The Vipers Take the Whole Team

By Melvillain published August 24, 2018
Kyle awakes in a stranger room with his best friend tyring to free him from a biker gang...with certain powers...

It has been a long time but this story has been rolling around my mind for a while and it felt like time to get it out. Hope you enjoy it. I welcome feedback.

Kyle could hear muffled talking slowly…slowly becoming more audible.

Everything was blurry and his whole body was tingling. As his eyes started to focus he saw his best friend Jimmy Martinez standing above him, his arm touching his shoulder. Jimmy loomed tall above, always the long and lanky swimmer. He was wearing his team jacket. His mouth was moving but he couldn’t make out the words until…

“Kyle? Kyle, are you hearing me?”

“Y-yeah man, what’s up,” Kyle said, his voice sounding whispery.

Kyle turned his head and was shocked at the room around him. It was no place he’d ever seen before. He was in a poorly lit room, shoddily painted black and red. The walls seemed to be put up unprofessionally as light poured in through cracks around the ceiling and floor. Kyle could feel a bed under him that squeaked as he struggled to lean forward. Outside the room he could hear muffled talking under loud strains of punk music. Where the fuck was he?

That’s when Kyle felt the cold air on his skin. All of his skin. He looked down and found himself totally naked, his cock standing proudly at attention. The adrenaline of embarrassment filled him as he felt his face get hot and he leapt up, grabbing a pillow to cover his hardon.

“WHAT THE FU-!?” Yelled Kyle before Jimmy covered his mouth.

“Shhhh be quiet man, you can’t let them know you’re thinking again” Jimmy whispered. He was visibly sweating, his eyes darted around the room.

Kyle took in more of the room and immediately felt disgusted. A fly lazily zoomed around a lamp missing its shade on a small night stand. Beside it was a box of condoms and a massive pump container of lube. Pasted up around the room were faded pages from porn magazines. In fact this whole room smelled like sweat and sex. Kyle looked at the closest and saw it was a guy in his 20s bent over shoving something in his ass and winking at the camera. Kyle wanted to puke.

“Dude! Why am I here? What the fuck did you do to me?” Kyle quietly moaned, unable to even produce rage in his weak-feeling body.

“What’s the last thing you remember?” Jimmy said, ransacking the room until he found a pair of pants on the ground.

That’s when Kyle realized the blank in his memory. He not only didn’t know where he was, he had no idea how he got here. He struggled to picture anything but truly the last memory he had was on the bus with his football teammates on the way to the big game against Austin College. Jimmy was coming with his mom to watch. Otherwise it was usual bus bullshit.

He had been texting with Melanie Daniels. That skank. It was embarrassing to be trying so hard in these texts with a total slut since he was the quarterback but, he was excited to get a crack at her. Pete had said she was such a good lay. Then he remembered….a rumbling sound coming up the highway behind them and a lot of bright lights.

“…the bus?” Kyle said.

“The bus went missing two months ago Kyle. The police have been searching for you guys. Put on your pants” Jimmy said, looking away to give Kyle some privacy. They had seen each other in locker room before but there was a different kind of look on his face now. Not that Kyle minded, for some reason in spite of his queasy feeling his cock was absolutely rock hard. He found it much tougher to squeeze into his pants than usual.

“How did you find me? Did you tell the police?”

As Jimmy heard Kyle finally zip up his fly he turned around and looked embarrassed.

“I-I saw this flyer stapled to a telephone pole while I was waiting for my mom at la pastelería. It caught my eye because uh, gay shit doesn’t usually go up in my neighbourhood” Jimmy said handing the flyer over to Kyle.

