Gilded Vessel: Overseas Operation

By ChaoticDjinn published September 5, 2018
Roles all around Italy have been redefined, in extreme characterture like ways

Simone sat quietly on the balcony overlooking the city, two of his fingers working their way in and out of his boi cunt at a slow and even rhythm. Although the view of the quaint little city was dazzling in the light of the sun just after sunrise his mind was elsewhere, floating off in a haze of deep contemplation. He felt as though he had been split down the middle, and was doing his best to stitch the pieces together into some semblance of wholeness and normalcy. He remembered being out on the town with Nico for a nice dinner and some drinks with the rest of the private bodyguards he worked with. He remembered that he couldn’t place just what he had done through the workday, but the need for drinks and relaxation had stood out clearly in his mind. He had had too much to drink and that Nico had offered to let him sleep on his couch and take him to work the next day. They had stumbled into his apartment, arms around one another, drunk and laughing and then….his head hurt thinking about it.

That morning he had woken up and instantly known something was different. Looking down at his body he was immediately struck by the strange feeling of foreignness mingled with creeping familiarity. His body was hairless, a first in his life as an adult, and the faint muscles that usually hid beneath his otter-like sea of hair had pushed out and toned into perfectly cut segments. What was most strange of all were the thoughts swirling around in his head. He had initially thought his pecs looked strange but impressive when his mind corrected him: he was impressed by his tits. He wasn’t manly enough to have a chest. Then there was the matter of his Boi pussy.

The phrase still felt strange in his mind: “boi pussy”. His hole hadn’t changed in any way, remaining between his firm butt cheeks with his small rock hard cock in its usual place, and yet he knew it to be true. He didn’t have an asshole like a real man, he had a boi pussy because he in turn, wasn’t a real man. The idea both frightened him and filled him with a strange sexual charge and contentment. He had spent much of his adult life feeling frustrated and unsatisfied. The small tool that hung between his legs always a reminder that he wasn’t the man that the woman around him wanted to be. Even his own girlfriend had withheld sex often enough that he felt like less than a real man.

He had crept towards Nico’s closed bedroom door, following the scent of man and sound of deep snoring and cracked it open ever so slightly. What he saw took his breath away in an instant and sent a through his hole. There was Nico, lying flat on his back, his legs spread wide open and sheets flung off his nude form. His body was even more impressively muscled than usual and his cock seemed impossibly large hanging between his powerful, granite thighs.

A part of Simone wanted desperately to turn away from his exposed friend. The two of them were straight and had known and worked with each other for years. That part of Simone had no interested in staring at his friend’s body. Yet another side of him flared up, louder than the first and burned with the urge to walk in and run its hands all over his friend’s perfect form.

Thoughts had filled Simone’s head and he had done the only thing he could think to do, turning and running out to the balcony, away from Nico and the enticing scent of unwashed man. The thoughts had grown louder as Simone sat down and stripped away his black thong before plunging his fingers between his cheeks. With Nico there was no doubt between the two of them as to who went where. Simone with his tiny dick and Boi pussy belonged on the bottom, someone to serve and take care of Nico’s expansive and manly body. It just made things so much simpler.


The deep rumble broke Simone out of his cloud of remembrance as a pair of thick and meaty hand clamped down gently on Simone’s shoulder. A shudder of pleasure shot through Simone’s body. Without turning around he knew that it was Nico, from the feeling of his hand and the scent of his powerfully musky body. A soft clatter of porcelain rang in Simone’s ears and he brought up his hands to take the saucer and cup that the behemoth was offering him.

“Coffee? Isn’t that my job?” Asked Simone, the words slipping from his lips in an effortlessly natural tone that send a quiver through his body.

“I guess I just felt like doing something nice for my Boi. Is it alright if I call you that?”

Simone felt a smile crossover his lips. Even with the world turned on its head and him in a position of authority Nico remained Nico, a sweet, somewhat silly giant of a man. The fact that his friend had kept his traits in his transformed state only served to further fan Simone’s burning desire.

