revenge on the righteous part 3

By Brody
published January 4, 2015

It’s the twins Turn to start a new life

Part 3

The Following Sunday Was interesting. After Shawn’s performance last week, only half of the congragation showed up. The Pastor had to try and explain this situation away. I Told the few there that he was deeply ashamed about the previous Sunday and that he had no other alternative but to let him go as lead song leader, noting stress. He also explained his son’s absence from the band that Sunday. He was too ashamed to admit that his son-in-law and only son had turned into simple street walkers in the course of the week. He blamed Shawn for exposing his son to a lifestyle the church clearly notes as a sin. He blamed the recent happenings to a hindering spirit over the people, and that they needed to be very aware of the battle ahead.

As I listened from the back, I came up with another plan for the band. 19 year olds Ryan and Seth, twin brothers. Ryan was the oldest by 3 minutes and it showed. Ryan was the most polite, in charge, straight A student you ever met. He volunteered with the youth department, held a part time job at the Y while going to school to become a teacher. He also played the electric guitar and saxophone in the band. Seth on the other hand, he was the funny one, the goofball. He always had a smile on his face and lived every day like it was his last. He liked to spend time with friends instead of school, he held an ok GPA, but nothing like his brother. Both boys were identical in looks, being 6’2 and had that teenage metabolism that would make anyone envious. They never had to work hard for there tight bodies, it all just came naturally. Sandy Blonde almost brown hair, which Ryan kept in a a somewhat short buzz cut, but his brother Seth liked to keep his longer and shaggy, they said it helped people tell them apart, but that still rarely happened.

I needed to figure out what to do with them. They were ok guys, and I got along with them well, the problem was not them, it was the church they needed to be taught a lesson, and even the nicest of the people there, needed to lay victim to my revenge.

I was never really into the incest thing, however this damn necklace had a mind of its own, I couldn’t make any decisions or have any kind of thoughts lately without some perversion coming out of my mind. I had a thought though…instead of making them a couple I could do something a little more devious. That sly smile crossed my lips one more time…

After the service instead of touching the necklace like I normally do, I kissed it. Somehow it seemed right, and a little more devious.

After the service was over and the boys packed up their instruments, they decided to go down to this little diner that they had never been to, most would call it a greasy spoon. Seth had mentioned that he had never seen this place before, so they drove into the parking lot. With their strong metabolisms, they were ravenous. Seth was right, the greasy spoon was not there yesterday, but thanks to my little diamond leaf, it was there today.

They waitress with her pink apron and stereotypical little paper headband, bright red lipstick and a cigarette hanging out of her mouth, greeted the boys with a look of contempt. The twins looked at her and then to each other and wondered if they should go somewhere else.“She’s smoking dude” Seth said to his brother.

“don’t worry about it, we will just get something to go instead” Ryan said scolding his younger twin brother.

“whatya havin’” the waitress snorted

“could we see menus” the boys said in unison

They took a seat in the corner to decide what they were going to haveTthe waitress asked them one more time about their order.

"this order can we get it to go? Ryan asked innocently

“Sure kiddo, Ill get right on it, what ill ya have?” The boys scanned the menu a few more minutes and both boys stomachs started going crazy. Finally they decided.

“Ma’am, we’re ready” Ryan being the leader of the pair spoke first

“I will have the meatloaf with collared greens and corn bread” Ryan ordered first.

“And I will have the beef pot pie, a side of potato mash, and the jello salad.” Seth said confused.

“I hate jello, it’s so yuck” he sounded made at himself.

“then why did you ask for it?” he asked suddenly more annoyed at his brother then he ever was…he was never made at his brother, he was his best friend.

“I don’t know, it just sounded right to say it, come to think about it…you don’t like cornbread!” Seth suddenly realized.

Ryan just shrugged it off and gritted his teeth hoping that his brother would be quiet for about 5 minutes.

When the food came they tried to stand up….but for some reason thier whole body betrayed them….they were stuck to these booths. Trying and trying, the boys found not move. The waitress just smiled and said not to worry they could just eat there. There was no way she could have missed the worry on the boys’ faces. She sauntered off as if nothing was wrong. Dejected, both boys immediately calmed down. “well I guess we eat” Ryan finally said after a minute of getting comfortable and grabbing his fork.

