Bulges - Mesomorphia Pt. III

By bleuboy published August 12, 2018

Anthony Wake and Cameron Probst are so close to solving the case, but no one can resist the effect Bulges has on its clientele.

“Alright, Cam, tonight’s the night we go in. They’ve gotten deliveries in, we need to snatch samples—pre-pared and post-prepared,” Anthony said, confidently.

“Right. Who’s doing what?” Cameron said rather chipper. He’d been in a better mood for the past couple of days, which was different from his usual nervousness and neuroticism that Anthony was so used to. It was welcome but left him with questions. Cameron still stood close to Anthony and now picked up a habit of groping his partner’s ass. Quiet alarm bells sounded off in Anthony’s hyper-focused mind. “Well, I need you to get samples of the drinks. Remember, we need an untampered sample and a tampered one. We need to confirm whatever is in the food and drink and see if it comes from in house or somewhere else.”

“Right…” Cameron replied, as he folded his arms—accentuating his muscular pecs. Anthony couldn’t tear his eyes away. The past few days he’d been noticing how attractive his partner was. It was getting progressively harder for him not to. He shook his head clear as he looked himself over. He was wearing a stylish, mint short-sleeve and ash grey shorts with boat shoes. He looked like a normal club goer. Cameron did as well, with a black V-neck, black distressed knee jeans and white sneakers.

“Well, let’s get a move on. The sooner we can get in and out, the better.”

The duo arrived at the Bulges location and entered the queue, it wouldn’t take long for them to enter the establishment. Anthony was slightly perturbed by the soon to be revelers’ behaviors—full on make-out sessions that were a bit too hands-on amidst some rather suggestively dressed men. The daze he’d been in cleared and his mission was clear. Get in. Get samples. Leave.

The plan was to stay long enough to “pretend” to be club goers and then leave to avoid raising suspicion. The duo finally reached security and Anthony’s breath was taken away—a massive, red-headed giant of a man stood at the front. His body was clean shaved except for his expertly coiffed hair. He wore black sunglasses and had an ear piece on and that was really all that gave the impression of his position despite his size. His clothing looked ridiculous.

Anthony had seen Guard Boys before, and he could never get over the daisy dukes, combat boots and orange crop tops that was their standard issue uniform. Anthony saw the guard’s nametag read “Charlie” as he walked past. His eyes wandered a bit and he saw that Charlie’s jockstrap straps were showing. Anthony was awed at the sight of the 90-degree angle the guard’s titanic held as his ass jutted out. He couldn’t ignore how the valley between his cheeks ate up his skimpy short’s fabric. He felt his cock stir but he quickly changed his attention to the dance floor before him—not noticing that Charlie was staring at him as he passed and had already called upstairs to the Boss, alerting the location to the reporters’ arrival.

“Geez, you see how massive that guy was?” Cameron hissed.

“Yeah, he was pretty fucking huge…” Anthony replied. The music was loud and bumping and disco lights flashed about. Anthony looked around the room. Soon, some of these men would be working here…and not as their former selves. He wondered how many had already begun the transformation and shuddered as he and Cameron waded through the throng of people.

Arriving at the restaurant area, where it was quieter, they were created by a golden thong clad Trevor—a freckled brunette with a grown-out bowl haircut with long bangs he flipped to the side.

“Welcome to Bulges, table for two?” He asked, gripping two menus.

“Yes, please!” Anthony said after a few moments of silence. He felt himself getting hard and for some reason…he felt like that was wrong. Confused, he followed the gargantuan host to their table, entranced by his jiggling cakes.

“Here you go! Your server today will be Joshua, and he’ll be with you shortly!”

Cameron’s gaze trailed after Trevor’s succulent ass. Anthony snapped his fingers to bring him back to attention.

“Hey, earth to Cam!”

“Hm? What? Oh, sorry…I was distracted,” he grinned, embarrassed. Anthony raised his eyebrows and looked over the menu. He didn’t know where to start. He didn’t want to order anything big else it would look weird if he didn’t eat it. Getting the drinks was easy enough, but food was another deal.

The duo looked over the menu in silence. Cameron looked up over his menu at the passing servers jauncy posteriors and juicy packages. Anthony swore he was drooling. The clarity he gained earlier let him see that Cameron’s behaviors weren’t right. It was hard trying to place a finger on it as every time he tried to focus, his mind would get fuzzy. He compartmentalized his suspicions as Joshua, their server, approached the table.