“I like the sound of it, even if it is a little strange. It’s just. I remember how things were for us only last night, but that kind of feels like a dream. And I know that Tom is somehow responsible for all of this but… I’m not mad at him. Does that make sense?”

Neither of them spoke overtly about the changes that they had undergone. Some force deep in the back of their minds had wrapped its wispy tendrils around the part of their brains that would otherwise freak out or question and lulled them into submission. There was no need for words or explanations.

Simone felt Nico’s warm hands reach down and caress his perky, muscular tits. He felt all the love and kindness that his friend had in the depths of his personality out in the open without any holding back.

“It makes sense to me too. I know that I wouldn’t normally feel this way about you, one of my friends, but now that I do, I’m happy about it.”

Simone stood up and turned to face Nico, tilting his head as though he were a curious bird studying something shiny off in the distance. Although his body was nearly unrecognizable the middle-aged Italian still wore his goofy ear to ear grin and a mischievous light still danced in his green eyes. Before the change, Simone had felt Nico’s muscles on more than one occasion due to the mans boisterous and playful personality. He had always been solid and thick, the kind of guy that obviously took really good care of himself when he was younger but fell out of the habit later in life. At just over forty, Simone’s hands had run along nearly as much skin and fat as they had muscle.

Running his hands along his friend’s body in its current state Simone felt nothing but thick, powerful and bulging muscle. While Nico still retained some telltale signs of his age: crinkles around the corners of his eyes, his bald and shiny head, his entire body had been completely revitalized. His deeply tanned and rich skin was perfectly taught and free sagging or any trace of aged sun damage and seemed to shine in the early morning light before Simone.

“See something you like?” Asked Nico, his goofy smile taking on a sensual wrinkle

Simone didn’t respond. He knew he didn’t need words to express what he was feeling towards his formerly out-to-pasture friend. He kissed along his friend’s strong barrel chest and down his impossibly huge roid gut until he found himself on his knees, his face rubbing gently against his friend’s concealed hard on. Using only his thick, dick sucking lips, Simone leaned forward and pulled down his friends shiny black European style bikini briefs, letting Nico’s thick uncut dick slap his cheek forcefully.

“You were naked when I saw you earlier…did you get all dressed up just for me?” Asked Simone, running his thumb along Nico’s exposed cock.

“I just thought you might like it. Seeing all my body with the best parts hidden away for you to unwrap.”

Simone had never actually seen his friends exposed cock before he spent the night and woke up as a Boi, but he was sure that it’s current size must have been an improvement on whatever Nico was packing before. Standing fully erect at nearly fourteen inches the mammoth cock was nearly as wide was Simone’s wrist. He had always suspected that his own pitiful four inches couldn’t compete with any of his friend’s manhoods, and looking at Nico’s throbbing cock only confirmed that. Oddly enough it didn’t bother him anymore, thinking about how small and inadequate his cock was. He was a Boi after all, and it was totally normal for Boi’s to have small, throbbing cocks.

“You want me to show you how a real man uses one of these?” Asked Nico, flexing a cannonball bicep while playfully shaking his hips from side to side, slapping Simone in the face.

Simon let out a sigh, shaking moan and Nico’s powerful cock a lick from the base all the way up to its flesh covered tip. With red cheeks and averted eyes, Simone gave into his bodies new desires and pushed his pillowy tits into his friend’s dick with a shudder. His head was still swirling with just how differently he viewed his body. The hole between his firm yet pillowy cheeks was a cunt, or Boi pussy in his mind, and his rounded and perfectly hairless chest actually a set of tits. He knew he should have felt strange in his new body, having gone from what he considered to be a fairly masculine man apart from his tiny cock to a person who wasn’t even on the same scale as the pinnacle of manliness standing before him.

“You’ve got great tits, my friend. But I want to make love, not just fuck.”

Simone felt colour flush to his cheeks again as he felt Nico’s strong hands slip under his armpits and gently lift him off the ground. With his goofy smile and not a hint of strain on his face Nico lifted the smaller man as if he were weightless. Acting on instinct Simone wrapped his legs around his friend’s narrow hips before pressing his smooth cheek against his friends hairy, barrel chest.