“But the smoking” Seth spoke up

“Would you stop! just eat dude” Ryan shouted at his brother, again getting annoyed. What was wrong with him, He was usually so brotherly with his sibling.

Both boys had shoveled in their respective meals and finally got to the sides they didn’t like.

First Ryan took a small bite of the cornbread. at first it was the same dry cake he remembered, but then, something popped in his brain and he couldn’t shovel it in fast enough. Seeing this Seth decided to try his jello salad….ugh grapes…he hated grapes, nothing he hated besides jello was fruit in his jello! he took a small bite and then another until he too could not help but finsh his bowl. Both boys looked at each other puzzled.

“I want more of that stuff, man” Seth said with enthusiasm.

“Me too” Ryan said

They both waved the waitress over, who just lit a fresh cig. they both ordered, but this time Seth was not that bothered by it. In fact, it smelled rather sweet, like….cloves.

After 4 servings of the food both boys had had enough of, but they still wanted to take some home. they sat there resting their now sore stomachs and chit chatted for about 10 minutes when it happened. Ryan and Seth tried to get up again, but they were literally glued to the seat. They were straining, teeth gritting and panting, but try as he might he couldn’t even cry for help, his voice had been reduced to a whisper. the waitress completely ignored them reading her marie claire. Suddenly Ryan felt his stomach growl.

“I’m so stuffed, I can’t get up”…he played it off.

“I guess so” Seth complained.

Suddenly Ryan noticed something about himself….was he hairier? his arms looked darker, not only darker with hair…but thicker, he had the arms of a suntanned farm boy. the tan stopped just at his sleeve.

“What…the….what is going on here?” Ryan sounded alarmed, but still couldn’t raise his voice. He looked down and his botton down was straining to stay closed, the bottons where starting to stress. I figured he just ate too much and didn’t think to much about it….but that didn’t explain why his jeans felt about 3 sizes too small. he looked down and was in shock his thighs widened about twice their normal size. He tried not to panic. and looked at his brother in total shock.

"seth, you ok man? Ryan ask in horror

“Yes Im ok, I just can’t get up” he tried to play it off, but he felt the changes too.

The First change was obvious to Ryan. His face looked poofy, with the start of a double chin.

Seth always wore polo shirts, so he was not immediately aware that he was rapidly growing a round gut, until the shirt could no longer hide its stress. he too had a thigh growth issue.

Seth felt Foggy, he suddenly could not come up with the words to say what he thought, but what he thought was “holy crap, what is happening.”

Suddenly Seth began to sweat and shake. He had a craving for something, his throat felt dry, and he was antsy, suddenly realizing that he could move. He looked at the waitress again and had a thought. he walked over to her and looked at her coyly

“Miss?” he said shuffling his feet.

“What can I do for you son”, she said a little more calmly then she was when they walked in.

“Could I have one of those” he pointed to her cigarette in her hand….

“Sure sweety,a smoker should never leave home without, look at you, your a mess” she laughed hard at him but still in a motherly way.

After lighting the cig, he felt immediately calm. He could think again, his throat moistened up. walking back to the booth though he began to worry….he was well aware of the new changed to his body. he was jiggling in places he didn’t know you could jiggle, his thights rubbed hard against each other and his clothes suddenly felt like they fit….like he was always this size. Then a blast went off in his head. New memories came in his mind. Of course he was fat and exhausted all the time, ever since he started smoking, his metabolism slowed and he hated working out, hanging out with friends and the parties and drinking didn’t help. He almost immediately put on the weight, he went from a nice 175lbs to a hefty 250lbs in the course of 3 years. he also noticed something else odd…his belly, instead of his hips bumped the table, wasn’t he taller? wasn’t he 6’3….no thats not right, he was 5’10 I was never as tall as his brother, his brother got their dad’s genes, he had his short mom’s genes. It was a constant point of teasing in their house. He sat and looked at his brother.

Seth’s appearance had also changed, gone was his pressed light blue shirt, in its place was a red plaid button down, with a white t’shirt underneath, and the sleeves cut off. his arms were huge, but not hours in the gym big, but more hours in the field big, his chest was broad and hairy with a tan line around the collar .