Looking down Kyle’s jaw dropped. The cheaply photocopied flyer was black and white and blurry but undoubtedly had him on it. Him shirtless striking a pose that would make Melanie Daniels blush. His blonde hair was slicked back and his muscles were bulging like he’d just had a great pump in the gym. He didn’t know enough Spanish to make out the rest with words like “Chichifos Gringos” and “pasivo o activo” pasted on top of his torso. He felt like the little snake logo in the corner was familiar tho…

“That’s the Juarez Vipers” Jimmy said pointing at the flier as he handed him a t-shirt he’d found in a corner. “You remember them in the news? Moving into town. Well if you call the police on them you might end up dead and they’d definitely rather kill you than give you up”

Kyle furrowed his brow and tried to think as he pulled the shirt over his head. Bikers. Could he remember anything about bikers? Shit this must be that old house by the factory. And he got here by…


Nope, it was just the light on the bus and then here.

Kyle tugged down on the shirt but saw it only came down to just above his navel, leaving a big window of his abs above the bulge in his pants. Normally he’d loathe wearing this kind of faggy shit but he was too freaked out to care.

“How are we getting out of here?” Kyle said, feeling stronger.

Jimmy blushed a bit. “I uh…didn’t know if it’d work. I didn’t plan much more.” He was never the smart one. Kyle thought Jimmy was hilarious but he was always the Alpha of the two.

“If what would work?” Kyle said getting more worried.

“This isn’t the first time we’ve seen each other. Last week was…different” Jimmy said looking downward. “My abuelita said she’d seen something like it before though, so she told me what to say that might help you”

Just then a sharp knocking came at the shoddy door, practically shaking the walls.

“I hope you’re not getting nervous in there again, man,” Said a thickly accented voice from the other side “You only get one freebie”

“N-no we’re having …OH FUCK YEAH … a …mmm fuck….great time” Jimmy said. Kyle wanted to laugh at Jimmy, making sex sounds like an idiot, but it was all coming together in his mind.

“Man if you think that Puta’s mouth is good… you gotta try his coño. Just forty more dollars.” Said the voice, not moving. The handle on the door turned a bit but it was locked.

“Uhh…no, no thanks Hermano. I’m not ready for that kinda shit” Jimmy said, nervously. He was looking around the room but there were no windows.

“Don’t worry…Hermano” laughed the voice “I got something for you, you’ll like it. Be right back”

They heard footsteps leave the door.

“We gotta go now man” Kyle pleaded “I don’t want those guys to keep doing whatever they were-”

He paused when he saw Jimmy pull off his shirt and unbuckle his pants.

“No time, bro. There’s like one way out of here we just gotta fake it for a second.” Kyle spits on his hand and started rubbing his dick under his boxer briefs “Take your clothes off.”

“NO!” Kyle said, feeling strong again “I…I…”

“They’ll fucking kill us, man. You gotta be like you were last week” Jimmy pleaded looking back to the door. All the blood had drained from his face and he seemed deadly serious.

“O-okay.” Kyle said, resigned “How was I?”

Jimmy pulled off his underwear and his half-hard dick flopped free. He’d always had an impressive cock and it was a grower, which Kyle hadn’t expected. God knows how big that shit got when he wasn’t afraid.

“You were like dumb. You barely said anything but sex shit and you were just like naked there jerking off. You…you crawled towards me and begged to suck my dick. There was like no reasoning with you. You didn’t know who I was but you were like a drunk chick at a tailgate just fucking…fucking drooling for it”

Now it was Kyle looking at the ground as he undressed. How long had he been like that? How many guys had been where Jimmy was and not minded a hot college boy like him. Plenty of dudes on campus stared at him, especially in the summer with his shirt off. He kept his body not only functional for the team but also aesthetically tight. He was on the fucking flier for christ’s sake.

What the hell would he do if this guy came back, he thought, sitting back down on the creaking mattress…imagining the fat old men he probably fucked on here. Imagining what he-

There was the sound of keys in the door. Jimmy’s eyes widened and Kyle didn’t know what to do. Jimmy made a motion to Jack off but as Kyle’s hand wrapped around his cock the knob began to turn. Jimmy quickly spat in Kyle’s face and slapped him as the door swung open.

“Lick it up, slut” Jimmy said, half convincingly.

