The Hypno Gun 3

By MSTGay3000 -
published September 6, 2018

Steve hopes to rein in Ryan’s military brother Jack, but things don’t go as planned. Jack is a lot tougher than he thought.

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So I was a little nervous as I walked up the stairs to Ryan’s apartment. Ryan and Enrique were already there, but I still felt a little shaky even with them around, partly because I couldn’t believe I was actually going to try to put Jack, Ryan’s older brother, under. The hypno gun had certainly made me feel bolder than usual, and at first the thought of putting Jack under was so exciting, intoxicating even… but now faced with the actual prospect I wasn’t feeling so sure.

It’s not that Jack was a complete asshole to me or anything. He just radiated an aura of intimidation. He was taller than Ryan, and I don’t think I had ever seen him smile once. He was never one for small talk, and his steely gaze could make anyone feel chastised without a single word. I always got the feeling that he looked down on me because I wasn’t as athletic or fit as he and Ryan, like I was some sort of pussy. He never outright said it though. When it was announced he was going to the military years ago, it seemed a natural fit for the stoic hottie.

And damn was he a hottie. Good looks seemed to run in Ryan’s family.

The door was already open when I got to Ryan’s apartment.

“Hey guys,” I said, after entering.

“Look who’s finally here!” Ryan said. Enrique was sitting on Ryan’s couch and already watching the game.

“How did we miss so much time?” he said.

“No clue,” Ryan said. I looked away sheepishly.

Jack entered from the kitchen and I felt my stomach tighten just a little as our eyes briefly met. As usual I felt disapproved of somehow. Jack had brown hair (unlike Ryan who was fully blonde), in a military buzz cut, a chiseled face with hazel eyes, and a body that was almost superhero like in its proportions. He wore a camo shirt that clung to his sexy form like plastic wrap, blue jeans, and worn combat boots that were black as night. He could easily snap a person like me in two, which is a large part of why I found him so attractive. He was big and dangerous.

“Hey Jack. Long time no see,” I said.

“Steve,” he said, sitting next to Enrique, a beer in his hand.

I had a seat on a folding chair; Ryan sat right next to his brother on the couch. Ryan didn’t have much in the way of furniture; just an old coffee table he picked up from a thrift store, and the big couch.

“So, how long you here for Jack?” I said.

He shrugged, not even glancing at me. Ryan and Enrique cheered when a touchdown was made on the television, and Jack merely nodded his head in approval. I might as well have been talking to air.

“Oh Steve, did I tell you that Jack here killed a guy last time he was on tour? Tell the guys about it, Jack,” Ryan said.

I felt my cheeks go pale. “That’s, uh, impressive.”

“Oh yeah, Ryan was talkin’ ‘bout that. I wanna hear about it too. Sounds crazy, homie,” Enrique said. Jack kept his gaze on the TV.

“It happens. Don’t fuck with my boys, and I won’t fuck with you. That’s all I’m gonna say.” Jack said.

“This guy,” Ryan said with a proud grin. Ryan always did look up to Jack. “We’re your boys too, right?”

Jack shrugged.

“Yeah we are, don’t lie,” Enrique said. “You’d kill a guy for us though, right Jack? The OG homies? Oh, and Steve too.”

Ryan laughed.

Jack said nothing, but we all knew it was true. He tipped his beer back casually. Killing a guy seemed like changing the bedsheets to him. I watched him chug the whole thing down, the muscles in his strong, thick neck moving as he drank. When he was done, he crushed the can with one hand like it was a paper cup, then tossed it over his shoulder, probably for Ryan to pick up later.

It was safe to say I was having second thoughts now.

What if the gun didn’t work? Jack would surely crush me as easily as that can. The hypno gun was still hidden under my folded up jacket, in my arms. My finger fiddled with the trigger nervously as I weighed the pros and cons.

Ryan and Enrique were easy to put under, but Jack was far more disciplined and who knows how much resolve he had gained from his time on the battlefield? Didn’t they, like, teach guys in the army how to resist mind control? Okay, that was a stretch, but still.

But if the hypno gun did work…

I glimpsed at his enormous feet in his combat boots. They were like forbidden treasures, just waiting to be discovered by me. I just knew that a sexy guy like Jack had to have sexy feet; it was part of the package. I bet his feet were as tantalizing as Ryan’s…

Fuck it. I believed in the hypno gun! It hadn’t failed me yet, and I didn’t come all this way for nothing. No need to be so paranoid. I took a breath then stood, then moved in front of the tv, blocking their view just like I did in my apartment.

