I Love Luis

By Willie Cici published March 25, 2015
A love story --- the wealthy American meets his love slave in Rio.

“Luis, I’m home.”, bellowed the 35 year old advertising executive vice president. As he entered the foyer of his East End Avenue penthouse, his adoring Luis scurried to greet his lord and master.

“I’ve been waiting for you all day.” He approached Luis and kissed his lord and master with a passionate exchange of tongues and fluids. “Did you miss me?”

“Yes, my pet I did.” I admired my slave. Luis donned his standard house apparel: a size-too-small white cut-off t-shirt, exposing his eight-pack abs and a leather studded locking cock cage. The cock cage wrapped around Luis’ thick 9” cock. I understood the need to deprive Luis of pleasure. It would intensify our time together. In addition, it forced Luis to offer up his tight little hole when he felt the need.

As Luis stroked my crotch, he said, “Ricky, you promise we go to club tonight. You no forget?”

“No, my pet. Tonight, we club.” Luis kissed me again as he scurried off towards the bedroom, hoping that I would follow him for some pre-dinner cock sucking. I stared at my adorable little slave. Luis stood at about 6’. He was 23 years old, Brazilian, sun-kissed complexion, fair for a Brazilian. In Brazil, he worked as a physical trainer and masseur. I kept Luis practically naked because that his physique should never be draped with clothes. Luis had a swimmers’ build, but with broader shoulders, a chest and eight-packs to envy, and a gorgeous cock. That body deserved constant display and admiration.


Eighteen months ago, while on vacation, I travelled to Rio de Janeiro for Carnival. I had finished Super Bowl advertising season and decided to escape for 12 days of unbridled passion and lust. As I entered the Windsor Atlântica, the concierge greeted me and reminded me that the hotel offered many exclusive first class services: the spa, the gym, the nightclubs and escorts. I thanked him for his courtesy and asked him to schedule a day at the fitness center and spa for the following day, which he did. For that first day, I decided to lounge about the beach and enjoy the eye candy from afar.

Brazilian women are beautiful; there is no doubt. Equally true is this: Brazilian men are studs. The cuties that paraded before me in their clinging white, turquoise or yellow Speedos left me speechless. I did not know whom to ensnare first, but I knew that someone would satisfy my urges. A group of local youth, bodies taut and bronzed, were playing soccer. The soccer ball took a hard spike and landed near my chair. I grabbed the ball and returned it to the lads. One young man approached and said, “Obrigado.”

As I handed him the ball, I reach out my hand to shake hands and returned the thanks. I said to the young man, “De nada. Venha para Suite Número 2740 às 10h.” He looked into my eyes and understood the nature of the command. He did not protest (how could he!) nor did refuse (again, how could he!).

Later that night, at 10pm, as I had commanded, the young man knocked on the door of my suite. He entered the suite, wearing a pair of cargo shorts, a tight-fitting t-shirt and leather sandals. He smelled of sandalwood, clean and refreshing.

“Qual o seu nome?”, I asked the young man.

“My name is Stefano.”, he replied. “I speak a little English.”

“That’s good. My Portuguese is not very good.” That was not true. Given my special gifts, my command of languages was impeccable. As I escorted Stefano by the hand into my bedroom, I said, “Get naked.” He disrobed in what seemed a flash. I had chosen well. Stefano had a beautiful body, but his beautiful, thick 8” cock was a surprise. I hurled Stefano to the bed and began to pleasure the young man. Stefano was shocked by my graciousness since he expected (I surmise) to be the bottom for the evening. I was in the mood for some ass play tonight and decided to let Stefano service me accordingly.

What transpired the next nine hours I would describe as calculated debauchery. The young have stamina, the mature have experience. When you combine the two, the result becomes steamy sex for about two hours, a little cuddling and sleep, wake up for more sex, them more sleep and finally, a 6am hard-on punctuated with a suck and fuck in the shower.

