Billable Hours 2: Getting Off on Good Behavior

By Hypnobedient
published December 31, 2014

The continued adventures of Isaac Thompson, Hypnotized Attorney, Esq.

I walked into the cramped visitation room and saw my client waiting for me. He was extremely muscular with broad biceps that stretched the fabric of his baggy orange prison outfit. His neck was covered in tattoos. He gave me the smug look of a hardened criminal.

I’d defended lots of guys like this when my firm did pro bono work. Normally we gave that sort of shit to the junior associates as a tax writeoff on billable hours. Plus it played well to the liberal judges. Lawyers get a bad enough rep as bloodsuckers, it’s good PR to do some freebies.

“Hello Rory,” I offered my hand, “I’m Isaac Thompson, hypnotized attorney.”

“Huh?” Rory scrunched his face.

“It will make sense eventually,” I assured Rory.

A few weeks ago I was hypnotized and enslaved by one of my clients, a Mr. Hunter Ashton, most well known for self help DVDs that up until that point I thought were a scam. I won the case and discovered a whole lot of hypno masters had need for skilled, completely submissive lawyers to represent their interests at court. It was millions of dollars which I happily turned over to my master, since I’m his slave.

While I know that Master Ashton owns me and can use me in any way he sees fit, the law doesn’t always recognize that relationship. That’s where I come in– to make it official.

“I thought I had a public defender.” Rory said, “He was going to get me a deal.”

“I had a long talk with him and he agreed that I would be better suited to handle your case.” In addition to agreeing to anything else I told him.

“Ok. So why are you offering your services?”

“I’m glad you asked,” I pulled my iPad out of my briefcase and slid it toward him. “Have you heard of Hunter Ashton?”

“From those cheesy infomercials?”

“The very same,” I acknowledged, “He thinks you have potential and wants me to represent you. Now I can get the DA to drop your charges of aggravated assault but I need your permission to let me represent you.”

“Drop it?” Rory’s eyebrows raised in surprise.

“Sorry, I meant to say expunge,” I corrected myself. “It will be like you were never arrested at all.”

“I’m not a snitch.” He crossed his massive arms defiantly.

I slid the iPad in front of him and tapped the screen, “No we just want you to be one of our spokespeople for Mr. Ashton’s self help videos. We think with your history of drug abuse and violence you’d be a walking testament to the power of personal realization.”

He looked at the screen which showed a beach with a spiral overlaid. The music from the background was a loop of ocean waves seagulls and Mr. Ashton’s distinctively cockney voice repeating the word, “Relax…”

“I’m listening…” he said, eyelids getting heavier. He was incredibly hot. I could see why Master selected him.

“That’s all you need to do right now, Rory. Just chill out, listen and relax to Mr. Ashton’s voice. He’s got a nice voice, don’t you think?”

“I guess,” Rory mumbled falling deeper into trance.

“I have to rub my cock every time I hear it, Rory.” I smiled, “I’m whacking off right now through the pocket in my pinstripe pants.”

His body shifted uncomfortably and he shoved his meaty forearm down his prison jumpsuit.

“You’re a big stud,” I told him, “You don’t have to worry about getting prison raped. In fact you could jam that cock up any ass you wanted and no one could stop you.”

“Uh huh.”

“You agree with anything I tell you because you’re hypnotized.”

“Uh huh.”

“Repeat after me,” I grinned, stroking my own cock, “I am hypnotized and I need to obey.”

“I am hypnotized and need to obey.”

I nodded, “Good. Keep saying that till I tell you to stop.”

“I am hypnotized and need to obey.”

“You love to fuck guys in the ass.”

“I am hypnotized and need to obey.”

“You enjoy it when men caress your bulging muscles.”

“I am hypnotized and need to obey.”

“Every time you obey an order given to you in hypnosis it gets you hard.”

“I am hypnotized and need to obey.”

“You are addicted to hypnotic commands.”

“I am hypnotized and need to obey.”

“You are addicted to any commands.”

“I am hypnotized and need to obey.”

“You will be a model parolee.”

“I am hypnotized and need to obey.”

I stood and whipped my dick out, still jerking it. “You can stop repeating. Stand and show me your cock.”

