Personal Toy

By JoSmith published August 23, 2018
Money is tight

Chpt. 2 Previously:

“This looks great.” I said as I took my seat.

“The food or my ass?” Steve replied as he came over to sit on my lap and kiss me.


“Mmm, good. Because your favorite is for dessert,” Steve mentioned as he began to gyrate his ass on my growing dick.

“Aren’t we eager tonight.”

“Can’t help it.”

I slapped his ass and he got up and made his way to take a seat. While we ate, his foot kept brushing against my leg. He was always horny and ready to please me. Whatever the rock from space had given me, I would use it to make my life better. I had worked hard my entire life and it was time for me to take advantage of the opportunity.

It had been couple of weeks since I touched the stone in the lab and life had been going well because of it. I got a job offer at my internship, after I “suggested” it to my boss. I had modified the way my stepdad acted and behaved which helped our apartment be cleaner and orderly. Even though I was making money, I wanted to earn more to get rid of my student loans, but I didn’t want to get a second job on top of this one. I was making my way back home when I got an idea of how to earn more money.

Opening the door to my place, I was happy to find the place spotless. After whatever it was that I had contracted from the space rock, I was able to influence people by touch and one of the first things I did was made sure that Steve was cleaner, respectful, and completely devoted to me. It was fun using him and him being older was a bonus. I loved older muscle men that gave it up to younger guys. The size difference was also a turn on. Having this muscle man begging me to use him was a total rush.

I went to my room and began to undress and put my things away when I heard the door downstairs open.

“Jake, you home?”

“Yeah, I’m in the bedroom.”

I heard the door close and heard Steve make his way to the bedroom. He was wearing shorts and a running jacket with no shirt underneath. He had a nice tan and his hairy chest drove me insane. I continued to put my things away while Steve undressed. When I was done, I turned around and saw Steve folding his clothes, putting his gym bag away, and making sure that the mess he made while undressing was taken care of. He put on a pair of black briefs and began to make his way towards me. I liked that he was mine to use but I didn’t want him naked all the time, I liked a little bit of mystery and suggested he only wear briefs or jockstraps in the house when we were alone.

“How was your day?” Steve asked while he caressed my arm and held me by the waist.

“Good, tired, but good. Yours?”

“Same ol’. I had three clients today, but business is getting slow.”

I grabbed his arm and told him that I knew that he wanted to do more for the household, that I would understand if he wanted to do webcam shows to help bring more money. I kissed him and waited for him to receive my suggestions.

“Jake, I don’t know how you would feel if I did webcam shows to earn more cash for us?”

“I don’t know Steve, what are you going to do in front of the webcam?” Steve was thinking like he had a great idea but was not sure how I would respond to his answer; “I can perform and do most anything they want me to do as long as they pay me?”

I grabbed him and told him what exactly he would do.

-1 Month Later-

Steve was wearing a white jockstrap, a masquerade mask while sitting on the bed. He had grown out his facial hair and was sporting a nice beard. Behind him, there was a purple dildo and some lube. He was typing and smiling, once in a while greeting his usual audience members.

“Hi guys, welcome back to the gun show.” Steve smirked and began to flex his huge arms. He had begun to pack more muscle to be a better boy for me. I didn’t want him grotesque but a couple of more pounds of muscle wouldn’t hurt. I was at the doorway looking at my boy making us money by performing for people he never met before.

“Thanks stud, I try to keep in shape, can’t welcome my 50s looking decrepit.” Steve began to play with his pecs and pinch his nipples. The comments were pouring in and Steve was loving the attention he got. I left the room and got ready for work tomorrow, got my clothes and papers ready. Once I was done, I began to undress to get comfortable for the show. I grabbed the mask Steve left for me and made my way back to the room where he was. From the doorway, I could see that he had begun fucking his hole with the purple dildo.

Moaning and groaning, he was riding the dildo. Loved how his pecs bounced when he was fucking himself.

“You guys like that? Like seeing me fuck my tight hole?” I could hear the notification sounds. I wonder how much we would make tonight. “Mmm, yeah, come on stud, fuck me.” Steve had gotten better role playing with his audience.

“Guys, I love fucking myself, but you know who can really give it to me good?” Steve chuckled at the responses, “I’m sure you can, but no, I was referring to my man. Do you want to see how I put out for my guy, fellas?”

More comments kept coming in, “I don’t know guys, doesn’t seem like you all want me to get used like the piece of meat that I am. I guess I should just end the show…”

More comments, panicked audience members were urging Steve to continue the show. I could see the money flowing in. I was excited. Using Steve for my enjoyment was great but having him as my money cow was even better.

“Okay, I surrender, I’ll continue the show. Keep on watching if you want to see me in my truest form, a submissive muscle slut to my man, the guy that conquered this hole.”

At that, he raised his legs and aimed his hole to the camera. He began to tease his hole and started to moan. “I’m so fucking hard guys. I need a real man to come and use me. I need cock. Fuck, I need it.” At that, I came in to the room and Steve saw me and smiled.

“Guys, my man is here to take care of business.” Steve lowered his legs and got on his knees and began to fondle my dick through my underwear.

“Babe, my fans want you to use me. I’m here for your pleasure, do whatever you want with me.”

I snapped my fingers and pointed at my dick. Steve already knew what to do.

