The Professor

By Willie Cici
published June 8, 2016

Two students serve as research assistants for a college professor. Which one remains at semester’s end?

Ian strolled about the campus of ‘The U’ on a sunny, slightly breezy April late morning. Ian could hardly wait for the end of the semester. His time on campus would end in less than a month. Thanks to his skillful Lacrosse play, Ian earned a full scholarship for his entire college studies. Thanks to his obsessive determination, Ian would soon earn a Master of Arts during those five years. Thanks to the University’s inability to find complimentary talent, Ian completed his final season 3 wins and 8 losses. There would be no playoffs for Ian. For that, Ian was grateful. Playoffs would extend his semester well beyond graduation. Ian could care less about lacrosse. He played lacrosse to pay the bills. The beach beckoned for Ian. Since this would be his last summer of playtime in the sun, Ian intended to make the most of his summer, working as a lifeguard on the beaches on South Beach. Last year, Ian notched about fifty beach bitches. He hoped to break last season’s high water mark and tap at least sixty beach bitches this year. As he pondered his summertime hopes of banging beach bitches, Ian grinned.

Ian tugged at his leather dog collar, the material making him itch. For the last two months, Ian wore his dog collar every day. His ex-girlfriend asked him to wear the collar, even in public. Ian, cocky and arrogant, never worried what his classmates, teammates or anyone else for that matter thought about him. When he dumped the annoying wench, Ian kept wearing the dog collar. In the morning as he strapped the collar to his neck, Ian smiled at the image in the mirror. Handsome, striking to behold, and sexy as hell, Ian loved the look. People on campus would often stare at Ian. He craved the attention.

As Ian made his way to the Wolfson Building, he tugged at his crotch. His bulge pressed against his confines of his tight jeans. Ian loved the feel of his semi-hard-on. At 23 years old, Ian was ready, anytime, anywhere, anyone. Pussy was pussy. If you had the right shape and figure, Ian would tap that ass. Looks were not important. Pussy was important. As Ian entered the Wolfson Building, he headed for the stairs and ran the two flights toward the third floor to Dr. Sanders’ office. As Ian walked the halls and approached the office, he knocked on the door.

Dr. Petra Sanders raised her eyes from her desk and said, “Come in.” Ian loved to hear Dr. Sanders speak. She had a foreign accent, Czech or Austrian, he was not sure, but to him, it was sexy as hell. It did not hurt that Dr. Sanders was a buxom blonde, with model-like features and eyes of green that sparkled in the sun. “Have a seat.” Ian sat admiring the Ph.D-sex kitten. Many a morning in the shower did Dr. Sanders creep into Ian’s thoughts as he rubbed one out, fantasizing and dreaming about his tongue on her sweet pussy, his cock in her tight little box. “Have you finished that research project?”, she asked, bringing Ian back to reality.

“Dr. Sanders, I had a hard time locating the materials you requested. But I found them.”

“Good, good. Let’s wait for Matt. Matt has a similar assignment. Your efforts will help in my research.”

“Okay. I’m not in any rush.”

Dr. Sanders smiled. She knew Ian did not have another class until 2pm. She sat behind her desk, the tips of her fingers slightly gracing her inner thigh. She stared at Ian, his tight jeans cradling his package, his tight lycra t-shirt highlighting his carved, sculpted chest and core, his dog collar keeping his neck erect and straight. Petra continued to touch herself as she imagined the sight of her little pet naked.

A knock on the door interrupted Dr. Sanders’ thought. “Matt. Come in and close the door.”

“Hey, Dr. Sanders.” When Matt turned and saw Ian, he said, “Hi.” Matt did not like Ian. As teammates, they regularly butt heads. As campus sex pistols, they regularly competed for the crème de la crème of campus pussy. Matt had all the physical attributes that Ian possessed: great body, great face, thick, long cock. Matt did not have Ian’s gift of gab. As a result, Ian usually won the contest.

“Sit, Matt.” Once Matt took a seat, Dr. Sanders said, “Now that you are both here, můj malý otroka, show me your research.”, Dr. Sanders said. The two research assistants rose from their seats and began to disrobe. Dr. Sanders walked towards her office door and locked the door. She released her blonde hair, held tight in a bun, and undid the top buttons of her blouse. As she returned to her desk, she removed her blouse, lowered her skirt and sat in her chair, her hands coursing her thighs and breasts.

Standing obedient and at attention, Ian stared straight ahead, unaware of his surroundings. His demeanor was dazed and confused. His lips were slightly opened. The dog collar kept his head straight. The lace of his bra graced his muscular, sculpted chest. The matching split-crotch panties accentuated his 9” cock, encased in the plastic sheath of the cock cage. The lace garter kept the tight hosiery in place. The 6’2” hunky athlete appeared freakishly sexy in his fetish gear. Petra loved her ‘můj malý otrok’, her little slave boy, wearing the research project she ordered him to wear. She turned her gaze towards Matt who also did not disappoint. Sporting a leather chest harness and leather jockstrap, Petra admired her handiwork. The jockstrap, a size too small, cradled Matt’s rock hard tool. Petra could see the contours of Matt’s ass from the side angle. She could not keep her hands off her privates, as she lusted for her little slave boys.