He was an absolute bear of a man. He wore a jockstrap and the signature crop top that barely covered his pecs. He was hairy with a five o’clock shadow and was covered in tattoos. He had a killer smile and sparkling blue eyes.

“Hey guys, welcome to Bulges! Can I get you started with drinks?”

“Um…sure! I’ll have a Virgo!” Anthony said, choosing his star sign.

“Oh niiiiice! That’s a new one, and we only offer it here and a few other places! What about you?” Joshua beamed at Cameron.

“I’ll just have a beer,” Cameron replied. Joshua wrote down the drink order and stuffed his pad into the crotch of his jock. Anthony and Cameron’s eyes were drawn to the sizeable bulge. Joshua groped himself and shook it slightly, chuckling.

“Hey, if you’re both interested, I have a backroom shift in a few. Lemme go put your drink orders in,” he made to walk before turning around and talking in wry whisper, “P.S., you can request me on the iPad in the middle of the table,” he smirked and gave another wink before he sauntered off.

“Holy shit, dude…we should go for it!” Anthony was surprised at Cameron’s sudden openness. Cameron’s brighter and amenable attitude was welcome, but this was unexpected. Anthony didn’t have time to process as Joshua returned with their drinks. Setting the frothy beer down in front of Cameron and the glowing purple drink in front of Anthony, he stood up tall and proud and beamed down at them—his bulge thrusted out forwards, sitting on the table.

“What’ll you be having tonight?” Joshua started.

“Oh, I’ll just have the buffalo mac,” Anthony said.

“Give me the nachos,” Cameron said dreamily, staring the server’s prominent bulge. Joshua took the duo’s menus and winked.

“I’ll be back soon!” Anthony couldn’t help but stare as Joshua sauntered away, his globular ass shifting enticingly. Enticingly…? He shook his, trying to hold onto the clarity he’d attained as he snuck a sample of Cameron’s beer and his Virgo into the vials he brought after a small protest from his partner. Cameron happily began drinking when Anthony kicked him in the shin.

“Ow, what the fuck dude?!”

“What do you mean what the fuck? I said, we get samples. We don’t drink or eat more than we have to!” Anthony hissed in hushed tones.

“Won’t it look worse if we don’t drink or eat most of what we get? C’mon, there’s probably a cure for this already in the works!”

“You don’t know that! Besides, weren’t you skeptical of even doing this in the first place?”

“Well…” Cameron started, looking down at his half-drunk beer, “I guess we just have to take one for the team.” He shrugged and finished the rest. Cameron’s words echoed in Anthony’s head. Take one for the team. No one else was as invested in discovering what Bulges really was. Only they were. It was a chilling thought. They sat in silence, observing for a while before Joshua returned with their food.

“One buffalo mac and one nacho platter. Need anything else?” Joshua asked as he stood up straight after setting down the admittedly delicious looking food.

“No, not right now! Thanks!” Cameron smiled back.

“Cool. I’ll make some rounds and come back later! Don’t forget to request me for later,” Joshua winked once more as he walked away. Their server was really trying to get them into the backroom and Anthony was afraid Cameron might do it as he eyed the iPad. Another concern came to mind. How was he going to get untampered samples of the food and drink if there were so many Boys on the floor? Take one for the team. His partner’s words came back to him once again. What if…

“Hey Cam, I have an idea…”

“Hm, what?” Cameron replied, already devouring his food.

“Request Joshua…and a few more Boys. You can be a distraction. I need to get untampered samples and the less Boys on the floor the better!”

“Really?” Cameron asked, his eyes shifting around.

“Yes! We’ll rendezvous 30 minutes at the car after one in the morning, okay?”

“Sure!” Cameron replied. The simple brevity of the exchange, normally, wouldn’t have been so and there would’ve back and forth between the two. It was dangerous to leave each other unattended in enemy territory. But Anthony’s selfish desire to close the case clouded his better judgement. Besides, it was highly unlikely the franchise knew how close they were to exposing them—so they were probably a non-issue. Satisfied with his reasoning, he looked down at his food.

“I’ll have to eat and drink something…I’m sure we can find a counteragent to whatever Bulges is using. We’ve come this far, so we can’t give up now!” Anthony thought. He dug in, savoring the taste and took a few sips of his drink—intrigued by the fruity taste. Pomegranate? Cherry? Anthony didn’t know—he was determined to get out of there and would keep up whatever appearance possible to maintain their safety.