“I gotta piss” he said and finally was able to move. Ryan noticed something else about Ryan’s appearance…..his jeans were practically painted on him, he had huge thighs and a round but tight butt. Seth felt like he thought Ryan looked like a farmers field hand mixed with a country singer.

In the rest room Ryan was worried, something seemed off, he didn’t feel quite like himself, but first things first…piss. He opened up his jeans and reached for his dick. A dick he was pretty proud of. He was proud that he had a 9 inch piece of meat in his pants, but as he reached for it to pee…he gasped…it grew. he had many secret jerk off sessions even though his mother told him it was a sin, but he was a virgin with the ladies, he vowed that when he was 13, but he was still a hot blooded, Americaan teenager, and fuck he had needs. realizing these new thoughts he was confused….9…10…11…12 inches it grew. Pissing was the last thing on his mind now. he looked at it more closely when he slipped into a stall this time. his balls had swollen to to twice their usual size and hung low in front of his thighs since his thighs musculature wouldnt allow them to seperate. His modest pubes were now a thick browm bush of musky curls. “WHAT THE FUCK?!!” he yelled in a slower and more masculine tone than he had before. New thoughts fell in his brain this time…of course I"m a dude" dudes are huge and hairy. he felt more in charge and more of a leader. He grabbed at his hefty pole and tugged….it blew his mind….he had to continue, this felt better than any fantasy he ever had. he was always out of control when it came to his dick, and his dick always got attention….but, but from whom? he let the thought pass and then stroked his dick with the need of a junky needing a fix, and blew his load into the toilet. he flushed, washed his hands and walked out of the room back to the table.

The boys finally into thier newer roles paid for the food and left the diner. but something was wrong….they drove here seperately, on thier suzuki motorcycles, but they were gone….

“Where are our bikes Ryan?”

“I don’t know.” his brother

he went for his pocket to get his phone to call the police, but what he found confused him. he had a set of Dodge ram keys in his pocket.

“What?” he gasped, a new thought coming into his head….“the trucks around the side”

“Oh” Seth said no longer confused.

They got in the truck and Ryan started the truck. While in the truck and being so close to each other something clicked in the both of them. Ryan put his arm around Seth’s shoulders and grinned.

“Love you little bro, you know that right?”

“Um…sure, I know that.”

“You get on my nerves with you babbling though, you can never just get to the point” Ryan contorted.

"I’m sorry, I ramble, bro, you know I have ADHD….

“We can drop the HD part bro, you couldn’t run away if a bull was chasing you” Ryan teased, but was still making his point

“you need a hobby, a skill to keep your mind occupied, and I know what that should be”

“What do you mean” Seth replied a bit uncomfortable with being as close to his brother in this truck as they were.

“you need to start working the field with me”

“Ryan your in school, you don’t work on a farm”

“do these arms look like they go to school, Dude I dropped out last year, you really are cloudy aren’t you”

the sudden memory came into Seth’s mind. Ryan didn’t want to be a teacher anymore, kids annoyed him, everyone annoyed him, he always walked around with this masculinity that oozed respect, and well, arrogance. Realizing these new thought, Seth sat back and remembered how his brother was always in charge, and always had to keep an eye out for him. sometimes he could be a real idiot, hell he could hardly hold a job anymore with all the cig breaks he needed in his day.

Suddenly Ryan’s hand rested on Seth’s meaty thigh. not just resting he was rubbing it. Seth relaxed on the drive home.

Ryan’s mind was exploding with new memories. he remembered dropping out of school because he hated the restictions, he hated his teachers, and let’s face it he couldn’t keep up. yes he was smart but not as smart as he was a few hours ago, he was slower, much better with working with his hands. I remembered why his dick go so much attention too. he ordered his brother around to do it. he still loved his brother, but that bond had tightened over the years into a lust for him. Sure he was fat now, but that didn’t bother him, not with 12 inches to rest and pound where it needed too.

Seth too was remembering how they had gotten so "close the past few months. it had happened innocently enough. Seth and ryan shared a room. One night while Seth was asleep Ryan couldn’t help himself, his sinful urges were taking over again. he tried to fight it but there they were. H started stroking his dick playfully at first. then it got a but more randy and lustful. it awoke Seth.