He complied instantly the suggestions taking effect, making him hornier. He wasn’t impressive in the cock department but it was standing at rigid attention a jewel of glistening precum forming at the tip.

“Take off your shirt.” I ordered.

He did it. “Feels so good to obey…”

“Raise your arms,” I said.

He did it and wriggled his jacked body in excitement. I walked over, still jerking my own hypnotically induced erection as I fondled his rock hard abs and buried my face in his pits. I licked and darnk in his musk. It was 100% real man stink.

“Fuck my hole,” I said as I dropped my slacks and bent over the table.

He slid his wet entranced cock in my chute and thrusted rythmically. My own dick was leaking all over the place as I switched the video player on my iPad to Skype. I calles master Ashton and waited for him to pick up.

My Master appeared on the screen in a smoking jacket with his hairy muscular chest exposed. “Hello Isaac. Who’s your new friend?”

“Master, my name is Rory. I am hypnotized and need to obey.” He said.

“No shit,” Master rolled his eyes, “Why isn’t my legal counsel crying out in pain– do you have a small dick or something Rory?”

“I have a small cock master,” Rory said, “People don’t think I do because of my size but I am not a real man.”

Master addressed me, “I wanted an enslaved powertop with a rap sheet for my stable. Is the thick at least?”

“It feels nice in my ass Master and his musk is an increduble turn on.”

Master considered this, “I trust your advice Isaac. Do you like submitting to him? Would you pay for the privilege?”

“I don’t have any money master. I give it all to you,” I replied as the dreamy steamy prison stud pounded my ass.

“Hypothetically my little hypnoslave.”

“Yes master.”

Master sighed, “What the fuck… I can tell you’re smitten. I mean what lawyer wouldn’t love to get it up the chute from a hardened criminal? I’m loaning him to you as a bonus for your dedication. You okay with that Rory?”

Rory smiled as he buried his cock up my ass. “Yes. I am hypnotized and need to obey.”

“I like his enthusiasm,” Master nodded. “So here’s how this is going to work. You both answer to me absolutely, right?”

“Yes Master,” we replien in unison.

“Isaac,” Master said, “You own Rory. Whatever you need him to do– clean your condo, wash your dishes, iron your suit he will do. Consider him your houseboy, secretary, whatever– fuck, you can train him as your paralegal if he has the smarts for it.”

My very own slave. I licked my lips at the thought of it. Since brainwashing me Master had given me an enormous hypno fetish. I couldn’t get enough of tumblr and the NCMC.

“Rory,” Master grinned, “Because you have a small dick, you’re a fucking slave’s slave. You’re a worthless inferior maggot in the pecking order of worthless inferior maggots. Got it?’

Rory nodded, “I just want to obey.”

Master agreed, “You don’t have any choice. Isaac owns you. With one important caveat. When Isaac comes home from work and has no outstanding tasks from me– you will own Isaac sexually. He will do whatever you want sexually and you will help him to blow off steam. You will use ever meager inch of that tiny prick of yours to give Isaac the prison fuck fantasy of his dreams.”

Rory smiled and ran his meaty hand through my hair, “With pleasure Master.”

I moaned as his cock pounded me. “Thank you master.”

“Isaac controls everything but sex and Rory, controls.. butt sex. Now cum in his ass and sign whatever papers he gives you.”

“PHWOAR!!!” Rory bellowed as he shot his seed in my butt. “I need to fuck and obey.”

The window closed.

I reached for my attache case. “You also need to sign some forms.”

“Uh yeah,” Rory said awkwardly. “Um… are we going to be living together?”

I yanked up my trousers, “That depends. Do you have a place to go home to.”

“No,” he rubbed the back of his neck.

“Then you’re staying with me.” I grinned. “I will get you released in a few hours. I will write up a contract that will outline our living arrangements, down to every last detail. We can discuss other arrangements like cooking when we get home.”

He grinned, “You’re going to be having a lot of my cock for dinner. And no getting off unless I or Master command it. You may have a bigger dick but I own it.”

He had me there. My dick twitched in excitement at the possibilities of having a 230 lb slab of prison beef having me at his erotic mercy. I’d need to work on a pretty convincing case why he should allow me to cum, but I loved a challenge.

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