Sometime later, they’d finished their food and paid so they could get onto the floor. They went their separate ways, Cameron walking towards the backrooms and Anthony drifting through the throng on the lookout for when the boys working the floor were called back. 30 minutes later, four boys and Joshua went to the backroom and Anthony’s worry for his partner returned.

“I hope he’s alright,” he sighed as he weaved his way through the crowd on his way to the kitchen.

Cameron arrived at the backroom entrance, a handsome, brunette Bulges boy by the name of Dennis stood out front near a host’s podium. He finished chatting up some customers who entered into the dark rooms.

“Hey there, handsome!” Dennis said in a chipper tone, “Looking for some fun tonight?”

“Uh…yeah, actually,” Cameron replied a little hesitantly, “Um…I wanted to request Joshua.”

“Straight to the point, huh?” Dennis smirked as he began pressing buttons on the computer in the podium, “Anything else?”

“Could I get a few other guys too?” Cameron said, his heartrate increasing.

“Oh, sure? Anyone in mind or…?”

“J-just get three other guys. I wanna have some fun tonight,” Cameron smirked.

“Sure, I can get Sebastian, Lupe and Peter in with you. That good?”

“Yeah, great, perfect!” Cameron replied. This is really happening, he thought.

“Alright, let me swipe your card for your tab…it’ll be $200 for four guys, anything else extra will be charged. Head on back to room 10!” Cameron put his card back into his wallet as he made his way down the hallway. His head felt fuzzy and he swore he could hear voices in the music playing in the hallway, but he mostly ignored it. He slipped into the room and looked around. It was cozy to the say the least.

A large, circular bed was in the center of the room and it was draped in reds and pinks much like the rest of the room. There was a T.V. facing the bed that was currently off—he turned it on and noticed he could either have regular television play or play music. He settled for music and sat on the bed, his nerves making him jumpy. Despite being so close to the source of missing men and feeling nervous and scared, he couldn’t help but think about the men who would soon greet him in the room. The low light and cool air no doubt made the encounters in these rooms intensely sexual and pleasure filled.

Something kept nagging at him but he just couldn’t put those worries into action. Besides, he’d already paid for this. It was quite cheap too, really. You could order a 6’6”, 350 pounds, intensely hung muscle man with an insane ass and proportions for only $50. He surmised that since there were so many Bulges Boys now, it wasn’t as expensive. That thought didn’t chill him as much as it should have.

A few minutes later, the door to the room opened and in walked the four men he had requested.

“What’s up, sexy?! Thanks for requesting us!” The Boys said in unison.

Joshua’s jock-strapped junk was obscene and looked to be semi-hard. The other guys who walked in were the same. Sebastian was a daddy in the signature Bar Boy smock that left nothing to the imagination—salt and pepper hair and weathered, tan skin. He still had a full head of hair and a sexy shadow that hadn’t been shaved in a few days. His nipples were pierced and made his juicy chest look all the more enticing.

Lupe wore a golden thong that was no doubt being devoured by his voluminous cheeks. He was shorter than Peter, Joshua and Sebastian but he made up for it in sheer looks. Pouty lips. Curly hair. A small nose and an angular chin made him look like a model. Cameron was wowed by the Boy’s beauty.

Peter was the last guy—he looked young, like he was 21 or 22. Lupe, Joshua and Sebastian all looked to be age 26 or older. He had wheat blonde hair and sparkling green eyes. He had baby fat as he had a slight paunch and layer of fat over his body. It did nothing but enhance his curves. His bulge was packaged in a jockstrap as well and looked very enticing.

Cameron didn’t know what to do or where to start, “Oh wow,” he said. His mouth had gone dry as his cock throbbed. He remembered Lupe and Peter—they were part of the search party that had almost caught him and Anthony. They probably didn’t remember, but that didn’t make Cameron feel any better. He was starting to come out of his daze, but Peter and Joshua moved for the music to turn it up louder as Sebastian and Lupe backed him onto the bed.

“You must really cocky if you requested four of us, huh?” Sebastian growled with a Latin accent in his ear as they reached the bed. He ground his hardening, smock covered bulge into Cameron’s thigh.

“I uh,” Cameron started before Peter shushed him as he climbed on top of him and straddled…or more like hovered him since he was so much bigger than Cameron.

“I think he wants to fuck each of us once,” Lupe laughed in his high alto as he placed his pillowy cakes on his stunned charge’s lap. Cameron instinctively reached up with both hands and began kneading Lupe’s ass, eliciting moans from the larger man. Encouraged, Cameron slapped Lupe’s ass with force—sending a large ripple through the Boy’s ass.