At 42, my body should not have the power to keep up with the young ones. Had I not been blessed with my special gifts, I would lack the power. My special gifts – to control my mind and body at will and the minds of those I touch and wish to control – affords me the ability to kick up my testosterone levels, keep my body in perfect physical form, and produce a sex drive upon demand. I can go days without any sex, especially if no one appeals to me. Then again, if I find someone like Stefano with a body built for pleasure, then I can fuck for hours. I can control my mind and its neurons to appropriate anatomical functions. I control Stefano with a touch of hand, the electrical impulse I send to his cerebral cortex.

Before Stefano left my suite that morning, I stuffed about 10000 Brazilian Reals (about $3000) in the pocket of his cargo pants. As he walked towards the door of my suite, I shook his hand and said in my mind, “You will remember having sex with an attractive American woman in her 30s. You fucked her all night long. Don’t be ashamed by any money you find. It’s not payment. It is a thank you.” To his face, I said, “Obrigado por tudo.”

Stefano replied, “De nada” and walked towards the elevator. I never saw him again. I never do.


That morning, as Stefano was leaving the suite, I remembered my spa appointment for 9:00am. I grabbed a quick breakfast at the breakfast buffet. Then, I sauntered to the fitness center where I worked on my biceps and triceps. The other men stared at me in my lycra skin-tight workout apparel, the envy oozing from their pores. I love being the exhibitionist. It pisses people off, for sure. That’s why I do it.

From the fitness center, I entered the locker room and showers to prepare for my massage. The spa was attached to the fitness center. With towel draped about my lower body, the attendant directed me to the massage room. There, she bid me to lie down and wait for my massage therapist.

About two minutes later, a young man entered the massage room and introduced himself. “Halo. My name is Luis. Do you speak Portuguese?”

“Um pouco.”, I replied.

“Qual é o seu nome?”, Luis asked.

“Ricky.”, I replied.

“Ricky, posso usar óleos durante a massagem?”, Luis asked.

“Si.” I replied. “Vou tomar banho novamente após a massagem.” With that answer, Luis began his thorough massage of my back, shoulders, spine and neck. He had removed the towel that covered my lower half to pour the massage oils. Luis’ massage was exhilarating. As he concluded the back, Luis asked me to lie on my back. As I did so, Luis applied oil to my chest. Then he proceeded to my legs and feet. When he concluded his massage of my legs, Luis retrieved the massage oils and began to drizzle it upon my cock and balls. The warmth of the oils upon my genitals shocked me.

“O que você está fazendo?”, I asked.

“Você não quer que eu continue a massagem, Ricky?”, Luis said as he began to stroke my cock.

“Você não acha que você deveria ter me perguntado primeiro?”, I asked.

“Todas as bichas americanos esperam um trabalho de mão quando dizem sim a massagem com óleo.”

I lay there as Luis proceeded to jerk me off. I did not want to create a scene based on the derogatory comments he made. He said what he said based on his prior experiences: all the American faggots expect a hand-job when they agree to the oily massage. Luis was only doing his job.

If I could have entered his mind and wipe his brain of the ability to think, speak or function, I would have crippled him. Instead, since he had his hands already on me, I decided to play with the young man’s mind. Telepathically, I ordered him to my hotel suite that evening around 11pm. Before he visited me, I ordered he remove all the hair from his body, except his face. He could keep his ponytail noir black hair, eyebrows and goatee. I also ordered him to wear an athletic jock and spandex athletic gear.

Once I completed my control messaging, I shot my load directly in his face. He still had my cock in his hand. To confirm my control, I said to him, “Lick it.” Without objection, he wiped the cum from his face with his fingers and ate my cum. As if surprised, he said, “Mel?”

I replied, “Yes. Honey.” As he wiped my cock clean with a warm towel, I said to him, “In about thirty minutes, come to the locker room. I’ll have your tip in cash. O governo não tem que saber tudo.”

“Si. Cash es bueno.”, Luis replied.

