SHORT: The Blond Room

By xORRiNx published June 9, 2016

Blond hair really is thicker all around, isn’t it? This clean-cut brown-haired politician experiences a couple major changes by the time this transformation is over! [Commissioned Piece]

“The Blond Room”


Vance couldn’t have been more of a corrupt politician if he tried – he faked financial accounts in order to steal money for personal use, he lied about family deaths to get out of meetings, and he always took bribes from corporations to vote against the people.

Now at 30 years old, Vance even looked like a corrupt Politian: He had brown hair that was sculpted into a perfect crew cut, his face was clean shaven and smooth, his voice was smooth and alluring, his body was so very slim and suitable for the most expensive business dress shirts around.

Vance kept his body practically hairless, leaving just a brush of pubic hair around his massive dick. Yes, Vance was a horrible person and unfairly blessed with a 9-inch, thick piece of meat.

It seemed bizarre that even with Vance boasting about his Ivy League education all the time and making people feel belittled that women would line up to hookup with him on a regular basis. It was a vicious cycle that only seemed to feed his ego.

Very hot and humid Wednesday night – Vance was speeding well above the speed limit as he drove his Lexus sports car on a secluded back road home.

Around one of the bends in the road: BAMM! Vance had to slam on his brakes. His car came to a screeching halt as his heart jumped. The last thing he wanted was to wreck his car.

Vance saw a beat up old sedan smack dab right in the middle of the roadway. The hood to the car was propped open but there was nobody around. After further inspection Vance did see something… there was somebody sitting in the driver’s seat.

“Ugh great, people and their issues. I hate having to help people.” Vance thought as he got out of his car and walked over to it.

“Hello?” Vance called out.


Vance walked closer. Again he called out.

This time he saw movement.

“Oh! Thank goodness!” began an old man. He stuck his head out and began to exit the car slowly. It took a moment to stand up but once he did you could tell he was your typical ‘old man.’

Vance began to think, “Oh great, this is going to take forever.”

The older man began… “I think there’s something wrong with my radiator, can you take a look at it?”

Vance begrudgingly walked to and began examining the radiator and related parts. The older man positioned himself in back of Vance, who was in the middle of tracing some things with his eyes when he felt a stinging in the back of his neck.

Then black.

“Ughhh” Vance stirred as he rubbed his eyes.

Vance had been in the process of regaining consciousness when he began to feel the lack of clothing on his body. He struggled with grogginess but eventually came to his senses as he stood up. He was in shock over what he found his situation to be…

First, he saw he had been lying on a bare mattress on a floor. Second, he saw he was wearing no clothes except underwear! The only thing on him was his pair of Calvin Klein hip briefs. Vance felt up and around his groin and everything felt normal at least. Still, he was obviously panicked as he realized he’d been kidnapped.

Vance tried to pull the door open – it was securely locked. There were no windows either. The only thing in the room was the mattress, a mirror, and two hoses coming out of the wall. The floor was hard cement.

There was a bright yellow hose and a baby blue colored hose attached to the wall. Vance tried to figure out their purpose but just gave up. Vance needed to find a way to escape and call the cops.

He’d tried yelling, he’d tried kicking the door down, nothing worked.

And that’s when he heard it… a hissing sound coming from the hoses. He looked and saw that there was a yellow fog-like mist coming from just the yellow hose.

Then it stopped.

“What the fuck could that be?” Vance tried to guess.

Whatever it was it had stopped coming out. Vance was looking at the hose as he absent-mindedly began scratching his crotch with one hand and his head with the other.

He’d actually been scratching for a couple minutes before his mind realized he was scratching pretty vigorously. Vance quickly stopped scratching and scolded himself for not paying attention. What did catch Vance’s eyes was his reflection in the mirror…

Vance saw that his once brown hair had lightened. What was once dark brown was now a dirty blond. The style had remained the same in a very neat crew cut “thank god” but Vance swore he could be labeled a blond at that point.

That’s when the itch from his pubes struck strong again. He twitched at the strength of the itch and immediately tended to it with a deep scratching. As he scratched through his briefs he thought something felt weird with the scratching. Vance peeked down his underwear to see what was going on.

