Personal Toy

By JoSmith published August 21, 2018
After touching a space rock, Jake begins to exhibit some new talents

I began working on this new series a while back. Let me know if y’all would like to see the rest. Currently it is unfinished but its around 6 chapters deep.

I made my way home. I was tired and just wanted to take off my shoes and relax. It had been a long day and honestly, being an unpaid intern sucked but if I wanted my degree, this was part of the deal. I was learning a lot and the work itself was interesting it just sucked that I was not getting paid for it. I was in debt and living with my stepfather, Steve.

The work that I did was clerical but from time to time, I would be able to get a glimpse of the more secret projects in the lab. One of those projects was pheromone manipulation. The idea was that one could control others with the right combination of pheromones. It was interesting but doubt it would work. Another project was more direct: nanobots. Literally reprograming someone with the use of nanobots in the bloodstream. That project showed promise. But the one project that only a select few were able to have access to was code name ‘Flare.’ No one was allowed unless they had the right level of clearance. Lucky me, my supervisor did and from day one, we hit it off. Felt like we were more like brothers than employer and employee. It had been couple of days ago that Dan had taken me to the room where ‘Flare’ was being worked on. He made me promise that I wouldn’t say anything to anyone about what was in the room. I promised. Everyone in the lab had hyped this project up and the mysteriousness of it all made it more alluring. I would be disappointing if it was just hype.

We made our way to a very secure part of the building where Dan had to scan his ID, finger print, and input an 18-character password before we could be let in to the waiting room outside of the room where ‘Flare’ was being worked on. Once inside the waiting area, we took off all metal and electronics before Dan had a retinal scan to let us inside the top-secret project room. As the metal door opened, my anticipation grew and grew until I saw what was in the room.

“You’re joking….it’s a rock on a pedestal.” This must have been a joke. I was the victim of a practical joke. No way did we have to go through all this for a damn rock.

“Jake, it’s not just a rock. Come closer but don’t touch it,” Dan said. I was not buying it but still got closer to it.

“This ‘rock’ is from space. Crashed in New Mexico a long time ago and we were able to borrow it to work on it and learn from its properties.”

As Dan went to the desk area to show me some of the findings after seeing my unimpressed face, I got closer to the rock and not thinking about it, ran my finger on the surface. I felt a shock on my fingers as soon as I touched it.

“Damn…” I said and quickly retreated. I was holding on to my fingers. They were burning. Clearly the folks in the lab were using gloves to handle this thing. What if it was radioactive? Why weren’t we wearing hazmat suits? I was freaking out. What if I was infected with a virus or strain of space flu?

“What did you say?”

“Nothing, uh, I need to use the bathroom. Can we go?”

“We just got in, though.”

“Yeah, looks like a fascinating rock but I really need to go. I had chili for lunch… please Dan.”

“Fine, let’s go weirdo.”

My fingers were still hot but what was strange was that the rock, when I touched it, felt smooth to the touch, almost like if I were touching metal even though in appearance, the rock was rough and jagged. As soon as we left the room and collected our items, I ran out and went to the bathroom. I checked my fingers and couldn’t see any discoloration or cuts. The burning was passing but I was scared that I had contracted something. I could feel like something was happening to me. I was beginning to sweat but I just wiped my sweat with a paper towel. I stayed in the bathroom for 15 minutes thinking of the weird rock. I was scheduled for another 4 hours so I needed to stay cool and pretend as though nothing happened.

My fingers felt normal and I stopped sweating once I left the bathroom. I went back to my temporary office and started working. I was exhausted by the end of the day. I had gotten swamped with work and was glad when I saw that it was time for me to go. I couldn’t get the experience of touching the rock out of my head and I could still feel the burning sensation on my fingers when I recalled the moment I touched the rock. I had an entire weekend to think about it. I got to my front door and began to fumble my keys. I was too tired to even open my door. Finally, found the right key and unlocked the front door. Once inside, I took off my shoes and hung my jacket in the closet. Steve was still not home and that was great with me.

Steve was a personal trainer and it showed with his physique. While not overly muscled like a seasoned bodybuilder, he was tall and ripped. Great arms, huge chest, beautiful ripped torso, nice bubble butt, and muscled legs. He had a sexy five o’clock shadow, short hair, and bright brown eyes. He was my step-father and a good guy when he wasn’t throwing homophobic jokes here and there. He married mom and then when she passed away, it was just Steve and me. I was desperate for a place to stay while working on my Masters degree so I moved in with him. Even during his marriage with my mom, he was a total slob with everything in the place except for the kitchen where he always meal prepped and made his protein drinks. That was the only spot in the house that was ever clean. Everything else was a total pig stock. You would think he was in his early 30s because of his demeanor but he was in his mid-40s. On the other hand, I was the opposite to Steve. I liked living in a clean and orderly place, but it was hard maintaining the place clean when Steve would clutter everything as soon as he got home. I was shorter than him and honestly, I was just lanky. Never able to gain fat or muscle. Where he had short hair, mine was a bit longer and blonde. Even though I was 24, I was constantly mistaken by a teenager.

I made it to my room and undressed. Got in a t-shirt and shorts before making my way to the kitchen. While perusing the wide array of nothingness in the fridge, I heard the door open and came in Steve. Only wearing his grey sweats and a tank top, he was still sweating from his last session. He threw his gym bag near the door and peeled his tank off. He left his stuff there like it was his room and made his way to the kitchen.

“Jake, my man!” That was Steve’s routine greeting to seeing me. I turned around and gave him a high five. As soon as we touched, I felt the burning return to my fingers.

“Ouch, you shocked me,” Steve said. Was it a coincidence that I was feeling the burning on my fingers again and he felt a shock?

