hard to actually feel upset when Patrick’s cock felt so good.

“I never said that, boy,” Patrick said, chuckling evilly. “Let’s make things go a bit faster. When I’m done with you, you’ll have a tiny little penis. Not a cock.”

Evan felt a bit devastated, and looked down again at his penis, bouncing rhythmically as Patrick pounded away at his ass. He could almost see it dwindling before his eyes now. It was shrinking faster. He was definitely smaller than Patrick now, probably closer to 5 and a half inches.

So small, Evan thought. I’ll never be a stud again. He closed his eyes, not bearing to look again.

Patrick reached down and grabbed Evan’s penis. The tip was barely past his meaty hand.

“I want you to watch as your penis becomes fit for a bottom boy toy,” Patrick said with malice. Evan opened his eyes and looked down.

“Tell me, what’s the smallest one you’ve ever been with?” Patrick asked with cruelty.

Evan was compelled to obey. “There was this guy in college. He was about 4 inches hard. I laughed him out of my dorm room.”

Patrick slammed Evan down onto his cock, hard. Evan gave a little squeal of pleasure.

“That’s more of a man than you’ll ever be again,” Patrick said.

Evan continued bouncing on Patrick’s cock, unable to look away from his own diminishing manhood. He was dipping below 5 inches now.

“How small are you going to make me?” Evan dared to ask.

“I’ll be twice the man you are,” Patrick gloated. “Can you do the math?”

Evan’s heart sank. “Three inches?” he guessed.

Patrick laughed and moaned, “That’s right. It’s going to be so hot on you, baby.”

That was when Evan started noticing the other changes.

He felt it first. A weird tingling all over, and not just in his shrinking penis or in his aching, hungry hole. His ass felt heavier, and he squirmed around on Patrick’s pulsating dick to get a closer look.

Evan had never skipped leg day, so he had always had a firm and developed ass. But he was now officially packing a bubble butt fit for a bottom, and with each pump of Patrick’s cock, it was expanding before his eyes.

Patrick was groping Evan’s chest and abs again, and Evan felt their heft deflate under his eager hands. He turned back around and looked down.

He had the upper body of a twink. Even his arms had lost much of their bulk, but as he looked down at his legs, his thighs were growing to match his new ass.

Evan’s growing thighs seemed to emphasize his dwindling penis. It looked positively pathetic on his strong lower frame. It was barely 4 inches now. Almost an exact copy of the tiny dick he had laughed at in college.

But it was blissfully unaware of its shrinking state and continued to bob eagerly as Patrick pounded away at his huge ass.

He couldn’t believe what was happening. His once proud pecker, fit for a porn star, was now the size it was when he was 12 years old, and his heart sank to his stomach as it dawned on him that it would only get smaller.

Patrick saw what Evan was staring at and cruelly grabbed his shrinking penis. It almost totally disappeared in his meaty grasp.

“Oh, baby, you’re almost there,” Patrick gloated, with a twinkle in his eye. He moved his hands to Evan’s ass. He slapped it, causing a massive almost grotesque jiggle, and then grabbed two huge handfuls roughly.

The feeling was undeniably incredible, and Evan felt his penis straining even more. A drop of pre formed at the tiny tip. He started getting into it again and began riding Patrick with gusto.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, though, he was mourning his old body and his old life. He knew that if he were to get up and look in a mirror, he would be embarrassed. His huge lower half and slender upper body obviously didn’t match. And his painfully tiny penis, only fit for a submissive bottom bitch, would be the shame of any guy.

He looked like a freak. Like someone’s weird, fucked-up fantasy.

Patrick started picking up his pace and Evan knew he was close. Somehow Evan also knew that once Patrick coated his insides with his seed, Evan’s transformation would be complete. He would truly be Patrick’s fantasy, forever.

Evan’s tiny cock was leaking like a faucet, and Patrick grabbed hold of it again. It completely disappeared in his hand. Patrick smiled, groaned, and came inside Evan.

Evan shuddered, felt his prostate spasm, and he experienced the greatest orgasm of his life. It reverberated across his body, and as he closed in his eyes in ecstasy, he saw only Patrick.

Patrick let go of Evan’s penis, revealing a miniature version of what he was packing earlier that night. It was just under 3 inches throbbing, with a tiny cockhead like a cap eraser.

Evan’s orgasm wasn’t subsiding, but growing to the point where he thought he would blow. It finally did, and a jet of cum escaped his tiny penis. He had cum hands-free, like a true bottom boy.

He looked down at Patrick, smiled, and cooed in a sultry voice, “You were so good, daddy.”

Later that night, after several more rounds of passionate lovemaking, Evan got up from cuddling with Patrick to use their bathroom. As he passed the mirror, he caught a glimpse of his naked body.

His nub was nestled sleepily, just a tiny head above tight balls. He had a baby penis, but smiled proudly at the thought. He sat down to urinate, and could just make out Patrick’s slumbering form though the crack in the door.

He finished, crawled back into bed and embraced Patrick. He thought contentedly, There’s no place I’d rather be right now.

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