“You really want to….make love?” Asked Simone, his heart racing.

Nico’s goofy smile softened for a moment and his glittering green eyes swelled with a sudden shimmer. “From the moment I saw you like this, it’s all I’ve wanted.”

Simone’s heart began to pound out of his chest. He felt himself carried to Nico’s bedroom and laid gently on the bed, still warm with Nico’s residual body heat. His body quivered at the sudden appearance of Nico’s firm gentle lips on his neck. Nico’s tongue darted in and out of his mouth at a playful pace while he kissed down Simone’s neck. For a brief moment, the hulking Italian’s lips were directly over Simone’s pert and rosy nipples. Simone’s vision burst into a swirl of radiant stars. His entire body shook with a pleasure that revelled the most powerful orgasm he had ever had with a woman.

“Don’t stop.”

The moan was wispy and wanting, leaving Simone feeling once again embarrassed with himself. Nico’s tongue began to move past his perky nipples and down to the curve of his six-pack abs. He wanted nothing more than feel Nico’s warm wet tongue over his perky tits again and found himself moan his request once more.

“Don’t worry, I’m going to take good care of you.” Replied Nico, tweaking one of Simone’s nipples with his thick fingers.

Stars filled Simone’s field of vision again at the sudden tweak of his tits and another breathy moan escaped his throat. The moan turned into a groan, and built into a sudden crescendo, riding the line between a moan and a full-on yell. Nico’s tongue had found its way between Simone’s hairless cheeks and into his Boi pussy. The stars that he saw before paled in comparison to the veritable nebula of constellations flashing through his field of vision.

Simone thought back to the many times Nico had bragged playfully about his tongue’s skill when it came to pleasing women. Simone had always assumed that he was exaggerating for the sake of coming off as a regular stud. In truth, he had always imagined the man as the kind of guy who would seduce a girl, then quickly fuck them and then cut them loose. The movement of his tongue and the firm yet gentle caress of his thick and calloused hands wrote a sprawling love letter against Simone’s body. It revealed levels of depth within his friend that Simone had never imagined existed.

“Oh, Nico.”

The moan that escapes his lips was elongated and pitched towards the end, carrying with it the sense of a doe-eyed virgin experiencing the sensuality of their body for the first time. There was no doubt in Simone ’s mind as Nico lapped at his hole with his tongue: This was the man he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

The two of them laid there for what seemed like hours. Nico alternating between slow and sensual laps and short, feverish darts of the tongue. Simone could feel the spit running down between his cheeks and onto the silk sheets beneath them. His voice cried out in a fever pitch while Nico’s tongue and fingers worked their magic on his tits and hole, sending wave after wave of toe-curling pleasure coursing through Simone’s transformed body.

Then, as quickly as it had come on, the pleasure stopped. Simone found himself drifting through a world of deliciously warm yet distinctly fading light. He was too rocked by the pleasure to take any real stock of his surroundings and didn’t realize that Nico was on top of him until he felt a foreign tongue enter his mouth. Simone kissed back and moved a hand to the side of Nico’s stubbly face, matching the gentle kindness of his kiss.

“Now that you’re all warmed up.”

Simone felt his cheeks gently parted by the thickness of Nico’s manhood and once again his vision erupted into pinpoints of indescribably beautiful light. All thoughts of his old life, of chasing women and worrying over where he stood in the grand scheme of his life faded into nothingness. He knew in his heart as his hole took the cock that slowly and lovingly pressed into it that the only thing that mattered in his life was Nico. He would take care of Nico and fill his days with as much pleasure as he could, and he knew that Nico would do the same.

The ripple that once only spanned a few sparse city blocks outside the newly opened gym downtown shone and crept every outward after having engulfed the entire city. Its borders grew more powerful, its will more resolute. All that dwelt within the ever-expanding bubble would be subject to the wishes of the men who frequented the Gilded Vessel’s newest storefront. The more fervent wishes it brought to fruition the stronger its power grew.

The entire region. The entire country. The Continent. The world. So long as the men who started it all kept desiring that which they didn’t already have its range of influence would continue to grow.