The guys yelled, and Jack shot me a look as if I just made his hit list.

“Sorry for interrupting, but I got something important to say real quick.”

I whipped out the gun and pressed the trigger. It lit up and whirred, as usual, and I aimed it at the trio in front of me.

Ryan and Enrique instantly went under. Their faces once again filled with the same hypnotic wonder that they had in my own apartment, their eyes going vacant, their mouths curling into those stupid, sexy smiles. Ryan even dropped his beer onto the floor.

But Jack… holy shit, Jack showed no sign of going under.

At all.

“What the fuck are you doing?” he said. There was no sexy hypnotized smile on Jack’s face, no slackening of his features, no lethargic tone in his voice. Instead, he looked royally pissed! I started panicking, and my heart was pounding.

“I, uh….”

Jack glanced at Ryan and Enrique, then immediately stood up, shocked by their faces. He was six feet tall in height, but it felt like he was ten feet tall at that point. I’m sure it wasn’t hard for him to make the connection between the whirling gun in my hand and the others’ sudden change in temperament.

Just my fucking luck! I felt sweat trailing down my forehead.

“Ryan? Enrique? What the hell is wrong with you guys?” Jack glanced at them curiously, and waved his hand in front of their faces. There was no reaction, of course, and he was clearly bothered by it. He aimed his deadly gaze at me and I almost shit myself. “What the hell did you to them, Steve? What is that thing?”

He pointed to the hypno gun. The little satellite addon was still spinning, and still having no effect.

“Oh, this? Um, it’s nothing. Just gimme a sec, alright? “ I laughed nervously and my hands were trembling. Oh god, the gun didn’t work, it didn’t fucking work! What did I get myself into? I was so damn nervous I dropped the hypno gun, and it turned off when it hit the floor.

“Give me that fuckin’ thing!” Jack said. He stepped over the coffee table, and looked like he was going to murder me!

I grabbed the gun, my hands still trembling, and narrowly dodged Jack.

“Ryan, Enrique! Grab him! Don’t let him get me.”

“Yes, master,” they answered in a dreamy voice.

Jack leapt towards me, causing me to cry out in fright. But he was caught, just in the nick of time, by Ryan and Enrique.

“Get off me, you assholes!”

They successfully held him back as he struggled like a raging bull.

“Let me go, goddammit! Can’t you see this pussy has got you all fucked up in the head? What the fuck did you to them, Steve?” Jack gnashed his teeth at me.

Fortunately, Ryan and Enrique worked out, and had enough physical strength to subdue Jack. That, and I was also sure my the commands made them super strong or something, sort of like how hypnotized people at a stage show can be walked on like a plank? I don’t know. Whatever it was, Jack couldn’t break free from them, and he bellowed like a caged lion. When I told them to subdue him, they were going to do it no matter what.

I took a couple moments to catch my breath, while Jack furiously cussed me out, assuring me that my grisly demise was soon near. His face was red, and I could see the veins in his neck as he shouted. If not for my hypnotized buddies, I would’ve been splattered all over the walls.

I turned the TV off. I had no idea what I was gonna do! If I couldn’t put Jack under, then I would have to make an escape or something, and figure out something later. But I was gonna give myself one more chance.

I turned the hypno gun all the way to FULL, a setting that was not recommended except in the most extreme situations. Well, this certainly seemed like an extreme situation to me! At this point, I just wanted to hypnotize Jack so I could get the hell out of here in one piece.

“Don’t you point that thing at me, you fuckin’ creep! Let me go Ryan, or I’ll kick your ass too!”

Fortunately, Ryan and Enrique only listened to me, which I’m sure Jack appreciated heaps. I was really walking the line here.

“Here goes nothing,” I said to myself. I pulled the trigger, and the little satellite attachment at the end of the gun spun as usual, the light emanating from it noticeably brighter, and the whirring sound louder. The hypno gun was running at full power now, and the gun felt hot in my hand.

This time, there was a reaction on Jack’s face. He winced, as if he had accidentally looked into the sun, as the full rays from the hypno gun blasted him. I kept the gun focused on his eyes, and even started to walk forward a bit.

“G-get that thing… get that thing away from me!”