“Yes sir, whatever you want.”

Steve lowered my briefs and began to play with my dick. Soon, he began to blow me. Slowly, sensually, making sure that he was being a good boy and making me feel pleasure. I placed my hands on his head and patted him encouragingly. Steve was making sure to take care of the tip, shaft, and my balls. Nothing was half-assed. After a while, he stopped sucking me and looked up at me adoringly.

“I love this cock.” I patted his cheek like a good boy he had been. He closed his eyes as he felt my touch and I saw he was leaking without having touched his dick. I had trained him well.

“Fellas, what should we do next?” Steve asked to the webcam as he stayed on the floor caressing my legs, kissing my dick, and exploring my torso.

“It’s the little things in life, huh, guys. Sure, I think we can accommodate that request.”

Steve looked up at me and began to stand up.

“Permission to kiss you, sir.”

I nodded.

Steve leaned in and began to kiss my neck. He caressed my back and continued to kiss me all over my neck, up to my cheek, and finally, on my mouth. I returned the kiss and we made out. I was holding him by his waist, but I couldn’t resist anymore, and I made my way to his massive ass. The jockstrap that he was wearing did an excellent job outlining his hairy ass and making it stand out. I began to tease his hole.

“Mmmm, yes, tease it, babe.”

The comments kept coming in. Some of them wanted me to continue kissing him, others wanted me to punch his abs and torture his chest. The comments were a wide array of kinks. One person wanted me to crush Steve’s balls and another wanted me to rough fuck him while he was tied and gagged. I was turned on with the idea of anonymous people wanting Steve to do these things.

Steve broke the kiss, “Oh, man, I need you inside me. I’m so horned up for you. Fucking take me.”

Steve turned around and began to grind his ass on my dick. He grabbed my hands and placed them on his chest. He laid his head on my shoulder as he kept moaning.

“Guys, are you ready to see me take this dick up my muscle ass?” Reading some of the comments, Steve replied; “Haha, the only way you are getting inside this hole if you get permission from my man. This hole belongs to him.”

Steve turned around and led me to the bed. He got on his back and raised his legs.

“Come on stud, use that hole.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I lined my dick up to Steve’s hole and I went in.


I was fucking him slowly, sensually, making sure that I dragged this along because the longer this went on the more money we made. Comments were urging me to fuck him harder. I was happy to oblige.

I began to pick up the pace and Steve was beginning to scream, moan, groan. I slapped him once. He thanked me. I took his dick out of the side of the jockstrap and held it firmly in my hand.

“Yessss, sir. Please, let me cum. I need to cum so bad.”

I shook my head and he began to whine.

“I’ll do anything.”

I began to choke him while I roughed fucked him. Steve moaned and thanked me for using him.

The audience was loving how I was treating Steve. I pulled out and Steve looked at me. I motioned for him to lay face down on the bed and look straight into the camera. He got up and did as he was instructed.

I got on top of him and went in. Steve had bedsheets in both of his fists, he was red in the face, dried saliva from when he blew me, screaming into the cam.

“I’m your bitch, use that hole. Give it to me.”

I kept fucking him hard. I grabbed him from his hair and pulled his head up and I kissed him. It was a rough, aggressive kiss. After I broke the brief make out session, I slammed his head on the bed and began to fuck him faster and harder. When I felt I was going to shoot, I pulled out and flipped Steve over. His head was dangling at the end of the bed and I got up next to it. He began to caress my legs, knowing full well what was going to happen next.

“Yeah, fuck man. Give me that load.” He pulled my dick and began to suck it. I was close, I pulled out and began to pump my dick and shortly after, I came all over Steve. As soon as he felt my cum on his face, he came in his jockstrap without touching himself.

“Thank you, sir.”

I patted his face and I walked away. I had used him, got my nut, and left him there just like a cheap whore.

Phew Guys, I am worn out. Look at that, I’m fucking drenched.” Steve said as he sat back down in front of the laptop with my cum all over his face and chest.

“I sure did. Came without touching myself. That’s how good this guy can get me off….okay guys, thanks for watching. I’ll see you all next week!”

At that he logged off and walked to the bathroom and cleaned up. I was in the living room waiting for him. Steve came out of the bathroom and made his way to the living room. He was naked, no point in putting underwear now that we were about to go to sleep.

“Jake, that was so hot. Thanks for agreeing to fuck me on camera. They loved it. It was the highest grossing session I had since I started.”

Steve sat down and laid his head on my lap.

“I get so turned on putting a show for them.”

“You were pretty convincing too.”

“I wasn’t acting, though. I meant it, I know now that I was meant to be your bitch.” Steve sat up and looked at me.

“I was a crappy dad for you Jake but now, I’ll be a better bitch for you to use.”

I grabbed his hand, “I know. I also know that you want to be used by other guys and get your fuck hole used. I’m going to pimp you out, get men to fuck you. How does that sound?” Steve held my stare and then smiled.

“That would be hot, babe. Damn, getting pimped out like a cheap whore, that’s turning me on.” Steve’s flaccid dick was beginning to come back to life.

“I think that to get more money from this new enterprise, we should be upfront with our clients.”

Steve smirked and got closer to me, still holding my hand he asked, “What do you mean?”

I leaned closer and almost in a whisper responded, “We’ll tell them you are my dad and I’m your son.”

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