Seven Rounds of Heaven: Rounds 6 & 7

By BlueMoonRose
published August 13, 2018

As the game finally comes to an end what will each boy choose? Stay in Heaven? Or go back to Earth?

“Yes master.” Ash said robotically as he stood, turned, and walked away into his bedroom to follow the orders of his master to clean up after their latest escapade. It only took a few seconds before the sounds of the shower could be heard gently echoing from the open doorway. Lee watched as Ash left admiring the ass that he knew he would soon claim as his own. While admiring Ash, Lee took the opportunity to catch his breathe. The game had made him the perfect daddy in looks as well as age. The drawback, It now seemed was that his stamina wasn’t what it use to be. While he was catching his breathe, the sound of sex drew his attention over to his boys. The twins were still in the throws of their passionate lovemaking. By now they had once again shifted their position. Chris was was now laying flat on his back, while Rich sat on his knees riding his brother’s cock cowboy style.

Taking a sigh of pride that his boys were getting along again, Lee went ahead and took his sixth turn. The lights spun their fate changing dance, ending on the blue light.

“Player Shifter!” The game announced in an uncharacteristically calm voice. “You look worn out Player 1. Let’s give you a boost that lets you put these young boys to shame.”

Instantly, Lee felt rejuvenated and ready for another round of heart pounding sex. But, before Lee could have the pleasure of joining the boys on the floor, a duet of perfectly harmonizing roars rang out as the boys simultaneously orgasmed. Rich cumming so hard that it leaked through the fabric of his jock-strap, and Chris filling Rich’s ass so full that some of his cum dribbled out of his brother’s hole and down his still engorged cock. Rich rolled over onto his back laying next to his twin. Both boys were breathing hard, eyes closed, and big grins on their faces. If they had been left alone, they would have most assuredly cuddled together and gone to sleep in their post coital afterglow.

“Son,” Lee said gently rousing the boys from their lulling cuddles. “I know you’re tired bubby, but you need to take your turn.”

Rich groaned, not wanting to get up from the floor. But, he obeyed his Daddy and stood up to take his turn. The lights spun and quickly ended on the blue light

“Player Shifter!” The game announced, “Player 2, right now the only way to tell you apart from your twin is who bottoms and who tops. Let’s change that, from now on you are the shy, romantic and the innocent charmer.” Instantly Rich’s entire demeanor changed. Even as Chris got up, walked behind him, and embraced him from behind. Rich melted into his brother’s arms, leaning in like a lovesick teenager.

Before anyone could say anything about the twins’ cuddling, all attention shifted to Ash as he sashayed into the room. He had showered and masterfully applied deep, vibrant red lipstick and Smokey eyeshadow. On top of that he had changed into a lustful red lace bra and matching lace thong.

“What do you think master?” He still wasn’t use to his higher pitched voice, and was mentally reeling from the fact that it was dripping with his uncertainty and lack of self confidence. His mind was reeling with conflicting emotions. On one hand a piece of old Ash was mortified, disgusted and embarrassed. On the other hand a new and growing Ash, was aroused at being displayed in front of his master, desperate to please him, and feeling liberated at letting his inner girl out by wear outfits like what he had on. As the silence dragged on, Ash, began fidgeting under the stares of the three taller, more masculine men.

“Now that is how a slutty girl like you should look!” Lee exclaimed, his thick cock jumping to life and bouncing out in front of him. He walked around the table towards the little sissy boy. Ash, for his part could only stand and stare as the taller, older man approached and loomed over him, with wonder and submission in his eyes. As Lee approached his sissy slave, he took the liberty to hit the button in the center of the game on Ash’s behalf. The lights spun as Lee reached the smaller boy and picked him up, carrying him into the living room and laying him down on his back kissing him. Ash moaned as Lee lay on top of him, hand grabbing his soft ass cheek while grinding his thick, throbbing cock into Ash’s small feminine mound. Neither Lee nor Ash noticed that the lights landed on red.