“Are you sure you want me to use your credit card? I feel bad enough taking the day off from work. Using your money for a spa day just feels weird.” The words felt somehow wrong as they left Giacomo’s lips despite a lifetime of being taught to be self-sufficient and to shy away from relying on others outside of dire times of need. He was a boi and Luca was a man. If Luca wanted to treat him or any other boi to a day out on the town, it was totally normal for him to do so. It wasn’t like a boi could go out and make their own money anyway. The idea of him going into work with Luca and standing as a guard on equal footing rang in his head. It was completely absurd, despite the fact that he had done just that for the past two years of his life.

“I’m telling you, it’s my treat. I’m more than happy to take care of you, especially considering how well you took care of me last night.” Replied Luca with a mischievous smile and a suggestive grab.

Giacomo felt himself blush at the older man’s lewd gesture and the memory of their hot and heavy lovemaking late last night. With a smile Giacomo, stood on his tiptoes and leaned in for a kiss from his friend turned lover. The sensation was bizarre to the formerly heterosexual man on several accounts. First and foremost, the sensation of the kiss was totally foreign to him. The firmness of Luca’s lips, the coarseness of his stubble, not to mention the bulging roid gut that stood between them. It was nothing like his memories of kissing women, soft and supple with them stretching up to meet his lips.

The nagging sensation of unease that dwelt within Giacomo around the older and more experienced bodyguards hadn’t left him in his transformation, rather the feeling simply followed his body’s lead and twisted itself into something new. Looking into Luca’s eyes and feeling the rock hard throb of the man’s dick through his skin-tight uniform, Giacomo found himself embarrassingly overcome with love and infatuation. His heart beat rapidly in his chest, his palms felt clammy and he could feel his forehead burning red. It was just as he felt the first day on the job when he saw how much bigger and more intimidating the other guards looked. It was only natural, they were all in their forties at least and he as a young, fresh-faced twenty-four.

“Man, I wish I could stay and have you do something about this.” Began Luca, pulling away from the embrace and pointing to his throbbing cock.”But I don’t want to be late for work today. Since I’ve got bois to take care of now, I’ll need all the hours I can get.”

Giacomo found himself blushing once more at the notion of being taken care of and gave Luca a curt nod . He watched his man turn and head out the door, doing his best to not stare at the man’s rippling body squeezed into his Halloween costume-esque uniform. The way his enlarged and muscular butt cheeks strained against the shiny plastic hot pants, the bare bronze skin exposed in the gap between his shorts and his nearly-see through blue button up, even the confident stride of his wide gait, it all turned Giacomo on in a way that he had never experienced before. With a sad smile and a kiss thrown through the air, Giacomo watched the object of his affection give him a sly smile before closing the door behind him.

Giacomo let out a long, low breath and fell back into one of the dining room chairs nearby the entrance to Luca’s quaint, one bedroom apartment. With the hulking man out of the room and his masculine scent fading, Giacomo felt his heart slow and his body return to a normal, resting condition. He looked around at the kitchen and the plates from the breakfast he had cooked for Luca. He had never been much of a chef, but the idea of having Luca cook his own breakfast sent Giacomo’s stomach into uncomfortable knots. The feeling went away once Giacomo got a whisk and bowl in hand and started on making Luca a Florentine omelette with fresh squeezed orange juice, a meal that far exceeded anything he had ever made for breakfast before.

Deeming the dishes in the sink minor enough to leave for later in the day, Giacomo fiddled with the black plastic card in his hand and gave a nod to himself. Luca had told him to go out on the town and have a nice relaxing day, and that was exactly what he intended to do. He walked into the bedroom, the air still warm with the heat of their lovemaking, and looked at his discarded pile of clothes. Just earlier the other day, they had been a pair of black slacks and a smart button up shirt, complete with his various badges and IDs. Laying on the floor before him however, was nothing more than a bright blue thong, a pair of white short shorts, and a white and blue striped tank top.