“Hold him steady, guys.”

Jack fought against the others, but it seemed as if his struggling was getting weaker. Could it be? Was the gun actually working?

Jack started to curse at me again, but it was clear it was becoming more difficult for him to do so. He kept stammering. He tried to turn his head away, but his eyes kept returning to the glowing spiral coming from my gun, as if some invisible force were pulling him to look at it. His knees even buckled at one point, but he regained standing posture again, as if he were trying to defy my attempt at weakening him.

The gun was working!

“That’s it, Jack, keep looking into the spiral. Just relax and go deeper into a hypnotic state,” I said.

“Y-you… you asshole… I’ll k-kill you, Steve, I’ll fuckin’ murder ya…. ”

I was startled when Jack actually fell to his knees, held up only by the boys. It was like the gun was sapping him of all his physical strength, all his will. I held the gun steady, still aimed at his eyes. He muttered and moaned, and his face twitched, but I noticed he wasn’t looking away anymore.

“That’s it, keep looking Jack. Go into trance. Stop resisting.”

“N-never… mmmm… I’ll never go… hnnnggg…. into trance… fuck you, Steve!”

His voice was trailing off with each curse at me. His eyelids were getting heavy. I could see the spiral reflected in those gorgeous hazel eyes of his, his mouth quivering as the last vestiges of his resistance seemed to be going out. All of that rage seemed to have evaporated, subdued by the power of the hypno gun. He no longer shouted or anything.

“Feeling good, Jack? Just keep focused on the spiral. It’s so hypnotic. Let it take you deeper into trance.”

“Take me deeper… into… deeper into… NO! Never!”

I was startled as Jack mustered enough will to scream and shut his eyes in defiance, blocking out the hypno rays. He grit his teeth and whimpered, as if he were resisting torture. Shit. I guess all that military training really did give him a resolve of steel.

But I was going to break that. It was too late to go back now!

“Ryan, Enrique. Open his eyes for me. Force him to look into the spiral.”

“Yes, master,” they both said.

Jack shouted and fought once again, but the boys overwhelmed him. They forced his eyes open, and held his head steady for me, as he screamed at me once more. I made the gun go even closer to his face this time.

“Ryan, stop, don’t do this! Don’t let him do this to me! Wake up! I’m your fuckin’ brother!”

“Just focus on the spiral, Jack. Ryan can’t help you now. He only listens to me anyways, right Ryan?”

“Right, master,” Ryan said dreamily. Jack screamed again.

“Go deep into trance, Jack… deep into trance…”

Jack started hyperventilating, his mouth screaming profanities at me. But it didn’t last long. Once again, I saw his eyes fill with the spinning lights of the hypno gun, as I brought it right to his face. His breathing slowed, and his shouting died down. His chest started rising and falling gently as he calmed down.

“Just let all that tension dissolve into the floor, Jack. You’re going under, whether you like it or not.”

“I’m going under… whether I like it or not….” he said, his voice faltering, and noticeably softer. My dick was getting excited by the sound of it.

“Deep into trance, Jack, deep into trance.”

“Deep into trance, deep into trance,” Jack said.

Oh my god. I had him! Jack’s voice was dreamy and lofty, just like his brother, and his entire face and body had relaxed by now. Even better, a delirious looking smile started appearing on his usually cold, stoic face, the first time I had ever seen him smile ever, and if that wasn’t a clear indicator that the gun was working, then I didn’t know what was.

I ordered Ryan and Enrique to let Jack go, and they did. He didn’t get up to grab me or anything; he just kept staring into the hypno gun like a big goon, an entranced smile on his face, his eyes no longer blinking, just like his little brother.

Just for fun, I moved the hypno gun at different angles, and was delighted to see Jack’s fascinated gaze follow it obediently, like a dog watching a ball move around.

Jack was mine. Needless to say, my dick was rock hard.

I turned the gun off, and Jack was still staring and smiling like an idiot, even with nothing in front of him. I took a deep breath of relief.

“Jack, I want you to sit on the couch again. And from now on, you will address me as ‘sir’.”

“Yes, sir,” Jack said in his new dreamy tone.

He rose to his feet, then had a seat on the couch, then stared at the blank TV screen like a moron.

“Jack, can you put your feet on the table for me?”

“Yes, sir,” he said.

Plonk, plonk. Two heavy combat boots landed on the table, ready to be spoiled. I couldn’t wait.