“Body Shop! Player 3, now that you have the perfect wardrobe and attitude for a sissy, let’s give you the perfect body for one.” The game announced as reality once again shifted and changed.

Instantly Ash’s chest began to swell and fill his bra until two large, pillowy breasts sat squished between the two newly formed lovers. At the same time Ash’s hair burst from his head, growing until a cascade of gentle waist length waves of platinum blonde hair lay bunched up under his head. Without breaking the kiss Lee moved his hands up to the new additions and squeezed them lustfully, drawing a very feminine moan from Ash as the last of his resistance to the changes faded into a cloud of pink lust. Continuing to follow his new instincts Lee yanked the bra down, releasing Ash’s new tits, and broke the kiss in order to move down and suck on the them. A scream of pleasure rang from Ash’s lips, his tiny penis for the first time began all night began to ooze pre-cum. So much so that it began seeping through the lace and lubricating Lee’s big cock.

After a few moments Lee raised his head and looked into Ash’s eyes, “Do you like that little girl?” As he spoke, His hand reached down to rub the front of Ash’s panties. “Look how wet you’re getting.” He whispered into Ash’s ear while bringing his hand up for Ash to lick the gooey precut off his fingers. Ash gladly and seductively sucked on Lee’s fingers making sure to leave them nice and wet. His diligence paid off as Lee pushed the back of his thongs aside and gently slid a finger into his quivering hole. Ash could only arch his back and moan in pleasure. Lee’s every touch set his skin on fire and fed a desire inside him that was growing exponentially by the second. The pleasure rendered Ash’s completely helpless under Lee’s now masterful touch and Lee was more than willing to give his sissy slave the sweet torture he craved. But even Lee had his limits, and with his new libido, it only took a few minutes of Ash’s moans to mush Lee to the edge of his self-control. Lee dove between Ash’s legs and began licking Ash’s hole. Ash screamed in complete ecstasy. His hands reaching up to play with his new soft tits.

Meanwhile the twins stood by the table entwined in each other’s arms, watching the scene that was unfolding before them. For a while they simply stood there, glassy eyes taking in the erotic scene at face value. Then the fog began to lift as reality began settling and identical looks of confusion began to cross their faces. Something wasn’t right, even with their new memories.

In this new world the boys were always in love with each other. After all being identical twins, they were pretty much two halves of the same soul. They had started secretly experimenting with each other until their dad had caught them sophomore year of high school. From then on they began a secret love affair.

While the sex was hot, passionate and frequent, their father had always been perfectly clear. What they did with each other had to remain secret from the outside world, no matter what. That was the one rule that was to never be broken. Yet during the last twelve hours not only they broken that rule by fucking each other in front of their dad and an outsider, but now they were watching him fuck the outsider, who happened to be their childhood friend. A look of sheer horror fell across their faces as they realized that they had broken their family’s ultimate taboo. They had revealed their secret to an outsider.

During this time of realization for the twins and sex for Lee and Ash, no one noticed that the game had activated itself. Its tri-colored lights began spinning faster than they had all night. Landing on the blue light for only a split second before continuing on with their magically hypnotic dance. None of the men in the room even even heard what the game announced because at that exact moment Ash let out a scream of pure ecstasy as Lee stopped licking his ass and slid his dripping cock into Ash’s primed hole. Lee did not wait for Ash to adjust to him. His hole was the tightest things Lee had ever experienced, the pleasurable pressure on his rock hard cock did nothing but encourage Lee to begin vigorously pumping in and out of Ash’s no longer virgin boy pussy. At the same time, a devious look glimmered in Chris’s eyes.