A chubby biker laughed in the doorway. He brushed his greasy hair out of his eyes and smiled at the two guys. He was probably in his 20s like them but years of hard living made him look older. Under his leather jacket he was wearing a stained wife beater that stretched over his big man tits and couldn’t quite cover his belly. He had a thick trail of hair extending from the front of his sagging pants, over his paunch, across his chest and shoulder and into the long beard covering most of his face. Kyle found himself staring at the guy’s milky eye sitting in stark contrast to his other piercing hazel one until they both turned to him.

Kyle quickly remembered what Jimmy said and started stroking his cock and moaning like a chick. He bit his bottom lip and writhed on the bed.

“Haha see Hermano, what did Carlos tell you?” The man laughed “He had a taste and now he wants the real thing! Just a little more cash and you can have the whole thing. ”

Jimmy hesitated and it was obvious his cock was deflating in the presence of Carlos and his best friend acting like a manwhore. Carlos stared at him hard again. Kyle had to think quick

“Yeess Jimmy I want it, I want it” Kyle said , turning himself over and exposing his asshole. From the cold air against it he could tell whatever hair was down there before was gone. He was waxed and primed for anyone.

“Uhh…there’s money in my wallet….in my pants. You can take it and then we can get to it” Jimmy said.

Carlos pulled up a stool and Jimmy’s pants, fishing through the wallet. “Nice, but before I go, I got something for your nerves. Have a sniff of this”

Carlos held out a little glass bottle. Kyle couldn’t see but he felt JImmy heistate again. He heard Carlos’ stool move. JImmy flipped back over and started stroking his cock again. The most worrying thing during all of this was how his dick stayed so hard and how…good it felt. Better than any jerk off sesh he’d had in his life.

Carlos was standing menacingly close to Jimmy with the bottle open “ Have a sniff, hermano. What are you, a cop?”

Jimmy gingerly leaned forward and sniffed lightly then looked like he’d been punched in the face. He laughed and swooned backward then forward onto Carlos. Jimmy was a tall and lean athletic type, spent most of his time swimming, so next to the chubby biker he looked so small.

Carlos laughed taking a big sniff himself before handing the bottle to Jimmy “Yeah you’re a real gangster now!”

As Carlos plopped back onto his stool Kyle saw Jimmy take another, deeper inhale from the bottle. His cock was now standing at full attention and …jesus…it must have been ten inches. Kyle had never seen a cock like that outside of porno but he now knew why the ladies flocked to Jimmy. Kyle was shocked when a shiny drop of precum drooled from the tip onto the floor and Jimmy began stroking it. He wasn’t nervous anymore…he was horny.

“You know man, you can stay if you want” Jimmy said handing the bottle back to Carlos.

“Shiiiiiit, I thought you’d never ask Hermano” Carlos laughed. Kyle tried to widen his eyes to signal Jimmy. what the fuck! Where was the plan but Jimmy’s eyes were glassed over and Carlos caught his gaze instead.

He burst out laughing “Look at that puta! She’s worried because she knows what I’m packing”

Carlos unbuckled his belt and pulled down his jeans and Kyle couldn’t control his gasp. Carlos’s prick was probably only about 5 inches but what he lacked in length compared to Jimmy he more than made up for in girth. A fucking monster cock pressed up against his fat belly, thicker around than a beer can and probably capable of destroying any ass or pussy it entered. Kyle couldn’t even imagine it in his mouth!

“Don’t worry princess, you’re the star attraction I ain’t taking you” Carlos laughed walking to the door. He yelled something in spanish and sat back down on the stool , wrapping a meaty paw around his cock. He pulled the foreskin back from its massive mushroom head as he slowly stroked , turning back to Jimmy.

“You know Hermano I like you. We’re always looking for new blood at the club” Carlos said, soothingly.

“Fuck yeah man” Jimmy said, sounding spacey.