I wrapped myself in a fresh towel and entered the sauna for some dry heat therapy. From there, I entered the shower and cleansed myself of the oils. After my shower, I entered the locker room. I found my exercise gear handing in a plastic bag on the door of my locker, the fitness center having laundered my clothes during my massage. As I dressed into my exercise gear, Luis approached me and said, “You told me to come see you.” I retrieved a leather folio in my locker and handed Luis 5000 Brazilian reals. Luis protested, “This is too much, I. I cannot …”

“Take it. I am a wealthy bicha Americano.” I smiled. Luis took the money and quickly hid it in his pocket fearing that some other staff member may have witnessed the transaction. As he walked away, I smiled and began to think of what devilry I would implant in his programmable little mind.


At 10:59pm, I heard a knock on my door. I walked towards the door of my suite and welcomed Luis to my world. I scanned Luis as he stood at the threshold of my suite. As ordered, he had removed his body hair. He wore a black spandex leggings and t-shirt that accentuated his taut physique. As he entered the suite, I stared as his ass and saw the outline of a jock strap. I was impressed with my ability to control this boy’s mind.

Luis entered my suite. His mouth lay open; he had never seen the inside of any of the hotel rooms – the very hotel where he was employed. He proceeded to the balcony of my suite, admiring the view of the moon gleaming upon the umbra of Sugarloaf Mountain. I left him with his thoughts. They would be his last, independent thoughts.

When he re-entered the suite, I said to him, “Do you know why you are here?” He nodded no. “I am here to apologize to you.” I extended my hand, “In friendship, I know that I acted rudely today during my massage. I wanted to take you out for some nightlife fun.”

Luis was a little surprised. “I will shake your hand, Ricky, but it was I who should apologize to you.” As he grasped my hand, Luis’ face went blank, his expression vacant and distant. “Yes, puto, you should apologize for calling me a faggot.” I concentrated all my thoughts and power into Luis’ mind. After minutes of Luis grasping my hand, I said, “You can let go. Now, strip for me. Slowly, as if you’re dancing.” I took a seat in a high back padded chair and watched my Luis slowly and provocatively shed his garments and shoes. Before he removed his jock strap, I said to him, “Stop and follow me.”

I led Luis by the hand to the bedroom. There, I had laid out a black satin sheet upon the bedding. “Climb on the bed and kneel.” Luis complied. On the bureau near the bed, I retrieved one of my favorite toys, a Pure Joy Glass Dildo. After applying just enough lube, I began to tickle Luis’ virgin hole with the head of the glass dildo. Once I inserted the dildo’s head, I played with Luis’ ass, further inserting each ridged cylindrical segment of the glass dildo. Luis did not scream, nor did he rebuff my advances. He cooed as each inch of the dildo made its way into his boy pussy. Luis was learning to enjoy the pleasure.

Once the dildo was in place, I began to stroke Luis’ beautiful cock. I needed to render him hard enough to encase his cock in the leather locking cock cage I had planned for my puto. It took some time for me to put Luis in the cage. This cage is special: riveted to the cock-and-ball strap are three straps attached to a cylindrical stainless-steel enclosure (“a stallion guard”) with two rings connected by four metal bars. For someone Luis’ size, wearing the cage may prove painful. So long as he remains relatively flaccid, he will experience no pain. The dildo in Luis’ ass proved that his cock would remain erect and proud.

“Stand in front of the mirror.” Luis walked towards the full-length mirror in the corner of the bedroom. “Do you like what you see?”, I asked Luis.

He stared at his encased cock and the glass dildo protruding from his buttocks. “Eu olho como um escravo viado.”

“English. No more Portuguese.”, I commanded.

“I look like a slave boy.”, Luis exclaimed.

I clapped my hands, applauding myself, and said, “Good. Exactly the look I wanted.”

“Then I am happy … my master.” Luis whimpered. At that moment, I knew I had completed my subjugation. I had cemented my control of Luis.