“Whoa-ho, feisty!” Joshua smirked as he pulled off his jock, gyrating to the music. Peter joined him, grinding on the older Boy. Cameron’s senses were being pulled in several different directions. He was groping Sebastian’s girthy member through the smock, eliciting growls of pleasure from the gruff Bar Boy while Lupe bounced his ass and grinded himself on top of him.

He couldn’t tear his eyes away from the show Peter and Joshua put on. So many massive, fleshy, supple, hard, hairy bodies…it was all too much.

“Suck my dick,” Cameron breathlessly commanded to Lupe who happily obliged, getting down onto the floor and pressing his supple pecs into Cameron’s legs. He undid the belt and slid his jeans down, revealing Cameron’s throbbing cock. Lupe took it into his mouth—his pillowy lips and warm, wet mouth sent shivers down Cameron’s spine.

“Joshua, fuck Peter for me,” Cameron commanded, confused at his sudden dominance—it seemed so familiar.

“What do you me to do for you, papi?” Sebastian cooed, pulling him out of his reverie.

“Sit on my face, daddy,” Cameron moaned as Lupe slurped away. Sebastian climbed onto the bed and squatted his massive ass over Cameron’s face. He was in heaven once those massive cheeks engulfed his face. The sweaty musk of a man invaded Cameron’s nostrils as he began tonguing and nibbling at the hole above his mouth. He felt jiggle and twitch and head every groan and growl as his continued his ministrations on Sebastian’s hole.

It wasn’t long before he blew his first load and Lupe happily slurped it up, cleaning his cock dry. He smacked Sebastian’s ass to get him to get off of his face. He breathed in for air as he got little eating the gruff Latino Bar Boy’s ass.

“Sebastian, fuck yourself on my dick. I want Lupe on my face now,” he glanced over at Peter and Joshua as they rutted like wild animals. His spent cock perked up once more to full mast, ready to slide into Sebastian’s waiting hole.

“Oh yeah,” Cameron moaned as Lupe lowered his titanic globes onto his face. He slapped and pulled at the pliant flesh of the Boys ass—his worries melting away.

As Anthony made his way across the floor, he was groped and grinded against multiple times, his head feeling fuzzy the whole while. He reached the edge of the crowd and thanked whatever deity there was that there wasn’t a security camera near the kitchen doors. He slipped inside and hid behind stainless steel prep tables—aware of the bustle and aromas deeper down the kitchen.

He crouched and crawled through the kitchen towards the freezers. Grabbing what he needed, he prepared to leave when a door caught his eye. A cook, a regular Bulges Boy, emerged from it carrying a small box. The box held less interest for him as the hallway seemed to softly glow. Check his surroundings he slipped into the room and pulled out his phone with the camera app open, ready to document whatever he was about to encounter. He walked down the hallway, the glow seemed to pulse and got brighter as he inched closer to the source.

He opened the door, blinded by the pulsing glow, and slipped into the room. Once his eyes adjusted he saw a glowing blue rock. It resembled a geode of sorts, with the front of it cracked open and the crystalline formations inside sparkling. It looked like the crystals were shaven down. He looked around and saw a variety of tools for shaping, cutting and sanding minerals. Pieces started to click in his head. Quickly, he grabbed a file and sanded off some shavings into a spare sample bottle.

Anthony was beside himself. He probably just found the secret that Bulges was hiding. His excitement was cut short when he heard footsteps coming towards the door. He panicked as he searched the room for a hiding spot, finding on in an open storage locker closer by. He slipped inside of it and closed to the door just in time.

A man in some orange polo and black slacks entered the room, he had his hand to his ear and was walking into his piece. Anthony noticed how he distressed he looked.

“What do you mean, you’ve lost one of them?!” A pause was heard as he paced around the room.

“Yes, I know about the one in the backroom. The guy’s a simpleton and easy to brainwash, we don’t need to worry about him—he’ll be acquired soon enough with the new methods Master created. The other one, however, is the problem! He’s much more resistant to the conditioning!”

Conditioning? Anthony’s suspicions became clear. He remembered the night he was observing the Bulges traffic and the fight he had with Cameron. He remembered going down on his friend. He remembered swallowing his salty seed. A metallic taste filled his mouth at the memories that dug themselves deep from the trenches of his subconscious.