“Ryan and Enrique, I want you guys to make out with each other like you’re both the hottest chick to each other. And as you do so, you will continue to go deeper into trance as well.”

“Yes, master,” they said.

They turned towards each other and went to town, sinking to the floor, locked in each other’s arms. I smiled as I saw their crotches begin to tent, as they kissed each other wildly like a couple of sex starved teens.

In the meantime, I attended Jack and his sexy boots. I untied the laces on each one, then allowed my fingers to trail along the hard black leather, which felt super smooth. Even the faint leathery smell of them was turning me on. My eyes kept wandering up to Jack’s enthralled face, half expecting him to wake up and beat me to a pulp at any second, but given his stupid, grinning face, and non blinking eyes, it was clear he was miles away. I have to say, for a guy that never smiled, he had a really lovely one. My dick was throbbing.

I took my time slipping the first boot off. I revelled in every inch of black sock that peeked out of as the shoe came off. When it was off completely, I marveled at the shape of Jack’s foot, large like Ryan’s, with a nice arch.

The smell was delicious. It was a natural scent, mixed in with the fresh leathery smell of his boot, and a warm, moist sock. I put the boot up to my nose and sniffed it. Fucking beautiful. My dick convulsed as I took another whiff, the smell even more powerful from inside his boot.

I placed the boot aside, and then went to his foot. His sock seemed thicker than usual, and went all the way into his jeans. I reached into the insides of his jean leg, just past the ankle, and let my fingers trail all the way down to his meaty foot, feeling every cottony wrinkle in his sock. I let myself massage his socked sole with my thumbs for a bit, then flexed his toes, before my fingers rode up once again to the inside of his jean. So awesome!

My face was drawn towards his sole like a magnet, and I moaned softly as I pressed my nose right into his toe area. The rich smell of his feet, as well as the moistness of his sock against my face, had my dick going wild. My nose rolled down right into the ball of his foot, which I nuzzled heavily as the scent of cotton and feet filled my senses.

“Alright, listen to me Jack,” I said, sounding almost drunk from how amazing Jack’s feet were, “every touch you feel on your feet will put you deeper into hypnosis, will take you deeper into trance. Got that?”

“Yes sir.”

“And not only that, but it will make you so very hard too. Do you like it when girls play with your feet?”

“No, sir.”

“Well, today, you are going to love it when I do just that. Every time I play with or touch your feet, your cock is gonna feel it. But you can’t cum unless I command you too. Understand?”

“Yes sir.”

I really liked this new version of Jack, so friendly and agreeable. It was also probably the most I had ever conversed with him. I reached into his jean leg again and grabbed the edge of his sock, and started pulling it down his ankle. As I did so, I noticed his crotch start to tent, which made me grin cheekily.

I rubbed his exposed ankles for a bit, enjoying the feel of my fingers touching his skin. I then continued to remove his sock until his sexy, meaty heel was unveiled. I spent a few moments just rubbing it and as I did so, I noticed his cock blow up even more, as if his cock loved it when I did that. I caressed his bare heel, which was a little rough around the edges, and loved watching his cock squirm in his jeans.

“Go ahead and whip out your dick Jack. Let it breathe. It looks like it’s suffocating in there.”

“Yes, sir.”

He did as he was told, and I was pleased to see his monstrous pecker out in full. His cock was veiny and throbbing, and twitched every time I pressed down on his foot. I slipped my fingers in between his sock and his arch, and rubbed it gently, and it really felt like I was rubbing that big fat cock of his as I did so. I might as well have been, given how wildly his cock was moving from it!

From there, I slipped the rest of the sock off. Jack’s foot was a revelation. Big, just like Ryan, with long toes too, but a rougher sole overall, which was not unexpected. However, there weren’t any outstanding blemishes, and it seemed he took decent care of his feet. Even his toenails were perfectly trimmed. It was the foot of a real man, not the boyish, soft sole that his brother had.

I groped his naked foot hungrily. It smelled amazing. I rolled my face against it, and caught glimpse of his cock shooting out a drop of precum in response.

“Oh, you really like that, huh Jack?”

“Yes, sir.”

I laughed. I tossed Jack his own sock and ordered him to stroke himself off with it, which he did so happily, and in the meantime, I ravished his foot with my tongue, enjoying every inch of it.