“Haha awesome! Now you’re a real hermano….not just some kid off the street. Take a big hit to celebrate. However much you want man!” Carlos said handing him the bottle. “It’s all yours”

Jimmy greedily took the bottle and tilted his head back snorting long and hard. Kyle was still slowly and mechanically masturbating, trying hard not to blow his cover …or his load. He felt himself getting close a few times in spite of himself. What happened next gave him an excuse to stop altogether.

Jimmy started laughing out loud and looked down at his own body. HIs veins bulged all over starting at his neck and radiating down his arms and chest ending up at his throbbing cock. It seemed to swell out, thickening as his veins popped. Kyle would never say faggy shit like his cock looked pretty before but now it was a real MAN’S cock. Then the throb went back through his body. At first his muscles bulged against his skin, then his skin seemed to bulge. Jimmy as an athlete maintained a pretty low bodyfat but now his muscles seemed to be swelling more obscenely. His body inflated from a precision machine to a powerful force. He went from a guy with specifically targeted muscles to a massive wall of muscle and fat. The kind of guy who got strong from WORK not training.

His body also looked like someone who ate and drank whatever the fuck he pleased. He was sweaty and the whole room got more of a pungent odor. His abs were mostly gone but you’d never know because you’d be looking at his shelf of pecs, his massive crushing thighs or his ridiculous biceps. Or…maybe the snake tattoo appearing across his stomach.

“Eyyy nice ink” Laughed Carlos , lifting his wifebeather to show a similar but sloppier tattoo stretched across his girth.

JImmy leaned back on the door and it groaned against his muscular weight. He took another sniff and rubbed his head. Wherever his hand touched his short buzz cut brushed off. Jimmy kept rubbing until he was sporting a shiny bald head. Another sniff and his neck seemed to melt into his broad shoulders, leaving only a trace of it to sport a gothic script tattoo that read ‘vipers’.

“You know maybe I could get you a bouncer job here…but you’d get in trouble thinking too much with that rod” Carlos laughed reaching out and tugging himself up on Jimmy’s cock.

JImmy laughed too and stared intensely at Carlos, tugging his monster hog right back. He passed the bottle to Carlos who took another hit.They stroked each other for a moment. Fuck were they going to-.

Kyle had started jacking off again without realizing but he stopped…fuck…he had to get out. Jimmy was a fucking lost cause.

Just then, there was another knock on the door. JImmy opened it and Kyle’s heart sunk.

Ryan McMaster, their star linebacker stood stark naked in the doorway. He was a big 270lb giant at 6’2 and his body practically filled the doorframe. His shoulder length brown hair looked sweaty and disheveled. His athleticism was hid under a thick layer of fat, great for knocking guys down. He had a chubby belly and a pair of pecs that were better described as fat tits capped with puffy nipples. Ryan had a moronic looking smile on his face and just quietly giggled as he looked at the two rough bikers.

That would have been embarrassing alone but Kyle also saw Ryan’s cock standing firm at attention. Ryan’s dick had always been a source of some mockery, looking small on his big body, but now it looked even more miniscule completely shorn of its pubic hair beside these two record-breakers.

“You see kid, nobody wants the big boys but me” Carlos said smiling so wide kyle caught a flashing of his gold teeth. Carlos smacked Ryans big muscular ass then walked back to this stool, leading Ryan by the hand. Ryan just followed, fumbling with his little cock in the other had.

Carlos sat on the stool and briefly sucked in his gut as Ryan turned himself around. Kyle couldn’t believe no matter how many months it had been…that he was going to do it. There had to be something left in Ryan that was stil-

Ryan lowered himself slowly and pornographically onto Carlos’ massive cock like it was nothing. Ryan let out a deep groan of pleasure as he took it up to the hilt without lube or hesitation. His hands flew up to his chest and started massaging it as he started bouncing up and down on Carlos’ lap. He wasn’t holding anything back vocally, moaning like a total whore in heat as his belly jiggled along with every thrust. Carlos wasn’t doing much work as Ryan pumped up and down, he just laughed.