“Oh god,” Anthony whispered. Cameron’s change in behavior…Hell even his own personal change in behavior. They did know. And they were actively trying to stop them. They needed to get out. They needed to get as far away as possible. He cursed his reckless selfishness. He’d led them into the spider’s web and were frantically shaking the strings of silk. The spider would be striking soon unless he did something now.

“Listen, once the other one has had his fun—send him home. He’s eaten and spent enough time listening to the subliminal messages—I reckon he’ll be acquired soon now. But other one…I want that troublemaker found. Now.” The Boss sighed in irritation as he circled the room. He left after noticing one of the files hadn’t been returned to its holder.

“I’ve told them time and again not to leave the tools lying about!” The Boss growled. He looked rather boyish but seeing his face snarl up in anger and annoyance gave him an intimidating aura. He huffed as he stomped out of the dark room and into the hallway. Anthony began considering his options. How was he going to get out and much less save his partner? He racked his brains before concluding—it could be as simple as starting a fire! He rushed back to the kitchen and crouched down low as cooks bustled about.

He crawled under prep tables and reached out, turning a burner dial on a few of the stoves up to high. The smell of smoke soon started to fill the kitchen as cooks’ obliviousness to smoke immediately led to the plan’s success. A fire erupted, sending billows of smoke into the kitchen causing the cooks to lose their focused cool. When the fire alarm sounded, Anthony heard the mass panic outside. He rushed out amidst the smoke and worked his way through the panicking crowd to the backroom. He found Cameron rushing to get dressed and grabbed his partner’s hand.

“What’s going on?!”

“We need to leave! Fire!” Anthony shouted, and they joined the surging crowd out the door, escaping the growing inferno. They ran down a few blocks and found the car and hopped in—driving off in haste. Anthony gripped the wheel so tight his knuckles turned white.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” Cameron said, nervous at the speed Anthony was driving at, “What’s the rush?!”

“I’m sorry Cameron. I was wrong to push you into this.”

“What do you mean?”

“My selfishness almost got us captured. They know. Bulges knows.”

Whatever daze Cameron was under lifted instantly. His normal, skeptical…panicky self, returned.

“Oh fuck, oh shit dude…oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!” He gripped his head as the same realizations Anthony had earlier dawned on him, “Oh fuck…I…you…sucked my dick?! I had sex with those guys…oh god!”

“And you’ve been groping me amongst other things. I don’t know how, but they figured us out and started some sort of new conditioning process on us. We got our samples. We need to leave town.”

“Oh my god…” Cameron groaned, “What if we can’t undo what they’ve already done, man?! And we ate and drank there…oh god!”

“CAMERON!” Anthony shouted as he drove, shocking the other man, “Get ahold of yourself! It probably isn’t instantaneous. We’re obviously our old selves again. Whatever haze we were under lifted. We need to get to our contact in D.C. and finalize our findings. We may have put ourselves in harm’s way, but I’ve found a piece of the puzzle that’ll blow your mind!”


Anthony dug into his pants and fished out the sample vials. The glowing blue shavings he’d spirited away entranced Cameron, “No way…is that…?”

“I don’t know what it is. I noticed my drink was glowing and this may be the reason as to why. We’ll know for sure in a few days!”

“If you say so…” Cameron said, sullenly. They drove in silence to their hideaway. They packed quickly and hit the road. As they drove, Anthony got out his phone and called a number.

“Hey, Eddie? Yeah, it’s me, Anthony. We’re headed your way. Don’t ask questions now, you’ll figure out when we get there!”

They stopped in front of their contact and friend, Eddie Long’s, home in Anacostia. They parked and carried their luggage and equipment up into Eddie’s home with his help. The young man was in his mid 20’s and was a research chemist at the Smithsonian Institute. Friends since college, the trio went their own ways but still remained in touch. Eddie was buzzing with questions when the duo arrived on such short notice.

“So, what’s the reason you drove here overnight for? Let me guess…the Bulges case, right?”

“Perceptive,” Anthony said. Cameron slumped down on the couch in the sitting room as Eddie and Anthony stood close by.

“Figured. What’s up with him?” Eddie asked. Anthony grimaced and looked down. He took a seat and Eddie followed suit.

“Listen Eddie…there’s a reason we’ve come here on short notice. Cameron and I…probably don’t have much time as ourselves.”

“As yourselves? Not much time…what’s going on guys?” The concern evident in Eddie’s voice.