“Let’s give Daddy some privacy.” Chris whispered into Rich’s ear. As Lee continued to thrust away into the sissy below him, his grunts matching Ash’s moans, Chris led his twin by the hand into the bedroom they shared. Once inside Chris immediately stripped his brother of his soiled jock strap and without missing a beat, inhaled his twins rapidly engorging member. Rich moaned softly and blushed, trying to keep within the family’s big rule, but offered no resistance against his brother’s ministrations. After spending some time to work Rich to the edge, Chris stood up and grabbing a hold of Rich’s cock, led him to the room’s private bathroom and into the shower. He started the water before turning and pushing his brother against the opposite wall, nibbling on his neck and letting his hands grope Rich’s ample ass while the water cascaded down his back.

Meanwhile in the living room, Lee barely registered the sound of running water coming from the boys’ room as he pumped in and out of the newly created tiny dicked sissy t-girl beneath him. He was so enthralled with the way her plump red lips made an almost perfect circle as she moaned, how her large soft tits bounced and rippled when he slammed his cock balls deep into her boy pussy, how her tiny cock would burp pre cum every time his cock would hit her prostate, that he didn’t notice the game that had activated itself seconds before the twins left the room, had never stopped its spinning light show. This round the game didn’t even stop on a specific light as the colors swirled and grew to be the dominant light source in the room. Nobody in the cabin noticed the machine’s voice announce changes or the fact that the voice began to lose its robotic tones and begin to take on a sultry human female tone as it announced the final changes for each of the four players as they continued in their versions of love making.

Lee was the first. As he continued to slide in and out of his sissy lover’s hole, his cock began to magically thicken. It grew from just slightly above average girth to a width of a beer can. Ash screamed in a mixture of both excruciating pain and mind blowing ecstasy as he felt Lee grow within him, nearly ripping him in half. His brain melted into a puddle of lust.

Even as this change solidified the next one began, and oddly enough the game skipped over Rich and affected change upon Ash instead. His blonde hair darkened at the root, the tell tale sign of bleach dyed hair. His eyes lightened into a shade of brilliant blue, yet weren’t as piercing as the three other men, who were now her family members. The fabric of reality shifted one more time as Ash’s mind and utter sense of identity was altered. While he was biologically male, under the newest changes, he identified himself as female and his body was developed in such a way that no one would ever know that Ash was not a female until they saw him naked and laid eyes on his tiny dick and balls. Obviously his birth name of Ashton wouldn’t help him live in the world as a female so Ash had been going by the name Ashley since middle school, all the while trying to convince his dad to help him legally change his name.

“Oh yes Daddy!” Ash screamed with new vigor as she not only began to fully enjoy being fucked but also began to feel the rush of being fucked by her own father. “Fuck me! Make me cum with your big fat cock!” Ash’s voice kept rising in pitch changing until all traces of masculinity were erased from it. Hearing his child’s voice not only beg for his cock, but to beg for it like a dirty slut only turned Lee on more, adding more vigor and passion into his thrusting. Returning her dirty begging with dirty taunts of his own.

The game however had moved on. It seemed to have decided to target the twins at the same time. The changes were subtle yet opposite. As the continued their romantic foreplay there was an obvious dynamic change between the two. Rich became more and more submissive and introverted. His moans shrank into whimpers of sheer pleasure at his brother’s touch. In response Chris became more and more dominant and extroverted. As he turned his brother around and entered him, his moans grew into a crescendo of growls interspersed with alternating rounds of sweet whispered promises and raw passionate dirty talk.

And now the game was complete. It was time for the players to choose. The lights on the game began to speed up their swirling dance, the color draining from them until the only thing left of the game was a tightly whirling ring of white light. Time seemed to stop as tendrils of light wormed their way out of the ring and made contact with heads of each of the four men in the cabin. Two images appeared in the minds of each of them, the images of them when they began the game and the images of them in this current moment.

