The Best Massage Ever - The Final Chapter

By Willie Cici published March 1, 2015
Jeff Donovan's time in prison changes course . . .
A loud, screeching bell rang at 7:00am. Jeff Donovan awoke immediately as he heard the morning bell. After six months of incarceration, Jeff had accepted the reality of his situation. Despite the best defense he could afford, despite proof of memory lapse, despite character affirmation from his superiors, a jury found him guilty as charged and, now, an appellate court affirmed the lower court’s verdict. Jeff occupied his time with reading, working in the prison library, and exercising in his cell or at the recreational facility. Because of his profession, the Department of Corrections assigned Jeff to Northern Tier Corrections Center, a minimum-security facility that houses white-collar criminals and other inmates that need additional protection.

On a hot, July afternoon, a tall cocoa complexion young man approached Jeff while he was working in the library. Jeff had seen the young man before at the recreational facility, lifting weights and using the exercise equipment. Jeff admired the young man’s sculpted, sexy physique from afar. The young man obviously maintained his athlete’s body type while in the community. Jeff wished he could satisfy his needs with this young man. Jeff also knew that he could not risk the disclosure of his sexual persuasion while incarcerated. That would prove the ultimate punishment. The young man leaned over and asked Jeff for some assistance. Jeff rose from his desk and walked towards a row of shelves. As Jeff located the periodical that the young man was looking for, the young man said, “Thank you for all your help, slut cop.”

Jeff stared at the young man. His facial expression froze, his mien bore that trance-like effect that Guy and Bruce set in place more than a year ago. “I have a message for you, Mr. Ford. While you are here, I will require your services as a masseur. Are you ready to serve?” Jeff nodded yes. “Good. Follow me.” The young man led Jeff into an adjacent bathroom in the library. The young man locked the door of the bathroom. As he did so, the young man forced Jeff to his knees. The young man pulled out his massive cock and shoved it in Jeff’s mouth. Old habits do not die. Jeff served the young man as Guy and Bruce had trained and programmed. Little time passed before the young man exploded, jizz swishing down Jeff’s throat and the sides of his lips. The young man grabbed some paper towels and handed them to Jeff. “Wipe your mouth.” Once the young man dressed himself, he grabbed Jeff from the ground and said, “My name is Brock. When you hear my voice, you will respond to my commands. Do you understand?” Jeff nodded yes. “Leave the bathroom and return to your desk. I will follow you in a minute.” With that, Jeff returned to his desk. Brock returned with the book that he allegedly was searching. Brock leaned over to Jeff and said, “When I count to three, you will come out of trance. You will forget everything that happened, but not the instructions I have given you. 1-2-3.”

As Jeff came out of trance, Brock said to him, “Thanks for your help with the book.”

Jeff replied, “I’m glad I could help. Anytime.”

“That’s right. Anytime.” Brock answered in turn. As Brock exited the library, Jeff stared at the young man, his physique continuing to cloud Jeff’s emotions.

“Damn, that is a sexy man.”, Jeff thought to himself.


Brock was summoned to the Warden’s Office after his library visit. Upon reaching the Warden’s Office, the Assistant Warden approached Brock and said, “Brock, you have a phone call from your attorney. Follow me to the secured phone line office.” Brock followed the Assistant Warden to an office that had a telephone line that was not subject to wiretap and surveillance. When Brock sat in the office, the telephone finally rang. Brock retrieved the phone and answered the call.

“Brock, this is Daniel Obern.”

For a moment, Brock had a lapse in memory. He then recalled the code name for his partner in crime.

“Yo, Mr. Obern. What’s shakin’?”, answered Brock.

“Did you meet my client, Mr. Donovan?”, asked Breon.

“About an hour ago. He thought my suggestion was great.”

“So, I take it the suggestion was a success?”, asked Breon.

“Come again?”, Brock replied.

“I understand. How do you intend to continue this progress?”

“I think we continue the appeal. I need to explore different venues.”

“Confederate soldiers always wore grey.”

“And used commando tactics.”

“Confederates soldiers were always rewarded.”

“With milk and honey.”

“Exactly.”, replied Breon “When I have time, I will forward the necessary papers.”

“I look forward to reading them and giving you my thoughts.”, answered Brock. With that, the phone call ended. Brock exited the office and encountered the Assistant Warden. With that, officers escorted Brock back to his cell.

As Brock returned to his cell, he pondered the phone call with Breon. Breon and Brock did not trust the system to provide a truly un-wired telephone. They laced their conversation with code. Brock informed Breon that he had entranced Jeff and ordered Jeff to perform sexual favors, Brock also told Breon that he intended to provide Jeff’s services to the other members of their criminal enterprise who found themselves at Northern Tier. Brock smiled at the progress he and Breon had made.

What Breon did not anticipate, however, was Brock’s greed. He could not let this potential moneymaker remain idle. No, Brock would make sure that he could sell Jeff’s masseur services at a hefty price. Luckily, the minimum-security level of the prison allowed greater leeway and greater contact between inmates. This would allow Brock the freedom to set up shop in the library and not raise any suspicion.


The days that Jeff worked at the library became a very popular venue. Brock arranged for Jeff to service many of the prisoners who were confederates of Brock and Breon’s criminal network. Within a week, Brock arranged to work side-by-side Jeff in the library. At the beginning of their workday, Brock would place Jeff in trance and set about putting Jeff to work. Because time was not of the essence, Jeff had the time to offer his mouth or his ass to all of the customers Brock provided. Despite the number of confederates Brock had organized, Jeff’s abilities and desire remained a secret within the jail.

Prison guards however discovered Brock’s little enterprise. To his surprise, they did not report Brock to the prison authorities. Rather, they agreed to provide protection for Brock’s business so long as Jeff serviced the prison guards. Brock understood the value of protection. He consented to the arrangement. After all, Brock did not have to swallow anyone’s cum. Jeff did all the work.


After eighteen months of incarceration, Jeff Donovan petitioned the Parole Board for early release. His request was granted. Jeff had performed all his duties in the facility and had served as a model prisoner. In order to satisfy his parole conditions, he would need to find a job. Brock informed Jeff that his old job at the massage parlor was available to him. Brock entranced Jeff and told him to return to the Heights to work for Bruce and Guy.

When Jeff was released, he immediately returned to The Spa in the Heights, the site of his woes. There Bruce and Guy greeted their former part-timer into the fold as a full-timer. No longer Tom Ford, Jeff Donovan donned the uniform of a staff masseur and resumed his life of providing pleasure to the customers of The Spa in the Heights. There, Jeff became a prized member of the staff that provided the best massage ever.

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