“I…forced Cameron and myself, against our better judgements, to go into the field. We’ve been found out, Eddie. Bulges…they condition men in the most insidious way. Taking over their lives and turning them into himbos. We’ve fallen prey to it…”

“And we’ve eaten and drank there…” Cameron added. A somber mood settled in the room.

“We need to get this story and this proof out there. And soon. We might be able to find a counteragent to reverse the process and find ways to undo the conditioning…but only if you help us Eddie. I know this is hard to swallow but the evidence in undeniable!”

“What makes you think I want to be involved in this? I’m sure it’s not that bad you guys. It’s just a gay club! There’s nothing insidious or what have you about it!” Eddie stated. He cared about his friends, but their claims weren’t clicking in his scientist brain.

“We have proof,” Anthony pulled out the glowing vial and set up his computer. The images showing the changed men’s before and after at the ready. Eddie’s eyes widened.

“What the hell is this?” Eddie asked.

“This is what Bulges is doing to men. We need to figure out what the nature of this compound is. This is the proof we need!”

Eddie, dumbfounded, looked at the screen and back at his friends. He still felt disbelief and the pictures of the men on the screen looked ridiculous until one picture loaded up onto the screen.

“I—is that Trenton? Trenton Peaks?” Eddie said. The massive black man was vastly different from the small, Caucasian twink he once was. The thing that caught his attention was the tattoo. A Taurus astrology symbol. He was with him when he got the tattoo. Of course, anyone could have an astrology tattoo but…He took out his phone and compared a picture he took when it was done. It was Trenton.

“You know him?”

“Yes, I know him! We were roommates before he moved to Texas for grad school! He barely responds to my texts anymore and he barely posts to social media!”

“We may end up like that. Soon.” Eddie stood up and grabbed the glowing vial and began walking to his basement lab.

“This may take some time. Make yourselves at home,” he said hurriedly. He disappeared downstairs, leaving Anthony and Cameron to their own devices.

“So, you think this may be the end if Eddie can figure out what that compound is?” Cameron asked.

“I think so. This may launch a nationwide campaign. Think off all the men we can save, all the families and friends we can reunite!”

“Sounds nice…but what if we don’t…make it?” Cameron twiddled his thumbs nervously. Anthony looked at his friend. His complexion was flushed, and his breathing was heavy. He was most likely having a panic attack.

“Hey, listen…just a few days, and you’ll be back at your girlfriend’s. Give her a call?”

“Y-yeah…I think that might help me calm down,” Cameron replied. He got out his phone and began dialing his girlfriend. What the duo didn’t know was that Cameron’s girlfriend, family and friends along Anthony’s own connections had completely forgotten about them. What’s more, Cameron’s girlfriend’s number didn’t exist anymore—having been changed and rerouted.

Boss Cedric got the notification while at work. His tenure and level of access at the NSA allowed him to do virtually anything. All the digging he did paid off—the number for one of the journalists came through. The idiot was calling his girlfriend. They obviously underestimated how far Master’s reach was. He intercepted the call and began playing the new frequency Master had given him. It was the same one they used the first time on the journalists.

Its power was undeniable in how it made them perform without resistance. However, Master had predicted they would break free and try to escape as the new frequency still needed fine tuning. Master’s foresight was impeccable.

“Come into my web, said the spider,” Cedric smirked. The frequency had a few jobs. The special copper and drug mixture in the food and drink they consumed was all that was needed to reprogram their minds and hijack their bodies—turning them into the perfect Bugles Boys. The simpleton would be the first as Master wanted the other for his own uses. A few minutes had passed as the journalist named Cameron faked a conversation the frequency commanded him to do.

Cedric’s cock was hard as the frequency finished. He contacted Alex, Vadim and Kevin.

“We’ll be acquiring Cameron Probst shortly. Vadim and Kevin, how goes it on your end to acquire Anthony Wake?”

“Very well. Master wants to let him think he’s winning,” Kevin replied.

“The pieces should arrange themselves by tomorrow night,” Vadim replied.

“Good. Eddie should be contacting us once he’s given them what they want,” Alex replied nonchalantly. He was embarrassed he let them slip through his fingers, but things were going to turn out better than their original plan. He felt pride at how Eddie’s conversion went when was being turned into a Boss. He didn’t have his own harem or location just yet, but if the acquisitions went without a hitch then he soon would have one.

“All we have to do now is wait,” Cedric said.

The next day, the duo was awakened by the smell of food.