“See, the Puta loves it!’ Carlos said reaching up and grabbing a handful of Ryan’s hair, pulling his head back and causing him to scream even louder: “Yes Papi, yessss”

“Hey Ryan you never told me you liked latin cock” Jimmy said, grinning “ I got a little more right here”

Kyle’s heart fell as Jimmy approached The two men locked in their lust , waving his own dick around, slapping against his thick, muscular thighs. Ryan reached out his hands

Ryan stopped bouncing and sat down on Carlos’ meat , leaning forward hungrily towards Jimmy but Jimmy laughed an pushed back hard on Ryan’s forehead. Ryan looked confused and a little drool dribbled out the side of his mouth.

“I don’t know man, I’m more into chicks” Jimmy said, still absentmindedly playing with his girth.

“Ah c’mon man” Claros said slapping Ryan’s ass “Look at those tetas! Bigger than any chicks you get at school”

Ryan seemed to understand an pushed his elbows together making his fat chest protrude. Jimmy rubbed his chin for a minute, and turned to the lube. He squirted a handful then approached. He thrust his dick between Ryan’s mounds, roughly grabbing both of his nipples and pushing them together. He didn’t start slow and instead began pumping vigorously, knocking Ryan in the chin. It took him a moment but he eventually realized the length of Jimmy’s meat felt best in his mouth.

Carlos hoisted Ryan up a bit to accommodate and soon he was pounding him from behind just as hard as Jimmy titfucked him. The men were silent for a moment grunting with satisfaction, only stopping briefly to slap one another on the shoulder or let out a dirty word in spanish.

Kyle felt a strange feeling build up inside of him and before he even realized he’d started jerking off again he felt himself begin spraying. He was disgusted by what he saw but somehow…he’d kept going and now he was acting just like they wanted him too.

“Hey hey, Jimmy looks like we’re the porn stars today” Carlos laughed pointing to the mess Kyle had made.

Jimmy turned and guffawed at his best friend. “Look at this fucking faggot!”

All the kindness was gone from his eyes. How could he stand there getting sucked off by a guy and still degrade Kyle? There was no ruse at all anymore, Jimmy was just like Carlos. Kyle was totally alone.

Jimmy popped his cock out of Ryan’s mouth pausing only to briefly slap its wet length along Ryan’s face. Ryan let out a disappointed moan but was obviously getting more from Carlos in the back.

Jimmy walked over to the small table beside the bed and opened a drawer Kyle hadn’t seen before. He rummaged around for a moment until he pulled out a thick black silicone dildo and smiled as he pumped lube down the shaft.

“I ain’t done with titties over here yet but you just get ready for me” Jimmy said winking and throwing the lubed up cock with a slap against Kyle’s muscular chest.

Kyle was aghast. He felt frozen, he didn’t know what to do. No way on earth he was …what …sucking on this thing while Jimmy watched? He’d degraded himself enough. He was going to make a break for it. Kyle grabbed the dildo off his chest and leapt to his feet.

“DO IT” a voice boomed.

It had sounded like Carlos but the man’s lips were busy locked on Ryan’s as Jimmy massaged the linebacker’s tits, waiting for his mouth to return .

Kyle tried to move his legs towards the door but found himself stuck. No matter how he tried to walk he couldn’t make himself move. Instead he found his knees bending. He felt the hand holding the dildo moving around him. Before he could stop himself, though he was screaming inside, he felt himself lay on his back on the bed, raise his legs and begin inserting the dildo.

The feeling was foreign to him and he was terrified. Never had a girlfriend tried to stick a finger up there and Kyle felt in his heart that even curiosity of touching it would betray his hetero masculinity. He expected pain and resistance but instead…instead it was just pleasure.

A tear rolled down the side of Kyle’s face as he felt the dildo slide in easily. Wasn’t it so huge? His body didn’t work like this! But once it had gotten deep in him his body filled with heat and pleasure. It was better than any blowjob or pussy he’d had. Fuck. He could feel his limbs were under his control again but he didn’t want to stop now. He wanted more.