Vance’s eyes widened when he saw a fully-grown blond-haired bush where once just a neatly trimmed area of brown hairs used to be.

“What the hell?” Vance whispered.

His dick was still the same size it always was “hung as usual, phew” but there was just so much hair crammed into his briefs… it was much curlier than the hair that should’ve grown there. It was thicker also. Something wasn’t right.

Glancing in the mirror again, everything looked ok for the most part. Vance was a little put off by his lightened hair color and the now very thick bush he had but he decided he would remedy both those with a good trimming and hair dye when he escaped.

Everything else on his body was smooth and normal however Vance couldn’t believe this was happening to him.

Suddenly, the hissing sound filled the room again. This time it was the light blue hose that sprayed a blue mist into the room. It stopped after about two minutes and Vance wondered what the hell it was.

Vance really wanted out, badly.

Out of nowhere he became overwhelmed with a particular dizzy feeling. To avoid falling over Vance decided to lean against the wall.

“Ugh, I need to get out of here,” he began to think.

“Does this man even know who I am?”

Flashing in his eyes in rapid sequence he saw memories of his job at city council, the expensive car he had, and the lifestyle he had for himself.

“I’m city cou…..ughh… city… ugh.” Vance couldn’t get it out.

He rubbed his eyes and tried again.

Yelling at what he assumed to be his abductor who was probably watching him through a hidden camera or hole, he began yelling at the ceiling…

“You won’t get away with this! I’m in college and people will realize I’m gone! I know people and they’ll come looking!”

Vance felt better to get that out of his system. He remembered that he was a freshman in college majoring in political science and he knew one day he would find a way to make it big.

“I’ve gotta get out of here!” he vowed. Vance began flipping over the mattress and looking for anything he could use.

Again he heard a hissing sound. He stopped what he was doing and looked and saw more yellow gas enter the room.

Vance yelled: “Hello? What is that stUuFF?” his voice cracked and the tiny Adam’s apple he’d previously had twitched and throbbed for a moment. Vance cleared his throat and began making humming noises to test his voice.

“HmmmMMm,” it cracked up high then low again. The throbbing from his Adam’s apple was intense. It felt like it was growing. He violently cleared his throat.

Come to think of it, it felt like his body was throbbing and expanding slightly, although he couldn’t tell or see anything.

“HMmmmm,” he said a final time as his voice settled on a very deep and almost animalistic tone.

“Let me ou… woah…” he began. He was startled at how deep and coarse his voice had become. He looked in the mirror and saw that his Adam’s apple was huge!

“Let me out of here now!” he again yelled to nobody.

Suddenly he was distracted by an itching sensation on his legs, and even his feet. Vance had previously kept his leg hair very minimal so you can understand his shock when while scratching he began to feel stubble in the form of short little prickly hairs appear all over.

“Wait what?” Vance was watching dirty blond colored hairs grow out from his ass to his feet. At first they were short but they quickly began to curl and shine in the light. Vance continued to scratch like crazy. The hair went all the way up to his groin, which also itched badly.

When the itching subsided he began to analyze himself. He saw that his legs were covered in a thick forest of shiny blond hairs and his groin and ass were too. Vance saw that the bush that he’d contained in his underwear before was beginning to push underneath and poke out of his briefs now.

Vance actually tried to pack the bush fully away but was alarmed at something… his dick… it felt like it took up less space… He peeked into his underwear and saw a 5-inch soft cock instead of a 7-inch soft cock.

“No way! This isn’t real!” he mumbled.

Vance was out of options. There was nothing to do, nowhere to go. The only thing he could do was look at his reflection in the mirror. When he saw his reflection he was in complete shock. From the waist down he was covered in blond hair, his bulge had shrunk a little, and his hair was a dirty blond. There was a huge Adam’s apple in his throat and… what else…

“Since when did I have abs like this?” Vance’s eyes widened.

Vance actually smirked as he saw he was now more muscular. Vance was happy to see he was built and smooth where it mattered the most! He could always wear long pants to hide that crazy leg hair. His upper body and face were still smooth as ever and now he had some nice muscles to show off on campus… when he escaped. “Crap!” Vance remembered he was still trapped.