“Ian, on your knees and suck Matt’s cock.” Ian quickly fell to the ground, kneeling before the jock-strapped Matt. He lowered Matt’s jockstrap. His sizable tool bounced about slapping Ian on the face. Matt forced his cock upon Ian’s lips and down Ian’s throat. Ian sucked Matt’s nasty massive cock. “Matt, Ian is being lazy.” In an instant, Matt shoved his cock down Ian’s throat and fucked his face like a machine. He grabbed Ian by the head, making sure that his mouth, lips and throat never left his 10” cock. “Breathe like I taught you.”, Petra said to Ian. In minutes, Matt shot his load down Ian’s throat.

“Matt, take a rest. Ian, come here.” Ian drew close to Petra. From her desk, she pulled out a two-foot double-headed dildo. “Kneel”, she said to Ian. As Ian knelt on the plush carpeting of her office, Petra rammed the dildo into Ian’s tight little hole. She pushed the dildo in as far as it could go. Petra knew when the dildo had reached its limits. Ian’s cock, caged as it was, would tense and press against the plastic sheath. Petra also knelt and said to Matt, “Put this dildo in my ass.” Slave boy Matt happily accommodated his mistress. “Now, Ian, bob on the dildo.” In sync, Ian and Petra bounced upon the double-headed dildo. Petra wanted the dildo to press again Ian’s prostate. After many minutes of ass play, Ian began to scream as if were ready to orgasm. Petra had pulled the dildo out of her ass, and positioned herself ready to catch Ian’s cum. In seconds, cum dripped from the tip of Ian’s cage. Petra cupped her hand and fed the cum to the kneeling Ian. “Lick it. All of it.” Ian had no choice. He licked Petra’s palm, clean of all the cum.

“Matt, Ian needs real cock in his ass.” Matt positioned himself ready to fuck Ian. He pulled out the dildo and shoved his cock in place. Ian felt the warmth of Matt’s cock and cooed. Again, Ian’s cock strained against the plastic sheath. “No cum, Ian. No cum.” Despite the order, Ian’s cock tensed and hardened, causing pain. After several minutes, Matt pulled out his cock and shot his load upon Ian’s ass.

Petra took her place in the leather chair behind her desk. “Můj malý otroka, sit on the couch.” Ian and Matt sat upon the couch. “Now, the two of you thought that you were going to mock me and my theories regarding target communication. And yet, you both succumbed to my methodology. I’m going to count to three. You will awake and remember everything that has happened here. You will be incapable of moving from the couch and incapable of speaking. Now, 1 – 2—3.”

As Petra finished the count, Ian and Matt awoke from their entranced state. They stared at Petra, with fear in their eyes. They tried to rush towards her to attack her for what she did, but they could not move. They tried to shout for help, but could not speak.

“You need say only two words if you are sincere: I apologize. If you are not sincere, your mind will know it and you will not be able to speak.”

“I apologize.”, said Matt. Ian remained silent. Petra approached Matt and whispered, “Sundat kolo. Kladen na oblečení. Jak budete chodit ven z mé kanceláře, budete zapomenout na všechno, co se kdy stalo. Už nebudete reagovat na ‘můj malý otrok.’. Nyní, na 3 1-2-3. " Matt stood up, removed all his leather gear, put on his clothes and walked out of Petra’s office. He would never encounter the professorial vixen as he did for the last month. For his sincere apology, Petra freed Matt, and erased any memory of her fetish play.

“Ian, můj malý otrok, this summer you will live in my pool house. You can still work your lifeguard job during the day. You’ll be wearing your cage all the time so no pussy for you this summer. When you see a sexy woman, you will have no desire to seduce her. You won’t even get hard staring at the pretty girls on the beach. At night, you will play with my friends and with me. Answer me: You like cock, don’t you, můj malý otrok?”

“Yes, Mistress Petra.”, Ian said, dazed, dumbfounded, deeper and deeper in trance, every time Petra repeated the trigger.

Petra lowered her panties, revealing her 6” cock. “Suck this, my little slave boy.” Ian knelt before his mistress and swallowed his mistress’ thick growing cock. Professor Petra Sanders was really Petrov Netocosezdá. He planned to make the surgery his permanent solution, but it would not be. After all the cosmetic surgery and hormonal enhancements were completed, changing Petrov to Petra, the doctors refused to perform the penultimate procedure. It did not matter. Mistress Petra, using her wits and intelligence, found a way to satisfy her urges. Ian would satisfy his mistress’ urges all summer long. Poor Ian would wear that cage all summer. Petra needed Ian’s stamina for her nighttime romps and rendezvous. Poor Ian would continue to wear a dog collar on the beach as lifeguard, neoprene, Petra thought. Poor Ian would be Petra’s little slave boy. As Petra reveled in the tongue skills of her little slave boy, the Mistress considered the long-term possibilities. “Maybe, just maybe, you stay with me beyond the summer. Miami needs lifeguards all year long. Mistress Petra needs slave boy all year long. Maybe. We’ll see.” Petra smiled, and then began to shudder, as her/his body began to spasm in orgasm. The jizz spilled from Ian’s lips. Quickly, Ian took his finger, scraped the cum from his lips and chin, and licked his fingers.

“Good, můj malý otrok’.” Petra sighed. “Good.”

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