His hand reached around to his still cum-slick cock and he found it rapidly getting hard again. Soon he was bucking with pleasure coming at him from both sides just like…just like Ryan.

He opened his eyes and looked up at all three men fucking on the other side of the room and found their eyes all on him. He felt ashamed but the pleasure still rung inside him.

“See , I like Ryan here but we gotta get this vaca to be more like THAT!” Carlos said pausing from his thrusts “That’s the kind of shit people are paying for”

Jimmy stayed transfixed on Kyle for a moment, looking dead into his eyes almost distracted before turning back to Ryan.

“Yeah man, this white boy butterball thing don’t work for me. Maybe in a few years when he’s more of a bear…but I ain’t gay like that bro” Jimmy said.

“Oh yeah?” Carlos seemed genuinely interested “Well what’s a ‘not gay like that’ guy want in a puta? Maybe I can make Ryan here a little more like you want”

“Well, I mean” Even Juarez Viper Jimmy seemed a little embarrassed by this question. “I mean I am into like chicks right so this guys so big. I mean even Kyle is a jock. I don’t mind a little dick but ain’t you got any like…girly guys?”

“Goooood idea Hermano” Carlos said, standing with his rigid cock still in Ryan, making the linebacker lean forward on all fours to stay comfortable “Lemme see if I can cook that up for you”

Carlos closed his eyes and began speaking in a low voice. It sounded spanish but Kyle couldn’t be sure, besides he had started pumping the dildo again finding it distracting in his ass without movement. Soon Carlos’ talking was met with more rigorous pumps into Ryan’s asshole, the linebacker’s thick ass cheeks clapping against Carlos’ belly.

Kyle stopped pleasuring himself when he heard Ryan was screaming “OOOhhh goooood” and tilted his head to see the jock pump a surprisingly large load out of his small member. But it just kept pumping and pumping. It was like he couldn’t stop cumming. Ryan squealed with delight and pleasure, seemingly feeling too good to notice the torrent of semen falling out of him and that’s when Kyle saw it.

It seemed like every ounce of jizz took about 10 pounds off of Ryan’s torso. His belly sucked in slowly jiggling all the way until it became a soft arc. His arms went from thick ham hocks to spindly sticks and even seemed to suck in closer to his body. His massive manboobs began slapping against his small stomach flap fffflap until they too dwindled down to merely a couple of mosquito bites with puffy nipples.

Now Carlos was ramming what looked like a skinny guy with a fat double-chinned marshmallow head and thick, elephantine legs with a tremendously out of place ass. Carlos continued ramming even harder and Ryan’s thin arm’s couldn’t keep up and he face-planted with a pleasurable grunt. When he lifted his head back up his chin was pointed, his cheekbones protruded and his he had a beautiful asexual look to his face. His long hair now fell in his face with only his thick red lips still showing through.

Kyle saw Jimmy was revving up his own cock and approaching again. He swallowed hard, he liked what he saw.

Carlos let out a series of spanish expletives as his whole body rocked and his bull balls tensed. Ryan’s legs suddenly shrank but the bulk of his ass remained, muscular and round like a basketball split in two. Carlos pulled out with a pop and sprayed on Ryan who now looked like lithe young man with a fat ass and an underdeveloped torso. Ryan sat on his massive booty and looked down at himself for a moment. He didn’t seemed shocked or confused, just taking it all in. He looked about a foot shorter and his smaller body made him look younger too. He tweaked his puffy nipples and looked between the two men.

Jimmy approached and grabbed Ryan by the chin. With his hair falling away Ryan looked like a model he was so beautiful. Jimmy ran his thumb along Ryan’s lips and Ryan slowly opened his mouth with a high pitched giggle. This time Jimmy wasn’t so rough, slowly drawing his cock into Ryan’s throat while softly cradling his head.

Ryan brought two hands up and began working Jimmy’s shaft as he tried to take as much of the length as he could. Jimmy looked like he was in heaven now, whistling and groping one of Ryan’s fat nipples.