He was actually a little tired of banging on doors and yelling so this time Vance just decided to lay down on the mattress. He’d figured eventually he’d have to be fed or something.

His eyes had only been closed for a moment when he heard the hoses begin spraying fog once again.

BOTH HOSES at the same time!

Vance sat up but the dizzy feeling was too much so he chose to lie back down. With one hand he rubbed his forehead as images of college life entered his active memory. With the other hand he began rubbing below his belly button, which had begun to tingle and itch.

“Campus…. I have to get back to cam… school… my teachers are going to get mad.” Vance also began to scratch his head where his hair that was itching.

The tingling sensation below his belly button had expansed over his abs and was working it’s way up Vance’s chest. Vance opened his eyes and saw hair follicle after hair follicle sprout all over his chest, nipples, and abs. The hairs were especially concentrated in the middle of his chest and his treasure trail.

“Ughhh, nooo,” he moaned. “I’m not blond! Why is this hair blond?” Vance again mumbled in a low tone as he itched.

“I have to… uhh. School! Yea!” Vance was continuing to remember what grade he was in.

“I’m gunna be president one day,” he thought.

“Wait, wasn’t I in 8th grade?” Vance thought in a panic.

Flashes of taking middle school English and math classes were beaming through his mind.

At the same time as Vance struggled to formulate thoughts, his hand made its way up his face to deal with an itching sensation that developed there as well. As he scratched an increasingly coarse chin and cheeks, the hair on his chest was beginning to shine in the light – curling around in spots. The itching on his face began to sprout dirty blond hair follicles that were so thick that they began to cover his skin.

Vance felt a rush of energy through his brain and he yelled out:


Again and again he forced himself to yell it but each time it became harder to say the word.


“Uhhh, he—- l—“


Vance snapped his eyes open and was greeted with hair everywhere. His chest was full of shiny curly hairs, there was blond curls erupting from his pits and his underwear. He also felt the hair on his head now rest by his ears… and it was wavy hair? Vance touched it to confirm.

The yellow hose stopped and the blue host began to slow down but it still leaked into the room.

Vance grabbed his head and realized he was forgetting things. None of this made sense to him. He was getting more buff and getting covered in hair but he couldn’t make sense of it… he couldn’t remember. He saw his body was more youthful, perhaps 18, but so much more masculine than ever.

“I’m Van…. Van!”

“No, that’s not right.”

“V…. V….”

“What was it?”

Unconsciously he grabbed his now much smaller dick with a free hand and began to play with it.

Vance’s eyes began to roll back into his head as mere thinking became impossible.

Everything went black.

Vance’s eyes opened and he saw a man holding a clipboard. He saw he was in the same room as before. He could only look around; everything else was out of mental reach. He just looked up at the man; both of Vance’s hands were holding his below average dick. He couldn’t do anything else.

The old man began to speak – in a smooth voice.

“Look at you!” he said as he pinched his cheeks.

He spun his clipboard around and revealed a black spiral painted on a white paper.

All Vance could do was stare at it. It was mesmerizing and right in front of his face.

The man continued:

“You’ve become quite the hairy hunk.”

He paused.

“Just like Billy John,” he said followed by a whisper, “God rest his soul.”

Again he continued.

“Listen carefully,” the man began as Vance just stared at the spiral.

“You’re going to be my new son. I need you to use those muscles of yours to help me with chores. No thinking…

No thinking…

Your mind will never think. You’ll just lift things up and put them down.”

Vance continued to look at the spiral as his small dick rose to a throbbing four inches. It looked way too small for his mature body but Vance didn’t have the capacity to notice.

The man spoke again. “Every time I rub my hand through your chest hair you’ll wake up from your sleep and help me with chores.”

The last fiber of Vance was holding on, with just a mere struggle in the eyes now. The man again said it…

“I rub your chest hair - you work.”

Vance just lies there staring up.

The old man takes his hand and places it in the bed of his chest.

Instantly Vance groans. He squirms. A quick shot of cum pulses out of his dick, staining his underwear. The old man see’s it and smirks.

“C’mon, I have manure you need to put down on the field.”

Vance was now Billy John… a small-dicked hunk covered in blond hair… and dumb as a box of rocks.


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