I just shrugged. “How was your day big guy?”

“I had several clients come in today and ask me to help them with their new year’s resolutions.”

“Do they realize that its March?”

“Yeah, I don’t ask questions as long as I get paid.”

“Fair enough.”

“Anyways, what are we eating?”

“I don’t know. The fridge is empty, and I did the grocery shopping last week. It’s your turn to have stocked the fridge.”

“Uh, how about I order some take out? Maybe the kid that delivers will give us a discount if he sees me answer the door shirtless. Saw him ogling my ass last time he came by, what a queer.”

Dammit Steve. Why are you like this. I wish he would be respectful and not use derogatory words like that. He was oblivious I was gay, he wasn’t a bad stepdad, he was just never invested in our relationship. We were better roommates than father and son. I grabbed his shoulder and said, “Now why would you be thinking of a kid like that if you weren’t into it? Seems to me you’re the gay one in this scenario. Thinking about showing your body to the kid for a discount, pathetic.”

Steve looked at me with confusion on his face and then responded, “You’re right, Jake. I am gay. Love to show off for the delivery kid.” I let go of his shoulder and he just stood there momentarily and went to get his cell phone. What the hell? I wasn’t sure if he was kidding but he called for take out and requested the kid giving them a story that he wanted to thank the kid for being such a great delivery guy.

“Food will be here soon. I’m going to hop in the shower before he gets here.” Steve went to the bathroom and began to shower. I was confused. I sat down and thought about what had just happened. Maybe he was just playing with me. I was getting really hungry, but the food was here before I could complain any further. I was about to open the door when Steve rushed out of his room wearing only a jockstrap.

“No, no, no, no. Let me open the door. I want to give the kid a show.”

I grabbed his arm, “Steve, don’t be an asshole. He is just doing his job.”

“I won’t be an asshole to him, he is just doing his job. I just want to show off my body to him.”

I let go of his arm and walked away. I tried. Steve opened the door and I heard an audible gasp.

“De…delivery for Steve?”

“Yeah, that’ll be me.” Steve said as he rubbed his pecs.

“Oh, uh, it’ll be, uh, $40.50.”

“Sure thing, I’ll be back. Let me get my wallet.”

Steve was handsome, no denying it but what he was doing to the kid was wrong. Why was he doing all this? He walked back to the kitchen, with his muscled ass in display. The kid was sweating and I could see that he was both uncomfortable but aroused. Steve took his time ‘pretending’ to look for money even though he had already taken out $55 dollars out of his wallet. After a short while, he turned around and walked back to the door.

“Here you go, keep the change.” Steve handed the money to the kid and winked at him.

The kid was in shock. Steve closed the door and made his way to the kitchen as if what he had just done was the most normal thing to do. I was fuming. That kid should not have to put up with Steve’s ridiculousness.

“Food smells good.”

“Steve, what the hell! That kid was just doing his job. Why did you have to do all that?”

“What did I do? I gave him a nice tip. I didn’t do nothing bad, I just wanted to show off my body to him, that isn’t a crime.”

I was furious, I got up to him and grabbed his arm.

“You should be more considerate towards people. You never ask me what I need or want. You didn’t even ask me if I wanted takeout. You should be willing to put others before yourself.”

I let go of him and went to my room. I was hungry, but I was mad at Steve. After a moment, I heard a knock at my door and Steve was there with food on a plate.

“Jake, I’m sorry. I don’t know what gets into me sometimes. How can I make it up to you?”

“If you really want to make it up to me, you can blow me. That’ll be sufficient.” I laughed. I couldn’t be mad at him. I was tired and overreacted. I was obviously kidding but then Steve put my food on the desk and got on his knees. He pulled down my shorts and grabbed my dick. Without missing a beat, he took me in his mouth and blew me right there.

“Holy shit! Steve, what the fuck?!”

Steve was not the best at giving blowjobs but with a little instruction, he began to get better. I grabbed his head and began to face fuck him. What the hell, I was loving it. I could hear my muscle stepdad gagging on my dick. I was turned on. I was getting close. I pulled out and began to shoot all over Steve’s face and chest.

“Wow, that was incredible. Good job Steve.”

Steve got up and looked at me before asking me if he was forgiven, I grabbed his arm before responding, “Sure but there are going to be some changes around here.”

2 weeks later

Ever since I touched the rock, I had been able to influence others. It started first with my roommate, Steve. Then after I realized what I could do, I went to work Monday and talked with my boss’ boss and asked him to pay me while I was working there. He thought I was joking but then, I grabbed his hand and told him that I was a great employee and deserved to be paid for the work I was doing. He agreed. Since, I have been getting paid and I could not be happier. I was looking forward to going to my internship now that I was getting paid. At night, though, my favorite part of this whole experience was waiting for me.

“I’m home!” I said loudly when I made my way inside.

“I’m in the kitchen!” Steve said. I took off my shoes and put my jacket in the closet. I was hungry, but I could smell something delicious in the kitchen. I made my way there and I was greeted by my stepdad, naked, wearing only an apron as he put the finishing touches on the London broil he had made.

“This looks great.” I said as I took my seat.

“The food or my ass?” Steve replied as he came over to sit on my lap and kiss me.


“Mmm, good. Because your favorite is for dessert,” Steve mentioned as he began to gyrate his ass on my growing dick.

“Aren’t we eager tonight.”

“Can’t help it.”

I slapped his ass and he got up and made his way to take a seat. While we ate, his foot kept brushing against my leg. He was always horny and ready to please me. Whatever the rock from space had given me, I would use it to make my life better. I had worked hard my entire life and it was time for me to take advantage of the opportunity.

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