Giacomo picked up his outfit and walked into the bathroom across the hall. With his feet chilled by the cool, marble flooring, he alternated lifting the outfit in front of his body and letting it dangle down at his side. His body looked the same in many ways as he studied his reflection. His hair was the same zero fade with a patch of short, well maintained brown locks on the top. His eyebrows were dark and well defined above his deep chestnut eyes, but from that point downward he was completely devoid of hair. He wasn’t the hairiest guy in the world before, but he had a fair dusting on his arms and legs, along with a sizeable bush that he kept neat and trimmed. Running his hands over his body however it felt as though he had never known a single days growth from his brows down. His face, armpits, even the space between his butt cheeks and surrounding his boi pussy was completely smooth and sleek.

“Boi pussy”: The word rang out as an oddity in Giacomo’s head, but one that was absolute in its truth, despite the strangeness of it all. Looking to his tits, he found himself holding his arm up to cover his perky and supple nipples. Although he had never had a problem going around shirtless in his previous life, he couldn’t help but blush and recoil at the idea of walking around in public with his tits hanging out. He didn’t feel the need to wrap them in a bra or anything, but walking around shirtless with his tits on display for the whole world to see felt strange and taboo.

With another nod, Giacomo resolved to make the best of the day as Luca suggested and began to pull his outfit on. He stood in front of the mirror in just his striped tank top and noted how hot his ass looked peeking out just under the garment’s hemline. In his mind’s eye, he saw himself instead wearing one of Luca’s football jerseys, his body swimming in the garment and covered in Luca’s scent. He saw himself bend over the marble countertop in the kitchen, Luca’s thick cock pounding in and out of his tight, warm boi pussy. With a moan and a longing sigh, Giacomo broke himself from his fantasy and pulled his light blue thong up between his cheeks. The pressure it put on his boi pussy only served to further his feverish state and suddenly he found himself longing for Luca’s workday to be over. With a shimmy of his hips and a hand ran over his perfect six-pack abs, Giacomo spun on his heel and headed out of the bathroom and towards the door to the outside. He took a deep breath and rested his hand against the cool metal doorknob. He knew that the world on the other side of the little wooden door was just as different as he and Luca had found themselves. Strangely, he felt a swirl of excitement rather than a pinch of dread as he turned the knob and took his first step into his new life.

The early morning sun was just beginning to crest up into the sky when Giacomo took his first steps out into street bordering Luca’s apartment. At first glance, the scene before him was normal enough. Cars drove up and down the street, carrying people to work or other early morning appointments. The sidewalks were mostly empty, with only the occasional passerby shuffling along in the early morning sun. On close inspection, however, the scene unfolded into something rather bizarre. There wasn’t a woman to be seen anywhere around, not driving in the street, not walking in the sidewalk. There were two distinct types of people walking around. There were colossal men who looked like off-season bodybuilders in tight looking uniforms, wearing badges and other signs of their employment as they went to work. They all had strong features and overt showings of traditional masculinity: Hairy arms and chests, deep stubble. Giacomo even caught a whiff of their masculine odour as some of them drove by in their little top-down cars.

The other, the bois, were all smooth and more delicate looking. Not an ounce of fat on them as they strutted around in playful, designer outfits that left little to the imagination. Not a hairy chest or five o’clock shadow present among them. The only smell Giacomo could detect on them was fresh soap and the faint aroma of body products. Though all men seemed to wear outfits that fell into the more “flamboyant” and clingy category, the effect on each category of man was wildly different. The look of Luca earlier, his big rippling body crammed into his plastic looking, stripper-like bodyguard uniform had come off as manly and powerful, while in his striped tank top and white shorts, Giacomo felt fashionable and delicate.

Giacomo had walked several blocks with no real idea of what he was planning on doing before looking up and realizing that he was standing in front of a local day spa. The thought of spending Luca’s money on only himself still felt a little strange to the transformed Italian, but the idea of using it for something Luca could later appreciate and enjoy eased the sensation. With a smile and a sway of his hips, Giacomo pushed his way into the shop where he was greeted with a deep and booming welcome from the burly bodybuilding alpha of a man on the other side of the receptionist desk.