The aroma and taste was making me leak again. I whipped my own cock out and gave myself a couple of good tugs, while I sucked on Jack’s toes. I couldn’t get enough of that raw, manly taste. Though I couldn’t see it due to the color of his sock, I just knew that he was soaking that thing in precum too, and all with a hypnotized smile on his face.

I had almost forgotten about my other slaves, who were busy rolling around with each other on the carpet.

“Ryan, Enrique, stop. Ryan, I want you to get undressed, but leave your socks on.”

“Yes, master.”

I didn’t forget that that they both had cum filled socks on, and I didn’t want to see the aftermath—that was for them to deal with on their own, a special treat from me.

I did, however, want to see Ryan almost naked. I had plans for him. I would’ve died to be given the chance to see Ryan naked, but I had already seen his naked bod plenty of times since discovering the hypno gun. Once he was undressed, I ordered Ryan to lie on his back. I loved how he maintained his own boner, despite being naked.

“Enrique, I want you to eat, then finger, Ryan’s hole for me.”

“I’ve never done that before, master,” Enrique said.

“Well just imagine Ryan is the hottest chick ever, once again, and I’m sure it’ll be second nature for you.”

“Yes, master.”

“Ryan, you just stay put and go into trance as you feel Enrique open your ass up for me, okay? And Enrique, you will also be going deeper into trance too, as you delve into Ryan’s hole. Both of you will remain hard though.”

“Yes master,” they said.

Ryan held his legs up to allow Enrique to go down on him. I watched for a few moments, enjoying the sight of a mesmerized Enrique tongue fucking a mesmerized Ryan. Ryan still had that goofy grin on his face, and stared at the ceiling without blinking, while Enrique made his ass nice and fresh for me.

Well, not for me, technically.

Back to Jack: he was still jerking himself off mindlessly, holding his own cock hostage with his black sock, his own face just as plastered as Ryan’s. I continued my worship of his delicious foot for a little while longer, before moving to the other. I undressed the other foot, but instead of taking the sock off immediately, I pressed both feet together and enjoyed them that way. One socked foot, one bare foot, two mouth watering treats for me to enjoy.

I loved the contrast of texture, and the difference in smells too, with Jack’s bare foot offering a more ripe aroma, while his socked foot still had a lovely hint of warm boot on it. I feasted on both with abandon, and my cock went crazy again.

Eventually, I ripped the other sock off too, then held it up to my nose, savoring its fresh, heady scent. I almost came just from that, but I paced myself, and prevented myself from doing so. It was definitely one of the harder things I had to do! Jack’s feet almost had me feeling hypnotized.

I turned to Ryan and Enrique and made them stop. Enrique had been finger fucking Ryan enough now. I pulled him away for a moment, and examined Ryan’s hole myself—it seemed nice and ready to me. He looked almost comical with his legs up in the air like that, his mesmerized face not even aware of what he was doing.

“Ryan, your hole is nice and ready now, and your mind is nice and hypnotized too, am I right?”

“Yes, master.”

“Good. Jack, I want you to stop jerking for a bit and take the sock off your dick.”

They both did as they were told. Jack’s cock was glossy from precum.

“Now, Ryan, I want you to mount your brother. Get on top of him, and Jack, I want you to make sure your dick goes right up Ryan’s hole.”

Jack’s face twitched for a moment, as if something in his subconscious stirred. It made me nervous, until he answered with a hazy “yes, sir.”

Ryan did as he was told. He climbed to his feet, then mounted his brother. I noticed Jack didn’t flinch or even look away or anything; he just continued to smile on like an idiot as his brother’s shadow enveloped him. Once Ryan was on top, Jack’s hand positioned his cock right at Ryan’s hole, and contact was made.

“There we go boys, nice and easy. Start fucking yourself on Jack’s cock, Ryan. That’s it. Up and down, nice and easy. And now, look at each other.”

I almost blew my load again as the two brothers gazed at each other with their dumb frozen grins.

“Ryan, as you feel Jack’s dick ride up inside you, it will send a hypnotic wave straight to your brain, right through your eyes, and right into Jack. Each push of his cock inside you will hypnotize you even further, which will cause you to hypnotize Jack further, over and over. Jack, you are becoming more and more hypnotized by your brother’s eyes as you stare at them, which makes you want to fuck him even deeper. Everything feels so good to both of you. You guys getting all this?”