Lee saw himself in the first image from a birds-eye view. The too skinny nerd of the group of friends. Being the youngest and the poorest, he had always wondered why the others had been his friends. This Lee struggled to afford law school let alone pass it. This Lee was the kind of guy that could feel lonely in a crowded room. As he looked at this image Liam couldn’t help be feel overwhelmed by the feeling of isolation. However, the second image, was of an older Lee. This Lee had the confidence that can only come from being free of financial burdens. This Lee was older and well versed in the world. His family’s fortunes had allowed him to go to the best schools and he readily applied himself to his studies so that he continued his family’s long history of success and add to the growing and already incalculable wealth. As Liam watched this version of himself, his mind, clear for the first time since the start of the game, felt an ease and self-comfort that he had never felt before in his old life.

“Make your choice Liam,” the sultry woman’s voice echoed in his mind, “Heaven or Earth?” Lee thought carefully and the in the end decided to go the route of confidence.

“I choose to stay in heaven.” He said and instantly the tendril of light connected to him pulsed and seared away all remnants of the old Liam from reality.

In Richard’s mind the first image showed him with a brutal honesty that he couldn’t even face himself before this game. The image was of the thin greasy haired art student that spent more time drawing and painting naked women than exploring their bodies in person. This version of Rich, was the version that constantly lied and bragged to his friends about imaginary conquests to hid his virginity, which he was highly embarrassed about. The second image of Rich had model looks and while he was shy and introverted, did have friends and had had sex with the few boyfriends that he did have. His father, Lee, was always there to comfort him when he was upset and he had to admit the sex was super hot as well.

“Make your choice Richard.” the woman’s voice echoed in Rich’s mind.

“I choose heaven.” Rich said without hesitation, instantly he was filled with the feeling of comfort, love, and security.

In Christopher’s mind the two images looked close to the same physically, it was the emotions that differed. In the first image Chris’s family had basically abandoned him, because he didn’t want to get into the family business. So, his father had bought him a flat and gave him an allowance to simply keep him out of the way. His father and siblings had never visited him since he had moved into the flat and had never again invited back home. In the second image though, Chris’s family was completely different. His twin brother was his best friend and his longest lover, whom he knew would never abandon him. His father was loving and supportive, always calling and visiting whenever their schedules allowed.

“Make your choice Christopher.” the woman’s voice echoed in his head. Chris studied both images. The first flooded him with depression and loneliness, while the second image flooded him with security and love and a warmth that Chris never wanted to let go.

“I choose heaven.” he said, the tendrils pulsed and made his and Rich’s choices permanent reality.

In Ash’s mind the two images were the most extreme in differential that the other three boys choices. A large part of this was because he was the last to make his choice. The first image was the old Ashton, the hot bodied footballer, who was the self proclaimed largest pussy hound on his campus. However not everything was exactly the same as before. Since the other’s had made their choices to stay in heaven, and reality had already shifted into a permanent shape. While it was true that Ash had been friends with the Von Astor twins in early childhood, he quickly separated himself from associating with them after they came out of the closet in middle school. The only reason he even maintained the slight connection with the boys that he had, was that his father was a business associate of Liam Von Astor and constantly encouraged him to keep the friendship for future networking purposes.

The second image was of Ashley Von Astor, the youngest of Liam’s three children, who was currently getting plowed by her father and loving every moment of it. Ashley never had to feel afraid about being a sissy t-girl because she knew for a fact that her daddy and her two older brothers were always watching out for her and would always protect her. That feeling of being cared for and protected was very different to Ash from the Ashton’s old need to be the aggressive alpha constantly and to be the protector.

Ash was surprised to find that he actually liked the feeling of being protected over the obligation of being the protector. Or was that feeling just the game messing with his head again? As if sensing his hesitation a haze of pink fog began to fill Ash’s mind. It was okay to want to be taken care of. The fog seemed to whisper to him as his mind began to tingle and fade. It was okay to want to feel pretty. It was okay to want to be a slutty daddy’s girl.

“Time to choose Ash.” The sultry disembodied woman’s voice whispered into his ear, “Heaven or Earth? Ashton or Ashley?”

“He…” Ash forced himself to snap out of his trance before he made a fatal mistake. He couldn’t let the pink fog answer for him, couldn’t let the game win. He had to stay himself, he had a football scholarship and was going to go pro. None of that was possible if he became Ashley. On the other hand Ashley was a smart and beautiful t-girl that had few if any limitations to her future.