Again, Giacomo found himself confronted with a scene that didn’t fit what his mind was used to. There was a hulking brute of a man in a black, strappy muscle shirt, with a body that looked as if it had been honed over countless hours of gruelling physical labour and heavy eating, smiling a soft and welcoming smile. Further, into the spa, Giacomo saw bois just like him with their feet in foot baths, their nails soaking in solutions and colourful clay masks smeared over their faces. All the bois were attended to by bury men who, despite their clumsy appearance, were flitting around deftly in between doing delicate treatments like manicures, brow shaping and facials.

Giacomo saw a boi and man get up from the chairs facing the mirrors and walk towards a back room, no doubt for a massage. The man’s round and hairy ass were visibly peeking up over the rim of his tight black shorts while his bulging, hairy pecs strained fiercely against the black muscle shirt which read “Relax” across the front.

Men work and take care of their bois. boi’s play and take care of their men.

As strange as the hulking and brutish estheticians looked to Giacomo, he realized that in his heart of hearts he would have thought it strange to see the model-like bois being the ones to work, even if the work was less than overtly manly. boi’s just didn’t work, not outside of the domestic sense of taking care of their men anyway. It just wasn’t done, and everyone was happy about it. There was no confusion between just who fit where.

“So, what can I do for you today? Got a special man that you want to blow away when he gets back from work?” Asked the brutish receptionist with a sweet-as-honey smile.

The hesitation Giacomo felt at spending Luca’s hard earned money faded away at the man’s words. The black credit card in his tight back pocket felt like it was going to burn a hole straight through the garment if he didn’t take it out and use it. After all, any money spent on making himself more beautiful and handsome was really money spent for Luca’s benefit in the grand scheme.

“I’ll take a full spa day package.” Began Giacomo, handing over the black credit card “Nails, hair, facial, full body massage. I really want to knock my man’s socks off when he gets home. But I want it to be done by one. I have to go shopping and cook him a nice meal before he gets home. No sense in looking pretty if I don’t have time to feed my man.”

The burly clerk smiled and ran Luca’s card before waving Giacomo into the spa proper. He offered him a small bundle containing a robe so short it would hardly cove his round, perky ass and pair of bright pink flip-flops.

“You can go into the back boi’s room and change. Feel free to use the sauna or steam room before you come out. Alberto will be over in chair three waiting for you to get your package started.”

Giacomo nodded once more and took the bundle carefully in his hands, his body squirming pleasurably when the clerk’s rough catcher mitt hands brushed against his own smooth and delicate fingers. With a shake of his head, Giacomo turned from the clerk and walked towards the back room, feeling the unfamiliar sway of his swishy gait with every step he took. He stepped into the back room and stripped out of his trendy clothes. He felt sad at the loss of the pleasure of his thong between his butt cheeks but told himself his hole would be getting good and pleased soon enough, and the day at the spa was going to help make that a guarantee.

Giacomo walked towards the smell of warmed wood and heated coals, fancying a nice dry sweat before his treatments. In front of the glass door, he took off his short little robe and hung it on a nearby hook before grabbing a towel from the rack and heading into the dry sauna. As self-conscious as he felt about his tits, he knew it was totally fine for them to be out around other bois. He had just sat down with the fluffy white towel beneath him and taken his first breath of the hot air when he heard the creaking of the door once more. He looked towards the sound and felt a wave of shock and recognition course through his body.

The boi was just as stunning and hairless as Giacomo. Subtle as it was, the gentle crinkle around the boi’s eyes told Giacomo that he was older than him, likely in his mid-thirties as opposed to his own twenty-four. Still, the older man looked remarkably young. So much so that Giacomo was having a hard time understanding just why his brain was telling him that the stranger was older than him. Something in Giacomo reached out and identified with the perfectly sculpted fitness model. It was as if they knew one another somehow.

Giacomo’s eyes widened with realization at the same time as the other boi’s, their warped and rattled brains putting together the facts at the same time with a sudden burst of clarity. Giacomo opened his mouth and forced the question from within his throat.

“Simone…is that you?”

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