“Dude, you ok” seth whispered.

this startled Ryan. he looked up, he thought he was caught.

Yeah I’m fine"

Seth got out of bed and walked over to Ryan.

“You know you don’t have to hide it, I know your jerking off” Seth teased

“don’t tell mom” Ryan ordered

“no way bro” Seth laughed “then I would be telling on myself”

they both sighed in relief. That is when they started jerking off together, as brothers, no twins do together. They shared everything. Until that one night, when Ryan made a suggestion. He suggested that Seth should such him off, and rationalized that it was not gay if it was just them, and it was not wrong because they were family.

Seth believe this because why would his superior brother lie. That is when Seth started sucking his brother off daily.

When they got to the house Thier relationship was sealed. they walked in the house almost anxious to be alone together. Running to thier room, seth dropped to his knees as Ryan always expected him to. Ryan pealed off his jeans and pulled out his 12 inch monster. Seth sniffed his brother’s crotch. he loved his brothers hot manly musk, especially after it had been trapped in tight jeans all day. He took his tongue and licked the tip of his brothers dick to get the precum, that always seemed to be leaking from the tip, and then with his whole mouth, tried to deep throat it, and nearly chocked….after all these months he still tries to do the impossible with his brother’s 12 inches. Ryan threw his head back and moaned his approval. he was ejoying every second of his twin’s talented mouth. Then a thought crossed his mind. He was still technically a virgin, he had never had real sex before with a girl or with a boy. he needed the practice if he was gonna satisfy anyone. then a thought crossed his mind.

“Seth stop.” Ryan gasped.

“what Ry” was all Seth could say, he thought he had done something wrong.

“have you ever heard of a prostate, they say that a prostate massage is extremely intense.” Ryan lied

“yes I have, but thats in your butt, that’s gay, sucking you off is one thing, having you in me….that’s a sin. we can’t do that” Seth pleaded.

“Seth its not gay if it’s us.”

Why did that saying always make sense to Seth? why was he now laying with his hefty butt off the bed and why was he wiggling his butt back and forth like a piggy in need? When Ryan saw his brother’s eagerness, he looked at his ample butt. it was so smooth, so, round, and right in front of him. He realized that of all the months that Seth had been sucking him off, he never returned the favor. So he had a thought and then it happened. he stuff out his tongue and licks his brother’s ass. Seth jumped. he didn’t know what just happened, he just wanted it to continue. Ryan meanwhile was busy licking upand down his brother’s crack, while Seth wiggled and moaned in ecstasy, looking almost cross eyed in from of him, panting and drooling. Ryan found his prize…his brother’s hole. he probed and it tasted amazing. he couldn’t get enough. I lapped at the hole in front of him until he felt his brother had waited enough. Seth didn’t care he could eat his hole all night. Then Seth screamed….his brother had not so carefully, thrust his dick in his ass, before he could have propared. At first It was the most painful thing he had ever experienced, but then it was all he wanted, he felt complete. For Ryan, this was his place, to be in charge of his brother, his brother was his sexuaal toy, nothing more, the brotherly love, the closeness, gone. all Seth was to him now was something to play with, to get off on. Ryan with a final thrust blew his load inside his toy, Seth’s brain had mellowed, he was slower, he was submissive, he was his brother’s property. When he realized that then that was when he came, and yes the stimulation on his prostate only intensified his orgasm.

From that day on, that was how they two brothers lived out their lives. With each fuck Ryan got more and more dominant, and more and more abusive toward Seth. Seth didn’t mind, his mind was mush from all the fucking, it seemed with each time he was the victim of his brothers dick, he got a little bit dumber. Eventually they needed to leave the church band, Seth couldn’t keep up on the drums, and each time Ryan played his guitar it reminded him of the simulation of jerking off. The ultimate straw was when they were caught fucking in the men’s bathroom at church. not only were they caught, they kept going. After that they were asked to leave the church, and not to return. they didn’t care, from that day forward, they fucked everywhere they went. in the house, the truck, out in the barn, it didn’t matter. they were happy in their new lives. and I was happy to create it for them.

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