“Come here and take off my clothes.” Luis, his cock in a cage and a glass dildo in his ass, waddled over to me and began to remove my clothes. “As you expose a body part, I want you to suck that body part.” When he removed my shirt, I said, “My nipples. Suck.” He licked and sucked my nipples. I loved it. When he removed my pants, he kissed and suckled my thighs. He removed my bikini briefs and exposed my monster cock, 10”, thick and veined. He kissed the head of my cock and began to lick it. Quickly, he engulfed my cock with his warm inviting mouth. Normally, I could harden within minutes. This time, I let my little puto work his mojo. It would serve as practice for his future.

When I was ready, I grabbed Luis by the arm and threw him to the bed, exposing his ass again. I yanked the glass dildo from Luis’ ass and rammed my rock-solid 10” in that well-prepared hole. I loved the feeling of his gnarled little box, the grooves of the glass dildo having melded in his asshole. When I was ready to cum, I pulled my cock out his ass. I turned Luis on his back, straddled his face and told him to resume sucking my cock. When I shot my cum down his throat, I made sure he enjoyed a quasi-pint of my honey cream. There was so much jizz that it spilled from his mouth. Luis quickly scraped the jizz oozing down his neck with his fingers and licked his fingers clean. Luis knew not to waste the honey.

I climbed away from Luis and knelt next to him. “Do you want to come?”, I asked Luis. He nodded enthusiastically. I touched his forehead and said, “Cum”. His body began to convulse. His 9” cock, crammed in his cock cage, stood erect and began to shoot ounces of cum all over his face, his chest, his legs. His cock randomly sprayed his cum, like a lawn water sprinkler.

I grabbed Luis by the hand into the bathroom. Before we entered the shower, I removed the cock cage. Luis’ cock hung there, still dripping in cum. I led him into the shower and began to bathe him and lather him. I whispered in Luis’ ear, “You will love America.”


As promised, I took his Luis to a nightclub in the East Village (to give the name would ruin it for everyone). Luis and I dressed in simple attire: black slacks, black lycra-tight t-shirt, black leather shoes. We approached the bar and signaled to my favorite bartender, Randy.

“How’s it hanging boys?”, Randy quipped.

“A little to the left.”, I said. Randy nodded and placed a phone call. When he returned to me and Luis with our Heinekens, Randy said, “Take the lift to the 3rd floor.” We moved about the bar and dance floor, drinking our beers. As we sauntered about, I scanned the bar and dance floor for suitable partners. I spotted three cocoa-toned specimens. From what I could discern, these boys had the body I expected and the cock I demanded. As I walked by each of the three boys, I whispered to them, “Follow me.” The boys followed Luis and me into the dimly-lit hallway that led to the service elevator that would transport us to the 3rd floor. When the boys were in the elevator, I said, “You up for some fun?” The boys nodded yes, unfazed that they were already feeling the effect of my powers. By the time, the elevator door opened, the boys were ready for action.

The elevator doors opened to a spacious loft where beds and couches were strategically placed. “What are your names?”, I asked.

“I’m Deon. That’s Luther and that’s Boxer.”

“Luther and Boxer get to play with Luis.” Luis led Luther and Boxer towards the bed. There Luis serviced the sexual urges and desires of these muscled studs. The boys alternated as to who would enjoy Luis’ mouth and his ass.

“Deon, you get to play with me. You like sucking cock?”

“Nah. I don’t do that.”

I walked towards Deon, placed his hand on his shoulder and said, “Tonight, you do.” He pushed Deon on his knees, exposed his monster cock and shoved it in Deon’s mouth. Deon could barely breathe, but eventually Deon excelled in the skill he did not know he had. I shot my load down Deon’s throat. At first, Deon felt repulsed, but then he gulped and said, “Honey?”

“Yeah. It’s a gift.” I returned the favor by giving Deon the best head he had ever received and the best night of fucking he has ever experienced. When Deon blew his wad, he lay there, practically breathless. Deon got dressed and stood near the door of the elevator awaiting his friends as they shot their goo down Luis’ throat and in his ass. The three eventually exited the loft, leaving Luis and me alone. Luis went to the couch where I lay and cuddled with me.

“I love you, Ricky.”

“And I love you, Luis.”

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