“F-fuckkk yeah this is perfect Carlos” Jimmy laughed, his words catching in his pleasure “You remember me when you’re a fucking millionaire”

Carlos chuckled as he did up his jeans and walked over to the bed. When he sat his tremendous weight on the mattress the whole thing creaked towards him.

Kyle realized he’d been fucking himself this whole time… just automatically to the sight of his former best friend being blown by a girly version of his former teammate. Something about it felt so wrong but so…fucking…hot. He realized his mouth had been open and wiped a little spittle from his own lips. Fuck!

“Glad to know you like it” Carlos said

“I uhhh” Kyle wanted to talk but didn’t want to blow his cover and turned to Carlos. He realized Carlos was talking without moving his lips.

“You think I don’t know when one of my moneymakers wakes out of my spell? Ha!” Carlos said staring darkly at him, right into his soul “No, I wanna have a little fun and turning Jimmy for fucking with me was just the first part”

“P-please” Kyle whispered aloud. He didn’t know how Carlos was in his head but he wanted to get out of here. He didn’t want to end up some fucking trash biker like JImmy.

“Oh no, I ain’t gonna make you part of the club…In fact I think I’ll even let you go” Carlos said “but first you gotta admit something”

“What” Kyle said , finding some defiance within himself.

“Admit that you want that cock” Said Carlos, aloud once more, pointing at Jimmy. Jimmy turned and smiled, flexing a big tattooed bicep. His armpit gave off a pungent pong and sweat dripped from it. His whole body seemed ever hairer and sweatier than before. He was a real man dominating the gay slut below him. Fuck. Fuck.

Kyle swallowed hard he didn’t know what to say.

“I want you to want it. It’s fun to change boys minds but it’s more fun to see them realize what’s good.” Carlos said “ I just moved your hand once since you woke up. The rest was all you”

Kyle could feel himself shaking. He hadn’t he just…he was just under a spell or something. There was no way!

“It’s okay white boy…you’re body has had a lot these past few weeks. It knows what it needs now and you just gotta listen to it.” Carlos said walking towards the door. “Don’t deny yourself pleasure, man. I love pleasure, it’s why I started this whorehouse. Your teammates were a happy accident but they’re bringing a lot of pleasure to this town. Don’t you wanna have some fun?”

He opened the door and stood in the threshold. “I’ll leave this unlocked. Maybe you guys come and play some pool after you’re done” He burst out into the biggest fit of laughter yet as he closed the door. The laughter echoed out down the hall and into the main room where Kyle heard a chorus of others join in.

Kyle’s heart was pounding. He was straight. Fuck what Carlos said. It was still a spell and that wasn’t him. He had to fight it!

‘FUCK! You fucking whore yes!” he heard Jimmy roar as Ryan audibly choked as much of his cock down as he could. He wasn’t sure what was happening until with a cough and gag Ryan pulled back and accidentally shot cum out his nose. A long strand connected back to jimmy’s cock as he pulled away still spraying a few times, coating him well as he laughed. Ryan just lay on the floor writhing in pleasure.

“Okay , you boys clean up” Jimmy said heading for the door.

“NO! No you can’t go! Please. ” Kyle begged. He needed help. He needed…

“Oh yeah , Puta?” Jimmy said with a certain menace,closing the door ‘What’s in it for me?”

Kyle had no idea what to say when Jimmy made a choice for him, walking towards him, cock flapping in the breeze and he plopped down on his back on the bed beside him.

“You see that , man? What the fuck? Who ever knew Ryan was such a whore” Jimmy said maneuvering his arm around Kyle. Kyle could feel the slick wetness of sweat and cum on him. He could feel a heat radiating from his warm pit that dug into him.

He turned his head to Jimmy’s and found him smiling. Just like they used to do to each other. Sure the face was different. He looked…rougher. Scarred and older under a layer of stubble. But it was the same look.

“You’re not gay like that , right Kyle?” Jimmy asked. HIs face getting closer. His breath smelled like burnt plastic, cigarettes and beer but it seemed to just make Kyle harder.