As if sensing Ash’s continued resistance the pink fog thickened and closed in on his mind, bombarding it with the sensations of Ashley’s body. The beautifully dull ache when a man squeezed her large pillowy breasts, the sweet pinch when a man suckled on her nipples, the euphoric sensation of her boy pussy being filled with a man’s cock, and the powerful musk and exotic taste of a man’s cock as Ashley would almost hypnotically lose herself to the worshiping act of sucking cock. The pleasure of all of these things was overwhelming and Ash could no longer resist it. His mind tingled into a wonderful numbness of cotton candy pink.

“Don’t you feel good?” The woman’s voice cooed in his mind’s ear, “Doesn’t it feel good to be in heaven?”

“Yesssss.” Ash purred, having completely lost his fight against the pink fog. “Feels so good to be a pretty girly girl.”

“What is your choice Ashley?” The woman pressed sensing the perfect opportunity.

“Feels like Heaven.” He said before he could stop himself. But the deed was done and before Ash could rouse himself from the pink haze long enough to take back his choice, the white tendril seared away all traces of Ashton and returned with the other three tendrils to the ring of white light. The ring then began to speed up even more so rising to impossible speeds, until it finally collapsed on itself in a blinding explosion of altered reality the was accompanied by four screams of the simultaneous orgasms of the newly created Von Astor family.



After the night in the cabin, the newly created Von Astor family quickly fell into their new normal and of course no one questioned them because reality altered so that they were always this way to everyone else. However, there were a few changes to the normal routine.

For starters the kids convinced Lee to buy a three story building within the club district of the downtown area. The building was then completely renovated to be their perfect living, working and playing palace. The first floor was renovated to be the perfect gay performance bar. The second floor was converted into a calm, serene and soundproofed massage parlor. The third floor was turned into a sprawling apartment. Ashley had her own wing on one side and the twins had their own on the other side. The perfect place for the kids and though it hurt for Liam to have the kids live so far away in the center of town while he lived in the expansive estate outside of town, he supported their desire to start their own businesses and live independently.

Ashley was in charge of the bar on the first floor. Well not fully as she was only 19 and there were laws about her working with alcohol. So in reality she was just the show coordinator. Picking the drag queens and male strippers that entertained her audiences every night. After a few months of working the bar, Ashley ended up hooking up with and dating the head bouncer, a buff gym bunny named Billy, as well as the head bartender, a toned but fit hottie by the name of Justin. It wasn’t long after that that Billy and Justin moved in with Ashley in her wing of the penthouse flat. Though it was an unconventional relationship, everyone involved seemed happy.

Chris took charge of the massage parlor on the second floor. While it was a legitimate establishment during the day, it became a very exclusive escort parlor in which Chris was by far the most requested escort. Chris hadn’t actually entered into a relationship like his sister or brother but he did enter into a casual sexual partnership with his daytime receptionist, a Hispanic twink named Tito, his nighttime receptionist, a cute Asian boy named Ken, and the clubs best stripper, Julius, also known as Chocolate thunder. The only downside to having so many men around was that he rarely got a night alone with his brother Rich.

Rich ended up simply keeping the books for both businesses and helping them stay stocked. He actually preferred it that way, since keeping the budget balanced and both businesses stocked kept him from having to deal with the public too often. When Chris began bringing the other boys over, Rich, uncomfortable with the new faces coming in and out of the flat, decided to move back in with Liam at the estate. The father and son duo hardly ever wore clothes around the estate and fucked like rabbits whenever Liam was home from his business trips. And of course Liam was home as often as he could be.

Of course Liam and Rich would visit the downtown loft often for casual catchups. And Ashley and Chris came home for every holiday and event. As the game had said they truly felt that they were in heaven.

And so as The Brothers Grimm so famously put it. And they all lived happily ever after.

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