“Ed’s cookin’ breakfast? What a nice guy,” Cameron commented as they finished getting ready for the day. They didn’t know if Eddie finished his analysis of the glowing compound, but they knew rushing him wouldn’t work. He already knew they were on a time crunch.

“He sure is,” Anthony said as they walked downstairs. Eddie had prepared breakfast and set it out for them on the table.

“Morning guys, I’m almost done with the analysis. I’m gonna finish up. It was surprisingly easy to test!”

“Was it? Anything preliminary you can tell us about it?” Anthony asked.

“Yeah…it resembles copper almost. Weirdly, it emits radio frequencies,” Eddie replied, scratching his chin.

“Radio frequencies,” Anthony mused as he ate his food.

“Anyways, let me leave you both to finish eating. I’ll be downstairs,” Eddie said as he returned downstairs. Anthony mulled over what was said. Copper ingested in large amounts would be thrown-up post haste—how was it able to remain in the body? Did they need a lot? Radio frequencies? He continued think as Cameron downed his orange juice which looked brighter than normal. Something clicked.

“Wait…Cameron, don’t—!” He was too late. Cameron downed his juice.

“What?” he replied. Anthony went to the fridge and opened it up. He poured out a glass of orange juice and compared it to his. His was brighter…and emitting a soft glow almost.

“Oh…oh god,” Anthony whispered. He turned around to see Cameron transfixed by his phone, he could tell it was Bulges ad. He’d heard of the ads playing directly on peoples’ phones but how? How did they…Eddie. “Cam! Listen to me!” Anthony tried to pry his partner’s phone from his steel like grip to no avail. He had to get them out of there, but he wasn’t leaving without his proof. He ran downstairs to see Eddie on his computer, talking with someone unknown.

“Yeah, it should be taking effect now, Kevin—oh, I’m gonna have to get back to you,” Eddie hurriedly said. Anthony, while livid, was scared. Eddie was involved.

“Give me the results, Eddie,” Anthony sneered, his jaw set. Eddie just smirked.

“I can’t do that, Boy,” Eddie replied. Something felt wrong after he said. A small feeling to obey erupted inside of him. He knew he was a Boss—but the conditioning on him was weak, and he hadn’t eaten the meal Eddie made. At best, the feelings to obey were a light suggestion at best.

“Try again,” Anthony spat, decking Eddie in the face—knocking him out flat on his back. He quickly printed off the results and grabbed the remainder of the glowing copper—very little remained having been used on the food and drink. He dashed upstairs but was greeted with a horrific sight. Cameron was bent over on the floor, his body trembling.

“Cam!” Anthony dashed to his side but was pushed away.

“My…my body…” Cameron moaned. He was erect, his cock painfully hard in his jeans. Soon the sound of tearing fabric began to fill the room. Cameron’s shoulders billowed out as his pecs ballooned to an impossible size. His t-shirt stood no chance as the slabs of juicy muscle tore it to shreds. His arms began to inflate and grow as well, thick cords of striated muscle formed and fused—he had arms that looked like they belonged on the Incredible Hulk. His waist remained svelte and trim, with his abs gaining row after row to make his no-pack into an eight pack.

The growth spread fast, his glutes and thighs stretched and grew with each breath he took. The seams of his jeans gave out at the same time the seat did—his ass bubbled out to the trademark Bulges Boy size, impossibly huge and incredibly jiggly. His thighs gained muscle exponentially so did his calves. His bones creaked as they readjusted, and a light dusting of hair grew on his body. The growing stopped. Cameron was heaving and sweating.

“Cam…are you…alright?” Anthony said, in shock, terror and awe. He felt himself stir in his pants—who wouldn’t get a hard-on at the sight he just witnessed?

“Unnnnh…” was Cameron’s only response. He needed to get him out of here, but his clothes were now much too small. He dashed upstairs to grab their keys and the laptops, along with some sweats for Cameron, they would have to do. He ran downstairs as Cameron started to right himself—his new height and drastically new weight was something he was trying to get used to.

“Cameron…listen to me, we have to leave. Eddie was involved with them. We can get the story out and cure you! We’re so close!”

Cameron was only half-listening, he was enthralled by his new body—his years of journalistic knowledge and his memories of college were draining out of his brain at a frightening pace. He was already becoming a Bulges Boy—in body and soon in mind. Anthony was panicked. They had the story but at what cost? He needed to get back to New York. And fast. But how would he move Cameron around without him sticking out like a sore thumb?