“N-no way man. I’m like going to fuck Melanie Daniels” Kyle said almost automatically. He threw the dildo out of his hand and onto the floor near Ryan. maybe it was over…maybe.

“With this little thing?” Jimmy said, reaching over and grabbing his cock like it was nothing. “I don’t know if you’ll last, man”

He suddenly started vigorously pumping on Kyle’s cock and before he could say anything he found himself busting a nut once more. He tried to close his mouth but before he could a ridiculous moan escaped it.

“Oooh boy”, you ain’t gonna impress a girl with stamina like that. Plus how are you gonna fuck her”Jimmy said rolling over on top of him and pinning him down “If you can’t get out of this room”

Kyle and Jimmy had wrestled plenty as a goof but Kyle’s football muscle always gave him the advantage. Until now. Not only was Jimmy dripping sweat, semen and lube on him his weight seemed almost uncanny. Kyle tried to struggle for a minute but eventually gave in. Jimmy brought his face an inch from Kyle’s.

“I don’t mind gay guys Kyle. I had a lot of fun with Ryan” He said, softly and lovingly “You’re the big man on campus…you wanna taste of me, QB?”

Kyle opened his mouth but didn’t know what to say. It didn’t matter when Jimmy’s lips pressed against his and his tongue thrust down his throat. He felt his stubble scratch up his face but it didn’t matter because it was the most erotic fucking kiss of his life. He didn’t even know he’d gotten hard again but he felt himself lose another load just from the kiss.

Jimmy pulled away and stood to his feet, rubbing the semen into his furry abdomen.

“Shit Ryan, Kyle is even hornier than you. We’re a match made in heaven , QB” Jimmy said waving his cock, once again rock hard in his face.

Kyle couldn’t help it. He knew what he wanted and he sat up , reaching for his best friend’s monster meat but JImmy swatted him away.

“I already got head today Kyle, you know what I really want” He said, reaching down and picking up the small brown vial from the floor.

Kyle did know. Kyle knew what he wanted too. He laid back down and raised up both of his legs as he heard a loud sniff. He looked at the ceiling and tried to think of his friend. His friend that he loved more than the cock that he craved. As he felt it enter him, he felt the pleasure he knew they were together. Just like old times. Like old times but so much better.

“Fuck yeah” He heard JImmy say, his voice sounding a bit deeper. He could swear his cock was getting harder too…bigger inside of him. And he loved it.

He couldn’t deny this was the best fuck of his life. And by his best friend. If this wasn’t living, what was? How could he ever go back to chicks. Back to his family and not take this beautiful man’s girth inside of him. He’d feel empty for the rest of his life. But he had to go back home. He had to get someone to help the team. All this fucking pleasure meant nothing, they had been taken, they had-

“Hey hermano, you want a hit” Jimmy said, holding the small vial under Kyle’s nose.

He’d seen what it did. He knew he’d never be the same if he did it but it was all too much. He knew what he wanted. He took a deep breath in and the world spun around him.

OUt in the main room the guys were playing pool with Carlos when Jimmy and Kyle busted back in. They were both shirtless and Kyle now sported a pair of leather pants. Jimmy had his arm around him and kyle was shamelessly hugging him hard like a drunk girl being walked how from a party.

“You lovers have a little fun back there” Carlos teased

“Always man, you know this boy is a perfect lay” Jimmy said, pecking Kyle on the lips.

“I don’t wanna go” Kyle moaned in a sappy voice

“You’ve gotta sleep baby so you can win us state! All the boys are counting on you” Jimmy said and the bikers all gave a cheer.

Kyle kissed him hard one more time and stumbled towards the door, turning and giving the whole room a view of his exposed fat ass sticking out of his chaps like a good biker bitch. The men all whooped and whistled as they noticed the viper tattoo on his left cheek.

He might be going home tonight. But he’d be back tomorrow. The call of Jimmy’s cock would make him a permanent fixture of the clubhouse. And who knows. Maybe Jimmy would learn to share.

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