“Yes, master.”

“Yes, sir.”

They answered at the same time. I watched with bated breath as Ryan sank onto Jack’s cock, and then rose, up and down, up and down, slowly and gently, just as I directed. They gazed at each other with their foolish faces, no blinking or flinching or even moaning, and I knew they were sending each other into a deeper level of hypnotic trance that neither of them could ever imagine. Ryan’s cock was already spitting out precum and wetting Jack’s camo shirt, and I saw Jack’s hands grip into his brother’s cheeks, as if he were trying to push even further inside, sending the both of them into a deeper hypnosis.

I started worshipping Jack’s feet again. In fact, I ordered Enrique to join me, and made sure to command him to go deeper into trance as he did so too. We worshipped together, and the only one moaning was me. I knew that our worshipping was making Jack’s cock harder, which in turn was making Ryan’s fucking even better, which in turn was hypnotizing them both. It was the perfect loop, and was making me feel loopy with bliss!

I had to get off.

“Enrique, take your cock out and start rubbing it against Jack’s foot.”

“Yes, master.”

“Once you hear me yell ‘now Enrique’, you will cum on Jack’s foot, understand?”

Enrique agreed.

“And Jack, once you feel our sweet, sweet jizz on your sexy feet, you will cum right into Ryan’s ass, which will make him cum too.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Got that Ryan?”

“Yes, master.”


The stage was set. I took Jack’s foot and started rubbing my hungry cock all over it. It was maddening. Enrique was doing the same, and we both had Jack’s feet wet with our precum in moments. Damn, did they look good with all that shine on them. I took Jack’s sock (which was nearby) and held my nose with it, inhaling it like a drug, while I fucked his foot ravenously. My eyes were rolling up in my head, and I could feel the orgasm just inches away.

“Now, Enrique!” I yelled.

I came. Oh fuck, did I cum. I swear I saw stars and shit. The orgasm jettisoned through my body, and it felt fucking amazing squirting a load all over the indomitable Jack’s foot. I glanced at Enrique, and he had done the same to the other foot.

The brothers were silent, but I saw cum leaking from Ryan’s ass. Like clockwork, however, Ryan had already blasted his load onto Jack. I stood up and laughed when I saw the cum splattered on Jack, even on his face! Holy shit did we make a mess!

In the end, everyone was all smiles… and continued to fuck mindlessly as I hadn’t told anyone to stop. Oh well. A few more moments wouldn’t hurt anyone. My cock was sore and swollen, but it was so damn satisfying rubbing it against the warm sticky mess on Jack’s foot, as if it were proof that even he was no match for me and my hypno gun. None of them were. I took another whiff of Jack’s boot and allowed myself to enjoy the moment as much as I could.

“Hey, what happened to the TV? Why’s it off?” Ryan said.

“Turn it on, then” I said.

They turned the game on… and it was finished.

“What the fuck?” Enrique said.

Jack shook his head.

Everyone was dressed again, and yes, the game was over. I had, of course, wiped everyone’s memory, and did a little cleaning up of my own. For all they knew, no time had passed at all. I had them ignore any discomfort they might be feeling, and any smells they have caught wind of, especially the smell of jizz!

All three looked stunned at the fact that the game had magically ended in what seemed like moments.

“Get me another beer, bro.” Jack said.

“You got it. What about you Steve?” Ryan said.

“Actually, I think I’m gonna head off.”

“What? You just got here.”

“Can someone explain to me how the fuck the game just ended like that? That makes no sense at all to me.” Enrique said.

I shrugged and smiled.

“I’ll catch you guys later. Nice seeing you again Jack.”

“You too, Steve,” Jack said.

I may have also left a command in Jack’s brain to make him more friendly to me for the foreseeable future. It wouldn’t hurt, right? I left the apartment, while the boys decided to watch something else. I took one last glance and smiled as Jack chugged down another beer, his camo shirt still wet with Ryan’s giant cum stain from earlier. I took great pleasure wiping the cum off his face with his own sock, even if he didn’t remember it.

I didn’t leave empty handed though. I still had my hypno gun (which I would be using again), but also a pair of black, sweaty, delicious smelling socks now. I took another whiff of them, a last memento of my wonderful day, and felt my dick twinge as I imagined Jack’s cummy bare feet inside his boots. I sighed happily. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to use my hypno gun again!

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