He was gargantuan now. You really couldn’t miss a bare chested, barefooted muscle giant now could you? He pulled Cameron’s dazed self behind him and took a few minutes to get him into the car, which could barely fit his exaggerated proportions. He got in and sped off towards the airport.

After buying Cameron some clothes, which consisted of a 4XL hoodie that left inches uncovered in his midriff, some basketball shorts that should’ve just been running shorts with the way their rode up and plastered themselves on his thighs, and some tennis shoes that thankfully fit him. He got lots of stares as he pulled the dazed giant with him—still enamored with his body. He was glad he was able to get them adequate seats on a flight out to New York, but he didn’t know how much longer Cameron would be amenable.

For all he knew, he could pin him down and force himself upon Anthony. Despite the new body, his face was still very much Cameron. The thought chilled Anthony to the core. Safely on the flight with little more than a backpack with the laptops, the sample, the results and their essential belongings they waited.

“Hey Cam, can you hear me?”

“Yeah, I sure can dude,” he giggled. So, he wasn’t all dumb. What a relief.

“Listen, I’m gonna cure you. You’ll be back to your old self soon enough,” Anthony said in hushed tones. The plane lifted off as Cameron’s deadpan smile changed to a frown.

“My…old…self…” he said. Anthony could see Cameron still in there. The real one. Not the mockery that was taking over, “Help me, Anthony…I’m scared,” Cameron said—gravely. He went back to examining his body in earnest, awed by his new size still. The only thing they could do was waiting until the plane landed.

… “They’re on their way back,” Cedric said.

“Good, it’s time for my part then,” Vadim said, “My Boys are moving into position as we speak.”

“Master will be pleased,” Kevin smirked. His cock was rock hard—it was a pleasure to obey Master.

It was early evening once they were on the ground. Anthony called a cab whose driver looked at Cameron, fear plastered on his face, “Get us to the New York Times. Fast.”

“Ey man, it’s rush hour!” Anthony threw all of his and Cameron’s cash combined at the man—a grand total of $750.

“This is important!”

“Your wish is my command,” the cabbie replied without another word. He sped off downtown, weaving through traffic and driving on the sidewalk even to get the duo to their location. The New York Times HQ was closing down for the day—but Anthony knew the editor-in-chief would still be in. He escorted Cameron along with him, taking the elevator to the top floor. The dimmed lights and silence along with the current situation they were in stressed Anthony out. His head hurt, and his body ached from Cameron being smashed up against him.

“C’mon buddy,” Anthony said softly. He walked past the receptionists’ desk and rapped on the editor-in-chief’s door, “Mr. Olsen, it’s me…Wake!”

“Come in,” he heard Mr. Olsen answer. He entered the office and saw Mr. Olsen at his desk—his desk was in order and clean. He was ready to leave, “It’s after hours, Mr. Wake. What could possibly warrant this…?” Mr. Olsen gestured towards Cameron.

“Sir, I know this is a stretch, but this is Cameron. I have proof on what Bulges actually is. We need to run this story. ASAP!”

“Proof, you say? Well, show me. I don’t quite appreciate you bringing a Bulges employee into my office. If I didn’t think any better, I’d think you were trying to get your job back,” Mr. Olsen glared. Anthony began to sweat—he knew Mr. Olsen was gay and instantly hated himself for not thinking ahead. He opened the backpack and pulled out the laptop and began speaking at a spitfire pace to explain the situation. Mr. Olsen interlaced his fingers and looked at the screen with contemplation.

“So, you see…this story needs to run. The sooner we can find counteragents to this…alien copper and undo the conditioning, the better,” Anthony said, out of breath.

“Do you really expect me to believe such a heinous, feverish coke dream, Mr. Wake?! The New York Times is an established newspaper and media outlet. I will not tarnish its good name with a story like this!”

“But Mr. Olsen!”

“You’ve overstepped your bounds, Boy!” Boy?

“S-sir?” Anthony said.

“Cameron, come here,” Cameron obeyed as he sauntered over to his former boss, “My, look at you. This is even better than I expected!”

“M-Mr. Olsen?!”

Cliffhanger! I’m almost done. It’s been a long time since I’ve added another part to this story! I have this terrible habit of writing, posting, then writing again! I’m horrible, I know lol. With any luck (and if I can get my act together), this series will be completely wrapped up in the next two weeks or so (hopefully)! Anyways, enjoy~! ;)

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